TTG Chapter 167

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 167: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (12)

[no, I’m fucking different from what I think!]

The barrage in the live studio blew up completely! When the screen of the whole live studio went dark and all the lanterns went out, the audience felt like taking a roller coaster. It’s still floating on the ground and can’t land.

[can you still play like this? Can you still play like this?!]

[director Cui: Hey, just play!]

[no, did you see those two giant monsters! My God, the head of our brigade said it was a monster of the order! Really?!]

[it’s absolutely true. It’s said that your regiment leader, Zhou Xiyang, has completely stopped cooking!]

[laughing to death, are our passengers going to be finished? Similarly, in front of the “level monster”, the first three brigade heads and deputy heads can’t even compare with the “tour guide” who hasn’t even passed the team leader’s assessment.]

[those who pick things up during the confrontation mission should die quickly]

[… In the future, I don’t think our tour guide is too fond of dishes. He can face the monster directly and pass the team leader’s assessment!]

[shit, the normal team leader won’t face the monster directly in the assessment. Okay! If you really face the monster directly, no guide can live!]

The bullet screen sent by the tour guide can be seen as soon as it is released, but many tour guides don’t like to send bullet screens in the live broadcasting room and prefer to discuss in the alliance group. At this time, the tour guide groups also fried the pot.

Originally, the tour guide with leisure and chatter went to watch the live broadcast from a overlooking angle. Suan Weixun and the devil businessman, even the new star tour guide in the East and West, also took the confrontation task, but they could not control sovereignty in the extremely dangerous journey. They had to seek the protection of the passengers and listen to the passengers. It was really a shame.

Now I’m just slapped in the face.

[why, how could this journey be like this?  why didn’t the first-class monster kill C250 and the devil merchant?!]

[because this is the first level monster in the team leader’s mission, they accepted the team leader’s assessment, but they haven’t confirmed it yet, so the monster can’t attack them]

[learned! Learned!  I did it again!]

[shit, are you going to kill yourself? See clearly, they are double guides, and they have called two monsters out at the same time to restrain each other. Do you understand!]

[you call two monsters out at the same time and have fun to see how you die.]

[I’m so happy that I can summon two monsters alone. You can recruit them. Find me two team leaders to assess the first time]

[the recorder said that you passed the team leader assessment in extreme danger? Ah? Do you dare to pass the team leader assessment in extreme danger!]

[if it weren’t for the extremely dangerous team leader’s assessment, how could it be a monster of rank!]

This is a miracle that can not be copied at all. The normal tour guide has passed the team leader’s assessment, that is, silver stars are full of stars. In this normal situation, the highest is just a journey to the dangerous level. Moreover, the tour guide will definitely complete the team leader assessment task in the low-cost journey.

In this case, the monster dumped by the team leader cannot be the first step to crush everything.

[there won’t be such an obvious loophole in the hotel. These two monsters can’t attack the guide. Isn’t that why the guide took them to sweep the scene?]

[laughing to death, yes, you can’t attack, only mental pollution]

[how dare you play like that? Who dares to play like that!]

What the tour guide fears most is spiritual pollution!

In fact, it is impossible for most tour guides to find a complete team leader assessment plan in advance, and most of them are randomly assigned by the examiner. Most of them don’t know why, but the alliance teaches them to do so as a rule.

The real reason is that if you go to the team leader for assessment in advance, you will face the monster and be polluted by spirit!

Monsters don’t shoot, but mental pollution is the most deadly! The San value returns to zero. If you don’t return the San prop, you’re dead.

[please, the highest person who can receive the team leader’s assessment task is only the silver top tour guide. It’s impossible to save a lot of props back to San!]

[I’m so happy, dear. The C 250 and the devil merchant are not even the top of the silver level.]

[# silver level tour guide #, have you started rolling? Is that what silver level tour guide is like?]

[zhenima is outrageous!]

[after such a long time of mental pollution, super class passengers can’t do it. Why aren’t they crazy? I can’t stand it. I want to report and hang up!]

“Hey, I can’t hold on to my San value.”

Seeing that the whole drum beating alley was swept away by thousands of papers, the devil businessman did not record his work. Under the shelter of his cloak, he knocked a bottle of soul stabilizer.

In all kinds of alienation, the alienation of demons and ghosts is two extremes. The devil is powerful and has invincible hard power, but it is most vulnerable to mental pollution, and San is the most fierce. Ghosts are the most resistant. They are special in themselves. They can survive into souls for thousands of years and reach the peak in spirit.

The demon merchant is a complete ghost state alienation, and the alienation form is a rare ghost Archduke. Losing San itself is slow. In addition, he has the ghost monarch in the magic mirror to share, and he can quietly spread the spiritual pollution to the mortgaged soul of the people who do business with him.

On the whole, the devil businessman punched out with a full set of combined punches, and the San dropping speed was more than times slower than that of ordinary tour guides. With all kinds of back San props, his San value was like a tortoise.

But even so, the devil merchant can’t stand it! It’s terrible. The mental pollution brought by Qianjia paper and Mr. skinning is really terrible.

If you follow the normal silver guide, I’m afraid you will completely lose your mind in a few seconds!

“You can’t do it in five minutes?”

Wei Xun looked at him in surprise.

What do you mean you can’t do it in five minutes? A real man can’t say no!

“… I’ve been here long enough.”

The devil merchant said, “I can do this with you. I’m afraid the San value will be completely lost in less than half a minute!”

Moreover, Cui is demonic alienation, and she should react more!

But why can’t the devil businessman see a trace of alienation on his body?!

“Haven’t you collected enough?”

This time, the devil merchant finally agreed because he proposed that if the dream chaser and the black widow were forced to come, they had no means to resist!

Although it is obvious that they were invited to be guardians for protection, it seems strange to talk about Countermeasures before people come, but the devil businessman who is suspicious and also likes to plan ahead agrees.

The guardian connects them, which is more like a sense falling beside them, signifying problems and teaching experience. But the hotel also has many ways to restrict the guardian. It is impossible for the guardian to follow the guide all the time.

From the hotel’s point of view, the guardian should be a “master” for the tour guide, rather than a plug-in when he is really in danger. In order not to make the tour guide dependent, when the spiritual pollution is too strong, the guardian’s consciousness will be disconnected.

Wei Xun made a crooked move. What kind of mental pollution is stronger than Qianjia paper and Mr. skinning?

In fact, sweeping the drum beating alley is just by the way. They take these two monsters. The most important thing is to collect the pulp dropped by thousands of papers and the pus and blood shed by the skinning butcher. These are good materials that can bring strong spiritual pollution.

The devil merchant also collected a lot, but contact with this item itself is a strong spiritual pollution. He had strong willpower and finally succeeded in collecting a bottle of pus and blood.

Cui should collect less. After all, Qianjia paper is stronger than Mr. Skinner.

“It’s not what I expected, but it’s reluctantly.”

Wei Xun touched his storage ring. At the moment, the space of five square meters is divided into three parts. The largest part is the pulp of Qianjia paper, the second part is less, it is the pus and blood of the peeling butcher, and the third part is the least, it is a Pulp dyed red by pus and blood.

Overall, less than half of the five square meters of space is installed, which is not in line with Wei Xun’s expectations.

But I’ll take it as soon as I see it. It’s almost midnight. It’s time for the guardian to connect them

“Let them fight?”

“Let’s have a fight, or we won’t end well.”

The devil merchant’s voice suddenly dropped. He was afraid of whispering, “as you expected, ‘it’ came out.”

In the dark night, a red dwarf figure blocked the road in front of them.

It looks like a blood red meat ball, one circle larger than the head. Eight arms grew on the meat ball like deformities, with thick gray and black pulp.

The emergence of thousands of paper and skinning butchers and the change of Zhi’s courtyard finally attracted the spirit of eight armed Nezha city.

“I think he has also been polluted… Eh?”

Wei Xun was still procrastinating to observe the “spirit of Nezha”, but for a moment, his expression moved, and he acted vigorously.

“heart, go straight back to the siheyuan.”

At the moment when the voice fell, Wei Xun burned the phoenix feather and threw it directly behind him! Qianjia paper immediately rushed to the rear, but was blocked by the Skinner close behind it. A thousand pieces of paper were hitting the butcher’s blood hook, and they immediately got entangled and fought together. The plasma and paper scraps flew and fell like rain.

This time, the devil merchant didn’t die and collected it. When a great crisis came, he completely wrapped his face in his hood and completely blocked his body. He and Wei Xun ran back to the quadrangle in a hurry. Just as they went to the gate, in a trance, they seemed to hear a angry and dignified child voice.

“Get out of my city!”


For a moment, the earth shook, the thick clouds tore, and there was a terrible blood color across the north and South in the sky, just like the legendary mixed silk. But now no one dares to look up, because the whole quadrangle is in danger of collapse! Wei Xun made a quick decision to block the black-and-white impermanent weapons behind the door, and somehow made the quadrangle stable.

After the roar, the figures of qianjiazhi and Mr. Skinner disappeared

“Is Nezha so powerful?”

Rao Shiwei Xun was also surprised and dignified: “it seems that this extremely dangerous journey really can’t be ignored -”

“Fart, Nezha shouldn’t have come out on this fucking journey!”

Zhou Xiyang has a breakdown. He is gentle and gentle with Wei Xun, but now he is like a grumpy bull.

“He is the spirit of this city! Originally, we are the most, the most, only items related to Nezha’s New Year pictures. If there is a trace of Nezha on it, it can make the ghost door open or suppress mother Zhi!”

As a result, they found out the real body of Nezha spirit!

And he’s angry!

It’s fucking gone!

Wei Xun sighed, “there are endless surprises and excitement. This is the journey.”

“It’s nice that you’re all alive. I think I played leisurely when I was drunk in Western Hunan.”

Make a journey of three degrees north latitude, which is also called leisurely play?!

“Oh, my head hurts.”

The half life Taoist muttered, “do you think I’m going to die?”

“Devil merchant, you first eliminate a spiritual pollution for them.”

Wei Xun said, “I have something urgent to deal with.”

Just now Wei Xun wanted to record and observe Nezha, but he suddenly changed his mind because he received an application for “Ideological and moral class”.

Wei Xun answered a little later and found that the applicant was a bee Taoist. After careful exploration, he found that Taoist bee was dying!

Taoist bee must not die! Wei Xun’s ability to make such a wave this evening depends on his purified magic honey. Starting, avant-garde Xun condensed one kilogram of purified magic honey into one kilogram and made it into a sugar ball, which has a good effect. Unfortunately, the consumption was too fast. Wei Xun worked three minutes this night.

I only got two Jin of purified magic honey!

Wei Xun’s purified magic honey reserve!

Thinking of this, Wei Xun quickened his pace back to his room.

Taoist bee must not have an accident!


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