TTG Chapter 168

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 168: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (13)

“Cui you -”

Seeing that Wei Xun turned around and left, the devil merchant subconsciously stretched out his hand to stay, but saw a White Velvet fox jumping from Wei Xun’s cloak, falling drunk like a fox, and his big Plush tail on the ground, which stabilized him.

Little fox!

The devil merchant subconsciously held his breath. With his hesitation, Wei Xun has gone far.

“Director Cui asked me to help you.”

In the middle of the day, the fox purred and barked a few more than when he was in human shape. He was simple and soft, and Su’s devil merchant’s heart was about to melt.

But Zhou Xiyang, who had been confused by mental pollution, sat down like a conditioned reflex. Mei Ke’er, a six tailed cat, skillfully closed her tail and covered her head with her claws.

The softer Yu Hehui’s voice… The faster he went crazy.

It’s terrible… The cat feels impatient and irritable.

Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er shivered. Half life Taoist is still dizzy nearby, and the fool is stupid. He doesn’t feel the strange atmosphere at the moment.


Collapse on the ground, like a red wolf, sobbed.

Smoke gray  MIA the little female wolf has stopped talking. She is quiet and sad, and licks her wounds with her white haired werewolf brother. Yun Lianghan sat in the corner, a dark shadow like a fool.

They just had a hostile fight with the passengers in the eastern district. Now they should have been embarrassed to stay together.


No one has the slightest strength to move.

What’s more, they have no intention to go to the ten-degree scenic spot of north latitude. It’s all in those two Heaven levels, terror monsters, and finally Nezha spirit!

It’s just an extremely dangerous journey, just the first night.

“Temporary cooperation.”

Zhou Xiyang coughed and took the lead in saying, “everyone has seen that internal fighting… Will come to a bad end.”


Augustus snorted coldly and said, “we werewolves never fear any enemies!”

If he hadn’t blown his hair because of insanity, like a large red pill, this sentence should be more convincing.

Zhou Xiyang ignored him at all. Barely gathering strength, he struggled to climb to the door and looked out from the crack of the door.

A dark red round shadow still stayed outside the courtyard, guarding the door like a corpse.

At first glance, it is unforgiving.

Zhou Xiyang closed his eyes painfully.

Q:  what if Nezha’s spirit has an eye on him?

I can’t fight. If we continue to fight, I’m afraid the whole brigade will be destroyed. The veteran passengers are all aware of their priorities, and their struggle is based on the fact that the journey is relatively easy.

The more dangerous and difficult the journey, the more united the brigade.

The journey is not dangerous and difficult enough… C. 50 help to make it more dangerous.

“Team Zhou rest assured that we have no hostility to director Cui from beginning to end.”

Mia said weakly, “look at our guide, the devil businessman has a good relationship with Cui guide, and we are just like him.”

Yes, the devil businessman has such a good relationship with C 250!

Mia was puzzled.

She originally thought that the devil merchant was just a place play with C’s 250, but she was just a superficial brother.



The devil merchant coughed softly and was as gentle as a gentleman: “what should I call you?”

You are not so friendly to the fox!

“Call it what you want.”

Yu Hehui wagged his big tail impatiently.

The devil merchant said tentatively, “then I’ll call you… Little fox.”


People are so cold. Why are you still smiling in your voice.

As for so happy?!


Augustus struggled to scold again, and then he jumped on the fox.


The red wolf was dying with a mouthful of blood.

“Your mouth is so smelly that you should wash it with blood.”

Yu Hehui said gloomily. The devil merchant looked at it and found that Augustus was vomiting blood. His mental state was a little better.

Augustus touched the skinning knife, and his skinning butcher’s pus and blood had a deeper impact in the chaos tonight.

“The little fox said,” yes. ”

The devil merchant agreed, “Augustus, you should vomit more blood.”

He also collected Augustus’ vomit blood.

“Wheezing –”

Looking at the fierce panting posture of the werewolf, he bit the devil merchant’s head in one bite.

But now he can only snore on his stomach.

Mia, please.

They planned to kill c250, but the devil businessman was close to the c250.

Devil merchant… Not in.

After stepping on the head of Augustus, the little fox was full of evil spirit and walked towards Zhou Xiyang.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

Zhou Xiyang deliberately coughed a lot. He looked like a weak man. He took the lead in admitting his mistake with a bitter smile: “sorry, I was negligent.”

But Yu Hehui’s face didn’t get any better. She gnashed her teeth and said, “I thought you could control…”

Who can control? What can he control? Is it 250?

Zhou Xiyang also had no choice but to look at Yu Hehui.

You can’t control it. How can I control it?

What’s more, you said that c250 was such a person!

When he was chatting, you said he was responsible, reliable and talented. Although he liked adventure, he was very careful – is it all nonsense?!

God, he really thinks that c250 is a reliable person! Drunk beauty in Western Hunan is a little crazy. The performance is just to survive in a desperate situation and frighten the veteran tourists.

Wait, desperate survival, frighten veteran passengers

Zhou Xiyang felt inexplicably that he had reached the connotation of his life.

“Who makes you unable to give him a sense of security.”

Yu Hehui was close to Zhou Xiyang’s ear. They could hear the voice of Zhou and clenched their teeth: “force him to explode himself -”

yes! Just now Wei Xun said directly, ‘when I was drunk in Western Hunan’, which is almost a bright card! The reason why he hid his plan was that he was not strong enough. Under the circumstances, the relationship between “C 9” and the butcher alliance would make those people who coveted the ten-degree journey of north latitude go to the butcher Alliance for trouble.

Now that Wei Xun has exposed his works, he has also exposed his works to greater benefit.

In fact, they will sneak into this journey. Except for the half life Taoist (everyone crowded in, so I’ll join the crowd – Hey, I really crowded in!), almost everyone else realized that “C” 50 “was the opening of the chieftain King’s tomb, or came to assassinate him, snatch the ten degree keepsake of north latitude, or protect him.

But on the surface, everyone didn’t say anything, pretended not to say anything, and no one opened the fig leaf.

However, after calling two Heaven level monsters, Wei Xun blew himself up and spread the matter out in the open. Let everything be fair and aboveboard. It’s a wise plan and the best time!

It’s hidden. It’s because I’m still weak and need obscene development. However, it’s hard to tell how much power you still have in private, just as Wei Xun put Yu and Hui in the open after he joined the brigade!

The maintenance of Yu Hehui, Zhou Xiyang and others is not enough for the wolves in the west to stop killing Yun Lianghan.

What about calling two heavenly monsters to sweep the drum beating alley?

It disturbed the whole journey and made Nezha’s spirit appear out of thin air?

At this time, he reported that he was “C 9”, who opened up the tomb of the chieftain king. It was more like a kind of confidence.

It’s one thing to open up a ten degree journey north latitude.

Daring to admit is another matter.

I admit it, what can I do?

Yu Hehui has long found that Wei Xun enjoyed the journey and enjoyed the danger and excitement from beginning to end.

Wei Xun doesn’t care if the passengers are weak enough to need protection as long as they have a good journey.

But if you’re strong on your own, start making things——

It’s very simple. Just make you ‘weak’ and have no time to do things.

Don’t make trouble, let me have a good trip and don’t feel uncomfortable.

It can be said that on the first night, Wei Xun set the “tone” of the whole journey.

Although intellectually Yu Hehui said that even if the brigade was obedient, Wei Xun was very likely to do big things. Because Wei Xun just likes to play big games, just like to be exciting.

But emotionally, he felt that Zhou Xiyang was not strong enough to hold down the brigade, so he asked Wei Xun to make the tone himself!

Those are two monsters. Yu Hehui stayed in Wei Xun’s cloak all the time. Wei Xun was frightened. Wei Xun was like walking a tightrope. If he was not careful, he would fall into the abyss.

But no one could stop him, and no one could go with him.

Even if Zhou Xiyang and they are special passengers… They don’t.

Yu Hehui couldn’t stop loving Wei Xun. He whispered, “Xiyang, you’re not strong enough to show your strength.”


Zhou Xiyang also smiled bitterly. He didn’t say anything, but his face was moved.

In fact, he is skeptical about the fact that the c250 can link, appease and relieve Xue Feng. After all, the strength of “C” 250 is indeed too low.

But now

“I can’t hold him down.”

Zhou Xiyang admitted.

It’s funny to hear what he said. How can a super class passenger who has experienced hundreds of wars not hold down a silver class tour guide?

However, not only did Zhou Xiyang say so, but the audience outside also felt so!

[I □ □ fuck, I fucking fuck, I’ll just say I fuck!]

[I fucking saw the journey to Western Hunan when I was drunk in America! Actually, Bingjiu is Bingjiu’s 50? What’s the matter? I’ve been fooled!]

[otherwise, otherwise, why do you think these big guys are crowded into this journey!]

[isn’t it to fight the mission…]

[they don’t know! It’s amazing!]

[I’m suffocating. In fact, I’ve long thought that “c250” is “C-9”! You, if C-9 really starts a journey, he will definitely be on the return list with the title of “cold-blooded”, how can he be called “passenger”!]

[moreover, the time when “passengers” get on the return list and the time when “C” reaches the top of the list of world tour guide stars at 50 are the hind feet!]

[now, everyone knows what’s behind the horse’s back, but who would believe that a new tour guide can open up a journey of ten degrees north latitude!]

[the first trip opened up a scenic spot of ten degrees north latitude, which became the low-level table in the East and West confrontation task. Now it has entered an extremely dangerous journey. After getting two team leaders’ assessment bias, who can believe it!]

This is a true legend!

[no, we’re just talking about it now. The leader must not have just talked about it. C’s 50 is so □□, doesn’t it deserve the attention of the leaders? What’s the deputy regiment of the subordinate brigade head? The members directly under him rush directly!]

[an Dui, Qi Dui, Wan Dui, Wu Dui, come on, look at this little beet!]

[upstairs, do you think there are no team members sneaking into this journey… Shh]

[upstairs, look who’s holding a feather… Shh]

[don’t worry, don’t worry, I heard through the grapevine that the guardian of “C” and “50” may be the dreamer of “a”!]

[hoo, I’m relieved to hear that it’s the dreamer. Only the dreamer can control this situation]

[it’s said that dream chasers have been paying close attention to c-50. Serious tour guides don’t do team leader tasks like c-50. This is the unique secret taught by dream chasers!]

“I’m not. I didn’t teach.”

The dreamer denied the company. He was completely awake and stared at the live screen. He was no longer sleepy.

Zhang xingzang patted the dreamer on the shoulder. He found that he was tight and comforted: “it’s early morning after ten minutes. He won’t…”

He stared at Zhang xingzang and shut up.

After a few seconds, he couldn’t help but say: “it’s not good to look at the results without looking at the process. You see, none of the passengers died, the internal crisis of the brigade was lifted, a large number of materials and clues related to the scenic spots were obtained, and the team leader’s assessment tendency was successfully found, and the needs of thousands of paper products were confirmed…”

“Still, OK?”

Word by word, the dreamer cut to the live broadcast screen of Zhou Xiyang and enlarged the screen.

Zhou Xiyang is looking out at the moment. There is no shadow of a red ball spirit in the crack of the door. Instead of letting go, he tried and pushed the door.

The gate was only half a palm wide and could not be opened any more. A pair of eyes looked inward from the crack of the door. He had a red dot on his forehead and heart, and his lips were like vermilion. Not only this head, his face turned around and stared at Zhou Xiyang in turn like a warning.

This is a new year picture of Nezha! Now (, like a seal, it is firmly stuck outside the gate of the courtyard. Monitor every move of the ‘sabotage Group’.

“Cough, in fact, I think this boy is still an inch.”

Zhang xingzang said, “I thought he would give you all the mess, but you see, he has almost solved it himself. Although he can make trouble, he can also settle the trouble, and he never let himself suffer.”

“The most important thing is that all the people who follow him can benefit. In this way, the team can bring them together.”

As a brigade captain, Zhang xingzang is very sharp in this respect: “he even came to you.”

At the moment, Wei Xun can see from the live broadcast screen that he has returned to his room, poured a pile of things from the storage props, and talked to himself while sorting out.

“The dream chaser’s generation is coming. You have to prepare welcome gifts. Alas, the dream chaser’s generation is the best. Without him, the mutual aid association can’t be built smoothly.”

“He’s advertising his mutual aid association.”

The dreamer said expressionless.

“Again, I’m just a little conscious to connect and guide him, not in person. I can’t get the gift he prepared for me.

Wei Xun just advertised and called the roll completely when there were so many people in the live broadcasting room. He had a class a tour guide in the mutual aid association!

Dream chaser is really suitable to be a signboard. He is rare. The internal reviews of tour guides and tourists are very good.

“Oh, how dare you say you’re not happy to hear him say that?”

Zhang xingzang teased and said,  his shoulder hit the dreamer.

“Even an Xuefeng hasn’t heard such words from him. You see, he doesn’t even advertise. It’s you.”

“Hum, if he advertised an Xuefeng, I’m afraid no guide would dare to join the Mutual Aid Association.”

The dreamer hummed coldly, but his tone was soft.

It has to be said that the little tour guide who appreciates the “dream” is completely different from himself. He wears “dream” everywhere and reveals “intimacy” everywhere. Even though “Dao C” and “Wu Shi Du” are the “project”, the dreamer is really very popular with “dream”.


Suddenly the dreamer frowned, as if he were thinking.

“Don’t bother me, I’ll connect him.”

After that, the dreamer closed his eyes.

* *

“Are you extracting the soul will of the ancient demon bug?”

The voice of the dreamer echoed in Wei Xun’s mind.

“Here you are.”

Wei Xun was not surprised: “just help me check it out.”

On the surface, he is still sorting out the harvest tonight, but in fact, Wei XunXin’s main focus is on the bee Taoist.

The bee Taoist is really in a bad situation, but he is not in danger of death for the time being. Wei Xun is not in a hurry. He waits until midnight to extract the soul will of the responsible devil bug according to the method of the devil merchant.

First, he did not fully believe in the devil merchant.

After all, the devil of responsibility is born out of the devil of emotion. It is said that the devil of emotion is seven in one, and each of them is sensitive to each other. When Wei Xun was afraid to extract his soul, he found that it made people speculate that his “thinking and moral course” originated from the devil of emotion, so he was targeted.

The dreamer came in the early morning. It’s not urgent.

“You should have another title ‘master of time management'”

The dreamer hums and smiles, and a dark orange shadow appears behind Wei Xun’s shadow.

“What gift did you prepare for me?”

“The method of extracting the will of the soul is no problem. My consciousness is explicit to help you shield the wave of the devil bug”

In the audience of the live studio, it seems that the dream chaser spent his strength to show his respect for C’s “50” and to receive gifts. However, Wei Xun heard the private message of the dream chaser.

It suits him.

“Thanks a lot!”

“I don’t know if I like this.”

Wei Xun was embarrassed to smile and took a treasure shaped longevity pillow. The longevity pillow was placed under the head when people were buried after death. This longevity pillow was specially embroidered with a section of locust tree on the back of the pillow.

The locust tree is a ghost tree with Yin Qi. The embroidered locust tree on the longevity pillow is actually bad for people. The soul is too Yin Qi, and it is easy to fall into the ghost road.

However, the paper man is not afraid of yin and Yang. He is afraid of water and fire. He doesn’t have the Yin Qi of the dead. If grandma Zhi pillows the life pillow for funeral, the Yin Qi can just disguise as the Yin Qi of the dead.

Unfortunately, all the props and items were found by Wei Xun and the devil merchant, so we can’t help the passengers too much. It was decent to kick an unknown piece of broken paper ball, but most of the items in their hands can’t be given to them.

It happened that Wei Xun brought it to the dreamer.

“It’s said that people like to collect pillows. This longevity pillow means great.”

In private, his interests and hobbies are revealed to the public. I’m a little sorry about the dreamer. It’s still live!  he said that his little hobby  clay figurine Zhang  is absolutely what Zhang xingzang told C  50 !

“Oh? What’s the meaning of longevity pillow?”

Zhang made a note of the clay figurine in his heart. He felt that it was the key for Wei Xun to extract his soul will. The dreamer just opened his mouth and helped him cover it up.

“You see, this longevity pillow is built with locust trees. Isn’t it just a dream?”

Huang Liang had a beautiful dream. He said that “Da Huai’an” was a story in the pillow. Young Lu Sheng dreamed that he married a princess in Da Huai’an country, became a son-in-law, and lived a rich life. When he woke up, he found that it was just a dream. There was no Da Huai’an country, but a locust tree next to “Da Huai’an” and an ant nest on the locust tree.

Wei Xun dragged the locust tree into the dream of the yellow beam, but he couldn’t get in touch with it.

No, no, no, no, it can make people fall into a dream, yellow beam ant.

Speaking of this story casually, Wei Xun is deeper. Since he entered the thriller global hotel, he found that many legends and stories in the world are actually reflected in reality, not just legends.

Just like the giant worm in the ksuru myth, it is also a fatal danger for the bee Taoist at this moment.

* *



Hide in the secret underground passage. Until now, the bee path dare to breathe. There are piles of rotten bones around. The bones are as white as thick paper. No, not just the bones. The inner wall of the whole passage is full of this kind of pale thick mucus.

Weng, I’ll give it to you——

The buzzer sounded in the beeper’s ear. He gave a dull hum and gritted his teeth to suppress the changes in his body.

The first stage of the alienation of the abyss queen bee is the transformation and breaking of the cocoon. Only after the transformation can he become the real abyss queen bee. At this moment, the appearance of the bee master’s bee has changed. His alienation state is no longer the appearance of the plush bee, but the human shape. The black shell spreads from the lower jaw of the mouth to behind the ear, covering the lower half of his face.

The bee Taoist turned the beads into pure golden. The wet and wrinkled bee wings were folded behind, but the lower pair chewed off, leaving only the root of the bone like wings.

Not only that, Taoist bee Xiang has a broken leg and a missing arm. If he hadn’t abandoned his life to protect the commander, finally, the demon bee swarm attracted the attention of the giant bite worm Xiang and was able to escape temporarily, I’m afraid he would be buried in the mouth of the giant bite worm!

It doesn’t hurt to sacrifice all the magic bees. As long as he can live and successfully alienate himself into the abyss queen bee, how much does the magic bee want.

The bee Taoist gasped for breath in pain, but the next second he was frightened and held his breath.

The wind, coming from the depths of the passage, is the fishy wind brought by the giant gnawing worm crawling underground. Where the fishy wind passes, the passage is pale and sticky, and the mucus is thicker, even the bee Taoist’s skin is stained with a touch of white.

The bee Taoist tore off the white mucus, took a breath, pulled out his feet and walked deeper into the underpass. It was like a bee falling into a cobweb, struggling.

The butcher alliance works for the dreamer. The bee Taoist has a chance to go to the abyss node one day. But now the day has passed. The bee Taoist should have come from the abyss node. However, he is trapped here.

Because the bee Taoist’s eyes are in the area, which has exceeded the territory of the Chlamys fish abyss node!

In order to find the abyss worm queen bee, the bee Taoist priest found the abyss node at the edge of the territory.  the welfare rules of the mutual aid association are, and [good luck] enabled the bee Taoist priest to successfully find the abyss worm queen bee’s underground cocoon room, and the abyss worm queen bee has not been there since she was born, but she has just given birth to a queen egg, which is about to break its shell.

[ancient demon bug’s favor] let the bee Taoist successfully establish contact with this king egg, and not only the alienation state, but they have become a strange “common ecology”. At the moment, the bee Taoist’s alienation state is the abyss queen bee, and the hatching “from this egg is the abyss worm.

Even the bee master didn’t realize that such a good thing would happen to him! That is to say, he may master two dissimilation states in the future. Now the bee master can adapt to the abyss queen bee state as soon as possible. After all, he has long been used to becoming a bee.

But the bee master never relaxed his vigilance. The queen bee of the abyss worm put down the eggs and left the nest. It’s obviously wrong! He wants to leave, but the eggs have to hatch in the nest, which wastes time.

When the bee Taoist walked, he couldn’t walk away. A giant worm hundreds of feet long blocked the hole, which was as big as a star eel. The stumps of the abyss worm queen bee could be seen in his mouth.

The abyssal worm queen bee ate it, but apparently she didn’t let go of the delicious people and eggs. The bee Taoist forced her into the underground passage and ran for her life. Fortunately, the young abyssal worm inherited the memory and had a detailed understanding of the underground passage extending in all directions in the nest, so they could avoid the crisis of life and death several times.

But at the same time, the bee Taoist also forced the territory of the clothed fish. Unless he went back, the clothed fish could not return him to reality!

However, the way back is blocked by the giant bite worm! (cunning and treacherous. After several failed raids, the giant bite worm no longer blindly looks for the bee Taoist in the underground passage, but entrenches in the nest, and the mucus penetrates the whole underground passage.

This mucus contains a lot of spiritual pollution. It can assimilate the spirit of living creatures and turn them into worm puppets. Taoist bees rely on purifying magic honey to protect their lives along the way, but purifying magic honey is limited. If they drag on, they will die.

The bee master is in a desperate situation! What’s worse is that the abyss queen bee alienates and degenerates, and will produce a large amount of purified royal jelly. This is like a good thing of 100 times concentrated and purified magic honey, but it also attracts giant worms to be more crazy! The bee master can only suppress the impulse of metamorphosis, and now he is in a desperate situation.

Just then, at the end of the mountain and water, the bee Taoist came to the mysterious Mutual Aid Association!

His motivation for applying for the ideological and moral course is very simple. The bee Taoist believes that behind the mutual aid association is the dreamer, which is another “hope alliance”. The ideological and moral course “brainwashing” should be related to the dreamer.

If you can contact the dreamer, he may survive!

However, the application for the ideological and moral education class did not pass immediately. The bee master was almost desperate and transformed again. The impulse hit the bee master, and he was unable to walk. He curled up and leaned against the wall of the cave covered with mucus. The fishy wind became more and more fishy. It was a giant phagocytic worm wandering nearby. He would find it soon.

Despair and a glimmer of hope, the bee Taoist trembled again and held his mobile phone.


Taoist bee was stunned, his brain was blank for a moment, and he couldn’t think at all for a moment.

I saw a little golden light jumping, like gold and the rising sun, reflected in the small space where the bee Taoist curled up in his body and knees.

“Hello, middle councillor” fair “. I’m the teacher of moral education.”

This golden light finally turned into a pocket villain. He was as bright as gold, his hair and eyes, and his dress was made of gauze like sunshine. His cloak flew up behind him and smiled gently at the bee Taoist, shining like a prince.


As weak as an earthworm just hatched, the little abyss worm retreated and retracted into the arms of the bee Taoist.

And the bee Taoist has been completely shocked.

Old devil bug!

This golden villain is an ancient devil bug! And he looks like a legendary mother worm!

Yu Hehui’s inner alchemy and the responsible devil bug are the “auxiliary” of the Mutual Aid Association, which can connect with each other more deeply. Tianhu can see through the things that people like most and yearn for, and is good at magic. The projection of the illusion refers to Xiaocui’s appearance and the ancient flavor of the responsible devil bug.

It is the bee Taoist priest who most yearns for the ancient devil insect and insect mother!

Of course, magic is not true after all. Wei Xun had better fill in another prop of “imitation” and “deception”.

But the bee Taoist is easy to fool. He wants to be a master of Wei Xundu. Naturally, it is almost perfect.

“No, it’s an illusion, but…”

The bee Taoist murmured, yes, the little prince is an illusion. But the smell of ancient devil insects and mother insects is so real!

“You seem to be in trouble”

The little prince stood on tiptoe, held the bee Taoist’s face in his small hand, looked up at him, and his eyes were full of care.

“But it doesn’t matter. I’ll help you.”


Taoist bee’s spirit was in a flash. He has struggled so far. It’s been a long time since he heard the word “help”. His long-term mental pollution made his nerves and emotions more vulnerable.

“Isn’t this a moral lesson?”

The bee master pretended to be indifferent and said, “help is another price?”

Yes, at the beginning, he wanted to ask the upper class of the mutual aid association to help, so he didn’t hesitate to lower the price!

“No, this is the moral lesson.”

As he expected, the little prince shook his head, and his golden eyes seemed to reflect the sun.

“The purpose of the ideological and moral course is to make everyone realize that only by uniting in mutual aid societies and believing in mutual aid societies can we have a better future.”


“No, not hope”

The little prince smiled and said, “hope is just a ruling in the Mutual Aid Association.”

“Let everyone believe in and like mutual aid associations. That’s the meaning of the moral education course.”

“So I’ll help you with this ideological and moral lesson.”

So stupid, so stupid.

How can people like to trust the Mutual Aid Association once they help? I just think this organization is a big enemy.

The bee Taoist pumped his mouth, but he didn’t say anything. After all, the person who needs help urgently and gets help is himself.

“Cheer up”

The little prince cheered him up.

“We’re going to rush now. We have to close our eyes.”

Rush? How?

Why close your eyes?

“(” here it is! ”

Taoist bee’s face suddenly changed, unable to suppress panic and despair. I saw a giant worm head covered with mucus, ugly and disgusting. When it was gone, it was silent. Now it was above his head and opened a huge mouth of alien terror at him to swallow him.

He’s dying!

But the next moment, the golden little prince flew away and stood between the bee Taoist and the giant worm. In contrast, he was so small until he was in full bloom, bright and hot sunshine!

“Roar -!”

Just listen to a sad scream, live in the depths of the earth all the time, the giant worm saw the crazy sun, which directly scorched the mucus in the underground passage!

* *

‘sleeping trough! What have you done? ”

“This magic honey tastes really good.”

The dreamer’s figure flickered and fell on Wei Xun’s face. On the surface, they are tasting magic honey, but in fact, the action of the dreamer is to cover up the fluctuation just now!

Just now, the dreamer found that he had to shield not only the smell of ancient demons and insects, but also a ray of crazy sun  spiritual fluctuation!

“Yes, it’s not easy to get this honey.”

Wei Xun smiled.

“Can you hold on to your dream? I’m giving people a moral lesson”

Ideological and moral lesson? What do you think? Morality class will lead to crazy sun?!

  1. The moral lesson of “50” is not to train reserve troops for the hippies!

No, it shouldn’t be. A life frolicker doesn’t need to sing praises to the sun, fool.

“If you do this, the rules in the mutual aid association will shake!”

Dream chasers gnash their teeth. Theoretically speaking, as the president of the Mutual Aid Association, Wei Xun can transfer his rights to project a trace of power on the core and auxiliary items in the Mutual Aid Association.

“No, I’m not. There’s still so much crazy sunshine in the abyss clock.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “if you taste this magic honey, it’s his contribution.”

With that, Wei Xun told the dreamer about the reason why Taoist bee applied for the ideological and moral course and the communication between him and Taoist bee.

The dreamer was silent after listening.

Instead of talking about the crazy sun, he paid more attention to shielding Wei Xun.

Sure enough, the dreamer is really soft.

Wei Xun arrived.

As long as they hear that he is trying to “save people”, dreamers will silently provide support.

In the abyss node, the crazy sun shines. The little prince startled the giant worm. Half an hour later, he finally took the bee Taoist back to the territory of the abyss node of clothed fish.

“You can open your eyes”

The voice of the little prince let the bee Taoist slowly open his eyes. He was still in shock and could not believe that he had really escaped. It was a thrilling journey, a desperate situation of life and death, and ended with this result.

“Move you, it will cost a lot of resources.”

After silence, Taoist bee spoke slowly. He’s not stupid. He can scare off the giant worm. How strong is the light? Not to mention the smell of the little prince and the ancient devil bug.

He is just a B-class tour guide. What is the other party trying to do so much for him?

Is it worth it?

“As long as I can help you”

The little prince smiled and looked forward to the bee Taoist: “today I had a half-hour lesson in thinking and morality. Ten minutes a lesson is a lesson, which can be regarded as a lesson ~”

“Why don’t you like mutual aid more?”

Then, without waiting for Taoist bee’s answer, he turned into a flashing light spot and gradually disappeared.

“Hiss, naive.”

There is only one bee Taoist left in the abyss node. He stared at the place where the light spot disappeared for a long time, then took back his eyes and looked indifferent.

Like it or not, does it make sense? The world is bustling, all for profit, and the world is bustling, all for profit. This is the truth.

Today’s fraternity can help him. He stays here. When the mutual aid association can no longer help him, or even encounter a crisis, will he stay because he likes it?

Or does it mean that the core objects, rules and articles of the Mutual Aid Association make them owe debts every time they help, which seems to be “free”, but in fact they must be paid accordingly?

Yes, it must be.

The bee Taoist sneered. He left the abyss node, returned to his station, stayed in the station and completed the “transformation” for the first time.

From then on, he changed his alienation state into the abyss queen bee, and was no longer an ordinary magic bee. In the moment of his transformation, a nest of natural magic bees was born and hummed around him. As soon as the bee Taoist raised his hand, a bottle of precious royal jelly was born with his transformation. The purified royal jelly is now in the bee Taoist’s hands.

The liquid in the crystal bottle is like flowing gold, shining to the extreme.

“There is no free lunch in the world.”

The low-level “fairness” and the middle-level congressman opened the Mutual Aid Association app.

You want to help me free?

Do you want to calculate me?

I won’t let you do it!

In the cold laughter, the bee Taoist filled half a bottle of purified royal jelly and provided it to the Mutual Aid Association. And specially signed free donation, don’t contribute at all.

No, I won’t let you do it!

There was a distorted feeling of happiness in the bee Taoist heart, and the whole person was elated. He couldn’t wait to see the “Little Prince” again. He maliciously told him that he had returned all the help and didn’t owe the Mutual Aid Association anything!

He hates it when he hates it, and spits when he spits. No one can force him to like the mutual aid association!

“Moral character -”


The bee Taoist frowned. This month he had only the last ten hours of thinking and moral lessons left. It’s meaningless to just call the ‘little prince’ for vicious ridicule.

He should take the lesson to the critical moment.

The bee Taoist turned off the app and opened it again. Why? He could only see the little prince again this month. He felt that he was upset to say no.

He thinks forty minutes is too long, but now he thinks it’s short!

* *

“Cui Dao, did you sleep?”

At two o’clock in the morning, in the ear room bedroom, Wei Xun heard the sound of “dream chaser” again.

The devil merchant didn’t go back to his room tonight. Wei Xun estimated that he was also looking for private space to negotiate with the black widow. It’s convenient for him and the dreamer.

“No, you haven’t gone yet?”

Just whored half a bottle of purified royal jelly. Wei Xun is not willing to sleep! He has been waiting for the dreamer to go away and block the live broadcast. He can taste it himself.

But the dreamer just doesn’t go, just doesn’t go.

“I’ve been doing it all the time. You just told me”

Zheng Xiang, the dreamer, said that he had really missed a lot just now.

Wei Xun said, “let everyone believe in the mutual aid association and like the Mutual Aid Association. This is the meaning of the ideological and moral lesson.”

“So I helped him with this ideological and moral lesson.”.

“I think you have a point.”

The dreamer said seriously, “the effect of emotional infection is best when the other party does not resist.”

Compared with simple emotional infection, by integrating infection into “help”, members will gradually connect “Ideological and moral course” and “free help”, so that they will not feel resistance.

“But you’re not going to accept only so many people?”

The dreamer asked the question: “I haven’t finished the infection period yet. If all of them help free of charge, aren’t you afraid they’ll run away?”

“I said it was free. Is it really free?”

Wei Xun asked meaningfully, “what will you contact when you hear about free help and contact the ideological and moral class?”

‘They’ll find something. ‘

Even if this person receives free help, he will eventually contribute goods to the mutual aid association because of suspicion to offset this help.

Wei Xun’s selection of “one wolf” is such a suspicious and cautious one!

But the core responsibility is the devil bug. Wei Xun didn’t tell the dreamer.

No matter what label is attached or what name is changed, in fact, the ideological and moral education class will be afraid of people after all.

Therefore, the real infection is not entirely in the “Ideological and moral class”.

More is in the ideological and moral class, they contribute free goods!

In a sense, it is responsible for the mutual aid association and the president Wei Xun.

They believe that the inner sense of ease is “paying off the debt”.

But this sense of pleasure and relaxation is actually the influence of responsibility after responsibility.

The positive reinforcement and free contribution are all in response to the infection of the responsible devil bug. This mutual resonance will make them gradually indulge in the happiness of the free offer, and then exert a deeper influence on the responsible devil bug imperceptibly.

Taoist bee is Wei Xun’s first experimental target. Now it’s a success.

“Go to bed early.”

Wei Xun yawned and drove away the dreamer who was lost in thought again.

“It’s still early tomorrow.”

The voice fell behind, and Wei Xun went to sleep. Tonight, no one in the courtyard is sleeping except him. Everyone is worried. Only in Wei Xun’s dream, only sweet and purified royal jelly.

At 5:30 the next morning, Wei Xun woke up and sent him to Zhi’s courtyard at 8:00, but Wei Xun left early.

It was drizzling outside again. After a simple breakfast, guard Xun saw that there was no one in the backyard, so he went directly to the backyard.

Sure enough, almost all the people gathered at the wooden door of the courtyard.

“Guide Cui, you’re here.”

Yu Hehui also stood there. He was the first to find Wei Xun’s arrival and said hello.

“What are you looking at?”

“Nezha’s New Year picture is still blocking the door.”

Zhou Xiyang replied seriously. After a night’s rest, his mental state was much better. At the moment, Zhou Xiyang frowned and smiled bitterly.

“Don’t let us go.”

I shouldn’t have had any contact with you. It’s a neutral thing. It’s the first time he’s seen you after all these years!

Nezha really has a grudge!


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