TTG Chapter 169

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 169: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (14)


  • Crystal Bruce Lee refers to Dream Chaser


“Last night, the painting was sealed outside the door. I came out at 3 a.m. to see it. Now it’s all there.”

The passengers at the gate of the courtyard gave way to Wei Xun like Moses.

Zhou Xiyang frowned: “I promised him to clean up the street and restore the outside as before, but there was no response to the painting.”

He said that this week Xiyang wanted to stop talking and looked at Wei Xun. Nezhaling appeared just when Qianjia paper and the blood paper of the skinning butcher were flying. He didn’t appear when Qianjia paper swept the drum beating alley before.

Obviously, compared with the “disappearance” of those ghosts in Leigu Hutong, “pollution” should be the key to making nezhaling unbearable.

But even if Zhou Xiyang promised to clean up the drum beating alley, the painting was still sealed outside the courtyard. Nezha in the painting glared at Zhou Xiyang with three heads in turn. He stood for a long time and tried to stab him with a sharp fire gun.

“Hey, don’t –”

Zhou Xiyang was reporting the situation. As a result, he didn’t pay attention and saw Wei Xun pull out the guide flag, poke it directly into the crack of the door, and poke it with the fire pointed gun array of Nezha.

Zhou Xiyang was stunned and couldn’t take care of others to hold Wei Xun back. Within seconds, he saw a hot fire on the tip of the fire pointed gun, which almost burned Wei Xun’s cloak.

When Zhou Xiyang grabbed Wei Xun, he was so tense that he almost had a conditioned reflex. Fortunately, he held back. Wei Xun looked at the guide flagpole. The firepoint gun did not leave any traces on it. Just now he also felt the blazing flame. Wei Xun wanted to see if the flame could burn through the guide’s cloak.

However, Zhou Xiyang’s spirit fluctuated violently. Just after sewing, mending and encouraging, he stressed that his good spirit was scared and almost rioted again. Wei Xun raised his hand and patted his head at will.

“It’s very –”

It’s very dangerous!

Zhou Xiyang almost broke his heart. He just wanted to tell C 250 the danger of his action!

However, after being patted by Wei Xun, Zhou Xiyang’s restless and chaotic spirit was miraculously calmed. It was like a breeze blowing, and those strong emotions swept away, leaving only Zhou Xiyang calm.

“- very dangerous.”

The words are spoken, but they are not as severe as expected. They are plain and light. It seems that they say casually:

“At least tell us before you start.”

After saying that, Zhou Xiyang even smiled at Wei Xun. This smile was naturally revealed by his relaxed mind after mental relief.


Zhou Xiyang barely raised his face and pretended not to notice the attention of the people around him. It was unconscious reflection. Was his tone too fierce just now.

Last night, Wei Xun had a brief discussion with the dreamer who couldn’t go straight about “spiritual relief”. An Xuefeng is the leader of the brigade. If Wei Xun can connect with him, he can theoretically relieve the returning people.

At the same time, An Xuefeng also bears the mental pollution of some other people. Such people are connected with An Xuefeng, and Wei Xun can relieve it by the way.

For example, Zhou Xiyang.

There are also many kinds of spiritual relief. People like him and An Xuefeng who enter into the spiritual illusion are not connected in depth. Looking at this form alone, it is even deep relief. According to the division of dream pursuers, staying in the same space with the members of the brigade is a shallow relief, the San value of the tour guide will gradually recover, and the mental pollution of passengers will gradually disappear.

Physical contact with brigade members, such as holding hands, hugging, etc., is middle-level relief, which is usually used in emergencies. For example, if a member suffers from a lot of mental pollution, a quick hug can make the other party better.

Entering the psychic illusion is equivalent to deep relief, which is mainly aimed at the mental illness of passengers suffering from mental pollution for a long time. For example, Mao Xiaole’s bloodthirsty, Wang Yushu’s funeral, and An Xuefeng’s nine story spiritual fantasy.

If mental disorders are not completely solved, the first two kinds of relief are only symptoms, not root causes.

Wei Xun patted Zhou Xiyang’s head, just like patting him. He didn’t treat his mental illness.

But Zhou Xiyang already feels refreshed. The whole person looks like a young man, ten years old and full of vitality!

It’s just not like having a guide.

Zhou Xiyang released Wei Xun with the greatest willpower, restrained his impulse to post with the guide, and said with concern:

“Are you okay?”

The mental pollution that fell from him is likely to fall on “C250”!

However, Wei Xun found out a paper prick and burned it. The super five-star paper man with thousands of paper and silk souls swallowed all this spiritual pollution.

“No problem.”

Wei Xun waved his hand at will and looked at the devil merchant standing next to him.

“You see, too.”

The devil merchant said slowly, “Nezha Ling is not the guide of this journey, and at his level… He can not give the journey face.”

However, he did not come near, and even kept a distance from Yu Hehui. The tone is colder than before, and the attitude is like handling.

This change was obviously caused by the communication between the devil merchant and the black widow last night, but Wei Xun didn’t care. That’s not what we should care about now.

“Spiritual character, and countless people’s imagination.”

Half life Taoist also became serious and found it difficult:

“Nezha in the hearts of the masses is what he is.”

Even the tour guide dared to burn, beat the tour guide flag, and even didn’t give the tour guide face at all.

Nezha Ling didn’t dare to do it.

“Last night, we destroyed the ‘ecological environment of the underworld’ in Leigu Hutong.”

Meckel also put forward his own opinion: “this eight armed Nezha city is his body in a sense. If you want to get forgiveness, maybe cleaning up is not enough.”

But it would be a great loss to put all those fierce old ghosts and all kinds of props back!

Even if these things were all picked up by the guides Wei Xun and the devil merchant, Meckel felt too painful when she brought them into the guide.


Just then, on October 10, he suddenly opened his mouth and said in a cold voice, “in the past, there were so many places in this city for reconstruction and reconstruction. If you really want to say, ‘eight armed Nezha city’ has long been beyond recognition.”

“He already exists on people’s faith, not just a city spirit.”

Bai Xiaojun said silently, “that’s what the deputy regiment said last night.”

“The changes in this city will not have much impact on him.”

“No physical change, but no one can stand the change in spiritual pollution!”

Yun Lianghan couldn’t help being agitated and said, “if he is spiritual, mental pollution is the most taboo. I think he –”

Yun Lianghan didn’t say the three words “abnormal”. Although everyone watched the deformed meat ball last night.

But people’s paintings are still blocked at the door. It’s a fool’s ability to speak ill of his face.

“Whet and haw, say half a meter, and hurry to find a way.”

Augustus was impatient and said angrily, “please manage the street or put the ghosts back. Hurry to find a way out!”

At that time, the hot discussion among the passengers was like a quarrel. Wei Xun looked at them in surprise.

Nezha’s spirit blocked the door. Fundamentally, it was their guide who made it. It should be solved by the guide.

Even the three werewolves in the West didn’t care about themselves, even if they didn’t know much about Nezha, they were listening carefully.

Yes, this journey pays attention to punctuality. If it is delayed, the tour guide will be punished, as well as the passengers. Do the experienced passengers know their priorities?

But the passengers didn’t even complain, or even have a negative attitude towards the tour guide. Even Yun Lianghan just complains that a few words about thousands of pieces of paper and the skinning butcher have gone too far, and dirty things fly all over the station. He doesn’t pull it on c250 and the devil merchant.

This makes Wei Xun uncomfortable.

“Devil merchant, come here.”

Wei Xun waved to the devil merchant and squatted in front of the courtyard. Through the crack in the door, he looked up at Nezha, the painting sealed outside.

“Can I help you?”

The glittering miniature crystal Bruce Lee lies on Wei Xun’s shoulder, which is the spiritual consciousness of the dreamer.

This sentence immediately attracted the attention of all passengers!


The three werewolves are tense and alert. When the crystal dragon didn’t speak just now, they didn’t pay attention to each other’s existence at all. It lightly painted various items, swept over the eyes, and made Augustus wolf hair stand upside down, almost directly into a werewolf state!

Even if they know that guardians can’t do anything at will, or even mental influence, they are afraid of the prestige of class a tour guides alone!

“No, you can go and chat with your old friends.”

Wei Xun said that his careless tone was like saying “go and play while playing” to the children.

How can you talk to a dreamer like that!

Meckel and half life Taoist screamed in their hearts.

He is your golden thigh. Aren’t you afraid of his anger!

Besides, this is the dream chaser who offered to help. Don’t you really need it?!

“Old friend… Tut.

Alas, I’m not angry. The dreamer doesn’t mind Wei Xun’s filter. Crystal Bruce Lee is really good-tempered and flies from Wei Xun’s shoulder: “we don’t know each other very well.”

“Black widow, what do you say?”

“Oh, chasing dreams, your words really make me sad.”

The soft and elegant “sound” sounded. A black spider with large buttons and shiny shell stood up from the devil merchant’s shoulder. Its slender forelimbs rubbed against its body. Its forelimb joints were connected by small and exquisite gears, which looked like a puppet like a handicraft.

“It’s not a gentleman’s business to make a lady sad.”

She gently softened judo and dropped silk from the devil merchant’s shoulder:

“OK, little guy, I’m going to catch up with my old friends. You can take care of yourself, can’t you?”

Black widow!

Zhou Xiyang was terrified, but did not look up. That is, it was only the guardian’s little spiritual consciousness. There could be no spiritual pollution at all, but the black widow’s means were really hidden and sinister. It is said that the keepsake of her “Babel Tongwei tower” was taken from her husband, the brigade captain who was deeply connected with her spirit!

It may be related to her title of “black widow”, but it is enough to see the poison of her means!

“Dream chaser, I still think you are the same as me, so you will stay.”

When the devil merchant walked beside Wei Xun, the black widow and the dreamer also chatted.

“I smell from the spirit, you know, they can’t solve it.”

What the black widow said about “no solution” is not a journey at 30 degrees north latitude. It is a monster at a higher level on the scale. The level of “no solution” can no longer be marked, and high-level tourist guides are used to calling them “no solution”.

“It’s not the enemy. There’s no need to fight.”

The dreamer said casually, and his eyes stayed on Wei Xun.

“I believe director Cui can do it.”

“You really have confidence in him.”

The black widow was surprised and said with a smile, “I seldom hear you evaluate someone so highly. It seems that he really makes you feel at ease.”

Peace of mind?

Peace of mind!

When watching Wei Xun squatting in front of the courtyard, he looked at Nezha’s picture and suddenly took out a cup, filled it with some water and poured it into the crack of the door. The devil merchant nearby was stunned and couldn’t stop it.

Crystal Bruce Lee almost scolded the dragon!

Even if he understood Wei Xun’s intention, the dreamer still held his breath and wanted to curse.

So, how can you pour water directly?

That’s it!

“How can you throw water on him!”

The devil merchant could no longer pretend to be cold. He screamed and grabbed Wei Xun’s hand, but he walked slowly and watched him pour all the water in his cup.

“You, why don’t you tell me, and then –”

Moreover, paper people are more afraid of fire! Why don’t Xiaocui just take out his feather and poke it, but pour water on it?

Set fire!

The devil merchant took out the skinning knife when he wanted to crack it directly with violence.

“Take it back.”

Wei Xun scolded him: “I just talked with the third prince. What are you doing with your weapons? Don’t let others misunderstand.”

Talk? Okay?

The devil merchant felt that his bad eyes fell on him through the crack of the door. He couldn’t help putting away the skinning knife, but he couldn’t help asking questions.

“What are you talking about?”

“He is the main tour guide of the brigade. You should take him with you.”

Wei Xun pointed to him and whispered to Nezha at the crack of the door. He drew Nezha’s suspicions, looked into the eyes of the devil merchant, looked up at him, and finally turned his mouth.

Seems to be very skeptical and dissatisfied with him.

“No, no, he is really the main guide.”

Wei Xun pushed the devil merchant: “take out your brooch.”

With that, Wei Xun also took out his guide brooch and stuffed it out of the door first.

“Are you… Really talking to him?”

When the devil merchant saw that the Nezha painting watered with water really didn’t look angry, he was suspicious and took out his brooch, but he didn’t hand it in immediately.

“New attractions? Branch attractions? Are not very similar.”

“Not these two.”

Wei Xun gently described each item: “it’s an entrusted task.”

“Delegate tasks?”

This word is a little strange. Rao is a devil businessman who has never heard of it. He asked him silently about his travel and general explanation.

Entrusted tasks refer to the tasks entrusted to tour guides or passengers by creatures other than the guide and the “NPC” installed by the brigade.

“It’s an entrusted task.”

The devil merchant nodded quietly: “what task? Cleaning up the garbage?”

“The whole city is him. It’s not easier for him to clean up the garbage than us?”

Wei Xun thought strangely: “you won’t really close the door with him, but let’s clean up the garbage and restore the drum alley. It’s such an idiot.”


Nezha despised the painting, stared at the devil merchant, and made a face at him.

“Think about it, when did he come out? Was it when the street was polluted by thousands of paper and Mr. Skinner?”

The devil merchant didn’t care about it like a painting: “that’s not true.”

“Is that a thousand pieces of paper and Mr. Skinner polluting the streets?”

Wei Xun is meaningful: “this is the strength we ‘show’ and deserves his attention.”

Otherwise Nezha Ling didn’t care about them at all.

“Make it clear that this is not our strength.”

The devil merchant was afraid to look at him and draw Nezha’s eyes: “in fact, we can’t do any other tasks of Nezha’s spirit except cleaning the streets, cleaning up mental pollution and releasing those ghosts to the drum beating alley, do you understand?”

This is Nezha’s spirit. It’s a terrible existence that is not the same class as the whole journey!

They can’t finish any of his entrusted tasks!

“Why, are you afraid of death?”

Wei Xun looked at him in surprise: “the black widows are coming. Will she let you die?”

“I’m not Superman, boy”

The black widow who had a chat with the dreamer smiled and replied, “I will only give him a piece of advice, that is, don’t accept the entrustment easily.”

Not a guide, not an NPC set up by the tour guide. How strong is it that it can release entrusted tasks to the tour guide?

That’s unimaginable.

“Even I can’t guarantee to live in this entrusted task. Moreover, I’m just a guardian, and I can’t go too far.”

The devil merchant frowned. From the words of the black widow, he realized that the entrusted task was not as simple as he thought.


Wei Xun was amazed. He clung to the devil merchant with his elbow. In a low voice, everyone could listen to his voice and exclaimed excitedly:

“Hey, this is a task that neither the black widow nor the dreamer can grasp. Don’t pick it up quickly!”

Devil merchant:?

Do you have logic?

“Seriously, if I hadn’t recommended you to Nezha Ling, people wouldn’t look up to you.”

Before the devil merchant could speak again, Wei Xun stood up in high spirits and said, “anyway, I’ll take it. You’re free.”

“You –”

The devil merchant was almost breathless. Xiao Cui’s words were like “I’ll do it, you’re free” when she was drinking.

This doesn’t really mean ‘casual’!

“Dream chaser, this is the entrusted task of the city spirit.”

Zhou Xiyang asked anxiously. He had just opened his mouth to persuade C 250, but he thought this man would not listen to him.

Moreover, he may not have a firm will to alleviate the impact. Zhou Xiyang hinted at Crystal Bruce Lee with his eyes.

Persuade him, persuade him!

Or are dreamers sure? He just got through the ditch with C250?

“As director Cui said, I’m not sure.”

No communication, no communication.

The dream Chaser said, “but I don’t know if he is sure.”

“You mean –”

Zhou Xiyang held his breath, he realized! The dream chaser is outside. He must be able to contact the returnee and An Xuefeng. Does he mean that An Xuefeng can also provide off-site support?

After all, C 250 has spiritual connection with An Xuefeng. They may have a special way of communication!

“I mean, it’s impossible for me to open up scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude when I led the team for the first time. It’s also impossible for me to pass the team leader’s assessment on an extremely dangerous journey, let alone slip away like a dog when I was at the silver stage.”

Crystal Bruce Lee said gently.

Therefore, who knows whether the c250 is sure of this kind of .

Zhou Xiyang wiped his face in pain.

At the gate of the quadrangle, the devil merchant thought for a long time and finally accepted the entrusted task.

“The more difficult it is, the greater the benefit.”

Anyway, C 250 takes the entrusted task. Will he still die.

Moreover, the monsters at the station level have walked two times. The devil merchant thinks it’s nothing even to take another entrusted task.

He has been brought by Wei Xun.

They are all new star tour guides. Can’t he do it if he can do it?

The devil merchant pushed the door open. Sure enough, the painting behind the courtyard door fell and no longer stopped the door from opening and closing. He painted Nezha floating over the devil merchant and onto Wei Xun.

Looking at the eye painting, Wei Xun poured out a glass of water and splashed it on the painting.

I don’t know when Nezha in the painting was holding a cup in one hand. At the moment, the empty cup was filled with light amber water, emitting a sweet aroma.

Nezha in the painting was satisfied with sniffing and drinking with water.

[you are entrusted by Nezha spirit in the eight-armed Nezha city]

[– looking for sweet water]

* *

At 8:30, the brigade stood in front of the courtyard of Zhijia. Zhou Xiyang went to knock, but no matter who it was, all the passengers were a little absent-minded.

Their thoughts are not on the funeral in Zhi’s courtyard at all, but on the entrusted task received by Cuidao and the devil merchant!

“Cui Dao takes back the mourning stick and soul seduction rope.”

The half life Taoist whispered to Bai Xiaozhang, “Damn it, the seventh and eighth masters of the city listen to Nezha spirit!”

Last night, Wei Xun used the mourning stick and soul hook to block the door. Zhou Xiyang didn’t sleep at night. He almost stayed in the front yard and watched his white and black hands stretch out on the land beside the door to get the mourning stick and soul hook.

As a result, the circle of heaven and earth came through the crack of the door, and Shengsheng beat black and white impermanence again.

The mourning stick and the soul evoking rope went around. After Wei Xun received the entrusted task and brought the painting, he took it back. Obviously, nezhaling agreed.

Thinking of this, Zhou Xiyang’s face was a little worried.

The good news is that there are Nezha paintings in this eight armed Nezha city. They should be able to walk sideways. Even black and white impermanence can only pretend to be grandchildren on other people’s territory.

The bad news is that no one can save him unless an Xuefeng comes.

“Alas -”

“Squeak –”

Zhou Xiyang sighed. At the same time, the door of Zhi’s courtyard was also opened. His black and white eyes looked out carefully from the crack of the door, looked left and right, and finally he asked cautiously:

“Are you people who come to offer sacrifices and deliver drink offerings?”


Zhou Xiyang sighed in his heart and responded to the sound.

The door was completely opened, and a graceful man came out of the door. She was dressed in hemp and filial piety, and there were white paper flowers on her temples. He frowned, but the corners of his mouth were curved, like joy and sorrow, as if the upper half of his face was crying, while the other half of his face was smiling, and his face was as pale as paper.

“I’m Xiao Yi, the housekeeper of Zhi family, who is in charge of the funeral. You can call me sister Qian.”

I was surrounded by people. I suddenly frowned and asked unhappily:

“Why don’t you bring a memorial ceremony when you come to offer sacrifices?”

“If you don’t have a sacrificial feast, you can’t have steamed bread. Why don’t you even have a towel and a paper tie?

Seeing that these people came empty handed, the expression on his face became more and more dissatisfied: “are you really from the courtyard over the drum beating alley? Why don’t you understand any rules.”

Zhou Xiyang didn’t bother to talk. In fact, these memorial ceremonies were bought by all the people during the night tour to beat the drum Hu last night. Everyone can take them out at least. It’s nothing more than giving them. The people in Zhi’s courtyard don’t make some stumbling blocks. If they give less, they will be subject to some consultation.

But now they are not afraid of this at all.

Not only Zhou Xiyang, but also half life Taoist, they are numb in their faces.

Looking at the sad and numb look on their faces, sister Qian suddenly showed a subtle smile. It was a very flat smile, like an arc drawn on paper. But her face was sad and wrinkled, like a piece of paper crumpled, and the smile was more like crying on her face.

“Calculate , Zhijia courtyard needs men most now.”

She whispered, mixed with a few strange noises, like laughter and meaningless bytes sent out by excitement.

“Bring yourself, even if you don’t bring a memorial -”

Habitually listen to sister Qian and don’t miss any information. Zhou Xiyang just stepped forward and said, “we didn’t bring a memorial ceremony.”

He took out a ragged paper ball and put it in front of sister Qian. He said coldly:

“We brought your father.”

This paper ball was killed by thousands of papers on the night of the chaos in the drum beating alley, and kicked by Wei Xun to the housekeeper of Zhi’s courtyard of Zhou Xiyang.

It’s sister Qian’s father!

Sister Qian’s eyes suddenly stared round. It was like seeing a ghost!

* *

“There are 60 barbers resting in the front yard. They are Guan Ming’s coffin bearers. People here are dirty. Don’t pollute the eyes of adults.”

Sister Qian was conscientious, bowed her head and followed her eyes, took small steps and hurried through the movie wall in front of the door with the brigade and walked back to the courtyard. This time, Wei Xun held up his flag and walked in front of the team. He would go to hand over the tickets with the staff of Zhi’s courtyard.

Close to Wei Xun, sister Qian is sad, but her mouth is funny. She wants to be weird and weird.

Wei Xun was also laughing, but he was full of interest.

When they entered the door just now, they just turned around the movie wall to see the movie. There were rows and columns on the ground in the front yard, blocking the big red painted bars of 60 movie stars, which were as red as blood marks.

In the past, the barbers were very popular. Let them use their strength when carrying the coffin. The master’s family will eat and drink well and give them a big reward. It is said that during Li Hongzhang’s funeral, barbers earned 3000 silver yuan just by carrying the coffin out of Beijing.

The Zhi family’s compound has a strange structure. All the inverted houses in the front yard are flattened. Instead, narrow, long and strange gullies are dug out on the ground. According to the thickness, each ditch can fit a large bar, and some of them are stained with scarlet blood.

How can people live in such a place! Sister Qian said there were 60 barbers resting in the front yard. I’m afraid it’s not barbers, but ghost bars. These 60 pairs of red painted bars with strong Yin Qi are the “barber” who will carry the coffin tomorrow!

I don’t know if the Zhi family has paid the barber money, but they are obviously threatening in the hospital and want to ask outsiders for paper money and incense!

If the normal brigade took the journey, even Zhou Xiyang would burn all the incense paper money to them. After all, the barber who carries the coffin is the most important in funeral. We must carry the coffin out of the eight arm Nezha city smoothly and carry it to the funeral palace.

This road may encounter all kinds of dangerous accidents and even ghost arrest. Don’t let barbers run away without throwing coffins. It’s very important to give enough money.

But — Zhou Xiyang’s eyes are out of focus.

“It seems like a good choice.”

Wei Xun chatted with Zhou Xiyang with a smile, playing with Bai impermanent’s mourning stick.

Then Zhou Xiyang watched as the red bars lay back in their own pit.

“What a pity.”

Wei Xun sighed.

There is definitely a tendency of assessment in the Zhi family courtyard. He thought about whether it would be a coffin lifter or something. After all, the coffin lifter is different from the “paper tie” and “performance”. It is sure to go through the whole journey.

But now it seems that even the mourning stick is so afraid that the possibility that the object will be a bar is very low.

“The Zhi family compound has four hundred years of history, which is said to have been -”

The devil businessman in the middle and rear areas couldn’t see the grand occasion of the front bar door. He led the team, walked in the back of the team, explained the calendar of Zhijia courtyard to the passengers, and would take the passengers to watch the courtyard first when huic 50 went to collect tickets.

At the moment, the devil businessman is doing his duty. He really counts the number of people like a tour guide while introducing them. At the end of the tour, confirm that all the people are together.

What a coincidence. Finally, when a man walked into Zhi’s courtyard, the originally open door suddenly closed without wind and slammed shut!

The sudden noise can definitely frighten people to jump. The gate is suddenly closed and can’t be opened. People trapped in the building, like prisoners, try their best to escape from the haunted house – this is an old trick.

“Don’t worry, it’s just the wind -”

The devil merchant smiled darkly and lowered his voice with a sense of atmosphere, but at this time——

“Bang bang! Bang bang!”

The sound of wooden door collision kept ringing, as if someone was constantly opening and closing the door. This posture is more frightening than the sudden closing of the door. Rao is the brave and fierce werewolf Augustus suddenly turned his head and stared at the door with the fiercest eyes.

Then he immediately turned around and his fast neck rattled.

The devil merchant looked back silently and saw a child in a red belly pocket. Like a bear child, he kept kicking the door of Zhi’s courtyard. It seemed that he thought it would be fun to close the door automatically. The door he kicked was broken and would never close automatically again. Then he lost his interest and turned and ran to the front. While running, he made a face at the devil merchant.

Nezha Ling… Alas.

The devil merchant took a deep breath and cheered up. Nezhaling held a cup in his hand and drank it from time to time. The devil merchant also saw Xiaocui splash water on the painting.

He thought about the entrusted task – looking for sweet water… Is it just that Nezha Ling wants to drink sugar water?


The devil merchant shook his head.

“Delegating tasks is not that simple.”

The black widow spider sighed faintly on the shoulder of the devil merchant. Bored, she rubbed out a piece of silk, wrapped it around her forelimbs and made beautiful patterns.

“Ghost, this is the east side. It’s very vulgar. You don’t know.”

“I’m sure I’ll share it with you.”

The black widow said briskly, “maybe he wants to kill you by entrusting a task.”

After all, what is the amount of information they know about the tourist attractions. However, the entrusted task is only so simple, with a kind of sentence to interpret the meaning.

There will naturally be a huge information gap between the East and the West.

“Even if I check the news outside and tell you…”

The black widow encircles a wreath with spider silk, admires the wreath, and then rubs it into a ball.

“Easterners always prefer easterners. Even the journey, you know.”

You’re just an outsider after all.

“Even if you want to join the east side, I’m afraid you can’t.”

The black widow smiled: “Xiaocui and his puppet are very sweet to me.”

The black widow spider will eat the male spider after mating.

Will feel sweet, yes, Xiaocui and the puppet are pure males. Even the black widow can feel it with a guide’s cloak.

Even though he learned the news last night and tossed and turned, the devil businessman was still silent. Suddenly he raised his eyebrow and said with a smile:

“Well, is it male or female? Does it matter to me?”

The devil merchant sarcastically said, “you won’t really think of it. I’m good to Xiaocui. It’s sex, isn’t it?”

“Of course not. I just choose to gain more benefits… Obviously, he doesn’t mind. I treat him as a gentleman, don’t I?”

“Our cooperation is quite tacit, and now tacit understanding is more useful than hostility. Black widow, I respect you very much and will try my best to bring the victory of the confrontation mission back to the West. Therefore, I hope you can bring me real help instead of provocation, as agreed last night.”

When the black widow finally smiled and covered her mouth with her forelegs, she communicated the final paragraph. The devil merchant breathed a sigh of relief. It doesn’t matter on the surface, but it’s hard to relieve his depression. He can’t let go anyway.

Xiao Cui… Is he really a man.

* *

“Find sweet water… Xiaocui, this entrusted task is not simple.”

In addition, Bian Weixun has gone to get the scenic spot tickets and props. Crystal Bruce Lee lies on his shoulder, thinking about the array, his eyebrows are locked, his claws are conscious, and he hooks Wei Xun’s cloak.

“I’m afraid this task involves the dragon!”

It is said that the Dragon King and mother who made trouble in Youzhou, the bitter sea, were suppressed by Nezha. In the eyes of the sea, only the Dragon escaped successfully. Later, when the Dragon son grew up and became a dragon, he heard that the eight armed Nezha city was about to be established. He was determined to take revenge and make trouble and recover all the water in the city.

So the Dragon took the Dragon woman and his son, the dragon, into the city in disguise. The Dragon drank all the sweet water and the Dragon drank all the bitter water, and then turned into two fish scale water baskets to go back to the black dragon pond in Yuquan mountain.

This one was calculated by Liu Bowen, and he volunteered to bring the water back. He took the white silver spear transformed from Nezha’s fire pointed spear and caught up with the Dragon woman dressed in disguise, the spear and the fish scale water basket transformed from dragon. But the Dragon escaped and ran into the sea of Yuquan mountain with sweet water.

Since then, Beijing has no sweet water, only bitter water.

When Nezha Ling was looking for sweet water, Wei Xun had to find the black dragon pond in Yuquan mountain. He even had to fight with the Dragon son to get back the sweet water!

The dreamer was worried, but he didn’t say. Wei Xun splashed the painting with magic honey and sweet water and took the entrusted task. Obviously, he knew the allusion.

If he dares to take it, he should have a plan in mind.

“If I hadn’t been unable to leave the city, I would have allowed the little dragon to be rampant.”

The voice of a rebellious child sounded nearby. The dreamer looked back and saw Nezha lying beside him. He stared at him with both eyes and looked at his tail from the corner, as if thinking:

“You dragon looks strange.”

“Hey, do you have dragon tendons?”


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