TTG Chapter 17

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (17)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 17: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

Everyone’s face is very ugly, and the twelve coffins scattered in the front room are different from before they left, and their positions have changed.

The most horrifying thing is that there are now corpses in the four empty coffins!

Lin Xi hurriedly squeezed over to find the coffin of her corpse. Soon he breathed a sigh of relief and found it. Lin Xi had taken care of it before and made a mark on the coffin. As long as the coffin is found, the corpse must be right too—

Lin Xi’s expression froze suddenly, and the hand holding the side of the coffin trembled slightly.

Why, why does the body in the coffin seem to have changed?

Obviously, the cinnabar and the ribbons that Lin Xi personally ordered, and the ribbons were wrapped in the same position as in the memory. But he just thinks something is wrong with this corpse!

“Yes, it’s resentment.”

A low-pitched, unassuming male voice rang out, speaking of a middle-aged man who had always been conscientious and did not even dare to look at others.

Feeling the eyes of everyone, he shrank even more, like a mouse hiding in the dark, squatting:

“Resentment, illusion, deceiving people’s eyes. You have to get rid of the illusion.”

“Yu Hean has seen it with cow’s tears, and these corpses are covered with a thick black resentment.”

Miao Fangfei said solemnly.

[Name: Tears of the old scalper]

【Quality: Special】

[Function: Dropping into the cow’s tears can make you see another’world’]

[Remarks: You can’t use it as eye drops, you will become a scalper if you drop too much]

“The power of any props will be weakened in Zuimei Xiangxi. Only special-level items can barely be used.”

Hearing Miao Fangfei mentioning him, Yu Hean lowered his head deeper, picking at the seams of his pants with rough fingers.

[The old scalper’s repaying (blue title): You have prevented an old scalper from being killed, and carefully raised it until it grows old. Good people are rewarded, and the soul of the old scalper has come to repay you! 】

With this title, Yu Hean can get a small bottle of tears from the old scalper every week. Because of its high quality, it can still be used in Zuimei Xiangxi.

“To break the illusion of resentment, you must find the core.”

Xu Chen closed his eyes and did eye exercises, hissing and gasping in pain. He used his eyes too much today, he saw too much resentment, and the resentment in the house was too heavy, and he was almost temporarily blind, and he had to be confirmed by Yu and An.

“We must quickly find out which are the real corpses.”

Hou Feihu said solemnly: “It’s almost twelve o’clock, we have to set off at nine o’clock in the evening.”

His words made all passengers feel heavy, but no one lost control of their emotions. Everyone knows that the more calm they need to be at this time, they have to spare this time before they have finished processing the corpse.

“Five o’clock.”

Miao Fangfei set the final time: “Before five o’clock, we have to confirm the corpse.”

“At this time, everyone needs to work together.”

Miao Fangfei’s gaze swept over everyone, and she really had the spirit of a captain. She solemnly said: “We are now grasshoppers on a rope.

Yes, that’s how it is said, but finding it is easier said than done. Everyone actually made a mark on the coffin, but the problem now is that they can’t confirm whether the corpse in the coffin was the one they handled.

That subtle feeling of strangeness can’t be broken, making people still unable to make a decision.

“It really doesn’t work. I can only dispose of these twelve corpses and drive them out.”

This is no way.

“They want to go too.”

After a few rounds of searching, the clueless fat man squatted at the door and smoked. Xu Chen walked to him tiredly and breathed a sigh of relief.

Yu Hean has only three drops of a bottle of bull’s tears, and he has to rely on Xu Chen’s title [Resentment Perception] when he runs out. Xu Chen’s energy is always tight and consumes a lot of money.

“Yeah, who doesn’t want to leave this broken place.”

The fat man was not willing to throw away his cigarette butt, and poked in his mouth.

“Maybe those evil things deliberately lead us over.”

What they were talking about was the carrion group in the small courtyard. Although the three of Lin Xi were in the past by themselves, from the time they were stunned by the phantom, to the screams that caused all the passengers to go to the rescue, no one was guarding the main house, and then there were four more corpses in the house. In all cases, it is impossible to say that there is no connection.

The corpses in the courtyard have been tortured by wind and rain for a long time, and they also want to leave and go out.

The only way to get out is to drive away the corpses of the tourists!

“Will you come?”

The fat man handed Xu Chen a cigarette. Xu Chen thanked him tiredly. After receiving the cigarette, the fat man took the initiative to light him up.

Nicotine eased tight nerves. Xu Chen rarely smoked and coughed. Fatty slapped him on the back.

“Thanks to Brother Wang.”

The friendship of a cigarette made Xu Chen’s relationship with Wang Pengpao much closer. The fat man was bold and enthusiastic, which made Xu Chen subconsciously trust him. When he was hesitant and entangled in his heart, Xu Chen came to the door subconsciously.

“Xiaochen has something to worry about?”

The fat man patted his back, handed him a bottle of water, and said, “Brother likes nagging, don’t be bothered by Xiaochen. As the Miao team said, we are now grasshoppers on a rope. Ah, it’s all in the first fast. If you don’t talk about anything else, if you have any problems, I will definitely not care about Brother Wang!”

The fat man patted his chest to assure that Xu Chen somehow thought he was credible.

Except for Fatty, Xu Chen didn’t know who to talk to.

“If, I mean if, I have a way to find the core of the grievance.”

Xu Chen lowered his voice and hesitated, the secret was revealed, but the more he spoke, the smoother he said.

“But if I use this method, people can’t move.”

Xu Chen came down cruelly, took out something, and quickly gave Wang Peng Pai a glance before resolutely said:

“Unless someone can help me dispose of the corpse, and carry me before I recover, and help me drive the corpse, I won’t use it.”

“Hey, you have this!”

Rao is a well-informed fat man, he almost screamed when he saw what Xu Chen took out.

【Name: * * *The double-sided tape】

【Quality: unknown】

【Function: It can glue everything together! 】

[Aging time: 1 hour]

“This, this, this, do you want to use this?”

The fat man squatted up and couldn’t believe it. His small eyes were wide, his fingers trembling like small radishes, as if he saw a cow chewing a peony, and he was so angry: “You, do you want to use this?”


Xu Chen was also a little bit reluctant, and didn’t notice the fat man’s unusual excitement: “I went to the hotel to identify it, and it can even bond the titles… I have two similar titles, blue and green, and I will get advanced when I stick them together.”

[Resentment perception (green title): You are suffering from some kind of eye disease, and you can see inexplicable grayness! Be careful, the more people you know, the faster you will die~]

[Death perception (blue title): You are suffering from a certain eye disease, and you can see the death and vitality of the living person! Be careful, maybe the heavier the dead, the stronger! 】

“When these two titles are bonded together, they should become the purple title’Perceiver’, so that I can see the source of the resentment in detail. Maybe even the thickness of the resentment can tell us that the one is our corpse.”

Xu Chen smiled nervously: “But my strength is not good, and I will have a headache when using the first two titles. If I use the purple title across levels, I will definitely faint in pain when I use it up.”

“Wait, I’ll get Team Miao, I have to tell her about this.”

The fat man was weak and waved his hands like prostration. He endured and tolerated, but couldn’t help but asked, “You, how did you get this prop?”

“Is it precious?”

The fat man’s attitude also made Xu Chen feel it, he was not afraid, and generously showed the “double-sided tape”: “This was accidentally opened when I opened the blind box of the hostel.”

If passengers experience all the items in a journey, they will be rewarded with a’blind box’ at the end of the journey. It may be a baby, or it may be expelled from worthless rubbish.



No matter what it is, the items opened in the blind box of the hostel cannot be traded or robbed. Xu Chen is not afraid of the fat man robbing it. But this thing can’t be sold, anyway, you have to use it yourself in the end, just use it when you need it most.

“You, me, ah, Xiao Xu, fat brother tells you, this thing is very precious, very very precious, and it can even stick to the purple title!”

The fat man became serious and said solemnly: “If you have the purple title “Perceiver” and the purple title “Observer” in the future, you can even temporarily get the orange title “Sky Eye” by bonding them together. That’s, that’s…”

“Brother Wang knows a lot.”

Xu Chen sighed, but his expression became calmer, and he smiled and shook his head: “The orange title is too far away from me, even the purple title. I guess I will die before then.”

Good things are only good when he is alive. After death, they are worthless to him.

Xu Chen knew that he was a catastrophe, and now he might not even be able to live even the drunk beauty in Xiangxi, so he would dare to think about the future. But the fat man’s words finally struck Xu Chen’s heartstrings.

When I went to find Miao Fangfei, Xu Chen couldn’t help thinking that he had never heard of the orange title. You must know that the titles up to the purple title are all mysterious and unknown. Only the big tourist guide at the top of the pyramid can have it.

Xu Chen had only heard that the captain of the most powerful brigade in the legend seemed to have an eye in his forehead that could only see through everything.

Is that the Sky Eye?

* *

[You have observed the resentment led by the corpse flying fox, resentment level: level c]

[Task progress: 1.75%]

“Why do you only increase by 0.25%?”

Wei Xun complained, quickly avoiding the attack of the corpse flying fox. At this moment, his eyes were closed tightly, and two lines of blood slid down from the corners of his eyes.

Just now, Wei Xun stole a bit of resentment from the mutated corpse of the flying fox. He repeated his old tricks to draw the resentment into his eyes, but he didn’t think about the black resentment, his eyes couldn’t bear it at all!

On the eve of the blindness, Wei Xun removed the resentment in time. Before he could figure out how to throw this thing away, a force burst from the two corners of his forehead, restraining the black resentment strongly and trapped him in Wei Xun. Forehead.



Although the san value dropped again, Wei Xun realized that he could see it again, as if there were more eyes in his forehead. Wei Xun could easily see through the attack trajectory of the corpse flying fox and avoided it in advance.

The mind is swelling, like a pot of hot water. If Wei Xun felt pain, he should have passed out just now.

But Wei Xun doesn’t hurt, he can even think calmly.

This mutated corpse flying fox is far stronger than the one encountered on the mountain road. Now there are no passengers leaving the team. The tour guide flag has no strength to strengthen, and is much weaker. Wei Xun only relies on the characteristics of the tour guide flag that it will not be damaged. The flying fox dealt with.

Had it not been for the mission he had previously brushed out, Wei Xun had already figured out how to escape.

The battle is very exciting, and it is also very exciting to successfully escape under the pursuit of powerful enemies!

But he can’t!

[Random Mission: Commander of the corpse flying fox who remembers revenge]

[Task level: extremely urgent]

[Task description: Oh my God, in order to avenge the clan fox, the leader of the corpse flying fox has chased down Xiaolong Yizhuang! The most important thing is that it has something like that! The tour guide is requested to retrieve the’Pingping’s Blood Resentment Dagger’ as soon as possible. If it remains in the Xiaolong Yizhuang, the group will be in danger of extinction! 】

[Reward: Pingping’s Blood Resentment Dagger]

The heavy resentment on the leader of the corpse flying fox is not its own, and Wei Xun can clearly’see’ it, on the left side of its abdomen, hidden deeply, there is a deep red and black resentment.

That’s the key!

The leader of the corpse flying fox struck again, grabbing a large piece of bloody flesh from Wei Xun’s arm. However, Wei Xun’s guide flagpole hit again on the left abdomen of the leader of the flying fox. Wei Xun has been attacking here since the beginning of the battle, and he deliberately used his left arm. When Wei Xun was wounded all over his body, he finally pierced the left abdomen of the leader of the corpse flying fox!


The corpse flying fox commanded a furious roar. Instead of fleeing, it was even more fierce, with its sharp claws bent like an eagle hook and firmly grasped Wei Xun’s left arm. At the same time, it brutally bit Wei Xun’s forearm joints, actually breaking his arm.

It’s now!

The sharp blade swept across the cold light, and Wei Xun decisively tore its left abdomen with a dagger, and then his right hand, like a spear, suddenly penetrated into its abdominal cavity!


The leader of the corpse flying fox is aware of the crisis and wants to fight back but it is too late!


As the cloth cracked, rotten black blood spurted out, and Wei Xun was covered in blood, his face covered by the bronze mask was as cold as a demon. He drew his hand abruptly, clutching the dark red dagger tightly.


The corpse flying fox commander wailed again and again. After losing the bloody dagger, its body was shriveled and blackened. It flew hard to escape, but fell to the ground before leaving, shattered into a pile of dry skin like wood chips. .

“Huh, huh.”

Wei Xun panted so badly, the bit of resentment in his forehead was exhausted, his vision became dark, and his right hand was cold and biting, as if it was not a dagger, but an extremely cold block of ice.

[Drops, random tasks are completed! 】

【Task Reward Distribution——】

[You get Pingping’s bloody dagger]

【You get 150 points】

[New scenic spot Feihu Mountain Forest, 65% of the development process]

[Dip, you killed the right leader of the corpse flying fox, the collection progress of the corpse flying fox illustration book 2/4]

[The leader of the corpse flying fox, a high-level peak monster, who has eaten the corpse flying fox of the corpse chaser Pingping, has Pingping’s resentment items, and his body contains fierce resentment]

[You kill the right commander of the corpse flying fox to gain the hatred of the corpse of flying fox group, beware of their revenge! 】

[Name: Pingping’s Blood Resentment Dagger]

[Quality: Scene (can only be used during this journey, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[Function: The object of the most resentment to Pingping, kills him]

[Remarks: In ancient times, it is said that weapons sacrificed in blood can produce weapon spirits. Then what kind of resentful spirits will be produced with weapons sacrificed with resentment blood. 】

“The hostel is still so stingy.”

Wei Xun complained, just about to raise his hand to wipe his face, but remembered that his hand was still stained with the poisonous blood of the leader of the corpse flying fox.

“Fuck it, is my hand still there?”

Wei Xun, who didn’t feel the pain and couldn’t see for the time being, was blind with both eyes, not knowing what kind of ghost his hands were corroded into. Moreover, the leader of the corpse flying fox just fell to pieces, does it still have the guts?

Wei Xun moved his finger. The good news is that his hand should be intact by now. The bad news is that he can’t even feel the itch, and he doesn’t even know the specific situation of his hands now!

At this moment, the prompt of the hotel suddenly sounded in Wei Xun’s mind.

【Die, you have been tortured by the poison. You have been infected with two different poisons in just two days and survived. Perhaps your body has already resisted the poison! 】

[You got the title: Toxic Resistance (Green)]

[Poison resistance (green title): From now on, the poison will no longer poison you, you will only feel ten times more painful than the pain of childbirth! Of course, you only have high poison resistance. Ordinary poisons can still poison you to death~]

[Title has been worn]

【Die, you have been tortured by resentment, and you have been in close contact with two different strong resentments in just two days without dying. Perhaps your body has already resisted the strong resentment! 】

[You got the title: Strong resentment resistance (green)]

[Strong resentment resistance (green title): From now on, strong resentment can no longer kill you, you will only feel a hundred times more fearful than watching “The Grudge”! Of course, you only have strong resentment resistance, ordinary resentment can still kill you~]

[Title has been worn]

With these two titles, Wei Xun immediately felt better. His eyes seemed to be soaked with cold air. He tried to blink and slowly opened his eyes, sure enough! His eyes injured by the resentment have basically returned to normal. Although he still sees things a little blurry, there is no major problem anymore!

Wei Xun hurriedly looked at his hand and found that in his right hand, the dagger that tore the corpse of the flying fox commanded his abdomen had been completely corroded by poisonous blood and turned into a pile of scrap iron, but the blood-stained right hand was fine, Pingping His resented blood dagger was held in his hands tightly, and the blade was as bright as cinnabar. On the contrary, the left arm torn by the leader of the corpse flying fox was more important.

“The resentful spirit?”

Wei Xun simply moved his lower arm and found that he had suffered a skin wound. Fortunately, he did not hurt his muscles, bones and tendons. Wei Xun simply treated the wound and left it alone. He waved the dagger without feeling anything strange.

“Are there really resentful spirits?”

Wei Xun couldn’t see it for the time being, so he put this point aside for the time being. After this battle, Wei Xun felt that his biggest gain was that he had won two new titles and knew how to obtain the titles.

Wei Xun gave birth to a lot of inspiration, and he almost couldn’t wait to try again, but it’s a pity–

[You have been equipped with the temporary title’Bing Jiu’; the purple title is’cold-blooded’; the blue title is’Yellow’; the green title is’virulent resistance’; the green title is’strong resentment resistance’, the title bar is full! 】

“Can you only wear five titles, so few.”

Wei Xun complained and exchanged 100 points for 24 hours. It is true that he was injured in the battle just now, and the countdown to death dropped sharply.

Otherwise, after earning the 150 points, Wei Xun will be able to experience the 200-point [First Experience of Shun Delivery]!

This is Wei Xun’s current information——

[Guide Information]

[Code Name: Bing Jiu (Only in this journey)]

[Stage position: Silver five stars (Bing Jiu’s rank position) ten ten ten ten】

[Countdown to death 35:24:11]

【Points: 105】

【Mental pollution value (san): 85】

There was one more plus, and the san value dropped by five points. Wei Xun didn’t replace all the points with time. He felt that the strength brought by this low time was strengthened, and the small corners with low san value were very useful.

What if the countdown to his death is added to the safe range, and without the strength bonus, he died in danger instead.

Wei Xun has a legitimate reason, the pursuit of excitement is only incidental!

“The right commander of the corpse flying fox, 2/4 of the illustrated book collection, in other words, there is also a left commander, the corpse flying fox king?”

After the battle, Wei Xun didn’t want to bring the smell of stinky fish and shrimp blood back to his room, so he could not ask for the new clothes he had just changed.

“The leader of the corpse flying fox has eaten the corpse chaser Pingping? The scenic spot of Feihu Mountain Forest should have a new mission.”

Wei Xun connected the clues he got together, and the resentment that enveloped the entire Xiaolong Yizhuang was the resentment of the corpse-shoveler Pingping, and this resentment trapped the corpses in the courtyard here—that is, the corpses in the courtyard, and The corpse chaser Pingping has a grudge.

And the corpse flying fox has eaten Pingping… it doesn’t necessarily have an antagonism with Pingping.

“The chiefs of Qiebi Village in the past have tamed flying foxes… a hundred years ago, the head of Qiebi Village taught the corpse-moving technique to her only daughter, Pingping. Isn’t the way of taming flying foxes also taught?”

Wei Xun threw the blood-resent dagger in his hand. This journey required them to experience the life of the corpse-shoveler Pingping. He intuitively believed that if the Feihu Mountain Forest was really opened up, he might get more clues about Pingping.

Although he was only a tour guide, who said that the tour guide could not play in the journey happily, Wei Xun was the first to not agree!

“Oh, what can I do with this body.”

After the excitement, Wei Xun began to dislike his body again. Now his shoes were soaked and his clothes were tattered and dirty.

Although there is a washing machine in his room, Wei Xun can’t use it.

“I don’t know if Lin Xi has any clothes. If there are none, I have to find someone to sew and wash the clothes for me.”

Wei Xun was thinking about it, and suddenly he saw Miao Fangfei and others approaching him.

Wei Xun’s eyes lit up.

* *

“Is this the source of the black resentment you are talking about?”

Hou Feihu asked Xu Chen anxiously.


Xu Chen felt weak, he was in a very bad state now. After sticking to the title, he did get the purple title of Observer. Although the use time was only one hour, it was enough.

Xu Chen only took a glance to confirm that the black resentment covering the coffin came from the corpses in the small courtyard. So Zhao Hongtu, Wang Pengpai and the other four stayed behind in the main house, Miao Fangfei and the others hurried here with Xu Chen.



Just in time for the end of Wei Xun’s battle, the blood-covered Wei Xun frightened them, thinking it was a new breed of blood corpse or something. Fortunately, the bronze mask shows his identity.

But now the tourists don’t care to say hello to the tour guide, even Miao Fangfei just nodded to Wei Xun in a hurry, and then looked anxiously at Xu Chen: “Xu Chen, make sure that the source of the grievance came from the corpse. ”

“it is good.”

Xu Chen replied, reluctantly to stand up with Hou Feihu’s help. He closed his eyes tightly, and there was still a tear of blood in his left eye. This is the injury he suffered when he watched resentment just now. The purple title is too strong, not what he can bear now.

Use it again at most.

So Xu Chen closed his eyes along the way and waited for the most critical time to use it.

“Okay, let me see.”

The left eye is temporarily unavailable. Xu Chen opened his right eye. At this moment, a second purple pupil appeared in his eyes. This is a manifestation of the effect of the title of Perceiver!


But what no one expected was that Xu Chen screamed after only one glance, convulsed and convulsed all over, and his right eye was bleeding frantically.

“Eyes! My eyes!!”

Xu Chen almost passed away in pain, frightening Miao Fangfei and the others to rescue immediately, and their hearts became more and more worried. It seemed that Xu Chen should have discovered the core of the resentment, but the opponent was absolutely extremely powerful, and Xu Chen was defeated at a glance.

While waiting for Xu Chen to wake up, Miao Fangfei and others carried him back to the main house and told Zhao Hongtu and others about the matter. For a while, everyone’s expressions were extremely solemn, and the courageous Yu He An kept trembling, but also gritted his teeth and said nothing to flinch.

Everyone knows that they must kill the core and find the right corpse!

“Wait for a while, we’ll do this and that—”

Just as Miao Fangfei and others were seriously discussing the battle plan, Xu Chen finally woke up when the brigade was filled with the dignified atmosphere of fighting back. He sat up abruptly, unable to open his eyes, and hurriedly grabbed anyone around him. Hand, asked urgently:

“Who, who is it?!”

“I’m Hou Feihu, Xu Chen, don’t worry, speak slowly.”

Hou Feihu, who was grasped by him, did not throw away, but comforted him. Seeing Xu Chen awakening, everyone gathered together. Zhao Hongtu, who was violent, said anxiously, “You see the core of the resentment, right? Which one is it? !”

“No, no no, before, who was the person next to the corpse group?!”

Xu Chen ignored him, holding Hou Feihu’s hand tightly, speaking upside down. The fat man poured him a glass of water, and after drinking the water, Xu Chen was barely letting go, and his mood stabilized a little. When Zhao Hongtu pressed him, he shook his head.

“No, I didn’t see the core of resentment–or rather, the entire group of corpses was the core of resentment. The thick black resentment evenly covered them.”


His words caused Zhao Hongtu to explode in an instant, and he almost rushed over to pick up Xu Chen’s collar. After being blocked, he scolded fiercely: “What are you talking about? Are you going to get all the corpses out? How to destroy the core of resentment!”

He speaks ugly, but this is also the inner thoughts of everyone. Miao Fangfei’s heart is very heavy. If it is really like Xu Chen said, the corpses in the small courtyard must be cleared to relieve the core of the grievances, the difficulty of this drunken beautiful Xiangxi is too terrifying!

Even if they can solve the corpse group, the remaining time is estimated to be not enough to deal with the zombies. Miao Fangfei’s heart is faintly desperate. This is almost an unsolvable mortal dilemma——

“No, no. There is no need to kill all the corpses.”

Xu Chen was panting, and brought a new turn for everyone.

“Just find the person standing next to the corpse group, yes, just find him!”

The moment Xu Chen opened his eyes, he saw the thick black resentment on the corpse group, but those resentment desperately tried to hide aside. They are scared, scared of the person holding a ball of crimson resentment!

As long as you find him, the black resentment on the coffin will be avoided in fear!

But at the same time, Xu Chen also saw from this person a strong life that almost swallowed him!

His eyes were not stabbed by resentment, but almost blinded by the extremely heavy death spirit. Is such a heavy death person really still alive!

At that time, the people standing next to the corpse–

Miao Fangfei blurted out:

“It’s Bingjiu!”


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