TTG Chapter 170

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 170: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (15)

“He is not a real dragon. He has no tendons.”

Wei Xun said casually that the dreamer is just a phantom little dragon with a little consciousness and spirit, which is the Dragon tendon.

“What does a real dragon look like?”

He asked Nezha.

“No dragon tendon, no intention.”

Nezha, the New Year picture, glanced and said unhappily, “it’s really a dragon. It’s almost like a rough strip.”

“Do you like sweet water or salted noodles?”

The dreamer just asked a question, directly led Nezha’s attention away from the Dragon tendon and began to discuss which was better, salty and sweet. They stayed outside, and Shan Weixun walked into the backyard of Zhi’s courtyard.

A quarter of an hour later, Wei Xun came out of the backyard, smoothly and without any discussion.

“You stink. It’s all bad paper smell!”

Nezha disliked the New Year picture. He covered his nose with one hand and the sugar water in the cup with the other, as if he was afraid that the sugar water would be stained and smelly.

“People smell so bad after death.”

Wei Xun smiled and waved innocently: “grandma Zhi put her ticket in her coffin. I can’t help it.”

“I won’t fall on your shoulder until the smell on you disappears!”

Nezha, the new year’s picture, said seriously and disappeared angrily.

The dreamer looked at it and was speechless. It was obvious that Wei Xun had deliberately taken away the New Year picture Nezha. He thought others were in the way.

“Found it?”


Wei Xun shook his head: “the third team leader’s assessment tendency is really hard to find.”

Just now, the dreamer deliberately argued with Nezha, the New Year picture, and left him with a name, just in order not to disturb Wei Xun. You should know that there is a new year picture of Nezha in this city. Whether ghosts or monsters, they are cautious and dare not get out easily. It’s like a golden boy and girl in a minibus. If they feel the smell of Nezha’s spirit, they may run away directly.

“It’s better to choose the top scenic spots.”

The crystal Bruce Lee flew and landed on Wei Xun’s shoulder for the first time. The dreamer analyzed: “the first is that the scenic spots in front are relatively simple, and the state value of passengers is the best.”

“Second, the tour guide who gets the team leader certificate will have greater control over the whole brigade.”

Dream chaser: “if the devil businessman takes you first and gets the team leader’s certificate, it’s difficult to kill him. You can only rely on yourself.”

“What’s the point of killing him?”

Wei Xun shook his head.

“The black widow is used to bewitching people. With her around, the devil merchant can’t be trusted.”

The dreamer said seriously, “don’t forget, you are the opponent of this confrontation mission.”

“Do you still want this?”

Wei Xun looked at him in surprise. If there was something wrong, he said, “look, the situation is not chaotic enough.”


Dream chasing Bruce Lee’s tail whipped him. Isn’t it chaotic enough? It’s not messy enough! I’ve taken Nezha New Year pictures with me. What else can I do!

When he returned to the front yard, the devil merchant was calling the roll. Wei Xun stuffed him with his travel package. The package of this set of tickets is novel and strange. Each set of tickets is packed in a small white paper bag, with this red dot on the seal. White paper bags are bulging. At first glance, they look like small steamed bread for sacrifice.

“Now I will issue Zhijia compound scenic spot package tickets to you. Please keep them well and don’t damage them.”

I don’t know when the rain stopped, but the cloudy sky was more stuffy and humid, making people breathless. Rain accumulated on uneven, pitted ground. There are still scarlet remnants of the red bars on the ground. They look like small blood pools.

“Otherwise, you will die in the process of making a decision.”

The voice of the devil merchant echoed in the front yard of Zhi’s courtyard. Only sister Qian stood trembling by the hanging flower door, furthest from him, and “watched” him with a sad face.

It’s too late!

The passenger took the family as a unit and received a white paper bag from the devil merchant. The paper bag seems small, but there are many things in it. Zhou Xiyang poured it in his hand and looked at it for a few times. There are many things in the white paper bag. There is a bottle of crimson pigment and several white paper flowers. The most striking thing is two cards the size of a ticket.

They are [traditional funeral – paper binding experience voucher] and [one dragon journey card for large and small funeral]!

[traditional funeral – paper binding experience Voucher: as a traditional and old craft, paper binding has been gradually replaced by factory assembly line products. The old straw bamboo binding is the skeleton, and the fewer traditional handmade paper binding decorated with colored paper. But now, thriller global hotels have won opportunities for everyone. Zhijia courtyard has prepared sufficient materials, and there is a traditional designer Mr. Zhizha’s on-site guidance enables you to experience the happiness of traditional Zhizha!]

[note, note: the paper people’s eye pointing will start uniformly in the early morning. Please tie up your paper people before the early morning]

[one dragon trip card for big and small funeral: Recently, the pollution in the city of eight armed Nezha has become more and more serious, and there are things in the underworld trying to escape from the city. Therefore, the city of eight armed Nezha is heavily guarded, and only those with a trip card can leave the city successfully! Please fill in your identity information on the trip card in advance, so as not to delay the funeral at noon tomorrow.]

“Tomorrow noon funeral?”

Zhou Xiyang frowns, if there is something wrong.

“I think this paper man is not an ordinary paper man.”

The half life Taoist tut said, “this is a paper man yard in itself. It’s not enough for us to tie paper. What’s more, it’s a funeral at noon… Is this yard full of blood? I think it’s a living person.”

Take the skeleton meridians as the skeleton, paste the flesh and blood, cover the skin, and finally point the eyes to tie a ‘paper man’.

The paper man wants to be a real person through the funeral. There must be a real person to die as a paper man.

“It’s OK to tie paper. The problem is at the eye of the morning.”

Meckel muttered, vaguely. Zhou Xiyang looked at Wei Xun with his consciousness.

Seeing Wei Xun squatting in front of bars and pits, his back looked like a light blue mushroom. Somehow, Zhou Xiyang had a slight bad feeling.

We all know about the assessment of tour guides and team leaders. The devil merchant, a Skinner, doesn’t know what to do, but this one of C 250 is definitely a super scary paper man.

If he decides on the assessment tendency of the team leader, he will certainly conduct the assessment in the scenic spots involving paper. The time to determine the assessment tendency is 12 o’clock tonight, which is the early morning.

Therefore, from this indirect analysis, at least from the beginning of “paper man eye pointing”, it is the real “scenic spot involving paper binding”. It can be inferred from this that he will not encounter many difficult problems when he sets up the paper paster today.

Thinking of a giant paper man and the team leader’s assessment, the passengers have a little stomachache.

“That’s nice. Guide Cui has drawn all the pictures for me!”

Only the satisfaction worship of yuntianhe: “it is worthy of being Cui guide!”

Then he looked at Yun Lianghan, drew a cross, and said with concern: “Lianghan, have you confessed? I have entered the scenic spot, and your shadow related title has been sealed by team Zhou, which is easy to die.”

“Only when you repent and get director C’s forgiveness can you… Balabalabala…”

If I had been liked by the shepherd alliance, would I be as happy as him?

In yuntianhe’s nagging, Yun Lianghan’s expression is numbness.

No, it’s not happiness, it’s a fool!

Yun Lianghan clenched his teeth and strengthened his faith for the first time. Lord yin-yang butterfly is watching him live. How can he admit defeat so easily!

“Please take your paper man to the backyard before dawn. Don’t be late.”

The devil merchant finished his business and read the precautions. Then he went directly to Wei Xun and looked down. He didn’t see why. Finally, the devil merchant hesitated for a moment and squatted with him.

“What are you looking at?”

“There are fewer bars here.”

Wei Xun said.

The tour guide found something related to the scenic spots of the journey. You can’t tell the passengers at will. It’s cheating.

But if the tour guides talk to each other, there will be no problem.

“It takes 64 bars to carry a coffin at a funeral in a rich family, but this one is only 62 bars.”

“Let the passengers act as barbers.”

The devil merchant guessed, “you should fill in your identity on the funeral itinerary card.”

When the three wolves opened the white paper bag, the devil merchant looked at them at random. These identities are needed at the funeral, including the eldest son, the eldest daughter-in-law, Mr. bar head and Mr. Yin and Yang.

 front drum alley quadrangle  different rooms represent different identity values, which is likely to be related to this. The thought of the devil made the merchant frown.

Augustus, who lives in the reverse room in the outer yard, is a “servant”. If someone really needs to replace the barber at the funeral tomorrow, it may be him.

Thinking of this, the devil merchant seriously started to observe the pit with Wei Xun——

I don’t see a reason.

“Speaking of  don’t you worry?”

The devil merchant stayed for a long time and couldn’t help asking, “your team leader assessment is about to start this morning.”

Thousands of papers correspond to paper ties. This kind of thing can be inferred by the devil merchant. Although Xiaocui has a phoenix feather that can burn thousands of papers, the devil merchant still bears a burden for him. If Qianjia paper is really integrated into the team leader assessment, it… Is not easy to deal with.

“Who said I would pass the team leader assessment.”

Wei Xun’s words are amazing!

“Do you think it’s better to integrate into the team leader’s assessment task or just take out the team leader’s assessment task?”

He is an idiot. Only when he has trained a thousand pieces of paper with tacit cooperation, can he be integrated into the team leader’s assessment and into the scenic spots!

“But if you don’t do the assessment task of the team leader, you won’t have the initiative!”

The devil merchant was surprised. After being anxious, he narrowed his eyes.

Xiaocui won’t be aimless… Does he find another team leader assessment tendency?

In the siheyuan of Leigu Hutong, the leader assessment tendency found by the devil businessman is not complete. Now look… Is the other half in Xiaocui’s hand?

Is he going to compete with him for the team leader assessment?!

Thinking of this, the devil merchant’s feeling is completely bad. But at that moment, he saw Xiaocui take out a shadow donkey!

“The first scenic spot Leigu Hutong has passed, Zhizha is the second scenic spot Zhijia courtyard, and the performance related  may be the funeral palace in yangshou Town, the third scenic spot.”

Wei Xun said with a smile: “you said, I have thousands of paper, but I don’t choose to do the team leader assessment in the paper bar related scenic spots. You have a complete assessment tendency and do the team leader assessment in the ‘performance’ related scenic spots.”

Wei Xun didn’t care how shocked the devil merchant was. He said with a smile: “there’s only the last scenic spot left… Do you think the examiner will give me a random team leader assessment at the fourth scenic spot when I’m random tonight?”

“Are you crazy?!”

The devil merchant and the dreamer were shocked at the same time.

The devil merchant said anxiously, “you don’t know the assessment tendency of the leader of the fourth scenic spot. You’re not prepared at all!”

The dreamer didn’t agree: “the fourth scenic spot is a team leader assessment task. When the tourists are exhausted, they can’t provide you much help.”

“I have a sense of propriety.”

Wei Xun smiled and said to himself, “you must know where the fourth scenic spot is and what it is.”

The devil merchant frowned, “Tianshou mountain?”

If the dreamer has something to say, “there are the Ming Tombs in Tianshou mountain. In ancient times, it was a ceremony for people in the imperial palace. Small funerals were sent to the funeral palace and large funerals were sent to the mausoleum. Therefore, the scenic spots of Tianshou mountain may involve the Ming Tombs.”

At that moment, crystal Bruce Lee suddenly patted his tail, as if he thought of something!

“Ming Dynasty… This is a powerful Dynasty.”

The devil merchant’s tone was more condensed: “you should know better than me what will be caused by choosing the fourth scenic spot as the team leader assessment task.”

But the ancient emperor is the real dragon and the son of heaven! Countless fortunes have been accumulated. The legend has been spread to this day. In a sense, it is even more terrible than the dragon who was driven out of Youzhou in the bitter sea by Nezha spirit.

The dragon has many branches, but this branch, which is down to stealing water, can’t hold down the spirit of eight armed Nezha city and the value can’t hold down the emperor.

“Are you going to do the entrusted task?”

The dreamer suddenly said.

“Yes, I can’t go to Yuquan mountain because it’s not involved in the scenic spot.”

Wei Xun shook his head. He was thinking about whether he could take the time to go to Yuquan mountain while the tourists were passing through the scenic spots in Zhi’s courtyard, just as he was drunk and secretly met the flying fox king in Western Hunan.

However, Yuquan mountain is far away from this place, and it is not as long as it is. What’s more, there will be a funeral tomorrow morning, which can’t be done in time.

Nezha’s spirit is not easy to talk. He wants to see the fruit before leaving the eight armed Nezha city. Even if the sweet water hasn’t been brought back, nezhaling has to see that “you really have a way to get back the sweet water of Yuquan mountain.”.

Otherwise, now it seems that it can frighten Nezha spirit in Zhi’s courtyard, and it may turn over on the spot.

“So I don’t have time to go to Yuquan mountain to get sweet water and kill dragons.”

You can only take the side edge with the sword.

Wei Xun smiled: “but someone is in Yuquan mountain.”

Zhu Qiyu, the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was buried in Yuquan mountain.

In the former Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yingzong was captured by Wala and had no owner in the palace. Zhu Qiyu, who was elected by the empress and the minister, ascended the throne. However, the later emperor Yingzong was put back and restored to the throne, killing Zhu Qiyu, and Yingzong did not recognize him as the emperor. Zhu Qiyu’s Mausoleum originally built in Tianshou mountain area was destroyed and finally buried in Yuquan mountain as a “King”*

“You said that her mother-in-law Zhi’s funeral just wanted to change her character. She was sixty-four bars. Obviously, she was not an emperor, but a rich family. Why did she have to follow the Royal specifications for large and small funeral? The final destination was the Ming Tombs?”

“Nezhaling just announced the entrusted task of finding sweet water. The location of this task is Yuquan mountain -”

Wei Xun said with deep meaning: “it’s really grandma Zhi who really wants to go to the Ming Tombs for funeral and return to the Ming Tombs.”


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