TTG Chapter 171

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 171: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (15)

“What is the origin of mother Zhi?”

On the other side, sister Qian took her to the warehouse to check the paper binding materials. The passengers were also talking.

“I said before that this journey is a sequel journey. Grandma Zhi is most likely related to the Hengdian journey, grandma of the Republic of China.”

Half life said humanely: “this is also a basis. You have to prompt before entering the group, ‘grandma, new clothes'”

Extremely dangerous journey. The specific file “scenic spot journey” is displayed after the journey starts. Before the journey starts, passengers can get few file tips. For example, I know the code name Jingjiao and the five characters [grandma, new clothes] this time.

Meckel said, “I remember this is Youdu and Laoshan. It’s a gambling group, so the whole process is broadcast live.”

“Yes, it was the meeting when we competed for ranking between Laoshan and Youdu.”

Half life Taoist should say. In fact, the ranking of brigades and groups is not the same system as that of brigades, but the subordinate brigades of brigades and groups are usually equally strong, and the ranking is like correspondence. But in fact, a few years ago, Youdu and Laoshan had been competing for the ranking of tour groups.

Thriller hotels all over the world have resources to support teams and groups. At the end of each year’s celebration, all kinds of resources will be distributed according to the total score ranking. The top five are one (grade), the top five are one (grade), the top five are one (grade), and the top three are another (grade).

Therefore, the third dispute is still fierce.

“It was that time that the whole army was destroyed, which hurt Youdu yuan badly.”

After all, in the live broadcast, half life Taoist said, “it’s more implicit and objective:” in fact, if all the people can survive that journey, Youdu’s points are still a little worse than Laoshan. ”

“So they took the wrong side of the sword and made the branch attractions. As a result, it was bad.”

In those years, he was the leader of Youdu, and the tour guide was trained by Youdu. Therefore, no one has any objection to opening branch scenic spots at the expense of the guide’s interests and upgrading (team points).

“In fact, they have opened up this branch scenic spot, which is the courtyard of the Republic of China.”

The half life Taoist is the deputy regiment of Laoshan. It’s inappropriate for him to say such a thing, so Zhou Xiyang took up the conversation.

“In the courtyard of the Republic of China, the Bai family is a century old family. Once rich, old lady Bai died long ago, leaving grandma Bai. She will be a hundred years old in a few years, but she is in poor health. The Bai family’s filial sons and grandchildren are competing with each other to please grandma Bai.”

Hengdian film and Television City, the courtyard of the Republic of China, shooting, is such a story.

“Youdu regiment has accepted the entrustment of baijiasanfang to get a new clothes for grandma to add happiness and longevity. If you can add happiness and longevity to the elderly, the new clothes will be the birthday clothes. At the same time, baijiasanfang also has a strange request, that is to say, the longer the history is, the longer the age is. The ‘new clothes’ will be more spiritual.”

Zhou Xiyang said: “the houyoudu regiment gave a” shroud “made in the Qin Dynasty to the third room of the Bai family.”

Hengdian film and television city. The first scenic spot is the palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the second scenic spot is the king Qin palace, and the third scenic spot is Hong Kong street. In terms of age, when it is the longest in the Qin Dynasty.

New clothes are troublesome. They have to be old and old. How can they be new clothes.

“At that time, some people in Youdu came up with a standard shroud. The third room of the Bai family was very satisfied. I heard that old lady Bai praised the shroud because she wanted to see them.”

This view directly saw Youdu people into a group.

“At the end of the journey, the whole courtyard of the Republic of China was turned into paper and burned. Finally, the scorched ash was the picture of (eight armed Nezha), which dispersed as soon as the wind blew.”

Zhou Xiyang sighed: “it was on the day of her centenary that mother Zhi died in her yard.”

Although the housekeeper of Zhi’s compound is broken, he still has a lot of information, such as the age of mother-in-law Zhi’s file.

Meckel interrupted: “in fact, it’s strange to wear a shroud for a long time. You can’t wear a shroud mixed with the times.”

“If the grandmother of the Republic of China imitates human behavior, wears a shroud to catch people, and prepares for the final funeral as a human, she’d better actually find a modern shroud. The closer it is to the current era, the better. She can’t want ancient files.”

Mother Zhi doesn’t belong to this era. She is different from being able to keep pace with the times. When she was a paper man and what materials she used, all these will leave an “ancient” on her.

In order to cover up the ancient clothes and prevent the shade from discovering that wearing modern shroud is almost the same, how can you make a big fuss and get a Qin Dynasty shroud?

* *

“All dynasties and generations follow the five elements from beginning to end, which is the” restriction “relationship.”

On the other hand, the dreamer also talked about this matter: “it is recorded in the historical records of Fengchan:” the Yellow Emperor got the earth virtue, the Yellow Dragon saw the earthworm, the summer got the wood virtue, and the green dragon ended in the suburbs… When the Qin Dynasty changed into the Zhou Dynasty, the water virtue. In the past, the Duke Wen of the Qin Dynasty went hunting and captured the black dragon, which is the glory of water virtue. ”

“Qin Shihuang also praised and always said that Qin’s respect for black was the virtue of harmony and water. If he pushed down along the way, it would be the virtue of fire.”

“If the five elements, it should be water over fire?”

The devil merchant was dizzy and turned his head. After listening for a long time, he finally caught the contact.

Water conquers fire, water virtue conquers fire virtue. In terms of the five elements, the light of the Qin and Ming Dynasties should have the right relationship.

“If grandma Zhi really helped the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, why did she want the shroud of the Qin Dynasty?”

“Because paper counts wood.”

Wei Xun said: “water born wood, mother Zhi got the Qin style shroud, and her strength soared. At that time, the Hengdian regiment might be destroyed.”

“Wood makes fire again, and mother Zhi’s strength rises sharply, which will help Ming.”

“As for whether it’s like this, when you open the coffin, you’ll know if grandma Zhi wears a Qin style black shroud.

“You say it’s as simple as opening the coffin.”

The devil businessman Tucao, but he tried to make complaints about the relationship between dreamers and Wei Xun, who said that he had some truth.

“So it is said that the funeral of mother-in-law Zhi actually involves the burial in Yuquan mountain and the return of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum.”

The devil merchant frowned: “but it’s such an important thing. It’s not written in the travel profile, and our guide didn’t receive any information about it.”

“Silly boy, is this really important?”

The black widow sighed: “this is not what you should contact. It involves the emperor, the dragon, the imperial mausoleum, Nezha… It is worthy of a fake journey without solution.”

If there is no solution, it is actually an extremely dangerous journey, the highest file, the fifth order extremely dangerous journey. Although it is not at three degrees north latitude, the difficulty is also very close.


The dreamer rarely agrees with the black widow: “just look at the tips on your guide ticket. It has nothing to do with you.”

Wei Xun got a guide ticket after he came out of the group list. He also had it after the devil businessman joined in. The front of the guide ticket reads [grandma’s new clothes].

It says on the back [over the past 100 years, grandma has been in poor health. She stays in the old house every day and seldom goes out. I bought this dress for grandma. She said it can cheer her up. The new dress is taken away. Grandma likes it very much. She wears it on her body every day and is willing to go out. She also said that the hat should be worn in winter. But before the winter comes, grandma died]

I named my centenarian grandmother, old house, shroud, Chongxi, grandma like, and died before winter.

In this hint, the shroud said “buy a file”, and there was no mention of the file of Hengdian cinema.  moreover, now that mother Zhi has been lying in the coffin, no one can find out what the shroud she is wearing under normal circumstances.

Originally, it’s not something they should encounter with this difficulty.

The devil merchant was quite calm. He had never experienced it before, and the extremely dangerous journey was the first time. The dreamers said that the dragon and the emperor were almost the same as Mr. Skinner and Nezha spirit in his eyes.

Anyway, all the tasks have been taken. The greater the danger, the greater the benefit. He came here for this journey.

Moreover, the extremely dangerous journey is also fatal and difficult for him, and he is very likely to die.

It doesn’t make any difference since all the people are dangerous and will die. Anyway, the journey has been suppressed since they got out the dangerous files, thousand pieces of paper, Mr. Skinner and nezhaling.

Look at sister Qian’s docile way of bullying ghosts. Before she was released, the devil merchant dared not.

He thinks Xiaocui has a point.

Maybe if you get the emperor out, Nezha Ling will be suppressed.

“So, are you really going to give me the shadow donkey and go to the random assessment task of scenic spots?”

“No, not for you. I said, it’s a deal.”

Wei Xun said, “I took the shadow donkey when I changed the lantern. If I didn’t take it, you would never get it. If I took it, you would have a chance.”

The devil merchant nodded. It’s true. Leading the lantern is the assistant guide’s job. As the leader, he explores the rear cover courtyard more dangerous than Xiaocui.

“Come on, what do you want?”

“I’d like to buy the first item.”

Wei Xun said, “the examiner is random, so it’s better to find him directly. Who knows what kind of person the examiner will be. If he has a grudge against me, he deliberately calculates what to do with me.”

“You should also pay attention. Although there are incomplete files in your team leader’s assessment, it is reasonable to say that the files are random. If this file is partial, it will be big, but what if the examiner has a grudge against you?”

“It’s better to keep things in your own hands.”

Wei Xun said: “when I find you, if I find you, you can also exchange other things for the shadow donkey. I’m still interested in you…”

After that, Wei Xun planned to go to the warehouse to see the passengers tie paper people and go their separate ways with the devil merchant.

“In fact, there are different ways to accomplish this entrusted task.”

When we go far, dream pursuers communicate silently with Wei Xun.

“You said” is the most difficult and the most complete solution ”

Nezhaling’s entrustment is to “find” sweet water, not “find” sweet water. Finding is (verb, finding “is a state. Generally speaking, people will understand themselves as the latter, which is a word game.

According to the search, the entrusted task can be divided into several stages (completion stage). From finding the whereabouts of the “sweet water” file to finding the real sweet water, you can complete the task.

Normally, you should go down from the “dragon” to find sweet water. There are many legends related to the dragon in Beijing, but there are Nezha spirit. In fact, most of these legends are not real dragons, but they come from the Dragon Palace. For example, the legend of fresh fish mouth.

It is said that Xianyukou Hutong was originally named xianshikou. In the late Qing Dynasty, an old man bought a live carp at Xianyukou and put it into a water tank. The carp was very beautiful and gave off golden light. The old man didn’t want to kill it, so he raised it all night. When he went to see the file the next day, he found that the carp disappeared and there was a jar of gold left.

This is how he saved the fish fairy. Later, the name of xianshikou was changed to fresh fish mouth. An oil painting poem said: “the line market is weak and fresh fish are thriving. The old man saved the fish back to the Dragon Palace. Why is there a reunion day for aquariums? Gold and silver fish are released.”

If Wei Xun goes to Xianyukou, he may also buy such files to rob carp. It’s dangerous to be slaughtered and sold, but someone can save it. Nezha spirit can’t get out, but Wei Xun and they can.

He saved the fish fairy and communicated with the dragon palace through it. Since he had the opportunity to get the Dragon intelligence hidden on Yuquan mountain.

However, in this way, the degree of completion is certainly not high, and it is difficult to get more rewards from Nezha Ling. Moreover, according to Nezha Ling’s character, you may feel perfunctory, fall in favor of you, and start to trip you.

“I said,” it’s the highest profit, and it’s also the best for me. ”

Wei Xun said, “the extremely dangerous journey is still too simple for the excellent passengers I bring.”

“Look, thousands of papers and Mr. Skinner come out. The three werewolves and Yun Lianghan don’t have time to make any more trouble.”

“When Nezha’s spirit came out, those who had hidden strength could not assassinate me.”

“When the emperor and the Dragon come out… The black widow has no time to calculate me.”

“In this way, everyone will be on the same starting line.”

There is a crisis of life and death, and no one is more noble than anyone. Now the file journey is like a (food chain, one layer after another, and the “emperor” needs the help of the weakest file guide, forming a (perfect) closed loop.

“You’re killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred.”

Dream chasers can’t cry.

It is reasonable to say that the comprehensive strength of the eastern district is dominant, but Wei Xun is so busy that now both sides are exhausted and have no time to fight inside.

“What’s more, even if I don’t tell you, the black widow has come in and will be exposed sooner or later.”

The dreamer became serious: “it’s really exposed. I’m afraid the three werewolves risked their lives to kill you.”

If the west side really fails, the west side people will definitely be angry with them. Even if they don’t die on the journey, the werewolf alliance won’t necessarily let them all live.

It may protect the strongest files, Augustus, and kill the werewolf brothers and sisters. One of them (or a pair, or commit crimes and meritorious deeds). Anyway, there is no good fruit to eat.

“They risked their lives to kill me. Wouldn’t Zhou Xiyang have risked their lives to protect me?”

Wei Xun said: “it’s really hard for you to deal with the black widow again. When you risked your life, the strength of the eastern district was still strong. The black widow knew this, so it would not do any good to the western district if it was put on the surface. On the contrary, it would unite the people of the eastern district completely and kill the people of the Western District first.”

So the black widow won’t put the confrontation task in the open and tell the three werewolves in the West.

In addition, Wei Xun heard the devil merchant talk about the distribution of forces in the western region. The werewolf alliance and the black widow belong to two different camps, not unity. Therefore, the devil merchant can maintain his freedom by swinging from side to side in these two organizations.

Whether the black widow will believe the three werewolves… It’s hard to say.

“If you were a black widow, would you tell others the information or move yourself?”

The dreamer sighed, “when you move, you move.”

The guardian has a chance to kill the devil merchant. Even if he can’t kill the devil merchant directly, he can still do it at a critical moment to provoke a terrorist monster and guide it to attack and kill the devil merchant. Similarly, we can see the black widow’s law.

In fact, it is reasonable to say that guardians are very high above others. Who will follow the low-level tour guide all day. Besides, there are so many dangers!

Be a good person in charge and guardian, follow up and watch the live broadcast, take time to give guidance every day, answer any questions, and come out once at the critical moment.

If you are perfunctory, or if you want to experience the tour guide and guardian, you should save once in the life and death crisis. Don’t forget it.

However, since the arrival of the guardian, the black widow and the dreamer have never left the devil merchant and Wei Xun. They are just wary of moving to the devil, just like the portable elf!

Even if Wei Xun goes to bed, the dreamers are awake. They are afraid that the black widow instructs the devil merchant to attack and kill at night – black widow poisonous spiders and ghosts, but they are best at sneak attack and assassination!

“Actually, I think it’s better for you to stop sleeping.”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “after all, the hotel gives you a comment on the way home list. It is that the dreamer died of a beautiful dream.”

If you don’t sleep, you won’t have a good dream.


Crystal Bruce Lee Pooh Wei Xun on the spot.

While talking, Wei Xun left the warehouse. He has attracted the attention of the passengers who are checking the paper binding materials.


Wei Xun said hello.

As a result, Zhou Xiyang, the half life Taoist, Yun Lianghan and the three wolves in the West trembled when they saw him coming. As soon as I was ready for battle, I stretched my neck and looked behind Wei Xun.


Only yuntianhe responded positively and said “Hi” to Wei Xun with full vitality: “Cui Dao! Is there any new test?”

“Did you find the scenic spot file for the second time?”

Zhou Xiyang looked around and didn’t see anything, but he still didn’t relax his vigilance, carefully lowered his voice and looked dignified: “the Dragon… Is coming?”

They are entrusted by Nezha Ling to find sweet water. They want to fight the dragon!

“No, we haven’t tied up the paper man yet.”

Half life Taoist was crying, but he accepted his life. He and Bai Xiaotian quickly picked up the materials to use: “why is it so urgent?”

“No, it’s only been a long time. They just believe that you can do the entrusted task?”

People who pursue dreams think it’s incredible, and they don’t cry: “they’re all following you now.”

Just one day into the journey, Wei Xun fooled the old passengers. Who has seen this scene!

“I’m sorry you praised me so much.”

Wei Xun said, “don’t worry, there will be no dragon.”

“Hiss, there is no dragon. What is more terrible than a dragon?”

Over there, Yun Lianghan broke the jar. With a cold cry, he learned to rush to answer.

“I just came to watch the paper people.”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “it’s really all right.”

The passengers looked at him. Did you take the initiative to find him? don’t worry? Who believes it.

“Since you say so, I’m relieved.”

Zhou Xiyang disobeyed his heart and said, “since it’s so, let’s stick paper people.”

“Team Zhou, talk as you speak. What are you doing with your gun?”

Half life Taoist couldn’t help it. He hid behind the red stiff and whispered beep: “don’t you rest assured.”

Zhou Xiyang’s face stiffened.

* *

“Xiaocui should have found the object dumped in the assessment of the leader of the scenic spot.”

On the other hand, the devil merchant also firmly said, “he won’t go around watching paper people for no reason. Maybe the things he dumped are in the warehouse…”

“No, it should be said that half of them are in the warehouse, and the other half are either in those bars or go to the place before he gets the ticket.”

The devil merchant sighed, “it’s not difficult for him to find the first scenic spot so soon… It’s not difficult for him.”

“It’s more likely that you didn’t find a file.”

The black widow said lazily, “dumping things and looking for them will be accompanied by the mental fluctuation of the monster. Here, just like you, Mr. Skinner. But now, I don’t notice it at all.”

“The dreamer must have shielded him.”

The devil merchant said firmly, “I know Xiaocui. Don’t listen to what he said about ‘random’. ‘you find Xiaocui to exchange’, the fox is very good. He must have found Xiaocui himself. If she is Xiaocui, she is so smart.”

“Well, well, just as you say.”

At the same time, the black widow yawned gracefully: “I haven’t had a rest since last night.”

“You know how important sleep is to a woman,” she sighed

If it weren’t for the safety of the devil merchant, how could the black widow stay with him all the time? You should know that although the devil is not good at sneak attack and knows how to fight, dream chasers and Tianhu are too good at sneak attack and assassination! One of them is good at dreaming, the other is good at killing, and the other is good at fantasy. You don’t know how to be calculated when you die.

“Thank you.”

The devil merchant whispered his thanks. He knew that if he and Xiaocui didn’t decide the outcome of the confrontation task, the black widow wouldn’t leave one day – that’s just right.

The devil merchant’s eyes are free, and his thoughts have changed subtly.

A dream chaser and the black widow will stay with them all day and night. I have to say, it’s still very cool.

I’m sure Xiaocui has found the keepsake of the first scenic spot. The devil merchant is very perfunctory in finding the keepsake. Ji Yu is wandering in Zhi’s courtyard and walking along the road

“It is said that the eight armed Nezha City originated from the Ming Dynasty.”

It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, in the Zhu Dina Dynasty, Liu Bowen and Yao Guangxiao designed the eight armed Nezha city.

“Xiaocui’s analysis of the file is beneficial. Nezhaling is indeed related to the Ming Dynasty. However, he chose to complete the team leader assessment at the No. scenic spot. I admire his file Yong, but to be honest, it’s a little risky.”

The devil merchant is nagging, and the black widow is too lazy to listen. Leaving a trace of spiritual support, the spider puppet fell into a shallow sleep. Perception: the black widow’s attention is not here, and the devil merchant’s heart is inching and no longer nagging.

“Exchange things for… What makes Xiaocui interested?”

The devil merchant pondered that he must take the shadow puppet pony. As Xiaocui said, the examiner is not necessarily friendly to them. Fate is still in your own hands.

The devil merchant clearly knew that he had watched the ball of the fox for so long. Xiaocui didn’t care. Now, Xiaocui also began to understand him.

But they are enemies after all. How could he let Xiaocui know his file cards. But when the confrontation mission is over, they can learn more about each other.

The devil merchant was not consciously happy, but his eyes focused on the Zhi family courtyard, and everything was abnormal.

What does Xiaocui like and can’t resist?

That’s dangerous stimulation.

The devil merchant understands what he means. In fact, he also thinks that the journey is extremely harmonious now. Everyone is afraid of things. That’s good. So for their benefit, the more chaos, the better.

As it happens, devil merchants are very good at finding anomalies. Generally speaking, these anomalies are related to the branch plot or new scenic spots.

The devil merchant is sure that Xiaocui will be interested in these.

* *

“Paper sticks people’s skeletons. I think we can use some willow branches.”

On this side of the warehouse, the passengers were suspicious and finally began to guard against the paper pricker. They are divided into three small groups.

The three werewolves tampered on one side and ordered the paper man according to MIA. Yun Tianhe sat next to Wei Xun and soon made it up with a straw stick (little grasshopper, shy and looking forward to giving it to him). You can’t start to be satisfied until you are ready. Yun Lianghan himself stayed gloomy in the corner and stabbed himself. In fact, he secretly pricked his ears and listened to Bai Xiaotian’s explanation.

I’m afraid Bai Xiaotian and half life Taoist are the best at paper binding people. At the moment, Zhou Xiyang and others gathered in a circle with various materials and listened attentively to Bai Xiaotian.

“Willow is a ghost tree.” Qi Min Yao Shu “says that ‘on the first day of the first month, a willow branch is inserted into the door, and a hundred ghosts dare not enter’, so I think about half of the paper people can take willow as the skeleton.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “when grandma Zhi goes to the funeral, she must first go out of the eight armed Nezha city. Nezha spirit is on our side. It’s unlikely to obstruct, but the ghost difference will certainly come out.”

“The paper man should belong to the underworld. Grandma Zhi’s funeral is a taboo in the underworld. There will definitely be Yin guards. This is the rule. Even in the eight armed Nezha City, Nezha’s spirit can suppress the impermanence of black and white, he should not give out. So the Yin guards want us to deal with it.”

“The paper man with willow branches as bones will play a great role in fighting against the upper Yin army. On the contrary, it takes human bones as bones and flesh tendons as skin.”

“Not human flesh and bones.”

Sister Qian said, “there are several dogs in the yard. Some chickens can be replaced by dog bones and chicken blood skin.”

In fact, the best effect is to use living people, but now the situation is better than people. Sister Qian dare not say at all.


Just then, Wei Xun suddenly interrupted.

“Where is the dog?”

He walked beside Bai Xiaotian, picked up a wicker and played with it with great interest.

“I’m very interested.”

* *

“Come on.”

When Wei Xun led a yellow dog to the side yard, he saw the devil businessman standing next to the chicken nest.

“Look there.”

“You called me to see these crows?”

Wei Xun glanced and saw a group of crows falling in the chicken nest. There were countless crows. Anyway, it was dark. When they saw someone coming, the crows looked at it together. Their eyes were scarlet and full of fierce light. It was terrible.

“This is not a crow.”

The devil merchant wrote lightly, “this is a clue to the branch attraction.”

How did the crow appear in the chicken nest?

Either open up new scenic spots, or branch scenic spots, or special tasks. The devil businessman doesn’t know.

He specifically said to the big.

As a result, Wei Xun is very interested.

“But if you trade this for a shadow puppet donkey, it’s not enough.”

Wei Xun said, “at least show me the badge.”

“Ha ha, say it again.”

The devil merchant hit (haha, then asked shyly, “do you use the ball of heavenly fox now?”

“Hiss, I know you’re thinking about it.”

Wei Xun hums and throws the ball of the heavenly fox to him. The devil businessman, hey, I’m afraid he’ll go back. He took the ball and left. While walking, he said what he would continue to help him find interesting files.

“Don’t tell me, the devil merchant is really useful.”

After the devil merchant left, Wei Xun couldn’t help saying.

He scratched the rhubarb dog’s chin with a willow branch, and suddenly released the magic bee swarm without warning.


The magic bees were so fast that they stabbed them all before they blew up their nest. Occasionally, a few crows didn’t die, and they were immediately mended by other magic bees.

“You have a good title of magic insect.”

Looking at the section of “Wei Xun commands the magic bee swarm”, the dreamer commented:

“If you want to upgrade the title as soon as possible, you’d better choose a magic bug as your file life magic bug. After all, your file anomaly is not a magic bug.”

Usually, there is the title of “magic bug” as a tour guide, and different states will be “magic bug”, which is also a talent. Like bee Taoist and horse poison. However, Wei Xun’s abnormal state is a pure devil.

If you don’t take a shortcut to advance steadily by controlling and subduing magic insects for a long time, it’s the best choice to integrate into life magic insects.

Wei Xun now has female insects, ancient magic insects and insect swarms. He wants to select “life magic insects”. There should be no problem in upgrading the title.

“I know, there are too many choices.”

Wei Xun commands the magic bee carelessly. The dreamer said that the files made sense, but Wei Xun had too many choices. Mother bug Xiaocui, responsible devil bug and human skin maggot in the tomb of the chieftain king are very useful. If a devil bug is fused as a life devil bug, it’s OK to mix with the same kind of devil bug. I’m afraid other devil bugs of different kinds will be suppressed.

So Wei Xun hasn’t made up his mind yet.

“To tell you the truth, the team leader’s assessment of monsters is not affected. What are the rules?”

Wei Xun couldn’t help complaining: “no, my title has been upgraded long ago.”

He said that the title of “software” has been upgraded, since “software” is a [Master] series of tasks. Previously, Wei Xun won the blue title of “insensitive person”, and the completion of a series of tasks reached 3% to 5%. Next, the title should be the purple title ‘cold-blooded person’.

But the rules and restrictions are hateful.

First of all, the complaints of the hotel staff are not counted in the degree of completion. Otherwise, Wei Xun’s trip to the butcher alliance may directly increase the completion.

Secondly, the category of mental pollution is not considered as the degree of completion. For example, the mental pollution brought by various items with three degrees of north latitude is useless.

Finally, complaints related to the assessment of the hotel do not count. For example, thousands of paper and skinners, shadow puppets, etc. are not counted.

On the whole, Wei Xun made progress in completing the task when he saw the golden boy and girl Zhizha people (all level B grievances), nezhaling (level s grievances), and the big and small fierce ghosts and old ghosts in Leigu Hutong. When those ghosts were shocked by thousands of papers, and the degree of completion no longer increased, Wei Xun felt that he was losing money.

The completion rate was slow. The level a resentment increased by 1%. Nezha Ling should not have too many resentments. Even if he was rated as level s, it also increased by 2.5%. Level B is less.

In total, his current task completion degree is only 10%.

“The emperor and the dragon should not be the monster brought by the team leader.”

Wei Xun couldn’t help muttering that if he didn’t get the job done, the two would not be able to increase his task completion.

When he spoke, he saw a few biggest things. The magic bee worked together and grabbed something. He flew here. The messy files, crow blood and feathers on it were cleaned up by the magic bee. Wei Xun took a look and found that it was half of the files. He disconnected the file brand from the file, and there was a faint word “Li” on it.

The cold feeling came from the brand. It looked like a piece of ice in the brand.

“Ming, Ming, Ming——

It was as if someone was whispering.

“You should have another half in your stomach.”

Wei Xun patted the dog’s head with a wicker. The rhubarb dog was stunned to see the crows die in an instant. The next second, it crawled on the ground, whined and kowtowed to Wei Xun for mercy, and shook its tail wildly.

“Don’t worry, you are different from the crow.”

Wei Xun patted the dog’s head: “the crow is a divine bird of the Qing Dynasty. You are just a dog.”

After appeasing him, he began to beat the rhubarb dog with willow branches. The rhubarb dog didn’t hide, but lay on the ground and let him fight! Wei Xun did not spare any effort. The rhubarb dog was covered with blood marks and split flesh. Unexpectedly, he pulled off the whole dog’s skin.

But inside the dog’s skin, there are people!

Or the ghost is appropriate.

The ghost was full of tears. He looked at Wei Xun’s file and eyes without any resentment. He was all grateful. He knocked his head firmly, then integrated into the ground and went to hell for reincarnation.

“Tut tut tut.”

Wei Xun sighed, “as the saying goes, if you don’t wear willows during the Qingming Festival, you will become a yellow dog after death.”

This is Bai Xiaotian. Wei Xun learned about it from Yu Hehui. Therefore, Wei Xun will think about every word.

Speaking of willow trees and ghost trees, it was obvious that it was not a matter of aimlessness. He then used the phrase “human bones and human flesh”, which led sister Qian to mention that there were dogs in Zhi’s courtyard.

This makes Wei Xun instantly understand this saying.

This sentence says that ghosts are afraid of willows. If future generations do not bring willow branches during the Tomb Sweeping Day, the dead will be tortured by “little ghosts” in the underworld. Instead of being human, they will put on dog skin and become yellow dogs.

The “yellow dog” has something to do with what Wei Xun has been thinking about.

“You’ve been there a long time?”

The dreamer asked. He was really surprised. To tell the truth, even his brain didn’t turn so fast.


Wei Xun shook his head: “at first, I was a bar.”

The Royal funeral requires one hundred and twenty eight bars. The king’s funeral is eight bars. The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty buried Yuquan mountain with the specifications of the king’s files, which is a humiliation. Will Wei Xun’s dumping of objects have anything to do with the bars.

But then he found himself in a misunderstanding.

Find out who is behind the funeral of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty in Tianshui and Yuquan mountain, and even Grandma Zhi. It’s all in the dark that they won’t be involved.

This is the game behind it.

Normally, all scenic spots and objects are things on the surface, such as paper ties and shadow puppet performances.

So what will it be if you don’t go to Yuquan mountain or the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty and just look at the first scenic spot, Tianshou mountain, the three tombs of the Ming Dynasty, customs, and things?

They are dead. What do they care about most?

“It is said that Nurhachi, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, had a life-saving benefactor.”

Wei Xun whispered, “Li Chengliang, the general soldier of the Ming and Liao dynasties, is a concubine, a big green horse, a big yellow dog and a crow.”

It is said that Li Chengliang had a murderous heart towards Nurhachi, because his concubine informed Nurhachi that he had the opportunity to escape ahead of time. The big green horse took Nurhachi to jump over the cliff, and the crows blocked Nurhachi with their bodies to prevent him from being found by the pursuers. When the pursuers set fire to the mountain, the rhubarb dog smeared his fur on Nurhachi’s unconscious body to prevent him from being burned to death.

Without any one, Nurhachi will probably die.

When it comes to unofficial historical records, historical facts and legends, no one knows whether unofficial history is true or false.

“So the devil merchant is really useful.”

There are yellow dogs and crows. Wei Xun can almost confirm his guess. The crow hides the word “Li” on half of the sign, which is an obvious hint.

Wei Xun leaned down, picked up the other half of the brand from the dog skin, and put them together. The round brand was right, and the Li character disappeared. The cracks were left and right, respectively (the word “sun” and the word “Moon”).

The sun and the moon together are bright.

If the yellow dog and crow had died long ago, would Nurhachi have died in the hunt?

If there were no Qing emperor Nurhachi, could the Ming Dynasty not perish? Would there be no later three massacres in Jiading?

After the token was combined, no monsters appeared and Wei Xun’s San value did not decrease. But he listened. The token seemed to have countless voices, men and women, old and young, crying and hoarse shouting.

“Ming — Ming –”

The Ming Dynasty is dead.


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