TTG Chapter 172

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 172: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (16)

“Hiss, today’s young people are really amazing.”

On the way home, Wang pengpai closed the barrage and watched the slender fingers of C 250 wrapped in black gloves on the live broadcast screen, holding the Ming Dynasty token. He couldn’t help sighing from his heart.

“Old, old.”

Wang Yushu deliberately sighed: “this is the first time I think ‘Oh, the world is really the world of young people’, and our old men should be eliminated… No.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile, “Gee, the only promising young people are Wei Xun and Bing 250. Look, the world is still our old world.”

“The train of thought of C 250 with journey is not of his rank.”

Wanxiang Chun commented: “Zhou Xiyang, they can barely delay.”

“Hey, it’s really smart and decisive.”

Wang pengpai said to himself, “it reminds me of who.”

“Any tour guide has C250, showing its edge.”

Wang Yushu shook his head: “the dream chaser is barely one, but he was abducted by Zhang xingzang as soon as he came out. There is hope that the brigade will protect him from the wind and rain and have more consultations with him.”

“The puppet master is slowly getting married. After the yin-yang master died, everyone thought she would become a top-grade student.”

“Happy life people… Gee, when I enter the hotel, happy life people have already reached the top.”

“Let’s play with life. I’ll say a little more.”

Wang pengpai took up the conversation: “he upgraded very quickly. Every time, he would dig out all the scenic spots and hidden difficulties in the journey. Every journey would increase the difficulty by several times, just like C 250.”

Wang pengpai nuzui: “it’s the same every time, and he doesn’t care much about passengers. There are many dead people on each journey, and there are many passenger groups. It’s said that he has become a butcher very early.”

“The butcher had to kill 10000 passengers, and the hippies definitely didn’t just kill during the journey.”

Universal spring cold channel.

The frequency of the tour guide leading the team is stipulated by the hotel, not to mention the special circumstances. The maximum number of passengers in a team is 25. Relying on the regiment to kill the team alone, you want to kill 10000 people. Even if you kill someone for ten years, you can’t kill enough.

“I don’t know why people are ordered to join the hotel earlier than us.”

Wang pengpai shook his head.

“Alas, he said that he would raise the difficulty of scenic spots every time and pay for tourists.”

Wang Yushu looked at the live picture. Bing 250 tilted his head and didn’t tell the dreamer what to say. The crystal dragon angrily opened the Dragon Wings and knew that the wings fanned the back of Bing 250’s head. Suddenly he smiled and lowered his voice. The thief said, “is it very like a dreamer and a playful life to produce a baby?”

“Don’t beep blindly. It says that people who pursue dreams have to have nightmares for a hundred years.”

Wang surging speechless glanced at him.

“That’s why the playful man caught Zhang xingzang for ten years. As a result, he has been killing him and raising him?”

Wang Yushu spread his hand with a playful smile and lowered his voice: “I thought something was wrong before, but I also thought that Zhang xingzang and the life playing people were a little…”

“Wang Yushu.”


Wang Yushu stood up excitedly, with a very serious expression. He stood and turned back to look at the door: “what instructions do the security team have!”

An Xuefeng’s tall figure stood by the door, holding a stack of data and clicking him in the space.

“Go and make a dozen copies of this.”

He handed a file bag to Wang Yushu and glanced: “Xiaole has gone out?”

“Yes, I met Wei Xun.”

Wang pengpai said happily, “for a long time, I saw Xiaole running out every day.”

Yes, Mao Xiaole used to sneak out every day to kill people. Of course, they stopped him.

Wang Yushu was tucking away in his heart, but he was afraid to make complaints about An Xuefeng’s face.

When an Xuefeng left, he sighed and complained:

“Hoo, mingmingan team’s hands, how can I feel that my skin and flesh are beginning to hurt.”

“This is phantom limb pain.”

Wang pengpai said happily, looked at the live broadcasting room and said happily: “but the captain is estimated to be less irritable in the future. With C 250, his condition will be better and better. Hey, it’s hard to get beaten when he’s waiting!”

“Who wants to be beaten? I’m afraid he’s not seriously ill.”

Wang Yushu Tucao, waved his hand and make complaints about his portfolio: “OK, I went to work.”

After Wang Yushu left, only Wang pengpai and Wanxiang Chun were left in the viewing hall.

“Oh, to tell you the truth, it’s Xiao Le’s journey. Just go in.”

Wang surging said, “even if it’s the seal strength, you can still know your own weapon. When you arrive, you can directly pass it to the black dragon pond in Yuquan mountain, or coax Nezha spirit to catch the dragon.”

Mao xiaoleqi has a set of rules and exclusive weapons’ Zuo Ci’s copper plate ‘and’ Zuo Ci’s fishing rod ‘. The copper plate can be connected to all rivers, lakes and seas in the world, and the fishing rod can catch everything underwater.

Not to mention anything else, just knowing that the copper plate is connected to the sweet water well on Yuquan mountain and that Nezha Ling made a plate of sweet water, this entrusted task can be solved easily.

“The fourth scenic spot is still a little risky to do the assessment task.”

When we arrived at the fourth scenic spot, the whole brigade was exhausted, and the passengers were definitely not as good as they were at the beginning.

“Isn’t it better to start?”

Wanxiang Chun asked expressionless, “now they are not used to it, but maybe when they wait for the fourth scenic spot, they will all learn to protect themselves, but the situation is better.”

“Ah, this –”

When Wang pengpai watched the live broadcast, Zhou Xiyang and their suspicious paper people were speechless.

Wanxiang Chun said coldly, “they are nervous, not in the best state.”


Wang pengpai nodded in a complicated mood and couldn’t help but explain to Zhou Xiyang: “cough, they just figured it out at the beginning and demonized C250. He really can –”

Wang pengpai covered his mouth and decided not to set up a flag. He said:

“But if the fourth scenic spot is assessed, the examiner is our team leader, which may be bigger.”

In fact, the examiner is such a thing. Under normal circumstances, the tour guide leader will be assessed, and the customer service of any hotel will supervise the examination.

However, the assessment of C 250 and devil businessman, which is like a stack of buffs, has long exceeded the ordinary level. They are definitely valued by the hotel and will contact senior people.

There is a connection between an Xuefeng and C250. The probability of Ben’s being selected as the examiner is very low. He is trapped in the Yang gate of Inca and can’t get out.

If you push down, just look at the ranking of passengers. Mao Xiaole is the second, and the probability of returning is also low. Wan’an poverty is the third, but there are people from Laoshan on this journey, which may be small.

“In fact, Qile orange is also very good, that is, the younger generation has suffered a loss.”

Wang pengpai said that the former captain of Feihong died ten years ago, and some changes have taken place in the internal payment. Qi Lecheng has been in the top position for only five or six years, which is no better than the ten-year old people in these hotels.

“It’s impossible to look down. The possibility of being an examiner over there is even higher.”

The confrontation task, double tour guides and double team leaders, is extremely dangerous. It involves almost inexplicable Nezha Ling, dragon and Emperor. It will almost only let the first three.

“The puppet master may be the biggest.”

Wang pengpai’s expression was unspeakable: “although yuntianhe was born in the shepherd alliance, he seemed to have quit the alliance two years ago. He said he didn’t understand it.”

Indeed, although yuntianhe’s faith is firm, it seems that he is a sheep who selects tour guides. In fact, his belief in “is slightly different from the current shepherd alliance. Therefore, yuntianhe cannot be regarded as a person in the shepherd alliance.

In such a case, A-1 ordered people to be trapped in the Yangmen of Inca, and A-3 dreamer was already the guardian. It was most possible for the hotel to invite a puppet master as the examiner.

If C 250 is the first scenic spot to do the assessment task.

But the fourth scenic spot

* *

“Yes, I have thought about it.”

In Zhijia’s courtyard, the dreamer said to Wei Xun: “if you do an assessment task in the fourth scenic spot, it may be the principal.”

The dreamer also thought of this problem. According to him, the Puppet Master Cheng is the most likely examiner. But if C250 is the fourth scenic spot to do the assessment task

Seeing the token in his hand, the dreamer made a sound.

In the normal fourth scenic spot, the puppet master is the examiner. But obviously, the fourth scenic spot this time will definitely involve the existence of dragons and emperors, which even the hotel can’t completely crush. Therefore, the hotel is likely to send a principal, the examiner.

“Can the principal be the examiner?”

Wei Xun was surprised that he was playing with the token of his hand, but he tried to break it off before, which made the dreamer take a wing from him.

But Wei Xun is really curious. Why can this token attract monsters like Qianjia paper? Obviously, he has a complete collection.

[you have received the Ming Dynasty death token, and your team leader’s assessment has increased the tendency of ‘traditional mausoleum Keeper’ ((complete)]

[guarding the mausoleum is a mysterious profession. They have a special political status and guard the mausoleum for generations. After selecting this trend, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the scenic spots related to sacrifice!]

[please determine your leader’s assessment tendency on the second day of the journey, otherwise it will be randomly selected by the examiner!]

Seeing this assessment tendency, Wei Xun completely understood that the people guarding the mausoleum are in charge of the sacrificial affairs of the imperial mausoleum. They are handed down from generation to generation, and may even develop the mausoleum guarding village beside the imperial mausoleum.

Only those who keep the mausoleum understand the corresponding sacrificial rules, which can make the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum according to the ancestral rules.

However, what interested Wei Xun was that his tendency to get was complete, but there were monsters and even sans. Close to the token, although he could hear countless people hoarse and mourning and shouting “Ming”, this voice did not make him lose sans.

“This is the group awareness that remains on the token.”

The dreamer said seriously, “if you don’t listen, you’d better know how to put it away in a special way, otherwise it will gradually affect it.”

A dynasty is based on the beliefs of hundreds of millions of people. There are many situations in which the Dynasty will perish, but in any case, the destroyed Dynasty will eventually have resentment.

This resentment is attached to the token. After listening to it for a long time, I’m afraid it will infect people into fuming crazy. However, it won’t make people lose San. It’s even more impossible to prevent it if there are even a few signs.

Wei Xun listened to the dreamer’s advice, took out a brocade bag and put the token in it. When the dreamer saw that he put the brocade bag close to his body, he was very angry.

Putting it close to your body naturally maximizes the awareness of the ‘halo of responsibility’.

“I’ve got the ball of the heavenly fox back.”

Wei Xun said to himself.

It’s not beautiful to put the responsibility devil in.

Now Wei Xun’s magic insect ball is full of five magic insects, namely magic mosquito Xiaojin, mantis No. 1, human skin maggot, big maggot, responsible magic insect and ladybug.

These are the following:

[you are a natural occult, and your swarm of insects will be silent and will not attract the attention of any creatures!]

[you are a natural fighter, and your swarm will have a blade like weapon!]

[you are a natural observer, and your swarm will be able to identify your real enemy and your potential teammates!]

[responsibility, after any creature or non creature sees you, they will have some good feelings for you. Responsibility. The longer they get along with each other, the greater the impact of responsibility. Your swarm will also carry corresponding effects, but it will be weakened!]

[you and your swarm seem to be in a mysterious place and have a subtle connection!]

Wei Xun did put Xiaocui in, because Xiaocui is the “King”. This devil bug ball has been played by devil merchants many times. Wei Xun can’t trust to put Xiaocui in it.

Xiaojin and Mantis No. 1’s “occult” and “combatant” features are real and well understood. In fact, after raising the magic bee colony, Wei Xun basically knows that he can’t reach the combat power of the three brothers of mantis, but the magic bee has a fatal problem, that is, they strongly rely on the female bee.

If you put the magic bee into the magic bug ball, it will have little effect. Unless you put the female bee in with it.

However, Wei Xun can only hold five magic insects in the magic insect ball, which is still missing.

Human skin maggots are big. Wei Xun thought about it for a long time this time. It doesn’t have a direct relationship with the chieftain’s tomb. Wei Xun, who was still at the brigade station, tried it before. After maggots enter the ball of magic insects, they won’t attract the special attention of dreamers.

After all, it’s not an object at 30 degrees north latitude.

But in fact, maggot is directly related to Wu Laoliu who is currently in the chieftain’s tomb. This trip is dangerous. If it knows well, it may be an unexpected killer.

However, at present, maggots still have great knowledge. From the current perspective, the most knowledgeable ones belong to the third generation of responsible demons and ladybugs.

The three generations of responsibility demons and ladybugs must be installed. With both of them, Wei Xun has a “responsibility aura” on the one hand, and can detect how high other people’s sense of responsibility and joy towards him are affected by him.

For example, when Wei Xun looks at the devil merchant, he can see:

[sense of responsibility 70-75]

[joy 10-90]

When he got on the bus yesterday, the devil businessman’s responsibility to him was only about 45. Wei Xun found that when his joy plummeted and his mood surged, he was most affected by the responsibility devil, and his responsibility increased fastest.

From then on, Wei Xun began to operate.

Up to now, the devil businessman has had about three times of happiness fusion. They are that they found that Qianjia paper may be his assessment tendency. When Wei Xun said “not in the assessment of the first scenic spot”, they doubted whether Wei Xun was competing with him for the assessment of the second scenic spot, and last night.

Except that Wei Xun slept in the middle of the night, he made the devil businessman fall to the bottom first and then rebound.

So now, the devil businessman’s sense of responsibility to him has reached a very high 75.

Dao Yu Hehui’s sense of responsibility to him is 80-90. The devil businessman’s sense of responsibility has been very high! Reached the subconscious state of being responsible for Wei Xun!

In contrast, another person in the brigade has a strange sense of responsibility, that is yuntianhe. His sense of responsibility is [0-100], which is extremely terrible.

Since he has reached 100, the devil bug of responsibility has no impact on him. However, Wei Xun is also interested in this as well as the lowest 0.

Yuntianhe’s faith is firm. His sense of responsibility is not aimed at Wei Xun, but at his “yearning guide”. Now Wei Xun perfectly conforms to yuntianhe’s imagination of shepherds. His sense of responsibility can remain unchanged at 100, even if Wei Xun asks him to die.

However, once Wei Xun is no longer in line – look at that 0, we will know what will happen to the Tao.

Even Yun Lianghan’s sense of responsibility is higher than 0!

[sense of responsibility 30-35]

Reluctantly, it is “C250 can only be killed by me, not by others!” Resulting in a sense of responsibility.

In addition to them, Mei Ke’er and half life Taoist have a sense of responsibility for him of about 65, which is why Wei Xun will take action in case of danger. Zhou Xiyang’s sense of responsibility is about 90. He will kill Wei Xun.

However, Bai Xiaotian’s sense of responsibility and Wei Xun’s sense of responsibility on October 10 can not be seen. It is estimated that the means known by the seal strength are strong, so that the outside world can not feel them, and the third generation can not see it. Wei Xun could not see the sense of responsibility of the dreamer and the black widow, perhaps because their real people were here.

But the sense of responsibility of the three wolves in the west is interesting.

The werewolf Augustus has a lower sense of responsibility than yunlianghan, hovering around 20. But the werewolf brothers and sisters Mia and olena, Wei Xun, could not see their sense of responsibility.

This situation is the same as Wei Xun’s looking at Bai Xiaotian on October 10.

“That’s interesting.”

Wei Xun sighed.

There are also two people with seal power hidden in the werewolf. That’s the problem. Augustus, don’t you talk about it?

Think deeply… Is it true that only the werewolf sneaks into the west side?

“Interesting? Interesting!”

Crystal Bruce Lee said, “it’s not fun for the principal to be an examiner!”

“It’s * * just be the examiner”

The dreamer then silently communicated with Wei Xun in a dignified tone: “but now the person in charge of the rotating hotel is… And his possibility is higher··· There are some grudges with an Xuefeng and with me. He may deliberately make things difficult. ”

“I’m curious. I don’t know if I can say this.”

Wei Xun was already curious.

“Are all the people in charge of the hotel big men?”

** * it’s an Xuefeng slicing. Are other principals slicing, too?

“Some are, some are not. Apart from the principal of the hotel, there is also a Council… Things at the top are very troublesome.”

The dreamer said in a deep way, but simply said: “the road butcher alliance is a cross regional organization. In fact, there are both eastern and western districts. However, the butchers’ Union in the western district is not the same as that in the Eastern District, nor is it managed by people playing tricks. ”

“The union of the eastern and Western butchers’ Union depends entirely on the world butchers’ Council, and yin-yang butterfly is one of its top 10 members. The world butcher Council is in contact with the Council within the thriller global hotel. ”

The dreamer has a profound meaning: “of course, world travelers are also like butcher’s Council, and Wanxiang spring on their way home is one of them.”

Wei Xun was thinking when he thought about the sentence “the way home” said by the dreamer. Wei Xun has been thinking about where the thriller global hotels come from and where they go? How long did it last? There are people who can really leave the hotel. There are records of everything from the hotel.

What? Most of the top strongmen in the hotel have entered the hotel in the past decade. What about those people before? Are they all dead?

But now the dreamer told him that in addition to the power of the principal, there is also a “parliament” within the thriller global hotel. What about the strong people in the past? Is it possible that they have actually been promoted to Parliament?

Where did they fight?

Wei Xun is thinking about his parents. After thinking about the meaning of “payment”, he still has a low level.

“Chasing dreams, don’t worry, I will certainly carry forward our mutual aid association.”

Wei Xun pointed out to Jiangshan: “by the time it develops into a mutual aid Council, it will never be worse than the world butcher Council. “It’s the strongest member of our Parliament. It’s sure to connect with the top.”

“What do you mean…”

Bruce Lee is a little confused. He clearly heard comfort from Wei Xun’s tone. Comfort? What do you do to comfort him?

On second thought, the dreamer was neither laughing nor crying. C 250 this is because he thinks that his Dream Pursuer is not a member of the butcher alliance, nor is he a member of Mr Cheng. In the past ten years, Zhang xingzang has been busy, and he is still ill. He even has problems with his journey of 30 degrees north latitude

Is it really pathetic?

It’s really sad to think about it, but the dreamer has a good mentality and doesn’t care about it. At the moment, he can’t cry or laugh and has a good airway: “all right, focus on yourself.”

But I have to say that the concern of C 250 makes the dreamers quite aware. Think about what he said about the future of the Mutual Aid Association… Hiss.

Maybe in another ten years, the Mutual Aid Association of C 250 will develop into a big organization like the butcher alliance?

The dreamer was uncertain and suddenly looked forward to it.


Crystal Bruce Lee coughed and suddenly flew from Wei Xun’s shoulder to his hand. He was very domineering and lay in the palm of his hand.

“How can you make trouble? I really lost my job as a guardian.”

He complained, and then ordered angrily: “ I wipe the scales. If I can’t wipe them well, I won’t take them with me.”

It looks like finding fault, but actually Wei Xun feels that a round, soft little thing the size of a quail egg rolls down from the belly of the crystal dragon to the palm of his hand, but it is completely blocked by the crystal dragon.

“This is –”

The dreamer was about to introduce himself, but Wei Xun was surprised and said, “dreamer, did you lay eggs?”

The dreamer almost fainted with anger.

‘next fart! “Let me see next!”

He said angrily. Then he snorted angrily and explained, “this is the mental state of the clothed fish. I think the bus has a tendency to travel with paper, so he sneaked across the country.”

“Now, even if you find the tendency of the fourth scenic spot, you’d better not select this assessment tendency through the token first. Consciousness infection… Is more difficult to deal with than monsters. If one place is bad, the whole brigade will be affected. ”

It will be beneficial to obtain the propensity in advance and pass its selected assessment. Compared with being randomly assigned by the examiner, it can better show the strength of the tour guide.

The advantage is that the assessment tour guide can integrate the tendency. For example, if Wei Xun chooses the assessment tendency of Zhizha, he can integrate into the golden children and girls of Zhizha, and have more control over the monsters of paper humans, the dangers of Zhizha, and even get the favor of paper people.

Of course, the benefits of hotels are never plain, but they are accompanied by dangers. For example, people will gradually become paper people and be strongly influenced by paper people after they are integrated into paper people.

The more scenic spots behind, the more dangerous, so it is. If you choose to assess in this scenic spot, the integration will end after the assessment. But if the devil merchant chooses a shadow puppet, he will be influenced by the Skinner or shadow puppet until the end of the assessment.

Dream chasers are worried about this. Wei Xun’s tendency is in the fourth scenic spot. If he integrates tokens, he will be affected by his consciousness almost the whole journey.

In the end, he may really become a crazy man full of ideas and vision restoration.

“If the examiner chooses a topic, although he can’t integrate into the inclinations, he won’t let it be so affected.”

Dream chaser: “take the shadow puppet donkey to the devil merchant and let him choose the assessment tendency. But if the examiner is… Even if he gives up the tendency of paper binding and just doesn’t choose, he will definitely “randomly” go to the paper binding again. ”

Look… I really have a big feud with an Xuefeng’s dream chaser.

Wei Xun silently wrote down  and  interrupted the dreamer.

“Therefore, burn thousands of household paper”

The dreamer said in a cold voice: “I’m a monster, and the assessment of this scenic spot is abandoned. In this way, he can only go to the fourth scenic spot at random! ”

But Qianjia paper is really big. Even if there is a Phoenix Fire, it is very difficult to burn the whole. It may not be finished from now until the early morning.

But clothes fish, commonly known as scissors worm, is naturally the bane of paper! Dream chaser, his clothes fish is mutated. It doesn’t look like an insect at all, but more like a white plush ball.

Wei Xun went back to his room and blocked the live broadcast. Dream chaser: he smuggles clothes fish. He won’t expose it. Wei Xun knew and tried. When the wool ball saw the paper, it was as happy as crazy and rolled hard. But after rolling for a long time, I can’t even get a scrap of paper.

It’s not a normal clothed fish. It’s a mental state brought by the dreamer. It can’t make plain paper at all.

But after Wei Xun took out the super five-star paper man with a trace of thousands of paper souls, the situation changed. The clothed fish with a refined look can deal with thousands of papers with a refined look!

At the moment, the room is very quiet.

The phoenix feather is on the left and the Chlamys hairball is on the right.

Wei Xun sat in the room with a super five-star paper man in his hand.

Dream chasing Bruce Lee yawns with a longevity pillow. Nezha, the New Year picture, is sitting on his back drinking sugar water. In fact, he is looking at Wei Xun.

When Wei Xun picked up the phoenix feather, the paper man couldn’t help but pounce on him with enthusiasm like a husky!

Then Wei Xun picked up the cloaked fish hairball and rolled on it.

“Suck it!”

Wei Xun heard a loud sound of sucking and salivating, and the clothed fish hairball was full of energy and licked it hard.

The super five-star paper man is split in two from the top.

In fact, it licked the soul of thousands of pieces of paper, the soul affected the body, and the five-star paper man was broken.

Paper man:?!

He couldn’t believe it. Looking at Wei Xun, he was angry, puzzled, wronged, angry and hostile to all kinds of complex emotions.

But Wei Xun picked up the phoenix feather and put a little on it.

Paper man:!

The paper figurines, broken in two, enjoy the flame sap. But the next second, Wei Xun extinguished the flame and rolled on it with his clothes fish.

The paper man split in four.

Paper man:?!

But it just got angry, and Wei Xun clicked it.

“The more broken, the smaller the piece, and the faster it burns.”

Wei Xun said leisurely, repeating the process of burning and tearing. Gradually, Qianjia paper seemed to understand.

It understands!

Seeing that the soul of Qianjia paper understood, Wei Xun no longer continued to burn it. It’s really hard to communicate with the giant Qianjia paper. Just explain it to its soul first. When Qianjia paper is called out and put it back, Qianjia paper will naturally understand.

It’s really big. It’s unrealistic to tear it by clothes fish alone. It’s best for it to tear itself first.

“Hey, this paper man stinks. I don’t like it.”

After Wei Xun took the paper man back, Nezha said hard.

“But it knows.”

Wei Xun said briskly, “the end result of the paper man is to burn in the flame and return to the underworld. But Qianjia paper is a collection of countless unburned paper man fragments from generation to generation. It is impossible to return to the underworld, so there is resentment.”

So burning will make thousands of paper happy and happy.

“Qianjia paper is happy. It will be smooth when the paper man nods his eyes tonight.”


Nezha snorted heavily and said loudly, “but I’m not happy! I don’t like paper people!”

The whole eight armed Nezha city was shocked when he shouted. The newly bound paper people in the warehouse smashed and died without warning, startled the passengers and the devil merchant, and prepared for battle on the spot.

But after the earthquake, there was follow-up.


Wei Xun was scared by the New Year picture Nezha, but he returned calmly.

“Do you like sweet water?”

“Like it!”

Nezha looked at Wei Xun’s chest like a new year picture, where there was a brocade bag containing a token. He shouted, “I like sweet water best.”

“If you make me happy, the entrusted task will be completed!”

This was a very obvious hint, but Wei Xun smiled and said leisurely, “the Ming Dynasty has been dead for hundreds of years. Do you think it’s possible for me to be a mausoleum keeper in the Ming Dynasty?”

Nezha’s eyes completely changed, but Wei Xun continued:

“Actually, I’m curious. Why do you help him?”

“The sweet water in Yuquan mountain is just a pretext. What you really want is to let the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum? It is said that Liu Bowen and Yao Guangxiao designed the eight armed Nezha city. Zhu Di was the emperor of the eight armed Nezha city. You can’t count as the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.”

“Hum, I don’t understand.”

Nezha, the new year’s picture, said impatiently. He kicked to Wei Xun and sat down cross legged. His eyes were full of impatience.

“I, Nezha, don’t owe anyone from the beginning!”

“I see.”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully.

The greatest achievement of Zhu Qiyu, the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was to win the battle of Beijing and repel the invasion of warla.

To defend Beijing, objectively speaking, is to keep the eight armed Nezha.

The spirit of eight armed Nezha city was born in the Ming Dynasty and fell asleep and weak with the demise of the Ming Dynasty. Now, with the rejuvenation and prosperity of the country, the capital has gradually awakened. Objectively speaking, the present Nezha spirit is a spirit awakened by the unimaginable prosperity of the modern country and the people’s faith, which has a great relationship with the Ming Dynasty.


“He can’t go back. He’s so angry that he’s almost becoming an evil spirit. What if he makes trouble with me when he arrives?”

Nezha Ling snorted, “just send him away.”

“I’m afraid he will fall into evil spirits.”

Wei Xun pointed out the meaning of Nezha Ling’s awkward words.

Although he is not the spirit of the Ming Dynasty now, Nezha spirit dares to love and hate, and never wants to owe others kindness. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, established his capital in Nanjing and hid in the Ming Xiaoling in Nanjing after his death. The whereabouts of the second Emperor Zhu Yunwen are unknown. Some people say that he became a monk, so there is a mausoleum*

All the other emperors of the Ming Dynasty, except the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, were buried in the Tianshou mountain mausoleum! Hide in the imperial mausoleum after death. No matter how much resentment you have during your life, it will gradually disappear. After all, the ancestors are here.

They all had something to do, so Nezha Ling thought about it.

But the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are different! Zhu Qiyu was Emperor for eight years, but he was betrayed in the end. The elder brother Yingzong destroyed the mausoleum of his Tianshou mountain and hid it in the North King tailing of Yuquan mountain with a prince’s gift, which is even more humiliating.

Jingtai mausoleum has remote terrain and poor Qi pulse. It should not be the place to build a mausoleum. In the later period, the Jingtai mausoleum was seriously damaged, even the mausoleum was destroyed and the mausoleum monument was pushed down*

How can Zhu Qiyu not complain and hate!

According to Nezha’s spirit, I’m afraid the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty all fell into evil spirits. Nezhaling was afraid that he would make trouble. Obviously, he didn’t want the man who was kind to himself to end up like this.

“The guardian of the mausoleum… Doesn’t let you always be.”

Nezha Ling glared at him and hummed, “the Tao is weak, and you don’t know how to deal with their disputes. When you arrive, you can only do it well.”

This is Nezha Ling’s promise. He was also afraid that Wei Xun would not be the mausoleum keeper. If Wei Xun doesn’t perform the paper burner in front of him and pretends to be in this scenic spot for assessment, Nezha Ling won’t worry.

The benefits are won by yourself.

Even if Wei Xun decided that he was going to be assessed in the fourth scenic spot, he didn’t say, hey, it’s just that he’s going to talk to Nezha Ling about the conditions!

“III. atmosphere.”

“But when I become a mausoleum keeper, I will be infected by the consciousness of the Ming Dynasty.”

Wei Xun arched his hand at Nezha’s spirit, praised it, and then said: “this is a modern society. I’m not from the Ming Dynasty, and I don’t want to be from the Ming Dynasty.”

Nezha spirits are all modern Nezha spirits. Of course, he knows more about the changes of the times.

Nezha’s spirit frowned and said, “but with the influence of Ming consciousness, you can’t become the leader of the people guarding the Ming mausoleum without the recognition of the Ming Dynasty!”

The head of the mausoleum keeper.

Wei XunXin’s “one” is to see whether he can integrate into the tendency, and that’s the difference. If you don’t integrate, even if the examiner asks him to be assessed in the fourth scenic spot, he will become a mausoleum keeper, but he won’t be the leader of the mausoleum keeper.

Look, only the people who guard the mausoleum can help the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

“I’m not the master of guarding the mausoleum. I don’t know anything about it.”

Nezha Ling said coldly, his eyes gradually turned pure black, and there was a flame like black and red line in the middle of his eyebrows, which was full of murderous Qi.

Love wants life, and evil wants death. The impressions of Nezha’s spirit and countless people’s hearts converge, which is extremely overbearing.

You are not a good-looking person from the beginning.

He’s a blatant threat,  a token of integration,  a death.  there is no room for bargaining.

The seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty was kind to him. Compared with the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Wei Xun was nothing to Nezha Ling.

“Yes, I’m not afraid of death.”

Wei Xun just smiled: “death threat means nothing to me.”

“There are countless things in the world that are more painful than death.”

Nezha Ling said miserably, but the next moment he saw Wei Xun surprised: “really?!”

Then he tangled: “after all, you look like a child. Let’s talk about this, no, okay.”

Wei Xun Qi AI lowered his voice: “no, take me out. I let you torture me. What’s the matter?”

Can Nezha spirit fight the thriller global hotel?

“I don’t know!”

Nezhaling was angry and punched through the floor: “what do I know?”

He also realized that he could not threaten Wei Xun. If you work hard to get him out of the hotel, you will only torture him… Is Nezha Ling stupid!

But without leaving the hotel, Wei Xun will definitely leave in ten days.

This got Nezha lington into a tangle.

“In fact, I’m still interested in being the guardian of the Ming mausoleum.” he said, “I like to pursue excitement.”

Seeing Nezha’s spirit lost in thought, Wei Xun said slowly, “the fusion token is actually just a way. As long as they can admit me, I can become the guardian of the Ming mausoleum, right?”

“What you say is nonsense.”

Nezhaling said angrily, “unless you are from the Ming Dynasty and are determined to restore the Ming Dynasty, how can they admit you!”

Wei Xun asked, “do you still want to recover the Ming Dynasty?”

“I want to fart! What’s the matter!”

Nezha Ling was angry: “I’m so bored. What do you want to say? Will you say it directly?!”

“I mean, maybe I have a way.”

Wei Xun got the answer he wanted, and he smiled. Take out the magic bug ball from the devil merchant and take out a golden ladybug.

“Please look at this bug.”

Wei Xun smiled and lowered his voice, like a devil whispering, “you said that only you can get the recognition of conscious consciousness… It’s good to let them be responsible for me.”

If you start to be responsible, you will naturally admit it.


Nezha’s spirit rarely looked curiously, but then shook his head: “but it is too young to affect the consciousness of the whole dynasty.”

“So, three people also think it is feasible, but the golden circle is still small, right?”

Wei Xun gave a name to the responsible devil and smiled slowly:

“San Jie is a man of heaven and earth. I grew up listening to your legend when I was a child. I’m lucky to meet and get along with you. Even if I take the entrusted task of San Jie, how can I receive remuneration?”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “you are my idol. I really want to make friends with you. It’s normal for friends to help each other.”

“Please help me and help him grow up. In this way, I can also help you open the sacrifice of the Ming mausoleum and send the seven emperors back to the mausoleum.”

Nezha’s eyes turned.

Entrusted tasks are, of course, remunerated. Although the reward depends entirely on his mood, if Wei Xun can complete the highest level, he must also pay the corresponding benefits to Wei Xun.

But if Lord Wei Xun says no, he just helps each other

This bug

Nezhaling suddenly smiled and said, “I think you are very smart. I like smart people best.”

A wise man has a bright future.

If there is Wei Xun, I’m afraid it will be difficult to send the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty back to the imperial mausoleum. However, Wei Xun’s problem seems to be solved.

The seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty wanted to return to the imperial mausoleum. In fact, Nezha Ling was tired of staying in this city for a long time. Who doesn’t want to go out and have a look.

In Wei Xun, nezhaling saw the opportunity.

Nezha Ling said with a sly smile, “I don’t lack friends, but I lack a blood brother. Look -”


Wei Xun called directly.


Nezha replied happily, “good brother, this bug is called Jinquan. It has some fate with my heaven and earth circle. It’s our turn to be brothers!”

Wei Xun and nezhaling looked at each other and smiled. Everything was silent.

“It’s just helping insects grow. Why is it difficult?”

Nezhaling took over the responsibility demon bug and proudly said:

“Look at my brother’s help!”


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