TTG Chapter 173

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 173: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (16.5)

The avant-garde Xun has asked how to quickly become a responsible devil.

The potential of ancient magic insects is extraordinary, but the speed of becoming adults is very slow. Especially emotional demons. It is very difficult for them to become a monster by simply swallowing the power of the abyss and swallowing other demons and demons. But it needs a lot of emotional infection, or infecting others with emotions, in order to become a “good person”.

Wei Xun originally took the second road. He founded a mutual aid association and integrated the responsible devil bug as an auxiliary. That’s why. But his time is still too little. It takes time for the mutual aid association to really develop, and the responsible devil needs more influence objects.

However, the most insufficient is time.

During the conversation with the dreamers and Wei Xun’s own exploration, he found that the top people in the journey changed in about ten years. It’s almost ten years since an Xuefeng, Mao Xiaole, Wang pengpai, and even those who play life, dream chasers and puppet masters.

Something big may happen this year. How could Wei Xun miss it. In addition, he is preparing to attend the year-end celebration in two identities, so it is very important to improve his strength.

Now with the help of Nezha spirit, Wei Xun can take the road ahead.

Nezha spirit carried countless people. From ancient times to the present, in the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty and modern times, countless people have performed joys and sorrows in his city. It was easy for Nezha spirit to extract some sense of responsibility and pour it into the responsible demon bug.

He even jumped to ask, “brother, do you eat other emotions?”

“Love, sadness, despair, sadness and so on, brother, all of them.”

“It’s very picky about food.”

Wei Xun shook his head, but took out the ladle three generations and smiled: “if my brother has superfluous joy, he can feed it.”

“Oh? You still have one such a wonderful insect.”

Nezha Lingqi said, “but when it comes to joy, he is embarrassed:” there are not many feelings of joy, brother. After all, this man remembers the negative emotions for a long time, but the joy is only the joy when he is happy, and will soon be forgotten. There is much sadness and despair, but little joy. ”

“I don’t think you can take responsibility. Why don’t I feed you together?”

Wei Xun bowed: “then I’ll be in trouble.”

“Between brothers, it’s no longer troublesome to talk about trouble.”

Nezha’s New Year picture waved impatiently: “all right, you leave the official order here. I’ll get you together when I feed it. Make sure it’s before dawn.”


Wei Xun nodded smartly and heard that Nezha’s spirit had ordered him to leave. After leaving the brocade bag token, he said goodbye to Nezha’s spirit and left the room.

“Joy does exist for a short time, but sorrow lasts longer.”

After leaving, dream chasing Bruce Lee and Wei Xun whispered, “but if you want to say that Nezha Ling has less joy, that’s not necessarily.”

“I know.”

Wei Xun said casually, “it’s just that he likes joy and doesn’t like other emotions.”

Nezhaling is not a fool. He readily agreed to help the responsible demon insect become a fool. Yes, he has to leave some responsibilities for him. The spirit of Nezha has long been not a land bound spirit. People all over the country and even the world recognize and believe in Nezha. In fact, he can go to all kinds of places, but he still has a hundred years of faith in this city and is bound by the responsibilities of countless people.

In fact, it can’t be regarded as the responsibility demon bug of Nezha Ling Gang. It can be said that the responsibility demon bug helped him eat some redundant responsibilities.

Nezhaling thought it was worth it in exchange for the reward of the entrusted task. He and Wei Xun have become “brothers”. There is no doubt that they will use the responsibility devil again in the future and eat more responsibility.

In addition to the negative emotions such as sadness and despair, Nezha spirit is not important. But he likes joy, happiness and other emotions. It’s impossible to feed it to the devil bug.

The relationship between them is pure interest.

Wei Xun followed his words: “a real brother is different from a fake brother.”

“If only you knew.”

The dreamer nodded. No matter when C250 is very rational, he won’t be complacent about holding his thigh because he has a brotherly relationship with Nezha spirit. He won’t avoid snakes and scorpions because the other party is too dangerous.

“You have a good attitude.”

The dreamer sighed.

“No, I’m not.”

Wei Xun Youyou, he went to the warehouse and watched Zhou Xiyang. They tied paper people again. And told the story that Nezha Ling was so angry that he destroyed the paper man.

Listen to him, Zhou Xiyang and they are very worried. Zhou Xiyang even put down the paperman and went to protect Wei Xun… Although there are dreamers, to tell the truth, Zhou Xiyang is not at ease. In order to pursue dreams, as a guardian, there are many restrictions.

When it came time to fight with each other, Zhou Xiyang risked his life, which could play a greater role than the dreamer.

Wei Xun didn’t let him protect him. He just chatted with Zhou Xiyang and hinted.

“I chose the fourth scenic spot for assessment. I said it might be the principal and the examiner.”

Wei Xun sighed: “Nezha Ling… Is too strong and moody. He really hates paper people. I’m afraid he will stop him when he leaves the city for the funeral tomorrow.”

Zhou Xiyang frowned. Indeed, Nezha Ling said, ‘I’m not happy! I don’t like paper people! ” The whole city was shocked and the paper was broken, which was obvious to all.

“It’s not your fault.”

Zhou Xiyang couldn’t help comforting C 250.

“Even if you don’t take the entrusted task, he’s afraid he’ll trip us.”

The paper man funeral itself is unreasonable.

Wei Xun did not choose the simplest first scenic spot for team leader assessment, but chose the fourth scenic spot to solve this problem, which Zhou Xiyang understood. But he is more worried about Wei Xun. He will definitely encounter more dangers

After he separated from Wei Xun, Zhou Xiyang was always thinking seriously on his way back to the warehouse.

If the principal is the examiner and invigilator


“Do you think Zhou Xiyang has a special way to contact * *?”

Wei Xun took out the phoenix feather, circled between his fingers, and swept the Adam’s apple with the tip of the feather. “The next day… From tomorrow on, we will sleep in the wilderness.”

Indeed, the paper man nodded his eyes early tonight to prepare for the funeral. There will be a formal funeral at noon tomorrow, and then we will eat and sleep all the way.

“Well, there’s no bathroom.”

Wei Xun sighed sadly.

“I know your cleanliness mania. Please bear with it.”

Dream chaser comfort.

But turning into a fox cub, Wei Xun took Yu Hehui with him, but he couldn’t help biting Wei Xun’s hand.

Don’t say the word “tiger and Wolf” just because the dreamer doesn’t understand it!

Wei Xun said the bathroom. Can that be the bathroom!

“You tell me, is that… Strong?”

Wei Xun carefully asks the dreamer for confirmation: “if, I mean if, * * * beat him up. * ** Can you come to the examiner? ”

Whatever the reason, the more people on the journey, the better. Instead of letting someone who has a big feud with an Xuefeng and the dreamer, he will definitely target him… Come in, but let * * come better!

“Yes… It’s possible.”

The dreamer knows the benefits and follows Wei Xun’s ideas.

“58882. But now… ”

Now that Wei Xun has been relieved, they should be able to do it.

The dreamer is uncertain.

After all, an Xuefeng used two tokens of 30 degrees north latitude in the butcher alliance before, and he can be relieved when he is on the verge of mental collapse. According to this comparison of combat power, he can definitely beat.

“What’s your strength?”

Wei Xun suddenly asked, “what’s the relationship with you?”

At present, he knows three principals, * *,… And ¥¥¥··· It is confirmed that there is a big revenge. What’s the situation?

“You know a lot.”

Bruce Lee was surprised: “he is very low-key and has hardly appeared. I don’t know the strength. Since I entered the hotel, he has only done it once. There is almost no other information. ”

“He’s a mysterious man, but he should have a good relationship with * *.”

Dream chaser: a long time ago, an Xuefeng was in the worst condition. When * * fell into deep sleep, Zeng shot and robbed his token of 30 degrees north latitude. But it was blocked ”

That time, all their old friends went to help and stayed by an Xuefeng’s side··· Not only did they come by themselves, but also gathered some other forces, which can be called menacing.

But whoever didn’t get to ¥¥ would do it, that is, ‘you’re in my way’, so he just pulled ···········································································. Without the leader, those who gathered naturally failed to break through.

“Although an Xuefeng said that he owed others his hand.”

The dreamer is not sure: “but the relationship between them should be all right.”

* *

Hotel virtual hall, butcher alliance.

The dilapidated hall after the war has been completely restored. Although the abyss clock is gone, a seven storey fountain is placed in the middle of the hall. The water flowing in the fountain is full of deep power, which can still be absorbed by butchers and guides. Under the guidance of psychic media and yin-yang butterflies, the whole butcher alliance did not have turbulence and restored the calm of the past.

At this moment, the psychic medium is in the inner hall, reporting to the pendant of an abstract sun.

Without the abyss clock, there is still some trouble. The former hippos can take charge of the overall situation through puppets, and the psychic can enter the abyss clock to contact the hippos, but not now. The Sun Pendant will open every three days, and the psychic can only report the situation at this time.

“An Xuefeng connects the tour guide… C 250… East West confrontation mission… Extremely dangerous journey…”

He gave a general account of what had happened recently.

My Lord is in good shape today.

Psychic sighs.

It used to be said that the Sun Pendant would close in five minutes at most. But this time he said for ten minutes that the Sun Pendant was still opening!

The changes on the way home really caught the attention of adults.

At this point, the psychic media felt ashamed. Clay figurine Zhang Qun took it away. He didn’t know it until he returned to the butcher alliance. Originally, I thought an Xuefeng would lose his vitality and fall into a deep sleep. Unexpectedly, he was like nobody!

Blame that C 250!

If he hadn’t connected an Xuefeng, how could he have revived on his way home now!

But the psychic didn’t report this to the Sun Pendant in detail. After all, C 250 is now the representative of the confrontation mission in the East and west regions, so we can’t do it to him. In particular, the year-end celebration is likely to be an opportunity for the return of hippies. The psychic grid attaches great importance to it. It must be won from the beginning of the edge selection right!

Even if he held his breath again, he couldn’t do it to C250. Then Yun Lianghan scolded him with Yin and Yang butterflies.

You can’t touch him. It’s not free to mention him to adults.

The psychic can’t swallow this Qi!

“Now the most important thing on the way home is a new star passenger named Wei Xun.”

Psychic: “although he hasn’t officially joined the return journey, Mao Xiaole is almost with him every day.”

That’s why he can get some information about Wei Xun.

“We have obtained information. I’m afraid there is some unclear relationship between Wei Xun and an Xuefeng.”

It’s said that all the information on the way home seems to have been confirmed. We’re going to hold a wedding or something (Wang Yushu teases Mao Xiaole)

“That day, our people heard that Mao Xiaole was out of his mind, holding Wei Xun’s hand and saying, ‘is it true that the wedding is difficult?’

However, the psychic media didn’t believe this. The year-end celebration is coming. Who has the leisure to organize the wedding?

But it’s a little unclear. It may be true.

Ha, an Xuefeng, the strongest passenger, fell in love with a new passenger?

The psychic media completely listened to the joke of an Xuefeng. He is very loyal, and his greatest wish is to make people happy.

C 250 can’t handle it. Can’t you handle a Wei Xun? It’s just that he hasn’t joined the return journey yet. Let’s take advantage of it now!

“I’ve sent someone and will -”

The psychic media haven’t said the words of capturing Wei Xun. The next second, his eyes widened and couldn’t believe it.

“My Lord, my lord?!”

The Sun Pendant suddenly exploded from the middle without warning and completely cracked!

* *

Zhijia courtyard, 11:30 p.m.

All the passengers brought their paper figurines and gathered in the courtyard.


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