TTG Chapter 174

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 174: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (17)

“Tear — tear –”

In the silent night, only the loud sound of tearing paper echoed in the whole Zhijia courtyard, and the watches of all passengers were a little numb.

They were all surrounded by paper people tied up. At the moment, the paper people looked more calm than the passengers — “because the paper people haven’t nodded their eyes, they’re not serious spirits.

They are all tied according to the size of adults, including men and women, including willow for bone, and several strong ones. The inside is pig bone, and the outside is pasted with pig skin and chicken feathers. They look dead, like zombies, which is more gloomy and terrible.

At that time, sister Qian in the original warehouse suggested that it was a dog bone chicken feather, but since Wei Xun said, “I’m very interested in dogs”, the dogs in Zhi’s courtyard survived. I don’t know where sister Qian got a pig. She wanted pig bones to replace the skeleton and make some special “paper people”.

This kind of technical work can only be received by Bai Xiaotian’s half life Taoist, which is also a special task. The reward is that Mr. Zhizha, who can stand in the front tonight and ask Zhi’s courtyard to invite him, can give an eye to the paper man in their hands as soon as possible.

Obviously, there will definitely be an accident at eye point tonight. The earlier you get, the safer you are. But if you look early, it means standing in the front

“I regret it.”

Half life Taoist falsely opened his eyes and whispered. His stomach growled. Especially when Zhi’s courtyard was filled with the aroma of braised meat and stewed big bones, half life Taoist’s stomach screamed louder.

Their dinner today is very luxurious. It’s the pig. The cooks in Zhi’s courtyard are good at cooking. Everyone has a good time.

Only half life Taoist is unhappy.

Meat  can be eaten. The Taoist doesn’t eat meat. He says leek, garlic, coriander and scallion, which have a strong smell, will leave a taste in his mouth for a long time. It is said that after eating these, the smell is too strong when chanting scriptures and is disrespectful to the grandmaster.

In the early morning, it was absolutely dangerous for paper people to nod their eyes. Half life Taoist said they had to chant scriptures. They were on guard in advance. In the evening, they only ate some steamed bread.

Hunger and sorrow made the half life Taoist even more sad.

But Mr. Zhizha’s face was more sad than half life Taoist.

Mr. Zhizha was wearing a black jacquard mandarin jacket in the Republic of China. His face was as white as paper. At first glance, he could only see his white face in the middle of the night. It is said that he has always stayed in the backyard of Zhi’s courtyard. It is mysterious. He presided over the “eye opening ceremony” at o’clock this morning.

But now Mr. Zhizha is shaking like chaff.

“Tear — tear –”

Every time the paper was torn, Mr. Zhizha would shake violently. Half life Taoist doubted whether he could grasp the eye pointing brush.

However, it was not only him that shook, but also sister Qian, who was watching, and some door servants in Zhi’s courtyard.

The shaking is rhythmic and looks funny.

But everyone at the scene couldn’t laugh.

In the center of Zhijia courtyard, there is a huge paper man as tall as a hill. The loud sound of tearing paper came from him. It is torn from the bottom to the top with conditioning. From 10:00 p.m. to now, there are still less than half of the upper body, head and two arms.

The torn pulp and paper scraps are piled into a hill. The Chinese name is burning with flames. It looks like a grand bonfire party! But in fact, thousands of pieces of paper were torn in front and Wei Xun burned in the back. This scene is unspeakably strange.

“Cui, can you really finish it?”

The devil merchant looked at the pieces of paper stacked like a mountain, and the whole person was not good.

“It’s done.”

Wei Xun was calm: “didn’t you give me a soul flame? I’ll burn it up and burn it up.”

“But –”

Under the hood, the devil merchant is tangled with God. That’s right. He finally found some strange things in Ganzhi’s courtyard and a soul flame in exchange for a shadow donkey.

Although it is an ancient soul flame, it was discovered from the magic mirror sealed with the dead monarch. Theoretically, it is the soul flame practiced by the dead monarch.

But this soul flame is not an attack that can burn people’s soul. Its biggest work is that it can change color according to people’s soul!

It is said that the emperor of the dead once had people who were very beloved, but people’s hearts changed. In order to make people happy and confirm people’s heart, the emperor of the dead made such a soul flame.

Romance is romance, but is there any practical work? The devil merchant used to frighten people with this flame with the breath of the undead monarch, but now he may completely subdue the undead monarch, and this flame is not big.

When he gave the flame to Xiaocui, it was a big blow, but

Xiaocui won’t really believe it. I’m blowing. Go burn paper with this flame.

The devil merchant was worried. He stopped talking several times and finally shut up. Give Wei Xun a silent hand.

This soul flame is very good!

At present, the whole pile of shredded paper is burning with orange red flame. It looks huge and the flame is towering. It reflects half the sky red. The prestige of the dead monarch oppresses the four people, especially fierce.

But in fact, the flame is orange red, which only means that Wei Xun is quite happy now. In fact, half a thousand pieces of paper can’t be burned.

However, the soul flame does not exist in the hands of the devil merchant, but it does exist in the hands of Wei Xun. After all, it is a genuine soul flame. In terms of level alone, it can surpass the number of flames, such as the three color magic fire obtained by Wei Xun in northern Tibet.

If it weren’t for the soul flame, he wouldn’t be able to take it out.

Phoenix Fire, three color magic fire  the soul flame burns together. Under the cover of the flame, there are clothed fish who diligently bite the large paper torn by Qianjia paper into small pieces of paper. The burning speed of Qianjia paper is faster than Wei Xun expected.

‘fire, fire –‘

The flame is burning, and Wei Xun’s token hidden in the brocade bag is slightly hot. It seems that the remaining consciousness of the dead Ming Dynasty is attracted by this towering flame. Even the old token glowed slightly.

Ming naihuode, thousands of papers were burned by the fire, which really caused the response of the token. However, Qianjia paper is, after all, a polymer of several incomplete paper people from ancient times to now, which can not represent any dynasty alone, and the response of tokens is not too great.

But if grandma Zhi is a paper man of the Ming Dynasty, the flame she burns will be different.

Mother Zhi’s funeral may be just a cover. Let others mistakenly think that her goal is to become a person, not to burn as a paper man, attract a token, and serve as a guide for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum

So, who will stop mother Zhi’s funeral?

Wei Xun thought that the speed of burning thousands of papers was not slow at all.

“Happy — so happy –”

Qianjia paper tore its head and threw it into the burning flame. Its two huge arms tore at each other, and the huge pieces of paper fell down and were swallowed up by the flame. It’s laughing!

The number of laughter mixed in the number of people, including men and old people. The distorted happiness burned by the fire unconsciously attracted everyone, made people shake their spirit, and couldn’t help but want to join the fire!

“Calm down.”

Zhou Xiyang whispered, forcing down the mental fluctuation, worried and looked at Wei Xun. The effect of C250 in the middle of the flame should be the deepest! The devil merchant’s user name is far away from the fire and his face is ugly. Just now his San value almost returned to zero! The devil merchant simply drifted away from the earth, and his body under his cloak had been alienated and changed into a ghost state.

The burning paper man should return to Yin, and the people standing on the earth will suffer more mental interference.

But Wei Xun remained normal. He had a drop of purified royal jelly in his mouth.

Purified royal jelly is not sweet, but magic honey is completely different. It has strong acidity, strong spicy and not delicious. But the effect of this drop of purified royal jelly is comparable to that of 100 times concentrated and purified magic honey! Now that everyone in Zhi’s courtyard has lost San, only Wei Xun’s San value is still stable.

The spiritual consciousness of the dreamer, the black widow, has temporarily left. When the amount is zero, the examiner will appear, and they have to avoid it temporarily.

With the approach of midnight, the devil merchants, tourists and everyone in Zhi’s courtyard began to get nervous.

Not only are they nervous, the audience in the live broadcast account and the leaders in the East and west areas who pay attention to the journey are all sweating.

If it was a little fuss before, once the team leader’s assessment starts… This journey will completely enter level 3, extremely dangerous!

* *

“Anyway, Nezha Lingqian paper and they all appeared. This journey is early. It’s beyond the third level. It’s hard to go anywhere, isn’t it?”

On the way home, in the viewing hall, Mao Xiaole, Wang pengpai and others gathered to watch C 250 set fire to thousands of pieces of paper.

“Burning a thousand pieces of paper is the right decision.”

Mao Xiaole muttered, “the paper man will certainly repay his kindness.”

Qianjia paper is now out of the examination and directly burned by C250 to meet its wishes. It is its absolute benefactor. It will stay to repay its kindness before it completely goes away.

Paper people who really stand on their side are good paper people.

Wang Yushu asked, “is the captain in the bedroom?”

“Yes, it should be a deep sleep. Don’t disturb * * play.”

Even so, Wang pengpai was dignified and lowered his voice:

“Just now, the whole virtual hall was closed, and the brigade shook… I suspect it was * *’s hand.”

After all, when the person in charge of the current rotation… If * * wants to be the examiner, there must be a contradiction.

“… weak and anxious.”

“The body is dead, even if the slice is still there, it is still the main person, and he is constantly polluted and weakened.”

“Up to now, even in the Inca Sun Gate, the playful man’s hand can’t be pressed. Who still remembers that he was strong in the past?”

“Well, that’s all in the past.”

Wang pengpai shook his head: “didn’t we think so before? If something really happened to team an, at least * * can go the old way… Hey, no wonder… It’s always against us recently. It’s jealousy.”

If it hadn’t been for a C 250, an Xuefeng would have to go this way.

“I don’t think something’s right.”

Mao Xiaole frowned and muttered, “it shouldn’t be such a big noise just to fight…”


How can virtual halls be temporarily closed?

The butcher League hasn’t caused so much noise before!

It’s like some two principal people fighting with all their strength!

“I can’t figure it out.”

Wang pengpai and others were puzzled: “does anyone want to be the examiner? But it’s just the examiner of C 250. It’s not the referee of the year-end celebration. Is the competition so fierce?”

It’s just an examiner’s position, isn’t it?

* *

“Happy – paper is so happy!”

At ten fifty-nine, with the last sigh of satisfaction, Qianjia paper finally disappeared in the raging fire! The flame rolled over, and the once pale and dirty pulp and paper turned into fine floating golden glow.

The soul flame almost turned red, which was influenced by the purest joy of Qianjia paper!

In the fire, Wei Xun took out three generations of ladybugs, and the little ladybugs were made up too much. Most of them were gold representing responsibility, and only a tiny dot on his back was red representing joy. After being taken out by Wei Xun, he desperately began to absorb the remaining joy after thousands of papers were burned, while Wei Xun looked at the floating golden glow.

These golden lights scattered and gathered, sketching a huge outline of thousands of papers in the dark sky. It is a thousand pieces of paper, but it is no longer. Without resentment and pollution, its momentum is more pure and more powerful.

The thousand pieces of paper condensed by Jin Hui bowed deeply to Wei Xun, then fell like a golden meteor, poured into Wei Xun’s right arm and left a small golden mark on his wrist.

[you get the gratitude of Qianjia paper! Qianjia paper will help you pay for it three times!]

“Want — skin –”

While thousands of papers achieved their wishes, Mr. Skinner emerged spontaneously. It was still on top of a donkey’s head, scarlet all over, dead and silent. The donkey’s eyes stared at the golden glow left by thousands of papers, and the chaotic and crazy eyes seemed to have an instant soberness.

Qianjia paper has achieved its wish, and it also wants to achieve its wish!

“Here you are.”

Without hesitation, the devil merchant took out the shadow donkey and threw it away, Mr. Skinner! After getting the shadow puppet donkey, the devil merchant realized that the two can not coexist and integrate, but devour each other. He must choose one side!

Choose the shadow puppet donkey, and the assessment is the traditional donkey shadow puppet. Choose the Skinner, and the assessment is the traditional Skinner. The two coexist!

It is reasonable to say that the tourist tips named the “performance” related scenic spots, that is, the funeral palace scenic spot project in yangshou Town, which should be partial to the performance. In this way, the selection of shadow puppet donkey should be more in line with the assessment.

But the devil merchant took a fancy to the points introduced by Mr. Skinner:

“Skin with a soul is most suitable for making shadow puppets. It can even be performed in front of the emperor!”

“Mr. Skinner’s lifelong wish is to perform a shadow play in front of the emperor!”

The funeral palace in yangshou town is a scenic spot that can only be reached the night after tomorrow. After visiting the scenic spot, you need to have a two-day user name, and after the integration of dumping, the devil merchant will suffer a strong impact on you all the time.

The devil merchant has his own wisdom. This is an extremely dangerous journey. Even if he is alienated by the ghost state with the least negative impact, he is likely to be unable to bear it.

Before considering the suitability, he must consider the possibility of success.

The devil merchant looked at Wei Xun and saw the token in his hand.

What’s more, he also took the entrusted task!

The devil businessman also has his own pride. He is the strongest star tour guide this year. How can he be too bad than Xiaocui?

Only when the emperor is involved can he participate in the entrusted task!

“Ha ha ha – it’s skin, it’s skin!”

The skinning butcher laughed wildly in the air, and the hook in his hand caught the shadow donkey exactly! At the same time, the skinning knife in the devil merchant’s hand also changed its shape, and a donkey skin scabbard was put outside it. In the middle of the scabbard was a huge, bloody donkey’s eye, staring at him with hatred and resentment.

[you have obtained a complete team leader assessment  ‘Mr. traditional skinning’!]

“Confirm the appraisal date!”

The devil merchant did not hesitate. The skinning knife suddenly turned into a dark light and penetrated into his body. The devil merchant’s face was in pain. Under his cloak, his ghost body began to grow a layer of plush skin!

Not enough, not enough skin

The noise of chaos resounded through the mind of the devil merchant.

Skin… Not enough.

! He gasped hard to cover his painful head. When he raised his hand, he found that his right hand had turned into a skinning knife!

“You can’t peel off other people’s skin – then peel off your own skin!”


The devil merchant didn’t do it. He was depressed and difficult. In his ignorance, Wei Xun took a step.

Yu Yuhui was wary of being blocked by Wei Xun’s devil merchant, for fear that he would go crazy and start. But Wei Xun didn’t see the devil merchant. After Mr. Skinner swallowed up the shadow donkey and roughly understood what would happen to the fusion object, Wei Xun withdrew his eyes.

Wei Xun holds the token. The soul flame surged and burned beside him, showing an orange color representing calm. The orange flame masks the golden responsibility demon.

At this moment, a faint virtual shadow appears on the responsible devil insect, which is really like the golden hair year like a little prince that Taoist bee saw at that time. The time is limited, and the responsibility devil bug has not completely stepped into the strongest maturity, but has also initially entered adulthood and has its own mental state!

The little prince with his fingertips had firm eyes and a cheerful and optimistic smile on his face. His hands cling to Wei Xun’s fingers, and his other hands hold the token. The whole token reflected emits a faint golden light.

Ten fifty-nine, fifty seconds.

There are still ten seconds left, reaching 0:00 a.m. The New Year picture Nezha also appeared. He stood on the roof of Zhi’s courtyard with his watch on his face and looked up at the sky.

What’s in the sky?

“Determine the assessment period.”

Wei Xun integrates the dead Ming token! The token “responsibility devil” assimilated into golden light and integrated into Wei Xun’s body.

“Ming — Ming!”

The remaining grievances of the Ming Dynasty poured into Wei Xun’s spirit, but stopped before he assimilated him madly.

“No… he is the last guard of the mausoleum…”

“Imperial mausoleum… Don’t hurt him…”


“To… Protect him…”

“Only we can…”

The infection of the responsible devil bug succeeded!

Wei Xun’s forehead was full of cold sweat. It was still too difficult to carry the spirit of a perishing Dynasty. Even if you don’t pollute his spirit, just exist in his spirit, which is a great burden for Wei Xun! The drops of royal jelly that had not been exhausted by the burning of the original thousand pieces of paper disappeared quickly. Yu Yu, who was standing next to Yu, had a quick eye and hands, and fed Wei Xun drops of royal jelly again.

Now Wei Xun focuses all his attention on stabilizing his mind, and everyone else’s attention is on Wei Xun.

The traditional Mr. Zhizha trembled and lifted his pen.

Laugh to death. Nobody cares. It’s already midnight. It’s time to start nodding.

What else can Mr. Zhizha say? He’s just a little Mr. Zhizha. He dared not delay at all, and quickly pricked people’s eyes with the paper. I don’t know how to draw the upper and lower eyelids carefully. My eyes are black and white. It’s a success to point two black spots!

When the first Doudou eye paper prick appeared, suddenly the wind was blowing, ghosts were crying and wolves were howling, the earth shook, and there seemed to be a number of terror under the land, which was about to recover – it was the Yin army!

Paper man funeral, user name! This will be used as a funeral paper, and all the people will be destroyed. This is a warning to grandma Zhi!

This is the password rule. Even Nezha Ling can’t intervene.

Originally , it’s time for the tourists to fight against the Yin army tonight to protect the paper.

But the little dark wind just blew up and was completely dissipated by thunder and lightning in the night sky!

The original dead and dark night sky suddenly sounded thunder. There was no sign of falling, but there was more than lightning and thunder, just like the end of the world!

“Canonization -”

In a trance, a thick and dignified voice sounded in the thunder and lightning. The sound ran through the thunder. When it sounded, the edge was threatening, the dark sky came, Meckel became a cat ball, and the three wolves in the West became wolves. They were frightened and looked at the sky. That’s the power that makes them fear and panic from the bottom of their hearts.

It’s a dragon.

Half life Taoist’s heart is bitter. With the token of immortal Sanmao, he can still stand firm in the thunder and block in front of red stiff and white Xiaotian.

And this is not an ordinary dragon. It is a dragon formed by the condensation of imperial Qi. It represents a former Emperor!

The devil businessman, who was unable to suppress the crazy voice in his head, suddenly woke up, and his skinning knife in his right hand suddenly disappeared. The whole person returned to normal.

How can we light weapons in front of the emperor? It’s disrespectful!

Those crazy and chaotic emotions were all suppressed by themselves, leaving only obedience and awe, as if they wanted to show their best in front of the emperor.

Sure enough, he bet right!

The devil merchant is a little relieved. The keepsake of Xiaocui’s fourth scenic spot can slightly suppress Mr. Skinner!

Seeing Wei Xun standing in the thunder and lightning, seeing where the light came from, the devil merchant’s heart was full of complex emotions and more awe.

Not only influenced by Mr. Skinner, but also awed by a former Emperor and the strong.

Only the emperor can canonize the head of the mausoleum keeper!

“Wei Xun, the Wei family, was canonized as the leader of the contemporary mausoleum guards.”

The thick clouds all over the sky were torn and gathered again. The dark golden light reflected on the clouds, vaguely like a huge, dark golden faucet. It leaned out of the sky and stared at the earth. But the horns on its head seemed to be broken and stained with ominous black.

“Take charge of sacrifice and guard the Ming imperial mausoleum!”

The voice fell, and the red official robe appeared and was caged outside Wei Xun’s cloak. It was the emperor’s canonization. It was like a burning flame, but the rich red only remained red at first, then it gradually faded, and finally turned into a dark red like dried blood, covered with black cracks like thorns and cobwebs.

A certain carve Weixun even felt that the official robe would crack, but the token in his mind burst into a faint golden light, reflected on the official robe, and finally stabilized it.

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty did not enter the imperial mausoleum and were demoted to King by Yingzong. Without the cooperation of the consciousness of dying the Ming Dynasty in the token, his canonization of the Ming mausoleum would not be recognized.

“Hiss, how did it get so dark? It’s ugly.”

New Year picture Nezha’s cold hum, face, watch. The Dragon shadow in the sky nodded slightly at him and stared at Wei Xun with dignified eyes.

Wei Xun was also looking at it. Even Yu Huihui bowed his head and did not look at the Dragon shadow in the sky. Wei Xun was calm.

seconds, five seconds, or even longer, until the Dragon shadow disappeared, Wei Xun seemed to hear a faint sigh.

“This world is no longer the world of Daming.”

The voice is no longer dignified, and there is not too much crazy hatred. Some are just lonely.

Nezha Ling is no longer the Nezha Ling of the Ming Dynasty and the mausoleum keeper… Nor is he a loyal mausoleum keeper to the Ming Dynasty.

“I just want to… End my old grudge”

This is the guarantee given by the emperor. Apart from returning to the imperial mausoleum, he will not do anything else, which is meaningless.

An era has come to an end and will never come back.

“Is this the ancient emperor?”

The cold male voice sounded on Wei Xun’s side. He speaks English, with a pure London accent and a little arrogant dignity. He can’t help but remind people of the castles and manors in the middle ages and the powerful Lords.

Wei Xun looked over, but saw a black shadow beside the devil merchant. I can’t see his face and clothes, but only his standing posture can make people feel elegant and dignified.

[all the assessment items have been selected, the team leader assessment officially begins, and the examinee has met the examiner!]


Wei Xun’s heartbeat was suddenly disordered. He patted, his heart was slightly hot, and his Adam’s apple itched. This familiar and strange feeling is——



Suddenly, Yu Hui screamed danger, the bloody lightning in the bucket was a sign, and Wei Xun was splitting in the air! The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty were already full of resentment and almost fell into evil dragons and evil spirits. If you are canonized by the evil dragon and help the evil dragon, you will be punished by heaven!


The New Year picture nezhaxin’s user name threw a circle of heaven and earth, but only scattered most of the lightning, and there was still a beam of lightning splitting Wei Xun. In an instant, Wei Xun took out a scarlet cloak. The cloak of the life playing man was so defensive that Wei Xun kept it all the time. However, when Wei Xun had just taken out the cloak, he suddenly shook his body and moved forward.

Originally, he split the lightning on his head, but it would split behind Wei Xun. At the next moment, the lightning disappeared out of thin air!

[attack principal -]

[provocative Brigade -]

[erase as a warning]

In the background sound of confused and noisy nonsense disturbing the spirit, only Wei Xun could hear the sound clearly, as if he was aware of something strange. Wei Xun opened his eyes in surprise, and even the soul flame burning around him turned purple representing curiosity.

Although others could not hear it, they also saw the lightning splitting Wei Xun disappear out of thin air! Everyone’s eyes fell on Wei Xun, and several sharp eyed people noticed in horror——

Behind Wei Xun, there were two tall shadows!


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