TTG Chapter 175

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 175: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (18)

Wei Xun put away the frolicker’s cloak in the first room, and then dispersed to cover the soul flame.

Then Wei xunshun looked at others and looked behind him, but he didn’t show any difference. However, Yu Hehui and others could clearly see that the two behind him, even the devil flame, could not hide the black shadow of Wei Xun and disappeared.

In addition to the assessment of scenic spots, the examiner cannot meet with candidates on the journey. This is the rule.

Just like the devil businessman, he can’t see the shadow around him and hear his words.


Wei Xun frowned subtly. He took two steps and didn’t pay attention to the eyes of others. Wei Xun always looked behind him.

His shadow now disappeared.

“What did the examiner say just now?”

If Wei Xun has a second eye on the devil merchant, the shadow beside him disappears. Together with the shadow of the devil merchant. Wei Xun only felt that his heart was cold, as if he had broken a hole and lost something important.


The devil merchant’s eyes were still stunned behind Wei Xun. He didn’t return to his mind for a long time. After listening to his question, the conditioned reflex replied: “the leader was selected, the team leader’s assessment began, and the examiner… The examiner took away our shadow.”

He calmed down, took a deep breath, and his face became dignified: “in the team leader’s assessment, there are only success and failure. Success comes from  everything is fine, if you fail…”

“Our shadow will be mortgaged to the examiner?”

“It’s not the examiner, it’s the hotel.”

Yu Hehui said that Wei Xun listened to him in a pleasant tone. He was worried and sad.

“To assess a tour guide and improve the difficulty of the whole journey is a consumption for the hotel.”

The devil merchant sighed heavily: “our shadow is the deposit.”

Once it cannot be completed, the deposit will not be refunded. The tour guide must find a way to redeem the shadow here.

There is a shadow mortgage, which is to let the tour guide not have any luck and go all out.

Thinking of this, the devil businessman is under great pressure, especially the alienation of ghost state. He can better experience the sense of emptiness caused by the lack of shadow.

But look at Xiaocui… The devil merchant’s psychology is strange and balanced. He can’t help but gently remind him: “Cui, you may have a problem with the examiner…”

I’m afraid the soul is in the slicing stage, unstable people.

Otherwise it can’t be two shadows.

Mental instability – examiner, most dangerous.

There’s a problem.

Wei Xun thought that he clearly heard two voices just now. One is * *, he can be sure, but the other Wei Xun hasn’t heard of it.

Why does he have two examiners?

But more important than that is——

“Why is there a divine punishment?!”

Zhou Xiyang was so anxious that he walked up to Wei Xun’s umbrella step by step, but he was faster than him. It was October 10. On October 10, he opened his red oil paper umbrella, pulled out a bone umbrella bone and waved it over Wei Xun’s head. But before it reached the top of his head, the umbrella bone exploded and broke into countless pieces.

“God’s punishment is still there.”

Focus on the cold channel.

Although the lightning disappeared out of thin air, it lingered on Wei Xun, and the gaze of heaven’s punishment still existed.

Hearing him say this, someone’s face changed. Yu Hehui and others looked dignified and ugly. Half life Taoist they looked serious. The eyes of the three wolves in the west area are very subtle. Yuntianhe alone is pleasantly satisfied. ‘well, even heaven’s punishment is coming! It is worthy of being a director of Tsui! ”

Zhou Xiyang couldn’t help saying, “two fifty, you…”

Why don’t you give up the examination and find a way to get away from the journey!

Zhou Xiyang felt deeply powerless. If the next day’s punishment came, even if he fought hard, he couldn’t save his life.

“Xiao Cui, you…”

The devil merchant is about to stop talking. He knows that if he and Xiaocui never fight the victory or defeat of the task, Xiaocui can’t leave anyway.

The lightning just now was really terrible. Even if it wasn’t him, the devil merchant felt that his soul seemed to be swallowed and purified. Xiaocui felt strong fear. Xiaocui felt only deeper than him.

This level of danger is definitely not something they can deal with. Even if the guardian can do it, he can only do it once… Just now the lightning suddenly disappeared. Is it the dream chaser’s hand?

Dream chasers are so strong?!

“OK, it’s hard for my family to order eyes tonight. Let’s go back and have a rest.”

He was more dignified and serious than others, but Wei Xun’s voice was as calm as usual.

“Hehui, come with me.”

He has too many questions to clarify.


In front of the courtyard, Wei Xun looked back at the eaves. The figure of Nezha Ling had disappeared, but Wei Xun knew he could hear it.

“I have something to talk to you about.”

After that, he took Yu Hehui back to his room. Then Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast.

“Yu Hehui, when you see it?”

“Yes, there are two shadows.”

Yu Hehui nodded solemnly. If there was a second question: “it turned out… He thought so…”

I talked with the dreamer before, which made Yu Hehui know more about the current host of the hotel··· He used to be a strong Eastern tour guide. He was ambitious, but he became the principal. He was secretly attacked and finally died. He could only exist as the principal.

However, this incomplete situation, coupled with mental pollution, has made his strength weaker and weaker, and now there is almost no one in ten.

It turned out that he wanted to slice into two in the identity of the principal?

Indeed, if he can slice one of them into the hotel and make him become a passenger or guide again, it is feasible to stabilize his mental state through him. Even if the strength of the principal will drop, it is a good possibility in the long run.

Thinking of this, Yu Hehui was stunned and lowered his voice: “did you just… Stop you from being punished?”

He was closest to Wei Xun and noticed that Wei Xun suddenly moved forward.

Wei Xun realized that Yu Hehui might be different from what he thought. He was a little curious about what Yu Hehui thought.


“I see!”

Yu Hehui understood everything!

It’s not easy for the principal to slice again. I’m afraid he just wants to borrow the power of heaven’s punishment. Before Wei Xun pushed him, he swallowed the heavenly punishment, Xu returned the punishment, which was the reason for “provoking the hotel” and “attacking the principal”. The same reason also made Wei Xun owe him a favor.

Good calculation!

Yu Hehui told Wei Xun about his speculation, but Wei Xun’s tone was a little subtle.

“So, do you think the two shadows behind me are sliced by the same principal?”

“Can’t two principals come together?”


Yu Hehui was resolute: “a tour guide only corresponds to one examiner.”

“Really impossible?”

“It’s impossible. We’ll be like this. The dreamer will come later. You can ask him.”

While waiting for the dreamer, Wei Xun asked Yu Hehui to tell him something about the dream.

“C 250.”

After a while, crystal Bruce Lee appeared again. He sat in front of Wei Xun, his tone was rare and dignified, and his eyes kept staring at him.

“Your brother’s name just now… Is it Nezha spirit?”

The dreamer came a little late. Originally, he could come back immediately after the examiner left. The dreamer saw the dark shadow of the split behind Wei Xun. He wanted to be… But Zhang xingzang’s words stopped the dreamer.

That’s the scene of Wei xunchong’s empty roof, called “brother”.

“Good guy, come here. The examiner can’t be a life Joker, can he?”


The dreamer subconsciously retorted that he knew that Bing 250 recognized Nezha Ling as a brother, and then the dreamer was stunned.

He knew that C250 people had become brother of Nezha Ling, but the scene was blocked. Others don’t know.

What’s more, when C 250 was called “elder brother”, Nezha’s spirit had disappeared and looked like calling “elder brother” somewhere in the void.

In particular, the principal also helped Wei Xun carry the heavenly punishment. He has such strength and motivation

Those tourists and tour guides who once knew that C250 had a hippie cloak, were the same as the hippie dissimilation, and were related by blood, customs and customs, might really think so.

It has always been a mystery whether a hippie has become a leader or not.

Although he is trapped in the Inca Sun Gate, he is not allowed to come. He is the embodiment of his principal.

Otherwise, how can you call me “C 250”!

It turns out that he and the hippie are brothers!


Wei Xun said, “my name is Zhang. It’s Nezha Ling.”

“That’s good.”

The dreamer relaxed his brow and said:

“That is to say, the mainstream outside now thinks that your examiner is… But a small number of people familiar with the matter believe that your examiner is a playful person and a mysterious principal.”

“Maybe some people will think it’s the hand of the dream chaser, which has blocked you from heaven’s punishment.”

Yu Hehui added: “after all, it is reasonable that the examiner can’t help the examinee.”

“In theory, he’s not helping, he’s just making a hole.”

There is soul flame shielding. In addition, when the sky thunder is powerful, Wei Xun takes that small step forward, he can only rely on the recent Yu and Huineng. When it comes to live broadcasting, it says that it is within the journey, not outside the journey. But I can do something about this.

“Indeed, if the black widow thought I had done it, she would be less afraid.”

After all, the guardian can only do it once. Resisting the punishment of heaven is really like a dreamer.

The dreamer said in a deep voice, “when you arrive, I’ll do it again, which will be more unexpected, but Xiaocui, you’re going to be in danger.”

The second meaning of the dreamer and Yu Hehui is to let the dreamer hide and pretend that he has passed the mobile phone meeting, so as to lure the black widow to do it.

“The black widow is very calm and good at planning. For example, she weaves a spider’s web and finally gets the most benefits.”

The dreamer explained, “if I’ve been there all the time, I may not start until the last scenic spot.”

Finally, the scenic spot is too dangerous. If the dreamer pretends to be silent at the moment and can attract the black widow to do it in advance, it will be a good opportunity.

Only in this way, Wei Xun was in danger. Because before the real action, the black widow will definitely have a temptation to confirm that the dreamer is limited by the rules and can’t do it again.

Wei Xun said, “it doesn’t matter. I have nothing to say.”

“Don’t worry, I should not test you frequently.”

“Don’t call brother Nezha Ling in public in the future,” the dream chasing Bruce Lee said soothingly

In this way, the high-level outside thought that the examiner was a playful person and the identity of the principal, and he would tell the black widow the news for the sake of C250.

In this way, Wei Xun’s assessment of the fourth scenic spot will be the home of his examiner, and the black widow will never delay to the fourth scenic spot.

However, you will not make frequent attempts to save your life, which will only attract the attention of life-saving people. It will only be a thunderbolt after everything is ready.

“To tell you the truth, no one thinks it’s * *?”

After discussion, Wei Xun pretended to be curious.


Dream chasing Bruce Lee shook his head: “he is not divided again… Or do you feel something?”

Yes, Wei Xun shouted “brother” to the void, calling him Nezha spirit. The principal is not his brother. I will talk about the power of heaven’s punishment for his hand, but it may be * * hand protection!

Thinking of this, the dreamer sweated down and his tone became dignified.

“I didn’t expect my mental state to be so bad.”

There are signs of division! It seems that it is said that someone is trying to weaken an Xuefeng, but it is true.

Indeed, if it was so serious, Wei Xun could not cure it completely with one consolation. If the main people are divided again….

The dream chasers dare not imagine the consequences. If it is true, an Xuefeng is absolutely crazy.

Fortunately, there is Wei Xun.

“It’s not necessarily him.”

Wei Xun said, “I didn’t even see his shadow. When he felt his heart was beating fast, he wondered if he was him.”

My heart is beating fast

The dreamer and Yu Hehui were silent on this topic. It’s really a bad interface. This is the effect that Wei Xun wanted them to pay attention to, turn away from the principal and start discussing the punishment.

Yu Hehui doesn’t think that there can be two examiners, which may be a change from generation to generation. However, even the dream chaser of A3 never thought about the possibility of the two examiners, so he asked Wei Xun to confirm that there must be some rules in it.

In their opinion, even if the principal sliced it, it could never be two examiners.

If Wei Xun hadn’t clearly heard two voices, Wei Xun might have believed it.

But now it seems that there must be a secret.

In any case, double examiners are likely to violate the hotel rules. The fewer people you know, the better. Even dream chasers. Before, Wei Xun only mentioned it to Yu Hehui, but then he just didn’t mention it. Yu Hehui realized that Wei Xun didn’t ask about the topic of “double subjects”. He had a good heart and cooperated with the topic to lead away.

“Heaven’s punishment has not disappeared, it will only become stronger and stronger.”

Speaking of this, the dreamer’s voice is cold.

“If I had known that the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty had become evil dragons…”

“He is not a dragon.”

The sound of Nezha’s spirit began to sound. It’s not the New Year picture of Nezha, but the true spirit of Nezha. It looks like a meatball with eight deformed and twisted arms on it.

“Brother, I’m sorry. God punishes me. I don’t think well.”

Nezha Ling made a crisp apology to Wei Xun and didn’t shirk it. After apologizing, he began to go deep.

“I’ve watched him for years, but he hasn’t completely become an evil spirit. What’s more, he’s buried as a king. He can only be regarded as a Jiao, not an evil dragon.”

If you don’t reach the “evil dragon” level, you can never cause heaven’s punishment.

“In fact, in the final analysis, your bug is too strange.”

Nezha’s spirit was depressed and said, “in such a short time, you really let the consciousness of death in the token have a small sense of responsibility for you… Do you know what this means?”

If Wei Xun was infected by Ming consciousness and became an anti Ming madman, he would not be punished that day.

The demise of the dynasty brings the breath of extinction. Touching it is doomed to perish.

If a normal person, even a spirit, is infected with the breath of extinction and destruction, it will definitely be because of this. Nezha Ling thought, “the origin of C 250 is extraordinary. As long as he can return to the mysterious Hotel, it should be very possible to relieve his consciousness and return to normal.

Later, I learned that Wei Xun’s Bug had a special function and had a better way. Nezha Ling chose to try it.

It’s a mistake to try!

“You have the recognition of the dead Ming Dynasty and have been canonized as a mausoleum keeper by the emperor, but you are a modern man…”

“I’m from a hotel, not a modern man.”

Wei Xun interrupted Nezha spirit and said coldly, “Nezha spirit, this punishment is not for me.”

He’s too smart. He reacts quickly. His attitude should be hard. He doesn’t even call his brother.

After being interrupted, Nezha’s aura was stuffy. Just about to get angry, he felt wronged. When he heard that Wei Xun didn’t even cry, he was a little wronged and suffocated, but he appreciated Wei Xun’s character… Anyway, he was in a very complicated mood, and finally sighed.

“Indeed, this punishment is not because you came.”

When he entered the hotel, Wei Xun was actually no longer a worldly man. He could not dominate the world. God’s punishment was too lazy to care about him.

The key is to return to the imperial mausoleum and the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty with the help of Wei Xun.

“At present, it is not allowed to turn a Jiao into a dragon.”

Nezha said, “every generation has its own rules.”

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, no refinement is allowed. It is not empty talk. Even if there are remnants, the number of people is in some special places, and ordinary people can’t set foot in the places to survive.

The dragon, a mythical creature with special status and significance, is unlikely to appear again.

“This is part of heaven’s punishment, which is blocked by my circle of heaven and earth.”

Before this, Nezha Ling thought that if the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty could really return to the imperial mausoleum, he must be a dragon. However, he had already thought that it would not affect the reality that a dragon becomes a dragon. In addition, he would not come after he entered the Ming mausoleum, so he would be less punished by heaven.

He can stop the circle of heaven and earth, and he should pay off his kindness completely.

“The problem is canonization!”

Only the emperor can canonize the mausoleum keeper, and it is impossible to canonize across the years.

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty had the intention to canonize the people guarding the mausoleum. This part of the heavenly punishment has been blocked by the circle of heaven and earth. The key is the latter!

If Wei Xun is influenced by Ming consciousness, it is in line with the rules for Ming long to canonize Ming people.

But the problem is that Wei Xun is from the hotel. According to the same “generation” rule, Wei Xun is not a Ming man, so it is only possible… It is possible for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to change to a hotel man. There was a close canonization relationship between them. That is to say, when the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty contacted the hotel, it might be possible for the evil dragon to resurrect and the dead to return!

This is the real reason why heaven punishes Wei Xun!

“What’s your background, the son of hotel luck, the son of hotel?”

Rao is make complaints about the way of heaven, so that Wei Xun has a very high position in the thrilling global hotel. It believes that Wei Xun really can help the Ming emperor to recover in seven.

This is Nezha Ling. I really didn’t expect that if someone else were, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be punished by heaven at all.

Even if it’s not Ming people, you can’t be so powerful. It’s possible that the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty turned into hotel people.

“ so, is it your thoughtlessness that made me punished by heaven?”

Wei Xun said calmly.

“I’m just an ordinary tour guide. Look, I’m weak.”

“Heaven’s punishment can split me.”


Nezha’s spirit is worried.

“He helped me once. He can’t help me anymore. You know the rules of the hotel.”

That is to say, it’s impossible to help crush the people who were punished by heaven before.

Nezhaling didn’t know the rules of the hotel, but he knew someone’s punishment, and only someone could bear it. Nezha Ling helped bear the heavenly punishment of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty changing into a dragon. Yes, because he did participate in it. However, Wei Xun’s part of “heavenly punishment” will be more terrible next time if others help him bear it.

“If you can do it, you’d better not let him do it.”

Nezha Ling was depressed and said, “originally, the interval between heaven and punishment should be 24 hours, but now, the next heaven and punishment should be 12 hours later.”

The frequency will become faster and the power will increase. You should bear the natural punishment well. No one can help in this regard.

“If this problem can’t be solved, we can’t leave the journey ahead of time.”

Yu Hehui said coldly, “even if you will be punished, it is better than being punished by heaven.”

“You promise me!”

Nezha spirit angrily said, the meat ball bounced in front of Wei Xun, and the deformed arm grabbed his cloak: “you can’t go!”

Yu Hehui was just a threat, but Nezha spirit took it seriously. Wei Xun has such a background in the hotel. When he has a way out of the hotel, even if he has to pay a price.

But in fact, Wei Xun can’t leave. It’s just to cheat Nezha’s spirit and negotiate better terms.

After the negotiation, it was already three o’clock in the morning.

It’s impossible for outsiders to help block heaven’s punishment. Nezha Ling explains this.

Wei Xun asked that Nezha spirit give him special training and teach him all kinds of skills unreservedly in these days and months after the journey.

“I can’t eight armed Nezha city now. It’s very difficult. Unless you come again, I can’t teach you for a few months after the journey.”

Nezha’s spirit path then tangled: “there are only eight days left on this journey. What can you learn? Don’t you really lend me the core magic weapon?”

If Wei Xun wants, nezhaling can bite his teeth and lend him his blood and huntianling temporarily. In this way, you can resist some natural punishment, at least you won’t be split directly.

“Lend me something, not something.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “unless you are willing to send me…”

Before the voice fell, Nezha Ling was so angry that he simply disappeared. He’s not really Nezha. These magic weapons are his own illusions. If you give them to Wei Xun, it’s like splitting his soul.

“Xiao Cui, nezhaling said,” yes. ”

After Nezha’s spirit disappeared, Yu Hehui worried: “the room is too short. Even if you want to get a new title through Nezha’s spirit training, you need a room to upgrade the title.”

The most important thing for tour guides and tourists is the “title”. They are not like ordinary people who have been practicing hard for decades, or have any special titles. As long as they meet the conditions, they can get the title they deserve.

For example, Wei Xun asked Nezha Ling to burn him with samadhi real fire. He has a cloak and various flames to protect him. He can buy recovery potions from the hotel. With the cooperation of Nezha Ling, the flame will not burn him. I’m sorry. But after burning for two or three days, Wei Xun can get the title of “flame protection” or “samadhi true fire” and so on!

But the problem is that it takes time for the title to grow up, and heaven’s punishment is close at hand. It’s dangerous!

But if the dream chaser has a second.

“Only when you are strong, you are really strong.”

Wei Xun smiled and handed something to the dreamer.

“Chasing dreams, put this in your room for a while.”

This is a red copper metal plate. The outer ring of the round copper plate has a radioactive triangle, just like the abstract sun.

[Name: * * *  surname name plate]

[quality: unknown]

[function: record your name. No matter how crazy you are, you won’t forget your name and keep your mind.]

It was when the contract was signed that * * was paid to Wei Xun in advance!

“It’s dangerous.”

Crystal Bruce Lee knew what it was at a glance. He didn’t pick it up immediately, but solemnly said, “you know, even if you have the means to return to San, but you don’t have a name card, it’s likely that your San value will return to zero in an instant.”

Losing your mind, getting lost, becoming a monster, and being affected by the emotions of tyranny and madness are all extremely serious problems.

The dreamer saw that he was coming. Wei Xun wanted to have a special training on Nezha spirit to exercise his dissimilation and combat effectiveness!

But it’s not necessary to take off the name brand. It’s too hard.

“The name card is very good, but I haven’t had that feeling for a long time since I had it.”

Wei Xun sighed.

That kind of… Just entered the hotel and experienced the excitement and pleasure in the crisis.

“When the tour guide becomes stronger, the road is clear. In fact, the label of the hotel is very clear.”

If we keep low, we will become stronger.

I’ll go back to zero and my strength will soar.

Returning the San value to zero will completely become a monster, but before returning to zero, the lower the San value, the more powerful the alienation and the stronger the strength.

It is obvious that the hotel has recruited people close to me as tour guides, not to give them life, but to keep them alive.

The hotel is not the Savior.

What it wants is for the tour guide to fight in life and keep a sense in the extreme madness. Only in this way can the tour guide become stronger and stronger!

The strongest items for passengers are various titles, which can be said to be various talents, which coincides with the selection of passengers by the hotel.

The strongest part of the tour guide is alienation.


The dreamer finally took over the name brand. He is a tour guide. Wei Xun wants to understand it. He knows it long ago when he is a tour guide. It’s just that this road is too difficult… Too dangerous.

But this is the way the hotel draws the guide. If you want to be the strongest guide, you can only go like this, unless someone can surpass the hotel and make rules one day.

Wei Xun went outside, right here——

“People just have to choose their own way, so that they can become stronger.”

Nezha’s voice suddenly sounded and showed that he seemed to have left just now, but who knows where to peek.

As like as two peas, I am the same as my brother.

He hummed: “remember, the paper man funeral is not allowed in the underworld. Next, the Yin difference of the Yin army will definitely appear. I can’t manage it.”

He can’t get involved in mother Zhi’s funeral. In case Tiandao realizes that mother Zhi’s funeral is related to the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, she can’t bear it.

We can only let the underworld think that this is a paper man’s delusion to be buried as a human being, and let the underworld deal with this matter. It can be regarded as avoiding the important and taking the light.

“I also want to beat you tomorrow… Cough, exercise you. Don’t be fooled by the Yin army.”

“Nezha Ling is reminding me.”

After Nezha Ling’s voice completely disappeared, Yu Hehui smiled and eased the dignified atmosphere.

“However, the Yin army is really a problem. No wonder there is a funeral tomorrow at noon. This is to minimize the influence of the underworld. Cui Dao -”

Yu hehuitu was stunned and stared at the tall, thin figure standing at the door.

It’s thick outside at night. Turn on the lights in the house. The dim yellow light reflected on his snow-white micro roll silk, as if each silk scattered snow and bright light. The devil’s horn is curved, the ghost is curved, the snow is long, and the black horn is wrapped with complicated and mysterious patterns like silver. The cloak and hood fell because of them.

He looked sideways, half shadow and half light. The ancient mask of cyan and gold blocked the upper half of his face, showing more elegance and mystery. But the scarlet desert, with its bloodstained eyes, was torn to pieces. It had an elegant disguise!

“You, are you okay…”

Yu Hehui was stunned for a long time and asked dumb.

“I’m fine.”

Wei Xun’s voice is more deep and magnetic than ever before. He is laughing:

“I feel… Great.”

The original name card not only makes his San value not return to zero, but also suppresses the nature of alienation. The highest Xun San value of the guard assessed by the team leader is locked at 50, which is reasonable. He should have been alienated long ago. With a famous surname, Wei xunqai can still maintain his absolute sense of human form.

In fact, it’s safer to give Yu Hehui the name card, but Yu Hehui is now one with him and gave him “no” on the same journey.

The dream chaser can smuggle the clothes fish. Wei Xun thinks he must be good at sneaking.

Give him the name card and sneak out. In this way, it won’t have any impact on Wei Xun.


Wei Xun murmured. He went straight to the courtyard. In the wide courtyard, he quietly opened the wings of the devil.

“Bang –!”

When the wings of the devil opened, it seemed that something had hit in a trance. Wei Xun turned and looked, but he didn’t see anything. The devil’s wings fluttered and the wind rolled up. The paper scraps and dust left in the courtyard were swept away. Wei Xun took a breath. He closed his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth.

Unfortunately, I can’t fly yet.

In the dark, someone was startled by him and hurried here. The light reflected on Wei Xun’s pale neck. The magic stripe spread over the collar, climbed on the pale skin, and finally stopped at Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple, like a bud growing there.

At first, the visitor was startled by the appearance of C250 alienation. Then after Wei Xun folded his wings, he approached. It turned out that he was a devil merchant. When he walked a few steps closer, suddenly he stopped breathing and stared at Wei Xun behind him.

“Behind you -”

Wei Xun turned back at will, facing the upper pair completely dark, without any white eyes. He was dressed in a dark official robe with a high official hat, holding a soul hook. He was cold and not good at staring at Wei Xun and clinging to Wei Xun’s back——

It’s just that there are several holes in the body, and the official robes are scratched to pieces.

Who would have thought that when Wei Xun came to the courtyard, he spread his wings!

This posture is a little funny, but the identity of the other party makes the devil merchant laugh at nothing.

“Negative difference handling -”

The Black Ghost filled the holes. The other party’s majesty is incomparable against the ghost atmosphere.

“Creatures avoid -”

The shadow of black impermanence gradually dispersed, but the voice of warning still echoed in Wei Xun and the devil merchant’s ears.

“Otherwise – arrest to the underworld and plead guilty -”

“Fruit, Yin difference has found you.”

The devil merchant said, “white, that found me.”

The underworld warning begins after the paper man’s eye nod tonight. Although the power of heaven’s punishment shocked the hell, the Yin army would not punish them even if it was cut down.

After all, the paper man funeral is a difficult thing in the underworld.

They were polite to the guide, just threatening and warning. After all, the tour guide is a regular worker in the hotel.

But for the passengers from zhenzha, paper man and paper man, the Yin soldiers and Yin guards are not polite.

One night today, some passengers were warned three to five times, and Zhou Xiyang even went to niutoumamian. This made Zhou Xiyang stop thinking about the examiner of C 250 and the punishment of heaven, and focus on his eyes.

At dawn, the passengers gathered in the courtyard. They all bring their own paper people. This paper man is a scenic spot task item and cannot be taken back in the storage props.

Yin Jun Yin difference is a warning to them. He doesn’t hesitate to destroy the paper man. Now no one dares to leave the paper man alone.

 I don’t know if Mr. Zhizha ordered the paper people  Doudou eyes  because these paper people are very obedient and don’t make trouble against their bones .

“From five o’clock, I want to burn paper and chant scriptures. I have to have someone protect the Dharma.”

Half life Taoist said seriously. At the moment, they all took their travel cards and let Zhou Xiyang read them in turn.

Only when their identities are filled in the itinerary card can they join the funeral procession and leave the eight armed Nezha city.

Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er live in the siheyuan of Leigu Hutong. They are the main house. They are the “heads of the family”. But mother Zhi is on the top, and they have a lower generation. They can be regarded as mother Zhi’s eldest son and daughter-in-law.

Similarly, yuntianhe and yunlianghan in the East chamber are the eldest grandson and the eldest granddaughter-in-law, and the half life Taoist and Bai Xiaotian in the west chamber are the second grandson and the second granddaughter-in-law.

However, the second grandson’s daughter-in-law has a low status in the funeral and is not in a good position. Half life Taoist priest offered to buy “paper tie golden girl, paper cow and paper horse” in Leigu Hutong, and obtained the identity of Mr. Yin and Yang for himself and Bai Xiaotian.

Half a life as a Taoist, Bai Xiaotian temporarily wronged himself and became a monk.

Their status is determined. They are four people who live in the front yard.

Three werewolves, and October 10.

As “servants” and “foreign guests”, they have two barbers, one barbed head, and the other to pretend to be a paper man.

Obviously, the barbed head is the most powerful and the free position is the most dangerous. According to the wolf Augustus II, when the wolf is the barber in charge of the three wolves in the west, the most dangerous free position is thrown to October 10.

However, on October 10, the super three-star was powerful and supported by passengers from the East.

In the end, it was decided that mia, the weakest of the three wolves, would be the barber, Augustus and October 10, the strongest, and Mia’s brother, the free position.

Mia has good reasons – she is the weakest. As a lever, she will not threaten October 10 and other passengers. When she is in this position, she is safe. The barber is going to carry the coffin with the ghost bars. Augustus and October 10 are in trouble.

Now that MIA has a safe position, her brother will be the most dangerous free position, which is a bowl of water. Mia doesn’t have much opinion on such a distribution.

“Cui Dao, devil merchant, this is our itinerary card.”

After collecting the itinerary card, Zhou Xiyang handed it in to the tour guide and asked the tour guide to seal it and then come down. He can’t stop worrying about alienation and Wei Xun.

It was fine before Mingming. How did it become like this in the past night?

Let’s think about the split shadow behind Wei Xun last night… Zhou Xiyang thought of a special way before * * *. It’s very likely that he will come. If it’s him

Zhou Xiyang was worried about * * * extremely poor mental state and C250.

He’s alienated into what he is now… It’s not because he relieved and comforted * * * last night.



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