TTG Chapter 176

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 176: 390000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

“I’ll seal it.”

Wei Xun noticed that Zhou Xiyang looked back at him and saw that Zhou Xiyang, who was obviously very worried, smiled conditionally when he saw him.



Zhou Xiyang wiped his face silently. Even if you want to ask, you can’t ask. It will open your mouth.

“Last night was just a warning. The Yin army will start this morning.”

After thinking about it, Zhou Xiyang reminded, “don’t be caught.”

It’s common sense for the Yin army to seduce the soul and take it to the underworld for interrogation. After all, the world is still a human territory. There won’t be much advantage here.

“It’s cloudy today.”

Mei Ke’er said, “the Yin Qi in Zhi’s courtyard is too heavy.”

“It’s a paper man’s yard. Yin must be heavy.”

Bai Tiandao: “it’s also about to go to a funeral. Yin Qi can’t help but be released.”

“This Zhi family compound has a history of hundreds of years. Have you found anything about the Yin difference?”

Mia asked curiously.


Zhou Xiyang said only one word without much explanation. In the past, he had a keen intuition of the Criminal Police Brigade. Although MIA seemed to be the weakest in the western region, she was proficient in various folk cultures and looked like the brain of the wolf in the western region. These people made a bar for Zhou Xiyang to be vigilant.

Mia was thoughtful, and Wei Xun knew it. This is the front of the drum beating alley in Zhijia courtyard. According to the geographical location, Leigu hutong is the left rib of Nezha with eight arms. The left rib is the heart.

The eight armed Nezha city seen during the journey is different from the reality. In reality, Nezha’s “heart” is the hall of Supreme Harmony where the emperor used to sit, but during this journey, next to the “heart” of the Zhijia courtyard, the Yin Qi is hidden by the Zhengyang dragon Qi, which has been hidden to this day.

And its name is also wonderful. According to the naming method of eight armed Nezha City, the courtyard of Zhi family should correspond to fingernails. Few people know the location of its “heart”.

“Together… OK, you go.”

The devil merchant wanted to go together, but he changed his mouth. Looking at the back of Chui leaving, the devil merchant was thoughtful.

 there is a dreamer on her shoulder.

He was alienated into this  whether it was the reason that black impermanence came to the door, or the heavenly punishment last night

“The dreamer’s moves are very evil.”

The black widow said, “his power to control dreams is his control over human consciousness.”

People’s consciousness has a very wonderful and powerful power. In the past, there were cases where cancer patients believed that they had a problem with the installation and gradually improved. There were also cases where people felt that they were ill and their originally installed body gradually showed signs of illness.

“In your team leader assessment task, the maximum San value is only 50. You should have different degrees of alienation. But it’s a green one, but it’s different when it’s installed. ”

“Do you mean that this is the credit of the dreamer?”

The devil merchant’s heart throbbed and murmured, “he made Xiaocui think he was alienated or normal, so Xiaocui was affected by alienation or normal?”

If you want this, it’s terrible! Does the dreamer want anyone to think that their alienation and collapse will lead to the alienation and collapse of the other party?

“This is just a hint. He doesn’t have to do it. He can rely on his shining scales.”

The black widow yearned and said, “the dragon scale is more beautiful than the most beautiful gem.”

The devil merchant was silent.

Now, C250 shows a state of alienation, indicating that dream seekers are limited.

Was it really him who fought against the punishment last night?

Suddenly, the devil merchant’s body disappeared, and the next moment he appeared ten meters away. And where the devil merchant just stood, he quietly tied a pale mourning stick. The top of the mourning stick is two skeletons. The body of the stick is a leg bone. Strips of white cloth are as white as ghost hands. Each strip of cloth is wrapped with wisps of Pearl fog – it is scraped from the devil merchant!

Passengers who have gone far have noticed the difference here!

A pale, tall and thin shadow appeared. Different from the last meeting, Bai impermanence actually had an iron abacus in his hand. He looked at the devil merchant darkly. You can’t say anything, just install it underground.

“It’s over.”

Half life Taoist looked at it, shivered all over and covered his face.

“Get ready, the Yin army is really coming.”

“The iron abacus in Bai impermanent’s hand is shining with gold. This is the abacus he reported to Dongyue emperor and received the instructions of Dongyue emperor.”

Bai Yuqi also became serious: “the great emperor of Dongyue is the embodiment of Mount Tai, the sacred messenger between heaven and the world, and the patron saint of successive emperors who were ordered to rule the world.”

Mount Tai is the place where the sun rises. Emperor Dongyue is in charge of the death duty. *

“Nezha Ling can’t help, but he will even rake down and embarrass us.”

With the instruction of the great emperor Dongyue, the Yin army sent Yin to burn the paper man, catch and take out the funeral paper man and return to the underworld, so they have immortal life.

Moreover, if nezhaling still wants to help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum, he must not stop the Yin army and confront the great emperor of Dongyue. If the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty want to return to the emperor, they can’t avoid the great emperor Dongyue.

The reality is a dilemma.

* *

“… so I won’t do it.”


The iron chain and sharp claws hit each other and burst out dazzling sparks. Sharp nails hook the iron chain, and the two are deadlocked.

Nezha Ling stood on the eaves of the house, agitated, and shouted, “you must defeat him, at least beat him back!”

Black impermanence is to stop the seal! If Wei Xun doesn’t beat him back, nezhaling can’t stamp on the travel card!

Wei Xun suddenly clenched his fist, and several circles of wound iron chain left deep marks on his fingers. He also tightened his fingers, and there seemed to be a light golden mist stripped away by the chain.

“heart! He can scatter your Yang and soul!”

Yu Hehui reminded him that he swept aside the array and made stealth raids from time to time, disturbing the feet of black impermanence. However, the situation is much more difficult. Even if the black and white are changeable, the thousands of paper and peeling, the face and the face have no power to turn back, but now they have received their destiny, and even have regained their mourning stick and soul hook, and their strength is incomparable with that of Japan!

“Zheng Ding -”

Another handful of iron chains spilled out and wrapped around Wei Xun’s demon horns like a spirit snake out of a hole. Wei Xun never dodges and tramples on his body. His horn is entangled by chains, and his own body is approaching the black impermanent face!

Black impermanence turned into black fog and was about to disappear, but invisible water vapor surged up. It seemed that a dark unknown crow grabbed his sleeve and pulled him hard for a moment.

The destruction witness badge of the ancient country!


The wings of the giant devil opened and closed in an instant, trapping black Impermanence in his face.

“I caught… You.”

Wei Xun’s Scarlet eyes joked and smiled. Regardless of the Yang spirit gradually dispersed by black impermanence and his cold body, he directly opened his big mouth and bit black impermanence’s neck!

“So hard.”

It’s the destiny protector. When Wei Xun bites it, Hei impermanence’s whole body glows with a very light golden light. The golden light was as strong as steel and diamond. Wei Xun bit it down and felt sour for the first time. The golden light burst out along the chain like a counterattack, cutting off Wei Xun’s demon horn!

“Do you think I’m a dragon?”

But Wei Xun didn’t hesitate. He took advantage of the golden light to fight back. He took another bite from Hei impermanence. When his horn broke, he also bit off Hei impermanence’s neck!

“It’s not just dragons with long horns.”

When the Dragon broke its horn, it lost its combat effectiveness and became a Jiao after being deprived of its identity.

But what’s the effect of the devil’s broken horn?

Yin difference has no substance. Wei Xun bit off his Yin Qi and ghost Qi. Black gas surged up, and the wound was quickly repaired. Black impermanence looked at him, and his eyes fell on his broken corner. Thick black eyes were like doubt and fear. At the next moment, his body disappeared, and the battle was finally over.

“Call -”

The closed wings of the devil opened and closed. Yu Hehui saw Wei Xun here. I saw him standing there like a demon, his red eyes were indifferent, and his body was covered with Black Ghost gas, like fishy black pus and blood. Wei Xun leaned down and picked up the cut corners.

The moment his finger touched the corner, Wei Xun felt a sharp pain from all over his body. But in the twinkling of an eye, the pain disappeared again, like an illusion.

But it’s not an illusion.

Wei Xun took a long breath and knocked down a purified magic honey sugar ball to return the San value to 50.

Just now, Wei Xun wanted to take a risk on Hei impermanence or his iron chain, but the sudden pain made Wei Xun move and let Hei impermanence leave smoothly.

Why does it hurt?

Wei Xun, who recovered part of his reason, thought of what an Xuefeng said at that time.

The term “abyss” is very strong, but it is like a time bomb. The stronger the fit with the abyss, the deeper the alienation, and the faster the outbreak. ”

“If you don’t release it, it should take half a month at your rate of progress, and you will get out of control for the first time”

“Is this a sign of losing control?”

Wei Xun muttered with great interest: “half a month… Ha, now it’s still half a month.”

Under the alienation state, all kinds of emotions are more intense and extreme. Wei Xun hums with a smile, with a trace of pleasure and arrogance in his tone: “my progress speed is faster than you think.”


Hurried to Wei Xun, Yu Hehui installed the clothes and paid attention to his words. All his eyes were on the broken corner of Wei Xun. He was distressed and said anxiously, “does it hurt? How do you feel?”


Wei Xun said briskly, “it’s convenient.”


Yu Hehui was stunned and saw that Wei Xun put on a hood with the help of the devil’s horn. It was convenient to wear a hood.

“You, ah!”

Yu Hehui, who knew this, couldn’t laugh or cry. He was also a little relieved. Wei Xun was in good condition.

No, no!

He was shocked and said, “why is your Yin so heavy?”

“Heavy Yin Qi? Oh.”

Wei Xun threw the itinerary card to Nezha Ling and carelessly said, “I bit Hei impermanence.”

“Have you lost your teeth?”

Nezha Ling, who was relieved, sat cross legged on the eaves and said leisurely while stamping.

Black impermanence has golden light to protect the body. How can C250 bite——

“Bite it off. Black impermanence’s neck is not delicious.”

Tear and pull——

Nezha Ling tore the travel card, but if it wasn’t for it, he aligned it and stuck it well, and ordered it: “it’s worthy of being my brother. It’s cruel enough. It’s like me.”

Teeth are also very strong.

He followed the words of C 250 for a moment and speculated about the battle just now.

“You have scales and armor, and you are stained with the Dragon Qi of the dead Ming Dynasty. It’s normal for the golden light to think you are a dragon.”

But Yu Hehui’s focus is different from Nezha Ling.

“Did you eat it?!”


Wei Xun added: “it’s not delicious.”

The ghost gas was completely different from the devil gas. Wei Xun couldn’t digest it. At the moment, there was like a heavy cold iron weight in his stomach. Although the devil’s body is tough, it’s still a little uncomfortable.

“He has scattered your Yang spirit, and you swallow his ghost spirit!”

Yu Hehui immediately became a fox cub. Wei Xun sniffed and anxiously planed the ground: “you are short of Yang now!”

Black and white impermanence always acts together. White impermanence dominates Yin, sucks men’s ghost and disperses women’s Yin. Black impermanence dominates Yang, absorbs women’s Yang soul and disperses men’s Yang soul*

Wei Xun is now full of Yin. He doesn’t look like a devil, but more like a ghost!

“If he comes a few times, your soul will go out of your body.”

Yu Hehui warned.

“, I’ll just get some Yang Qi.”

Wei Xun didn’t like it very much. He took the stamped itinerary card from nezhaling and handed it to Yu Hehui.

“Help me give them to Zhou Xiyang.”

With that, Wei Xun turned and walked to the guest room reserved for them by the hospital. Looking at his back, Yu Hehui wanted to stop talking. He wanted to stare at Wei Xun and tell him to control his Yang. He also felt that Wei Xun was an adult and that he should leave him private space and don’t annoy people.

“Examiner… Although you don’t meet, he always pays attention to you.”

Yu Hehui, Qi Aiai, the most tactful reminder is that.

But does Wei Xun mean this?

Of course not!

It’s more exciting to do this under your nose!

Who will be the other examiner?

On the way back to the room, Wei Xun thought about this problem.

According to the conjecture of the dreamer and Yu Hehui, it should be. If the rules limit that there is only one examiner, the two people come this time, or the other party’s strength is too weak and is completely crushed by * *, or even come together, which will not be noticed by the rules. For example… He is now on duty in the hotel. He does have this kind of freedom.

Either they are very powerful and cheat the hotel rules for a short time with * *, or even confront the rules.

Who could it be?

Wei Xun vaguely seems to have grasped some clues, but the alienation state is not good. It’s hard for him to concentrate completely as he normally does. His thoughts will always drift to the feeling that makes him happy.

Such as Yang Qi, such as feathers.

“Now you’ll always burn.”

Wei Xun took out the phoenix feather and was satisfied to see that the edge of the feather automatically lit a fire. An Xuefeng gave him the feather at the beginning, that is, when he was about to lose control, he comforted him and relieved him.

Wei Xun felt that he was about to lose control, but the knowledge and interest of feathers still made him happy. He washed his feathers slowly and methodically, just like tasting a big meal, but he dried them. The happiness of delaying satisfaction made Wei Xun’s expectations higher and higher.

But when he finally put the feather to his mouth and wanted to take a sip

The flame of the feather went out!

It went out very unnaturally. The edge of its feathers was bright and dark, like a flame. It wanted to burn, but it failed every time——

It’s like being deliberately strangled one after another.

Wei Xun is not happy.


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