TTG Chapter 177

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 177: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (19)

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes slightly, stared at the feather, and looked behind him thoughtfully.

The feathers have gone out abnormally several times, which is definitely a cause of trouble.

‘* * *?’

Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast, then leaned against the wall, and the feathers that couldn’t catch fire rolled up with their tails first. Like when he took a bath that day, Wei Xun stroked the Adam’s apple and encouraged the demon species –  in the state of alienation, it was more effective to urge the demon species.

But as soon as the tentacle stretched out a sharp tip, the phoenix feather flame suddenly ignited. Under the burning flame, the tentacle just stretched out from the nothingness and darkness suddenly flashed, and its shape was unstable. There were several more virtual shadows, and then it disappeared.

Wei Xun lowered his eyes, pursed his mouth, locked his eyebrows, and showed an obviously unhappy expression.

Wei Xun knew that “an Xuefeng’s exclusive desire” and “* * love” would make people feel a little confrontational, but when he was in the bathroom, feather tentacles were all there, but he was close to each other, and no one could completely expel anyone.

But this time it’s different.

It’s like someone who gets involved in it. When the shit stirring stick burns the feather, he helps the tentacle to press the feather, and when the tentacle comes out, he helps the feather to press the tentacle.


Wei Xun felt uncomfortable. The point that the Phoenix fire lit just now was just a drop in the bucket for him, and the flame went out in an instant. The blood color in his eyes is more beautiful, and the long tail is a feather, but he can’t squeeze out any flame anyway. The gloomy ghost Qi in the abdomen not only failed to be dispelled by the Yang fire, but was disturbed.

The broken demon horn grows new horns, which requires a lot of energy and makes him feel empty. This kind of discomfort can only be suppressed with more happiness. Wei Xun is dominated by perceptual thinking and just wants to be happy.

“I count three.”

He breathed a little, his eyes were shining, his eyes were full of blood, but he was a little more irritable.

“If you can’t cooperate, I’ll go to Zhou Xiyang.”

Wei Xun threatened.

No matter how powerful the other examiner is, can’t an Xuefeng and * * work together? Non internal bucket makes you uncomfortable?

If you can’t deal with it, it’s waste!

When he said this, the atmosphere in the whole room seemed to stagnate. Suddenly, a ray of sunshine fell, and the cloudy sky seemed to clear up. This wisp of sunshine was warm, as if it could dispel Yin Qi. When it was reflected, Wei Xun narrowed his eyes comfortably.

“Is it sunrise?”

On the roof of the main house of Zhi’s courtyard, Nezha Linghu stared at the sky and tutted.

“ when the sun shouldn’t shine.”

He didn’t talk about it. He raised his hand and gathered dark clouds, which immediately covered the sun.

“That’s right.”

Nezha Ling was satisfied. When it’s time to burn paper cattle and horses and steal heaven and change her life for mother Zhi, you can’t let Yang break things.

When the funeral is held at noon, the sun interferes with the shade difference, which is right.

When the sun disappeared, the air became cold and gloomy, and a gloomy look appeared on Wei Xun’s face. Take a deep breath and start counting down——


What? Counting down to three, Wei Xun, who was so upset, directly counted one!

After that, he got up directly, threw his tail aside, and without hesitation walked towards the work –  didn’t go out.

I don’t know when the soft and tough tentacles grew around my waist and caress me like a pacifier. The Phoenix flame plume also flew and fell on Wei Xun’s tail like a spirit, and took the initiative to fall on the tip of the tail, burning a flame like a flatterer.

There seems to be an invisible force sweeping through, and the other party’s shrewd is only aimed at the tentacle. The Phoenix fire plume, which does not provide Yang, did not “stand idly by” this time. The flames roared up and burned to nothingness. With Wei Xun’s cold attitude, they finally reached their first cooperation.

* *

“Did you hear that? Nezha spirit called Bing 250 ‘brother’.”

On his way home, Wang pengpai pulled out the video of “black Impermanence in the second half of the Third World War” and watched it again and again. It was a little tangled.

“As I said earlier, the” elder brother “of the first C 250 shouted at the eaves, and Nezha Ling was there in front of him.”

Mao Xiaole said impatiently, “besides, can’t our captain grab the position of the examiner? Stop it.”

“Of course you can grab it with… But…”

Wang pengpai shook his head: “this is not thinking…”

“Apart from others, the alienation of C 250 is really the same as playing life.”

After work, Wang Yushu came to live with everyone: “it’s just not mature enough. It seems that there are more than two wings.”

“Yes, C250 is still growing.”

Wang pengpai nodded and sighed: “I have long felt that there is a slice of Xi life. He has been sealed at the sun gate. He knows so much about all kinds of things happening in the hotel. He can even affect the upper class. It is not just a puppet avatar and butcher alliance.”

“The captain should know.”

Wanxiang chundao: “ if you don’t say, there must be a way of ”

“The examiner of C 250 must be the captain.”

Mao Xiaole said firmly, “if it weren’t for you, the captain would have stopped sleeping and came here… Team, captain?!”

No one noticed when an Xuefeng arrived at the gate of the viewing hall. Mao Xiaole quickly stood up, but an Xuefeng just nodded casually and looked at Wanxiang spring, concise and comprehensive:

“Come with me.”

“Captain, are you okay?”

Wang pengpai couldn’t help asking. An Xuefeng looked a little strange, like angry, but not all. He was a little happy and a little lazy. The pleasure of a beast having just eaten a big meal or winning a war.

But what people care about most on the way home is that an Xuefeng is filled with a faint smell of the abyss.


An Xuefeng nodded and then left with Wanxiang spring. On the way home, the discipline of the team was very good. An Xuefeng didn’t call them. Wang pengpai could only walk with them without even questioning.

“Finished, the captain woke up. The examiner who came to C 250 was really happy.”

Wang Yushu rubbed his chin: “but the split posture… Hey, guys, do you guess whether the Xi life slice is really weak or pretended to give it to us?”

“Why do you ask? It must be installed. I like it best.”

Mao Xiaole sniffed at him, then hesitated: “I didn’t steal the slice of Xi life, the abyss breath of an Dui… Hey, you said,” what did you ask Wanxiang chun to do? ”

“Go to the gate and contact * *.”

Wang Yushu guessed: “* * * the situation should not be very good. I lost the fight with Xi life, and the smell of the abyss spread to an team… Alas.”

“If mental pollution, in fact * * bears more than the captain himself.”

Wang pengpai couldn’t help but say, “if only C250 could relieve * *.”

When this sentence came out, Wang Yushu looked at Wang Yushu with his eyes.

“You’re thinking about farting.”

Mao Xiaole scolded directly.

“Whose family member is C 250? Xi Ming sliced it out and beat * * for the sake of C 250. Do you think C 250 will pacify our captain?”

Xi ordered his brother to be a tour guide on his way home?

This is too much!

“Xiao Le is right.”

Wang Yushu has a toothache: “this can’t be done openly.”

It’s never advisable to fight the butcher alliance and take back the dog. They want to be a tour guide, but they are not hostile to C250!

Fortunately, the examiner can’t have direct contact with the examinee. There are still a few days from the first scenic spot to the second scenic spot.

“Although it’s not kind, the captain can only steal the house.”

Wang pengpai sighed: “to the best, C 250 is addicted to the captain. Xi life is a tour guide.”

There is no future for tour guides and tour guides. If you want to relieve each other, you have to be tourists.

“I don’t know the difficulty of this journey. C250 is likely to get out of control. Demonic alienation suffers too much in this regard.”

Is it true that you are alienated, and playing life can make you not find relief?

Instead of looking for Zhou Xiyang

“Our security team is also the first passenger.”

It’s a little strange to say that.

Wang pengpai choked out: “I won’t suffer any losses anyway.”

“This is just a normal connection between tour guides and tourists.”

Mao Xiao Le Tucao: “how do you make complaints about the alliance with the butcher League?”


Wang Yushu mixed in: “I’m more interested in the couple of hao’an team and Wei Xun – by the way, Xiao Le, you stay with Wei Xun more these two days. If you have a good relationship, you can invite him to stay, or you can be a guest in the brigade.”

Wang Yushu said in a righteous way, “I’m afraid of playing my life. I’ll retaliate against an team and start against Wei Xun.”

“It’s all your fault! Who told you that an DUI and Miss Wei are married!”

Mao Xiaole blew up on the spot.

“Who made you believe it?”

Wang Yushu stood up and looked innocent: “it’s all your fault. I’m sure I’ll be beaten up by the captain before I let go.”

I don’t know who sent it out. The whole senior level of the tourist guide almost knows about it. It’s hard to end this scene without getting married.

* *

Butcher alliance.

“Yin Yang butterfly.”

Feng Dao saluted calmly. The day after he came back from the abyss, he turned over B 38. Although he suffered a small loss because he did not completely control the alienation state, it did not damage the reputation of Fengdao and completely cleared up “Fengdao can’t do it!” Rumors.

The Yin Yang butterfly, who had ignored the bee path, finally caught her eye and summoned her several times.

However, after listening to the Yin and Yang butterfly, he asked him to catch Wei Xun – Feng Dao arrived on the spot. Wei Xun suffered a loss in northern Tibet. What if he suffered a loss in what should have been a period of rapid rise?

Besides, Wei Xun doesn’t have a mutual aid association. These days, Feng Dao is thinking about the little prince every day. He hesitates to say goodbye. He still donates something to the Mutual Aid Association. When he meets the little prince, he can severely ridicule his naive and unrealistic ideas.

I will catch Wei Xun and offend him on the way home. Isn’t it just uncomfortable for myself. So Feng Dao began to work hard — “he sent out a few magic bees to pretend to supervise Wei Xun, and reported to Yin and Yang butterflies every day such words as” Wei Xun met Mao Xiaole today “and” Wei Xun had lunch with Mao Xiaole today “.

Mao Xiaole exclaimed, “Wei Xun and an Xuefeng get married!” The news was reported in the report.

“What can I do for you?”

Once summoned by Yin and Yang butterflies in the past, Fengdao felt ambitious and full of fighting spirit, but in the past, Fengdao was a little dull.

“I asked you to come… Have you paid attention to the recent journey of C 250?”

Yin Yang butterfly is also a little absent-minded, and it’s hard to talk haltingly.

“It’s too late.”

“We’re sure to win in the East,” Feng said firmly

At any time, that’s right.

“You… Forget it.”

Yin Yang butterfly waved, “you don’t know anyway.”

“Go down.”


In the past, Feng Dao was sure to try every means to guess what was going on with the yin-yang butterfly. What do you want me to do. Play back the funeral palace live in the suburbs of Beijing several times to find some clues.

But what he thought in his mind was’ fortunately, he didn’t let him arrest Wei Xun immediately ‘

I can enjoy my idling.

Feng Dao left happily, but the expression of Yin-Yang butterfly was very strange.

After hesitating for a moment, he found a psychic medium.

The weeping psychic had red eyes, still had tears on his face, and was surrounded by a pile of toilet paper full of tears. But the corners of his mouth are rising, especially when he is moving to the live picture.

When the yin-yang butterfly came, she heard the psychic little  muttering,  staring at the live screen, in a very comforting and dreamy tone.

“It used to be like this when I was a child.”

Yin Yang Butterfly:.

“Damn Yun Lianghan.”

It is customary to scold Yun Lianghan first, and then yin-yang butterfly phase AI trial: “do you have any instructions recently?”

On the night of the attack on the butcher alliance, most of the yin-yang butterflies passed in a muddle under the suppression of spiritual pollution.

The psychic media knew a lot. When she was robbed by the puppet master, and when she was chased back by the puppet master, the puppet master was angry and deliberately said, “how could it be so coincident that night? I’ve never heard of the first puppet. How could it happen?” Aroused the suspicion of the psychic media.

Indeed, even if it is a puppet, how can the alienation state be exactly the same as the big one? Looking back on that night, the psychic media sent out many suspicious points.

However, at that time, the big man had no special instructions, and without the abyss bell contact, the psychic media kept it in mind for the time being.

But in, with the familiar wings on the live screen, the psychic media understood everything.

There is also the brother who called C 250. Although he always said that he called Nezha spirit, the psychic media found the new Sun Pendant, which was shining slightly at that time.

It’s really my brother!

I think of why she was so angry and even broke the sun pendant that day.

“An Xuefeng…”


It’s all connected with C250. How can you marry Wei Xun?

No wonder you are so angry!

Although the psychic media do not have a one-to-one connection, and the connection between tour guides and tourists is normal and pure, but an Xuefeng can solve the problem… An Xuefeng connects with C250 at this level, and C250 is absolutely addictive.

Will you marry an Xuefeng again

What a scum!

“How are you doing about catching Wei Xun?”

The corners of the psychic’s eyes were still red, but they were full of evil spirit. An Xuefeng’s connection with C 250 must be a big threat. Even if big people are generous and strategize, they naturally have to share their worries for big people!

Catch Wei Xun and take an Xuefeng. Even if the marriage rumor is false, it is absolutely true that we attach great importance to Wei Xun on the way home!

“Big… Just now, a Sun Pendant was shattered.”

Staring at the face of Yin-Yang butterfly, the psychic medium’s tone was flat and implied threat: “you know what big  means.”

Even the psychic media don’t know whether there is a master slicing in the playLife. Even if you want the examiner of C 250 to be big, the psychic media also understand that this is not a high possibility.

There are many trapped sun gates and they are in poor condition. If you fight for the examiner, the noumenon must sleep. But you can still get angry and shatter the Sun Pendant… Alas.

  • ··What a waste. I’m afraid the examiner of C 250 is * *.

No wonder Da Yu is so angry that the psychic media can’t breathe when they think about it.  her complexion is not good, she looks at the butterfly of yin and Yang, and her negative emotions are vented on her.

Yin and Yang butterflies also feel unable to breathe.

Why? Why did this happen.

On the night of the attack on the former butcher alliance, he still wanted to be the first puppet of the great butcher, take charge of an abyss node, go to the peak of his life and fight with the psychic media – even at the beginning of the journey, he thought that Yun Lianghan had gone in, but none of the psychic media had gone in.

It was Yun Lianghan’s good fortune that killed Bing 250 and won the token of 30 degrees north latitude… Alas!

“I’m catching him. My men have been staring at him all the time.”

The yin-yang butterfly bowed down and said, “when Wei Xun and Mao Xiaole leave, they will start at once.”


The psychic medium said faintly, “OK, go down.”

You still have to cut the video collection of C 250. When you come out, you will be the first to dedicate to you!

The live screen of C 250 is always black, which is very difficult to cut.

* *

“Xiao Tian, come and help!”

Half life, I’m tired. Bai Xiaotian didn’t know much about the monk, so he knocked on the wooden fish and made some records. Yin and Yang Dharma Masters are presided over by half life Tao.

At the moment, they are in the main room in the backyard, in front of the coffin, where mother Zhi is in the mourning place. Half life path puts out the paper ox and paper horse, and Jin Tongyu puts out the paper ox and paper horse. Sister Qian beats her hand lightly. She takes out a piece of mother Zhi’s clothes – put the dead clothes on the paper ox or paper horse, and then half life path path path can open up the paper tie sacrifice.

Sister Qian took out a man’s coat and put it on the paper horse. Half life knew what she meant. Sure enough, as she had imagined before, mother Zhi will be buried as a male.

Although there is no gender in the paper, mother Zhi has been targeted by the Yin difference. It is not a simple job to change from a man to a man. Half life path simply asked sister Qian to open the coffin and let Hong Jiang in – zombies can best cover the Qi machine because they can’t distinguish between yin and Yang. Of course, half life road is also to obtain first-hand intelligence and do some suppression to mother-in-law Zhi.

Sister Qian certainly disagreed at first. The half life way tried to persuade her, but she made some concessions, among which she beat back two incoming negative errands and was so busy that she beat her back.

As a result, when it was finally agreed, he turned back. However, he found that it was Mr. Ba who knocked on the wooden fish, while Bai Xiaotian was lazy, holding a book and writing and drawing!

This can turn the half life path upside down.

“Here comes the deputy regiment.”

Bai Xiaotian picked up the book and went to the side of half life road: “remove the shield?”

“What to withdraw? This is the secret of Laoshan. It can’t be spread to the workers.”

Half life road, unhappy road.

In fact, I don’t want to haggle over every penny. The image of bargaining spread and had a bad impact.

Half life road still pays great attention to his image.

“You go and light up the paper wrapped sacrifice. It will always be light up. I remember you got the Sandalwood Hand string of Buddha before? Just use that.”


Bai Xiaotian replied, “you come forward quickly, tie the paper, twist the feet of Jin Tong Yu to the back, and let them ‘kneel’ in front of the coffin. Then you move the paper cattle and paper horses, and let their heads face the southwest – the southwest corner is the Kun divination, which corresponds to the death gate.

so obedient and neat, half lifeheartfinally felt comfortable, and thenlooked serious.

“You open up here and I’ll get your pillow.”

When Mr. Yin and Yang sang the Sutra, he burned the dead man’s pillow, paper cow / paper horse, golden boy jade, golden mountain and silver mountain. This is called CI Ling. In ancient times, rich and noble families would speak on the day of coming out of the spirit, that is, they were in the spirit.

And the key to half life’s way to let mother Zhi “go from male to female” is on this pillow.

“Boundless Heavenly Master.”

Half life path  followed sister Qian all the way, and had not just reached mother Zhi’s bedroom before she died,  felt the sky shaking and cold behind her, which is a sign of the soul out of the body! Half life path  the secret path is bad. I just kneaded the curse, but the next moment  my shoulder is very heavy, as if suppressed by invisible mountains, and my upper body can’t move at all!

However, the half life Taoist priest had already prepared. He silently recited “the true king of Sanmao”. The broken token hidden in his hand flashed a faint golden light, which directly stabilized his soul and relieved his burden.


When I heard the click, I stepped back and went back. What I had just put on my shoulder was a pair of gold flail of unknown material!

The half life path is bitter, but the face doesn’t move, showing some dignity.

“General Jin, God should do things for the real king. Please do something.”

General yoke (Golden yoke and silver yoke) is one of the six generals of the City God, commonly known as Lord yoke! Black and white impermanence ranked seventh and eighth. General Gasol II is on the team!

“I’ve seen… God should be the real king.”

The golden yoke turned into a shape of a man wearing a red embroidered official robe. He had convex eyes and fangs and a fierce face. He held the yoke in one hand and a thin booklet in the other.

Seeing the word “life and death” in this booklet, his eyes twitched.

The book of life and death is ranked on the list of black-and-white impermanence, which is why you can hold a copy of the book of life and death!

“Now there is a paper book trying to be listed in the book of life and death, disturbing the order of yin and Yang… The big book makes us explore clearly.”

General Jin said politely, but his actions were not polite. He stood in front of half life road: “my brother caught paper in front of me, and please God should stop.”

Obviously, red stiff in the coffin, masking the smell of paper, so that the gold and silver general can’t explore. First grab grandma Zhi’s pillow, catch the wisp of essence and spirit, and then press this to arrest the paper!

You can’t be kind when you come here!


Half life road, without hesitation, spilled a handful of soybeans. Suddenly, the soybeans grew in the wind and became soldiers, pestering general Jin. Half life road immediately threw out a stack of binding talismans. While general Jin was temporarily entangled, he drank a little. The thatch in his hand suddenly became a sharp sword to cut iron like mud and killed mother-in-law Zhi in her bedroom——

Yin difference can’t be killed. What you do is grab the pillow and burn it, so that the spirit can write the real name of ‘grandpa Zhi’ in the book of life and death!

Fortunately, I didn’t let Bai Xiaotian in.

Half life way  his face is very white. It’s really like half life. He’s still having fun in bitterness.

Xiao Tian is so weak that he must have been hooked away the first time he came in!

In front of the coffin, Mr. Ba knocked the wooden fish with the paper. Through the shielding, Bai Xiaotian took the book and thought deeply. He saw the alienation state of C 250 on the parchment and the two shadows behind the paper last night.

But in this silhouette like shadow, Bai Xiaotian actually drew a rough figure!

The same shadow is not divided into two halves. The shadow drawn in the pen is more like two different individuals!

But the next moment, Bai Xiaotian closed the sheepskin roll and looked back.

That’s the way half life road leaves.

I can’t feel anything different, but Bai Xiaotian frowns and his eyes are slightly narrowed.

The next moment, he pressed his ear and whispered something.

* *

“What are you doing?!”

The front yard is where the ghosts rest. At the moment, it’s a mess everywhere! The red bar was crooked and covered with dew like blood marks. The big one cracked and the earth rolled over. The red wolf Augustus stood on the messy earth and roared angrily:

“October 10th, are you crazy?”

It was clearly agreed to subdue the bar ghost by means, but on October 10, without warning, he suddenly started to fight you!

When the scarlet oil paper umbrella was thrown again on October 10, Augustus jumped up in a rage and pushed the oil paper umbrella back with a wolf’s head.


When the oil paper umbrella hit him on the head, it made a brittle sound like a metal attack, and forcibly smashed Augustus under him.

What a powerful force!

“You –”

Augustus got up and felt his head buzzing and the sky shaking. He felt more dizzy than when he was shot in the head by Zhou Xiyang!

He roared out, and looked at October 10 with a little more fear in his eyes.

“You hide your strength.”

Such power is not just super Samsung!

In a flash, Augustus thought a lot. Did he kill him first on October 10? It shouldn’t be. All the staff in the Department have been assigned. Who will take the blame for killing the Department? But Augustus clearly felt the killing intention from October 10!

The wolf depended on intuition. Without hesitation, the blood light shrouded Augustus. In a moment, the body size of the wolf seemed to double! Blood slaughters the wolf, the crazy soldier in the wolf, the madman!  you can explode several times your current strength. The more bloody, the more killing, the more powerful!

“Kill me?!”

The blood wolf roared and killed on October 10. The language changed to wolf roar: “roar!”

But on October 10, there was no sign of it. She took back the red oil paper umbrella and put it on her shoulder, just against the silent steel fork from behind.

The huge ox head came out behind October 10. It held a steel fork and a soul charmer. In the twinkling of an eye, it fought with October 10 for more than ten rounds. Augustus on the other side failed to attack on October 10. He turned fiercely in mid air to avoid the piercing steel spear and stamped horse hoofs.

The powerful power that erupted here attracted the ox head and horse face! The fierce battle in the front yard was huge, and the main one was Augustus roaring loud enough to attract the attention of all the people. Even Bai Xiaotian in the backyard feels it.


On the surface of the original blank book, it seems that the cover has been removed, and a word “” is faintly exposed. For a moment, Bai Xiaotian’s momentum soared. Without hesitation, he took out a brush, opened the book, wrote a pen, and then closed it. It took no more than two seconds, and then the momentum of the day returned to normal.

He hesitated, picked up the wooden fish and looked back like he was worried about his life. Just then, the two rays of gold and silver swept rapidly and were hitting Bai Xiaotian’s body. Bai Xiaotian couldn’t escape and was stunned.

“Xiao Tian, come and help me – no, why are you out of your body?!”

Half life road describes being embarrassed and panting. He ran and burned with a pillow. He didn’t even care about the Taoist robe. Seeing Bai Xiaotian’s body lying on the ground and his soul standing on the ground, he screamed like a screaming chicken.

After a period of war and chaos, it was not easy for the pillow to burn out. Bai Xiaotian’s soul returned to his place, and half his life finally took a breath.

“How can you be knocked out of your body in the face of work?”

He asked, puzzled, muttering in his heart. Just now, the situation was extremely dangerous. There was only half of the half life token. It could not compete with the general of gold and silver at the same time. It could only deal with it. After he stole the pillow with the Five ghosts fortune curse, the golden yoke and silver lock hit him hard and hit him half life. Three souls lost seven souls and almost became dead.

Fortunately, at the most dangerous time, somehow, the gold and silver general suddenly stopped, looked at the life and death page in their hands, and then threw down half his life and rushed directly to the work surface before giving him a breathing machine.

“Sorry, deputy regiment, I’m too weak.”

Bai Xiaotian confessed, and then looked at half life with worship and curiosity: “was that the legendary Lord Gasol just now?”

“Of course! Burn mother-in-law Zhi’s pillow and let the spirit leave a name on the page of life and death. Yin can’t send Yin to catch it in advance?”

Dialogue  Bai Xiaotian cancelled the shielding, half life said , he looked at  with appreciation, hummed  slowly , took , the crooked hair crown and dusted , his Taoist robe: “, I didn’t do it, I’m afraid it will be difficult for mother Zhi to go to the funeral this time… Of course,  I’m going to call grandpa Zhi.”

“The vice regiment is really powerful!”

While telling stories, Bai Xiaotian flattered half life Tao, which made half life Tao blush.

“Cough, well, keep a low profile, keep a low profile.”

The half life path finally converged: “you continue to stay here and recite scriptures. How about I go to the working face and the spirit shed.”

I’m also thinking about general Jinyin’s sudden rush to work. I’m going to stop by to work. It’s eight o’clock in the morning. It’s almost there.

Before the funeral, the coffin was first carried to the mourning shed, and then Mr. Yin and Yang held an “opening ceremony”. Finally, after the filial sons and grandchildren knelt down, the coffin was covered and nailed. From then on, the coffin can no longer be opened.

Asked Bai Xiaotian to go to the front yard first to be the barber who would carry the coffin. Then he was startled by the mess.

I saw Augustus panting like a bullfight and furious. On October 10, he stood opposite him with a red paper umbrella. It was quite calm. As soon as he lowered his head, he guessed that the soft soil was full of cattle and horse hoof prints.

“Why did ox head and horse face come here?”

 hold down  ask Zhou Xiyang holding a pottery basin.

Zhou Xiyang held the yin-yang basin in his hand. As the eldest son, he fell down before the funeral. What this basin stresses is that the more broken it is, the better. If it is not broken at one time, it is the most taboo thing.

In order to prevent the negative difference from changing the pottery basin into something that could not be broken, Zhou Xiyang went everywhere to carry the basin.

“I don’t know.”

Zhou Xiyang said, “I noticed half life’s pale face:” have you gone to your place? ”

“Of course, I’m the heaviest Mr. Yin and Yang.”

Half life raised his chin and then wondered, “I thought at least one ox head and horse face would come to you.”

Zhou Xiyang, as a very important filial son in the funeral team, is sure to get into trouble. Moreover, the super star is the most powerful. It is possible to find it even if it is a cow’s head and horse’s face.

“Augustus hid his power.”

Mei ke’errou said that at the moment, she changed her dress, with a white flower on her temples and a low eyebrow. She was really like a “eldest daughter-in-law”. Even her voice became a “daughter-in-law”. Meckel held a pottery pot in her arms, which was the food pot for the dead and the food for the dead to take.

If there is a negative difference, it is also bad for the can. In this regard, veteran travelers are extremely cautious. Although there is also a risk of being affected and broken, it is at least safer than leaving it alone.

“They broke out, at least with the power of super stars.”

Yuntian River,  put on a white dress, which is the dress of the eldest grandson.

“The guides are here.”

Wei Xun and devil merchant stood on both sides. Devil merchant’s face was strange, angry and slightly happy. He was angry that he hid his strength with Augustus, and even he hid it. He was glad that he had the strength of a super star with Augustus. It was obvious that the highest combat power in the West could compete with that in the East.

“Damage to public facilities in scenic spots… This is a fine.”

Looking at Xiaocui, the devil merchant coughed for a while and started first.

“She did it first!”

Augustus angrily said, “the blood color on his body hasn’t faded, and he’s fierce.”.

“Who did she do it first?”

Half life road stood behind Zhou Xiyang and whispered with a small voice that all people could hear.

“You’re the only one in the front yard. Who knows if your friends from the western district are bullying October together?”

“I haven’t played yet. Tut tut tut.”


“All right.”

At this time, Wei Xun said, “pay the fine as you should.”

The devil merchant looked at him in surprise and thought Xiao Cui would help him speak on October 10… After all, although Augustus shouted that October was the first hand, to tell the truth, the devil merchant didn’t believe this posture.

Well, what do you want to do? It doesn’t make sense to kill Augustus.

Then the devil merchant felt that Xiaocui turned her head and looked at him lightly. He was suddenly awed in his heart.

Yes, the funeral is coming soon. The two of us must stand together and be absolutely fair. In this way, the passengers can be restrained during the next journey.

Before the funeral, there are so many ghost soldiers attacking…  it’s still a warning. It’s too late to organize the team until the real funeral.

“Just do as Cui said.”

The devil merchant became serious: “pay half of the fine.”


In Augustus’s angry roar, Wei Xun and devil merchant collected fines from them respectively. When turning in the points on October 10, Wei Xun touched her hand for a moment.

On October 10, he was obviously stunned, wrinkled the tip of his nose, and made a subtle “smell” action.

When the farce was over and everyone returned to you, Augustus beat his middle finger hard on October 10, and then continued to beat his ghost, he went to the hut under the pretext of Fang on October 10. First she repulsed a Yin army from the top of the thatched house. She couldn’t wait to hold her ears and send a message to Bai Xiaotian.

‘feibai, feibai! I smell it! ”

On October 10, he said with a cheerful voice: “Cui Dao smells like Captain and * *! Very strong! You should have just been relieved! ”

‘very good’

Bai Xiaotian calmed down. “Did you smell the crazy sun?”

“It’s not necessarily the crazy sun. Have you ever smelled the smell related to playLife?”


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