TTG Chapter 178

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 178: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (20)

“No! Didn’t the examiner come? ”

On October 10, I was puzzled. After thinking about it carefully, I decided, “I really didn’t smell the same smell as the crazy sun.”

Then he got up briskly: “moreover, even if there is, he will be covered by the captain’s smell. Yu Hehui has been with Cui Dao, but I can’t even smell his breath! Why, feibai, what did you find? ”

“Just a little thought.”

Bai Xiaotian calmly said, “I used the letter of people, and I can’t do it for a while. Pay more attention to MIA. There’s a problem.”

“Well, shall I try?”

You don’t have to believe what you said.


Bai Xiaotian said, “be careful when carrying the coffin.”

Among the four of them who lived in the outer court, Augustus and the tenth of October were barbers. When carrying the coffin into the mourning shed, one person should carry the coffin with a tray on his back and carry the head of the coffin with both hands back, commonly known as “carrying the head”, and one person should hold the corner of the coffin in the back, commonly known as “holding the corner”.

The direction of the handle for carrying the head should be flush with the ground from beginning to end, and there should be no inclination.

It’s important who goes before who goes after.

“You should use the horn.”


Deer Book orange should come down, the two immediately ended the call. They communicate and hide through special props, which is the voice that only they can hear and will not be found by outsiders.


After leaving the thatched cottage on October 10, she saw that fifteen steps away, Mia looked at him eagerly. This distance is kept well, which will not offend people, but also feel comfortable.

“I’m going to carry the coffin.”

As a lever, Mia handed over these tasks to Augustus on October 10.


On October 10, he answered coldly and went forward.

“About Augustus -”

“Didn’t he have a mouth?”

On October 10, she twisted her eyebrows. She was wearing a hat. The hanging gauze blurred her expression, but she was cold from her tone.

“If you have anything to say, let him tell me himself.”

Mia was bitter and explained softly, “I just hope that when you lift the coffin later, you can get rid of past grievances and cooperate smoothly. Augustus is really too explosive, irritable and not calm enough. So I hope…”

I hope you can be a shoulder bearer.

But on October 10, he hissed and interrupted his words: “I’m free to carry my head and horn, but I won’t give my back to the wolf.”

“I don’t believe him.”

After that, on October 10, he left Mia and found Augustus himself. Under his wary and hostile eyes, he leaned on a red oil paper umbrella and said coldly, “Hey, you say you think you’re weaker than me, so you want to be a horn?”

“Weak? Ha?! you are too arrogant!”

Augustus became even more angry on the spot: “the last contest has not been decided. Do you really think you can beat me?!”

“Anyway, I don’t trust you to go behind me.”

On October 10, I looked at Mia and said, “I’ll be the horn.”


Mia hesitated a little, but Augustus was stunned. Before, her anger disappeared a little, and the wolf turned around with a touch of doubt in her eyes. On October 10, after finishing his words, he left neatly, leaving the three wolves in the west to discuss.

“Why do you want to be a handyman? Hey, Mia, is there anything particular about this bank?”

October 10 refused to let Augustus stand behind him, but it proved that his strength made October 10 afraid to show his back. But Augustus was not a pure white fool with muscles in his mind. He had a strong wild intuition and was acutely aware of the line on October 10. He was a little anxious.

“If there is any change in the coffin, we can’t find it in time.”

Mia mused, “and those who carry their heads will go to the mourning shed.”

“This spiritual shed was set up by Mr. Yin and Yang’s half life Taoist. I’m worried about fraud.”

Although those who carry their heads can grasp the direction, they are the more powerful of the two, but there are also more dangers. Put the back of the corner, you can better examine the moderation, and you can react more when things are bad.

“In addition to the words, those who carry their heads have to shout some trumpets, which is the password.”

“Hum, so it is.”

Augustus snorted coldly and said, “I see!” “I see. Is this trying to deceive me? I can’t speak Mandarin well. Is it an offence? What punishment will I be punished?”


Mia choked, which was an angle she had never thought of.

I’ve been on a trip to the East. Can’t I even speak Mandarin well? Look what the devil merchant says!

Mia said reluctantly, “it shouldn’t be. It’s just a simple password to make your actions neat and uniform.”

“I think what you want to be is not a horn, but a bar head.”

Olena, who had been silent all the time, said: “Oriental people don’t say their goals directly, but always achieve their wishes in a tortuous way.”

On October 10, when he said frankly that he wanted to be a horn, they would naturally arouse suspicion, worry about whether it would be dangerous to be a shoulder, or doubt whether he was arranged at the corner of the coffin.

In the final analysis, Mr. Yin and Yang is not from their Western District, so there will be many scruples.

“If you want to be a shoulder bearer, let me just turn the corner.”

Augustus said impatiently, “it can’t be what they want anyway.”


Mia was still hesitant. When she remembered her original proposal, she refused before she spoke out on October 10.

“Maybe you really want to be a horn, maybe.”

“It’s also possible. What can be determined?”

Augustus said angrily, “do you predict? Do you predict? Do you predict? Is it over yet?”

“I don’t believe it. I have to carry the coffin out next. Can they play Yin tricks here?!”

* *

When Augustus stood in front of the mourning hall and carried the coffin back, the unimaginable weight made him curse madly.

Fu · CK, people in the east side are crazy. They really play Yin tricks?!

How heavy is this coffin! There is something fishy here!

It’s 9:30 in the morning. It’s still cloudy and it’s drizzling outside. All the passengers gathered here. They were sad and sad. Augustus roared and raised his coffin head. On October 10, they held the coffin tail according to the trend. Their cooperation was quite tacit. From beginning to end, the coffin was horizontal to the ground.

Although the rule is that when carrying the coffin, the barber must keep his back straight and not bend at all, it is when there are barbers on both sides of the four corners of the coffin. The ghost bars in the front yard could not enter the backyard, so they carried the coffin into the mourning shed. Only Augustus and October 10 did this.

Augustus was much taller than October 10. If they wanted to keep the coffin level, Augustus had to bend slightly and lower the height as a barbed head. But this posture was tired, and bending down was not enough to use force, which made Augustus feel that the coffin was too heavy.

He is a werewolf. There is no only grandma Zhi in the coffin that can make werewolves feel heavy!

Augustus clenched his teeth so hard that a little wolf hair grew on the back of his hand.

Yes, there is also an old) red stiff.

Zombies are extremely heavy, even more than steel. Their red and stiff head is integrated into the blood of the mutant Dryad. They have been tempered by half life Taoist, at least one or two thousand kilograms. Thanks to the extraordinary material of the coffin, otherwise I’m afraid the bottom of the coffin would fall off as soon as Augustus and October 10 lifted it up.

In my heart, half life Taoist is serious.

“Enter the mourning shed -”

The Lingpeng is built in the outer courtyard. At the entrance is a huge and gorgeous paper memorial archway. Orange paper is used as the eaves and corners of the roof tiles, and red paper is used as the column. Even under the column, there are two stone lions. The workmanship is fine. Into the Lingpeng is the word “memorial” with two black and white characters on the left and right.

“This shed is unusual.”

The devil merchant exclaimed, his eyes dignified: “I feel a breath of ancient) soul from the top.”

“The bamboo, willow, paper and pigment used in the Lingpeng are unusual.”

Wei Xun said, “all the money saved by Zhi’s family is used here.”

As a tour guide, Wei Xun, Yu Hehui and the devil merchant all stood outside and could not follow up in the mourning shed in order not to interfere with the “immersive experience” of tourists.

Strictly speaking, the items in the Lingpeng were arranged by half life Taoist with Bai Xiaotian, but the Lingpeng itself was taken out by Zhi’s family.

“I have a housekeeper and several powerful servants. Have you ever been there before?”


Wei Xun shook his head. The devil merchant is the servant who has just arranged the mourning shed quickly, erected the paper memorial archway and the housekeeper who commands.

The eldest housekeeper of Zhi family had already become a ball the first night. It is said that sister Qian didn’t survive the impact of the gold and silver general and lost her soul and became a paper man. But after they died, a “housekeeper” appeared, and some servants and guards who didn’t know where they came from.

“They should be hiding in a special way, and the key moment will appear.”

Yu Hehui said.

Today’s funeral begins. It’s the most important time since the funeral.

Augustus and October 10 have carried the coffin into the mourning shed, but it is not plain sailing.

Augustus only felt that the coffin on his back was getting heavier and heavier, like a mountain. It’s like an iceberg. Sen Han’s cold air penetrated his back through the bottom of the coffin, as if to freeze all his internal organs.

Augustus even saw the white smoke when he exhaled – the ambient temperature was indeed falling.

Moreover, the road in front of him seemed to be endless. It was clear that the spiritual shed was close to him, but he couldn’t go in anyway.

It’s weird!

Most importantly, Augustus felt that the coffin was leaning back subtly, as if October 10, the day when the coffin was carried behind, was no longer open or lower, which forced Augustus to continue to bend down and keep the coffin stable, but his vigilance rose to the highest level.

The lowered height should not be intentional on October 10. It’s more like a person who carried the coffin and quietly changed for a shorter person.

dog shit!

Augustus’s face was livid. In a moment, the cold wind blew, and his trousers rotted without warning, revealing two big hairy legs!

Did they do it on October 10th? But what’s the point of rotten pants! Augustus was angry only because he felt that he was not interested in being teased and showing his legs.

He clenched his teeth and held his breath in his chest, but he still carried the coffin meticulously – when the coffin was in place, he would never understand all this!

On October 10, I carried the coffin without expression. I felt the coffin head down, but on October 10, I kept my waist straight, but my legs were slightly bent to maintain balance. This posture is more tiring. What’s more, when you only wear white socks and step on the ground, you don’t know when your shoes disappear.

Just now, there was a ‘man’ behind him who stepped on his shoes.

I remember October 10. There was no one behind him.

But on October 10, there was no such thing as shoes falling off, and there was no distraction. His eyes were fixed on Augustus’s shoulder from beginning to end, and he didn’t look anywhere else. And he has been adjusting his coffin lifting height with the tendency of the coffin, keeping the coffin parallel to the ground from beginning to end.

I don’t know how long I walked, maybe a few minutes, maybe more than ten minutes. On October 10, the prompt of the hotel finally sounded in my mind.

[you passed the barber’s test!]

[test reward payment -]

[you get 2000 points]

[according to your performance, you got the temporary Title: experience) Dao · barber!]

[experience Dao · Barber (temporary title): experience Dao barber, you know that when lifting the coffin, you must straighten your waist and exert even force. Look directly at the shoulders of predecessors and can’t look at other places. Even if the shoes fall off, there is no private action and doesn’t disturb the rhythm!]

[as a barber of experience), you are the core figure of barbers. When you appear, the barbers around you will be more calm and orderly!]

But the hotel tips in Augustus’ mind were slightly different from those on October 10. He also passed the test and got 2000 points, but the temporary title he got was only ‘skilled barber’

[skilful Barber (temporary title): you are a skilful barber. When lifting the coffin, you can ensure that the coffin does not shake and always runs parallel to the ground. Even if your pants are rotten, there is no private action and does not disturb the rhythm!]

[as a skilled barber, you are the main figure in carrying the coffin. You can carry the coffin smoothly under the leadership of Dao barber according to your experience!]

Experience) Road barber? Not a bar?

Mia is a powerful person. Why is there an “experience” in the tip? Under the leadership of Dao barber

Augustus could not feel his strength.

“Drop the coffin -”

The half life Taoist’s long voice sounded, and Augustus and October 10 dropped the coffin. Bai Xiaotian came forward to help. He saw Augustus glare on October 10, but he didn’t make a sound. There must be no fighting or loud noise in the mourning shed.

And it’s a foregone conclusion!

* *

“Sister orange, the back corner must have been calculated.”

On the way back to the cinema, Wang Yushu said, “no one can pick the small nodes except him.”

“Details determine success or failure.”

Wang pengpai said happily, “it’s just caution. I’m afraid others won’t notice. After all, he can think of ‘internal grading’ all the time.”

Internal positioning is the hidden rule of the hotel. When there are two passengers with the same identity in the immersive scenic spot, the journey will set a lower level for them.

For example, Augustus and October 10 are barbers. They must be divided according to the performance in the scenic spot. For low difficulty trips, such as danger level and difficulty level, although there are internal ratings, they will not be shown in detail, but will subtly reflect the NPC attitude or the different difficulties encountered in the scenic spot.

However, the extreme danger, especially in the journey of pseudo non solution and true non solution, will be reflected in the internal grading.

For example, on October 10 and Augustus were given different temporary titles.

“Black and white are impermanent. The ox head horse bank, the yoke master and the lock master all appear. In this third-order extremely dangerous journey, it is normal for this bank to have specific performance.”

Just after Augustus put down his coffin, he glared angrily on October 10. He was prompted by the hotel. This point is clear in the heart of those returning home.

“Among them, it is easier for those who carry the head to dominate.”

Wang Yushu objectively commented: “I thought I would let Lu Shu and orange compete for the position of the front bank.”

Although the test is more severe, the benefits are greater.

“ my pants are as rotten as Augustus?”

Mao Xiaole disdained and said, “could he let the deer book and orange live broadcast have rotten pants?”

“You say how his brain grows and how he knows how strange the details are.”

Wang Yushu was also speechless. He checked it casually. In the “barber’s rules”, he saw rules such as “the waist should be straight and should not be bent”, “people in the back should stare at the shoulders of people in the front, and should not look at it indiscriminately”, “even if their shoes fall off and their pants are rotten”, and so on.

Who knows that there are real shoes and pants in this scenic spot!

Just thought of it.

“In addition, Augustus is too high. In order to maintain stability when lifting the bar, he will certainly bend his back and won’t score too high.”

Wang pengpai shook his head: “he carries the coffin head, and the hidden score is slightly higher. If he carries the tail, he should get a lower evaluation. But if the evaluation is too low, it will be disadvantageous to carry the coffin for a funeral.”

Calculation has its own discretion. Everything is for the best effect.

“That’s nice. I think deer and Book orange look much happier.”

Wang Yushu suddenly sighed and shook hands sadly.

“They must be able to rub and appease like Zhou Tuan… Alas!”

“It’s been ten days!”

Although the playful man sliced and became the examiner, this does not prevent C250 from pacifying the brigade. I just don’t know how long it will take them to get home at the end of this journey. They can get C 250.

“I also want to experience the feeling of having a guide…”

Wang Yushu sighed and stared at the live screen with envy. After leaving the mourning shed on October 10, he ignored the suffocating Augustus and leaned directly against C250.

* *

“Director Cui, I just met –”

On October 10, he solemnly reported the situation to C 250, from the crooked coffin to the lost shoes, to the test and so on.

“C250 likes all kinds of legends and information about folk scenic spots. The more detailed the information, the better.”

I told you before I came.

“You can use this to get close to him”

On October 10, I talked about it in detail. I was very interested in it and took the initiative to get some details.

Next to the devil merchant, he heard a few ears and envied them.

Are all your east side passengers (except Yun Lianghan) aware of this? Will you take the initiative to report?

The devil merchant hinted that he looked at the werewolf Augustus, but Augustus was angry and stared at October 10 when he came out of the mourning shed. Feeling that the devil merchant looked at him, Augustus gave him a look by the way.

The devil merchant… The devil merchant doesn’t want to talk.

“I feel good these days?”

I’ve had a good chat. Wei Xun said it casually.

On October 10, his eyes brightened and he said coldly, “it’s ok… It’s just food.”

Mr. Yin and Yang in the mourning shed also presided over the light ceremony. They talked about dinner here.

The devil merchant was speechless.

* *

In addition to the barber, other “filial sons and virtuous grandchildren”, Mr. Yin and Yang, gathered in the mourning shed. The black coffin was beaten to reveal the dead in the coffin.

Mother Zhi lies in her coffin in her shroud and looks peaceful. At first glance, I can’t tell whether it’s a man or a woman. It looks like a girl’s male face and a boy’s female face. In particular, his face is pale, like paper without any blood color. Wrinkled skin is full of dark spots, which are more like moldy spots than human spots.

When “Zhi mother-in-law” was originally pressed down by red stiffness, people turned a blind eye to the fact that there were more zombies in the coffin, but she didn’t see it. But Yun Lianghan opened his mouth, but he didn’t make a sound.

It’s the half life path closest to the coffin.

Mother Zhi’s shroud is worn upside down!

Obviously, he is lying on his back, but the shroud is facing up, not only the upper body, but also the lower body and feet——

No, No.

Half life Taoist observed carefully. The more he looked, the more he felt frightened. It was not that the shroud was worn upside down. Mother Zhi was lying in the coffin, but her head was screwed back!

Half life Taoist quickly calmed down.

Before he put Hongjiang in, everything was normal. Hongjiang could hide mother Zhi’s breath. It was not the Yin soldiers who were sent by Yin. This should be a vision caused by changing gender.

You can’t tell a man from a woman just by looking at her face, but you can see her body. If you twist your body back, I’m afraid you’re hiding the hidden changes in your body. But the time was too tight and too urgent. Before mother Zhi could come and turn back, the coffin was carried to the mourning shed!

That’s trouble!

“Please honor your son for the dead -”

Half life Taoist took the inverted rice handed by Bai Xiaotian, took down the red chopsticks vertically inserted in the middle of the inverted rice, handed them to Zhou Xiyang, and thought quickly in his heart.

Mother Zhi herself was not dead. Before, she could rotate freely in the coffin. However, as long as the light ceremony is over and the funeral begins, in order to hide from the Yin army, he has to pretend to be a complete dead man since he was born, and now he is also.

In other words, you can’t turn your body over by yourself. The bodies of the dead are as bizarre as those of Guo Zhi. There must be a problem in them. The Yin difference is very likely to be investigated by the soul of her mother-in-law Gou Zhi.

Mother Zhi’s body must be straight in the spirit shed. OK!

Zhou Xiyang also discovered the difference between the corpse of his mother-in-law. He took a sad look at the chopsticks, touched the white wine, and looked at the double, nose, mouth and so on.


“ eat cattle and sheep with a clean mouth;”

Zhou Xiyang shook his head slightly.

The body is hard! Just like the corpse for a period of time after death, you can’t turn your body right through hard rotation, which will break mother Zhi’s head!

You have to find a way. How can you make Grandma Zhi’s body no longer a “normal body”, but a rotating one?

When you pass through your five senses, you have to be light hearted, light handed and light footed. You must straighten the body.

Zhou Xiyang moves more and more slowly. What they need to do now is to find a logical reason for mother Zhi to move the body!

“Filial son.”

Half life Tao moved in his heart, as if he noticed that Zhou Xiyang’s speech speed gradually slowed down, he lowered his voice to remind him.

“Yes, there are demons!”

But the next moment, Zhou Xiyang’s inverted rice fell to the ground with a bang!

He recoiled in a daze and waved his hand wildly and pushed meike’er, the ‘eldest daughter-in-law’ kneeling beside him. Mei Ke’er was surprised and moved again. He looked pale, but he was sad in his heart.

Mei Ke’er scolded secretly and fell down to the coffin. When he touched the coffin, he suddenly turned into a black cat with teeth and claws open and round like a coal ball!

“The black cat is in the coffin – pretending to be a corpse!!”

Half life Taoist shouted in a very pompous rage. He was brave and fearless. He picked up the black cat and kicked it out of the mourning shed. The corpse in the coffin didn’t miss the chance and stood up.


Half life Taoist priest said fiercely. He pinched a curse blindly and tilted Bai Xiaotian in his busy schedule. Bai Xiaotian threw the wooden fish in his hand on the spot, and Su Xiaotian read the six word truth of Buddhism!

“Ho, Ma, Na, Ba, MI, Hong!”


It’s no use for a Taoist to read the six character mantra of Buddhism. What’s useful is the wooden fish he threw. The wooden fish was throwing at mother Zhi’s head. With a crisp sound, mother Zhi’s head was smashed and turned half a circle!

Grandma Zhi, who pretended to be a corpse, was no longer stiff and could turn her head around.

Then the half life Taoist put out the “town” mantra, and his hands fell on mother Zhi’s shoulder – skillfully helped her turn the whole line.

“Hoo – it’s dangerous.”

When the dust settled, Grandpa Zhi, who turned his head and succeeded, was well placed in the coffin. His expression was peaceful, and the corners of his mouth seemed to contain a little. Half life Taoist priest did not keep the empty sweat. The rigid tray also looked like the embarrassed mouth of Zhou Xiyang:

“Eldest daughter-in-law…”

Half life Taoist still wants to save it. He said that the eldest daughter-in-law was possessed by a cat demon. It’s OK after the exorcism.

But the next moment, he suddenly looked a little tangled.

[you have passed the test of Mr. Yin and Yang!]

[test reward payment -]

[you get 2000 points]

[according to your performance, you got the temporary Title: Mr. Yin and Yang

[killing demons and Demons · Mr. Yin and Yang (temporary title): you have found an evil black cat demon trying to interfere with the peace of the dead! This dead body has special power and can attract many demons. Please protect the dead body from desecration during the funeral, and capture and kill the cat demon and its monster accomplices!]

This is still a sub camp scenic spot! Damn it, not only are Yin troops chasing and killing, but there are also camps in the brigade.

Is this too strong for them?

“The eldest daughter-in-law is really a cat demon.”

Half life Taoist priest showed a more ugly face than crying. At the same time, there was a sad and angry cat cry in the outer yard.

“Meow – meow – meow!”

Even if you don’t understand cat language, you can still see the black cat swearing wildly.

Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist thought of a bad idea, but they separated him as a cat demon!

Yes, I deserve it!

“What does it say?”

Wei xungang was chatting with him on October 10 when he saw a black cat flying out of the mourning shed like a shell. It has fluffy hair and looks like a ball. A black cat rolled on the ground and stood up. It was about to rush into the mourning shed again, but it froze before it rushed in.

He started to yell at me after he died.

“Split up.”

Wei Xun originally meant Yu Hehui, but his answer was October 10.

“After all, this is a third-order extremely dangerous journey. It is normal – the higher the journey, the more it will be mixed with the competition among passengers.”

Calm on October 10: “Cui Dao has just entered the hotel. Haven’t you seen the celebration at the end of the new year yet.”

Not only Wei Xun, but also the devil businessman. There was no live replay of the celebration at the end of this year. They couldn’t see it even if they wanted to find it.

“You’ll see it at the end of the year celebration.”

They talked so calmly, but Augustus was not calm!

[although you are a skilled barber on the watch, you are also an accomplice of the evil black cat demon, bloodthirsty red wolf spirit!]

[the evil black cat demon has been exposed. You can choose to hide your identity, contact it secretly, or contact other partners. Your purpose is to destroy the funeral and take grandpa Zhi’s body!]

Damn it, Augustus thought of the wolf hair on the back of his hand when he carried the coffin. It must be because of this that he was judged to be the camp of monsters!

“Hmm? Is it evil?”

Nezhaling’s figure suddenly appeared beside Wei Xun. He wrinkled his nose and looked at Meckel and Augustus.

Hostile eyes made their hair stand up.

Before they became wolves and cats, they were just titles. They were the internal system of the hotel. But now they have won the camp of “demon”, which has attracted the attention of Nezha spirit!

“Brother, there are two demons in your team… Let me kill them for you.”

Nezha Lingdao, he will never allow anyone to destroy the funeral!

Originally, this scenic spot was the enemy of the Yin army and the passengers. Its power was fairly balanced, and Nezha spirit could not interfere.

But now there are “monsters” on the passenger side, and two of the three forces want to destroy the funeral. It’s normal for the monster side dominated by the phase tray to get Nezha’s hostility.

Nezha’s spirit is too strong. Normally, even if there is hostility, he can’t fight. But he recognized Wei Xun as his brother.

All kinds of causes and effects are connected. What Nezha Linggang said is true. He can really do it!


When Wei Xun felt the killing intention of Nezha Ling, he wrote lightly: “it’s interesting to raise some monsters for fun.”

Then he waved to Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui turned into a fox and jumped into Wei Xun’s arms. Although the pure white fox is not yet an adult and still has some milk fat, it can already see its luxury and beauty.

“You like to raise some monsters.”

Nezha’s spirit tilted him for a moment and didn’t say whether he believed it or not. Anyway, he saw Wei Xun’s intention not to let him do it.

It’s just two little demons. It’s not too strong to let him get angry with Wei Xun for this.

“It’s up to you… But I won’t spare them if they make trouble.”

As soon as his threatening words came out, the black cat group immediately trembled, pinched its tail and retracted its ears. Without looking back, it slipped out of Zhi’s courtyard, and its back was unspeakable desolate. Augustus bit his teeth, but stopped and didn’t go.

Unlike Meckel, he could see from the tips of the hotel that Augustus could continue to hide.

He can’t go. Mia and olaine are weak. If he leaves, they will be bullied and excluded by the people in the East.

In addition, according to the tips of the hotel, the “monster camp” should still have partners. He can also see the situation by staying.

Augustus clenched his teeth and held on.

When he didn’t leave, Nezha Ling snorted coldly, but he didn’t do it as soon as he promised Wei Xun. Also too lazy to see, the figure gradually disappeared. Finally, he said:

“I like plush animals. What a child.”

Wei Xun doesn’t care about him in general. He wants to have more plush animals under his command. Don’t be all kinds of insects. It’s better to change his taste.

Apart from Yu Hehui, the most plush animals he contacts are an Xuefeng. No one is a real beast. Who should reason with.

“I’m starting to buckle.”

On October 10, I heard Zhou Xiyang’s voice in the mourning shed. He shouted the word “hide nails.”.

Kill button is a nail, sun nail. There was a special coffin nailer, but half life Taoist did the work here. Every time he knocked, Zhou Xiyang, his filial son kneeling in front of the spirit, shouted to hide the nail. When the seven descendants are nailed, it’s time for a funeral.

On October 10, Chong Wei Xun nodded slightly and then walked to Augustus. They have to carry the coffin next. Wei Xun watched more than ten Zhi’s servants waiting outside the mourning shed carrying the glittering coffin cover.

The coffin cover looks like a sedan chair. It consists of 24 covers. The outer cover seems to be divided into nine layers. Each layer is embroidered with various auspicious patterns and all kinds of good deeds done by grandpa Zhi. The cover in front is embroidered with a faucet.

Male embroidered dragon, female embroidered Phoenix.

As soon as the coffin cover came out, there was a sign of clearing up on the rainy day. The sky light reflected on the coffin cover, which was called golden light, shining, floating in the breeze, and the cover trembled slightly. At a glance, it was like a winding golden dragon! The luxurious coffin cover covers the coffin. You have to wait until after the funeral palace to uncover it.

At the same time, the thirty ghost bars appeared quietly in front of the mourning shed and turned into thirty tall and thin figures, like a barber carved from a mold.

It takes 32 bars to carry the 64 bars from the door to the street to become a “small invitation”. Wait until after the street and fill in 32 bars, a total of 64 bars. There is a common name for the folk tray, which is called “Tianlong bar”.


A crisp sound came from the sound ruler in Mia’s hand. The bar head holds the sound ruler. Please use the small bar and hold the single ruler. When you get to the street, change the large bar and use the double ruler. According to the folk custom of this bank, Mia didn’t make any mistakes.

The barbers entered the mourning shed, and at the same time, the ‘filial sons and grandchildren’ rushed out and knelt in front of the mourning shed according to their generations. Zhou Xiyang knelt down on his knees and cried loudly. He fell down heavily with a pottery basin in his hand.


At the moment when the pottery basin took off, a wisp of black gas came out from the ground and rushed up. It was like trying to drag the pottery basin like a buffer so that it could not be broken. Zhou Xiyang’s eyes were sharp, and the dark red light flashed past, and the setting sun defeated the Yin Qi.


The earthenware basin fell to the ground and broke into countless petals. Then the barbers in the mourning shed shouted, and half life Taoist sprinkled paper money in front of the coffin. Before October 10, after Augustus, other ghost bars took their positions and carried the coffin out of the mourning shed.

The housekeeper and Zhi’s servants immediately came forward and gently covered the coffin. At that moment, the originally clear sky was suddenly covered with thick clouds, just like late at night. It seemed that there were six extremely high and huge shadows reflected in the darkness between heaven and earth. They stared at them from four directions and glared angrily.

It’s the projection of six Yin differences. It’s powerful! Another evil spirit soared into the sky and faintly condensed into the demon shadow of a ferocious black cat.

But the passengers are not afraid! As a filial son, Zhou Xiyang stood at the front with a flag, fearless and invisible.

“Out of spirit -”

The loud and sharp voice of the half life Taoist resounded through the heaven and earth.

The funeral of Zhi family has officially begun!


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