TTG Chapter 179

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 179: 400000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

The sky is dark, the wind rises suddenly, and the wind is wrapped in muddy water vapor, as if it would pour heavy rain.

The heavy coffin and coffin cover were carried by the barbers. The half life Taoist stopped throwing paper money. He took out a special mobile phone to play Daole.

Drum music  Zhou Xiyang carried the soul leading flag and his eyes were red. He led the brigade around the coffin three times to the left and then three times to the right. This is an ancient spirit giving ceremony in Jiangxi, called the great funeral around the spirit.

There are too many requirements for the funeral ceremony of spirits in the scenic spots of the journey. Zhou Xiyang chose miscellaneous funeral rites everywhere. The ancient and modern funeral rites are intertwined and mixed everywhere, just to confuse the Yin difference and the Yin army. The situation is worse than originally thought. At present, they are completely focused on the Zhi family courtyard. I’m afraid anything coming out of this courtyard will be targeted!

Let’s focus on it.

Zhou Xiyang led the way with a spiritual banner. He was followed by yuntianhe, the ‘eldest grandson’. There was a red line wrapped around yuntianhe’s fingers, which was connected to the coffin carried by the barbers behind and put into the coffin cover. Seven offspring nails were nailed to the coffin before, and one was nailed tightly.

This nail is wrapped with a red line and led by the eldest son, which means “stay behind”. Although normally, visitors have to play all kinds of roles in the funeral of Grandpa Zhi, and what should be done is still complete.

This red line is not ordinary. It is always connected with the coffin, which can better monitor the movement of the coffin. Zhou Xiyang still doesn’t trust yuntianhe very much. As the eldest grandson, yuntianhe can walk beside him and communicate at any time.

Same as the coffin, the coffin was followed by the coffin. Originally, after meike’er and Yun Lianghan broke up, now meike’er has become a cat demon, leaving only Yun Lianghan, the “eldest granddaughter-in-law”, which makes Zhou Xiyang unable to let go.

Even if Bai Xiaotian followed at the end and knocked on the wooden fish to chant scriptures, Zhou Xiyang couldn’t let go. The funeral was definitely attacked. He had solved the previous restrictions on Yun Lianghan’s shadow. In this way, he didn’t know whether Bai Xiaotian could contain Yun Lianghan.

Half life Taoist was more worried than Zhou Xiyang. He threw paper money in front to buy a road, which was farther away from Bai Xiaotian.

Such a large funeral procession naturally separates the people of the brigade.

“You go to the bathroom.”

Wei Xun asks Yu Hehui to go to the funeral. The funeral team is watching. He stands with the devil merchant and walks in front of the funeral team. Zhi’s courtyard is in an alley. You can’t change to the big bar until you get out of the alley and go to the street. There are a large number of people in the funeral brigade really prepared by the Zhi family, and they are also waiting outside in the street.

“First go out of the Forbidden City through the Donghua gate. Then either go through the street crossing, or go out of the city through the drum Avenue, and then go to the funeral palace in yangshou town.”

The devil merchant was worried: “do you think you can get out of town today?”


Wei Xun said, “it’s really dangerous to leave the eight armed Nezha city.”

After all, Nezha spirit is in charge in the city, and now some camps in the passengers are too strong to prevent the funeral, so Nezha spirit also takes the opportunity to do it.

“Look at your hurry. It’s just a little fuss now.”

The black widow spider lay on the devil merchant’s shoulder and lazily watched the old housekeeper of Zhi’s family take people and insert a road flag at the entrance of the alley. This is a small triangular flag pasted with five color paper to guide the dead. The first half of the road is fine. From the Hutong section to the street outside, the road flag fell down just after it was inserted and could not stand up at all.

At first glance, it’s a ghost.

The old housekeeper calmly threw out the big paper money. The paper money was empty. See “turning over and swallowing” the dark green ghost fire from nowhere. Even if the ghosts took the money to buy the road, the road flag could not be erected——

This is not just embarrassing Zhi’s family, but a clear reminder that the road ahead is really impassable and dangerous.


Barber’s coffin is still behind. The old housekeeper turns back to find the half life Taoist. He looked forward and knew how to do it. He nodded, “give it to me.”

Then he saw that the half life Taoist humanized the thatch into a sword and cut it off with a low cry. Like an invisible sword, it swept the road in front of the alley and scattered the accumulated paper dust and crooked road flags.

They must go this way today!

Cut a path, then.

After the half life Taoist cut through the air, the old housekeeper inserted the road flag again, and they could stand steadily.

“It’s all kids.”

The devil merchant breathed a sigh of relief. All those who could scare off the half life Taoist priest with a sword out of thin air were just the kids blocking the way. The real Yin army of Yin difference should start.

Then he looked at it again.

The more you don’t do it now, the more serious the situation is. I’m afraid you have to take a thunderbolt in the back!

“You said…”

The devil merchant is about to ask the black widow for advice. He finds that she is relaxing her interest and testing Xiaocui.

“When it’s so important, chasing dreams? With you?”

The black widow said with a smile. Eight spider eyes swept Wei Xun’s shoulder: “it’s strange that people miss seeing old friends.”

“I think it’s too dirty.”

Wei Xun said, “the fishy smell is too heavy. Don’t dirty its scales.”

Indeed, hutongs have changed slightly now.

* *



With each step, there was a sticky and dull sound of water under your feet. It didn’t sound like stepping on a puddle of water, but like a puddle of sticky gum. The hard earth under your feet seems to become soft, like a swamp that easily traps people. Naturally, the barbers who are most affected are the barbers. The barbers who carry coffins are fairly stable, led by the “experienced barbers”.

Augustus sniffed and looked dignified. He smelled a strong smell of blood.

The smell of blood came not only from somewhere, but from the earth under their feet, from the side walls, even from the sky, from all directions – as if they were walking in an incomparably wide blood vessel now!

Zhijia’s courtyard is built in the “Guanzi” in Nezha City, eight arms. At the moment, it is going to be “Guanzi”. This alley is naturally a “blood vessel”! The blood is steaming, moist and smelly. The air is foggy red everywhere, and the humidity increases sharply. Mia felt bad. The sound of playing the ruler was more urgent. So the barber accelerated with her beat, and the speed of the whole funeral team was several times faster!

“Boom -”

“Boom -”

After the break, Yun Lianghan was on alert and looked back. The guide was in front. He was the last. It seems that the scenic spot is “out of the mobile phone”. Even if Meckel is now a monster and someone supervises him, Yun Lianghan plans to do it now.

Bai Xiaotian, the last chanting? Vegetable chicken. He doesn’t stand with half life Taoist. Yun Lianghan doesn’t pay attention to him at all.

Now, the only thing that can talk is this white sky.

“Hey, you hear thunder.”

Yun Lianghan lowered his voice. He was looking at the sky. Soon, Yun Lianghan found that the sound of thunder did not come from the sky.

It came from behind them.

The blood gas is getting stronger and stronger. Yun Lianghan’s shadow is weak. He relies on the shadow to reduce the influence of blood gas, and the expression on his face is more and more dignified.

Not only the dull thunder, but also the earth trembled slightly. As his eldest granddaughter-in-law, he didn’t go down to the ground, but sat in a white wooden car. Yun Lianghan’s eyes could see that the ground was covered with black and red viscous liquid. Bai Xiaotian walked hard every step, and the liquid had flooded his lower legs.

Suddenly, Yun Lianghan’s pupils shrank. He saw a dark red line like a tide at the end of the alley!

“Passengers, please look at your back.”

The voice of the devil merchant came to every traveler with the guide Mai. At the moment, Mia’s feet sounded like rain, and the whole funeral procession ran completely!

“Eight arm Nezha city is modeled on the human body design, and the latest artificial wave making system has been installed in recent years! The big wave is coming. Please don’t crowd and trample on it and enjoy it!”

Experience your grandmother!

Even if the passengers on the west side were shouting abuse, the thick blood fog choked them to hold their breath and rushed forward. Ming Ming is only a few steps away from the entrance of the alley. Although the sound of the wave like thunder is urgent, Zhou Xiyang obviously can’t catch up. Zhou Xiyang’s face is still dignified.

Suddenly he stood still and shouted, “shrink the formation, catch the people and things around, don’t loosen!”

No matter what the brigade thinks, they choose captain Xin at this moment. At the moment when they just grasped the things around them, the torrent of blood fell from the sky like a nine day waterfall!

In the sky, at your feet, the side walls burst out turbulent blood flow at the same time! The dull thunder behind is just a means to mislead passengers, and the close alley is even more tempting. The blood and water impact is very strong and sticky. If you don’t listen to Zhou Xiyang’s shrinking formation, I’m afraid the funeral team will be scattered, and it will take more time to gather again!

“In order to let the passengers have the best experience, small waves are made every minute and large waves are made every half an hour!”

“Tell the passengers good news! It will be a big wave in a quarter of an hour!”

dog shit!

“Keep going.”

When the blood wave was a little small, Zhou Xiyang immediately ordered to move on. I’m afraid they were all affected by “making waves” before they left the Forbidden City! What they just suffered was only small waves. It’s hard to imagine what big waves are.

The implied meaning of the devil merchant’s words is to let them out of the Forbidden City from Donghua gate in a quarter of an hour!

“How cruel.”

Rao is the devil businessman. He couldn’t help taking a step back after reading the tour guide. He seemed to feel the deep resentment of the tourists towards him and was shocked by the difficulty of the scenic spot.

He felt that any dangerous point could be used as a scenic spot.  here  is a compound type  there are too many dangers.

“No wonder it’s hard for the Yin troops in the eight armed Nezha city to start.”

The danger in the eight armed Nezha city also obstructed the Yin guards of the Yin army. Like now, this place has completely become a bloody place. Any ghost evil Yin army can easily be stained with blood.


Wei Xun responded perfunctorily. He was staring at the blood on the ground, if you think.

They have been waiting at the street corner for a long time. Blood waves swallow blood and muddy blood stain blood. At the moment, the ground outside the street began to exude strands of pus and blood.

It reminds Wei Xun of the blood road he walked through with an Xuefeng on his back. He couldn’t help but look a few more, the next moment——

Wei Xun took out some vials, squatted down and began to collect black and red pus and blood.

What else can you do??

Yes! You can do that!

The devil merchant immediately ignored the empathetic tourists. Seeing that Xiaocui collected a few drops, he asked him to see if he had any problems. Also took out a container and began to collect pus and blood on the ground like Xiaocui. This is the pus and blood in the extremely dangerous journey, and it is the “dirty blood” of eight arm Nezha city. This value

The devil merchant saw a small blood pit, less than a slap in the face. He was very cautious and didn’t intend to collect much. Such a small pit was probably too small——


As soon as the devil merchant reached for the bottle, the blood in the blood pit suddenly turned into a slap and slapped him in the mouth!



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