TTG Chapter 18

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (18)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 18: Drunk beauty in Xiangxi

“Oh? You want to invite me over?”

They took the initiative to find Miao Fangfei, and Wei Xun’s first reaction was that he scared Xu Chen to death. Xu Chen in the small courtyard of the corpse group just now fainted when he saw him.

“Yes, everyone is looking forward to your arrival.”

Miao Fangfei thought about it, and smiled cautiously: “Dao Bing has worked hard along the way, everyone wants to take a photo with you.”

There is also a knack for asking the tour guide to go there. Because of the special status of tour guides, the hostel does not allow tour guides to help travelers too much. If Miao Fangfei said, ask Bing Jiu to go over and deal with the grievances on the coffin, then Bing Jiu would receive a warning from the hostel at that moment.

But if you want to take a photo with the tour guide and ask him to go over, then that’s fine. This is the experience that veteran travelers have summed up from time to time.

Faced with Bing Jiu again, Miao Fangfei was not rude because of Bing Jiu’s “fancy” to her in the past. On the contrary, she was more cautious and respectful-Miao Fangfei was very smart, and vaguely guessed that Xu Chen fainted was not because Because I saw the core of resentment, but because of Bing Jiu!

How powerful and mysterious is Bing Jiu hiding before Xu Chen fainted at a glance!

Thinking of this, Miao Fangfei became more submissive, and she felt a little more worried. She was not sure to invite Bing Jiu over, and Miao Fangfei was even ready to be rejected. If Bing Jiu refuses–


Wei Xun readily agreed, and then pretending to be troubled, he glanced at his tattered sleeves, and prolonged his voice: “It’s a pity, I’m a bit unphotogenic now.”

Unexpectedly, hearing his words, Miao Fangfei asked in confusion: “Isn’t Lin Xi… sorry, I overstepped.”

Yes, Lin Xi would be very happy and willing to do the laundry to him. But Wei Xun didn’t want to risk being pounced by Lin Xi every time. What if Lin Xi succeeded, and he really threw him on the ground!

His innocence!

“I understand.”

Seeing Bingjiu’s lips twitching slightly, smiling without saying a word, Miao Fangfei suddenly realized, and solemnly nodded her head: “You will be satisfied, please come with me first, we all are waiting for you to take a photo.”

What do you understand?

Wei Xun was a little dazed, and led Miao Fangfei to the main house. As soon as he arrived, he saw the tourists standing in two rows neatly, just like the little brother Yingbin, and he was relieved when he arrived.

“Let’s go, let’s take pictures.”

A little dwarf with a Polaroid hanging on his chest squatted. He didn’t dare to look at Wei Xun, so he slid into the house like a mouse.

“Yu Hehui is right, let’s go into the room and shoot.”

Shi Tao opened his eyes and said nonsense: “After all, there are intangible cultural heritage…historical sites. It feels even more photographed.”

As soon as Wei Xun entered the room, he knew what they had troubled Bara to invite him to do. He could feel that the coffin in the house was covered with a layer of cold resentment, but when he entered the house, all those resentments slipped away and all ran away.

Because Wei Xun still had Pingping’s blood-resent dagger in his pocket.

The resentment of the corpse group is afraid of Pingping’s resentment, like a mouse meeting a cat.

Wei Xun became interested, and planned to go back to study the dagger with the resentful spirit in the legend. The passengers here have quickly stood in two rows according to the size, clustering Bing Jiu in the middle. Everyone has a false, business smile.

“Eggplant, eggplant!”

With a click, the photo came out of the Polaroid. Yu Hehui shook his hands and took a look at the photo, and his expression immediately relaxed.

After Miao Fangfei promised repeatedly that he would make arrangements for Bing Jiu immediately, and after’laboring’ to send Bing Jiu away, the tourists immediately gathered around Yu Hehui to look at the photos.

He was so polarized that he could take supernatural photos. At this moment, he can clearly see in the photos that the black resentment that originally covered the coffin has disappeared, only a layer of faint, dark red resentment is covering the eight coffins.

Miao Fangfei and the others immediately went to see the other four coffins. Sure enough, the corpses in the coffins showed their original shape. It was the corpses in the yard that had been soaked in decaying and whitish rain water!

Afraid of renewal, they did not personally touch the rotting corpse, but carried the corpse out of the coffin. Miao Fangfei and Zhao Hongtu cautiously used the bamboo poles they found to turn over the carrion corpses, and the sharp-eyed Miao Fangfei found that these carrion corpses were missing their middle fingers.

Is it a coincidence, or…

“I didn’t expect Bing Jiu to be so strong.”

Zhao Hongtu’s voice was very low, and he was unwilling to clenched his fists. Bing Jiu just came to stand around and drove away the grievances of the corpses. Not only that, but he also left his own’breath’, making the corpse group resentful not daring to come closer.

Is the gap between them really that big.

“He is our tour guide.”

Miao Fangfei said lightly: “Let’s go, go to deal with the corpse.”

“Team Miao, why did you invite Director C in?”

Wang Pengpai greeted him over there, and the people on behalf of everyone asked their worries: “This is a major event that our entire brigade has benefited from, and no one will let you pay for it alone.”

No one refuted Wang Pengpai’s words. Obviously, after experiencing this cooperation, the feelings of everyone in the brigade were a little better.


Miao Fangfei also breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “You know, Bing Jiu has a habit of cleanliness, and he wants someone to wash and sew clothes for him.”

She lowered her eyes, seeming to be a little sad, pretending to be indifferent: “Everyone, go ahead, we have to stop work before nine o’clock. I will speed up a little bit, and then I will go, Hongtu you stay here to protect everyone- —”

“Team Miao, let me go.”

Zhao Hongtu interrupted suddenly, turned his head, and said coolly: “I’m almost done, you, you are stronger, stay here for insurance.”

At first, Zhao Hongtu refused to accept Miao Fangfei, and her relationship with Bing Jiu made Zhao Hongtu disgusted. But these few times, Miao Fangfei’s decisiveness and wisdom have gradually changed Zhao Hongtu’s view of her.

Whether it was Miao Fangfei who knelt down first, or she really invited Bing Jiu over to solve the brigade’s problems, she deserved the title of captain! Young people love and hate, and Zhao Hongtu thinks Miao Fangfei is a good captain.

She succumbed to Bing Jiu, it must be Bing Jiu’s persecution!

What moved Zhao Hongtu most was that he had misunderstood her so much before, but the Miao team still recognized him. Look, she specifically named him to stay behind for protection because of her trust in him.

Scholars die for confidants!

That being the case, he is a man, how can he let Miao Fangfei go to Bingjiu’s wolf den again!

Miao Fangfei gave in a few times, and Zhao Hongtu was resolute, and promised that he would never wash Bingjiu’s clothes cleanly and sew neatly—he was poor at home and had experience in sewing and mending.

After that, the passengers no longer waste time and quickly began to dispose of the corpse in the coffin. Put cinnabar on, wrap Chenzhou symbol, and wrap it with colored cloth.

Zhao Hongtu and Miao Fangfei were the fastest to finish. They looked at each other, Zhao Hongtu solemnly nodded at Miao Fangfei, feeling a little bit of sympathy. When he turned and walked towards the rain curtain outside, Zhao Hongtu appeared a bit tragic.

The wind is declining and the water is cold, and the strong man goes…it’s not right.

Bing Jiu obviously prefers men, he seems to be more dangerous than Miao Fangfei?

Zhao Hongtu turned his head hesitantly and looked at Miao Fangfei. But seeing her also guarding the door, with a worried expression on her face, seeing Zhao Hongtu stop, Miao Fangfei was startled, and came to him without hesitation.

Do not! With a word from the gentleman, hurry up!

Zhao Hongtu reaffirmed his conviction, raised his hand to stop Miao Fangfei, and walked quickly to Bing Jiu.

Finally, Zhao Hongtu was coaxed.

Miao Fangfei breathed a sigh of relief, turned around with a smile, and met Hou Feihu’s helpless gaze.

She made this little trick that Zhao Hongtu couldn’t understand, but Hou Feihu could. It’s just that he, who has the best relationship with Zhao Hongtu, didn’t stop him.

Miao Fangfei felt that it was time to tell him clearly.

“Director Bing has a grudge, Hongtu pointed an arrow at him before, he will not forget it.”

Miao Fangfei explained: “It’s solved now, it’s better than a problem on the road.”

Sewing and mending clothes for Bing Jiu, washing and washing clothes, is better than being silently killed.

Furthermore, Miao Fangfei felt that Bing Jiu looked down upon Zhao Hongtu. In other words, since Lin Xi took the initiative to show her favor and told her Bing Jiu’s true appearance score, Miao Fangfei felt that no one in the entire brigade was worthy of Bing Jiu.

“Team Miao, I know.”

Hou Feihu whispered, smiling a little helplessly: “The temperament of Xiaotu should be tempered. The temper is too hard, and you will have to be tortured during the journey.”

He sighed, seeming to be a little confused. In this journey, no one will patiently wait for you to grow, and Zhao Hongtu will die sooner or later if he continues like this.

It was rainy outside, and the sky was getting darker and darker. At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky was completely dark, as thick as broken ink. After Hou Feihu anxiously waited, Zhao Hongtu finally came back. Although the child’s complexion is not very good-looking, he has not suffered any injuries.

Several people ate their own energy bars and compressed biscuits to replenish their physical strength, packed their bags, and then each stood solemnly in front of their’corpses’.

“Senior, I’ll send you home, Fatty. You have a large number of adults. You will help me in a few moments, please.”

Miao Fangfei heard the fat man murmur, and the other people either talked to themselves or talked to the corpse, one by one like a lunatic.

Only in this way can I barely suppress the fear in my heart.

In the middle of the night, walk the mountain road to drive the corpse.

The real danger is coming, this kind of difficult test will definitely kill people.

I don’t know how many people will be left in the eight-member group this time.

“It’s half past eight.”

I don’t know who whispered, the next moment, I just listened to the sound of footsteps from outside the door, from far to near.

Like the footsteps of the devil, step by step, step on the human heart.

“Are you all here?”

The tour guide Bingjiu came and saw his bronze ghost mask covering his face, which somehow made the tourists feel at ease.

It is said that ghosts are also afraid of wicked people.

I hope Bing Jiu is so evil that even ghosts are scared.

“Now start the roll call.”

After Wei Xun finished naming the names according to the rules, he glanced at the time: “It’s eight forty, let’s set off early. If we travel on a staggered peak, we won’t run into other people.”

Who else can you run into with a corpse in the middle of the night?

Miao Fangfei and the others were unable to vomit, but when they thought about it, their hearts were instantly awe-inspiring.

Bing Jiu’s words seem to be full of deep meaning.

Of course, the corpse chasing away in the middle of the night will not run into a collision with people, it will hit, is…

The atmosphere was enlivened, and Wei Xun, who consciously became a good tour guide, flicked the tour guide flag. The bright red flag naturally glowed in the dark, like a beacon, illuminating the road in the dark.

“Let’s go.”

The tour guide issued the order, and all the passengers felt tight. They took out the small gongs and knocked them together.





As soon as the gong rang, the body lying in the coffin staggered to its feet. They were stiff and stood quietly in the coffin. They were covered with cinnabar and wrapped in talisman paper ribbons, but they were not funny. The years left mottled scars on their bodies.

Trapped for hundreds of years, today, they can finally return to their homeland.


When the gong sounded, the zombies jumped out of the coffin, and the passengers quickly put a hat on the corpse, and then knocked the gong again.


The zombies followed every passenger. Raise your arms horizontally and put them on everyone’s shoulders. Senran chill came from behind, causing people to freeze their blood. This is a real corpse, and not everyone can withstand the fear of a corpse behind!

But they can only do this. After all, the travelers are not really chasing corpses, and they can’t chant spells. They can only let the corpse’s stiff arm rest on their shoulders to control the corpse’s advancement by knocking on the gong.



Miao Fangfei was in front, and after Zhao Hongtu was broken, Hou Feihu stood in the middle of the team with Xu Chen on his back. The rest of the people stood up according to their strength, one by one, knocking on the gong, carrying the corpse, and walked out of the main house.

The biting cold rain showered on his head. It was obviously summer, but everyone was trembling with cold. Miao Fangfei followed Bing Jiu, took a step, and knocked on the gong. Gradually, the whole team was in unison, and the gong sounded at the same time.


“Tian Lingling, Earth Lingling, Xiangxi drives the corpse, the stranger avoids——”

Amidst the sound of gongs and long tunes, the corpse chasing team left the main house and walked towards the gate of Yizhuang.

This section of the road must pass through a small courtyard full of corpses!

Everyone raised their hearts and their nerves were tense. Fortunately, there was no danger in the end. They successfully passed the small courtyard and walked to the gate of Yizhuang.


At this moment, a gong sounded abruptly, chaotic the rhythm, showing a bit of panic! Miao Fangfei’s heart tensed, and Lin Xi, who was walking behind her, trembled and spoke.

It is bound to be inconvenient to communicate with the corpse in this kind of team. They negotiated well before they set off, and whoever noticed something unusual would use the gong to warn them, and spread the news all the way to let others know.

“Zhao Hongtu, say, say.”

Lin Xi’s voice trembled: “He said, the carrion group of Xiaolong Yizhuang has followed.”

“Just behind us!”


Miao Fangfei closed her eyes, then opened her eyes firmly, and said softly, “Don’t look back.”

Go forward, don’t look back!

【Itinerary announcement】

[Please guide Bing Jiu before one o’clock in the morning, lead the passengers to drive the corpses over the path of the bones, remember not to be late. 】

From now to one o’clock in the morning, more than four hours.

They must survive these four hours!


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