TTG Chapter 180

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 180: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (21)

This slap came too quickly and quickly, and there was no sign before. Although the devil merchant had a conditioned reflex to hide, he couldn’t escape at all. He was hard slapped by the knot.


. The devil dealer did not rebel directly and flew out of the way. After adjusting his posture, he was alert and alert.


“I seem to hear a sarcastic ‘ha!’, When I looked at the past, I saw that the blood pit was still the same, and there was no change at all, as if it was an illusion that I had just been slapped. And Xiaocui stood up and looked at her.

“Just now -”

The devil merchant’s face was hot and swollen directly. But there was no injury except swelling, as if the other party was just a lesson.

“It’s too risky.”

The black widow spider puppet that had just disappeared and now reappeared hung a piece of silk and fell again on the shoulders of the devil merchant.

It’s not a life and death crisis. She won’t do it.

The devil merchant soon regained his calm. He suffered many injuries in order to take risks to obtain greater benefits. The most serious one was that his life value directly returned to zero to stimulate alienation. It was just a swollen face. Isn’t it suitable for him. If you can get it, you will earn it. If you can’t get it, you won’t lose as long as you can’t die.

However, is it appropriate? Does Xiaocui have any?

“It’s no use. It’s an illusion.”

Wei Xun wrote lightly, shaking the vial in his hand at the devil merchant – the vial originally filled with pus and blood was only a few seconds, but it was empty.

“Yes, it’s not a real body after all.”

The devil merchant echoed. Looking at the distressed children of the funeral team, they were soaked with blood, and their hair and face were full of blood. They became red people one by one, but when they looked carefully, they could find that those blood beads disappeared out of thin air before they landed.

But even if this is an illusion, there must be related treasures.

The devil merchant is convinced that it is because like this vision, he once heard the guide of the werewolf alliance say that it was a journey to the ten thousand bones Church in Prague. At that time, as soon as the brigade entered the scenic spot, there were countless mice carrying black death virus crawling out of the white bones and skeletons, rustling and crawling all over the church. had to hide in the basement.

Some people have proposed killing mice, while others have adopted different methods. But when these mice bite people for infectious diseases, they are real. When they are caught and killed, they disappear directly.

At that time, the bishop of the team said that it was not a physical mouse. There were more than 10000 human bones in the church, all of which died of the black death. The resentment of the “Black Death” is condensed into the existence of the “spiritual pollution”, which is these inexhaustible Black Death mice.  to crack, you must find the source.

Normally, these human bones are suppressed in the church and do not condense into spiritual pollution. There must be some inducement factor. 60991.

The skeleton looks normal, but in the abdomen, there is a pure black baby bone with mouse head and human body, which is evil, strange and terrible. it took several lives to seal the baby’s bone. It is said that this skeleton is currently in the hands of A4 infected people. After it is completely unsealed, it is a top-level horror prop.


The devil merchant is a little sorry. This scenic spot can “artificially make waves” to create such surging and powerful blood flow. There are definitely treasures hidden inside. Or Nezha’s real blood, or Nezha’s spirit’s heart.

But the journey is too difficult. It’s really difficult to create complications.

The devil merchant looked at Xiaocui thoughtfully and recognized Nezha Ling as his brother. He had a greater chance of getting benefits in this journey.

Did all the blood collected by Xiaocui really disappear?

Wei Xun completely ignored the devil merchant’s consideration. He looked at his nose and heart, and was communicating with Nezha spirit in his heart.

“Brother, you are too stingy”

Wei Xun complained: “just a little blood”

“You want a little bit. I’ve given you a little bit. Why, isn’t it enough?”

Nezha spirit scolded, “greedy child was caught by weasel.”

What Wei Xun told the devil merchant was not completely false. Most of the pus and blood did disappear after bottling. Only three drops survived.

[Name: nezhaling’s heart essence blood (contaminated)]

[quality: Legend]


[Note: Nezha Ling borrowed your heart blood essence temporarily. If you can’t complete the corresponding task, you can’t take it out of the journey]

“OK, then you can help me.”

Wei Xun complained: “I didn’t even say I wanted a gift. Is my brother so stingy? Not even a few drops of blood? ”

“Sniff, can I be stingy if I have ordinary blood?”

Being beaten down by Wei Xun, nezhaling said impatiently, “brother, if you want this legendary blood, you have to pay a corresponding price. What’s more, this is not my rule. ”

In the end, he still takes care of Wei Xun. Like the devil merchant, he doesn’t even have the opportunity to do the task.

“If you want it, I’ll give it to you, but the next whole journey will only be like that ghost to you, or even worse. If you get it, you must pay the corresponding price.”

Do you want three drops of blood for nothing, or do you always have this machine to get props?

Fools know to choose the latter.

“I also know that my brother has a brother in his heart.”

Wei Xun stopped as soon as he saw it. He just complained at the end: “I’m just a little angry. Why should I interfere with the ‘rules’ when I get along with my brothers.”


Nezha’s spirit hummed coldly. It seemed that Wei Xun’s words pierced his heart and said darkly: “rules… Sooner or later, I want these rules to listen to me.”

is so crazy!

Nezha Ling dared to plan to send the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty back to the imperial mausoleum, which shows that the love in his heart is much higher than the rules that restrict him. Wei Xun knows that there is a plastic brotherhood between him and Nezha Ling, but even if there are rules to intervene, Nezha Ling is definitely unhappy.

It doesn’t matter if Wei Xun doesn’t get good, but isn’t this challenging his authority as a brother!

Nezha spirit could not bear this.

“You can’t just tell me about things. I think it’s better to be a middleman.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “brother, you can introduce the weasel to me.”


He jumped too fast. Nezha Ling wondered, “do you fit the weasel?”

“That’s what you said,” the weasel who caught the greedy child ”

Wei Xun pretended to be surprised: “brother, aren’t you just threatening me?”


Nezha’s spirit was speechless. He was threatening. How could he jump out? Really a weasel?!

However, Wei Xun filled several bottles of blood, and only three drops were left, and he still had to meet his requirements… Nezhaling was a little guilty.

Be generous and generous to yourself, how can you be stingy!

“Weasel… Hum, I remember there are several nests in yangshou town.”

Nezha Ling finally said coldly, “but you have to live until then.”

After saying that, the information of “Yao” disappeared completely. It is obvious that you don’t want to talk more with Wei Xun.

Actually, there are weasels.

Wei Xun smiled in his heart. The weasel that can be remembered by Nezha Ling is definitely not an ordinary thing. Moreover, it happens to be in yangshou Town, the third scenic spot.

Nezha Ling has been guarding this place for hundreds of years and knows all the treasures in detail. Wei Xun grasped Nezha Ling’s character and just deliberately grabbed him and asked the weasel. In fact, he expected Nezha Ling to tell him some secrets to make up for it.

Not really. There are really weasels.

Compared with its treasures, the refined weasel is more like the enemy of the third scenic spot, but this is good news. After all, we know the enemy situation of the third scenic spot in advance.

Less than a minute after all this happened, Wei Xun had no time to take a closer look at three drops of painstaking efforts, because Zhou Xiyang had rushed out of the alley and came to the street.

The funeral procession waiting in the street outside is really spectacular. The funeral procession is hundreds of meters away. There are paper men, paper horses, paper sedans and paper cars, and even paper men soldiers with long guns on horseback. No one carries them. Hundreds of paper men, paper cars and paper horses stand there quietly. At first glance, it looks like Qin terracotta warriors in the tomb pit. At a glance, it can’t see the edge.

The dark sky was covered with a layer of haze, and the snow-white paper man, paper horse and horse became dark gray and gloomy. In addition, the blood spots splashed on the legs were divided into thrillers and horrors.

Further on, more than a dozen paper people were carrying soul guiding flags, and thirty or forty paper people were scattering paper money. From the moment Zhou Xiyang came out of the alley, the funeral team like a statue moved. The paper money floated all over the sky, fell to the ground, and was quickly soaked with dirty blood.

But soon, more paper money fell down, like a drizzle of snow. The road ahead of the funeral team was finally covered with a thick layer of paper money, just like a snow-white Avenue, without any pollution.

“Come on, let’s go while we’re here.”

Zhou Xiyang said keenly, taking advantage of the effort of scattering paper money, he turned the coffin covered with the coffin cover from the small bar to the vermilion paint big bar, and turned the whole coffin around – before going out, the coffin head should face the courtyard, which is the last time for the dead to see their home.

The big bar was changed at the back of the street. To make the coffin turn to the front of the street is to throw away the earthly world, forge ahead and no longer miss the world.


Mia replaced her hand with a double sound ruler. In the crisp sound, the whole funeral team began to move forward at a fast speed – the coffin could not land or stop after going out, and had to go all the way to the cemetery!

“Woo Doo -”

Mourning music sounded. After many honor guards, flags and paper sticks, there was a paper man with traditional musical instruments. The sad music played by 60991. Even if you trot all the way, the tone is not disordered, but it’s really uncomfortable.

Zhou Xiyang, who is closest to the drum band and plays the soul leading flag, is even more depressed by the sadness rising in his heart. 59130.

This music is extraordinary, like deliberately evoking people’s sadness, so as to resonate. Happiness, anger, sorrow, fear, love and evil desires, people’s seven emotions, paper people’s delusion, and people’s transformation. It is absolutely necessary to have all seven emotions.

Now it seems that Grandpa Zhi still needs the feeling of “Sadness”, which needs to be generated by resonance?

After all, this sad music is too sad.

“Death at the age of one hundred should be a happy funeral.”

Zhou Xiyang murmured, like talking to himself.

“It’s joy and mourning.”

Yimu’s old voice answered him. He was the old housekeeper in front of the bar.

Since it is joy and sorrow, the drum should not be so sad. Zhou Xiyang confirmed his Dharma and smiled again and again.

In order to make Yin Chai mistakenly think she is really an adult, it is estimated that she has already prepared her feelings in advance, leaving only sadness. When the funeral is over, she conceals the world and naturally obtains seven feelings.

But mother Zhi’s ultimate goal is not to be an adult. She wants to burn as a paper man to help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return. Therefore, Zhou Xiyang guessed that the feelings she really lacked might not be “Sadness”, but another emotion.

But in any case, the sadness and happiness along the way will definitely affect the mood of passengers, which can be regarded as increasing the difficulty in disguise!


Before the funeral procession trotted, Wei Xun looked at the drum band thoughtfully.

Sad music didn’t have much impact on the tour guide, but the three generations of ladles in the magic bug ball moved uneasily, which attracted Wei Xun’s attention. After a little feeling, Wei Xun felt the feeling of disgust and resistance from the third generation.

The third generation hates conflict?

The third generation of Ladybug has the blood of Xiaocui, happy devil bug and responsible devil bug, and it instinctively hates them… I’m afraid there are too many “Sadness” emotions contained in this sadness and joy.

Wei Xun soon reached the point that Zhou Xiyang considered, but he did not pay attention to this aspect. Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the right side in front of the bar, and he was on duty.

At the funeral of a rich family, after changing the big bar, tie two long white cloth in front of the bar, which is led by the students’ relatives and friends. At the moment, the two of them walking behind Zhou Xiyang, one left and one right, are the old housekeeper of Zhi family and a middle-aged son who is said to be the grandson of Grandpa Zhi.

Wei Xun noticed this name when he looked up at the drum band because she had no value!

The third generation of ladybugs is in the ball of magic insects. Wei Xun can see the responsibility and joy of others, except for hiding his strength. Even the paper man can see these two values.

For example, the responsibility value of the old housekeeper of the paper man is 0 and the joy value is 20.

The old housekeeper is absolutely loyal to grandma Zhi, and his responsibility to Wei Xun is 0. The joy of 20 is a polite welcome. Its “paper body with soul” can also see the value of responsibility and joy.

Except for those paper people who don’t have eyes and are pure paper.

This name should be the former. She hides her strength in a special way.

Is she the one who buys new clothes for grandma?

Wei Xun thought to himself that in addition to the centenarian grandmother, there was another person who wrote down the travel ticket “Grandma’s new clothes”. She called her mother-in-law Zhi a grandmother. She should be a grandson or a grandson. She covered her face with white gauze. Her every move contained a certain rhythm, and her posture was very moving.

This man never appeared until the funeral. Should he be the backhand of Zhi’s family?

“It stinks here, ghost. Hurry up.”

Wei Xun thought slowly, and the devil merchant stopped to wait. The black widow spider slowly raised her thin black forelimbs to cover her head and complained.

Smelly? Is “making waves” coming again?

The devil merchant looked at the ground and saw the thick paper money that had covered the ground. Unexpectedly, he didn’t know when it had exuded bits and pieces of red!

“Xiao Cui, come on.”

The devil merchant urged, “I’ll go to the front… Hiss!”

“Suddenly, he was stunned and took a cold breath:” is that a suitable thing

Wei Xun looked behind his eyes and saw a pile of building ruins at the entrance of the alley where Zhi’s courtyard was originally located!

No, no, no, Wei Xun identified some familiar Zhijia courtyard buildings. It was still complete, but it was completely distorted. It looked strange and scary. It was like someone had turned the whole Zhijia courtyard into a paper ball and blocked it at the entrance of the alley.

Wei Xun’s eyes were sharp. He even saw countless paper pulp and paper filaments winding and sticking to the walls on both sides, like a huge paper net!

No, even Zhi’s courtyard is a whole paper house! Is it a combination? Is it blocking the combination when it becomes this one?


Suddenly, the earth shook violently, and the thunderous roar came from the inside of the alley, together with the ‘Zhi family courtyard’, as if there was a combination behind it. It was violently pounding!

“Accelerate, accelerate again!”

Zhou Xiyang said in a low voice. MIA sounded more and more urgent. The whole funeral team was no longer a trot, but ran in front of the funeral with all its strength!

Even if he couldn’t turn back, Zhou Xiyang knew that there was definitely a big accident behind him, even if it was still less than a quarter of an hour as the devil merchant said.

From the beginning to the end, Zhou Xiyang knew that everything in the extremely dangerous scenic spot should be ahead. The devil businessman said that there was still a quarter of an hour to make waves, so at least he had to run to Donghua gate in ten minutes, because there were countless dangerous obstacles along the way.

Look, now, less than five minutes, the vibration has begun!


Yun Lianghan pulled from the corner of his eyes, and his face was even more dazzling and distorted. When he was engulfed by blood flow just now, there was a dark shadow of plush. Taking advantage of the blood, he grabbed a few and ran away. Yun Lianghan couldn’t.

Especially when you hear the tips from the hotel!

[you have been targeted by the evil black cat demon!]

Damn evil black cat demon, fuck!

Yun Lianghan wants to kill the Meckel shark, but he can’t do it now. It’s the temporary Title obtained because of !

[frailty · eldest granddaughter-in-law (temporary title): your body is very weak, and you are most likely to be targeted by demons. At the same time, your perception is as sharp as that of yin and Yang, and you can find that those malicious stares are close to monsters! Please join hands with Yin and Yang, Sheng and others to thwart the conspiracy of demons and escort the dead to the funeral!]

Grandma, I blame Zhou Xiyang for sealing the core title, or why Yun Lianghan was a ‘weak · eldest granddaughter-in-law’ when he divided the camp!

How should it be a ‘killer · eldest granddaughter-in-law’!

Before in the alley, now in the street, it was Yun Lianghan’s “keen perception”. He found the difference most, and now it is the same. But at present, Yun Lianghan can’t ignore the tips of the hotel one after another [evil black cat demon is looking at you], [unknown powerful existence releases hostility to you], [unknown powerful existence releases killing intention to you], [there are four staring at you!]



It was another loud noise, as if the whole world was shaking. With the ominous click, the Zhi family courtyard suddenly burst out, and several blood streams gushed out. The most terrible thing was that the fog like blood droplets quickly filled the air and dyed the flying paper money red.

Yun Lianghan was frightened.

I’m afraid the terrible blood wave is blocking the Zhi family courtyard! Once Zhi’s courtyard collapses completely, the consequences are unbearable!

The hazy blood mist fell, accompanied by a thick fishy smell, which branded a dense small stain on the snow-white mourning clothes. Fortunately, the paper people for funeral shrouded in blood fog had more or less defects, especially the paper bound children, which turned into paper mud at the moment when the blood fog fell.

The boy was responsible for carrying the basket and throwing paper money. As soon as the boy died, the number of paper money thrown was suddenly much less and could not cover the road, making the paper cart and paper horse in front fall into bloody mud!

But the dilemma was just a moment. At the next moment, more paper money was thrown out, and more than a dozen tall and strong paper people stood up. The blood mist mistily fell to the body, but they were blocked by the green light.

It’s the paper man pulled by the passenger!

These paper people are taller than their paper people. They have boundless power. They have a lot of paper money spilled from them, and the floating paper money rate is high and far. They undertake the falling blood mist and ensure the safety of their paper people. The remaining boy paper men quickly poured a lot of paper money to the ground and covered the blood again. Soon the funeral procession can run again!

“Brother, how are you polluted?”

Wei Xun deliberately fell behind, and the devil merchant had run to a safer front. At the moment, Wei Xun looked at the red and black blood and the creeping black alien monster in the blood.

It looks like a pool of oil, dripping thick black slurry pulling silk. Its eyes are dark holes, its mouth is wide open, and there are suture like black wire drawing on both sides of its mouth.

He couldn’t see the male and the female clearly, and there was no ghost. Wei Xun smelled the stench of each one. There is the stench of body decay, the stench of pus and blood corruption, and strong sadness envelops the body of the monster, as if condensed into drops of water and tears. Make the ladybug three generations uneasy and tremble.

Wei Xun pays attention to details. Remember what the itinerary card said, “the pollution in the eight armed Nezha city is getting more and more serious”, and the tips when collecting contaminated blood.

Nezhaling’s heart and blood essence were polluted, which was absolutely very serious. And this is the heart of Nezha spirit. There are so many mental pollution monsters hidden here.

“You can’t solve it.”

Nezha Ling said impatiently, “even if you can’t use that strange insect, you’d better go after him quickly and save yourself.”

“I feel a strong negative emotion”

Xiao Xiang, the dreamer, said that Bruce Lee did not appear on Wei Xun’s shoulder, but hid in his cloak. Now the dreamer’s language is serious:

“Pain, despair, sadness, madness… There are too many. You can’t handle it. Let’s go.”

Negative emotions?

Wei Xun ran with the funeral team, but he was not fast. He was still at the end, almost parallel to Bai Xiaotian.

At the moment, Bai Xiaotian no longer knocks wooden fish.

“It needs sadness itself.”

Wei Xunwang said that Bai Xiaotian seemed to think that he was wondering about stopping knocking on wooden fish, and took the initiative to explain: “what he wants is not transcendence, but release.”

“What a fool.”

When Yun Lianghan heard the two people’s love, he grumbled, “don’t go to a funeral if you haven’t saved your seven emotions. Isn’t it artificially difficult!”

Yun Lianghan said and wiped his eyes. The corners of his eyes were red, like falling blood mist, and his whole body was full of fierce and sad strength.

Sorrow has really affected the passengers’ performance. Especially, the blood water was soaked in the alley, and now it is covered with blood fog. The spirit of the passengers is not stable.

“Hey, you hurry to the front!”

Yun Lianghan twisted his eyebrows and stared at C 250. He said impatiently, “are you looking for death if you fall so far behind? Go, go ahead!”

The big blood wave horse is coming. If Bing 250 dies here, Yun Lianghan doesn’t have time to strip the token of 30 degrees north latitude from his body, which can only make it cheaper for those old Yin forces who hide their strength. Don’t see this happening!


Wei Xun responded perfunctorily and thought about what Bai Xiaotian said. Yun Lianghan just talked about Grandpa Zhi and the paper man, but Wei Xun thought this sentence was full of meaning.

When I looked back, those dark and greasy monsters followed the blood flow and were getting closer and closer to me.

Negative emotions need sadness, not transcendence, but release

“Let me go.”

Yu Hehui couldn’t help but urge: “at this speed, the funeral team is about to reach Donghuamen!”

Veteran travelers have experience. Yu Hehui can predict that if the Donghua gate is opened, the blood River and Dark Monster behind will definitely riot. It is extremely dangerous to stand in the end!

Wei Xun stopped and picked up some baskets. It fell from the hands of those paper children dissolved by the blood mist. Most of the baskets were trampled, and only one or two were still intact. The paper boy can get endless paper money from the paper basket, which should be a special prop.

“Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing -”

Black and red pus and blood stuck to the basket. When Wei Xun picked it up, the paper basket suddenly opened its mouth and cried sadly.

“It hurts, it hurts –”

The crying basket was mixed with twisted and harsh howling. Wei Xun’s eyes darkened and countless pictures flashed back. At the moment of hearing the crying, the San value of the basket dropped by 20 points. Suddenly, the sharp claw burst out and tore the paper basket. The crying basket stopped. The paper basket turned into a pile of pulp and finally turned into a drop of black liquid.

This drop of black liquor was in his hand. Wei Xun’s San dropped fast at 5:05 and threw it out. At the moment, those monsters were attracted by crying and climbed fast. The nearest one was less than five meters away from Wei Xun. It jumped up and swallowed the drop of black liquor directly, giving out a pathetic and painful roar.

The pain roared like a fuse. A lot of monsters even struggled to climb out of the blood flow and staggered towards Wei Xun. The paper money was almost soaked in pus and blood, and it ran fast in the blood. This time Wei Xun finally turned and ran away.

“He longs for sadness, but I don’t think he is happy when he gets it”

On the way, Wei Xun is still discussing this problem with Yu Hehui.

“Do you know the hungry ghost?”

Yu Hehui gave an example: “a starving ghost craves food, but his throat is so thin that he can’t swallow the food he finally finds. In the end, he can only spit it out. Moreover, it’s not food to spend time with a starving ghost.”

Getting what you desire is not necessarily happiness, it’s just desire.

“When I heard the howling just now, there was a flashback in front of me.”

Wei Xun combed his mind: “a little child who was abused and killed by a nanny”

She is too young to have a great concept of death, nor does she have any resentment, only endless fear and sadness. It hurts, she is so afraid. She has a lot of injuries, and her parents are so sad when they come back.

It was not from the paper basket, but the drop of black and red pus and blood contaminated by the paper basket.

“All negative emotions have their roots”

Yu Hehui sighed: “no, it came out of thin air.”

Unsuccessful people, people who can’t see hope, people who are too stressed to sink into the abyss and can’t redeem themselves. This city is too big. Not everyone has been happy for so many years. There is always darkness in the light.

However, this city has a large population and strong people. Those negative emotions should always dissipate. It still remains here, even alienated into spiritual pollution, and even integrated into the “blood” of Nezha Ling. There is definitely a reason.

Yu Hehui was lost in thought, while Wei Xun asked about the dreamer.

“In pursuit of dreams, how much emotion does it take to ripen an emotional demon?”

“Very, very much”

“When I raised the hope monster, I fed it with the hope brigade and the hope alliance, and collected a lot of hope during the journey.”

“Later, when the hope brigade and the League were gone, I set up a new one… Anyway, it had been raised for a long time, and it was just entering adulthood, not mature.”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully, “Nezha Ling must have a lot of responsibilities.”

It’s reasonable to use pure emotion to ripen. In fact, it’s not easy to take. The best nourishment is actually the emotion generated by the owner of the emotional demon bug, such as the responsibility to Wei Xun and the hope for the dreamer.

In the later stage, the dreamer tried to use the hope devil to pull up a new hope alliance, but failed, not only because of the traitors sneaking in, but also because many people’s hope object is not .

Every man has his own hope.

When you absorb emotions, the devil bug grows slowly.

Nezha Ling’s sense of responsibility accumulated for hundreds of years is certainly not aimed at Wei Xun. He uses it to feed the responsible devil, at least 70% waste.

In fact, in only one afternoon, nezhaling pushed the responsible devil bug to the growth stage, almost the same progress as the dream chaser’s hope devil bug.

Are so many responsibilities aimed at the combination?

Without much joy, but trying to sell some negative emotions?

These negative emotions accumulate alienation monsters

Wei Xun thought, “where did nezhaling’s pollution come from?” I understand.

* *

“Boom -”


The heavy thunder is getting heavier and more urgent, like the fierce impact of a giant. There are more and more cracks in the Zhi family compound blocking the entrance of the alley, and more black blood washes out. It is like ten thousand horses running together. It is like thunder, which is unstoppable. But under such a dangerous situation, the funeral team stopped temporarily!

Zhou Xiyang walked to the front with his eyebrows locked. “In front of him is the closed Donghua gate. The paper man” can only go through the ghost gate to have a funeral.

But there are some contradictions in front of the door.

“Take ten crossings. It’s good there.”

The old housekeeper of Zhi family argued: “really, taking ten crossings can ensure more ‘people’!”

There are two main roads leading to the outside of the city outside Donghua gate. One is shidaokou and the other is drum beating Avenue. You can only choose one.

The esophagus and spine are obviously two different roads.

The old housekeeper of Zhi’s family has a good point. People can’t digest and absorb paper. Taking the esophagus is better for the whole paper man! Although the passenger’s skin is more dangerous, the skin is powerful and can protect themselves. This is the best solution.

But all passengers do not hesitate to choose drum Avenue!

Because the scenic spots of Leigu Hutong have not been settled, there must be corresponding task tests. This is the hotel’s choice of drum Avenue. There is no other choice.

The passenger’s ticket is unified internally, and the paper man can only agree angrily. As the captain, Zhou Xiyang led * to push a crack through the Donghua gate——

The rear door is closed immediately.

“Get ready to fight.”

Zhou Xiyang took a deep breath and said with a bitter smile, “behind this door – there are all monsters.”

When you look around, the whole “world” is covered with dark monsters like viscous oil. Even the world is dark.

In this case, the funeral paper man must not be brought in. You must go in and clean up the monster!

The situation is urgent. There are only five minutes left before the arrival of “big waves”.

* *

At the moment, Wei Xun is still behind, playing with a ruby like ball in his hand.

Nezha’s spirit was born from people’s faith. He was an omnipotent Nezha and a young hero.

I have the responsibility to protect the city and the people in the city.

But he is not the real Nezha.

The enemies and monsters that fight against them are invisible to normal people and can’t be sensed by people. However, people can’t do anything about the dangers and difficulties that people really encounter in reality.

Did you really protect the people in this city?

Those negative emotions, those resentments, sorrows and pain are not caused by “Nezha”. In fact, there is no one. In case of danger, “Nezha saves me”. Even if someone does, he can’t help others.

Can those negative emotions end because of?



Does it really work?

 I don’t want these responsibilities, but I still can’t leave them after all.  those negative grievances and emotions collected can’t be eliminated, so they can only be integrated into their own ‘blood’, hoping to gradually release them with the joys, sorrows and joys of the people in the city.

Over the years, the pollution has become more and more serious. There is no sign of improvement.

Can enough joy dissolve these negative emotions?

“That’s easy.”

Wei Xun sighed.

Nezhaling’s problem lies in the excess sense of responsibility and the accumulation of too many negative emotions that can’t be digested into the blood.

It’s not easy!

The root cause of the responsibility devil bug is the symptom

Wei Xun threw a small ruby red ball in his hand.

This is the emotional bomb made by Yu Hehui with the help of demon loving insects.

Used a whole demon bug!

“Brother, if I can cure you completely -”

Wei Xun smiled and walked through Donghuamen with strong negative emotions: “this brother – I’m also Dangdang.”


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