TTG Chapter 181

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 181: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (22)

The first generation of demons can’t be accepted. After the happy demons laid eggs in the living corpse of the Lama, Wei Xun made emotional bombs with the help of Yu Hehui.

Concentrated, it is a ruby red ball. The quality of the Lama’s corpse is so good that it perfectly blocks the smell of the demon bug. The shell texture is even closer to diamond. No one can find that it is a bomb containing countless joy.

How much joy does a whole demon worm contain?

Anyway, emotional demons that can lay eggs are at least adults. And it is more mature than the one who has just entered adulthood.

“What are you talking about?”

Nezha Ling snorted coldly and didn’t take Wei Xun’s words to heart at all. His tone was somewhat complicated: “Hey, listen, don’t you want my heart and blood?”

“Complete a task, it is your responsibility.”

[you have accepted the entrustment of Nezha spirit in the eight armed Nezha city]

[- decontamination]

Similarly, there is no specific description of the task, but the task reward is put forward.


[‘find sweet water’ task completed]

[a drop of Nezha Ling’s heart blood]

Nezhaling also makes the best use of everything. He wants a delegate to make the most of it. Find sweet water to delegate the task, and deal with it by the way.

Of course, Wei Xun’s task of finding sweet water was handled by the way. Of course, the devil merchant’s task was not completed.

“Listen, I gave you three drops of heart blood. Three drops of blood are the purest.”

Nezha’s Spirit said quickly: “find a way and throw one of them to the end of the drum beating alley.”

It is used to attract those negative emotional mental pollution.

They have been integrated with the eight armed Nezha city for a hundred years, and have long been used to being attracted by the blood of Nezha spirit.

“The last drop… If your people have a way, you can stay. If you can’t solve it, you’ll break up and attract those things.”

Nezhaling was silent for a moment and said sincerely, “it’s very dangerous, brother, please.”

After hearing this, Wei Xun tutted. He knew that nezhaling asked him to pack three drops of heart blood, which was definitely not for him, but for the sake of making the funeral team go to the city smoothly.

But it seemed to Wei Xun that it was a waste to use the blood in the basket. Wei Xun didn’t tell Nezha lingduo and went straight to the front of the team.

“Xiao Cui!”

The devil merchant hurried to Wei Xun, whispered a few words to him, and said the danger outside Donghua gate.

“Cui Dao.”

Zhou Xiyang nodded at him and didn’t have time to say anything more. Zhou Xiyang was confirming with Xiao Tian how many monsters were coming after him.



The Donghua gate was constantly hit violently, making a harsh sound. The thick black liquid penetrated inward from the crack of the door, haunting the disturbing smell. Zhou Xiyang’s hand, which had just closed the door, left a blood mark on the Donghua gate. Now the blood mark is covered with black thick slurry.

Some monsters will be attracted by Nezha’s blood.

Everyone looked dignified. Just now, everyone in the alley, including the coffin, had been soaked in dirty blood.

The monster outside Donghua gate must be solved, otherwise the coffin can’t be safe!

“Olena, yuntianhe, half life, you three go to Donghua gate with me.”

Now they have wolves in front and tigers behind. They not only want to eliminate the danger outside Donghua gate, but also guard against the enemy in the rear. Zhou Xiyang’s mind turned very fast at the critical juncture and assigned people.

On October 10, they carried the coffin with Augustus. Mia, as a lever, couldn’t move.

Zhou Xiyang said without doubt: “Xiao Tian, Yun Lianghan, you people stay.”

Yun Lianghan took a swipe on his cheek. Although there were monsters outside Donghua gate, it was dangerous, but there were four strong men secretly staring at him. Yun Lianghan didn’t want to be alone!

He said in a sullen voice, “I also –”

“Cui guide, don’t worry.”

Zhou Xiyang ignored him at all. Instead, he looked at C 250 and said gently, “we’ll be back in three minutes.”


Zhou Xiyang’s eyes fell on Yu Hehui. Xiao Tian and Yun Lianghan were really bad. Yu Hehui was the strong one he really trusted. Now there are not enough staff, so he can only make arrangements.

It’s too urgent to say more. The half life Taoist’s ugly face pinched the curse and drove Hong Jiang to push open the Donghua gate. Zhou Xiyang took the lead. The four of them rushed like lightning.

“Boom -”

Seeing that the Donghua gate was to be closed again, Wei Xun threw the guide flag at the critical moment. He only heard a loud buzz. The guide flag pole bent, but it was stuck between the Donghua gate!

Fortunately, the monsters outside Donghua gate were attracted by Zhou Xiyang and they were safe for the time being.

“Or you think carefully.”

The devil merchant’s eyes flickered, and in an instant he saw Xiaocui’s picture – the strong are gone. If the Donghua door can only be opened from their side, what can the strong do? It will take a lot of time to open the door again. Maybe someone will die in a minute and a half.


“You shouldn’t throw the guide flag.”

The devil merchant said in a serious way. Now the situation is extremely dangerous. The guide flag can at least defend yourself!

“Cui Dao…”

Yu Hehui also wanted to stop talking. Of course, he thought of the happy devil insect bomb that could reverse the situation, but why didn’t Wei Xun tell Zhou Xiyang?

“The room is too tight. It’s too late.”

Wei Xun understated that Zhou Xiyang was an independent person, and they had not established that kind of absolute trust before. If you want to convince him, you must at least analyze the pollution of Nezha spirit and the essence of monsters. Besides, there is no room for loving demons, insects, bombs and so on.

Why don’t you just do it.

“You lead away the monster behind you, please.”

Wei Xun secretly gave Yu Hehui the bottle containing Nezha Ling’s heart blood and winked at him.

Yu Hehui twitched from the corners of his eyes.

Wei Xun said to lead away. In fact, the real reason is to lead them here! The happy devil insect bombing and bomb explosion have an impact range. He wants to concentrate the monsters in front of Donghua gate and solve them together!

“I know.”

Yu Hehui nodded solemnly, and then his figure disappeared.

“The danger behind us is not so urgent. He Hui should stay and protect you.”

Bruce Lee worried that when the dreamer left Wei Xun’s side, some people’s eyes changed subtly.

Hands? No, hands are a problem.

Yun Lianghan is tangled to death. Zhou Xiyang is gone, and the strong leave. This is the best opportunity.

On October 10th and Augustus carried the coffin, they couldn’t hold their hands. Among the rest, Mia and Xiao Tian were the first class.

He Yun Lianghan is now the strongest person in the team!

The only question is whether the dreamer will do it. But the black widow is also there, which can restrain the dreamer

Yun Lianghan is ready to move!

In three minutes, as long as he can kill C250, the token of 30 degrees north latitude will be his!

“Fool, get out!”

But at the next moment, he suddenly turned into a shadow and burst into anger. He saw a dark shadow like an assassin, and rushed straight to Yun Lianghan – it was the evil black cat demon that attacked the funeral team!

The devil merchant was worried at first. Then he saw that Meckel was just staring at Yun Lianghan, so he was a little relieved. Let the passengers in the East fight. It’s good for him and the passengers in the west to tangle with the super two-star Yun Lianghan and Meckel hidden in the dark.

Although Yun Lianghan always seems to want to kill Xiaocui, like a bomb hidden among passengers in the East, the devil businessman doesn’t believe that people in the East are the most cunning and deceptive. Xiaocui can pretend to be a woman. Can’t Yun Lianghan pretend to kill C250 to relax their vigilance in the west?

People who really want to kill Xiaocui can get along so well with yuntianhe gecui?

The devil merchant doesn’t believe anyone.

“Boom -”


The thunderous roar became heavier and heavier, and the whole earth was shaking. Even the devil merchant could see the approaching dark red blood line and those terrible monsters behind him. Damn, how could they come faster than expected!

But the most terrible thing is not the rear. The devil merchant can feel the mental state of o’lain – in just one minute, his spirit in the battle of Donghuamen has been shaky and on the verge of collapse!

Is the monster outside Donghua gate so strong that it’s terrible, or did Zhou Xiyang and others start to attack the west?

“Mia, get the team together.”

The devil merchant remained silent. The funeral procession, which was hundreds of meters long, has now been shortened to 100 meters. Some paper people died in the blood fog. The rest of the paper people shrink and guard next to the coffin.

“Back a little.”

Stay away from Donghua gate!

The Donghua gate is still open. Once Zhou Xiyang can’t completely remove the monsters outside, they let some of them slip over. If they get too close, they will die.

But where can we go back.

The roaring sound is getting closer and closer, the red and black blood flow is coming, and the earth is covered with a layer of fishy black and red. The devil merchant is anxious, and there are countless chaotic thoughts. How can the enemy come from behind so fast? Can’t even Yu Hehui stop them?!

The devil merchant couldn’t help but venture to go to Donghua gate to check the situation outside. But Wei Xun was one step faster than him.

“No, don’t step back.”

Wei Xun stood in front of Donghua gate and pretended to look out: “get closer to Donghua gate.”

He even dared to stretch out his hand to test – in fact, Wei Xun secretly cut off his own flesh and blood and gave it to the gambler’s dice before the devil merchant came.

Wei Xun comforted Zhou Xiyang and could vaguely perceive his situation. Zhou Xiyang’s mental state was extremely bad and getting worse. Obviously, the situation outside Donghua gate was extremely severe.

How many monsters are there in the whole eight armed Nezha city? Is one demon loving insect bomb enough?

All his words were put away, and Wei Xun was rarely a little confused.

Six times is enough.

Moreover, we have to find a way to gather them all together, and we have to hurry up. Zhou Xiyang killed too many monsters outside, and Wei Xun was heartbroken.

Wei Xun glanced at the funeral team. He secretly explained to Yu Hehui.

The monsters were lured with blood, gathered them in circles, and then took them to Yu Hehui of the funeral team. He staggered and couldn’t believe his ears.

How can Wei Xun be so bad!

Yu Hehui is a little suffocated.

“If he goes to be a butcher and a tour guide… The speed of killing the team is absolutely first-class!”

Yu Hehui gnashed his teeth.

Wei Xun, what a bad pus!

After leaving the brigade, the live camera couldn’t catch him. Yu Hehui scolded several times.




He quickly ran to the alley of Zhi’s courtyard while scolding. Yu Hehui still believed Wei Xun. He carried out Wei Xun’s order – Yu Hehui pointed like a knife and mercilessly cut into the crumbling twisted Zhi’s courtyard full of cracks!


Yu Hehui chopped thirteen knives. The Zhi family courtyard, which could last three minutes, was completely chopped by him. The deafening roar was harsh to terror, and the broken Zhi family courtyard could no longer stop the surging torrent of pus and blood!

“What’s the matter? Is it –”

On the other side, the devil businessman who came to the Donghua gate looked out and calmed down. The situation outside the gate was better than he thought. It seems that Zhou Xiyang and them gave him more than they thought.

The devil merchant calculated that there should be three minutes before the big wave. If everything goes well, Zhou Xiyang and them will come back in a minute. The funeral team will have three minutes to go——

However, in the next second, the earth shaking violent vibration made everyone lose their calm!

[big waves are coming ahead of time!]

[big waves are coming ahead of time!]

The prompt sound of the hotel resounded through the minds of all tourists and guides, and the cheerful and enthusiastic tone directly broke everyone’s defense!


Zhou Xiyang, who tried to kill monsters outside Donghua gate, suddenly turned back and turned into a werewolf. Olena was shocked and lost consciousness. He didn’t stop the attacking monster and was directly knocked down by it. He must not fall on a battlefield. Countless black and red pus and blood sticks to olena’s back on the ground. Once he falls for only a few seconds, he will be completely polluted by endless monsters!

“Want to die?”

The sad music suddenly sounded, and the monster Dun  attracted to the side. The half life Taoist priest threw away the sad music charm like a hot hand, and saw that it was torn and swallowed by endless monsters in less than half a second, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Olena, half life, you go to Donghua gate to meet!”

“OK, you guys, take care!”

There was no time to communicate more, and the half life road was so anxious that Hong Jiang hurried to Donghua gate with the exhausted wolf olena.

“You stay away from me and protect yourself.”

Zhou Xiyang took a deep breath. The situation has changed and can no longer be retained. His red eyes gradually turned black again, but black was piled up by layers of dark red. His temperament quietly changed, and his upright face was a little more evil.

The moment when the sunset completely sets is the beginning of darkness and chaos. “Huainanzi Tianyuan training” says: “when the sun comes to Yuyuan, it is called dusk.”

The book of Han Dynasty biography of Yang Xiong even said: “Yu Yuan in the evil world, Hong Meng is vast.”

Sunset Yuyuan is the golden title of Zhou Xiyang! The title given by the hotel to the strongest passenger is sunset return, sunset, sunset, etc. But there is a way home at dusk, but Yu Yuan is only a vast expanse of evil. People who use more titles will eventually collapse.

Therefore, an Xuefeng didn’t absorb Zhou Xiyang on his way home. Obviously, he had the title of “strong”, but he let him be the head of the sunset brigade like “strong”, just to make him use less of the title.

But now I have to use it. Zhou Xiyang realized that some monsters yearn for negative emotions and darkness, but negative evil can’t surpass them, which will only make them more crazy and terrible. But now I can’t care about it.

Zhou Xiyang is trying to lure the monsters away with his own bait and fight for space for the funeral team and the city!

“Zhou team has a great title.”

The cloud Tianhe beside him sincerely praised. Holding the cross in his hand, he was covered with holy light. He took the road of using truth, goodness and beauty to influence monsters. Although the effect was not ordinary, some negative emotional monsters were generally tired of preaching truth, goodness and beauty. In this way, yuntianhe could better protect his own safety.

That’s why Zhou Xiyang kept him.

Just listen to yuntianhe’s envy: “when all the monsters gather together, you can go and bring it to Cuidao.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zhou Xiyang’s temper became extremely bad when he used the title of “Yun Tianhe”. Originally, he would not care about Yun Tianhe. He was so angry that he stared at yuntianhe fiercely: “if you want to kill Cuidao, GuZi will kill you first.”

Bring all the monsters to Cui Dao and let him die!

“How could I want to kill director Cui.”

Yuntianhe stared at him in confusion: “don’t you think your procrastination efficiency is too low?”

“If it all depends on procrastination, it will take at least one day to drag it to the funeral team town. In addition, there is a risk that you will lose control or the monster will lose control. Bring it all to director Cui and let him solve it directly, okay?”

Yuntianhe said enthusiastically: “Cuidao is the most perfect guide. There will be a way! Don’t be conceited and drag Cuidao back.”

For yuntianhe’s words, Zhou Xiyang said simply and comprehensively: “fool.”

[is he a fool?!]

In the video studio, the audience who were originally anxious about the video crisis were speechless after listening to yuntianhe’s words.

[bring all the monsters to director Cui? What kind of brain can think of a abnormal way!]

[I think yuntianhe is actually from the butcher alliance. Brothers, are you right about my guess.]

[it’s definitely like a dog! I think he’s here. He licks it on the surface. In fact, he really wants C250 to die!]

[supporting kill means supporting kill! If C250 is a little arrogant, he will be praised to death by yuntianhe sooner or later!]

[yes, how can normal people get along with Yun Lianghan so well! He is definitely a spy of the butcher alliance!]

[I think he’s from the Western butcher League. He looks like a foreign devil!]

[shit, it’s the eastern and Western butcher alliance that wants to kill C 250!]

[he also made a statement and laughed loudly. No one believed it at all!]

Just before, yin and Yang butterfly of the butcher alliance issued a statement at the forum. The big reason is that the butcher alliance absolutely has no idea of starting on C250. Yun Lianghan’s personal behavior does not represent the butcher alliance.

Finally, no one believes it at all. The following statement is that the passengers are in an Xuefeng.

[I can’t stand it. When can the security team destroy the butcher alliance.  the whole shit stick!]

“What the hell do you want?”

In front of the carved Donghua gate, the angry Nezha spirit rode on Wei Xun’s head, eight hands ready to move, grabbed Wei Xun’s neck, and angrily wanted to screw his head off.

The audience in the live studio didn’t know, but did Nezha Ling know that Yu Hehui forcibly destroyed Zhi’s courtyard and bled in advance!

Wei Xun definitely ordered it. It was engraved in Nezha’s eyes. Wei Xun was like a shit stirring stick!

“Go, please.”

Yu Hehui was horrified by nezhaling’s killing. After Wei Xun ordered him, he almost couldn’t wait to go to the Donghua gate to find Zhou Xiyang and them.

“All the bloody paper men and drum band go first. Listen to my order to lead the monster away.”

The huge funeral procession ran orderly outside the Donghua gate. Wei Xun commanded calmly nearby. Everyone could hear the voice of tour guide Mai.

It’s convenient to bear Nezha’s spirit. No paper man dares to disobey Wei Xun’s order. Before the devil merchant could react, Xiaocui ‘seized power’, he arranged for her to divide three into five and two. Blood flow is not terrible. What’s terrible is that after dyeing blood, it will become the object of attack by monsters!

“Team Zhou distracted the monster army. We can deal with the remaining monsters.”

Panting, the half life Taoist who came back felt that there was something wrong with the command of C 250.

It’s reasonable to say that the drum band and blood stained paper should stay at the end of the team to attract the attention of monsters, so as to fight for the room?

How can C 250 do the opposite?

After hearing the next sentence of C 250, the half life Taoist was stunned.

“I’ll lead the monster away. You stay at the gate of Donghua. It’s safe in the house.”

“Are you crazy?!”

On the contrary, Yun Lianghan reacted the fastest. He couldn’t believe it and asked, “do you want to die?”

C 250 just said that “he took all the blood stained paper people away” and asked the devil merchant to lead the rest of the funeral team to stay and wait for him. Yun Lianghan also wondered whether he wanted to leave the devil merchant and sneak away. After all, the coffin cover was also stained with blood.

He felt that C 250 was really naive and absurd – just looking at the fact that both barbers and barbers had people from the west side, how could they sneak away after they let the devil businessman stay?

But he had no idea that C250 would let the housekeeper’s command paper stick people on the coffin cover, and all the blood stained places were covered up. He wants the most important coffin to stay outside Donghua gate!

In this way, you can definitely see it. C250 doesn’t want to sneak away. Does he really want to be a hero rescue brigade to attract the attention of monsters?

Yun Lianghan could hardly argue. A cry was held in his mouth and didn’t dare to cry.

What is the behavior of dream chasers!

C 250 was brought silly by dream chasers, right?

What a big fool who sacrificed himself!

“Dream chaser, shut up!”

Yun Lianghan didn’t dare to speak, but half life Taoist dared. Now he was furious and talked to the dreamer out of thin air: “you, you, you, do you want to be hated by the sunset on your way home!”

C 250 a man, does he dare to do it? I’m sure not. He was definitely spoiled by the dreamer!

The dream chaser is dead.

“You shouldn’t have to do it.”

No one knows that the dreamers are also persuading Wei Xun: “mental pollution is too heavy. You are very likely to have a San value of zero!”

The dreamer said seriously, “I don’t know what Nezha Ling promised you, but C 250. If your San value returns to zero and you completely become a monster, even an Xuefeng can hardly get you!”

The dreamer knows that C 250 is bold and likes adventure, and every adventure will bring great benefits.

 these monsters are polluted by Nezha spirit. C250 is willing to take risks  they gather together, which is definitely what Nezha spirit promised him that he can’t refuse!

“Hey, it’s too dangerous!”

No one knew that Nezha Ling was persuading Wei Xun: “do you want to protect your team?”

Wei Xun, the monsters are all led away. Who is the best for?

Of course, it is most beneficial to the passengers carrying the coffin and the devil merchant!

Although Nezha Ling still didn’t understand why Wei Xun wanted to destroy Zhi’s courtyard in advance, Nezha Ling’s note was not on it long ago.

“Don’t you have to do it? You’re in danger!”

As he thought, Wei Xun just sent the fast fox to throw all his blood into the end of the alley to attract monsters, so that the funeral team could quickly pass through the drum Avenue.

Of course, the fox will be very dangerous and may even die, but it is the least way to sacrifice.

Moreover, there is too much hidden pollution in the city. It has long gone deep into the hard work and bone marrow of Nezha Ling. Even if you attract it with your hard work, there will definitely be fish that will slip through the net to attack the funeral team.

Wei Xun wants to do it once and for all? But it’s too risky!

But Wei Xun didn’t care what their mood was. Gathered all the blood stained paper people and drum bands, Wei Xunliao took a test and called a thousand pieces of paper.


The virtual shadow of the giant paper man appeared out of thin air. As soon as a demonstration roared, Wei Xun ordered it to become smaller, and then Wei Xun gave it a suona.

The coffin is too big and there are too many monsters. It is difficult for people and drum bands to attract all their attention only by blood stained paper, but there is no problem with thousands of paper playing sad music.

It’s over. C250 is serious!

Watching the housekeeper of Zhi’s family solemnly salute C 250, it was obvious that he was moved by his decision to “sacrifice” himself to save the brigade. Everyone felt like eating a fly.

Chi Weixun was not calm. Calling Luo Qianjia paper directly dropped his San value to 30. The mental pollution of those monsters made him appear countless hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. Whether it was Nezha Ling’s persuasion, half life Taoist’s persuasion, or the dreamer’s worry, it was like a mosquito buzzing in his ears.

It’s so noisy.

After knocking down a ball of magic honey, Wei Xun reluctantly raised his San value, but found that the surrounding area was quiet, and everyone wanted to talk and looked at him. Wei Xun found that he had said the sentence “I’m so noisy”.

Seeing everyone’s indescribable expressions, and all these expressions were born of him, Wei Xun was a little happy and funny. He opened his mouth and his voice was a little hoarse and low.

“Why do you think –”

Do you think my decision was influenced by others?


I didn’t do it, just because I wanted to do it. It has nothing to do with the dreamer, Nezha spirit and everyone else.

But Wei Xun’s words were covered up by the sound of thousands of paper blowing suona.

When the monsters approached within a hundred meters, thousands of papers blew suona sad music, which was an order given by Wei Xun before.

All of a sudden, the monsters rioted. They rushed to Wei Xun fiercely, even faster than the blood flow. No, not fast enough. The blood River monsters rushed by Wei Xun opened the bottle containing Nezha’s soul blood and made them completely crazy. Even the last monster was free from pus and blood and charged desperately with twisted desire.

Wei Xun’s purpose is to separate monsters from blood!

The mental pollution caused by countless negative emotions rushed to him. For a moment, Wei Xun saw countless illusions, and a sharp and terrible roar sounded in his ears. Those dark monsters seemed to gather together and become giants to be swallowed by him.

The sudden drop of San value is the same as that of “let his death count down”. Wei Xun’s Scarlet eyes are bloodthirsty madness, the collapse of rational defense line, destruction and crazy killing swept up, making him crazy eager to fight!

But the Nezha spirit on his head kept Wei Xun calm. Wei Xun stepped into the arms of Qianjia paper and rushed to Donghua gate with all the blood stained paper people and drum band. As he expected, the monsters rushed after him, followed by the surging blood flow.

Although most of the funeral teams stayed were also stained with blood, the monsters chased Wei Xun away. It was the subtle difference that made them safe for the time being!

Half life Taoist wanted to catch up with him to help, but he found that the funeral team was staggered by the big waves, and there were signs of collapse. He had no choice but to stay and stabilize the team. He took them to the Donghua gate and hid behind the Donghua gate to resist the blood flow.

[you chose drum Avenue!]

The prompt sound of the hotel was in the ears of the passengers, but no one paid attention. Everyone looked at the direction of C250 leaving. Thousands of papers ran very fast. Wei Xun’s figure could not be seen for a long time, but he could still clearly hear the sound of sadness and sadness——

The influence of thousands of paper playing sad music is really terrible. It is almost visible to the naked eye. All viscous and dark monsters gather in the direction of Wei Xun in all directions.

C 250, danger!

On the miserable drum Road, there is an unfathomable dark “abyss” at intervals. The ‘abyss’ was the junction of Nezha’s backbone. They closed and separated.

When running at a high speed, you can’t master the rhythm. It doesn’t take a thousand pieces of paper to jump over the ditch. However, a lot of paper sticks people fall into the “abyss”. The next moment, the joints of bones close with a loud bang. After opening again, all the paper people are overstocked and crushed into powder.

The blood stained paper people and drum band brought by Wei Xun are getting shorter and shorter, but the number of monsters chasing after them is not small! There were even many monsters who were not led away by Zhou Xiyang, but were attracted by sadness and music and drilled through the deep bone cracks.

There are more and more monsters chasing after Wei Xun.

“Do you want to bring them all together?”

Nezha Ling’s tone was strange, half moving, half dignified, and a little helpless: “it’s too dangerous.”

Rao did not know how much pollution he had in his body.

“Throw the blood away.”

Nezhaling suggested again, “at least reduce the burden.”

But Wei Xun completely ignored him.

I’m very angry.

While Nezha Ling felt that he had been ignored, he also subtly felt the excitement.

Wei Xun would rather lead the monster himself, and even used a thousand pieces of paper to repay his kindness, but he was not willing to use Nezha Ling’s painstaking efforts!

Why does he pay attention to my blood? It is more important than the gratitude of thousands of papers, and even more important than his own safety?

It really made Nezha Ling angry and a little unhappy.

“I’m a small family. I haven’t seen the world. It’s just blood. It’s no fun.”

Nezha Ling said awkwardly, “when the journey is over, I can give you some more. How much do you want…”

“It’s annoying. Shut up.”

Wei Xun didn’t lift his head and said coldly.

How can you talk to your brother? No big or small!

But Nezha Ling was just amused by the coaxing. He didn’t care about Wei Xun at all. He just reminded: “someone in front has contained a lot of pollutants. Don’t go any further, you’ll run into him.”

After saying that, nezhaling said to himself, “that man has attracted most of the pollution in our city. He has some skills.”

He’s talking about Zhou Xiyang. It’s OK for Wei Xun to take some monsters around, but there are too many monsters in the eight armed Nezha city. When they gather together, the prestige they create may be more terrible than thousands of papers!

But after listening to nezhaling’s words, Wei Xun immediately found the right direction and immediately accelerated Qianjia paper!

Nezha Ling:?

Not only did he, the one who had taken a large number of monsters to the distance in front, turned around and approached Wei Xun like taking the wrong medicine!

* *

“Team Zhou, you still have to trust director Cui more!”

At the moment, Zhou Xiyang was covered with ferocious and twisted black gas and strong negative emotions. Almost all monsters were attracted. Fortunately, Yu Hehui was the messenger, otherwise no one else could get close to Zhou Xiyang.

Of course, Yu Hehui just spread the news. Zhou Xiyang, who was in an unstable mood, almost killed him as a monster.

Join the monster army at C 250?

What kind of shit order is it.

Yu Hehui is fake!

On the contrary, yuntianhe had no responsibility. He believed it with suspicion. Excitedly, he directly asked Yu Hehui if he could help? Zhou Xiyang, who was so upset, almost attacked him.

In fact, Zhou Xiyang didn’t want to hear the order very much. The fact that he was a doctor was too dangerous. But it’s really hard for tourists to refuse the tour guide who has contact. Even if C 250 just photographed him, there is no serious connection.

In particular, Zhou Xiyang used the title. Now that he is mentally unstable, his survival instinct makes him want to be closer to the guide and make him willing to listen to C 250.

But even if he turned back and ran in the direction of C 250 with the monsters of strange mountains and seas, Zhou Xiyang was still worried.

“Some monsters cannot be killed or infected with mental pollution. They desire negative emotions, but negative emotions can not really eliminate them, but will only make them stronger.”

Zhou Xiyang told Yu Hehui everything he found, hoping that he could convey it to C 250.

“Meeting place… Choose the entrance of Leigu Hutong.”

Wei Xun’s message was transmitted to Zhou Xiyang through Yu Hehui.

The scenic spot of Leigu Hutong has not been settled, which means that the tasks in it have not been completely completed.

The place where Nezha Ling asked to place the blood is also the deepest part of the drum beating alley. What’s the secret of the drum beating alley?

“There is -”

Nezha’s spirit thought Wei Xun was asking him, but who thought Wei Xun was asking himself and answering, “that’s the intersection of eight armed Nezha city and hell.”

You can know from the seven masters and eight masters carved on the door of the drum beating alley.

“Why is there a meeting point of the underworld in the eight armed Nezha city?”

“Why are those monsters mental pollution composed of negative emotions? Where are their souls?”

Nezha Ling opened his mouth, but there was no sound.

But Wei Xun wanted to know. Those ghosts who died miserably with resentment, maybe Nezha spirit, they all gathered there. What he originally thought might be to transcend their negative emotions and reincarnate the grievances, but the reality is worse than he thought.

Although nezhaling stripped away the negative emotions, he could not completely eliminate them, but he was infected. And those souls are not complete enough to return to the underworld.

The black dog is impermanent and stationed in the dog. I’m afraid there is also a reason for the soul to stay in the world.

So for the monsters, the drum beating alley is their beginning.

“Just come when they end.”

Wei Xun smiled. At that moment, he was very excited. His heart beat fast, as fast as he wanted to fly to his chest. He saw Zhou Xiyang approaching from a distance and the endless monsters behind him.

The influence of long-term mental pollution makes even purified magic honey unable to increase San value. Now it’s time to eat royal jelly, but Wei Xun didn’t eat it. He sat and watched the San value fall to 10 o’clock.


The huge devil’s wing is unfolded behind Wei Xun. It is an immature devil’s wing in line with the current situation of Wei Xun’s alienation.

If the health value does not return to zero, it cannot be completely alienated into a monster and has a strong amount of health. However, it is a kind of complete alienation, and there is a risk of completely out of control.

For example, the intensity of “safety” is alienated and has a strong “quantity” in advance?

That requires the powerful energy influence of countless spiritual pollution to fill in.

Wei Xun wanted to gather all the monsters together, not just for the convenience of purification. He wants to try——

When the San value is close to zero and catalyzed by a large amount of mental pollution, Wei Xun feels that more and more parts of his body are out of control, which is the place where he is completely alienated into a monster.

However, those places are extremely powerful, far from being comparable to immature demons.

Just like the completely demonized back and his spine, they can bear the wings of the devil and will not be easily torn.


The devil’s wings fan more and more, and the frequency is faster and faster. The wind blows up, and the wing tips tear the air. Wei Xun stood up. He was lifted to his head by Qianjia paper, which quickly changed into “Qianjia paper”.

At a distance of more than ten meters, Wei Xun looked down at the earth. His devil corner had grown again, his eyes completely turned red, and his light blue cloak floated. At that moment, he was like a real devil.

The devil smiled silently. The next moment he jumped and the wind swept by his ears, but Wei Xun didn’t fall.

He flew!


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