TTG Chapter 182

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 182: Nutrient solution 400000

In the sky, there is a shadow, not a thick cloud, but the wings of the devil.

Zhou Xiyang raised his head in amazement. Yu Hehui covered his face. Yuntianhe held the cross excitedly and murmured words of praise and reverence.

How good is the feeling of flying?

At the moment, Wei Xun is infinitely excited, but his spirit is also extremely calm. Instead of chasing the sun like Icarus, he turned around in the air, suddenly folded his wings and fell.


Zhou Xiyang exclaimed, thinking that C250 was a falling out of control with too low San value, and ignoring the monsters, he rushed up to catch C250, but unexpectedly, when Wei Xun quickly fell close to the ground, he opened the devil’s wings and soared into the air!

This time he grabbed a thousand pieces of paper and took them to heaven.

“Keep blowing.”

In the biting wind, Wei Xun ordered him to kill. At the same time, he took out Nezha’s blood, poured it into the palm of his hand and roasted it with fire. All of a sudden, sorrow and joy began to rise again, and the blood overflowed. The monsters from all directions found the target again. The monsters brought by Wei Xun and Zhou Xiyang closed frantically in the middle from the left and right sides!


It was a close call, but it was not a close call. It avoided the monsters who collided and closed together. Zhou Xiyang gasped for breath. At the moment, the bloody paper stabbed people and horses, and the paper man’s drum band was trampled into mud by fast-running monsters. If they run a little slower, I’m afraid so too!

It’s so strange, the monsters with eyes are so strange – it’s like the monsters of the whole eight armed Nezha city gather here at the moment! The wide drum drum was almost completely blocked. Zhou Xiyang stared at the strange mountain and sea, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

“What the hell does he want to do?!”

“What on earth does he want to do!”

On the other side, after the flood of the blood River slowed down a little, the funeral team also entered the drum beating giant. The heavy coffins and barbers had to wait until the bone seam was closed before entering. The half-life man completely ignored the image. He let Hong Jiang leap over the bone seam with him on his back and run frantically to chase after C 250, but he just saw the scene of endless monsters gathering!

“No, no amount of heaven.”

Where’s C 250?! Why didn’t he see it?!

Half life’s hands trembled violently and could hardly count. With a dark shadow covering his head, he looked up in amazement, but saw a pair of familiar, dark and silver demon wings!

“Oh, my God, a life-playing man!”

Half-life people were shocked and turned back, and the voice outlet felt wrong.

No, even if the Player is C 250, the examiner can’t appear now. It’s not the fourth scenic spot!

It was flying that day——

“Your San value is very dangerous!”

Dream Chaser, the Dragon grabbed the bone spur on Wei Xun’s shoulder and roared in his ear.

“You must leave here at once!”

All the monsters are concentrated here. The mental pollution is too strong. Even the dreamers feel suffocated. Looking from the air, these monsters are like dense ants. They have no reason at all. They are crazy and terrible. They are attracted by sadness, music, and blood. In order to get closer to the Wei Xun in the air, they even climb up on the bodies of their companions!

It’s like a “living” black tower piled up by monsters!

Wei Xunfei didn’t stay away, but sometimes flew low and dived like a lure, making the monsters more and more crazy.

“Do you want to lure them together?”

The dreamer saw that the monsters had built six or seven “black towers”, but they were surrounded by a circle, but they were different in height. Wei Xun, like the “architect” who controls the overall situation, lured the monsters with low flying again and again, and finally became a balance of power.

A large number of monsters struggled to climb up, but made the side edge of drum beating big  which was completely occupied by monsters empty!

Is he trying to attract monsters by himself and let the funeral team pass safely?

“Not enough, not enough.”

Wei Xun murmured that at the moment, he was extremely crazy. He flew through the “black towers” piled up by monsters. The nearest monster could almost stick to the tip of his wings. However, Wei Xun was extremely calm. He held a spider silk climbing rope in his hand, bound and bonded, so that the monsters could not be separated again.

The range of hi bomb · bomb is limited, and the number of monsters is too large. For example, if they are completely scattered on the ground, the hi bomb · bomb will not affect all monsters, so Wei Xun flew up and lured the monsters to stack!

For example, the monsters are all stacked into a “high tower”, which is too high and the range of bombing and ammunition is not enough. Therefore, Wei Xun controls the amount of monsters and makes them into a “seven” high tower. It’s too difficult. The valuable spider silk climbing rope broke and it’s difficult to trap the monsters.

But nezhaling helped!

“I feel that today is an opportunity for change.”

Nezha Ling murmured. At his level, he had a keen intuition about his own affairs. What exactly does Wei Xun want to do?! It’s too late to say that the momentum of Nezha’s spirit has affected these monsters. These monsters even began to melt and stick, like pools of muddy and viscous oil.

The unparalleled strong breath is spreading. Seven “black towers” and seven giant pollution monsters are gradually taking shape! Seeing this scene, Nezha’s spirit was bitter. He tried his best to divide the monsters everywhere in Nezha city and didn’t dare to let them gather. That’s why he was worried.

“You… Alas!”

Nezha’s spirit was black and smelled like monsters. He can’t do it anymore. Even if Wei Xun can’t solve the monsters gathered today, he will be completely polluted. He really doesn’t want to continue such a chronic death. It’s better to fight for a chance and a chance of life!

Can Wei Xun become his vitality?!


Wei Xun was laughing. He suddenly closed the wings of the devil and no longer continued to fly, but fell rapidly! The strong wind made his hair fly disorderly. The golden necklace slipped out of Wei Xun’s collar due to gravity. The necklace pendant glittered ominously. The necklace of the false king would bring absolute misfortune to the wearer.

In a trance and illusion, Wei Xun seemed to see the monsters’ giant palms intercept and catch him. The erosion of endless spiritual pollution finally made him completely crazy. After complete alienation, the terrible devil roared and bloodthirsty. The dreamer threw the name card to him in a hurry, but it was a step slower.

Demons and polluting monsters were completely integrated, Nezha Spirit fell, and the whole eight armed Nezha city fell into the abyss. The drum street was full of broken paper people and the bodies of passengers.

This is the future of Tuan Mie!


In one thousandth of a second, the crown appeared in Wei Xun’s hand and was pressed by him in the hair room.

[False King (crown): when you wear the crown, you will be the real king! All the negative effects) above will be reversed to positive!]

All misfortune turns into luck! The hands of the seven giant monsters just bonded were supposed to grasp him, but they bumped together. Wei Xun fell between his fingers at the critical moment. He fell too fast. The monsters realized that they wanted to bend over and fish, but they were entangled by a heavier collision.

“Cui Dao!!”

The cry of anxiety and worry sounded. Zhou Xiyang didn’t want to die. He wanted to rush up to ! Seven giant monsters bonded together bent down to the middle, collided and entangled together, like a giant black ball.

And C 250 was trapped in the middle of the black ball!

On October 10, when she was carrying the coffin, she did not hesitate to throw the red bar to rush to the side of the coffin, and her pupil shrank to a point as big as the tip of a needle. Human ears became wolf ears, and terror lingered on her. Augustus turned into a wolf on the spot! When she was completely unsealed, one hand patted her on the shoulder.

“Vice regiment, vice regiment?!”

Bai Yutian ran past her, as if looking for a half-life man, but his voice sounded in his ear on October 10.



Instinct and reason clashed wildly. On October 10, his cheeks twitched, but he obeyed orders, forcibly suppressed the beast, and returned to normal. All this was amazing. The coffin had not tilted yet. She held it again.

On October 10, he stared at the “giant cocoon” formed by the polluting monsters. Bai Yutian was also looking in that direction. He ran behind the half-life man, but now the half-life man had no time to take care of him.

Everyone is looking at the giant cocoon!


Bai Tiantian was extremely calm in the bottom of his eyes. He listened attentively. Everything around him seemed to be quiet. Only in the huge cocoon, it seemed faint and graceful, and there was a “Ding”.

It’s like a die landing.

The gambler’s dice were thrown to the ground by Wei Xun. On his head, behind him, in all directions, every minute and inch, it was all black, life and death gambling that polluted monsters. The gamblers were not only Wei Xun, but also Nezha Ling, Bai Yutian, October 10, dream chasers, and countless spectators who were not on the journey!

Every gambler yearns for this kind of stimulation, the glory of being noticed by the public, and wants to gamble on his own!

good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations!

The rapidly rotating gambler’s dice wanted to fall to one point several times, but finally fell on six!

[your gambler’s dice upgrade -]

“Boom –!”

At the moment of the prompt sound of the hotel, Wei Xun suddenly turned around and smashed the activated Xi bomb.

It’s hitting the heads of the monsters close behind him!

“Ha ha ha ha -”

Crazy and terrible laughter broke out from the happy bombing · bomb, and the red spirit wave burst out and swept everything. It was clear that the spirit wave was invisible, but the thick black pollution affected by it disappeared rapidly like ice and snow!

Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing. He bent down with laughter and his wings trembled. Ordinary people can’t imagine the power of six times the joy bomb. Excessive joy surged, which is also a kind of spiritual pollution, and Wei Xun is in the nearest explosion center!

“Hahaha, hee hee –”

A little laugh came from Wei Xun’s shoulder. A ladybug tried to absorb joy. It was Ladybug three! The golden responsibility devil also appeared on Wei Xun’s shoulder. They protected Wei Xun together and finally separated the influence of joy.

Others are not so lucky!

Zhou Xiyang and Yu Hehui, who rushed closest to the giant pollution black ball, were lucky to see the grand scene of the collapse and dissipation of pollution from a close distance. Thousands of red lights, like sunshine and sword, pierce the obstacles of dark pollution and burst out, like sunshine breaking through clouds and shining on the earth!

The most dazzling light column comes from the center, where the dark pollution is completely melted, without a head. The seven huge monsters condensed by the pollution melt and collapse in the red light, falling in all directions, like a blooming Black Lotus. Crazy and twisted laughter, joy and happiness entangle crying, despair and sadness, such as an absolutely crazy symphony!

The conductor of this symphony stands in the middle of the blooming “Black Lotus” with the devil’s wings closed behind him. He is neither sad nor happy, nor angry or angry. Cold and indifferent as a devil, but calm as a Buddha.


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