TTG Chapter 183

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 183: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (23)


** Life-playing people / Life playing Man / Joker is referring to the tourist guide identity of Wei Xun’s brother, Xi Ming People/Xi Ming Ren

“Cui Dao!”

Zhou Xiyang rushed directly to taiguan for the safety of C250, and then the Department began to get out of control.

“Haha, haha, haha -”

The emotional influence of sixfold happiness bomb is too strong. Zhou Xiyang’s essence is quite unstable now, so he was directly attacked.

“Hahaha, hahaha, you, hahaha, how do you, hahaha -”

He turned his back and forth, out of breath, and tears came out. The situation of Yu Hehui next to him can’t be let more. He knew about the magic bug bomb, but he didn’t expect Wei Xun to be crazy and make it six times!

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Yu Hehui ran to Wei Xun, half pulling and half carrying, and dragged Wei Xun out of the range of black essence pollution – although Wei Xun stood so straight, Yu Hehui could feel that Wei Xun was all numb!

At the moment, Wei Xun’s whole energy is used to fight against strange madness. He is completely unable to take into account the world, and even has difficulty walking by himself.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Yes, it is!

Yu Hehui was anxious and angry, but he was full of joy. He supported Wei Xun and evacuated from the polluted area together with Zhou Xiyang. The essence of negative emotions is that the pollution monsters are too huge. Even if the joy dissolves rapidly, it takes a while to eliminate them.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

After walking a few steps, he saw the half-life Taoist. He rode on the red stiff back, the straight hammer on the red stiff shoulder, and Bai Xiaotian fainted directly. Half-life Taoist priest didn’t know that Wei Xun had completely lost his life. His attention was completely on his demon wings. He was crying. He didn’t know whether it was crying or not:

“Hahaha, damn it, hahaha, I’m so happy, hahaha, wuwuwu.”

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

The whole drum beating Avenue was filled with a cheerful atmosphere. Zhou Xiyang and their minds were choked with joy. The unaffected devil businessmen in the distance did not dare to go over when they heard the loud noise of fine pollution, so they did not hear the words of half-life Taoist.

But all the audience in the studio were shocked on the spot!

Although after taking out the crown from Wei Xun, the two elephant king ornaments were blocked in his live broadcast split screen, the spectacular scene of monsters being bombed by the hi demon insect bomb can be seen clearly from the live broadcast room of any one such as Zhou Xiyang’s half life Taoist!

Before, C250 was completely different. The sight of devil wings flying in the sky made some people’s brains boil. It is hard to believe that a large part of the crazy praise barrage in the live studio was sent by people in the Western District!


[Oh good good! It’s wonderful and unimaginable. Did he really do it alone?!]

[my God, it’s unbelievable. He’s like Superman from heaven!]

[really, really brothers, I shed tears. Since I entered the hotel, I have rarely been moved by anything. Oh, my God, I don’t know what to say]

Personal heroism and turning the tide alone are highly appreciated and advocated by the people of the Western District! At the moment, they are crazy about C 250.

[his name is Xiaocui, right? He’s so handsome. I want to date him!]

[to be honest, I’m fascinated by him. I’m not gay, but it’s really hard for anyone not to be fascinated by such a guide]

[yes, yes, I know it’s the confrontation mission. Sorry, devil merchant, come on, I’ll support you, but I still want to say – when will you come to the west to lead the group? Shit, I really want to go to your group!]

[God, it’s clear that his strange state is a devil, but what he does is like an angel. He saved Nezha and the passengers!]

[I heard what the half-life Taoist said about the life playing man. Is it the life-playing man of the first-class tour guide in the East District?]

If the translation system of the hotel is OK, yes, you heard it right. He said it several times

[is Cui’s abnormal state the same as him?]

Not everyone has seen the hippies’ different state. Of course, when the year-end celebration was broadcast live all over the world, those big tour guides’ different state big machines could have a good time, but hippies haven’t gone to the year-end celebration in recent years.

In addition to the top large tour guides and tourists, the renewal and iteration of middle and low-level tour guides and tourists is very fast. People struggle to survive in hotels. They are like sand washed by big waves. Few people can live long.

Naturally, I haven’t seen the abnormal state of the high life playing people. What do they look like.

If half life Taoist didn’t say it, most people wouldn’t associate the abnormal state of C 250 with life-playing people.

But now——

“Really? Really? Is it true that the abnormal state of life playing people is like this?!”

Qile orange speaks very fast and is like jumping beans. As a young brigade captain, he and An Xuefeng are not of the same generation. They have never seen the abnormal state of life-playing people. At the moment, he made a phone call to Wan’an poverty of the metaphysical brigade.

Qile orange is lively and likes to make friends. The old captains take care of Feihong in front of him. They have a good relationship.

But now Wan’an poverty doesn’t really want to receive a call from Qile orange.

“Yes, it is indeed homologous.”

Wan An poor sighed and took the phone away. Sure enough, Qi Le orange’s excited voice suddenly rose at the next moment. He was a famous loud voice!

“Does it mean that C 250 has a direct relationship with Xi Ming people? Brother? Father? Grandson? Cough, I mean, does An Dui know the relationship between C 250 and Xi Ming people? But the dreamers have gone to be guardians. He should know. Are they going to make peace with the butcher Alliance? Hey, don’t say it. I think Bing 250 may be really good, you Look, Yun Tianhe of the shepherd alliance can’t boast about him? I thought he would be — ”

“Hello? Hello? What are you talking about?”

Wan’an hung up the phone with a sigh and shook his head: “the signal is bad.”

The ghost King nearby is almost sweating. Qi Le orange dares to say that An Xuefeng ordered people to chase dreams and puppet masters to bring them. They don’t want to get involved in metaphysics.

Half-life Taoist is enough to give them a headache!

“Xiangyang, do you think this sack looks good?”

Wan’an is waving his hand.

“Dye it. Cen Qin likes red and white lattices.”

Yu Xiangyang’s face was overcast, and he was so angry that he called the Taoist priest by his name. After getting angry, Yu Xiangyang still read about his old love, holding his nose to wipe the ass of the half-life Taoist: “ten thousand teams, the rhythm of the barrage and forum discussion, let Xiao Hou take them.”

It’s ridiculous to say. The young elites of Laoshan brigade clearly came to appreciate the heroism of the half life deputy regiment and learn from the half life deputy regiment. In the end, they did the work of the Navy!

Oh, of course, they have learned something. Everyone has firmly remembered that they must not open their mouth.

“It’s hard for them.”

Wan’an poor said melancholy, copying a turtle shell in his hand: “but the rhythm of this time… It’s hard to take. I’ve calculated. Half his life is doomed to this disaster.”

“Ten thousand teams have experience.”

Yu Xiangyang said expressionless, “the rhythm has been brought, you see.”


Wan’an poverty watches the live broadcast with a bullet screen. This time, it’s even more annoying to be out of sight. Hearing Yu Xiangyang say so, he looked at the barrage curiously.

[my God, it’s different!]

[it’s terrible. It’s said that the butcher alliance will not let other tour guides of their own kind live!]

[Oh, my God, I’m afraid the butcher alliance will attack Cui. Yes, they will. After all, they are so notorious!]

[such a good Cui will definitely be watched by the butcher!]

[they’ll eat Cui!]


Wan’an poverty looked unspeakable: “you… Let them disguise the rhythm of the people in the west?”

“Yes, their English level is good.”

Yu Xiangyang said, “the barrage in the west is easier to believe.”

Indeed, people are like this. People are half convinced when they say good or bad, but they quickly believe when they say and advise. Now there are a lot of Eastern audience in the live studio.

After all, there is a great chance that homology and dissimilarity are related by blood. Not many people know about it. Few tour guides are related by blood. Even if there is, it is difficult to survive until the day when dissimilarity is fully activated. Such cases are too rare.

There are few similarities and differences among tour guides. On the contrary, some conspiracy theories are more convincing.

That’s cannibalism.

After all, the title exclusive items between the same titles can be merged and swallowed, and can be supplemented from the same title (such as the ball of magic insects). Can guides of the same kind and different titles devour each other also increase their strength?

Now no one in the live studio or the forum is discussing whether there is a relationship between C250 and the hippies. They are all discussing whether the butcher alliance will catch C250 for the hippies to eat.

[God, help Cui, help the guide!]

God, help me!

The whole portrait of Yin-Yang butterfly was pounded into the brain by a heavy hammer and completely stunned.

Is there anything worse than sending someone down to kill C 250 and finding out that he was against the Mission East representative?

That’s the discovery of C 250, which is likely to be related to their boss’s life playing man.

It can’t be a puppet! Puppets cannot be selected as counter mission representatives!

It’s not obvious when C250 stood on the ground before. After all, the long-term devil is different from the long-term devil. No one thinks in that direction. After all, it’s incredible.

But when C250 flew up, it was completely different!

When the almost familiar devil’s wing was fully extended, when he dived and fell from a high altitude, everyone who had seen the strange state of the playful man jumped up, and the impact was too great!

If C 250 is really an adult’s blood relative

The yin-yang butterfly is an exciting spirit, and the blessing spirit connects the figure of the “first puppet of the life playing man” with C 250.

Now think… Who was the first to call out the first puppet of the life playing man that day?

It’s a dreamer!

He has a very deep friendship with bing250. Bing250 has a different state that is homologous with the hippies. Clay figurine Zhang was robbed. It is the abyss node in northern Tibet. Most importantly, he can wear the hippies’ red cloak

The yin-yang butterfly becomes fluffy with the naked eye. Excessive shock makes him directly show the characteristics of abnormal state!

Psychic… Yes, psychic absolutely knows!

Six years ago, he seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw, stumbled and flapped his wings, and found the psychic medium.

“Adults are still guarding the sun.”

“It’s really worth paying attention to the matter of homology and difference. My Lord also attaches great importance to it. Thank you for turning it off.”

As soon as the yin-yang butterfly entered the hostel of the psychic media, she heard him talking to others. The words she heard made the yin-yang butterfly jump wildly.

My lord?!

The psychic medium glanced at him, and the yin-yang butterfly automatically silenced. Seeing that the psychic didn’t let him out, he stayed and listened.

“Kinship? No, it’s too early to say so. After all, you know, the abnormal state is not absolute. You see, the bullet screen in the live broadcast room also said that maybe when the hippies come out, they will let us kill C250 to eat.”

“Moreover, bing250 has friends with dream chasers, puppet masters, homecoming, and even an Xuefeng. It’s hard to say his attitude towards the butcher alliance.”

“No, no, no, we are not guarding against the Western butcher alliance. We deliberately hide the information of C 250.”

The weeping psychic is neither humble nor arrogant: “the end of the year celebration is coming. Now it is the confrontation stage between the East and the West. As the representative of the eastern region of the confrontation task, all the people in the eastern region will ensure his safety. I hope you can understand.”

“OK, see you.”


The psychic hung up.

“Is it a S2 lizard?”

The yin-yang butterfly who has been holding her breath is now in the mouth of the Department.

“Yes, it’s from the Western butcher Union.”

The weeping psychic rubbed his forehead and talked to the strong. It’s very expensive. But when looking at the live screen, even the black screen of C 250, the psychic felt that his fatigue had melted away.

C 250. He’s great. He can fly already.

He must share the good news with adults!

The psychic media had already prepared. He recorded all this wonderful video. After all, he thought that C250 was going to kill the team – this was the precious video of C250 killing the team for the first time!

Of course, although the last person didn’t die, the psychic medium was still proud from the inside.

It’s much harder to revitalize the passengers than to kill them.

C 250 is excellent!

“Brother, here, you see…”

Yin Yang butterfly phase Ai Ai, he hasn’t called psychic brother for many years, which shows how chaotic his brain is now. The psychic media perfunctorily said that the Yin and Yang butterflies tasted the lizard, but they thought it was quite reasonable.

Maybe this C 250 is really shit luck, which is the same as that of adults? In fact, there is no blood relationship?

“That’s right.”

The psychic looked at the yin-yang butterfly. The yin-yang butterfly has some strength, otherwise it can’t climb to the position of B 2. But he is too young to be much older than Mao Xiaole on his way home. He always likes to think about things. He is a little wild and not very stable.

But now the psychic media are mainly focused on communicating with the life playing people. Naturally, they have less energy on the butcher alliance. The yin-yang butterfly also has to experience and can afford the overall situation.

Although the Western butcher alliance kept it from us, yin and Yang butterflies need to know this information.

“C 250 is the adult’s brother.”

The psychic told him and delegate power appropriately:

“You can tell a few trusted people about it, not too much.”

The psychic calmly told: “C250 is on the way home, on the side of the dreamer, which is better than in the butcher alliance.”

After all, the playful man is still in the Inca sun, so he can’t do it directly. Relatively speaking, if there is a way back, C250 will be safer.

** *  as the examiner of C 250, I think adults agree with it.

Yin and Yang butterflies are like five thunders. After leaving the Department, they are confused and absent-minded. Their brains are full of “adult’s brother?”‘ Can an adult have a brother? “‘ After Yun Lianghan died, “is it my turn?” And so on, that he didn’t react for a while after receiving the message from the bee Taoist.

Yes, Taoist bee wants to report to him.

But when the yin-yang butterfly heard the phone ring, the conditioned reflex trembled, for fear that it was the psychic medium who gave him the kill order.

After the bee Taoist came, he finally calmed down in order to maintain his image. After listening to the gossip that can hardly be called news in one ear, when Taoist bee was about to leave, the yin-yang butterfly said coldly:

“The organization you added is called mutual aid association, isn’t it? Organization C 250?”

Scared Taoist bee into a cold sweat!

“I am absolutely loyal to the butcher alliance!”

Taoist bee immediately knelt down and swore devoutly. Looking at him like this, the yin-yang butterfly snorted coldly. The bee Taoist suddenly became stronger when he couldn’t check? Of course, you must check out the bee Taoist before assigning him to do something, otherwise how can you trust him?

Even if Taoist bee’s reason is true and there is evidence from the clothed fish, the yin-yang butterfly has found clues. The main reason is that a man who received a leaflet that night defected to him.

So Yin and Yang butterflies associate so quickly.

I didn’t intend to kill him, but after beating the bee Taoist for a while, the yin-yang butterfly let him go. After thinking for a long time, I took out the leaflet.

He wanted to catch the spies in the league, and then when the adults came out, he asked him for credit and stepped on the psychic foot. After all, it was definitely his lax care.

But now, the yin-yang butterfly is very frightened. Think about the news she found before——

As a 30 degree online organization, C 250 is the vice president and two top judges. Among them, the one codenamed “Hope” is likely to be a dreamer, and the other codenamed “beautiful” is unidentified

Could it be a hippie, my lord?

If so, the mutual aid association is most likely established to protect C250.

Isn’t the butcher alliance the safest place? Then why did C 250 join the mutual aid association?

Is there any danger in the organization? Spies?

The yin-yang butterfly shivered. He suddenly remembered what the psychic medium said to him, ‘you can tell some trusted people about this’. Now think about it, this sentence is simply meaningful.

The psychic won’t doubt that he’s a spy?!

Is that possible!

The wings of yin and Yang butterflies are scared out. Yes, he is close to Pinocchio of the shepherd alliance recently, but he doesn’t want to dig Pinocchio and make a contribution to the organization!

I’m trying to do great work without telling the psychic!

This… Yin and Yang butterfly can’t tell. What can I do now! Adults definitely believe in psychic media. Yin Yang butterfly has long felt that psychic media don’t like him. If the other party spread his story about Fu bing250 again

“Psychic, psychic -”

Yin and Yang butterflies dare not think any more. He held the leaflet and paced left and right, with the last cruel gesture.

Add it!

This is his chance to redeem his merit!

With psychic media, he can’t hold the adult’s thigh. It must be right to approach C 250!

[do you choose to pay 5000 membership fee to be a member of the mutual aid association?]


Don’t you remember the membership fee for joining the mutual aid association? But Yin and Yang butterfly intercourse is very decisive.

[please select your code]

Yin and Yang butterflies look at the recommendation and directly use the code to indicate their ambition.


Yes, he is the one who is most loyal to the butcher alliance and the hippies!

The yin-yang butterfly here was still in shock and took great energy to study the promotion (krypton gold) mechanism of the Mutual Aid Association. The bee Taoist “brigade” was also sweating hard after staying there. After hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and sold the news to the Mutual Aid Association.

[the Yin and Yang butterflies of the butcher alliance are likely to control some members of the Mutual Aid Association, and they are likely to know some of the secrets of the Association]

Yes, the bee Taoist has figured it out. He can receive leaflets, and others in the butcher alliance may also receive them. Some of those people were caught and controlled by Yin and Yang butterflies, so he can directly say the word “Mutual Aid Association”!

Yin Yang butterfly didn’t kill him, but let him go… Is it to train him to be a traitor in the mutual aid association?

The bee Taoist was worried. He played the Department live broadcast and saw what countless bullet screens said [the same and different guides ate each other] [the hippies ate C250, I’m afraid they can completely surpass an Xuefeng and become the first person in the hotel!] [the reason why the hippies haven’t won the Title of crazy devil thriller for many years is because they didn’t eat C250!]

Look, Taoist bee is full of cold sweat!

On the face of it, the mutual aid association is an organization built by C 250. The move of Yin-Yang butterfly… Can it be said that the butcher alliance is actually planning to attack the mutual aid association?!

If so… Then, what is he going to do?

It is rare for a bee Taoist to have no owner. Intellectually, he knows that the butcher alliance is stronger. He is also a well deserved butcher guide. In order to win, he should stand on the side of the butcher alliance.

But when he thought of the mutual aid association and the buzzing of the golden Little Wang – Taoist bee, he didn’t want to admit it, but he did have a lot of feelings.

Up to now, he has rarely thought about the butcher, and the dispute with B 49 seems to have been a long time ago. He actually focused more energy on the mutual aid meeting and wondered how to get more time for ideological and moral lessons – it seems that at the beginning of joining the butcher alliance, he had this momentum at that time!

Taoist bee was in a dilemma and couldn’t make a decision for a long time.

But anyway, the last 10 minutes of Ideological and moral class is necessary! If the Mutual Aid Association really goes out, maybe he won’t see Xiao Wang again in the future!

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and donated half a kilo of purified royal jelly.

Exposing the butcher Alliance Plan… He still won’t do it.

However, if butchers and guides sneak attacks and fight, the most commonly used method is fine pollution. If there is more royal jelly, C250 can last longer.

* *

“Thanks to the bee Taoist”

Yu Hehui sighed and poured a small bottle of purified royal jelly into Wei Xun’s mouth. Wei Xun is so extravagant that he can drink purified royal jelly. Even Taoist bee doesn’t have this treatment.

The drum band was crushed to death by the pollution monster. Now the funeral team has no drum music and looks quiet.

Only a very abrupt sound came from time to time.

Now the funeral team has come to the street corresponding to the drum beating alley. The pollution of negative emotions has been washed away by joy. On the contrary, a lot of joy still exists. All passengers, even the devil businessman, have a big set up. The sound is very magical.

But there is no way. The tourists have to stay here for a while to spend the dead. This is also the reason why this scenic spot is not over.

“Hahaha, under normal circumstances, there should have been three methods of customs clearance.”

The half life Taoist said happily, “kill the dead and suppress the dead. Ha ha. Of course, if we can clean up some polluting monsters, we can induce some dead to be traitors for us.”

As soon as he was happy, he liked to say a lot: “aha, over the years, their positive emotions have basically dissipated, but their negative emotions are all condensed, polluted and retained, so these undead are absolutely grumpy and very bad.”

This can be felt from the night of the night tour of drum beating Hutong. There is not even a ghost who is friendly to passengers.

“But now director Cui has cleared all the negative emotions. Our brigade is kind to them!”

Yuntianhe’s eyes glittered and said sincerely, “hahaha, praise Cuidao!”

When it comes to the extremely dangerous journey, the scenic spots are not absolutely connected. The choice you made in the last scenic spot is likely to affect the next scenic spot.

For example, they are kind to the dead now. You can invite them to live in the paper people. In this way, after leaving the city, the Yin difference will seduce the soul. They will be hooked, which seems to add one more life to the paper man.

If you hook the dead, you must escort them to the underworld first. In this way, you can also occupy the hands and feet of many Yin soldiers.

This is the most difficult optimal solution!

“Praise director Cui!”

Half life Taoist was also happy to join in the fun, but the faces of others were unspeakable.

Obviously, affected by their joy, they looked at each other, but no one dared to say hello to C 250. He also held the demon’s wings. Even if he didn’t hear the half life Taoist say “life playing man”, this complete wing can arouse the memories of many people.

Even when Yu Hehui and Bing 250 stood aside and shook hands with the shopkeeper, no one dared to talk to them. They had to deal with their confused brain again.

The devil merchant doesn’t know that he is fearless. He doesn’t have the reason to approach, but he sees that Xiaocui’s situation seems a little different.

It seems that there are too many different items, the San value cannot be recovered, and the feeling of being traumatized.

The devil businessman was very worried, but he also knew that Yu Hehui would not welcome him if he used to.

“Hahaha, after all, we are enemies.”

The devil merchant took a deep breath. When he said this, there was no bitter self mockery, only dignified and serious, but the corners of his mouth were aroused.

Joy affects too much.

He was shocked by what had just happened, even if he looked at it from a distance.

Enemy, does he really have capital and Xiaocui as the enemy?

The devil merchant counted his cards and found that it was really difficult.

In fact, he was at a loss at the beginning, but even so, the devil businessman did not forget to lead the tourists to complete the scenic spot task. After all, Xiaocui has solved all the most difficult problems. Can’t he finish with the passengers?

In command and busy, the devil merchant gradually calmed down. He has experienced many hardships and will not be easily knocked down by difficulties. Xiaocuiyi has a lot of cards and extraordinary means, but he will not admit defeat. It is true that he is under great pressure, but he will also be the best grindstone to polish him.

“You say that the more ancient and powerful existence of the dead is to have their own soul and body, like people, but far more than people, right. “

The devil merchant talked to the dead monarch in the magic mirror and thought: “although I can’t build my own soul body now… I may be able to build a soul bag.”

Mr. Skinner can peel off the skin with soul… If the devil merchant uses it to peel himself, it may really work.

However, his San value is limited to 50, which is already a strange state of semi undead. If you want to peel off, at least you have to restore  people, which has to take great risks and pay a great price.

If I hadn’t seen Xiaocui, I’m afraid the devil businessman would make more preparations and wait until he’s sure.

But Xiaocui shocked him.

No risk, no madness, how can we become stronger!

“Hahaha, when the funeral palace in yangshou town has finished the team leader assessment, my strength has a lot of room to improve.”

The devil merchant said to himself – he said it to the black widow.

The devil merchant is afraid that the black widow will let him attack Xiaocui at this time. After all, if he doesn’t take advantage of his weakness, he may have no chance in the future, and now Xiaocui has revealed the necklace.

The devil merchant didn’t resist taking advantage of people’s danger, but he didn’t want to do it to Xiaocui. He gave the black widow some hope and hinted that she would do it after the funeral palace in yangshou town.

But the black widow didn’t speak. She was rarely silent and didn’t know what she was thinking.

Yu Hehui looked at them warily and stuffed the necklace into Wei Xun’s clothes. The necklace can be hidden well, but the crown on Wei Xun’s head can’t work. Yu Hehui doesn’t dare to move about for fear that it will be useful.

“Ha ha, how are you feeling now? Can you hear me?”

Yu Hehui has strong willpower and is now basically unaffected by joy.

He whispered in Wei Xun’s ear, and the dreamers communicated with Wei Xun, but none of them received Wei Xun’s response.

“He has suffered a trauma, which can’t be solved by San.”

The dreamer’s voice was dignified and prevented Yu Hehui from feeding purified royal jelly to Wei Xun.

“When he fused the abyss node before, did he absorb the magic patterns on his wings in advance?”

I’ve never eaten pork and I’ve seen pigs running. When the dreamer looks at C250, he doesn’t know how to do it.

The body of C 250 is still in a long-term period, but the wings of the devil have entered a long-term period ahead of time!

“The trauma of Jingyu made him subconsciously think that he was in danger. In order to protect himself, he would not put away his strongest wings. But his long-term body can’t support the energy consumed by these wings. It consumes too much energy, so he can’t recover his ambition. ”

Those negative emotional monsters pollute the essence of C 250, but they are also “energizing” him, so he can fly so hard before, but now he is in a dangerous situation again.

“How to charge?”

Yu Hehui asked, there is enough energy in the body, and Wei Xun can wake up.

“Eat a demon.”

The dreamer solemnly replied, “but it’s best to relieve it. If you eat demons, you will continue to enhance the demonic power in his body and get out of control more easily. Now, as long as he can recover his consciousness a little, he can collect the wings of the devil. There is no problem. ”

Yu Hehui looked at the funeral team. They had almost coaxed all the dead into the paper and stabbed people’s bodies. As long as the dead can be taken away, the Leigu Hutong will no longer be the intersection of Nezha city and the underworld. The scenic spots of Leigu Hutong are finished.

It’s safe in the city. There are too many dangers in the city. You must wake up Wei Xun before.


Yu Hehui is anxious. An Xuefeng is not here. Can feathers alone do it?

“Cough… I heard my brother wants to eat demons?”

Nezha Ling’s voice rang, and he pretended to cough twice: “don’t eat demons? Won’t you wake up? It’s really a child’s temper. Who makes you a brother? That’s right. I caught ten demons, and you cut them for him. I’ll catch them if they’re not enough.”

“Thank you, Santai, but he can’t eat demons now.”

Yu Hehui was stunned and thought of Nezha spirit. Yes, Wei Xun helped Nezha spirit a lot. There’s no problem asking Nezha spirit to do it!

“Oh? Don’t eat demons? How can he wake up?”

A red ball seemed to jump on Wei Xun’s head. Although he had no expression, he could also hear some worries from his tone – now nezhaling has more feelings for Wei Xun than before, but he is not very good at expressing.

Yu Hehui knew this and spoke frankly:

“Can you imagine the corresponding breath?”

He felt Feng Yu from Wei Xun’s cloak and handed it to Nezha Ling. I’m afraid it’s difficult for Fengyu alone to help Wei Xun relieve his kung fu immediately, but if an Xuefeng’s breath urges Fengyu, it may be much higher.

The red ball touched Fengyu, jumped back and pulled the distance.

What a powerful force! He is overbearing and refuses anyone to approach. Nezhaling felt a little tricky. I’m afraid the breath on this feather would consume a lot of his strength!

But his younger brother passed out for him. Nezha was so moved that he had to wake up his younger brother!

“Of course I can. Let me see what this man looks like.”

Nezha Ling said shamelessly. In fact, he changed the man’s appearance first, and then imagined the breath. In this way, the consumption would be less. After all, the breath is the same as himself. He just uses the image of Nezha’s spirit to illusory the breath, which consumes too much.


Yu Hehui is embarrassed. He doesn’t have a picture of an Xuefeng!

He put the feather in Wei Xun’s hand. Seeing that he had lost consciousness, he still instinctively grasped the feather, and only felt bursts of pain.

“You and he are brothers recognized by the hotel.”

At this time, the dreamer’s Department said.

“That’s right.”

Nezha spirit replied, a little empty.

Wei Xun finished the entrusted task of decontamination and naturally won a reward. At the beginning, Nezha Ling not only set the reward of blood essence, but also took the entrusted task of “looking for sweet water after finishing the task”.

The reward for finding sweet water to entrust a task was naturally agreed by Wei Xun at that time, and he became a brother with Nezha spirit.

Now he’s a fool.

Nezhaling had never thought that Wei Xun could completely solve his problem before. When he said, ‘if I completely solve it, I also want to be a brother’, he didn’t put it on the book at all.

At present, Wei Xun can’t be a brother, which makes nezhaling want to compensate him more.

“That’s good.”

The dreamer pointed out: “you and he are ‘brothers’, and the resistance from the hotel will be reduced. You can find out the characters he thinks of in his’ dream’ and make each other’s fantasy.”

“My brother is thinking about him? Are you sure?”

Nezha Linghu doubted.

“That’s right.”

Yu Hehui is very generous. The essence needs to be relieved. Isn’t it normal to want to connect passengers! Wei Xun is now holding a phoenix feather, and the probability of wanting an Xuefeng is almost 100%.

“The one who chose.”

The dreamer added.

“OK, look at mine.”

The unreal red ball covered Wei Xun’s head like a hat. After a while, Nezha Ling’s voice came: “Hey, you said to choose people, those white wolves, snow leopards, tentacle whales and so on, don’t worry?”


Yu Hehui and the dreamer want to cover their faces at the same time. Fortunately, Wei Xun is blocking the live broadcast now. But Nezha’s voice was so loud that the passengers over there looked at it subconsciously.

“OK, if you choose people… These shouldn’t be.”

The red ball of Nezha’s spirit was divided into two, half of which was still covered on Wei Xun’s head, and the other half fell to the ground. It grew with the wind, and the Magic Shapes came out one by one. There were men and women, old and young, but they were very vague. The two clearest were a pair of middle-aged men and women, but their faces were vague.

“Yes, neither.”

Yu Hehui stressed: “the clearest one.”

Dream chasing Bruce Lee squints. If the essence is hurt, the tour guide should only think about the connected passengers. Yes, how can he think of so many miscellaneous people?

Unless C250 is now not only damaged, but also has other problems. These characters from Nezha’s spiritual fantasy may be people or relatives known in the reality of C 250.

But what about the blurred face?

“Well, there are two clearest people”

Before the dreamer finished thinking, Nezha’s voice rang. When I saw the red ball falling on the ground, I divided it into two halves again, and they were people respectively.

Two… Can’t be an Xuefeng and * *.

Yu Hehui wanted to cover his face again, but he felt it was wrong. Wei Xun can’t have seen * *’s face! With his strength, he should not be able to look directly at the hotel principal’s face yet!

But Nezha’s spirit was so fast that two human figures had appeared.

“Which one do you want?”

Two tall figures, one left and one right, stood opposite Yu Hehui and Wei Xun. The one on the left was An Xuefeng with a cold face. Nezhaling had no problem.

The man on the right was wearing a black suit and a dark bow tie.

His eyes were long and narrow, his pupils were dark, and his eyes behind gold-framed glasses were cold and dangerous.

At first glance, his appearance is not similar to that of Wei Xun. After all, Wei Xun has white hair, blue eyes and pale skin. His appearance is too delicate and dazzling. But if you just look at the face and facial features——


Yu Hehui jumped over at a very fast speed and covered the man’s face with a slap!

Who knows if he is Wei Xun’s real relative? If someone writes it down and checks it, the real identity of C 250 is likely to be exposed!

What a thrill! Fortunately, he reacts quickly!


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