TTG Chapter 184

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 184: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (24)


The man whose face was covered by Yu Hehui opened his mouth and spoke, but the voice of Nezha spirit came, which was very contrary to peace. Nezha’s spirit was a little strange and sour: “the brother in my brother’s mind -”

“No, you!”

Yu Hehui supported Wei Xun with one hand and covered the man’s face with the other. There were no more hands. In a hurry, he bumped up and blocked nezhaling’s mouth. His voice was almost angry: “choose the one next to him and eliminate this. Hurry up and don’t talk.”

“Hum, you little fox, how dare you speak to me in this tone.”

Nezha Ling was not happy and muttered. Although he said so, he also eliminated the incarnation.

“If not for my brother’s sake, I would have sent you to Yuquan mountain to catch dragons.”

“The third prince has a large number of people.”

Seeing that the avatar disappeared, Yu Hehui was relieved. He smiled apologetically at Nezha Ling and brainstormed.

The live broadcast room is shielded. Nezha Ling’s station just now is facing back – all the information turns around in Yu Hehui’s mind.

Wei Xun Xiang is facing the drum beating alley. Nezhaling’s two avatars are facing him. Other tourist guides can only see the avatars’ backs.

What nezhaling just said may have been noticed by others, but a single sentence is nothing.

The problem is——

Yu Hehui looked into Wei Xun’s cloak and hood, and saw the little dragon’s shadow with its scales shining.

“Xiaocui is in bad condition. Please ask the third prince to help him wake up first.”

Take back your eyes, Yu Hehui said solemnly. He stepped aside and watched Nezha Ling step forward, holding Feng Yu with Wei Xun. His body imitated an Xuefeng’s breath. The incarnation of Nezha’s spirit confuses the true with the false. Phoenix Feathers belong to fire. Nezha’s spirit is good at fire. The two complement each other. No one can detect the difference unless he speaks.

Always worried about C 250, Zhou Xiyang, who looked at them frequently, almost bit off his tongue!

This back, this, this familiar feeling——

“Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!”

Zhou Xiyang was shocked. Under the influence of the remaining joy, he opened his mouth and burst into laughter.

“Oh, I know you’re happy.”

Half life Taoist Fu looked over there and shook his head. Although the half life Taoist didn’t connect with the tour guide, he hasn’t seen the pig run since he hasn’t eaten the pork in Laoshan sub group for so many years. Of course, he saw that the situation of C250 was different, and he was doing emergency relief.

“Even if you are happy, you have to be happy secretly.” half life Taoist also said that he was really happy with Zhou Xiyang, and advised in a low voice: “you should pay more attention to making… Like this.”

It is reasonable to say that Zhou Xiyang, who is in the sunset brigade, is here. Before that, C250 gave Zhou Xiyang a solution to the problem. After the accident, according to the principle of proximity, we should find him. There is Yu Hehui on his way home.

But Yu Hehui also made Nezha spirit look like an Xuefeng and imitate his breath.

What does that say?

C 250 is absolutely addicted to an Xuefeng! I’m afraid it’s not light.

It’s really brave on the way home. Think about the life-saving people’s blood relatives in C 250, and the half life Taoist’s scalp is numb.

“Ha ha, get out of here. Go and guide the dead. It must be solved at the last quarter of an hour, ha ha!”

Zhou Xiyang was not good at staring at the half life Taoist and said with a fierce smile.

“Hey, you have a bad attitude.”

The half life Taoist muttered.

quarter? Laugh to death. It didn’t take five minutes to finish all these undead people. It took a quarter of an hour to delay time.

What does this mean? I haven’t finished the refined relief of C250 yet.

The attitude of asking people to do things is still so bad.

Half life Taoist hum and haw to do things, inner stomach Fei. I haven’t seen Zhou Xiyang indulge his emotions so much before. He doesn’t have the title of “useless”, but tourists without a guide will naturally draw a line for themselves. They can’t really be reckless, otherwise the essence will collapse and blacken, and there is no way to save them.

Zhou Xiyang has been holding a string in his heart. He will force his emotions to restrain himself every time. But he was a little relaxed.

A tourist with a guide is amazing!

Half life Taoist expressed contempt.

Yu Hehui’s ears moved and caught their conversation. Fifteen minutes, time should be… Enough.

Yu Hehui looked at Wei Xun anxiously and saw that his breathing was gradually calming. His eyes that had been opened but had no eyes were slowly closed. Yu Hehui finally relaxed a little.

“I didn’t read it on purpose. You know, don’t explore the real identity. Our guide’s rules.”

The dreamer took advantage of this to show his mind. He was a little distressed.

After all, the tour guides in the real world are all weak and sick, and may die at any time. Even if the hotel can prolong the countdown to the death of the tour guide, the price that the tour guide needs to pay for complete treatment is thousands of times that of the passengers.

Just as a hotel won’t let tourists realize their dreams at will, it can’t let the tour guide cure their diseases easily.

The hotel has corresponding restrictions. Those powerful titles and means, even “props”, can not be used by ordinary people and can not destroy the order of the normal world.

Therefore, if the real identity of the tour guide is exposed and someone hires an ordinary killer or mercenary, it is very likely to kill the tour guide in the real world! Or catch the guide’s parents and relatives and force them.

For example, some middle and low-level tour guides deliberately expose their true identity and are kept and held by rich tourists in the real world, which is like looking for death in the eyes of big tour guides.

“The situation of C 250 is too strange.”

The dreamer said frankly: “I didn’t think of it.”

Normally, when the C250 essence is damaged, only an Xuefeng should be right. Nezha’s spirit turned into an Xuefeng’s figure, and he said, “guess it’s right.”. Even some snow leopards, white wolves and killer whales are normal.

However, the dreamer couldn’t help noticing the other vague figures that Nezha had conjured up. This is not right. In fact, it is not normal.

“C250 at the moment, all I think about is team an.”

The dreamer sent a letter to Yu Hehui in a serious tone: “if those vague figures are not what he thinks, someone is likely to ‘brand’ them in the consciousness of C 250.”

By chance, it was exposed by the illusion of Nezha’s spirit.

Dream chasers are experts in dreams. They have made considerable in-depth research on consciousness. In particular, those portraits are still fuzzy, which is more in line with his conjecture and makes dream chasers fall in love at once. His first suspect, the black widow, is very likely to have secretly attacked C250.

But the dreamers didn’t expect that Nezha Ling turned into another person with the same clear appearance as an Xuefeng!

“This is not normal, it should not be.”

Dream chasers want to talk and stop, and finally only remind. After all, the relationship between C 250 and him is not intimate. Some secrets C 250 may not want him to know.

In addition to some problems in principle, the dream chaser does not want to be the one who explores everything. He will be considerate and leave private space for the people he cares about. C 250  real identity in reality  who, brother  who, dreamers did not indulge their curiosity.

“If you know that man, pay more attention.”

If that person is selected by the hotel, pay more attention.

What can leave the brand of connection with tour guides and passengers with all the strength in the essence? What are some deeper problems with the fine influence exerted by? The most important one is the relationship between C 250 and playful people.

Playful people, control destiny, play with destiny.

The past experience makes the dreamer full of vigilance and fear for the life playing person. This person plays with the rules and is unpredictable. One second he talks kindly, and the next second he may change his fate with his fingers, making people become pigs and dogs.

An Xuefeng’s strength lies in that even if you anticipate his choice and make many preparations in advance, he can still forge ahead and win the final victory, which is absolutely strong.

The playful man is also very strong, but there is no law in his behavior. You can’t guess. You can’t find out where his limit is. Every time he returns to zero, he can reverse the situation in the end.

Such people are the most terrible.

Hotels are more cruel than hotels. The most reliable ones are family and friendship, and the most unbelievable ones are family and friendship.

“Ho Hui, do you remember how you died?”

The dreamer believes that Yu Hehui can remind him.

Yu Hehui didn’t look at the dreamer. He looked at Wei Xun as if he were sleeping quietly, and his mood was complex. Yu Hehui couldn’t help thinking of the face that Nezha’s spirit had just turned out. Compared with Wei Xun’s original appearance, it was similar but not similar, facial features and face shape.

Without thinking about Wei Xun, Yu Hehui felt strange and had no impression just looking at this face. This  strange  and that  is very inconsistent, and the end  is a blank.

He sealed part of his memory.

The words of the dreamer rang in Yu Hehui’s heart. He thought about it and made his impression of his previous death blank.

This is the memory that Yu Hehui blocked after his rebirth.


With a silent sigh, Yu Hehui held Wei Xun’s hand, and the hot temperature suddenly hit, as if he was swearing in sovereignty. But Yu Hehui didn’t let go and let the heat scorch his hand. Only by feeling the heat and the strong momentum and strength of an team can Yu Hehui relax a little.

can be called blind trust and absolute trust in an Xuefeng.

Team an is omnipotent. With his care and his presence, Wei Xun will be fine.

* *

On the way home, an Xuefeng stayed in his study. He looked like he had just taken a bath. His hair was wet, and the water vapor eased the seriousness between his eyebrows and eyes. At the moment, he is sitting at his desk, holding a phoenix feather in his left hand and looking through the documents in his right hand. The edges and corners of the document are turned over, which is obviously caused by frequent reading.

When Nezha Ling imitated his breath and urged Feng Yu, an Xuefeng reacted. But he acquiesced and even pulled out the corresponding flying feather on the other wing.

The feathers corresponding to the left and right wings of the Phoenix will have a subtle induction and connection with each other, which is the reason why he gave C250 feathers.

The hot and pure feathers are entangled by the cold and greedy devil’s gas. The devil is cunningly entangled between each feather and plunders all the heat. His action is very rude, like a little monster who has been hungry for hundreds of years and is also very protective of food. An Xuefeng turns his face directly when he has the intention to take back his feathers. The devil’s gas takes out without hesitation.

But the little monster is soft hearted. He is unprepared for the heat that can destroy him. He roasts his tail and belly, and clings to his intimacy. As for the scorching heat, he even grabs more heat than he can bear.

Like pursuing injury, but knowing that the other party won’t hurt him.

This made an Xuefeng sigh, finally put down the document, concentrate on adjusting the heat, and try to satisfy the greedy little monster.

In fact, the injury on the essence is almost good, but the little monster still entangles the feather and refuses to go, greedy for the hot temperature. An Xuefeng thought for a moment and knew that the other party’s Yin Qi was too heavy and lacked Yang Qi.

The essence pollution he absorbed comes from the negative emotions of the dead. Can’t he have heavy Yin Qi.

“It should be longer.”

Although he said so, an Xuefeng pondered a little. His fingernail cut his finger belly and dropped blood. The blood fell on the phoenix feather and vaporized instantly.

“Hoo -!”

The surging hot wind suddenly blew, making the documents crash. The wooden office desktop directly lit a layer of flame, but it was erased by an Xuefeng, leaving only a scorch mark. The hottest temperature condenses on the phoenix feather. Originally, it was blown away directly by the devil who wound around the phoenix feather and refused to leave, as if the little monster was panicked and wanted to entangle the feather, but it was overturned and filled by the hot wind.

An Xuefeng bent his lips and smiled in his eyes. When he reached Fengyu, without the power of the devil, he finally looked away, put away his feathers and sorted out the desktop disturbed by the hot wind.

The document was blown to the corner of the table, and an Xuefeng took it back. The originally closed page was just blown open by the wind, revealing a picture of a man with gold-rimmed eyes and a faint smile. This is a file.

[Name: Wei Xuechen]

[gender: male]

* *

“Is there water?”

Wei Xun’s mouth was dry. He put away the wings of the devil. The first thing he did when he woke up was to look for water. His dream was not real. He just felt like he was frozen into ice and his bones were frozen. When he felt the familiar heat, he didn’t hesitate to post it.

It’s just that he’s so cold. It’s too cold to drink ‘magma’. Wei Xun touched his neck and his throat seemed to be burning. That drop of blood was as hot as lava.

It’s like drinking magma.

Wei Xun exhaled a hot breath and narrowed his eyes comfortably.

He also wants to try.

“You’re awake!”

Yu He Huixing, Cai lie, immediately took out the thermos cup and unscrewed it for Wei Xun. After drinking a cup of magic honey water, Wei Xun relaxed. But the heat had not dissipated and filled his body. Wei Xun was like a snake full of the sun. He was lazy and his voice lengthened.


Wei Xun saw Nezha spirit holding his hand at a glance.


When Wei Xun woke up, nezhaling did not consume energy on the spot and recovered his original shape. This sound made Nezha’s spirit feel happy, and his little uneasiness was gone – his brother still recognized him!

“My brother is really good.”

Nezhaling said bluntly, “my brother helped me a lot this time. Just say what you want!”

Even one of the rewards for the two entrusted tasks was poor. Nezhaling didn’t bother to mention it and directly asked Wei Xun to buy something.

“How’s it going?”

Wei Xun was not in a hurry. Anyway, Nezha Ling promised not to go back on his promise. He could think about it slowly after he finished.

“The scenic spot of Leigu Hutong will be completed soon. Zhou Xiyang, half life Taoist and Bai Xiaoyu have a heavy impact on pollution…”

Yu Hehui told Wei Xun the general situation. At the same time, he secretly changed Nezha’s spirit into various virtual images with his heart voice. Finally, he turned into a cold man similar to Wei Xun’s face, and the dreamer also saw what he said to him.

“I see.”

Wei Xun nodded casually, and his mood and tone did not change at all, which made Yu Hehui wonder what he was thinking.

Let the dream chasing Bruce Lee hide under his cloak. Wei Xun raises the San value back to 50 points, and then takes Yu Hehui to the devil merchants. The half life Taoist, who used to work hard, noticed the arrival of C 250, which was an inspiration. They don’t know how they feel, but their hands are moving fast. They look very hard.

“How do you feel?”

The devil merchant had adjusted his mood and had the same attitude towards Xiaocui. He asked with concern:

“It’s very good. The hotel is too stingy.”

Wei Xun disagreed and said: “I’m a passenger. Such a bombing can definitely reward 10000 points.”

The hotel is really cheap. Wei Xun has completed the entrustment of Nezha spirit. Really, there is only the reward of Nezha spirit. The hotel doesn’t even pay a penny!

When Wei Xun was drunk in Western Hunan, at least a new scenic spot was opened. Killing a corpse flying fox can get some rewards, and there is a reward of 100 points for half of the completion——

Fucking laugh to death. The reward is only 100 points. How stingy the hotel is for the tour guide.

“No wonder everyone above has an alliance.”

Wei Xun sighed.

How long was he in a coma? In about ten minutes, another 250000 points and a large number of insect eggs, pollen and poisonous scale powder arrived.

Yin and Yang butterfly took out the savings at the bottom of the pressure box and directly krypton a class member.

Fortunately, we had a mutual aid meeting before we left.

Wei Xun sighed: “I think the more advanced the tour guide, the more extra income.”

Third order extreme danger  the real ‘pure play group’ doesn’t even have a shopping point, which makes the tour guide how to make money!

He had to starve to death by making money from the hotel. No, although he didn’t get any points, he won some other rewards.

[di, you inspired the title task!]

The hotel suggested that he didn’t know when he came out. Maybe when he was crazy, Wei Xun didn’t notice until he woke up.

[task name: Legend]

[task description: you have completed the “difficult task” related to the folklore “sweet water and bitter water” in the Eastern District! And you have successfully established a good relationship with the character Nezha Ling! Please continue to explore. It seems that you really have the luck and Fu to explore the mystery of the legend!]

[task reward: Legend purple title / exploration purple title]

[task progress: 30%]

[task tip: I heard, I saw, I experienced –  explore more legends!]

[Note: the title task has tendency, please choose carefully!]

“That’s true.”

The devil businessman agreed with him. He was an experienced person: “in the league I stayed in, most of the tour guides who went up the golden steps came down from a journey and earned only points and wages.”

The golden class tour guides have passed the team leader’s assessment and will have a certain right of independent choice in leading the group. Most of the tour guides in the Western District follow the “mercenary” system, unlike the hidden camps such as the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance. Zhengda has a consulting office in the virtual hall.

The tourist team can go to the tour guide alliance, which recommends tour guides to them according to the requirements. For each transaction, the alliance will draw a certain commission. The tour guide will be selected more frequently and the survival rate of the tour group will be  and will be played as a signboard and given a corresponding bonus.

“It’s intentional.”

Wei Xun was very interested after the tour. The ecology of guide tourists in the East and west areas is different. On the other hand, he told Yu Hehui the new title and task.

“It’s related to folklore in the Eastern District – there are many opportunities. For example, the Wong Tai Sin Temple, the fox temple, the green snake and the White Snake can all be counted, but you can’t follow them. ”

Yu Hehui analyzed and said: “the notes suggest that” I smell, I see, I experience “. From the perspective of” smell “, the hotel should give relevant folklore. Go and find it. If you find it, even if “I see”, you have completed the entrusted task as this time, even if “my experience”

“If you find more, you should complete the title of exploration purple and the title of legend purple.”

“I don’t lack the purple title of exploration”

Wei Xun said that he also has a “Treasure Hunter series title mission”. He only has more adventures. He doesn’t worry about the one who hasn’t won the purple title.

“But I don’t have the purple title. I’m very short of it.”

Wei Xun speaks wildly!

He didn’t even have a serious purple title that could be called as a code, but he said this. I’m afraid anyone would have to persuade him to play steadily and be careful if he took a big step and pulled the egg. However, Yu Hehui knows how to do it. Bai Weixun’s idea.

“I’m afraid this legendary task is the front task of the golden title”

Yu Hehui calmly said, “what’s the matter?”

If Nezha Ling, the mission of “speech”, is involved, how can he only have a purple title! To tell you the truth, has Wei Xun really finished the task of finding sweet water? No, But nezhaling said that when he finished, he finished, and activated the title task!

From this point of view, Nezha Ling’s priority is definitely higher than this’ Legend ‘mission!

Others may not be able to see it, but Yu Hehui, an experienced tourist, hit the nail on the head. What travel society specifically mentioned that “success has established a good relationship with Nezha Ling!” this sentence?

To sum up, this point implies that nezhaling’s emphasis is far from the title and task of ‘Legend’!

“This year is the tenth year, and the celebration at the end of the year is different from that in previous years.”

Yu Hehui reminded, “if you’re going… You’d better have a golden title.”

It is reasonable to say that Wei Xun should pursue the purple Title step by step. But to tell you the truth, the purple title can’t be ranked after the end of this year’s celebration!

At present, there are two tasks for Wei Xun to win the golden title, but the “master” series of tasks need to observe a lot of complaints, and the progress is slow‘ The “treasure hunter” series of tasks are stuck in adventurers. There are restrictions on the number of adventures per task, and it is impossible to advance quickly.

Nezha’s spirit is just right!

However, when Wei Xun asked Yu Hehui what was special about the celebration at the end of this year, Yu Hehui couldn’t say it again. His memory in this regard was vague and unable to recall.

“The people of the west side can’t stand this fight.”

Wei Xun talks with Yu Hehui while talking with the devil merchant.

The fierce struggle in the eastern district is more like the cruel cultivation of insects. It is said that the number of tourist guides newly entering the hotel in the eastern district is much higher than that in the western district every year. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s true.

“If director Cui is willing to lead the group in the west, no matter which league he joins, he will definitely be the main sign.

When the gentle female voice sounded, Mia smiled gently at Wei Xun.

The third order is extremely dangerous. No one has died yet. We have cleared the two scenic spots with the optimal solution, and we also have a relationship with Nezha Ling – which passenger doesn’t dream of such a guide!

Mia said this in front of the devil merchant. The devil merchant didn’t feel much. His ambition was not to join the alliance as a signboard.

But some people can’t stand it.

“Shut up, fool. Don’t beep if you can’t speak.”

No one expected that Meiya’s should be Yun Lianghan! He didn’t look at Wei Xun. He just stared at MIA. His eyes were not good: “our guide went to your mother’s west side, you daydream!”

“Roar – shit, how dare you yell at her?”

Olaine, the white werewolf, stood in front of MIA and roared fiercely at Liang Han. Yun Lianghan’s eyes are cold and shining. He has just started.

But a holy light shrank the shadow he was just about to attack.

“Stop it!”

Zhou Xiyang noticed the chaos here and made direct violent mediation. But olaine and Yun Lianghan, who were beaten by Zhou Xiyang, were obviously not convinced.

“What did you stop me just now?”

Yun Lianghan roared angrily at the cloud river and looked suspicious: “no, you and I have already succeeded.”

“What do you want to stop Cui Dao from going to the west?”

Good guy, Yun Xiaohe’s more serious than Yun Lianghan. He sternly accused him, “do you want to hinder his development?”

“Yun Lianghan, I warn you, if you have the slightest idea of hindering Cui Dao, I won’t leave you!”

Ah, this

Yun Lianghan didn’t get angry and was confused by the cloud river.

Don’t let C 250 go to the west to hinder his development? What is the logic?

Yun Lianghan subconsciously wanted to see the attitude of C 250, but his head turned half and froze. He didn’t dare to see it.

Yun Lianghan is not a top passenger, but he is a top passenger in the butcher alliance. He didn’t see the person playing with life, but Yin and Yang butterfly said that several times, Yun Lianghan was deeply impressed by his amazing strength and cruel and ruthless means, which made him tremble when he thought about it.

In the alienation state of C 250, he detonated an emotional bomb, purified the essence, polluted monsters, and what half life Taoist called “life playing people”. Yun Lianghan was always at the end. In fact, he didn’t know much about it.

But I can’t bear a cloud. The river has been popping in his ears!

In fact, Yun Lianghan didn’t believe it, but he thought deeply and felt tangled. Lord Xi Ming is so terrible that he dares to have a relationship with him… It should have a relationship.

How dare you!

This makes Yun Lianghan tangle to death. Subconsciously, he doesn’t dare to look at C 250. Before, C250 was fine in the distance. When he approached him, Yun Lianghan dodged and felt uncomfortable.

“All right, speed up.”

C 250 is good. Zhou Xiyang didn’t delay. He directly shouted, “we’ll leave in two minutes. We’ll leave the city before 4:30 this afternoon.”

“Liang Han, I’m sorry. I had a bad attitude just now.”

Yun Lianghan, absent-minded, stuffed the dead into the paper, pricked his ears and followed the every move of C250. All I thought was: if C 250 came to me, would I believe it? Kneel or not?

I used to shoot him. Damn it, but I can’t blame me for this. I only follow the orders of Lord Yin and Yang butterfly. Alas, how could yin-yang butterfly send me to kill C 250.

Yun Lianghan has already made up his mind for the scene that Lord yin-yang butterfly brutally killed him, and his heart is filled with sadness and anger. This will make Yun Lianghan apologize to him. Yun Lianghan doesn’t bother to pay attention to him after he finishes.

But it’s nice of Yunhe to have a bad temper. Regardless of yunlianghan’s cold face, he sincerely said, “I know you have your own position and will have your own bias when looking at Cuidao. It’s not wrong, but the pattern is too small.”

Yunzhuhe originally apologized, but he said to himself: “director Cui should not belong to a brigade, an alliance or a district. He is the greatest shepherd and the salvation of all passengers.”

“No matter the east district or the West District, no matter the color or the blood, when Cuidao becomes the most important leader of Cuidao, only Cuidao’s voice in the whole hotel will make the passengers and the tour guides really reconcile, and every passenger will eventually smile on his face.”

“Fucking retarded.”

Yun Lianghan’s feeling of self pity was completely interrupted. He looked down at the cloud river, walked to the end of the team, boarded the white paper car and sat down.

When he doesn’t know what the cloud river is fighting for?

Ha, their butcher alliance is about to collapse the shepherd alliance. Why, this crazy sheep has great courage and dare to dig their corner?

Lord yin-yang butterfly can kill him with one finger!

Lord C 250 did not kill the team, or even one person died… What’s the matter? It’s because of the team leader’s task. If too many passengers died, the team leader failed.

C 250 adults can’t fail!

The butcher said that if Lord C 250 wanted to kill the team, could he kill it?


The real butcher, just like this, turns his hands, clouds cover his hands, rain, and controls everyone’s life and death!

Yun Lianghan thought deeply.

Zhou Xiyang has a good sense of time. He says two minutes is two minutes. Two minutes later, there were no dead in the whole drum beating alley. It was always gloomy, as if the haze like a layer of mist had disappeared.

[di, the first scenic spot project is completed!]


The street door shook and the wooden door fell down. The quadrangle where they had lived for a night was aging and decaying rapidly, and finally dissipated, just like “no existence”. The cold autumn wind blows away the last wisp of Yin.

“The couplet on the door panel has disappeared.”

Zhou Xiyang cautiously came forward to check. The door panel was like a “door”. A hundred years passed in an instant, and it was rotten at the slightest touch. However, this quadrangle with a negative difference in Nezha City dissipated, but no negative difference appeared, which gave Zhou Xiyang an ominous feeling.

“They may be outside the city.”

The half life Taoist became serious and looked at the funeral team. The whole team has just left the Zhijia compound and arrived in the city. The whole team has shrunk hundreds of meters from the waterway. Although none of the passengers has been injured, the paper people have lost a lot of money.

Good news, the paper people who are still in the team have one or several undead in their bodies. Even if a large number of Yin difference of Yin army seduce the soul at the same time, the paper people will not fall down immediately.

But they should go out before 4:30, if they really encounter the Yin difference of Yin army blocking the door——

“Go to Xuanwu Gate, Xiluo gate, Fucheng gate or Xizhi gate.”

The contrast between the East and the west, the West corresponds to death, and the funeral by the west door is in line with the rules. It’s like burning paper to stab the golden children and girls, folding their legs and kneeling to the southwest.

Which door to choose is crucial.

“Go to Xizhimen.”

Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist looked at each other and tacitly understood that Nezha’s spirit had a good relationship with C 250, and C 250 was kind to Nezha’s spirit. If you walk at the right door and meet the Yin army blocking the door, Nezha Ling might help.

That said, but Nezha Ling’s hand may be limited by the face of C 250 alone. After all, the tour guide is not too dangerous for the tourists who are assessed in the scenic spots, and Nezha Linggu has no many reasons to do so.

It would be better if there were some reasons.

Xizhimen, in the Qing Dynasty, was the gate that must be passed by the waterwheel of Yuquan mountain to deliver water to the Imperial Palace, so it was called the water gate*

Water transportation in Yuquan Mountain — from this point of view, Nezha Ling might have a chance to do it.

The paper money was floating and flying, and the funeral team began to move forward. Under the leadership of Zhou Xiyang, stop and walk, wear drum Avenue and walk to the city gate.

“Brother, do you know what’s in my left four hands?”

Nezhaling was teasing Wei Xun while he was marching with the team. After the pollution was eliminated, he became much more lively.

“From top to bottom, respectively, Kowloon, fire hood, mixed silk, yin-yang sword and fire pointed gun.”

Wei Xun said casually, it’s not difficult for him.

“My brother is right – alas, it’s a pity that many buildings in the city have been destroyed after so many years. My brother’s good weapons are no longer available.”

Nezha Ling regretted, “there are only three treasures left, two on the left hand and one on the right hand.”

Yu Hehui moved the tip of his back ear, and many years of passenger experience made him instantly understand Nezha Ling’s meaning – he divided it. He was just hinting – no, no, no, it was almost obvious.

If you can guess what treasures Nezha spirit has left, you can get the corresponding help from Nezha spirit if you choose the right door and choose Nezha spirit’s hand with ‘weapons’!

“? That’s a pity.”

Looking at the direction of the funeral team, it was time to go out of Xizhimen. Wei Xun calculated which hand and weapon Xizhimen corresponded to. He was not worried about the brigade, but put his heart on Nezha’s spirit.

The legendary task inspired Wei Xun. If you want to get relevant verbal tasks, you should observe Nezha spirit more deeply and learn his moves or others.

Now is a good opportunity.

“Let my brother see my brother’s heroism.”

Wei Xun smiles.

At a quarter past four in the afternoon, the funeral procession finally reached Xizhimen. After leaving this gate, eight arms Nezha city immediately. Even if the second scenic spot Zhijia courtyard is completed, everyone feels wrong just in front of Xizhimen.

It is as dark as ink, and the Yin Qi condenses into fog. The Yin Qi is dense and the ghosts cry and howl. Looking out of Xizhi gate, it is a vast black.

yin soldiers!

The six ghosts, black and white, ox head and horse face, gold and silver general, are all lined up in front. The ghost spirit is surging and the Yin Qi is terrible. Behind the six ghosts, there is a loud noise of 100 meters. They have green faces and fangs, and their eyes are wide open. They overlook the funeral team!

However, they cunningly didn’t step into the eight armed Nezha city and didn’t give Nezha the right chance.

That’s terrible!

Wei Xun and the devil businessman, as the tour guide, stood at the front. It is reasonable to say that they should communicate with the negative guards when they encounter things that hinder the brigade from completing the scenic spot normally, but they ignored them after the negative guard.

This can’t be good!

“Well, how dare you block my door!”

Nezha Ling didn’t care what he had. Seeing that Wei Xun was blocked and couldn’t go out, he felt ashamed and angry. But the Yin guards immediately ordered the Yin army to make way.

“Tour guides and tourists can leave the city.”

Bai impermanence’s voice was sharp and harsh: “but paper man – no!”


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