TTG Chapter 185

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 185: Nutrient solution 420000 Jiageng

At Xizhimen, the two sides are deadlocked. White impermanence is very white. All the guided tourists can leave the city. They will stop it completely. But the paper man’s funeral is a secret. This is also a secret rule!

This is Nezha’s spiritual face, which also makes him have no reason to do it.

“It seems that you are going to make me angry!”

But others may be reasonable, but Nezha Ling is reasonable! Wei Xun just relieved him of his great trouble. Nezhaling saw in Wei Xun’s knowledge that his brother was not his own. After a lot of superposition, Nezha Ling was trying to perform well and shake up his brother’s heroism. How could Bai impermanence hold his words.

Nezha’s spirit stepped forward angrily, and his head turned back: “follow.”

It’s just a red ball, but it looks very angry. His body ignited a flame, burning the Yin Qi, hunting sounded, and the hot wind swept away, forcing the Yin army to retreat half a step.

“I’m going out of town today. Who dares to stop me?”

“The situation is a little wonderful.”

As a student of yin and Yang, walking in the front, half life Taoist retreated to Zhou Xiyang and had a headache.

“It can make Nezha spirit really fight with the Yin army.”

Zhou Xiyang lowered his voice and said, “otherwise the great Dongyue Emperor may come out.”

Nezha spirit crushed the strength gap between the Yin soldiers and the Yin army. Before, the passengers thought that Nezha spirit only came forward to deter the Yin difference. They quickly evacuated from the eight armed Nezha city. But who wants the six Yin difference to block the door with the Yin army, Nezha Ling is also excited and has a real fire.

“All the dead in Leigu Hutong have exceeded… I’m afraid there’s also this reason.”

There are too many undead and negative emotions accumulated in eight armed Nezha city. The “fruit courtyard” is still there, and there must be a bit of negative difference in the “fruit courtyard”. But now all the negative emotions have been cleared, and the spirits of the dead have been transcended, and the tourists have won nearly full value “rewards” in this scenic spot.

However, the eight armed Nezha city had no intersection with the Yin, but the connection also liberated the Yin difference.

The journey is like this. The more complete your last scenic spot is, the more the hotel feels that you haven’t reached the limit and can’t do your best, the more difficult it will be.

It will only become more and more difficult for people like them to get rid of the dead.

“There’s no way but to fight. Hey, team Zhou, you’ll get the sunset out later.”

As long as Nezha’s spirit moves, the great emperor of Dongyue may subdue himself on the Yin difference to contain Nezha’s spirit. Those Yin soldiers need them to solve.

After the attack, when Nezha’s spirit came into play, the great emperor of Dongyue also came to his senses. These are chain reactions.

“It’s up to you.”

Zhou Xiyang lowered his voice and said, “Sanmao Zhenjun.”

Half life road face a little green, distressed muttered: “my token can last up to half an hour.”

Immeasurable God, his three Mao tokens are still broken. I always take good care of myself. I dare to use it more. Who knows that I will die this time!

Lamar’s donkey doesn’t have half his life. Taoist priest is diligent!

Only Zhou Xiyang and the half life Taoist priest were able to carry the coffin, the moon and Augustus, and lead the team with a ruler, and Mia. The other passengers were also ready for battle. Because in just a few seconds, Nezha spirit had approached the Yin difference.

I want you to do it!

Ox head and horse face. Black and white are impermanent. They are divided into left and right. They protect the general of gold and silver. Seeing general Yinsuo holding a token, he suddenly burst into majesty and gold! Before the divine power came, he offered a token and an ultimatum to Nezha’s spirit.

“We are following the decrees of Dongyue emperor -”

“God should really do things for you!”

Half life Taoist priest took a solemn step forward with a token in his hand. He was divided into three, seven and two. He directly blamed him and said: “at the moment, why did the Yin difference lead thousands of Yin soldiers to break through the hell gate and come to people? He broke the rules and made the Yin Qi soar and all ghosts restless?”

Although Sanmao Jun was in charge of Yin soldiers’ Yin difference, he came to cure all ghosts and town the gate of Yin palace. Half life Taoist took this matter!

He was like a excrement stirring stick inserted horizontally, which made Nezha spirit and the Yin guards who were going to fight a big fight.

“The sun is not setting, the Yu Yuan is not opening, and the Yin has to interfere with the Yang.”

At the same time, Zhou Xiyang also stepped forward, his eyes were red and his momentum was strong, but his pressure was still enough – after all, even in the autumn at the end of September, it was just 4:30 p.m. now, it was far from the sunset, and it was still time for him to take advantage of it.

But this can also prove that it is more appropriate for the Yin army to come to people before dusk!

“Are they all mythical characters?”

Over there, Zhou Xiyang showed their magic powers. Here, Wei Xun and the devil merchant watched the fun with relish. It’s just that the devil businessman is blind and thinks for himself, but Wei Xun has Yu Hehui and the dreamer in his ear.

“Yes, Nezha Ling, San Mao Jun, the great emperor of Dongyue, Yu Yuan at sunset, come carefully. All of them are mythical characters.”

The dreamer warned, “to be accurate is the myth of the East.”

“If half life Taoist can collect the tokens completely, it is an orange title. Similarly, Zhou’s team, Yu Yuan at sunset, and Qi’s team, Jinwu with three legs, are essentially orange titles. ”

Yu Hehui said, “when I entered the hotel, I merged with Uncle Hu San, but I also went to Qingqiu and found the fox fairy cave. Only then did I become an orange title.”

“But there are also strong and weak orange titles.”

The dreamer knew more about the dream. He smiled and said, “I’m wang pengpai. The orange title ‘old driver’ is more practical than most mythical titles. Do you believe it?”

“Is it because most of the three degree journey north latitude requires the use of transportation?”

Wei Xun’s mind turned quickly. The dreamer took the orange title as an example. Obviously, it was only an extremely dangerous journey.

The orange title is enough for the journey. Of course, it is the highest level without solution, three degrees north latitude!

“You can do this.”

The dreamer smiled, but also sighed: “another thing is that except for you, the chieftain King’s tomb, all the other three-dimensional north latitude journeys before were in our country.”

“Although mythological titles are good, they are mostly limited to one place.” sanmaojun, Yu Yuan, Tianhu, etc. are all our eastern mythologies. If you want to get the mythical title through Nezha spirit, it’s the same ”

“The single district title has its own limitations.”

Wei Xun is keenly aware of it.

“Yes, of course.” if you have been in the Eastern District, the title of the Eastern District native myth will play an extraordinary role. ”

For example, the Dreamer: “you see, the half life Taoist, Sanmao Jun, even has a token. He says it’s orange, but it can deter ghosts.”

“If you are a mythical figure in the Western District, you will be recognized by others.

“But this involves a problem”

“The three legged golden black is the sun, and Apollo is the sun god. Who is stronger?”


The devil merchant suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning. It turned out that Nezha’s spirit had begun to fight Yin Chai! It was like a stalemate for such a long time. General Yinsuo, holding the order of Dongyue emperor, couldn’t help it. The divine light swept through, but he directly attacked the half life Taoist and wanted to cut the divine light on his token!

The divine light is cut. This token is basically useless. But what is the half life Taoist? As soon as he came out, he stood very close to Nezha spirit. The sense of crisis in his heart just came out. He wanted face at all, and a lazy donkey rolled directly behind Nezha spirit!

The divine light that flew straight to him looked like it was shooting at Nezha’s spirit!


Nezhaling and others are this opportunity! He flew into a rage. The red ball looked like a “white” and his appearance suddenly changed into dark eyebrows, red lips and white teeth! He jumped into the air, shook his hand and shouted:

“Huntian Ling!”

When the brigade goes, it’s Xizhimen. It’s nezhaling’s second hand on the left. It’s huntianling holding the weapon! Wei Xun held his breath and stared at the sky. He only heard a loud noise, the earth shook, the thick clouds rolled in the sky, and the birds flew in disorder. The red light burst out from behind the Nezha spirit and fell into the eight armed Nezha city.

Inside and outside the Forbidden City, there is a long history, such as the zigzag red palace wall, the folding cloth, and the long cloth, which looks like a dormant red dragon. When Nezha spirit beckoned him, he suddenly rose into the air and was held by Nezha spirit and put on his shoulder. For a moment, the sky is full of Xiaguang, dark and thick clouds are dyed golden red, sacred and brilliant!

“Brother, watch it!”

In the air, Nezha Ling laughed and said, “this is my brother huntianling!”

Holding huntian Ling in his hand, he pulled out the whip, which rustled like a whip, and scattered the Yin army with one whip!

“Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!”

“Nezha’s spirit used huntian Ling, and the great emperor of Dongyue should surrender.”

Yu Hehui was not optimistic: “the time is coming.”

It’s five minutes past four o’clock, and it’s half past five in five minutes! Nezhaling only took the mixed sky silk, but could not hold down the great emperor of Dongyue and the Yin army. He had to delay at that time. If you can leave the city on time, you will not be able to arrive at the designated temporary rest point tonight, and you will eventually fall into danger.

Zhou Xiyang and his men knew that the situation was dangerous. When Nezha Ling took the opportunity to disperse the Yin army, they took charge of 372 people and took the funeral team outside the city. The passengers were escorted at each position, but the line was too long to take care of it. As long as the coffin is all right, the other paper people will take care of it.

At one time, hundreds of paper people were seduced by the Yin army, and the spirit of yin and ghost soared to the sky.

This is a plan to delay, and the magic light on the token in general Yinsuo’s hand shines, but the divine power has not come – after all, the Yin army blocked the gate of Nezha’s spirit, which is somewhat unjustifiable. But looking at the shining degree of the divine light, “if Nezha’s spirit starts again, the great emperor of Dongyue will come.”.

Intellectually speaking, it is certainly the best for nezhaling to stop from now on. However, when Nezha Ling saw the Yin army, he dared to fight, and he was as angry as if he despised him!


Huntian Ling leaped up and smoked again, but at this moment, a dark shadow came quickly, blocking the Yin difference between huntian Ling and Yin army!

When Nezha Ling pulled out the huntian Ling, Wei Xun was fascinated. The vermilion palace wall turned into a mixed sky Ling. He was deeply fascinated by the scene of the combination of myth and reality. However, Wei Xun remained calm. He saw that after Nezha Ling pulled out the huntian Ling, his mission of “legend” had not changed at all.

Whether the exposure is enough or the degree is enough. That’s right. “If you can have the title of mythical orange at a glance, I’m afraid all the passengers present have it.

Can we have deeper contact?

The opportunity can be lost. After leaving the eight armed Nezha City, Nezha spirit is afraid that he will pull out the city wall and turn it into mixed sky silk like today!

Wei Xun made a decision. When Nezha spirit whipped the second whip, he suddenly opened the devil’s wings and blocked the gap between Nezha spirit and the Yin army!


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