TTG Chapter 186

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 186: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (25)

No one expected that Wei Xun would stand in front of general Yinsuo at the moment when huntianling pulled down!


Nezha Ling was shocked and quickly stopped, but Hun Tian Ling’s momentum was out. Even if he received Hun Tian Ling at the critical moment, the burning anger still lashed at Wei Xun like a whip!


The black figure with the devil’s wings open was lit by fire, like a broken winged goose falling, not even a painful hum, as if he had fainted directly. He fell directly into the shadow army, and the nearby shadow Army stood aside in an uproar. No one dared to hurt him. Not only did Nezha spirit call him his brother, but he was afraid of the burning samadhi fire in his body.

Most importantly, this man has just helped general Yinsuo block a fatal blow.

What’s their relationship?!

“C 250!!”

Yu Hehui’s sad voice and fox’s cry rushed to the Yin army camp regardless. The other party subconsciously blocked him, which made Yu Hehui furious and instantly turned into a huge white fox, roaring: “you dare to stop me and save him!”

“Cui Dao!”


“Oh, fuck!”

Not only Yu Hehui, but also Zhou Xiyang, half life Taoist, devil merchant and others rushed to him. The whole Yin army camp was completely in chaos. Moreover, Mia took advantage of the chaos of the Yin army array to urge the funeral team out of the city. For a time, the whole Xizhimen gate was in a mess.

The fall of a Wei Xun disrupted the whole battle!

“Third prince, this is a misunderstanding -”

The six ghost messengers were also shocked. The silver lock general holding the laws and decrees of Dongyue emperor shrouded in a faint divine light. From the laws and decrees, there was a sound of Nai implied in the majesty of Dongyue emperor.

Nezha’s spirit shot twice. He should be able to come. The person who crossed his hand interrupted him.

General Yinsuo has a personal relationship with this man – who believes it.

But if it is said that he and Nezha spirit joined hands and deliberately calculated the Yin difference square, Nezha spirit didn’t leave his hand at all! Nezhaling’s panic just now is not false. This bastard Ling can definitely kill people and burn them!

It really doesn’t end well!

“I haven’t been out for too long.”

Nezhaling’s face was heavy, his eyes were dark, and there was a circle of fire outside, which was even more threatening.

“I want to avenge my brother.”

He clenched his teeth and became more and more angry. Suddenly, the wind surged, the wind roared, the city hummed, and the earth shook. The whole city resonated with Nezha’s sadness and anger, and all the people who heard Nezha’s words burst into a sudden.

Is nezhaling’s brother dead?!

The six Yin differences looked at each other and felt a little. Their hearts were secretly crying bad. The man’s Qi gap was close to death. If the fire burns again, even if there is a panacea, I’m afraid it can’t be saved!

Yu Hehui was the only one who really rushed to Wei Xun. At the moment, the giant white fox let out bursts of mourning next to the unconscious Wei Xun, carefully licked his face, regardless of the pain of the fire, bit his corners of his clothes back to back, walked out silently, and a tear didn’t fall from the corners of his eyes.

“Cui Dao!!”

The passengers who saw this scene were crazy one by one. Zhou Xiyang, who rushed to kill the Yin army, forced to use the title. For example, a round of sunset hit the Yin army. Suddenly, a large number of Yin army couldn’t bear the sunset and cried and sank underground. The devil merchant was also unbearable to show weakness. The king of the dead directly released him. For a moment, the Yin Qi overflowed and the ghost Qi was towering!

But their actions on this side are nothing compared with those of Nezha spirit in the air.

“My brother always said… I want to see my brother’s good baby.”

Nezha Ling talked to himself, his voice became more and more painful, and his expression returned to the frightening calm.

“OK, brother, I’ll show you enough today.”

When Wei Xun quickly left the Yin army array, the white fox stopped and muttered sadly, “the third prince has a heart.”

“Look, Xiaocui… Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted to see?”

The white fox’s body was slightly sideways, just so that Wei Xun could see the scene in the air. He lowered his head, licked Wei Xun’s face, and actually ‘licked’ his eyes!

[he opened his eyes, he opened his eyes! C250 is not dead, is it right? Did he open his eyes?!]

At the moment, the barrage in the live broadcasting room is also boiling, and the barrage almost blocks the whole screen like a rainstorm. But it was a shock‘ Ah, ah –! ” There are also many sober people.

[laughing to death, ⃲ I believe my true feelings. I just entered the hotel today. It’s so naive]

[shit, wake up. There’s an east-west confrontation mission here. Okay. If C250 is really dead, can’t it be broadcast around the world?]

[it’s worthy of being big guys. I believe every one who cries]

[hey, hey, I’ve taken screenshots of the tears of Zhou Tuan and the half life deputy regiment. If only deputy regiment Mei were there]

[woo woo woo, if our tour guide is hurt so badly, I have to cry. What? Our team doesn’t have a tour guide, so it’s all right.]

[to tell you the truth, it’s really painful. Nezha Ling really didn’t leave his hand just now]

[alas, the Yin guards and the Yin soldiers look like they’re holding back. They don’t even dare to refute. The countdown to the death of C 250 is definitely very low. I suspect he’s going to be zero]

[Nezha Ling is really cruel, he is really beating!]

[I think nezhaling’s acting is worth an Oscar!]

“Third prince! Your brother is still saved!”

General Yinsuo, who was in the middle of the air, keenly noticed this side and hurried to speak, but Nezha Ling didn’t keep his hand at all. The second left arm appeared under his left rib. The left arm waved to the direction of Fuyan door in the West and shouted:

“Fire point gun!”

After years of changes, there are only three weapons left in the eight armed Nezha city. The scarlet walls of the Forbidden City and the imperial city are mixed with Tianling. The Dongyue Temple outside the Chaoyang Gate in the east of the capital is the circle of heaven and earth.

And the Miaoying temple in the door of Fuzhuo in the west, the big white tower in the temple, is the fire pointed gun in Nezha’s left hand! In the past, when the Dragon Lord and the Dragon woman stole water, Gao Liang chased the Dragon woman and pierced the fish scale water basket of the Dragon woman’s illusion. What he took was the fire pointed gun and the white silver gun!

“Roar -!”

A dragon’s chant vibrated in all directions! The spirit of Nezha in the great white tower of Miaoying temple was pulled out of thin air and burst into light. It suddenly shrunk for several circles and turned into a bright silver gun. Nezha’s hand shook and the flame lit up, burning from the gun body to the gun tip.

The silver light of the flame faded, the gun tip was as bright as gold, the fire was burning, and the Dragon chanted again. It seemed that there was a golden dragon wrapped around the fire tip gun, which was the soul of the Dragon girl killed in the past!

“Boom –!”

The thunder exploded, the rain poured down, the wind and rainstorm, the red flame, the fire and water continued unabated, and the surging white fog erupted. It was momentarily shrouded in heaven and earth, like a thick cloud falling to the ground, the heaven and earth connected, and there was a vast expanse of white everywhere. Only the Golden Dragon roared and tore the clouds and fog – it was Nezha Ling who rushed to the Yin army and threw a fire pointed gun!

“The third prince!”

In the thick fog, the great emperor of Dongyue raised his anger, and the token’s divine light rose, revealing a powerful virtual shadow. The virtual image took over the fire pointed gun with one hand and was stunned after taking over. This fire pointed gun seems to be threatening. Its power is less than half that of Hun Tianling!

“Hum, I give the emperor face and don’t bother to fight those Yin soldiers.”

Nezha’s spirit took back his gun and snorted proudly: “but there are rules in the underworld, and I Nezha also have my own rules. If you want to do it again in the future, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“Third prince, you… Alas!”

Dongyue emperor couldn’t laugh or cry. Naturally, he understood that Nezha Ling didn’t intend to completely tear his face from beginning to end. The fire pointed gun was just a false shot, which didn’t have much power. The dragon soul attracted pouring rain and attacked samadhi real fire, and the dense fog caused covered the whereabouts of the funeral team. That’s the point!

“It’s difficult for the paper man to hold a funeral in the underworld. It’s also his duty to send the Yin army to catch him for interrogation.”

In fact, the great emperor of Dongyue didn’t care about this trivial matter. After this sentence came out, he said, “it’s hard to sacrifice the jade seal and turn the dead Dragon into a dragon without the belief of all the people.”

General Yinsuo, they will have the order of the great emperor of Dongyue. Is it because nezhaling has always wanted to return the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum. Emperor Dongyue is the protector of the emperor. There is one more emperor in the world, and he should also report to heaven.

Since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, there have been no emperors, and the functions of the great Dongyue emperor have almost disappeared. It is rare for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum. No wonder they will attract his attention.

“It’s man-made. My brother is no inferior to me.”

Nezha’s spirit threw it away and turned the huntian Ling into a city wall. The fire pointed gun turned into a white tower and rushed to the great emperor of Dongyue.

“My brother’s death is unknown. I’m so anxious that I won’t stay.”

After that, Nezha’s spirit turned into a glow and disappeared into the sky.


Emperor Dongyue whispered that the souls of the tour guides and tourists in the hotel belonged to the hotel, not to the underground. Therefore, even the ox head and horse face holding the soul seduction order and the gold and silver general holding the vice page of the yin-yang book could not determine whether nezhaling’s brother was dead. They could only be identified by Qi. The other party was indeed nine dead.

Looking at Nezha Ling’s anxious appearance, it doesn’t seem to be cheating at all. If he recognizes that his brother is really dead

Emperor Dongyue shook his head. Anyway, his soul did not return to the underworld. Nezha’s spirit could not come to him if he wanted to make trouble.

The divine light gradually faded, and the power of the great Dongyue emperor dissipated. The two giants left, but the thick fog did not disperse. The funeral team took this opportunity to leave the city and disappeared in the thick fog.

The Yin guards reorganized the team and led the Yin army to continue tracking. The gold and silver general left with Dongyue emperor.

Just now, the two of them made rules between their words. Nezhaling would no longer fight against the Yin guard of the Yin army, nor would the great emperor Dongyue.

Next, it’s a contest between the Yin army and the passengers.


* *

[end of the second scenic spot!]

The thick fog covers the ground like a cloud. You can’t see your fingers. Even if it rains heavily, you can’t let the fog disperse. The sound of the rain covered up the sound of running footsteps. The funeral team ran in the fog, as if in a hurry in the clouds. The paper men and horses were white, and the black coffin was also pasted with white paper, which was completely hidden in the fog.

They are moving very fast, far faster than the top runners. At this speed, it will take about an hour and a half from Xizhimen to yangshou town at the foot of Xiaotang mountain.

This hour and a half is still the time to avoid the Yin army’s ambush and detour. But even so, time is pressing.

“Hurry up, we’ll arrive at yangshou town before 6 p.m.”

The devil merchant is a ghost alienation state, completely free from obstacles. At the moment, he floated in front, holding up the “guide flag” to guide the way, and looked at the rear with worry from time to time.

Today is September 22, the third day of the journey. It will sunset around 6 p.m. And they left the city at 4:30. By sunset, it was only an hour and a half.

The strength of Yin difference Yin army will become stronger and stronger with the arrival of night, and the restrictions will be cancelled. They must arrive at yangshou town before sunset at six. Otherwise, we will face the terrible Yin army.

The whole team accelerated again, which is not the speed that normal people can understand. If it were placed in drunk Western Hunan, even if Wei Xun ran away with Shi Tao’s back, he would never be able to keep up with the team. But now he doesn’t have to ride Shi Tao. Wei Xun has a beautiful and luxurious big white fox to ride.

It’s just that the fox’s fur on his back and samadhi are really burnt. It looks like a pity.

“How do you feel?”

Yu Hehui asked. His tone was rarely a little cold. They ran at the end of the funeral team. Yu Hehui was keen to avoid Augustus and others, so that they wouldn’t take advantage of Wei Xun’s weakness.

At the end, there are only Yun Lianghan and Bai Xiaotian, who can barely be regarded as their own people.

When Yun Lianghan heard Yu Hehui’s voice, he subconsciously looked at bing250 and his fingers moved uneasily.

C 250… Should it be all right?


Yun Lianghan’s heart clicked immediately.

Wei Xun turned over hard and lay on the fox’s back. He smiled at his neck and complained, “I’m itchy with your hair. Can I shave it off?”

“Still have the strength to talk, can’t die.”

The dreamer snorted coldly, and his tone was not good. Wei Xun smiled and Ann came down.

No wonder Yu Hehui and the dreamer were so angry that Wei Xunfei went out to get it. They were completely unprepared! Moreover, it seems that Wei Xun didn’t discuss with nezhaling in advance. Nezhaling really did his best to release water.

Wei Xun will really die!

It’s really difficult for people who are not angry at ordinary times to get angry. Yu Hehui is like this. Wei Xun touched the fox’s head, but he threw his hand away. Yu Hehui was so depressed that he didn’t speak, but the dreamer was strict. He talked about Wei Xun sentence by sentence, without mercy.

“Only when you are well prepared can you call it adventure. You call it dying!”

“You are also a connected tour guide now. Do you want to drive your passengers crazy?”

“It’s not that you can’t die, it’s that the tour guide can return to zero, but that’s also the last move to sink the boat at the end of the mountain! What’s more, even complete alienation is not omnipotent. On Nezha spirit or Dongyue emperor, you can slap you to death.”

“If you really die at that time, all the soul objects will be taken back to the hotel and sold. So will Hehui. Do you want Hehui to erase consciousness from the auction house?”

“It’s me.”

Wei Xun admitted his mistake with an excellent attitude and made a serious promise to Yu Hehui: “don’t worry, Huihui, I can’t let you die.”

“I don’t think you care about him at all.”

The dreamer is in a strange mood. But when he said this, Yu Hehui, who had been silent, opened his mouth: “Xiaocui is very good.”

“But if you want to die in the future, you have to tell me.”


Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief and then began to bargain: “I will tell you in advance in the future, but some things are urgent. You have to understand me. Anyway, I won’t die. Trust me.”

Yu Hehui is coaxed.

“Thanks for chasing you”

Secretly, Wei Xun communicated with the dreamer. Before, the dreamer scolded him for giving Yu Hehui the first breath. Yu Hehui couldn’t stand it. Naturally, he would speak for Wei Xun. Naturally, there was no unilateral cold war.

“You’re too adventurous. You scared Yu Hehui.”

The dreamer hummed, “the passengers feel different from us about returning to zero.”

The tour guide has a death countdown. As long as he doesn’t completely lose his wisdom after returning to zero, he can exchange his savings for the death countdown in time, which is a more dangerous backhand.

But the passengers are really dead when they are dead. Their perception of death is different from that of the tour guide.

Wei Xun and the dreamer also discussed whether it is fast to return to zero by stabbing the heart or low San value, but he won’t discuss this with Yu Hehui, and Yu Hehui can’t stand it.

“There was a saying in the past that it was useless tourists who would return their guides to zero.”

The dreamer sighed, “in fact, when I was in the hope brigade, I wouldn’t return to zero unless I had to.”

After the tour guide joins the brigade, if he dies, the whole brigade will be finished. So many times, even if the team member will die and the guide can save him, he will never let the guide return to zero. It’s too dangerous.

“But I don’t agree with that.”

The dream chaser’s road is a transit road: “because the guide is in zero danger, do you sit and watch the passengers die? What other tour groups should I join and what kind of tour guides should I be? ”

“Xiao Cui, you should remember that the more people are afraid of death, the more they will die. The better the protection, the weaker the whole brigade will be. ”

The dreamer’s voice is somewhat cold: “Yu Hehui will be sad. It’s normal. Even passengers who are closely connected with you will feel sad when your death countdown is very low, which is a natural emotional response. But they have to adapt to you. ”

“Whether or not to return to zero, when to return to zero, you have to make your own decision. “Like this time, even if it’s really zero, it’s important, as long as you can ‘live’ again.”

“You can’t survive. Your passengers died with you because they believed in you and paid the price. ”


Wei Xun held up his body a little hard and touched the face of the big fox. Even if yu Hehui turned his head quickly, Wei Xun still touched the wet, and the big fox was secretly crying. But he was also very sensible. He didn’t say anything about not returning to zero in the future. He just said ‘let me know’

Wei Xun was really badly hurt this time and almost returned to zero. However, when he blocked Tianling with his body, he was ready to return to zero.

Return to zero is the strongest skill of the legendary tour guide, so you have to try it in advance, otherwise you really wait until you are cornered? Wei Xun will not give his life to a “unique skill” that he can fully master.

Others don’t need to return to zero. What he wants is to return to zero more times when it’s safe, and master it first.

This time, nezhaling not only wanted to feel huntian Ling at a close distance and experience the strength of “mythical” characters, but also a “safe” death for Wei Xun.

First, Nezha Ling, Yu Hehui and Zhou Xiyang are all here and in good condition. Even if Wei Xun is’ dead ‘, there will be no chaos in the team.

Second, Wei Xun just drank an Xuefeng’s blood, which still limits the power of the devil. Not after returning to zero, the devil’s power soared and completely out of control.

Third, huntian Ling is the weapon of Nezha’s spirit. Nezha’s spirit is better at alleviating the damage caused by huntian Ling.

In addition, it is the victory of the confrontation mission between the East and the West. It depends on which party collects the pendant first, not Wei Xun returns to zero. It is the devil merchant’s win.

Wei Xun calculated everything except a little.

“Look, I didn’t return to zero. You look like this.”

Wei Xun sighed and rubbed the fox’s ear: “it seems that he will have to practice more in the future.”

Yes, Wei Xun didn’t return to zero this time!

Although Nezha Ling received Hun Tianling in time, the fierce pressure that coerced the samadhi true fire still hit Wei Xun like a whip, and a whip reduced the devil’s horn he had just finished. The most terrible thing is not trauma, but a flame that invades the body and burns all the internal organs.

Even if Nezha’s spirit stopped the fire at the first time, the samadhi real fire was enough to completely burn Wei Xun to ashes. But something strange happened. As soon as those flames entered Wei Xun’s body, the drop of blood of an Xuefeng was absorbed!

Does an Xuefeng’s blood still have this effect?

Wei Xun was very curious.

This drop of blood contains enough Yang Qi, which is enough for Wei Xun to waste the whole journey wantonly. It’s to protect himself and wander in Wei Xun’s body to expel Yin and cold. However, after absorbing the samadhi true fire, it condensed into a ruby like ball and floated in Wei Xun’s forehead and heart.

Wei Xun only felt a slight itch on his forehead and heart, but he wore a mask. At present, he can’t see the specific situation of the blood bead. He doesn’t know what it looks like now.

You have to know.

“My brother really scared my brother this time.”

The sound of Nezha’s spirit was in Wei Xun’s ear. He complained a little. He was really terrified.

“You’re not the stone monkey. If I’m really broken by Tianling, I can’t save you.”

After all, Wei Xun’s soul does not belong to the serious underworld system. And hotel dignitaries are not that simple. However, he felt the samadhi flame falling on Wei Xun. He absorbed it. Nezha Ling knew that Wei Xun was all right. After the attack, I took the opportunity to pull out the sharp gun. It was just acting.

“Brother’s huntian Ling and Huojian gun have been seen by his brother, and he is really powerful.”

Wei Xun praised and said in a few words that he was satisfied with Nezha’s spirit. When he was happy, he told him in detail about the experience of using the baby.

“Are mythical characters real?”

On the other side, Wei Xun is asking the dreamer.

“Hell, heaven, do these things really exist in the world?”


But even the dreamer could not give an accurate answer. He just expressed his own opinion: “if you believe, there will be things, and if you don’t believe, there will be things. “Like Nezha’s spirit, he was recognized by people’s beliefs, and so were other mythical characters.”

People believe that there is such a God who will take charge of the rise of the sun and the fall of the moon, good weather, protect their safety, and even worship. Then there really will be such a God.

“Maybe a long time ago, there was an era of gods. Today’s “gods” are just remnants of God’s soul at that time. ”

The dreamer said, “in a word, the present ‘God’ is closely integrated with the people.”

“You see, Nezha Ling’s huntian Ling and Huojian gun are the real buildings of the eight armed Nezha city. Over the past hundred years, they have gathered a lot of popularity and are powerful when used. ”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully and asked, “there are very few people in western countries and few beliefs. Will their ‘mythical characters’ be weaker than those in the east?”

“Western people are not the only ones who know the gods.”

The dreamer sighed, “if you ask anyone on our side, most of them know about Apollo, the God King Odin and so on.”

“Although no one believes in those western gods, in this era, who would devoutly and honestly serve the Dragon King and the land lord and burn incense every day.”

Cognition and belief are the basis of the existence and strength of mythical characters recognized by the high-level of the hotel. Nowadays, few people believe in this kind of empty head and brain. From the perspective of “cognition”, the two sides are not far apart.

“Moreover, there are cognitive biases.” back to my original question, is it the sun god Apollonian or the three legged golden Wuqiang? ”

Dream chaser: “we all know the myth of Hou Yi shooting the sun. The sun we know here is the weakest three legged golden black. But Apollo in the West has always been a powerful Sun God. ”

“I see”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully: “if I were a three legged Jinwu, would the title become stronger if I killed Westerners with the title of ‘Sun God’?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The dreamer couldn’t help laughing: “but it’s not necessarily. On the bright side, you may get these two titles at the same time. But at the worst, you can go crazy. This is because people in the eastern and western regions are always biased in their perception. ”

“Therefore, the mythical Title goes to” orange “, and there is a stronger orange title. For example, the twilight return path of an DUI. In terms of the twilight everywhere in the world, everything has a return path. This orange title, which has the widest coverage, is the strongest. ”

“So it is.”

Wei Xun suddenly asked, “but I’ve heard that the strongest title of a tour guide is’ crazy devil creepy road ‘. So far, no one has been able to get it?”


The dreamer sighed, “but this involves many problems. It’s too far to say now. Well, what have you gained this time? ”

“The harvest is OK -”

“Brother, what are you thinking?”

Wei Xun has been chatting with the dreamer for too long. Although Wei Xun doesn’t forget to talk to nezhaling, he still feels a little left out. Wei Xun’s shoulder sank, and Nezha’s Spirit fell on his shoulder.


At this contact, Wei Xun was surprised to find that Nezha’s spirit was not spherical or less like, but more like——

“After leaving the eight armed Nezha City, it’s hard for me to use my original body. I just changed my shape.”

Nezhaling jumped from Wei Xun’s shoulder in front of him and patted Wei Xun’s face with the tip of his wing – that’s right.

He is now a small red bird like a miniature Phoenix, obviously imitating an Xuefeng, with spots like a snow leopard on his back and tentacle like patterns on his tail. But its legs and feet are like two lotus roots, which is quite characteristic.

But the most terrible thing is that his face is not a bird’s face!

Although Nezha Ling carefully conjured up a half mask of the same style as Wei Xun, which covered half of his face, Wei Xun could recognize it.

The Phoenix bird even lost the face of Wei Xuechen!

“Are you thinking about my brother?”

Nezha spirit fanned his wings, spit out a small fire, put his face in front of Wei Xun and said proudly.


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