TTG Chapter 187

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 187: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (26)

“What the hell is this?”

When Luo saw the new image of Nezha spirit, Wei Xun laughed, but Leng Xiaoding, the dreamer, was startled by Nezha spirit.

“Yes, I was thinking of you.”

Wei Xun sincerely praised and appreciated the “new image” of Nezha spirit – when he first saw Nezha spirit, he lost San!

Sure enough, Nezha spirit can play.

“Brother, you are so beautiful.”


Nezha’s Spirit said happily, looking like a man’s heart. He changed the lotus root bird’s legs again and looked like a tall footed bird. He walked slowly in front of Wei Xun and was finally satisfied after receiving a lot of praise.

“I’ll come back to you in the evening.”

Nezha’s spirit forced him to fan his wings and said seriously, “brother, go and see the situation ahead first.”

Trapped in the eight armed Nezha city for too long, it’s rare to come out. Nezha Ling had long wanted to see the outside world. Even so, Nezha Ling kept in mind that he had promised to teach Wei Xun his skills. He did his duty.

“Chasing dreams, have you ever really seen such a monster?”

After nezhaling and the little red bird flew away, Wei Xun talked to the dreamer secretly. When watching the new image of Nezha Ling just now, Xiao Long chasing dreams was not so much surprised as cautious, which made Wei Xun curious.

“Yes, it’s something that will make you insane.”

The dreamer then said, “mixing the characteristics and faces of your acquaintances into a monster is the most common illusion that can be realized with a low San value.”


Wei Xun keenly captured the meaning of the dreamer’s words.

“All the visions I saw were pure visions.”

“Pure illusion? Yes, you do at this stage. ”

The dreamer was dazed and reacted: “when you pass the team leader assessment, it will be the same.”

He has passed the team leader’s assessment for nearly five years. He has long forgotten what the illusion he encountered when he was a child tour guide was like. He didn’t react until he was in C250.

“Be careful. Illusions can kill people. Many tour guides die of illusions.”

The dreamer warned: “you will only attack you, but also your teammates. Visions are scary things on some journeys. ”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and said, “so it is.”

It’s strange that when the dreamer discussed how to return to zero before, the dreamer directly rejected Wei Xun’s “drop San” return to zero method, but advocated stabbing the heart.

“Yangshou town funeral palace… Wait until yangshou town funeral palace, and you may see an” illusion. ”

Wei Xun knows clearly: “the illusion of the devil merchant?”

“Yes, he will be judged by the hotel as a” quasi leader “tour guide in the process of team leader assessment.”

The dreamer uses a kind of teaching kiss: “if he has an illusion, the team can see it. There are also many kinds of illusions. We’ll talk about them later. ”

For senior tour guides such as dream seekers, illusion has long been strange.

The devil merchant is nervous.

“Just now, I saw ‘her’ again”

The devil merchant was on alert to patrol around. The white fog still didn’t disperse. The whole paper man funeral team ran in the thick fog and never stopped to rest. The speed was faster than expected.

 at 5:30 p.m., they will arrive at yangshou town soon.

Mingming’s destination is getting closer and closer, but the spirit of the devil businessman is getting tighter and tighter. Just now, his guide flag was heavy, and the devil businessman subconsciously looked up, but he came to the top of his guide flag and fell asleep with a child!

The little girl has sparse hair, prominent cheekbones, pale face, swollen abdomen and thin limbs, as if she had some strange disease. She breathed hard and trembled with pain every time. Especially when the guide flag shook, she convulsed violently like a quick break.

At that time, the devil merchant simply followed the devil like. He focused on keeping the guide flag moving, and the funeral team continued to run. Instead, he stopped and moved. It was Zhou Xiyang’s out of date. He was right. He reminded me that the devil businessman suddenly woke up like a dream. Looking up, the child at the top of the guide flag disappeared quietly.

The heart beat fast as if to jump out of the chest. The devil merchant was in a cold sweat and said to the black widow on the spot.

“Oh, I forgot. My little boy is still a baby who hasn’t finished the team leader’s assessment.”

The black widow spider smiled: “be afraid and relax. It’s just your illusion.”

“Of course –” it’s an illusion that can only frighten people. If the situation is bad, it can kill you and everyone in the brigade. ”

Although the black widow explained in detail as the dreamer, the devil merchant also understood her meaning. He floated to the front to lead the way again and looked at his San value.

Since it was close to yangshou Town, his San value has been falling, which is only 35. 30 is a critical point. In the classification of hotels, less than 30 is a severe loss of San, and more than 30 is a moderate loss of San.

Due to the suppression of the team leader’s assessment task, his highest San value of Xiaocui is only 50, which is also a moderate loss of San. Therefore, the devil merchant just keeps the San value all the time. Just let himself fall into the situation of severe loss of San. Save the precious San props.

Even just now, the sense of crisis and horror filled the heart, and the devil businessman did not blindly use San props. After all, he lost San moderately anyway, and the situation will change.

“When will the illusion come out and how will it disappear? Who will it attack first? ”

While the black widow was willing to answer questions, the devil merchant grabbed the key and asked.

“The more you think about it, the faster it comes. If you kill it, it will disappear. You may attack the person you hate most, attack the person you love most, or kill you first. That’s right. ”

The black widow joked: “of course, maybe it will attack anyone. It just exists here, misses you, wants to see you, and even protects you in times of crisis – just like George, he’s so stupid. ”

The black widow spider wiped her eyes and sighed sadly, “yes, he will attack others. He just wants to see me.  as long as he is there, mental pollution will always envelop the brigade and make people crazy one by one. Alas, this is really a sweet worry. If I continue to kill the team like this, I will soon become a butcher’s Guide. ”

“You know, Duke, he contacted me many times. Being a butcher is too bloody. It’s not beautiful at all.”

The devil merchant’s hair is creepy and sweats!

It is said that George is the late husband of the black widow and her taboo. Anyone except her who mentions the past will be poisoned by the black widow quietly.

Before, he thought it strange that the black widow, the tour guide of her alliance, mostly took the route of controlling passengers to raise pigs, but the puppet division in the East was much worse. The reputation of the black widow is extremely poor among high-level passengers, and the reputation of the whole alliance is fierce, almost keeping pace with the Western butcher alliance.

That’s why!

‘you mean that only I can kill’ her ‘

Thinking of the girl on the flagpole just now, the devil merchant was a little depressed.

‘of course – if you are as strong as me and can protect your illusion’

The black widow gasped and said with a smile, “otherwise a tourist with a special title will be killed by your tour guide.”

If you say so, it seems that she is your sister or daughter? “You didn’t protect her,” Zeng said. “If you see her again, why don’t you give it up?”

The devil merchant didn’t say anything. He had just exposed too much in front of the black widow. He was also wary of the black widow and was willing to let her see her true side.

The illusion is really serious and needs the guidance of the black widow. Although there are thousands of spiritual pollutants such as paper pulp in the hands of the devil merchant, which can forcibly interfere with the arrival of the consciousness of the black widow, you should use this to tear your face.

Therefore, the devil merchant went to find Xiaocui — “when Xiaocui was together, the black widow’s attention would always focus on the dreamer, and she would pay more attention to him.

“Xiao Cui, are you okay?”

“Devil merchant, what’s the matter?”

Here, Wei Xun purchased a large number of healing drugs from the hotel. After eating them all, he can finally sit up again.

“It’s almost yangshou town. The Yin army hasn’t come yet. Do you think the fog will disperse in the evening?”

Asked the devil merchant.

The Yin army didn’t catch up all the way. Thanks to the thick fog.

“It’s bound to break up.”

Why did the devil merchant come suddenly? What happened?

Will you really follow your dream and expect the illusion to come out?

Wei Xun thought and said, “the water vapor is too heavy, and the rain has stopped.”

It has been raining since I left town, and the fog has faded. From the thick fog with fingers stretched out, to the thick fog with meters in front of you.

If it goes on like this, the fog will definitely disperse tonight.

It’s reasonable to stop after arriving at yangshou town before the fog is over. It’s only reasonable to go to the funeral palace in yangshou town all night. Even Yu Huihui gets wet after being in the rain for such a long time, not to mention the paper people.

Although this is just ordinary rain, there are undead in the paper people’s bodies. As for being rotten by the heavy rain. It is also soft, there are few, and the attack power is reduced. Most importantly, if this rainy day continues, I’m afraid the paper pasted on the coffin will be poured through and slip off.

You have to find a place to rest.

What’s more, I have an illusion… It’s not clear what harm she will cause, and the devil businessman tends to find a place to rest. And when he arrives at the funeral palace in yangshou town… His assessment task will begin.

Before that, adjustment is also necessary.

After the two tour guides negotiated, the passengers had no objection. The party quickened their pace again and finally reached yangshou town at 5:05 p.m.

“Yangshou town is adjacent to Xiaotang mountain in the north and has a beautiful environment. It is said that the villagers here often soak in hot springs and are in good health. It is a well-known longevity town far and near.”

“I don’t know why, one day, the villagers of yangshou town moved together. They left the town in a hurry. The government didn’t move people anymore, and even turned this side into a restricted area. Yangshou town is becoming deserted day by day.”

The path out of yangshou town is now full of weeds, and there is only the sound of rain everywhere. The devil merchant led the team to explain in front, and Wei Xun rode a white fox to press the array in the rear. As he expected, the fog gradually faded, and he could see the surrounding scene when he was already there.

Wei Xun looked into the distance and ignored a black cat who was caught up in the rain and looked towards the eight armed Nezha city. The path in the forest has a large shadow, which is the Yin army catching up.

However, the Yin army seemed to be “stationed” there and did not move forward, which made Wei Xun care.

Either they launch an attack when they have the strongest strength late at night, or there is something in yangshou town that the Yin army is afraid of.

“… in recent years, yangshou town will be unsealed, but no one has done anything to deal with this abandoned town. Gradually, it has become an adventure paradise for soul explorers, anchors and others at home and abroad. It is said that some people have been here to visit the magnificent mansion, some people have been to the sound of Yiya opera, and some people have met mountain people asking for directions and passing by The other person is actually a shadow puppet. ”

It was dark, and the voice of the devil merchant became erratic in the rain. It was creepy and strange:

“There are also reasons for this. It is said that Xiaotang mountain has beautiful scenery and many natural hot springs. In the past, it was the emperor’s palace. It is said that an emperor loved drama, shadow puppets and other folk arts very much. Every time he came to Xiaotang mountain, he would call several troupes to enjoy it.”

“There are those well-known theatrical troupes who want to jump into the sky and perform for the emperor, and there are eunuchs and ministers who want to vote for the emperor. The two sides hit it off immediately, and the new theatrical troupe will be temporarily arranged in yangshou town.”

“The ‘Deqing class B & B’ we are going to live in today is named after a legendary Shadow Puppet Troupe. This troupe rose in the countryside, but was loved by the emperor with its own shadow puppet show.” it is said that when the emperor was on a big trip, Deqing class was the only one named before he died and wanted to be buried together… ”

“Featuring shadow puppet elements, it will restore the Deqing class most loved by the emperor in the legend.”

The voice settled, and the funeral team came to an antique building. The antique gate is open, and there is a shadow puppet with the same height beside it. Looking inward from the door, you can see that the B & B is a building imitating a quadrangle, with a special “stage” in the patio.

It’s an imaginary wasteland. Similarly, in the door of Deqing class B & B, several young people dressed in clothes are taking photos, and some even live with their mobile phones!

“Dear grandchildren, look, this is the legendary Deqing class.”

The man on the live broadcast was young and handsome. He was wearing black leather gloves and black boots, but he was a master. He was a hero who pointed out the country: “Grandpa will take you to know… Lying in the trough today!”

These people were startled by the paper men, paper horses, paper flags and wreaths in front of the funeral team. The person on the live broadcast quickly turned off his cell phone and apologized: “sorry, I didn’t notice you… Don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures. What’s that? You see, I’ll buy some paper money, yellow paper wreath or something?”

“No need.”

Zhou Xiyang refused, and the man didn’t bother much. He smiled apologetically and retreated to the side to let the funeral team live first.

The devil merchant looked at him as he passed by. The man also smiled at him, but the devil merchant was cold with laughter.

The paper men and horses clearly went by themselves. Why didn’t these people react at all?

How could ordinary people come to stay at the special accommodation point for the journey!

Unless – these people are not real people.

It’s about knowing what’s’ non-human ‘

Is it because of ‘them’ that the Yin guards of the Yin army are willing to enter yangshou town?

The thought of the devil merchant shuddered, and the good smiles of those people suddenly became vicious in his heart.

Wei Xun said that Tianhu was always behind, but he didn’t notice the dispute in front.

After waiting for the funeral team to go, Wei Xun walking behind also saw those “people” who were polite and waiting by the door.

There are four people in total, roughly divided into three waves. One of them is a suspected couple, a “anchor” and a tall, thin backpacker with a gloomy face.

When Tianhu came near with Wei Xun on his back, the four people suddenly changed their faces at the same time and took three big steps back together!

“Look, look, grandsons, that’s the real grandfather! It’s your blessing at a glance!”

After Wei Xun’s Tianhu passed, Meng Shuyi, the young and handsome anchor, secretly took out his mobile phone and shot Yu Huihui’s shadow.

“What? Why do you pat yourself? Hey, you fox grandson, can you see Grandpa’s body blind! It’s a blessing for 800 lives to show you a shadow!”

The thin, tall and gloomy backpacker in the distance covered his eyes and finally put down his hand after Wei Xun left. He still shed many tears like stress, and his pupils shrank like snake eyes.

“It’s dazzling.”

He murmured, his heart throbbing and hissing.

“It was samadhi’s true fire… Sure enough, Lingshen wanted to succeed, and all the ancestors came out.”

The couple of men and women whispered: “I smell… The one who looks like a heavenly fox has a vain interest. I’m afraid he has suffered a small injury and lost a lot of strength.”

The man greedily salivated and sucked away the water. Jie said with a smile: “even if you take it to Lingshen, the inner pill of Tianhu is also a great tonic.”

“, have you seen the coffin? The smell inside is really attractive…”

When the dark tide surged, they went to Deqing class B & B. After a while, another wet black cat and dog wandered over and changed into a teenager at the door of the B & B.

“What a thick demon.”

Meckel frowned and sniffed carefully, as if thinking.

“The Yin soldiers of Yin difference were stopped outside yangshou town and couldn’t enter the town. It’s strange…”

As mentioned earlier, the hotel divides the tourists into two camps. On the monster side, Meckel is in the light and Augustus is in the dark. It is successful to destroy the funeral and take grandpa Zhi’s “body”.

In this way, the Yin army of Yin difference is also their help, and the success was originally low. “Nai Mei Ke’er” and “Augustus” are languishing in their work, resulting in no development of the task.

Of course, the hotel has long expected this situation. In addition to being punished for completing the task, it has also set up the role of the corresponding camp in the scenic spot.

Just like the four monsters in the door, there are many monsters, and the monsters who “checked in” at Deqing class B & B early.

These monsters are not only the hotel NPC, but also the hotel staff. They just gathered in yangshou town on this date, and the journey time is stuck at this node.

“It’s so thick. What’s in the Deqing class guest house?”

Meckel muttered, then his face collapsed.

“Alas, we have to fight for territory.”

If you can go slow again, even if you attack passengers, you must at least develop ‘forces’. Meckel sighed. He took out a bucket of paint. After thinking about it, he shook the bucket. When the cover was opened, there was a thick paint between gray, black and brown, emitting a pungent smell of paint.

Meckel was so smoked that she sneezed in a series on the spot. Her tearful eyes turned into a black cat and jumped into the paint bucket.

After a few seconds, he jumped out again. He had turned into a civet cat that looked like a cat. With a crotch and three tails, Meckel swaggered away to Deqing class B & B.

“Something’s wrong.”

After placing the paper people of the funeral team, pushing several tables together and carefully placing the coffin on the table, the passengers met in the room where the coffin was placed, and their faces were serious. During the funeral, before arriving at the funeral palace, the coffin could fall to the ground, and Zhou Xiyang stayed in the room all night.

Originally, I only thought I was staying for one night. The next morning, I carried the coffin to Xiaotangshan. It seems that the situation is not simple.

“The name yangshou town definitely has deep meaning.”

Half life Taoist priest thought deeply and patted the restless red stiff: “the health in this town is booming.”

“It’s very conceivable that you are so strong that you dare to enter the Yin army.”

Zhou Xiyang whispered and the half life Taoist looked at him.

“Is there anything like the spring of life in this village?”

Augustus moved his shoulders and carried the coffin all day. He didn’t participate in all kinds of major events, but he was suffocated. when you come to the discussion, you can directly join the discussion. Even the half life Taoist hated by the discussant will mind.

“That’s a good thing. I got a bottle of milk from a golden lamb in the Greek maze before, and I had a lot of vitality. I threw a seed and it germinated -”

“What a pervert.”

Half life Taoist was distressed. He whispered beep beside Zhou Xiyang: “let the lamb give milk, tut tut.”


“This is the West. There is no golden lamb and no spring of life.”

Before Augustus reacted, Zhou Xiyang cut off the topic: “our East has Oriental characteristics.”

So many monsters come together. What will be the source of strong vitality?

* *

“Spirit ginseng becomes essence?”

On the other side, Wei Xunhui and Yu Huihui went to the room for the guide to rest.

“Yes, I smell strong ginseng.”

Yu huidao was lost in thought, as if he were thinking about something. Wei Xun didn’t bother him, but looked at the devil merchant. This time the devil merchant came slowly. Wei Xun waited for a quarter of an hour before he saw the shadow of the devil merchant.

The devil merchant was in his heart and turned pale. Just now, the little girl’s illusion came out again! She fell asleep in pain and would not wake up. The devil merchant fell into the situation of light hands and feet and was willing to wake her up. The black widow didn’t wake him up this time. When the devil merchant woke up by himself, it had been five minutes!

It really bothered him.

“Xiao Cui, you said this time –”

The devil merchant, Xiao Cui, floated to the white fox and raised his spirits. As soon as he wanted to greet Xiao Cui, a strange spotted red bird with a mask, a face, tentacles and a tail flew down beside Xiao Cui.

At the moment of seeing, the red bird disappeared around Xiaocui. The devil merchant’s scalp was numb and his heart beat wildly!

What the hell is this?! Did Xiaocui also have an illusion?!


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