TTG Chapter 188

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 188: Supplement

After the shock, the devil merchant breathed a sigh of relief

I had to. I found that Xiaocui also had an illusion. It really made the devil merchant very relaxed. It was probably the kind of peace of mind to find patients. He even joked, “this is really a strange bird, huh – huh?!”


The devil merchant was stunned and suddenly covered his face. He was suspicious and observed everywhere. It seemed that someone had slapped him in the face just now!

“Fart, I’m not weird!”

Wei Xun’s kind words comforted Nezha’s spirit. It was a coincidence that he came to find the devil’s business. It happened that Nezha’s spirit would fly back. It seems that he saw Nezha spirit, but Wei Xun was not flustered at all.

It’s impossible to recognize Nezha’s spirit when he became such a ghost!

But why is devil business relieved? Wei Xun can see clearly.

After thinking about the appearance of Nezha’s spirit after his transformation, Wei Xun turned his head. If there was something wrong, after he was concerned about the devil’s business face, he looked like he couldn’t help thinking: “why, you have an illusion.”


For a long time, I didn’t see the red bird with face and tentacle coming out again. The devil merchant finally put down his hand. Thinking that Xiaocui also had an illusion, she felt that there was nothing to hide: “”

Finally, he couldn’t help asking politely, “your illusion… Doesn’t like to be evaluated to the point.”

He said “strange bird” and was slapped!

Wait, this feeling seems more like when he wants to collect blood on drum Avenue

“He has a strange temper.”

Wei Xun didn’t let the devil’s business team have time to take the test. He said faintly, “you’re a Firebird. You’re really one of the incarnations of an team -”

“Poof! Cough! Cough!”

The devil merchant was so surprised that he coughed directly and lost his color: “team an is dead!”

Wei Xun:?

Wei Xun understands that the illusion of the devil’s business is probably something that has died and he attaches importance to.

“What are you doing?”

Wei Xun pretended to be impatient and tutted: “how could he die?”

“Then you…”

Devil business  is about to stop talking. What psychological shadow does an Xuefeng leave Xiaocui so that Xiaocui’s illusion is his?

An Xuefeng directly made the devil’s business want to turn completely.

“What is the use of your illusion?”

Wei Xun hit the snake and asked with the stick. Seeing that the devil merchant hesitated, he was directly impatient: “you have told me what I want. Why, I still hide it?”

“Not really.”

“I’m not sure what Eve will do now. Maybe she just wants to see me.”

The devil merchant sighed, thinking of the strange ones in the B & B, and thinking that he was going to conduct the team leader assessment in the funeral palace of yangshou Town, he really didn’t have time to care too much about the illusion. He sank for a moment.

Wei Xun understood. He asked dream chasing Bruce Lee to lead the black widow out. The devil merchant blocked the live broadcast again, and finally revealed something to Xiaocui:

“She was very ill before she died. We didn’t have the money to see a doctor. I could only find some folk prescriptions to save her, but I couldn’t save her. I remember that in the last period, Eve was sleepy and her health was getting worse and worse. I went out early and came back late to earn money. She, she may wake up occasionally, but I wasn’t with her.”

When Eve died, he didn’t have time to see her for the last time.

“Sleeping, getting worse and worse?”

Wei Xun said keenly, “does she affect the brigade now?”

“Not yet.”

The devil merchant hesitated and was a little lucky: “Xiaocui, the passengers are so strong that they shouldn’t be affected by her. I’m  if Eve doesn’t intend to attack .”

After all, they are only silver level tour guides. Should those tourists be able to withstand all the special grades?

And their visions don’t seem too aggressive? You won’t die if you’re slapped.


Wei Xun was noncommittal: “sleeping may be fatal, especially serious illness. It’s dangerous tonight.”


The devil merchant sighed and completely gave up his luck.

When the passengers sleep tonight, we can see what Eve’s illusion means.

Whether to keep you awake or become seriously ill in your sleep.

“This… I’ll tell Augustus them.”

The meaning of the devil merchant is that Xiaocui can also tell his trusted passengers about it. As for his

After all, the Deqing class B & B is too weird. Besides their brigade, there are also ghosts. If all the staff fall asleep at night, I’m afraid a fatal accident will occur. The devil dealer is still responsible. I don’t want to hide it.

“It’s really dangerous tonight. We’re going to Xiaotangshan tomorrow. I suspect it’s not just the home stay of Deqing class.”

The devil merchant frowned: “this makes me feel uncomfortable… But what is more uncomfortable is the direction of Xiaotangshan.”

He is alienated into a ghost and hates anger. He has a keen response in this regard.

The meaning of devil’s business is that if those strange people in the B & B come after this anger, they are likely to go to Xiaotangshan.

The danger is not just in the B & B.

“Are you talking about those monsters?”

Wei Xun said, “the dangers of my life are not them.”


The devil merchant’s face looked a little ugly.

Is it eve that Xiaocui is worried about?

“No, Eve will never kill you.”

The devil merchant said bluntly: she… I’m here, she won’t kill you… ”

“No, she’s not mine.”

Wei Xun stood up and said, “are you afraid of lightning?”


The devil merchant was a little confused. Why did Dao Xiaocui suddenly start this: “I’m not afraid.”

He is still a little afraid. After all, he is really afraid of this kind of thing. But the devil’s business is not really a dead soul. It’s a big deal to recover it at a cost, so I’m not too afraid.

“That’s good.”

Wei Xun seemed a little happy: “the punishment will come in the early morning of this evening. You’re not afraid.”

“, watch your vision. Don’t be chopped to death.”

Divine punishment??

The devil dealer was completely confused.

After Wei Xun and the devil merchant finished, he took Yu Hehui out of the room. After leaving the room, Yu Hehui worried and asked him, “what are you going to fight against tonight?”

That’s right. Nezha had a talk with Nezha spirit before. Because Wei Xun carried the punishment for him last night, it will come soon this time! The next heavenly punishment should have been after 24 hours, but now it has accelerated to 12 hours.

That is, in the early morning of this evening, the punishment will come again!

“After you become a heavenly fox, will you encounter heaven’s punishment?”

Wei Xun asked Yu Hehui, “have you ever seen a real monster?”

“The transformation of the heavenly fox will not be punished by heaven. After all, I am different from the normal monster.”

Yu Hehui said, “I’ve seen the genie. Like the four people in the mouth just now, the one with the mobile phone broadcast is a red fox, and the one with the thin backpack is a snake spirit. In addition, the men and women in the body are a little strange. They don’t look like normal genies. They have a heavy Yin Qi. It’s like some things in the grave become essence.”

“Heavy Yin Qi? The key point of Yin Qi is good.”

Nezha Ling poked out his head and said, “brother, it’s good luck. The hospital is very angry, and maybe it can deceive the heaven’s punishment. In addition, the spirits here are also strange. If the heaven’s punishment falls, it may be scattered.”


Wei Xun said and put on the crown. Turn the misfortune on the necklace into luck: “I’m really lucky.”

“Originally, I wanted to practice with you in the early morning. If heaven’s punishment comes at that time, I can naturally resist one or two for you.”

Nezha sighed with inspiration, “but you also said,” if you resist, I’m afraid the next heavenly punishment will be more fierce and urgent. ”

“At that time, now, let the punishment be dispersed, there will be no big problem.”

“Won’t there be much problem?”

Wei Xun asked modestly, “will the punishment be heavier because of the gathering of spirits and monsters?”


Nezha’s spirit proudly said, “I’m afraid these monsters hide in deep mountains and dense forests. They should also have hidden treasures to prevent natural punishment. They dare to covet and are not afraid of death.”

“It’s their destiny to meet you here!”

* *


A red fox, with a mobile phone on its back, strolls around the guest room where the tour guides live. Its fur is red like fire, and its four claws to its legs are black, like a red fox with black boots. It’s very beautiful.

“Hmm? I have a bad feeling.”

The red fox murmured. It stood up its big ears, carefully observed the movement around, and pasted it to the side of the fox step by step silently. Then, like a fool, stick a crack on his nose and smell it up and down. Suddenly, it sneezed a little, and the fox’s face was full of surprises.

“Aha, I found it!”

The red fox was in high spirits, carefully holding a snow-white fox hair and wagging its happy tail.

“Oh, the fox hair of the old ancestors. It’s a treasure that can bring the Hui people’s clothes and let those grandchildren open them!”

He was ready to slip away on the spot: “OK, I should go too.” the world is too dangerous. Where can we touch Shenjing? Good guy, I’ll go tonight… Ah, this, this… ”


Wei Xun, who came back from his face, looked at him kindly.

Yu Hehui, standing beside Wei Xun, is not good at looking at him.

Scared, the red fox paralyzed on the spot, became flat, and the white hair fell in front of him. Shivering for a long time, red fox found that he was not dead. He looked at Yu Hehui and Wei Xun, and finally summoned up his courage: “Hi?”

“You should be familiar with the goblins in this area.”

Wei Xun doesn’t allow it to have any questions: “come on, introduce me.”

[ main value: 20-40]

[ Yu Hehui’s joy value of the master: 50-100]

When he came back, Wei Xun saw two happiness values in the red fox, and then he began to take him into custody. When the hi bomb exploded before, the third generation absorbed the joy crazily and successfully ate and supported themselves. Although it has not reached the stage of the responsibility devil bug, it has also evolved to a certain extent.

For example, now, after integrating it into the magic insect ball, Wei Xun can not only see the joy value of “Fang” and “you”. You can also see the joy value of “Fang” which is closely related to him.

For example, the joy value of red fox “Yu Hehui” is really high. It seems that Tianhu is really famous among the Fox family.

“Well, I’m the only one who came to the fox clan this time when the ginseng essence was born. You can call me Xiaohu San.”

The red fox turned into an angry little daughter-in-law and only dared to sit next to a chair.

“Hu San?”

Yu Hehui looked at him and said, “are you the new Third Master Hu?”

“No, no, no, I’m not.”

Xiao Hu San hurriedly denied: “my Taoist practice is not so deep. The charge is only an alternative uncle Hu San. Just call me Xiao Hu San.”

“Look, what’s going on here.”

Yu Hehui looked really fierce. He was so frightened that the tip of Xiao Hu’s three ears turned white. He whispered out all the monsters in the Deqing class home stay. Finally, he said again:

“That’s what I said, but there seems to be another one who came with you. He has extraordinary strength and is drawing territory to win over all forces. It’s called a bloody storm.”

Xiao Hu San lowered his voice: “it seems that it doesn’t come to participate in the essence, but covets the coffins of the big people.”


Wei Xun is interested. Is this the aid that the brigade gave to Meckel when they saw that the Yin army could not enter?

“Look, what’s its name?”

“Seems to be -”

Xiao Hu San racked his brains and said uncertainly, “it seems to be calling…”

“Jue Ming six tailed beaver flower essence?”


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