TTG Chapter 189

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 189: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (27)

“Meow, sneeze!”

Mei Ke’er, the self styled six tailed beaver flower essence, sneezed. She always felt strange. It seemed that someone was talking about him.


Meckel said, looking at the half dead bamboo leaf green snake spirit and some lynx bird spirits in front of him, he hung up his horn and meowed fiercely:

“Xiao Hu San didn’t find the big nigger two?”

As soon as he came out, the goblins talking below trembled, and no one dared to speak. Meckel followed his finger and said, “Qing Qi, you say.”

Seeing Meckel’s eyes falling on him, the bamboo leaf green snake shivered and gasped, “my Lord, the big nigger two have a strong hunch. I’m afraid they are afraid of the majesty of the Lord and run first.”

The essence of this civet cat is Yin! Thinking of the seven inches of pain he was still pumping and half of his tail was gnawed off, the snake essence felt that life was loveless.

The cat demon was so cunning that when he entered the B & B, he turned into three tails, which made Qing Qi suffer a great loss!

At the gate of Deqing class B & B, Qing Qi wanted to retreat. After all, he couldn’t take measures to prevent being burned by samadhi real fire. His strength decreased. When he saw Tianhu coming again, Qing Qi didn’t have any luck. Knowing this spiritual reference, he may die if he gets involved in it.

After living in the mountains and forests for so many years, Qing Qi didn’t come out to die.

But just before preparing for the movie, Qing Qi noticed that the three tailed civet cat came in again from the B & B, which immediately made him have some other thoughts.

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “dragons and tigers fight.” the “Little Dragon” is a green snake, and the “little tiger” is Lin’s tiger spotted cat. It says that when a green snake meets a cat in the wild, they will fight. Later, someone made a dish because of the legend of the people, and added black chicken to it, which was changed into a special dish of “dragon, tiger and Phoenix stew”.

However, the “dragon and tiger fight” is not uncommon among mountain and forest spirits. The cat spirit’s favorite food is snake gall. In particular, after eating snake gall for a hundred years, it can “open” and practice a pair of golden eyed cat galls to deter the four directions. It is also said that green dragon belongs to wood, white tiger belongs to gold, and gold overcomes wood, so cats kill snakes.

Similarly, every time a snake spirit sees a cat spirit, if he can kill it, he will kill it. This is called “saving the white dragon” in the snake circle.

Every snake spirit has a dream of becoming a dragon, but now in this era, the old road of “snake into Cobra” and “cobra into dragon” may be OK, but the young snake in this era is no longer feasible. Therefore, some snakes intend to “save the white dragon” and let the Dragon descend the path of grace.

It is recorded in Shuoyuan that in the past, the cold abyss under the white dragon turned into a fish, which was shot in the eye by the fisherman and almost swallowed by the fisherman’s cat. After a narrow escape, Bai Long told the emperor of heaven about it, but the emperor of heaven said it was right for people to kill fish.

Bai Longxin was unwilling. He asked the cat again and said that if the cat should eat fish, should it also if a snake swallows the cat? The emperor nodded and said that all things in nature have their own rules.

As a dragon, white dragon could not deal with the cat by himself, so he told all snakes in the world about it. If there is a snake cat killer, maybe you can get the praise of the white dragon and turn into a dragon.

The snake spirits in Dashan daze were very happy, but they soon found that it was really difficult.

What Bai Long wants to kill is not the cat spirit in the mountains. What he hates is that the people who poison him by relying on people’s power have cats! But over the years, cats and dogs have long had foresight, entered the pet circle, and even become fine occasionally by human luck.

This, however, broke the minds of the wild snake spirits who had lofty ideals and tried to “save the white dragon”.

Also into the pet circle? A snake that can give birth to wisdom is either highly poisonous or large in size. It is always extraordinary. What’s hateful is that this person doesn’t have an organization to “rescue stray snakes”. However, if there is a snake essence turned into a prototype, if they inadvertently go to the city, most of them will be caught and sent to the zoo, and it’s impossible for people to have close contact with cats.

But now, qingqijue has his own luck!

Three tailed civet cat, he can play. What’s more, the cat body has a strong human flavor. It’s known that people have cats!

This time, when he came to Deqing class B & B from the deep mountains and forests, Qingqi was unwilling to return empty handed – Shenjing couldn’t touch it, but he could always touch the three civet cats.


He hurt all over and almost lost the whole snake.

But this also shows that the cat demon is powerful. Where can the cat demon not only hide its tail, but also perfectly imitate the smell of three tails! I haven’t seen Qing Qi anyway.

If the cat spirit is going to take the spirit ginseng… Say no, it can be done

“Heida is the spirit of the old grave, and the ghost is the spirit of the ghost fire.”

Thinking of this, Qing Qi was more obedient and said everything: “they came from the same grave, so they became sworn brothers and sisters and walked around. However, they were unlucky and couldn’t make a trip. They have always killed spirits and monsters, swallowed blood and flesh internal elixirs and maintained their form, which is despised by them.”

At this time, Qingqi showed his disgust.

It is the most unlucky to have black water flowing in the ancestral tombs. In ancient times, it was said that the children of this family had definitely done bad things that betrayed their morality and forgot their nature. Only the ancestral tombs at home would flow out of black water. This black water is also called Yin water. In fact, it is a kind of evil spirit. Heida was quite equal, so by chance, the earth turned into a spirit.  the evil Qi drives the Yin Fire, and the ghost two turns into spirits.

The big nigger is a sister and brother, but in fact it is a mother and son.

Meckel was smart. He turned his head and understood it. He asked, “do you mean that both niggers have gone to the mountain?”

There is a funeral palace in yangshou town in Xiaotangshan, which is suitable for Yin and evil. No wonder big nigger 2 is not afraid to be washed away by Lingshen’s anger. There is a funeral palace nailed.

“Your Excellency is wise.”

Green seven first complimented, and then said modestly, “this is also the guess of the little snake.”

Xiao Tangshan, at least until tomorrow. Meckel temporarily put nigger two aside and asked Xiao Hu San again.

“Where’s Xiao Hu San?”

Ah, shouldn’t cat spirits be most interested in such bad luck?

I don’t understand this green seven.

Just as their ultimate goal of snake essence is to become a dragon, the ultimate goal of cat essence is to become a white tiger. The white tiger is one of the four divine beasts. It is mainly belligerent, so most cat spirits are belligerent and like to kill. But at the same time, the white tiger is also a auspicious and benevolent beast. The cat essence has gone through killing and achieved nine tails. Then what it has to do is to wash the murderous Qi and blood gas and achieve benevolence and righteousness.

The earth evil spirit becomes a spirit with ghost fire. The darkness does not disperse. If you can get rid of it, it will be great benevolence and righteousness!

Green seven first told the beaver flower essence about the big nigger two. If he didn’t believe it, he wouldn’t be excited. It’s also dark rubbing. I want to borrow the hand of civet flower essence. First, except for the two garbage things of nigger two.

But who would have thought that Meckel was not interested at all!

“Xiao Hu San is one of the alternative Hu San masters of the red fox generation. Recently, he became the last Hu San master.”

Qingqi’s smile was a little reluctant. The whole snake crawled on the ground and hesitated: “he… I’m afraid it’s the Lord Tianhu who means something to him.”

Qing Qi kept watching the door and saw that Xiao Hu San didn’t run to the door. He stayed at the B & B but was not caught by the beaver flower spirit. It’s definitely related to the Lord Tianhu!

That’s Tianhu… Even if they are seriously injured and their strength is damaged, they can’t think of it——


Meckel was furious, slapped his tail on the table and directly cracked the table.



There was a daze in the eyes of green seven and other wild monsters.

What are you talking about?

You are a six tailed beaver flower essence!

Tianhu can burn you to death with a mouthful of fox fire. Everyone knows. What are you loading here.

“You’re right, Xiao Hu San… Bold!”

A lynx in the golden ring toasted weakly, but unexpectedly, the beaver flower essence really nodded and said angrily: “yes, you want to have a theory with the heavenly fox. Who wants to have a meeting with you!”



Qingqi is going to vomit bile. You cat essence hasn’t changed into a tiger yet. Why are you so tiger! But they, who had just been beaten, did not dare to disobey openly. In the end, all the demons followed him, but they couldn’t enter the door. The good name is to guard the wind for adults.

First, I dare not face Tianhu directly, and second, I think——

If the six tailed civet flower essence offends Tianhu and is killed, Tianhu should disdain to eat. They wait for the noodles and say no, they can still eat two mouthfuls.

“Director Cui, here you are.”

No matter what the monster thought about eating him, Meckel changed after entering the guide room. He sat down in the chair, relieved and complained:

“Wild monsters have a heavy taste, but they can be smoked to death.”

It was hard for Meckel to get ahead when he was on the road. After all, the half life Taoist in the team probably took the task of “killing him”. If Meckel rashly went ahead, it would be hard to end.

But now it’s easy for the tourists to rest separately. Although the tourists have been allocated, they are all tourists, and the tour guide needs to take care of them. After all, while fighting, the tourists also do the task of scenic spots.

If Grandpa Zhi is regarded as the guide, the funeral is equivalent to escorting the guide. The allocated passengers are more like escorting and robbing darts. The serious scenic spot tasks do not conflict.

Meckel is a veteran tourist. He knows that this brigade is a double tour guide and is likely to develop into a tour guide who mainly manages one side.

Luo bing250 and Tian Hu Yuhui are most likely to control their “goblin” camp. Sure enough, as he expected, he contacted him secretly as soon as he arrived at the B & B C 250.

As soon as he entered the house and found that there was no devil merchant, Meckel knew it was over.

On a double tour, the tour guides usually live together. C 250 is close to the devil merchant’s house, but it’s really divided. This shows that the tour guide began to have a tendency.

Meckel is a little happy to think of this.

Zhou Xiyang is absolutely jealous of him. After all, he is not partial to the tour guide. He has absolutely few opportunities to get along with C 250.

But the next moment, Meckel’s whole face collapsed.


“Yes, the illusion of the devil merchant may be weak after sleeping.”

Wei Xun played with a dice. The blue and purple dice were decorated with gold patterns, as beautiful as sapphire, but Meckel was not in the mood to see more, and all his attention was focused on C250.

“Are non brigade members affected by the illusion?”

“Yes, the materialized illusion can regard it as a spiritual monster. This is not a brigade limit. All creatures within its influence range will be affected.”

Meckel understood what he meant as soon as he heard C 250.

“It’s time to see how much those monsters will be affected. But after all, the devil merchant is a silver tour guide, so it shouldn’t affect them.”

If C 250, Meckel can’t say well. After all, he can always do amazing things. But the devil merchant

It’s not that Meckel despises him. This man is a regular genius.

Unlike C 250.

“That’s good.”

C 250 smiled like a sigh of relief and said slowly: “just don’t sleep, otherwise…”

Otherwise there will be no audience tonight.

Wei Xun’s slender fingers in black gloves were slightly loose, and a twenty sided dice rolled down on the table .

It’s the gambler’s dice!

When the emotional bomb was detonated before, the gambler’s dice were advanced due to the gambler’s gamble. Now it is an intermediate gambler’s dice. Not only does the number seven to ten light up, but also the feature of “light” is added!.

[Name: gambler’s dice (intermediate)]

[quality: special]

[host: Wei Xun]

[feature 1: Gambling]

[feature 2: Doomsday Carnival (unsealing 1 / 3)]

[gamblers will come to an end, even the king and God of gamblers will fall. Before the end, a grand carnival is your last glory and madness!]

[unsealed condition: audience]

[Carnival needs the audience, and an apocalyptic gamble needs the cheers and cheers of the audience! Similarly, the fall of a gambler can bring more vigilance to the audience and make them understand that gambling is a dead end of losing their money!]

[the more the audience, the stronger your gambling luck will be, and the more wealth you gamble, the harsher the doomsday you will usher in!]

[when you make more and more viewers fear and dislike ‘gambling’ and make them think ‘never gamble’, your doomsday punishment will be reduced!]

Can the audience of the live broadcast be regarded as “audience”? Wei Xun is not sure. He still wants to try. Most people in the B & B are not affected by drowsiness. It’s safer for Wei Xun to watch his “early morning” performance.

“What does the end stand for?”

After imagining the magnificent scene when the thunder fell, Wei Xun began to get excited. He whispered:

“I want to know… Which is stronger than heaven’s punishment.”


Ah? the end or doom? God’s punishment?!

“Have you accepted the goblins of Deqing class home stay?”

Before Meckel was shocked to ask, a question came first.

“Almost. In addition to the big nigger two and the little Hu three, there are three powerful old guys.”

Meckel was absent-minded and hurriedly replied: “ I can feel their breath. It’s quite strong, but they didn’t come out. They should just concentrate on waiting for the essence.”

Meckel thought that C 250 was concerned about Yu huinei. After all, the big monsters still coveted Yu huinei pill. He said so, but also anbing 250’s heart.

There are Shen Jing hanging. Those big demons shouldn’t attack Yu Huihui tonight——

“You think of a way to let them fight Yu Huihui tonight.”

Wei Xun said indisputably, “whether the heavenly fox is weak or the spirit ginseng is born, we must lead them out.”

After that, Wei Xun shook his head, bent his index finger and thumb for a short period, and sighed, “it’s good to have a big demon, otherwise who will help you share the punishment.”

Do you rely on those little demons who can’t even beat Meckel?

Sorry, they are weak.


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