TTG Chapter 19

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (19)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 19: Xiangxi corpse removal

“Heaven and earth are working together, driving corpses in Western Hunan and avoiding strangers -”

“Bang -”

“Bang -”

The monotonous and harsh sound of gongs sounded on the mountain road on a rainy night, like the neighing of crows, cooling the back.

The orange red “lights” flutter and flicker, like the ghost fire of mountains, forests and wild graves, reflecting the rugged and narrow mountain road-unlike when they went up the mountain, they are walking another mountain road at the moment. This road is narrower and more difficult to walk. It is built close to the mountain wall and allows only one person to pass through.

One side is a steep mountain, the other side is a steep valley. If you fall, you will die!

The cold wind blows from the mountain stream like ghosts crying and wolves howling, and the ferocious staggered tree shadows are caged on everyone’s head like ghosts, thin and sharp claws. Wuluo mountain is remote and rarely populated. It is full of large tracts of virgin forest. The path they took was opened up by the corpse chaser many years ago. Now it is overgrown with weeds, moss on the slate, rain is still falling, and the road is extremely wet.

Yu he’an didn’t dare to look up. His shoulder was stiff and completely unconscious. He was trembling all over. Looking forward, he was also a corpse, and behind him was a corpse, only a monotonous Gong.

After walking for a long time, Yu he’an even had an illusion, as if his teammates had all disappeared long ago, leaving him alone in the middle of the corpses!

He finally couldn’t help it. He urgently stretched out his neck to look ahead to see if his teammates were still there. But suddenly, a dark shadow came down from the nearby cliff quietly. Like a hanging rope, it was hanging in front of Yu he’an, just like he took the initiative to hang his neck!

“Ah –!”


Wei Xun noticed the noise coming from the back of the team. After a while, he heard Lin Xi send a message to Miao Fangfei, saying that Yu he’an recognized shanteng as a hanging rope and fell down in fear. There was nothing else .

Miao Fangfei didn’t ignore any’small things’ and said calmly, “let’s put the cool pill in our mouth and cheer up on the next road!”

Qingliang pill is Miao Fangfei’s self-made Miao medicine with peppermint, Tianjihuang, snake strawberry and other herbs. The effect of any prop will be weakened in drunk Western Hunan. On the contrary, this self-made Miao medicine can have a greater effect.

Wei Xun also got a small bottle from Miao Fangfei. The black pill is big in sugar beans. It smells cool.

After this toss, the speed of the team inevitably slowed down. Wei Xun rarely had the experience of walking at night in the mountains. It may be the influence of physical alienation. Wei Xun felt full of strength and was not tired after walking for so long. He was as excited as taking primary school students on an outing. He directed the flag in his left hand and held Pingping’s blood dagger in his right hand.

The dagger is burning, and the corpses following the corpse driving team are getting closer and closer.

Although they are afraid of Pingping’s resentment, from Xiaolong Yizhuang to now, I don’t know whether the resentment on the dagger is weakening or the resentment of the corpses is getting stronger and stronger. The distance between them and the brigade is shrinking. I ‘m afraid there will be a war between the two sides before reaching the fierce bone plank road.


Suddenly, Wei Xun stopped. Miao Fangfei, who followed him, also braked sharply, and soon the whole brigade stopped. Suddenly the sound of gongs disappeared, making Wuluo mountain more gloomy and silent, and the sound of rustling rain was like the whispering of ghosts.

“Miao Fangfei, do you see?”

Just behind Bingjiu, Miao Fangfei was on guard. She hurried to look ahead of Bingjiu’s Guide flag, but it made her scalp numb.

“Well, what’s that?”

The ferocious dark shadow runs in front of the mountain road from the oblique depth of the mountain wall, like a dark, withered and thin Giant Claw protruding from the cliff, with long, narrow and ferocious fingerbones, to stop everyone who tries to leave Wuluo mountain!

Miao Fangfei’s scalp was numb. When she looked carefully, she found that it was a strange wild pepper tree growing in the stone cracks of the mountain wall.

What scares her most is that the dead tree is densely covered with strings of thin chains, with pale bones at the end of the chain. It looks like human finger bones!

When the cold wind blows, the phalanges shake like human bone wind chimes, which makes people cold all over.

But there are rotten corpses blocking the road behind. They can’t go back and find the road again. They must pass through here!

“Pepper tree, phalanx, phalanx, phalanx -”

Miao Fangfei soon woke up from the panic, fell into meditation and muttered to herself. Suddenly her eyes brightened: “the missing middle finger bone of the rotten corpse!”

“Rotten corpses can’t leave Wuluo mountain. This, this is a curse.”

It is said that a large area of ​​wild pepper tree grows in front of forgetting Sichuan, blocking the souls who want to escape back to the world without drinking Mengpo soup. Pepper trees, especially the one hundred year old wild pepper trees, are good materials for making witchcraft in the hands of the Miao boss. It is said that they can trap the soul.

Although this is just a legend, the clever Miao Fangfei immediately linked the legend with reality. The missing finger bones of rotten corpses and the finger bones hanging on wild pepper trees. This curse is aimed at the corpses behind them. As long as they pass here as soon as possible, the corpses may be stopped!


Bingjiu whispered. Hearing his approval, Miao Fangfei had an unprecedented emotion in her heart, like pride, complexity and fear. She felt that she was not enough to praise Bingjiu so much-Bingjiu’s sudden praise of her must be intentional!

“Miao Fangfei, you are very good.”

Without waiting for Miao Fangfei to react, Wei Xun praised slowly: “I’m relieved to give you the brigade.”

What, what??

Miao Fangfei was so tight that she couldn’t believe her ears. Bingjiu meant——

“You go first.”

Bingjiu’s chuckle was like a demon whispering, “I’ll come back later.”

He’s leaving the team!

Miao Fangfei’s pupil shrank suddenly. At this moment, her inner fear was heavier than seeing the body replaced! Bingjiu is leaving the team, at this time! He, he said, he said he would hand over the brigade to her. Is this the test of C 9? Test her loyalty?

She should refuse. No matter what reason, she can’t do it. How can she——

“Miao Fangfei, I believe you can do it.”

He said he believed her, but, but she——


At this time, the wind and rain suddenly increased, like someone blowing a breath. The smell of rain and rotten branches and leaves came to my face. The wind shook the wild pepper tree violently, and the thin chains on the branches collided like human bone wind chimes . Suddenly, the thin branch seemed to be overwhelmed, broke from the wild pepper tree, rolled into the canyon with several chains, and disappeared in an instant.

“Bang bang!”

The sound of the hurried Gong came from behind the team. Zhao Hongtu was anxious to urge. Sure enough, as the curse began to collapse, there was another change in the body group behind. Miao Fangfei’s face turned white first, and then Qiang calmed down. The wild pepper tree is shaky in the strong wind. They have to pass here quickly before it is completely broken and distance themselves from the corpses behind!

Bingjiu retreated to the side and made way for the mountain road. The corners of his lips were slightly hooked, as if he was staring at her.

Bingjiu, trust her!

Miao Fangfei bit her lower lip hard. The sharp pain calmed her down in an instant. Miao Fangfei rarely looked up and looked at Bingjiu. At the moment of sight handover, unprecedented emotions filled her heart.

Like a shepherd dog trusted by its owner and given the duty of guarding sheep. It’s like, it’s like what I can’t imagine in my dream. The tour guide and tourists unite to break through many difficulties together.

“When you come back.”

She swears to Bingjiu Zheng key head, takes the guide Brooch from him, and strides forward without hesitation.

Wei Xun stood quietly by the roadside holding the guide flag and watched the corpse driving team go away one by one. The night rain fell on the bronze mask, which was even colder. He slightly took off the mask to breathe a sigh of relief. The water marks and marks pressed on his too pale skin, showing a bit of ghost, such as the mountain spirit sucking people’s souls in the old forest.

“To tell you the truth, you’re not fair.”

Wei Xun changed the guide flag to his left hand.

He was just thinking about leaving the brigade to continue. Can this count as the time when the tourists leave the brigade?

If so, he will have more good ways to use the guide flag in the future.

But the dog forced the hotel not to let him take advantage of this loophole.

[tour guide Bingjiu, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise the salary of this trip will be deducted!]

[tour guide Bingjiu, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise the salary of this trip will be deducted!]

“Fifteen minutes, that’s terrible.”

Wei Xun stood on the mountain road with a guide flag and a light hook at the corner of his mouth.

“Forget it, you’d better come together. One by one, I’m afraid I don’t have enough time. ”

“Hum –!”

“Whine –!”

On the branches of wild pepper, more than ten pairs of scarlet eyes lit up in the dark. The eyes of resentment and hatred burst out and directed at Wei Xun. On this wild pepper tree, there are more than ten corpse flying foxes!

Most corpse flying foxes have chains wrapped around their claws. They are integrated with the curse on the wild pepper tree, binding the rotten corpses and can’t leave for the time being.


The huge shadow flew silently from the tree canopy, like a piece of black cloth floating with the wind. With a buzzing sound, the guide flag was suddenly heavy, and the bright light dimmed in an instant.



The scarlet pus and blood fell with the rain, and the lightning cut through the sky. Under the bright lightning, a muscle and flesh was exposed. The scarlet blood like monster stopped at the top of the guide flag, stared at Wei Xun, and suddenly opened his mouth.

“Hum –!”

[random task: meet the left commander of corpse flying fox]

[task level: extremely urgent]

[mission Description: God, the corpse turned flying fox left commander came for “Pingping’s blood dagger”! Please protect the dagger and kill the left commander of corpse flying fox! Note that the more’Pingping’ items you get, the more rewards you get when opening up new scenic spots!]

For a moment, Wei Xun’s vision suddenly appeared, surrounded by relatives and tortured by ghosts and monsters. His eyes were bloody, but in the scarlet depths, Wei Xun’s eyes were always as calm as ever. Suddenly, he swung across and the flagpole rebounded like hitting a hard wall. Although he hit the target, the recoil force made Wei Xun stagger back a few steps before he stood still.

What a powerful force!

“Hum –!”

The left commander of corpse turned flying fox was cunning and wise. After finding that the illusion and hearing were useless to Wei Xun, he began to attack the most common and savage, but it was right in the life gate of Wei Xun!

Wei Xun’s body can’t resist the great power of the corpse flying fox commander. He tries to attack with a blood resenting dagger, but the sharp dagger can’t cut the hard skin of the corpse flying fox left commander, as if he can ‘t hurt them.


Wei Xun vomited a mouthful of blood foam. The left commander of the corpse flying fox hit him repeatedly and hurt him internally. Although he carried every attack, every attack and bite made Wei Xun’s blood surge, so he had to retreat and his heels were empty. Wei Xun found that he had retreated to the edge of the mountain road.

One step later, he will fall into the canyon, and the corpse flying fox commander has attacked Wei Xun again! The shadow of death enveloped him, and his scarlet body full of powerful and violent power was about to plunge him into the abyss, at this extremely critical moment——

“You want this, don’t you?”

Wei Xun, who was forced into a desperate situation, laughed. There was no panic in his eyes, only excitement!

“If you want it, go get it!”

At the next moment, he threw the bloody dagger out with his greatest strength. Sure enough, at the critical moment, the dark shadow swept over his head, hurried after the dagger, and swallowed the dagger in mid air!

“Whine –!”

Creak, creak——

The shrill sound of muscles and bones rubbing and growing sounded. The resentful dagger looked like a panacea. After swallowing it, the body of the left commander of the dead flying fox expanded instantly, just like a calf. With inertia, it rushed to the mountain wall, and its sharp fingers and claws dug deep into the stone wall, which was as easy as cutting tofu.

Scarlet eyes are like two little red lanterns, and the light of hatred is staring at Wei Xun, which seems to be more ridicule and banter, like a cat playing with a mouse.

It’s getting stronger. With the next blow, it can tear the hateful man in half!

But while the flying fox commander was chasing the dagger, Wei Xun took out a knife from his pocket, stabbed himself in the heart like a madman and shouted:

“Return to zero -”

“Ah, well, I haven’t returned yet!”

In the storm, Wei Xun laughed, but the blade deviated, but stabbed himself in the lung. If the knife really stabs the heart and breaks it, Wei Xun will die in a short time, that is really zero, but he hasn’t played enough!

The lung was pierced by a knife. Wei Xun felt that his chest was cold and he had difficulty breathing. The lung stabbed by a knife will cause traumatic hemopneumothorax. Although it will not be life-threatening in a short time, it is a thorough serious injury. If it is not treated in time, it will eventually die of respiratory failure.

Wei Xun coughed up a mouthful of blood. The countdown to death is falling rapidly because of his serious injury!

[death countdown 23:56:01]

[death countdown 19:48:16]

[death countdown 11:32:25]

[it is detected that your death countdown is falling too fast, and you have mental problems. Please deal with them in time, otherwise bad consequences will be caused!]

Wei Xun’s San value also began to decrease due to the impact of the sudden drop in the countdown to death caused by serious injury, which is exactly what he wants!

[San value: 85]

[San value: 76]

[San value: 69]


When the San value fell below 60, the scarlet blood warning appeared in Wei Xun’s mind.

[your body begins to alienate!]

The forehead and hair are itchy. The small horns are growing outward. What is more itchy is the fingertips. Wei Xun lowers his head and reflects his figure in the pool.

Dark, sharp claws, sharp forehead corners like bamboo shoots, scarlet eyes, cold and indifferent, without any feelings. Wei Xun grinned and the reflection was smiling——

Like a demon who finally climbed out of the abyss and came to the world.


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