TTG Chapter 190

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 190: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (28)

“Do you smell anything?”

Late at night, Deqing class B & B, the heavy rain turned into continuous drizzle, and the whole antique building was particularly quiet in the rustle of rain.

But in fact, the dark tide in the B & B is surging, and no one sleeps tonight.

“I smell it, too. It’s really delicious.”

Augustus sat obliquely by the window and heard two squirrels whispering outside the window. His wolf ears moved, his arms were impatient, his breath was restrained, and he didn’t even disturb the two squirrels.

His eyes fell on the window of the opposite room.

The inner courtyard of Deqing class B & B is a “mouth” shaped building. Tourists and tour guides live opposite, separated by a patio. Augustus looked at the window of the devil merchant.

Mia first found out that the devil merchant had an illusion. She said she saw a translucent little girl sleeping on the devil merchant’s window, looked carefully and disappeared. Augustus thought it was a ghost thing raised by the devil merchant, but he didn’t pay much attention.

But later, when the devil merchant came seriously, Augustus knew that it was the illusion of the devil merchant!

“Naive, hum.”

Augustus complained about the cold hum and immediately scared away two squirrels. Had it not been for their werewolf who wanted to attract the devil merchant, he would not have given the devil merchant face. He would have crushed the phantom little girl to death.

However, although he promised not to attack the illusion immediately, Augustus also kept staring at the devil merchant’s room. If there were any visions tonight, he would not be merciful.

Although the illusion at this level could not affect him, Mia and they were still very weak after all, and Augustus had to take some responsibility.

Of course, Augustus was a little careful not to kill the illusion. If the negative state of lethargy is used well… It is of great use.

“Hey, Mia, anything else to eat?”

Augustus sniffed. The two squirrels were right. They were really fragrant. In fact, the aroma was very faint, if hidden, but the werewolf had a keen sense of smell, and Augustus smelled so hungry.

However, the smell was more like some kind of plant. Augustus was pure meat. He was not very interested. Instead, he became vigilant, called Mia and olaine and ordered:

“Put on a gas mask and suddenly smell in the middle of the night. There’s definitely a problem.”


“Could it be the black cat?”

Olaine wore a gas mask specially made for werewolves and spoke in a muffled voice.

“There are too many mutated beasts here. Several are very powerful. I can vaguely perceive them.”

Olena’s combat effectiveness is average, but she has a good sense of skill. It is said that he might have joined the subordinate brigade of the astrologer’s brigade before, but he became a werewolf by accident.

The major brigades and tour guides in the Western District reject werewolves. After all, werewolves have blood poison and will be seriously affected by the upper werewolves. Like the werewolf alliance, almost all werewolf guides listen to Rex, the blood wolf.

Moreover, werewolves pay attention to ethnic groups. Whether werewolf tourists or tour guides, they will eventually prefer to live together. Therefore, in the west side, the brigade composed of werewolf tourists is closely related to the werewolf alliance, which is more like a united wolf pack. This is why Rex, the blood wolf, is not an S-class tour guide, but his forces can rank in the forefront.

“Speak more clearly?”


Olena shook his head: “I can’t resonate with the moon. I can’t perceive more detailed information.”

“Oh, this damn rain.”

Augustus complained, “they all say that the city is very dry in autumn. How can there be so much rain.”

It hasn’t been sunny since the beginning of the journey.

“We may be divided into monster camps.”

Mia said calmly, “after all, we are werewolves. In the division of the East, we are wolf demons. If Meckel does it, maybe we will divide the camp tonight.”


Augustus was noncommittal. He did not reveal his “monster” identity. After all, veteran travelers know that the hotel’s favorite thing is to break up the original alliance and let them out of their comfort zone.

The three wolves in the western district can’t be full of monsters. There are definitely “humans”. Now Augustus has determined that there is only Meckel.


“Tut Tut, how can Meckel, a cat, hold down so many old monsters in the mountains?”

Half life Taoist God nagged and sighed: “the ginseng incense is up, and the demons are restless. It’s difficult.”

“Vice regiment, is this smell ginseng fragrance?”

“But how did Shenxiang come out at this time?”

Bai Xiaotian looks out through the window. It’s raining hard. Through the rain curtain, Bai Xiaotian sees a chivalrous woman standing with an umbrella like a shadow in the corner of the patio.

“Take your head back and be careful to be eaten by monsters!”

Half life Taoist scolded and saw Bai Xiaotian’s honest shrinking his head to answer his question: “ginseng essence is a great collection of vitality. It grows in deep mountains and forests, cliffs and desperate places. It’s definitely not far from Hualing at this time.”

“Lingshen is cunning, pure and psychic. He can see a trace of heaven’s secrets. Maybe he can see our arrival and change his current dangerous situation.”

“So while we are in the same house with the monsters, we will release ginseng incense to lure the monsters to riot. At that time, the big monsters will look everywhere. If there is a conflict with us, we can use our hands to remove the monsters… Huh?”

Half life Taoist priest was trying to give directions. Suddenly he frowned and the tip of his nose moved.

“Eh? This is…”

“No, No.”

Half life Taoist couldn’t help but stand up and pace in the room, counting with his right hand.

“This ginseng incense… Wrong.”


“My Lord, it’s Shenxiang. This is Shenxiang!”

In Meckel’s room, a group of small demons chirped and excited.

“What noise!”

The six tailed civet cat meowed impatiently, and the little demons headed by Qing Qi immediately kept silent.

Since they saw the six tailed beaver flower enter the territory of Tianhu and come out alive, the image of Meckel has been infinitely higher in their hearts, and their speech weight is unknown. Qingqi made up his mind to follow him on the spot, and said that he had a familiar demon on Xiaotang mountain. If Meckel wanted to go to Xiaotang mountain, he could help introduce him.

But anyway, Xiaotangshan is also tomorrow. Who could have thought that Shenxiang would come out tonight? Qingqi hissed excitedly:

“My Lord, you can’t miss it. You won’t come again!”

“Yes, sir, Shenxiang comes out. The other adults will definitely start tonight. We have to seize the opportunity first!”

“Lingshen is the best at hiding. It’s definitely a plan to distribute ginseng incense. Adults should be more careful!”

“All right, what’s your hurry?”

Meckel meowed and pretended to be proud: “don’t you think this ginseng incense is strange?”


The little demons looked at each other and sniffed hard, but they didn’t realize that the ginseng incense was strange.

“This ginseng incense… Can’t heal the wound.”

Only green seven Yin depression hissed.

His eyes were burned by samadhi fire. It seems that he was not seriously injured, but it is very difficult to cure him completely. He must have a panacea.

He was also very excited when he first smelled ginseng incense. It is said that Lingshen can live the dead, flesh and bones, and detoxify hundreds of poisons. Even just smelling ginseng incense can heal people’s injuries – but his eyes haven’t recovered after smelling ginseng incense for so long!

Lord beaver flower essence said Shenxiang was strange. Does it have anything to do with this?

“That’s right.”

Meckel gave him a look.

“Is ginseng incense fake?”

The other demons were immediately disappointed. I thought I couldn’t see Lingshen and could smell the aroma, but was the aroma fake?


Meckel pulled out the little demon who had just spoken with a tail and scolded, “can Shenxiang still cheat? Show me if you cheat?”

“Or you? Can you cheat?”

The little demon who was pulled out turned a somersault, covered his face and was nervous. Other little demons were also terrified and said “adults calm down”. At least they coaxed Meckel into obedience.

“Everyone is stupid, Qing Qi.”

Qing Qi, who was named again, actually had points in his heart just now, but he didn’t dare to say. It’s not good for a demon to be too clever. But now that he was named, he could no longer pretend to be stupid and thought:

“As adults said, this ginseng incense is true. But there is no energy in the ginseng incense. Maybe who absorbed it? I have little knowledge. I don’t know if it’s possible.”

Hearing Qingqi say so, the other goblins laughed to themselves. Where is the truth that ginseng fragrance is still there, but energy is absorbed?

The bamboo leaf is green. It will definitely be slapped by the beaver flower essence later——

“You’re right.”

Meckel nodded and smiled at the snake spirit. Very smart. The key is that he will answer the phone. Meckel is quite satisfied with him.

He said meaningfully, “a whisker of Lingshen… But it can be meat and bones.”

Meckel said vaguely, but all the little demons, including Qing Qi, vaguely understood something.

Qingqi suddenly realized and understood. Spirit ginseng, ginseng fragrance, energy absorbed by someone, ginseng beard can be meat and bones – six tailed beaver flower essence is definitely the sky fox! Otherwise, how can the beaver flower essence know such a secret thing so clearly?

He can come back alive from Tianhu. Maybe he has a good relationship with Tianhu. The fox was seriously injured that day. If it catches Lingshen – no, not necessarily, Lingshen is the best at hiding. The seriously injured Tianhu may not be able to find it.

Qingqi frowned and thought hard. Suddenly, his heart moved.

So, does that mean, is it possible——


“Do you mean that the spirit ginseng takes the initiative to show up and join hands with Tianhu?”

Deqing class B & B, in a remote guest room, Xiao Hu San shivers and lies on the ground with messy red hair. He was caught spreading news… Well, it’s actually expected. It’s normal to be caught. After all, their goal is to lead out the big demons.

Xiao Hu San believes that with his ancestors, he will not die. Of course, the most important thing is that he is also the candidate of Uncle Hu. He has connections with humans. Those old demons usually don’t kill him.

But under the threat of the other party’s evil spirit, Xiao Hu San couldn’t get up at all.

“Yes, yes, Lingshen can heal the wounds of our ancestors.”

The red fox reluctantly raised his head and kowtowed and threatened: “the patriarchal clan has boundless power. You’d better retreat quickly -”


The red fox was bound by a piece of emerald vines and smoked fiercely.


The man said casually, thoughtfully and hoarsely, “that’s right. Tianhu is different from us. It can also be regarded as a pure spiritual spirit. Lingshen really wants to find someone to cooperate with. He will indeed find him.”

“If we really let Tianhu recover our strength, we’d better go home.”

Another voice is yin-yang strange airway.

“Don’t worry, it hasn’t recovered its strength yet.”

The man said slowly: “it’s not enough to cure the injured Tianhu completely. From the perspective of ginseng incense, I’m afraid this spirit ginseng only uses one ginseng.”

It’s impossible for Xiao Hu San to know such things. The man is not asking him, but talking to himself to sort out his thoughts:

“Lingshen heals the wounds of the heavenly fox, but it releases its fragrance so loudly. I’m afraid it also wants to scare us off.”

“Brother Huang is right. If we let Lingshen cure Tianhu, they will work together, we will never be able to do it again.”


A cold female voice rang.

“Tonight, make a quick decision.”

“It’s hard to kill the red fox. After all, it’s related to the Terran.”

The man smiled and picked up the back neck skin of the red fox: “it’s better to take it to the battlefield and give you a chance to have a close look at the style of your ancestors.”


“Call -”

Zhou Xiyang opened his eyes and a little dark fire flickered in his black eyes.

Meike’er “rebelled”, and Zhou Xiyang was the only one left in their family. Now he was sitting in the room, holding a gun in his drooping left hand and a long baton in his right hand.

Behind Zhou Xiyang was a coffin covered with white paper. There was no light in the room. It was dark. Only the external light occasionally reflected in, and the ragged gray and white paper paste flowed down the coffin.

“Call -”

The cold wind and rain blew into the house, bringing a refreshing fragrance. The aroma is not sweet or greasy. It is especially refreshing. It is like the purest fragrance of plants and trees. It makes people feel refreshed and clear headed.

Yu Yuan’s sunset flame flashed, and the fragrance did not disperse. The fragrance was not an illusion, and there was no danger.

In the dark, Zhou Xiyang quietly sniffed the aroma and showed a touch of nostalgia in his eyes. How long ago was that? The past seemed to be buried by time, but now it all surged like a wave. The past appeared in my heart one after another. Rao Shiyang was absent-minded for a moment.

Then he immediately woke up.

Datong has been dead for nearly ten years. The only people who can use this aroma can only be returnees, but also people of the generation of old returnees, Yu Hehui. Yes, it is very likely that Yu Hehui made this ginseng incense!

Zhou Xiyang became anxious.

Shenxiang will definitely cause monster riots in the guest house, and even those old demons who don’t move will be attracted! Yu Hehui, no, C 250, what does he want to do?!


With a gunshot, the fire went out, the white smoke at the muzzle of Zhou Xiyang’s gun did not disperse, and a shadow film as thin as a cicada’s wing had fallen soft behind the coffin. No one noticed when the shadow puppet appeared. Similarly, no one could see when Zhou Xiyang turned and raised his hand to shoot.

His shot was very accurate. It pierced the shadow puppet’s head!

But the brightly colored shadow puppet head did not burn, but melted like hot wax oil! The air is filled with stale, fishy and sweet colorful smoke, which is similar to miasma and highly toxic!

But the smoke was dispersed by ginseng incense before it floated away.

The fragrance of Lingshen can detoxify the poison and release evil Qi into the body. It’s just a help. But Zhou Xiyang’s face was still dignified.

There will be a shadow puppet. The situation is more serious than he thought!

“Devil merchant -”

Zhou Xiyang is gnashing his teeth. It’s ok if only monsters sneak attack. After all, meike’er is mixed in. Zhou Xiyang can let the half life Taoist temporarily take care of the coffin and prepare to help C 250 at any time.

But now the shadow puppeteer appears, that is to say, before Mingming has arrived at the funeral palace in yangshou Town, the leader assessment of the devil merchant has begun to be difficult!

He must guard the coffin!

With a slight movement in his heart, Zhou Xiyang suddenly stood up and swept the baton. Unexpectedly, he completely destroyed the windows and walls facing the patio. Without half of the wall, the cold wind poured in with heavy rain. The rain outside was even heavier. The strong wind blew and set off a white rain curtain.

Without this wall, Zhou Xiyang could clearly see the scene in the courtyard. It’s a little spiritual connection with C 250 that makes him aware!

In the heavy rain, one person and one fox stood in the middle of the patio.


Thunder pierced the sky, and the snow and lightning pierced the sky like a long snake, reflecting the pale earth!

Pale Zhongwei Xun keenly looked back and saw a small gray face printed on the window of the devil merchant’s room. His closed eyes slightly opened a gap and seemed to be looking at him.


Wei Xun was still in the mood to say hello to her.


Yes, there was not only this little gray face behind the window, but also Wei Xun saw countless yellowish brown human shadow puppets crowded and stuck behind the window, and the blood red infiltrated behind the window, which was creepy and strange.

“Something happened to the devil merchant.”

Wei Xun was interested: “interesting, his little illusion seems to be going to riot.”

Looking at the way the devil businessman maintained Eve, we know that they should have a good relationship during their lifetime. Now the devil merchant is surrounded by shadow puppets for some reason. Phantom Eve is likely to help.


Wei Xun yawned, a little sleepy, and said to himself, “the bigger your eyes open, the more sleepy you will feel?”

Before Eve completely closed her eyes, Wei Xun didn’t feel anything. Now she opened her eyes a little, but Wei Xun felt sleepy.

“Be careful.”

Yu Hehui, who was full of ginseng fragrance, warned, “you can’t sleep.”

The punishment will come soon. If Wei Xun sleeps over, he will be finished.

“Don’t worry.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “I’m full of energy.”

[point 7: Focus]

[gamblers will always focus on gambling and will never be disturbed by the outside world before losing their last penny!]

Gambler’s dice have seven to ten new points. Each point has a special function. But it’s very difficult to throw. Wei Xun tried many times and spent a lot of flesh and blood, but most of them can only throw one to six points.

At this seven o’clock, he not only put on the necklace turned into luck, but also used a lucky charm of Mao Xiaole.

“How long can you keep this ginseng incense?”

“It can last at least an hour.”

Yu Hehui and Wei xunmi talked: “after all, this bottle of fake ginseng incense has been in use for ten years. It’s good enough.”

Wei Xun told meI Ke’er to find a way to lead out the old demons and monsters. But it was Yu Hehui who came up with a way. These old demons in the deep mountains come for Lingshen. If you want to lead them out, you must have something related to Lingshen.

Yu Hehui happens to have a bottle of ginseng.

This is his “relic” and has been kept by Yu Hehui as a souvenir on his way home. Now Yu Hehui came back to life and gave him all these things on his way home.

“Tong Hege is from the northeast. His ancestors were ginseng gatherers. This ginseng incense is used to lure Lingshen and appease my demon nature.”


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