TTG Chapter 191

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 191: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (29)

Yu Hehui can only be regarded as a fox demon before the advanced Tianhu. He is heavily influenced by the demon nature. He is greedy at that time. Ginseng incense can pacify him.

Yu Hehui didn’t want to say more about the past. He only said that although the ginseng incense was fake, it just didn’t have a healing effect. There’s no problem with detoxification and meditation, and the fragrance is exactly the same as that of the real spirit ginseng.

“In this way, they may think that I work with Lingshen.”

Yu Hehui said carelessly: “the heavenly fox in the state of total victory is too strong. They won’t let Lingshen ‘cure me’.”

So tonight, that guy will definitely be lured, even if he is still confused. When Xiao Hu San was quietly taken away, Yu Hehui knew that he was stable.

Xiao Hu San has his hair on his body. Yu Hehui can pay attention to him at any time. It was an absolute provocation to capture Xiao Hu san under the attention of Tianhu, but Tianhu didn’t respond – it was more like being unable to recover at the critical moment of treatment.

Yu Hehui has a good grasp of his mind. He also knows that Wei Xun may not be in the mood to take care of this little thing at the moment.

“The ginseng smells good.”

Wei Xun yawned lazily, and the wings of the devil stretched out. He controlled the San value at about 35, and now his whole body is alienated. The new devil’s horn opened his hood again and showed his snow-white hair.

Mingming’s atmosphere is getting tighter and tighter. Yu Hehui can sense that there are many demon smells around him. Almost all the people who temporarily live in Deqing class guest house are paying attention to them. Wei Xun is not nervous about this. He said like chatting:

“Is everyone else the same as you?”

“Not sure.”

Yu Hehui was on alert and had a short reply. He saw the 10th of October in the corner of the patio, and the man nodded. He also saw Zhou Xiyang break the window wall. He carried the coffin on his back! Obviously, if something goes wrong, he will immediately support C250.

If the journey is not completed, C250 must not die!

“That day fox, if you are willing to give me this blood, I can protect the Dharma for you.”

Half life Taoist came down, winked at Yu Hehui, and pushed Bai Xiaotian, who was disobedient and came with him, into the room. Yu Hehui ignored him and knew that half life Taoist came to stir up the situation.

The demons are all fine. There are too many people here. I’m afraid the demons won’t come.

Yu Hehui sneered, “why, if I don’t give you blood, you will kill me?”

“A spirit ginseng, no one can hurt you tonight.”

The cold voice on October 10.

Everyone is acting.

“Human beings are insatiable. Who knows what you have in your stomach is bad water.”

Yu Hehui smiled: “it’s impossible to want Lingshen!”

He showed that he would never hand in spiritual participation, and the hidden demons still had a fluke mentality.

“Yes, human beings, we are strange and believable.”

A civet cat jumped, six tails swinging flexibly, followed by several strong Monsters: “let me civet flower spirit to help you!”

“Wow, you’re so handsome that you’re mixed with the evil demon!”

Half life Taoist boasted and bluffed: “Shang, Taoist priest will kill you today!”

“Half life Taoist, don’t worry.”

The gentle female voice sounded, but it was the three wolves in the West who had left. Augustus was in the front, with olaine in the rear left and Mia on the right. If yu Hehui’s thinking eyes fell on him, he said gently:

“Lingshen is the top, I also want to know.”

Is Lingshen the top? Yu Hehui wants to heal the wound? Are the east side passengers really infighting, or are they acting to deceive who?

Or is it to delay time, seemingly confrontation, but actually protection, to let Yu Hehui recover?

Do they want to deal with the devil merchant tonight?!

Three wolves in the West stood in front of the devil merchant’s house. They didn’t think that Yu Hehui’s purpose of offering ginseng incense was to attract Monsters – who knows that C250 will be punished by heaven in the early morning of tonight!

Only Wei Xun, Yu Hehui, dreamer and Nezha Ling knew about it!

Yu Hehui completely ignored them. At this moment, there was a confrontation among the three forces in the small courtyard. It was unclear whether the enemy was a friend or not. Yu Hehui demonstrated and changed his huge original body. The three fox tails were raised. There was mysterious and bright light dust floating on his silver long hair. The whole fox was like walking in a mythical dream. It was dignified and dignified, attracting the eyes of all the people in the audience!

No one paid attention to C 250. From beginning to end, Yu Hehui talked to others. Especially when he became bigger, he completely blocked the body of C 250, which made C 250 seem invisible!

People are full of anxiety for him.

Yun Lianghan turned into a shadow and lurked at the door of the devil merchant. Along the way, he has been secretly observing Cuidao, and the devil businessman has been observed by him for a lot of time.

He was the first to guess the phantom of the devil merchant!

Yun Lianghan was wandering here to remind the nearest C 250 to the devil merchant. Who knows that Yun Lianghan spied a dozen shadow puppets sneaking into the devil merchant’s room.

Good guy, it’s the team leader’s assessment monster who made trouble in advance!

Anyway, C 250 was not in the room. Yun Lianghan changed his attention and simply watched the excitement. Before going to the funeral palace in yangshou Town, the shadow puppet will only find the devil merchant and will not affect passengers. If the devil merchant dies, it’s just right that the tour guide is the place for C 250,

Who dares to make the big blood relatives of the playful people subordinate to the deputy director!

As a result, after watching the play, who could have thought that there would be another thing on the patio!

Yun Lianghan was numb. He wanted to go and knew that he was really poor and could not play a big role. It’s better to stay here. Once the situation is really in crisis, he will hold the devil businessman, which can always make the three wolves in the West worry more!



Yun Lianghan thought it was wrong. Why did the rustling shadow puppet in the devil merchant’s house suddenly stop moving?

“rock a bye baby……”

“in the……treetop……”

I don’t know when the tender and sad song echoes in the Deqing class B & B. It’s not very beautiful, but it’s gentle outside, like a lullaby humming to the beloved.

Augustus’s face suddenly changed. Just as he was about to turn back, the wolf’s hair stood up behind his neck.


Deafening thunder tore the tranquility of the night, heavy rain poured down, thick clouds rolled, mixed with intermittent girls’ songs, and countless voices mixed together. the passengers were in a flash of spirit and were not affected much. Yu Hehui was anxious. Wei Xun yawned next to him for three times!

Even the devil’s wings are a sign of closing, like bats wrapping their wings around their bodies when they sleep.

God’s punishment is coming. You can’t sleep!

“Whoosh – PA!”

The fox’s tail swept away and whipped back the whip. Taking advantage of Yu Hehui’s divine Kung Fu, the other party even started directly‘ The “long whip” was broken by the fox tail, but hundreds of tough “long whip” were drawn from the ground and wrapped around Yu Hehui!

The ground rumbled and the whole Deqing class hostel was shaking. No one expected that the big willow growing in the middle of the patio would rise up. The ‘whip’ drilled under the ground was all her roots!


The cool girl’s voice sounded. As soon as the big willow shook the top of the tree, the flying leaves shot like a knife to the four directions. Thousands of willow branches quickly swept towards Yu Hehui, and immediately wanted to entangle him completely!


Yu Hehui roared and spit out a faint blue fox fire, and the burning willow twigs screamed. ! Yu Hehui swept away Xiaohu San’s fox tail, but the fox fire in his mouth was interrupted. The big willow took the opportunity to turn into a human shape. The cold woman’s hair smelled scorched and stared at him coldly.

“Tianhu, hand in Lingshen!”

“Good things for everyone to enjoy.”

The man who threw Xiao Hu San was a short and fat man. He smiled and stroked his beard: “it’s easy to say…”


Yu Hehui jumped on it directly without wasting time – it was about 0 a.m. and he had to entangle the demon!

“Brother Tianhu, let me help you!”

Mei Ke’er, who was next to the soy sauce, knew he couldn’t wait any longer and rushed up directly. The fierce battle between the two sides was huge, and the B & B of Deqing class roared. Unexpectedly, it was affected by the battle and half collapsed!


Xiao Hu San, a lazy fox, rolled to avoid the falling boulder. He was nearly killed just after he escaped. In shock, he lowered his body and moved out like a reddish brown cockroach. Suddenly he felt something wrong.

How can the three children go to the top? Where’s the strongest one?!

“ -”

Xiao Hu San just wanted to remind the ancestor of Tianhu, but his eyes looked straight. He was dizzy and black in front of him. He almost fainted.

“Little brother, it’s dangerous here. Don’t sleep.”

Sleepy Wei Xun yawned and looked down. He found a lovely white haired boy with his sister’s head at his feet.

The child looked at Xiao Hu San, turned back after he was dazed, raised his face and smiled at Wei Xun. His eye waves flowed, which made people’s brain faint and wanted to follow him.

“Come on, come with me. I’ll take you to safety.”

When the child stretched out his hand, Wei Xun took his hand and held it tightly.

“Is my little brother a bat spirit? He’s really powerful. He’s not as weak as me.”

The child sighed and led Wei Xun out. Yu Hehui in the scuffle had no time to take care of the rear. Even half life Taoist and others didn’t find him. The child’s reality is above them!

Only she wanted to move on October 10. Her ears moved slightly. It seemed that she heard the top, and finally she stood still.

“But Lingshen doesn’t like bat spirits. He thinks they can suck blood. What about sucking blood? It’s not digging people’s hearts and hearts.” Lingshen is just hypocritical. He can’t see such a thing. His little brother and Lingshen must be despised by him when they stay together. ”

The child was angry, as if he were angry for Wei Xun. Wei Xun looked at it a little and seemed to be talking about it.

“Brother is talking about the top?”

The child was very flexible. He slipped along Wei Xun’s body and climbed onto his shoulder. His small hand grabbed his neck and tilted his head to his face to listen.

“Bet… Bet…”


The child got closer and induced Wei Xun to say more. When Wei Xun reached out to hold him and moved him to his head, the child was slightly vigilant, but didn’t care too much.

He also pinched the bat spirit’s neck. If something was wrong, he could break his head. What if he gets rid of magic?

The thundering thunder is incessant. Rao is a child. After a hundred years of cultivation, he can’t help shaking his heart and liver. Fear of Tianlei is the nature of the demon. The situation is wrong tonight.

He doesn’t fight with the sky fox like that fool. Maybe the sky thunder was brought by the sky fox. Lingshen becomes a refined world and will definitely be punished. If Tianhu cooperates to help him, Tianlei should chop Tianhu. Close to Tianhu is to die!

It’s better to catch this bat essence. It’s highly valued by Tianhu. The child smelled that the bat essence also had a faint ginseng fragrance. If it was true, the bat essence had definitely seen it.


The thunder sounded again, and the child was frightened. He wanted to go, but he was unwilling.

fight a quick battle to force a quick decision!

The child simply lies on his head and increases the degree of illusion. This intensity of interference can control each other’s soul and turn him into a puppet – and so on.

The child was frightened.

How can this soul not be controlled?!

“Bet, bet -”

Under the child’s illusion, Wei Xun’s eyes became clear and sleepy. The illusion overcame Eve’s mental interference and could see how strong the child was.

“Bet -”

Wei Xun’s voice was very quiet. He could not hear the roar of thunder. The child had to get very close to hear it.

“Bet tonight, whether you die or I live.”

[gambling game established!]


The warning sound and thunder sounded at the same time! The child can only hear the thunder. He shrinks into a ball. Unexpectedly, he is frightened and becomes the original shape. A greasy ferret is wrapped on Wei Xun’s head. His white hair explodes and trembles. He is about to escape immediately.

You can’t break away from Wei Xun’s hands. Their hands seem to be stuck together by the rules on the Internet!

[before the end of the game, the two sides of the bet cannot open!]

“Crackle –!”

Bright lightning, like the sharp arrow shot by the emperor of heaven, filled with terror, fell from the sky, and the thickest one hit Wei Xun’s head – he had a ferret on his head!



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