TTG Chapter 192

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 192: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (30)

“Oh, my God, it’s heaven’s punishment!”

The thick electric light of the bucket penetrates into the earth and reflects the bright film of the home stay of Deqing class, which is almost blinding! At the moment, not many people have time to pay attention to Wei Xun.

Because most of the “people” in the Deqing class guest house were split by lightning!

The half life Taoist screamed and rushed to the red stiff body regardless of his clothes. Suddenly, he was electrified, emitting black smoke and shaking all over. The red and stiff skin is inch by inch cracked, extremely dark, dazed, and the eyes are rarely full of fear. He crouched down with his head in his arms, and the half life Taoist shook his arms, blocking his red stiff body like a brooding old hen, and his frightened voice changed:

“Disperse, disperse!”

58! At least they belonged to the brigade before. There was no big problem. Now the passengers are divided. Half life Taoist belongs to the Taoist camp, but he has red stiff with mutated dry blood. However, he will be punished by heaven!

He’s pretty good here. The lightning falling on his head is only as thick as his arm, and it’s even worse on the three wolves in the West. A thigh thick bolt of lightning struck Augustus. Not only that, but also countless long snake like electric lights crossed the three wolves and split into the devil merchant’s room with the phantom Eve shadow man!


Augustus turned into a wolf in an instant and bumped into the lightning. Suddenly, his scalp was numb and his body was blackened. There was an electric arc on the fried wolf hair.

“You — come on, go –”

He was electrocuted and his speech was intermittent, anxious and roaring.

Go to the devil merchant! Don’t let him be chopped to death——


There was a moment when Augustus saw a white film in front of him, as if the whole world had changed. He watched the earth shaking lightning smash down, and there was a crackling electric light in the whole courtyard. The night seemed to change into the day, and the shining light was the same as the midnight disco.

The demons who had fought fiercely were engulfed by lightning. They were white everywhere and could not see clearly.

“Woo -”

The red werewolf was frightened by his back and ears, instinctively shrank and sobbed, and felt terrible for the first time.

It’s terrible. The eastern sky thunder is really terrible. Augustus felt that he had been completely suppressed and just wanted to crawl on the ground and tremble.

Luckily I didn’t rush!

At the moment, Augustus was only lucky except for fear. So it seems that he is still on the edge of heaven’s punishment, if he stands in the middle——

Can anyone really survive being split like this?!

“Squeak –!”

The ferret screamed miserably and trembled all over when it was electrified – in fact, it didn’t cry the first time it was chopped by heaven, but tried hard to hide it. When it hit the second time, it was really painful. I saw the long hair on its back, the roots of which were electrified, and the scorched black pieces. The whole mink became a black mink.

“Let me go, do you want to die!”

Seeing that the thick clouds in the sky are not dispersed and the power of heavenly punishment is still alive, it is obvious that it is still brewing for the third time. The stoat screamed angrily and grabbed Wei Xun’s neck – but he didn’t dare to strangle him.

Tianlei is still chopping. He dares to kill people in front of heaven’s punishment unless he doesn’t want to die!

“Heaven’s punishment is coming at me. If you follow me again, you will be chopped to death!”

Shit, this punishment is not for him. The stoat knows that the heavenly punishment is probably after the spirit of the heavenly fox. The bat spirit has also been affected and will die sooner or later.

They were also unlucky. They were still on the scene when they were chopped by heaven. As a result, they were noticed by the thief and were chopped.

The stoat was full of fire, scared and scared. It’s obvious that the big willow tree was cut hard. The big willow tree is tall. All the branches that have been cut have fallen. The second tallest one is the bat spirit. It’s just that his ferret is still squatting on the top of the bat spirit, and the height is higher. The one who was cut is miserable.

Otherwise, according to his little ferret, a magic weapon with hidden breath, how could he be split like this!

“Did you say…?”

The bat spirit under him was also choked, and the ferret trembled. In the lightning and thunder, the ferret seemed to hear him say something. It trembled and leaned its head. It heard the bat spirit whispering:

“So cool.”


The ferret’s small head is full of great doubts. Wei Xun is really cool. The previous time, Tianlei was blocked and didn’t hit him. This time, he really experienced it. It didn’t hurt. Wei Xun still didn’t feel the pain. He just felt that lightning ran through his body and his whole body was numb. It seemed that he was making a horse to kill a chicken. The comfortable tip of Wei Xun’s tail was slightly tilted, and the bone spurs were fried. It was very comfortable.

. If there were no stoats and no kind-hearted people, Wei Xun would really be split to zero.

Sure enough, there are many people and great power!

The countdown to death quickly decreased again, and the punishment that had been brewing for a long time fell again. This time, even Zhou Xiyang, who was watching nervously, lost his voice and exclaimed, “how come?”

Standing on the second floor, he could clearly see the situation in the patio. The great lightning running through the heaven and earth is like a huge silver broom to sweep away all the dirty things.

Three wolves and half life Taoist priests in the west area, some small demons are on the edge and have little impact. At best, they are dusted by a chicken feather duster. In the middle of the patio, Yu Xianghui and other big demons in the scuffle just now, Wei Xun and others, are swept back and forth and face to face by this “big broom”!

“What nonsense!”

The sound of anxious scolding rang in Zhou Xiyang’s ear. Zhou Xiyang almost threw out the coffin when he saw the red bird with a human face touching the tail quietly falling on his shoulder.

Fortunately, he heard the voice of Nezha spirit!

“It’s really fooling around. God punishes him. Look how he ends!”

“There are too many monsters, which leads to too much punishment.”

Dream chasing little dragon Ning said that he didn’t fly around C 250. After all, C 250 is to lure the big demon. There are monsters with keen intuition. If the dreamer follows, the other party may not take the bait.

Rao is a dreamer, and he didn’t expect this scene.

“Heaven’s punishment should have been repeated, but it was -”

Those monsters dare to come, either the green seven lynx spirit can’t do well, and the heavenly punishment is too lazy to see, or the old demon like the white weasel willow must have something to hide the secret.


The evil spirit is exposed, which is completely exposed. It’s like seeing a cockroach (Cui Dao) just want to kill, but it explodes into a cockroach nest!

God’s punishment is gone!

It’s not like a natural punishment, it’s more like a terrible thunderstorm!

“How can we stop? Is there any way?”

Zhou Xiyang almost had a myocardial infarction when he heard this. He looked at the dreamer. Nezha Ling was not too anxious and nervous. He also reluctantly relaxed – C250 should be all right.

“Heaven’s punishment won’t last long. After all, this side is angry. When the evil spirit is almost split, it will be covered up by anger.”

If heaven’s punishment can’t find an object, it won’t continue to chop.

How long does it take to split the evil spirit?

“You’re still alive. Let me go.”

The stoat wants to cry without tears. It is completely numb after being split. Just a moment ago, he thought it was the second heaven punishment after the death. He ruthlessly offered a magic weapon to carry it, but he didn’t expect that the thick clouds in the sky still hadn’t dispersed. And it found a problem, that is, don’t aim at them!

This day, I will chop willow, beaver and flower twice! Even the sky fox is not split as much as they are!

Isn’t it the fox who is really punished by heaven, but the bat spirit?

The stoat is in a dog’s mood. He knows what the bat is. He put him on his head.

The urgent thing is to get away from him!

“You won the bet. I’ll admit defeat. It’s over!”

The stoat was scorched and dregs fell. He was stunned before being split. At the moment of life and death, he turned his mind and thought about what the bat essence said when the heavenly punishment was just split. It’s a gambling game. It’s a life and death game.

He can’t be a bat. Is it because of this gamble?!

Now the bat spirit is still alive. If he wins, he can end the bet!

Sure enough, the stoat felt relaxed after shouting this sentence, as if he had solved the invisible imprisonment. This is the power of rules! His heart was cold. He had wanted to kill bat spirits, but now he was afraid that he would not make his idea again. Taking advantage of the fact that the punishment of heaven is about to fall, the ferret will run away immediately, but it hears the sound of the next second——



The ferret, who had jumped eight feet away from the bat spirit, immediately returned to the top of the bat spirit and held its tail in the circle for no reason.

[adventure! You have a ferret hat!]

“Cough, cough, cough.”

Wei Xun coughed up a lot of blood. Under the cover of demon wing, Zhang lucky charm turned to ashes at his fingertips. Different from an Xuefeng’s * * adventure, Wei Xun clearly saw the duration of the “stoat hat” this time.

It’s only a short time of 1.5 seconds!

That’s enough time for him!

“Gamble again, bet – will heaven’s punishment come down again!”

The stoat who had just lifted his hat stuck to Wei Xun again. Wei Xun laughed in the lightning and thunder, and small streams of blood gushed from the corners of his mouth and flowed on his pale skin like a vampire.

[during the Apocalypse carnival, you can’t stop gambling until the end comes!]

[there are three gambles before the end of the day!]

You can’t stop gambling, otherwise Wei Xun will be eaten back by the gambler’s dice! Forced to invite people to gamble, Wei Xun would pay double the price of flesh and blood every time. Only by winning the gambling can he win the flesh and blood. If he wins the gambling, he will usher in a severe “doomsday” after the gambling!

Yes, does that matter?

“I bet God will chop it down.”

Wei Xun looked up and said with a smile that the devil’s wings were stretched and split too many times. It seemed that the silver grain of each pair of devil’s wings was stained with electric light.

“Are you crazy?”

The ferret screamed and couldn’t stand it: “I’m going to kill you -”


Thunder and lightning fell faster than the ferret. At the moment, most of the heavenly punishments in other places stopped, but they were conspicuous.


“Ah –!”

The ferret screamed in pain, and the smell of barbecue filled its body. He wore a simple little mirror on his forehead. Now the mirror was completely broken, and this magic weapon was useless.

“I will kill you, I will kill you -”

“I won the gamble, and I’ll bet again — will heaven’s punishment come down again!”

Your mother is still here?!

“I bet God’s punishment will come again.”

“I also bet that heaven’s punishment will come again!”

The stoat learned this time and shouted out in pain. The bat is really weird. The gambling game seems to have rules. Even he has to abide by the rules. He can bet on items and chips. The more he bets, the worse the bat loses after losing the bet.

What they bet on this time, the stoats didn’t bet. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Tianfu landed again!


The bright lightning will shine the Deqing class B & B again. At the moment, the B & B is in ruins. Everyone who can run has already run away. Those who can’t run are still standing in the ruins, frightened and frightened to see the lightning strike again.

“Will you die? Will Xiaocui die?”

The confused devil businessman held a small illusion, and the illusion in his arms shook every time the lightning flashed. At first glance, I can’t see how many people are still here in the dark, because everyone is directly or indirectly affected, all of them are blackened, and the night melts into a body.

“This chop should be the end, right?!”

Zhou Xiyang was so anxious that he wanted to rush into the electric light. When the lightning dispersed, he quickly looked inside——

“Not dead! C 250 is still alive!”

He was surprised. He heard C250 coughing and laughing at the next minute:

“It’s a tie this time. Let’s gamble again. Will heaven’s punishment come down again!”

“Don’t gamble, how can you gamble!”

Meckel screamed, “it’s going to kill the cat!”

The wolf is about to be chopped to death!

The blackened Augustus did not speak and stood silently in front of aurelian MIA. At the moment, he had a strong hostility and disgust for gamblers.

If anyone dares to gamble in front of him again in the future, he will definitely bite the man’s throat!

“I bet God’s punishment will come again.”

“I also bet that heaven’s punishment will come again!”

The voice of the stoats at their last gasp was full of tears. It was terrible. It was really terrible. Although the punishment was not caused by gambling, the stoats now hate bat essence, and the second hate is gambling!

And he made sure that it was the bat spirit that punished him this day! At the moment, the heavy rain turned into a light rain, and half of the thick clouds in the night sky dispersed. The evil spirit in the field was almost gone, and even the willow spirits were no longer split – only they were still being split! Just smelling the breath of heaven’s punishment, the stoat wants to die.


God’s punishment fell again. This time, although its prestige is much smaller than before, it is more worrying. Yu Xianghui, who was scorched all over, was restless and wanted to rush in to help Wei Xun carry the punishment. He knew that even if a ferret was on his head and shared by many demons, Wei Xun would be at the end of a powerful crossbow after being split so many times.

He’s been hacked six times!

At the moment, the barrage in the live broadcasting room is also full of sadness.

[brothers, I dare not see it. Are the C250 people still alive?]

[don’t gamble, I beg you, don’t gamble, really, play with your life, this is!]

[fuck, can’t we stop gambling? How many times have we gambled!]

[man, didn’t you find out that this punishment didn’t come because of gambling! I think gambling is more like the effect of some kind of prop!]

[C250 tied the ferret essence to the ferret essence by gambling, so that it can withstand so many natural punishments]

[there is no gambling effect. If the ferret has run away early, who will be split!]

[the elder brother above knows…  what do I think? C250 always has a heart when gambling!]

[no, no, No. some people really like being punished by heaven!]

[gambling dogs will die –  C250 can’t die.]

[please, I support bing250 gambling, continue to lock the ferret essence and let him carry the electricity!]

The barrage in the live broadcast room is divided into two camps. I don’t want to see any gambling related anymore. They don’t want quick rescue pills, they just want steady happiness. On the other hand, he believes that natural punishment is inevitable, and it is normal to tie ferrets with gambling to help them get criticized – this is not real gambling, but the effect of props!

In a few seconds, the latter’s idea changed completely.

“It’s a tie this time. Let’s gamble again. Will heaven’s punishment come down again!”

When the gamble was over, Wei Xun poured down the nectar produced by the White Jade Scorpion. He didn’t feel it after his body had passed the “Three Gorges”, but his San value was cut to 50 by heaven’s punishment – the destruction of thunder is all evil, and even mental pollution is included. Wei Xun doesn’t have to worry about San value after he finishes his work. He’s worried about it. His body has reached its limit.

How can a demon who has not been completely punished by heaven so many times. Even though Wei Xun didn’t feel pain, he was weak, and his cloak was still intact. His body under his cloak was blackened, and the devil’s bones, bones and scales were cut into coke. He moved and fell, and the tender meat was full of dark red terrible scars caused by lightning.

He collapsed his wings and shook his body. It seemed that it was difficult to stand still. This was the last gamble. After gambling, the carnival will end, and gamblers will welcome the end of the world.

“There is no divine punishment.”

Nezha Ling, who didn’t know the details, breathed a sigh of relief. The red bird flapped its wings and flew to Wei Xun. Although the light rain has not stopped and the thick clouds have not dispersed, the breath of terror and extinction brought by heaven’s punishment has gradually dispersed. After being split six times, normal people have long disappeared. Wei Xun is playing with fire.

Don’t you see that the stoats on his head are all burnt stoats? If you want to punish him again, burnt stoats can’t carry it, and Wei Xun is choking.

After listening to nezhaling’s words, Zhou Xiyang was finally relieved. The audience in the live broadcasting room also relaxed at the same time, all in a cold sweat. At the next minute, they heard the hoarse voice of C 250 again——

“I bet – God’s punishment will come again.”

[is he crazy? Why do you bet that heaven’s punishment will come again?!]

[the little red bird said he wouldn’t come. It’s impossible to come again!]

[ C250 didn’t know about it. Maybe he thought the punishment would come again?]

The audience did not understand, and everyone at the scene was puzzled. Even if the thick clouds haven’t dispersed and the thunder is gone, C250 should always feel that heaven’s punishment won’t come. He is locked in by heaven’s punishment. His perception should be sharp.

Can you say——

“Hiss – I’m afraid he made a mistake on purpose.”

Half life Taoist kept counting, and his scorched forehead was full of cold sweat: “broken, broken, his gambling props are likely to be the kind that wins more and eats more!”

Otherwise, will C250 be a mistake?

You can’t gamble wrong! This gamble and——

“I bet God’s punishment won’t come.”

The ferret’s voice was very light and his tone was cruel: “bet my life.”

“You dare!”

Yu Yuhui was shocked and angry. He rushed over directly, but he was too slow to kill the ferret. The gambling game was over!

“Hum, ha ha.”

Do others realize that no one can ruin the game. The stoat laughs hoarsely. The laughter is full of hate. It hates, hates that the heavenly punishment has broken its magic weapon, and hates that the six heavenly punishments have broken its 60 years of Taoism!

The bat was so cruel that he wanted to leave? That’s impossible!

Clay figurine also has three points of anger, not to mention that he is not good stubble. The bat spirit deliberately gambled wrong, just giving him a chance!

“I want him to die.”

The stoat laughed and looked provocatively at the sky Fox: “this is the gambling rule, even if you can’t keep him!”

The stoat gambles his life. If he wins and Wei Xun loses, Wei Xun will be deprived of double the bet – he will definitely die!

In the past, the binding of ferrets to Wei Xun was the gambling rule. Now ferrets bet their lives on Wei Xun’s death. This is also the gambling rule!

“Damn it!”

Zhou Xiyang was crazy. He threw down the coffin and didn’t hesitate to go to protect Bing 250. Meike ER was surprised to lose her beard. Half life Taoist priest was sad. Bai Xiaotian’s face was frozen. His eyes were cold. He stared at the stoat, with a faint golden light in his eyes. The virtual shadow of Tao flashed. On October 10, it flashed behind C 250. The warm and soft palm pressed C 250’s shoulder.

The stoat shivered and suddenly smelled the danger of death. It has no regrets. The stoat will take revenge. If it doesn’t take revenge, it will never forget!

“Do you really want to gamble your life?”

In the tense atmosphere, only Wei Xun was still leisurely. He coughed twice weakly and asked in surprise.

“Why, are you afraid?”

The stoat sneered and satirized, “it’s no use even if you’re afraid!”

“I’m afraid not. I’m just a little embarrassed.”

Wei Xun smiled and slowly took out something — seeing him take out this thing, Yu Huihui’s expression suddenly became a little strange. Like worry, like speechless.

Wei Xun took out the dead Ming token. Not only that, he also took out the dark red official robe and put it on his body.

“I am the tomb keeper of the Ming mausoleum.”

Wei Xun’s voice echoed in the night and on the ruins of Deqing class.

“Brother! Stop fooling around!”

Nezha Ling seemed to think of it. He was shocked and turned pale. Wei Xun didn’t listen to the advice and went on.

“I swear I will take the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty and return to the Ming Tombs.”


When this sentence comes out, the thunder again, the power of heaven’s punishment that has not dispersed has a tendency to condense again! Wei Xun was punished by heaven just because he had the tendency to help the evil dragon. At the moment, the punishment has not yet dispersed. His promise is simply trying to stimulate God!

“Do you want to do it? Are you doing it?!”

The stoat was frightened and felt something wrong. The scorched little claw wanted to cover Wei Xun’s mouth. How can it cover it.

“I swear.”

Wei Xun laughed wantonly. Even if his voice was hoarse and his lips were stained with blood, it meant madness, but everyone on the court was frightened.

“Will help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, and you will be a real dragon!”


When the thick clouds gather again, the heaven’s punishment will suddenly disappear. Wei Xun clearly vowed to help the evil dragon. How can he bear the heaven’s punishment! It was not until then that Zhou Xiyang and his colleagues decided to lose the bet on purpose.

In order to win the gamble, he even vowed deliberately and forced heaven to punish him! Even if this day’s punishment will break him to pieces!

He really likes gambling and winning!

The punishment fell again, the lightning was bright, and everyone was crazy. Wei Xun is not crazy. He quickly puts on the scarlet cloak of life playing people and holds an Xuefeng’s feather and the token of the abyss node of the contract * *. Right hand is holding the human skin map of the chieftain King’s tomb. When Tianlei falls, he moves very fast and digs into his heart. The blood of Maria’s Butterfly Tattoo flows out and dyes the human skin map red.

Wei Xun did his best to resist this punishment!


After that, the heavenly punishment was not powerful, but its power was extremely amazing. Even at the moment when the heavenly punishment fell, on October 10, he threw a red oil paper umbrella to resist, and half of the Taoist threw a red stiff. Zhou Xiyang turned into a sun setting shadow and covered bing250. Yu Huihui and Mei Ke’er turned into prototypes to help share, and some of the heavenly punishment power still hit Wei Xun.

After the dazzling lightning, the power of heaven’s punishment finally disappeared, and C250 still stood in place – he was not dead!

“Don’t gamble, I won’t gamble…”

The voice of extreme weakness came from the coke over his head. Jiao weasel murmured in pain: “I lost, I will never, never gamble again…”

“Stop gambling, really, please.”

Meike’er could not wait to shake his shoulder with bing250. They can’t hold on to another Tianlei!

“Stop gambling, ah.”

The blackened fox rubbed around Wei Xun and stared at him, distressed and numb: “stop gambling, okay…”

“God, he’s so crazy.”

Mia murmured, and the three wolves in the West were equally frightened. At this moment, no matter the passengers, monsters or the audience in the live broadcasting room, their thoughts reached the same level at the same time.

Never let C 250 gamble again!

Shit, it’s crazy!

“I won the bet.”

Wei Xun whispered to himself.

“Yes, you won the bet.”

Zhou Xiyang’s face was about to die suddenly. Listening to bing250 say a word of gambling, it was exciting. His heart was full of resistance. Gambling is really harmful!

“Stop gambling. Ah, you won.”

Wei Xun’s eyes were slightly closed and his lips were hooked. When he said that he won the bet, he didn’t mean the gamble, but——

[the gambling carnival is over and your doomsday punishment is being settled!]

[the success of your gambling game made more than 100000 viewers fear and dislike “gambling”, and made 58209 viewers think “never gamble”!]

[your doomsday punishment will be reduced by 90%.]

Wei Xun’s post gambling game deliberately gambled that heaven’s punishment would come, and strongly attracted heaven’s thunder, just to guide the emotions of the audience! Moreover, at the stage of the confrontation mission, the audience in the eastern area didn’t want him to die. The weather, place and people were right. The ferret was only happy to gamble his life wisely.

As long as the first gambling set the tone and Wei Xun set up a gambling game later, the audience will naturally recall the fear at the moment and naturally set the tone.

Only 10% of the doomsday punishment will be?

[doomsday punishment will make people think that ‘my life is over’, which is the doomsday]

[your doomsday punishment this time is -]


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