TTG Chapter 193

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 193: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (31)

[your doomsday punishment -]

[become a clay figurine for two or four hours!]

“Cui Dao!”

“C 250!!”

There was a scream all around. One second ago, everyone was painstakingly persuading C 250 to quit gambling, but the next moment everyone saw at the same time that C 250 disappeared in place! The scarlet and light blue cloaks collapsed at the same time. The moon and the sun caught the cloak quickly, but the cloak was empty!



Suddenly fell to the ground, and the dizzy coke weasel was picked up roughly by Zhou Xiyang’s neck.

“What did you do to you?!”

Zhou Xiyang shouted, “where have you been?!

“Squeak and whine -”

Weasel doesn’t know!

The dying mongoose kicked its legs desperately, and its small black claws were unable to pull. It was pinched and couldn’t breathe. It stuck out its tongue and stared.

“Team Zhou, don’t strangle it. The weasel gambled his life on director Cui. If he lives, director Cui can’t die.”

The half life Taoist priest, who was distressed to comfort Jiao zombie, comforted: “the cloak is here, and the brigade hasn’t prompted. Cuidao is fine.”

“Will there be any negative state of gambling props?”

Just as he was doing it, Xiao Tian, who was behind the half life Taoist, interrupted and asked.

Zhou Xiyang pressed Jiao weasel about the gambling situation. He was even more worried when he knew that Bing 2501 didn’t lose. He looked at Yu Huihui. He just opened his mouth to think about it, but saw the big fox staring at the puddle in front of him with strange eyes.

Zhou Xiyang looked down Yu Huihui’s eyes – what did he not see? It rained all night, and the ruins of Deqing class B & B were full of potholes and puddles everywhere.

“Yu Yuhui? Can you sense the C250 state?”

“It’s all right now.”

Yu Yuhui coughed softly and squatted down. The three scorched long tails shook and shook off the layer of scorched hair on the surface of the tail. The big fox youyouyaya rolled his tail in front of him, just blocking the puddle.

“I’ll stay with you and reply. You can do something -”


The man’s face was red, and the strange bird flew like a bomber, plunged into Yu Yu’s smart tail hair, snorted like a fishing osprey, and took out a mud villain from the puddle!

The villain’s’ workmanship ‘is fine. It has a big palm, complete head, feet, body and limbs, and even a devil’s sharp corner on the top of the head and wings on the back, just like a delicate and expensive manual!

But the little man was softened by the water, and his whole body was covered with wet mud. He pushed the bird’s head with two small hands, and the tips of his wings were trying hard. The whole man wanted to fall down, but he couldn’t resist the power of the red bird. He was pulled out by Nezha Ling like a radish.

“Brother, you are a clay figurine now. You can’t soak in water.”

The red bird carefully put the little clay figurine on Yu Yuhui, looked at Yu Yuhui curiously, and chirped seriously: “if you soak in more water, it will melt away, and it will be troublesome to pinch it again.”


Except for the light rain, the scene was silent. Everyone’s eyes fell directly on the autistic little clay figure wrapped up by the wings on the back of the big fox.

The devil merchant’s expression was complicated. Originally, the strange bird didn’t follow Xiaocui’s illusion, but the Nezha spirit. No wonder he was slapped again at that time. But now he’s serious.

The devil merchant’s eyes wandered for a moment. He could be called by Nezha spirit as his brother, “little clay figurine?”——

“Cui, Cui guide.”

Zhou Xiyang rarely stumbled, and his voice floated: “how are you?”

Under the attention of the public, the little clay figurine broke the jar and simply retracted his wings. He got up and kicked the red bird on the chin angrily.

* *

“It’s all right. It’s only four hours in two hours. It’ll be back to normal in two or four hours.”

The rain pattered late at night. After the war, the Deqing class B & B had become a ruin. Only the ancient stage was intact, and the eaves tiles on the top could barely shelter from the wind and rain.

In the middle of the night, people always had to rest. The passengers gathered together to discuss and put the coffin and paper man funeral team on the stage – under the protection of the granddaughter of Zhi family, the old housekeeper of Zhi family, the paper people were not seriously damaged.

In addition to the paper people’s coffins, the devil businessman’s C 250 two tour guides also took a break in the coffins. The veteran tourists were rough skinned and fleshy, so they just went back to the coffins.

The devil merchant couldn’t help looking at the other side. He could only see the back of the big fox. The three tailed day fox lay on its side, its huge size was slightly reduced, and it still accounted for a quarter of the stage. On its soft long hair on its abdomen, there was a red oil paper umbrella with scorched black defects on its surface.

Contributed by month and day.

Yu Xiang, Hui Xiang and Wei Xun are chatting in secret. The devil businessman can’t hear the voice of their dialogue. He only hears the murmuring of the fox image, which is full of soothing meaning.

“It’s just a clay man, no injury, no death. It’s great.”

Yu Xianghui sighed from the bottom of his heart, but Wei Xun, sitting under the red oil paper umbrella and on the dried cloak, refused to speak. His mouth was closed tightly, like he was afraid that mud would flow in if he opened his mouth. Wei Xun held the phoenix feather “baking fire” which was higher than the current one, and the whole person was in a mood and didn’t want to move at all.

It looks normal now. After the clay figurine is dried, except for the small head, it is exactly the same in normal times. However, once it is drenched with water or wet, the surface of Weixun’s skin will show mud color, and the mud will flow seriously.

Wei Xun’s skin is soft, and the mud color is too conspicuous when it comes out. It’s easy to rub against other things. It’s like a obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Don’t touch me.”

Yu Xianghui sensed Wei Xun’s depressed mood and put his tail tip to comfort him, but Wei Xun avoided him directly and said, “dirty.”

Yu Huihu’s fur was waterproof and moisture-proof, and Wei Xun refused to stay on the fox because it was clean at first sight. Jiao weasel, who sold his life to him, had long been pushed aside by Wei Xun and was not allowed to come near until his fur grew. Nezha linggeng was angered by Wei Xun and gave him a mud fist at that time.

However, seeing the strange bird guard Xun covered in mud, he was tired of it, and his autism has not slowed down until now. In fact, the mud dried guard Xun could recover to his normal body long ago, but his normal body is too easy to get caught in the rain, and it is difficult to dry a phoenix feather. It is not as convenient as slapping a villain.

“No, you can’t be dirty.”

Yu Yuhui was so distressed that he said anything: “if you want the clay figurines to be dirty, Zhang won’t live at all.”


“Clay figurines are not dirty.”

In order to maintain Zhang xingzang’s image, half comforted C 250: “the mud is clean. Like the mud used by xingzang to knead clay figurines, it has no impurities. It can even be eaten. It’s really not dirty.”

“How do you know that mud can eat?”

Wei Xun asked youyou.


The dreamer choked.

“Your San value is low now. It seems that there are some emotional problems.”

The dreamer coughed twice and shut up after changing the topic. Usually, C250 gave him face. Now he’s in a bad mood. It seems that he’s really in a bad mood.

The dreamer didn’t want to touch the bad luck and gave Yu Huiyi a look that he couldn’t help.

“Now becoming a clay figurine actually has more advantages than disadvantages.”

Yu Yuhui took over the baton. From a practical point of view, “you’ve been punished by heaven for seven times. Even if a weasel is injured, it’s not light. It’s too expensive to exchange points for the countdown to death. It’s not a cure for the symptoms.”

Wei Xun tried it out during his journey to Western Hunan. The reduction rate of the death countdown does not depend on the serious time, but will be fine tuned according to his physical state. Wei Xun is seriously injured and dying, and the death countdown decreases sharply at an unknown speed. Even more points are not enough. It is a waste.

You have to heal your injuries and make the death countdown speed normal before you return. But Wei Xun’s serious injuries need not only a lot of props, but also time to heal. Every minute and second of healing needs to use points to renew your life, which is like burning money.

But after they became clay figurines, all the injuries that pierced the flesh and blood organs were temporarily “gone.”.

To be exact, Wei Xun turned the whole man into mud. The clay man is a mass of mud without bones and flesh in the internal organs. Even if it is cut off from the man, it can be bonded again. How can it be injured?

At this moment, the countdown to Wei Xun’s death will decline at a normal speed. He can heal his wounds slowly. There is no need to be so nervous. He can recover from the traumatic internal injuries within two to four hours.

There are some places on the body, such as the terrible wounds cut by lightning, the broken demon horn, and the demon wing that was cut from the body. You can take the opportunity to stick and smooth it when you are in the mud state.

Mao Xiaole’s lucky charm really works.

Rao Zhuo, Yu Zhuo and Hui all lamented, “what’s the doomsday punishment? It’s a stroke of genius!

“What’s the matter with the injury? I’d rather be injured.”

Wei Xun sighed melancholy, “even blind and lame… Alas, you don’t understand.”

For Wei Xun, injury is the end! Wei Wei is different from ordinary people. For ordinary people, the death of suffering is probably the most terrible and severe end, but for Wei Xun, the death of suffering is not even punishment.

The gambler’s doomsday is really unique. He can accurately step on Wei Xun’s thunder. It’s a kind of thing to turn clay figurines on continuous rainy days, which is much more serious for Wei Xun than injury.

“There can be no more spectators.”

Listen to you, Yu Huihui thought deeply and was afraid.

The “doomsday punishment” is targeted at the “Wei Xun cleanliness Mania”. If the “doomsday punishment” is 5% or 1%, will it be the “death and disability punishment”?

It seems that the higher the percentage of doomsday punishment, the safer it is for the guard!

Maybe Wei Xun’s 100% doomsday punishment will never be better.

It’s comforting to think of Yu Yuhui. If someone calculates Wei Xun according to the “dimension” of normal people, I’m afraid he will make a mistake.

Tian Hu rubbed Wei Xun with his head. The long and narrow fox eyes glanced at some place outside. The cold light in the eyes suddenly made a shadow shrink his head, but after a long pause, Yun Lianghan, who turned into a shadow, couldn’t help but look up at his back with Yu Huihui’s warning eyes.

Of course, I can’t see guide C 250 – Guide C is tightly blocked by a red oil paper umbrella.

Look at the scarlet cloak that is lying on the fox and guide C is sitting!

The tour guide cloak of Lord Hiram!

Yun Lianghan’s heart was pounding. When the punishment came down, he actually rushed to the front. Only where the bright electric light could not hold half of the shadow. He couldn’t get close to the front and did his best to protect C 250, but Yun Lianghan watched C 250 take out his scarlet tour guide Cloak and put it on his body.

Stone hammer, C 250 is definitely closely related to Lord Xi life!

Not only did Yun Lianghan see the cloak, but all the passengers and countless viewers in the live broadcast room calmed down and noticed the cloak. In the past, half life Taoist people shouted about “life playing people”. There were demonic alienation of the same origin as life playing people in C 250 and C 250. In fact, some people still doubt it and think it may be a coincidence.

But when the scarlet cloak came out, the evidence was like a mountain of iron!

For a time, the tourist guides in both the eastern and western districts were shocked. For the first time, the eastern butcher alliance posted a post on the Travel Forum. The two senior executives of the weeping psychic, Yin Yang butterfly, announced their responsibility for C 250 in a high profile, and even called them “heirs” directly and respectfully!

Before, people thought that the devil businessman relied on the black widow force of the werewolf alliance, while the grass-roots New Star Tour Guide of C250 suffered too much. But this trip looks amazing.

What is background?

C 250 is the real background!

But the way home is no slower than the butcher alliance. Even if the butcher alliance has any successors, they jointly sue, but the hippies are trapped in the Inca Sun Gate. The psychic media seem to lack a bit of hardness when they face the way home with an Xuefeng.

Even if there is a scarlet cloak of a playful man in C 250, the connection between Yan and an Xuefeng was earlier confirmed by Zhou Xiyang. Yan’s Flamingo feather, an Xuefeng’s bird feather, Yu Huihui, a member of Yan and Hu who followed him on his way back, and Yan’s guardian, Yu Huihui, a dreamer with good relationship on his way back.

In this way, the mark of returning home on C 250 looks heavier than that of the butcher Alliance – after all, no matter how you look at it, you really don’t look like a butcher guide!

Serious butcher guide, is it decent that a gambling game of heaven punishment will never die?

Some people even communicate in small groups in private. They don’t care what the butcher alliance is, what the return path is, and what the identity background of C 250 is. However, God talks highly of the theory of shepherd, saying that C 250 is the shepherd of the destiny of the times – but the amount of human body is too small and low-key, which is ignored by people.

“Tell me about Tong’s song.”

The excitement outside did not affect the funeral palace journey in the suburbs of Beijing. Yun Lianghan tried to get close to C 250 several times, but he was scared back by Yu Xianghui.

When Yu Huihui was there, Wei Xun became the shopkeeper. After a while, Wei Xun lifted his spirits. He lifted up his clothes and looked at the lightning scars all over his body. He tentatively stretched out to pick up a few drops of rain. He wanted to try to smooth the scars with water and mud as Yu Huihui said.

But in an instant, the place where Wei Xun’s palm came into contact with the rain turned into mud, emitting the unique moist smell of the soil. Wei Xun leaned back and showed a disgusting expression. He shook his hand on the spot, retracted and continued to dry.

At the thought of wiping mud on his body… Wei Xun is ready to divert his attention and try again.

“Brother Tong is one year older than me. He’s a doctor in the brigade.”

Yu Xianghui understood Wei Xun and did not feel that he was obsessed with cleanliness and hypocritical, but tried to help him divert his attention.

Tong Xiangge is also dead. Speaking of this, Yu Xianghui won’t have a headache.

“There has never been a guide in the team, but with brother Tong, everyone has never been ill. Ginseng, Taisui, Polygonum multiflorum, the three spirits commonly used by brother Tong. ”

“You didn’t have a tour guide years ago?”

Wei Xun tried several times, but he couldn’t start.  simply summon the magic bees and let them fly out and come back with water. At the moment, Wei Xun tilted his head lazily and didn’t do it by himself. He commanded the diligent little magic bees to help make up for him.


Wei Xun was always puzzled by the return tour guide. Zhang xingzang can turn to dreamers. With the strength of an Xuefeng, it’s not difficult to turn to qualified guides.

“I can’t remember clearly. It seems that something happened that year.”

Yu Huihui said: “in fact, at the meeting years ago, all major brigades had no tour guides. I hope the Tour team, Fengdu Tour team, was the only one with tour guides in the eastern district at that time, and it was also a top tour guide. The tour guide who worked with Fengdu at that time was “the evil insect master.”

“Later, the hope brigade was destroyed, and the evil bug master died. That was a long time ago.”

The big fox rubbed Wei Xun carefully, and the tip of his ear dropped. He then talked about Tong’s song: “brother Tong died later than me, doctor. He usually stays in the rear, and sister orange specially protects him.”

As if she remembered something interesting, Yu Huihui smiled, narrowed her eyes and whispered to Wei Xun, “sister orange is very sassy, like a female general. She’s really good. She made a red oil paper umbrella. She usually goes on a journey. She can control it at the same time. ”

What is the concept of operating a red oil paper umbrella at the same time?  an oil paper umbrella can carry thunder without damage!

“At that time, the deputy team… Wang pengpai was the deputy team. I like sister orange, but I don’t dare to say, so I secretly rub it to deliver rice and flowers to others, and try my best to write a love letter without signing. It’s sour to watch sister orange protect brother Tong every day. ”

Wu Le orange is so beautiful that Wang pengpai has low self-esteem.

“Everyone was young at that time. Brother Wang was secretly in love with you. In fact, Xiao le was too young to understand.”

Yu Shouhui sighed:

“Later, when we went to the battlefield, many powerful people set up traps to besiege us. The strong ones who sneak into brother Tong have their own way… Sister orange has been protecting brother Tong to the front, but she can’t hold on and died. She died before me. ”

“Brother Tong is so guilty that he will follow the devil. No one can persuade him,” said the deputy. Sister orange is a soldier. She performs her duty to protect you. She tries her best to die on the battlefield, and she deserves her death. It’s because you can’t let go now that she can’t feel at ease. ”

“Brother Tong was persuaded to cheer up again, but I saw the Deputy shed many tears when he was alone… In fact, the Deputy couldn’t come out.”

Wang pengpai’s title seems to have made little progress. He was the main title years ago, the old driver, and the old driver years later. Time seems to stand still on you.

“Who is against you?”

From Yu Huihui’s words, Wei Xun keenly found a lot of information: “where is the battlefield?”

“I can’t say.”

Yu Yuhui also answered simply.

“Did you take revenge?”

Wei Xun changed his question.


The second Yu Hui replied, and Jane said in a short way, “take revenge. All those who planned on us were killed by the security team.”

“Was an Xuefeng that strong then?”

Wei Xun was surprised: “years ago, I think I just started my trip.”

After Yu Xianghui disappeared that year, an Xuefeng led a team to investigate the case of Yu Xianghui before he came into contact with him. Mao Xiaole also came in around that time. In my opinion, almost all of them were newcomers at that time.

“You haven’t been traveling long.”

Yu Huihui asked, “are you weak now?”

“Very weak”

Wei Xun said modestly.

“How strong will you be in six months?”

“I don’t know.”

Wei Xun said honestly. In June, there are at least six guided tours. Plus, there are at least five tours for tourists.

I came in on August 5, and now it’s almost the end of September. It’s less than two months and three trips. It’s stronger than now. If it’s six months later, it’s no exaggeration to say that Wei Xun’s orange titles should be out, and the alienation state should grow to maturity.

“Genius can grow up rapidly in an environment of travel.”

Yu Xianghui said, “I disappeared at that time. He deliberately cut off the connection between reality and reality, because I found that my brother also had signs of exposure to travel.”

“You know, travelers always like to pull ‘predestined friends'”

When talking about your words, you are calm. Otherwise, you would have cut off the connection between reality and reality, and I’m afraid Yu an would have come to travel as early as years ago. But the price is that I can’t sleep all day, I’ve been in panic and pain, and I look for it every day.

 facing many dangers when entering the brigade,  living in pain in reality?

Today, Yu Huihui can’t tell.

“When the safety team members came in, I realized that they were destined for me… Maybe they came in because of me.”

Yu Huihui sighed, “so in the early days, I brought my friends.”

At first, I only brought an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng’s growth rate is frightening. Yu Xianghui took it twice and thought that he should have no problem and wanted to let go. As a result, Mao Xiaole came in.

A 9-year-old Taoist child was suddenly distorted by the change of reality. Although in theory, an Xuefeng’s “predestined friends” are not involved, how could an Xuefeng visit the Taoist temple and involve Mao Xiaole if he did not investigate Yu Huihui’s disappearance?

You can’t leave it alone.

Yu Xianghui never let go of the pipe again. Wang pengpai, baifei and Zhou Xiyang also came in. Baifei, forensic medicine, Wang pengpai, informant, Zhou Xiyang, deputy of an Xuefeng. All of us have come into contact with Yu Xianghui’s disappearance and people associated with an Xuefeng.

“Later, the security team cut off the connection with reality like me.”

Yu Xianghui said helplessly, “you are more capable of taking people than I am.”

In addition to Wu Lecheng’s songs and Tong’s songs, including Yu Huihui, almost all the way back in the early generation were “friends” of an Xuefeng. Wu Lecheng, Tong Guige, and an Xuefeng were drawn by her to meet like-minded people on her journey.

In fact, most of the big brigades have existed for many years. For example, Feihong, Xuanxue and Fengdu are all old brigades. In fact, an Xuefeng also received many invitations from big brigade teams in those years. All of them can be the main players and focus on training.

However, an Xuefeng took care of his family, and few brigade teams were willing to accept so many people at the same time. Even if they did, in addition to an Xuefeng, Mao Xiaole, who was able to join the main brigade at that time, the unformed baifei and Zhou Xiyang Wang pengpai, who were entitled “no shape” at that time, could only enter the subordinate brigade.

An Xuefeng disagreed. He should be responsible for the brothers brought in by himself. In the end, he just set up his own brigade. Later, an Xuefeng won the title of “return journey at dusk”, and the whole brigade was also named “return journey” by the brigade. He beat the old brigade and became the first brigade of the brigade.

The first year of the project was the year of the project.

Wei xunruo holds his feathers and dries his newly glued horns. The tips of the wings were drooping, and the little magic bees were allowed to transport water back and forth for repair.

Yu Huihui compares Wei Xun with an Xuefeng, which makes Wei Xun more depressed. Yu Xianghui “disappeared” on his way to the university to report for duty. The University School there was at the end of August or early September. It was said that an Xuefeng’s entry into the brigade might be around September. In fact, Wei Xun’s entry into the brigade was about the same.

But Yu Xianghui said that in June… Suppose an Xuefeng travels in September, even in March of the next year, it will be too late for the year-end celebration.

In other words, there will be a “battlefield” about three months after the year-end celebration.

Yu Xianghui was tired and yawned. Wei Xun moved his mind and stopped asking him about the past. Recall that there is too much pressure on Yu Hui.

“The tour guide says that if a passenger dies, he will be recycled by the tour guide. Do you think the participation of the second spirit is related to the song of Tong?”

Tong Xiang’s song is related to Lingshen. He met Shenjing again. Is it really just a coincidence?

Wei Xun asked: “do you have a memory like you? Will you find it on purpose? ”

It’s just like when Yu Xiang, Hui Xiang and Pingping made a deal and came to see her brother in the brigade led by Wei Xun.

“I don’t know… I can’t feel it now.”

Yu Yuhui yawned again. He was struck three times by the sky thunder tonight. It took too much effort. He was really tired. Breathing is gradually gentle, and the eyes are half closed and half closed.

“Go to sleep. I’ll talk to Nezha Ling.”

Listening to Wei Xun’s words, Yu Yuhui struggled for a while and finally fell asleep. Wei Xun patiently waited for the demon wing to be repaired. During this period, he used various healing props and bought a pair of “absolutely waterproof” rain boots from the tourist mall.

Zhou Xiyang leaned against the wall with his arms and slept shallow, facing the stage. He was alert like a military dog. He fell asleep when exhaling and woke up when inhaling. As soon as there was a movement over C 250, Zhou Xiyang immediately opened his eyes, looked nervously at the past and paid attention to every move of C 250.

Watch C 250 return to normal shape, wearing a light blue cloak, a gold mask, a red oil paper umbrella and a pair of dark green rain boots, strolling leisurely in the drizzle.

It looks much better.

Zhou Xiyang was a little relieved and saw that Bing 250 waved to him – he didn’t let him go. Zhou Xiyang nodded to show that he was a bright bird. At the same time, he noticed the red strange birds flying around C 250.


Zhou Xiyang sounded the alarm in his brain, subconsciously stood up straight, and his conditioned hand touched the gun.

Obviously, Nezha Ling is nearby, and C250 should be safe, but when Zhou Xiyang saw that they were together, he felt that they were going to make trouble!

To tell you the truth, I’m going to have neurasthenia in a few days.

Looking at Bing 250, Nezha Ling whispered and muttered. Then Bing 250 took off his gloves and squatted down, inserting his hand into the soil. Zhou Xiyang always felt that there was something wrong with people who were obsessed with cleanliness and dirty mud!

At the same time, there are many people who pay attention to the trend of C250, but they can’t hear what C250 is saying to Nezha Ling even if they stretch their ears to listen! There are many people who feel bad like Zhou Xiyang. Most people don’t have Zhou Xiyang’s great ambition of “protecting C 250”.

More people want to protect themselves when the ‘disaster’ comes!

The body cut by heaven’s punishment was aching. At this moment, when I saw C250 and stood up to the courtyard, everyone trembled and their heart rate soared. His ears seemed to resound with deafening thunder, and there was C250 crazy and wanton laughter——

Damn it!

So that the next morning, all the passengers (actually, they didn’t sleep all night) got up within five hours, and they couldn’t wait to leave the unknown place.

The spirit of the devil merchant was also a little depressed. He looked at the sky and Wei Xun discussed: “early, let’s go. Paper people walk slowly on rainy days.”

The heavy rain didn’t stop all night, the Deqing class B & B collapsed again, and the paper people let alone dried it, even wetter than yesterday. The stage is not a closed space and can not withstand the wind and rain. Early this morning, the old housekeeper of Zhi family was worried and went to the team leader Zhou Xiyang and said that he must find a new place before September.

Otherwise, I’m afraid people will not be able to bear it.

According to the time limit of natural scenery, the former nine must arrive at the funeral palace in yangshou town on the west side of Xiaotang.

After simply eating their own food for breakfast, they packed up their bags and returned to the funeral team again. The people stood according to the position of the funeral team, threw paper money and walked to Xiaotangshan.

Before leaving the home stay site of Deqing class, Zhou Xiyang used to look at the place where he lived last night. He only saw that the ground was messy and there were traces of lightning everywhere. All those monsters have disappeared. The living little demon should be taken away by Meckel. The red fox was bold. He caught a pheasant from somewhere and followed him with his own rations.

The three big demons  the short and fat boar old demon had rough skin and thick meat and was not chopped to death. When he saw that no one cared about it, he seized the opportunity to slip away on the spot. The dying willow demon was hacked hard. Its original shape was hard to move. It was killed by half life Taoist Xiao Tian with him. Even Yun Lianghan rubbed a knife.

As Taoists, you have to kill demons. Now killing the great willow spirit can be regarded as completing the mission. You don’t have to kill Meckel. In terms of travel rules, experienced passengers are most likely to reply.

However, except for the three of them, their followers have not divided into camps for the time being, and it is useless to kill willow essence. If you are assigned to the goblin camp, I’m afraid you will be punished.

Except for the old pig demon willow spirit——

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes fell on a long and thin snow man with a dejected head behind Yu Xianghui.

The weasel lost his life to Wei Xun. From then on, Wei Xun became his master. After learning about it, the heel guard Xun found that the weasel itself is actually a Weasel, that is, a weasel. Its cultivation years are too long and its Demon power is high. It gradually turns its yellow hair into “color”.

The color of the moon corresponds to the brilliance of the moon, so that it can absorb the essence of the moon brilliance better. But it was struck seven times by the sky thunder last night. After seven years of skill, it had the sign of turning yellow.

However, Wei Xun didn’t treat him badly. Seeing that he was obedient, he said that long hair would grow hair. Even if he spent his strength to recover, he didn’t hesitate. He soon found a good weasel with smooth oil and excellent hand feeling. Wei Xun was not stingy. He immediately fed him a few spoonfuls of purified magic honey, together with a royal jelly, and some pollen just provided by the Jade Scorpion nectar and the yin-yang butterfly.

Sheng Sheng, feed the weasel!

Otherwise, its strength has not been fully restored. From the appearance alone, it can’t be seen that it has been chopped by heaven.

The weasel, who thought that he would die with dignity even if he was afraid of death, was also surprised by Wei Xun’s great pen.

It has lived for so many years. What hasn’t it eaten or seen? He didn’t expect that Wei Xun was so kind to him, not only didn’t kill him, but also fed him so many things to restore his strength. It really makes me wonder.

Do you want to take it? There is a great feud between you! Why are people so naive? There is another plot——

“You’ll call it Xiaoxue in the future.”

Wei Xun said casually that some people wanted to turn fox cubs into ferrets in northern Tibet. In fact, after a journey to northern Tibet, the wild soul not only can become a snow leopard, but also has eyes and eyes for becoming a ferret.

Ferrets and ferrets are actually similar in appearance. Wei Xun thought that with light snow around him, they should be able to become ferrets after this journey.

Xiaoxue doesn’t know what Wei Xun is thinking. His name falls on his head, which makes him almost bite a sharp tooth – he can be respected as the ancestor of yellow robe outside!

light snow? What the hell’s the name?!

Bear it!

“Xiaotang mountain is just north of the eight armed Nezha City, that is, on the extension line of the axis.”

The funeral team went all the way to the West. The mentally and physically exhausted devil businessman, carrying the guide flag, explained to Luke in front: “there is a saying that the axis of the dragon is the dragon vein of Nezha city with eight arms, and the end of the dragon vein is Xiaotangshan -”

“In other words, how can there be a dragon vein in eight armed Nezha city!”

The red beautiful strange bird flew around him and screamed with dissatisfaction: “the axis can be the spine of eight armed Nezha, the top of Xiaotang mountain, i… cough, the end of the tail vertebrae of eight armed Nezha.”

The two doors in the north are your legs. Where did you get your tailbone? Do you have a long tailed monkey??

The devil merchant took a deep breath, followed good advice and changed it into a tailbone. The closer he is to the funeral palace in yangshou Town, the worse his spirit is. In particular, his hands are itchy and he always wants to peel. He even vaguely saw the skinned man several times! With Nezha spirit nearby, the sense of strangeness can be minimized.

In fact, the devil merchant wants to go with Xiaocui. Skinning Xiangsheng is extremely in awe of the “emperor” and the “senior official” granted by the emperor. With Xiaocui around, he can be much better. He doesn’t have to be scared to please Nezha Ling.

But Xiaocui walks behind you!

“The Yin army didn’t come.”

Yun Lianghan is vigilant to observe the left and right. His paper cart is gone, so he can only step back.

The Yin army didn’t come, and even the shadow didn’t appear, indicating that there was great anger on Xiaotang mountain. Yangshou town was just located at the foot of Xiaotang mountain and was affected.

It also shows that there are many big demons for Lingshen on Xiaotang mountain. They can stand firm and hide well in the land of dragon veins. I’m afraid they are stronger than weasels.

“Hey, Laoshan, do you feel the goblin?”

As a Taoist in the same camp, Yun Lianghan could barely chat with him: “shit, I think there are things in the front, back, left and right, heaven and earth!”

In the sky, front, back, left and right, what the naked eye can see, the most terrible thing is actually underground! What’s hidden underground? Why are you with us?

When you think about it, Yun Lianghan feels creepy. At the same time, C250, who was also at the end of the team, suddenly stopped, jumped down from the sky Fox and inserted his hand into the soil again.

Seeing the scene, Yun Lianghan’s breath stagnated and he was suspicious.

What are you doing?

Did you find a monster in the earth?!

“Do you have ghost eggs?”

At the same time, Wei Xun asked Xiaocui, “I’m also hatching in the kitchen.”

Last night, he talked with Nezha Ling and said that he was best at hiding in the earth and walking back in the earth. In the past, when people found ginseng, they would tie a red rope to its head to prevent it from hiding in the soil.

Now Xiaotang mountain is surrounded by the big demons. If Shenjing is in Xiaotang mountain, he will only hide in the soil. He hides his body by the soil with dragon breath. He can’t be found or break through by the big demons. He can only find an opportunity——

Wei Xun felt that he was ready for the opportunity!

Now, don’t you just Clay people, dragon veins breath, also have it!

The essence of Xiao Shen (the ginseng) is hidden in the book. Wei Xun welcomes it. Moreover, the matter can not be delayed. What if Lingshen really sings the song of Tong, and he has no memory? It’s not good to be caught and eaten by monsters.

Wei Xun was worried. In order to let Lingshen know what was the best choice, Wei Xun planted insect eggs in the soil all the way from yangshou town to Xiaotangshan——

In northern Tibet, evil insects were best at digging holes and swimming underground. The land is full of evil spirits and insects. Lingshen will naturally realize that where is the only ‘pure land’.


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