TTG Chapter 194

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 194: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (32)

“Master, there is special power in this land”

Last night, when Wei Xun first explored the soil and wanted to bury insects in it, Xiaocui warned, “I’m afraid it’s difficult for ordinary magic insect eggs to survive here.”

Xiaocui said that the special power was actually similar to the breath of Wei Xun’s death token, so Wei Xun temporarily called it dragon Qi. Xiaotangshan’s saying “the end of the dragon vein of Nezha city with eight arms” is true. Lingshen chose the shape here. I’m afraid he also wanted to hide himself by dragon Qi.

With dragon spirit, those monsters are also suppressed and can’t act recklessly.

But Wei Xun didn’t panic. He just smiled and said casually, “it’s difficult for ordinary magic insect eggs to survive… Xiaocui, do you still have ordinary magic insect eggs?”

Xiaocui’s little trick Wei Xun can see clearly that Wei Xun has used magic bees many times since entering the journey, and the queen who controls the magic bee colony has won a lot of praise, but Xiaocui hasn’t been used once. Xiao Cui is in a hurry.

It’s rare that Wei Xun wants to use him. Xiaocui must actively show off. Wei Xun casually praised Xiaocui with unexpected ecstasy. Yes, the master praised him as an unusual devil!

Of course, after receiving this praise, you must be able to come up with a success. Xiaocui immediately presented Wei Xun with a batch of eggs produced from the new mutation.

“Master, these devils and the mutant eggs of the fallen horse Scorpion King!”

Before, the butcher guide who worshipped in the mutual aid group paid the fees for horse poison, except that he provided a batch of horse poison Scorpion King eggs. In other words, these eggs can’t hatch the waste eggs of the Scorpion King, but with Xiaocui, Xiaocui can live as long as the original breath of the inverted horse Scorpion King can be extracted. Just like the third generation.

Wei Xun is delicious and drinkable for him. Xiaocui has been working hard. Of course, she should be a blockbuster after being silent for so many days!

“Inverted horse poison scorpions are too independent, have a long growth cycle, and are unruly. At most, they can tolerate some scorpion demons, and are not suitable for forming swarms.”

Xiaocui analyzed and said, “well, I’ve integrated it with the devil bug.”

Wei Xun obviously wanted to follow the swarm of insects, and the devil insect only wanted his means and tools. The fallen horse Scorpion King is strong, but Wei Xun has many demons and insects, and each has its own role. In order to overthrow the horse, the Scorpion King gave up other demons. I want to know that Wei Xun can’t promise.

Xiaocui was also in a dilemma at that time. He ate so many good things that he couldn’t produce a scorpion that was not popular with his master! Good subordinates can’t just complete the master’s orders, but take one step and see ten steps. They must not embarrass the master!

Yu Xiaocui carefully studied and tried a variety of magic insect Qi. Finally, she tried to integrate the inverted horse Scorpion King and the evil ghost insect, and conceived a large number of mutant eggs. He was still nervous when he told Wei Xun about it. After all, it was his decision.

OK, Wei Xun also appreciated Xiaocui’s research spirit. After he knocked it, he was interested in asking about the mutant evil spirit.

The evil ghost insect is a very good swarm in Wei Xun’s heart. It can live together with tens of thousands of units. It has its own division of labor and enters the direction of the world. It is united and does not fight inside. It digs quickly. It hides and does not reveal its breath. It is perfectly matched with [your natural Concealer].

The only problem is that “evil ghost insects” are not evil insects. They are not powerful enough to deal with tourists and tour guides, and the prospect of entering “is also limited. Wei Xun can only regret leaving the insects in northern Tibet.

Xiao cuixian’s, the mutant devil’s eggs not only have the characteristics of the original devil’s insect cluster, unity, digging and eating stones, but also have some toxicity and concealment of the inverted horse scorpion, which makes Wei Xun very satisfied.

The only thing missing is that when these eggs are hatched, if there is no radiation Blackstone, they can only produce the lowest weak soldiers. But the radiation Blackstone Wei Xun is almost used up and has no stock at hand.

It seems that we have to dig radioactive black stone in northern Tibet or see if there are other alternative materials.

Wei Xun thought about it and accepted the first batch of 1000 insect eggs given to him by Xiaocui. For example, if there are only weak soldiers, they can naturally hatch in soil and rocks, which is much easier to feed than ordinary magic insects.

“Master, one more thing…”

After handing in the eggs, Xiaocui hesitated and took out another egg: “well, this is my newly fused egg, but I still can’t find out its characteristics…”


When Wei Xun became interested, he took the half golden and half white egg into his hand and felt: “integrated with the original breath of the Golden Circle?”

Before, in order to make friends with Nezha Lingtao, Wei Xun named the responsible devil a “Golden Circle”, which is what he calls it now. After all, if you want to call it “responsibility devil”, you can expose its role every minute. Calling a name like “Golden Circle” can confuse others.

With Nezha’s spirit, who would have thought that the “Golden Circle” had no relationship with the circle of heaven and earth, but could affect responsibility.

“Yes, only responsibility… The breath of the golden circle can integrate with it”

“What is the other?”

Wei Xun felt the breath carefully. It was strange and very deep and introverted. Not very active. Unlike the egg of the mutant ghost insect, Wei Xun can’t feel much vitality from this egg. Otherwise, Xiao Cui said, this egg is actually more like a beautiful stone.

“I just made this one today. In fact, I don’t know it very well.”

Xiaocui has something. Sorry. Wei Xun gave Xiaocui the privilege. Xiaocui has the right to use all the magic insects provided by the members of the “mutual aid” program. He thinks whoever has good genes and is suitable for the swarm can match whoever he wants to match with.

Wei Xun listened to Xiaocui’s explanation and understood that the devil insect was just provided. He saw that it didn’t have much energy, but its hidden breath was very old. It should be the cub of some kind of ancient devil bug.

At that time, Wei Xunzheng commanded the magic bee to trim his horns and wings. Xiaocui saw in her eyes that she was in a hurry. She wanted to get the magic bug quickly, so she integrated the smell of the magic bug.

However, the devil bug was too young to mature, so Xiaocui neutralized it with the smell of mature devil bug, picked it and found that the other party only accepted the responsibility devil bug.

The fusion of the two breath was very successful. In addition, Xiaocui came up with this egg since she was born. When she gave birth to it, Xiaocui collapsed, and the energy accumulated before was almost exhausted.

But this also makes Xiaocui ecstatic, which shows that the ancient demon bug has great potential, even surpassing the emotional demon bug! Xiaocui now has difficulty in giving birth to the third-class female milala. She wants to know the potential of the other party!

Especially when Xiaocui’s eggs are born, she still can’t recognize the origin of the other party. He wanted to think about it clearly and then give it to Wei Xun. Some disorderly evil insects that kill the Lord in the province. However, after he was beaten by Wei Xun, he dared not hide it any more.

One in the morning? Juvenile form of ancient magic insects?

On the way to Xiaotangshan, Wei Xun was still thinking about the egg. After burying the eggs of devils in the soil, he returned to Yu Hehui’s back. There was a red oil paper umbrella behind him and a sky Fox’s fluffy long tail wrapped around his waist (fixed) in front of him. Wei Xun sat down and studied the eggs in his hands.

When you look at it carefully, it is only half amber honey gold, moist, bright, elastic, and soft to touch. But in the lower part, the cold bones are white, extremely hard and have crack like patterns. At first glance, it looks like a chicken with an eggshell in the lower half.

The whole egg is half the size of an egg, but holding it in your hand is not a falling hand, but a light one. Like an empty shell. For example, Wei Xun felt a breath of life when he did not see Xiaocui’s newly laid egg, which was more like a dead egg.

Through the eggs, except the half honey golden skin, Wei Xun could vaguely see the long white larvae in the wool like disc eggs.

Abyss worm?

Xiaocui doesn’t know the origin of the devil bug. Wei Xun only needs to check the one from zero in the morning to one in the morning, and it’s clear who has offered to help each other.

From 0:00 to 25:00 in the morning, the bee Taoist provided half of the abyss worms and a pile of bee pupae, bee eggs, honey and royal jelly, and directly krypton to the senior Councillor.

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows.

He knew as soon as he thought that the bee Taoist did not hesitate to spend most of his family’s heavy krypton, which was definitely related to the exposure of the hippie’s Scarlet cloak by C 250.

The bee Taoist really takes time to invest and likes gambling. Before other butchers and guides in the mutual aid program are quiet, he puts his money on Ma and comes all in directly.

Abyss worm… Wei Xun is not familiar with the devil worm, but Xiaocui can’t recognize its characteristics. This worm should be good at hiding.

And I prefer soil.

When Xiaocui first took out the egg, the inorganic bone white accounted for three-quarters, which was really like a dead egg. It took Wei Xun a night to make it look like this.

Wei Xun didn’t do anything special. The biggest difference between him and Xiaocui is that he is a clay figurine at present. Wei Xun put the egg close to Nezha Ling and phoenix feathers. It turned white at the speed seen by the naked eye, and it would lose its vitality in a moment.

Like cool and damp, like soil, is the characteristics of worms.

Wei Xun raised his eyes and looked into the distance. There were continuous raindrops floating in the thick green trees in the mountains. The soil under my feet is soft and wet, with one puddle after another.

From yangshou town to here, Wei Xun buried a total of 700 evil ghost eggs. All these eggs can hatch half an hour after they are buried in the soil. Except for the 150 eggs just buried by Wei Xun, a total of 489 evil ghost insects have been hatched, and the incubation rate is amazing.

But Wei Xun is still not very satisfied.

Xiaocui scored the ball of the devil bug, making it a ‘prolific’ character. Under the feature blessing, the hatching rate of ghost insects is not 100%. It’s too wet here to be the perfect living place for ghost insects.

Actually, Xiaotangshan at the moment is most suitable for the growth of abyss worms.


Wei Xun lowered the oil paper umbrella and hugged Feng Yu. The whole clay figurine shrank and hid in Yu Hehui’s fox hair. It was difficult to keep dry in the suddenly heavy rain.

But the too humid air also softened his body.

It’s reasonable to say that except for the abyss worm, the current Xiaotangshan is not suitable for any creature to survive, especially the paper man and clay man!

There was a light drizzle when five people started, but it turned into pouring rain when six people started, mixed with lightning and thunder, which made it very difficult for paper people to walk. More than a dozen paper people were soft and rotten, fell down and mixed with dirty mud in the mountains and forests.

The whole team was slow, not only because of the paper man – the passengers looked back at the back of the sky fox after taking an average of two steps, but also because of the continuous thunder, which frightened the passengers who had experienced the thunderstorm last night, for fear that they would start a gambling game and engage in heaven punishment.

In particular, the half life Taoist and Zhou Xiyang who took the lead turned back most frequently. Augustus, who carried the coffin, was scared out of the wolf’s ears and trembled slightly. The leader of Ma, who carried the coffin, was like this. Do you think this team can be fast.

But this is no wonder Wei Xun! He’ll have to wait 36 hours next time, and he won’t come back until three days later!

“Brother, I’ll catch a fun one for you!”

Nezha’s spirit, who did not know where he was, flew over happily. Now, he not only had two legs of lotus root, but also changed into lotus root color from the lower abdomen to the front chest, one by one. At first glance, it looked like an insect’s belly armor, and a circle of lotus leaf like green feathers grew at the tail feathers of his tentacles. When the whole bird stood there, it made people fall out.

But Wei Xun likes to be strange. He even wondered how strange Nezha Ling could be. Every time Nezha spirit appeared, he could get the attention of Wei Xun’s Ma Department, which further contributed to his unhealthy tendencies.

In particular, Nezha’s spirit showed that the whole bird became bigger, looked like an eagle, and became more spicy eyes. Wei Xun heard that even Yu Hehui took a breath of air-conditioning – such a big strange thing came flying towards him, which really made people want to blow it away.

“What is this?”

Wei Xun put away the worm eggs and looked at the thing under Nezha’s claws with interest. It was a rare white deer!

Its fur is like snow, its hoofs are like jade, its horns are more like ice crystals, and its deer eyes are clear and pitiful. It’s really distressing to see it.

“Don’t you like white ones? I’ll take them for you as a mount. The deer is clean and not weak. It’s barely worthy of you.”

Nezhaling threw the white deer to Wei Xun and said with a smile, “it’s really hard to find white wild animals. It’s not easy to find such a white deer, otherwise, it’s not easy to find such a white mountain, except Ma’s goblin.”

Nezha Lingxiang felt that it was only right for him to hide around as an assassin and protect him. It was too wasteful to be a mount. I’m still uneasy in battle.

Of course, the white deer is a deer demon. Let’s cultivate demons to a certain extent. The hair is getting whiter and whiter, like frost. It’s not aging, but it can better absorb the moonlight, just like a ferret.

To tell you the truth, the thunder all over the sky really has nothing to do with Wei Xun – well, it has something to do with it. Yangshou town is too close to Xiaotang mountain, and the old demon spirits of Xiaotang mountain didn’t have any good when the punishment came.

The three demons in yangshou town either escaped or died, or their cultivation was cut off, and many of them voted for human beings. But the old demons of Xiaotangshan refused to leave — how could they be willing to leave before the ginseng essence appeared?

They refused to go, and the thunder didn’t go. Xiaotangshan’s thunder is for the monsters.

Wei Xun smiled and said a few words to nezhaling, then turned to look at the deer demon. The white deer was very good-natured. After being thrown down by Nezha spirit, he didn’t run away, but he struggled to stand up and followed the sky fox with small broken steps. He looked like a low eyebrow. When Wei Xun read the book, he saw that the white deer’s nervous ears trembled and chewed twice.


Wei Xun narrowed his eyes slightly and looked thoughtfully at the snout and hoof of the deer demon. The snow jade hooves are stained with mud. Although it’s normal to walk in the mountains with mud, the mud should be mixed with the eggs of evil ghost insects

Look at the mouth of the deer demon

Wei Xun took a deep breath, turned back and covered his mouth.

* *

Nezha Lingxiang didn’t understand why Wei Xun refused to ride the white deer. He tied his neck and let him follow him.

Wei Xun didn’t even look at the deer demon after he finished the horse’s back. He directly asked Jiao weasel and Xiaoxue to examine the deer demon, and half of the deer demon didn’t touch it.

He can’t touch or ride a deer demon that eats insects raw!

However, Wei Xun still noticed that the white deer ate the eggs of evil spirits.

The eggs it ate were the ones that Wei Xun had just buried. The egg shell at the bottom of the devil’s egg has a spiral conical bulge. After being buried underground, it sinks from the ground and incubates in the soil layer about 10 meters underground.

In other words, these eggs are definitely eaten by the white deer, and can’t be washed out by the heavy rain.

That’s strange.

Either the white deer is good for this bite, or the White Deer doesn’t want the insects to spread in the soil of Xiaotangshan.

Wei Xun hasn’t let the evil insects walk. They are still dormant in the ground, and less than a thousand insects are very insignificant to the whole Xiaotangshan.

Who can know so soon that there are insects in the soil?

I have been observing the funeral team all the time, but I found Wei Xun was different first. Also, the other party itself knows the whole land of Xiaotangshan like the back of his hand?

And it happened that the White Deer demon was caught by Nezha spirit and brought it to him… Is there some coincidence?

Wei Xun smiled. When the White Deer demon came under the sky fox, he stuffed insect eggs into the soil.

“Yo Yo!”

The White Deer demon, who has been unwilling to leave since he was caught, was anxious. His hooves kept digging the ground and gave out the sound of Yo Yo deer. Then he was stopped by Xiaoxue and scolded, “don’t make noise!”

Wei Xun didn’t stop Xiaoxue. Now he doesn’t want to communicate with the deer demon. Wei Xun patted Yu Hehui and let him go to the front of the team. The third scene of their trip, the funeral palace horse in yangshou Town, is coming.

“How do you feel?”

As soon as he came to the devil merchant, Wei Xun smelled a faint smell. Like the unique taste of fresh skin.


The devil merchant is concise and comprehensive, and the sound is still stable. Wei Xun can’t see the situation inside the devil merchant after the guide cloak.

“The black widow is gone?”

Wei Xun glanced at the devil merchant’s shoulder and didn’t see the spider.

“Team leader assessment, invigilator can’t help.”

The devil merchant was still brief and relieved. Just now nezhaling was out wandering. The butcher’s mental pollution made him very stressed. Looking around, people are scarlet everywhere. People are incomplete people in his eyes, but they are skin after skin.

Especially “heaven” and “thunder” rolling, thunder can not only suppress monsters, but also aim at the evil spirit of devil merchants. I imagine that during the whole team leader’s mission, his San value cannot be higher than 50, and he has always been in the state of half ghost. Except for this little soup mountain, he has always been suppressed.

Xiaocui came to the devil merchant to catch his breath, and she couldn’t really solve the problem.

Only by passing the team leader’s assessment can we completely overcome the current difficulties.

“Can you see your examiner now?”

Wei Xun is curious. The devil businessman passed the team leader’s assessment first, which is a real case in front of him.

“Can’t see.”

The devil merchant shook his head and paused slightly: “I heard that some of the team leaders can see the examiner and some can’t see it.”

He heard this, of course, from the black widow. As the devil merchant said, he wanted to exchange information with Xiaocui.

He had been assessed by the team leader during the extremely dangerous journey. He seemed calm on the surface, but in fact he was nervous. He had to be well prepared.

“If the hostel principal takes the test, there is a high probability that he can’t see it.”

Wei Xun pointed out: “if you are a top tour guide or a tourist invigilator, you can see the projection. I don’t know who your examiner is.”

Wei Xun remembered that night, the deep and elegant London accent sounded around the devil merchant.

Who is the examiner of the devil merchant?

“It turned out like this.”

The devil merchant has lost his head, and there is no need to hide it: “my examiner –”

[di, Ma arrived at the funeral palace in yangshou Town, and then asked the main guide B125 and the Deputy guide C250 to arrange the suspension and accommodation for the passengers]

[the tour guide B125 will conduct a team leader assessment on the scene! The examiner will meet the examinee!]

After turning this mountain road, the funeral palace in yangshou town appeared in front of everyone. At the gate of the funeral palace, there was a Western man who was incompatible with the ancient oriental architecture.

He wore a three piece suit and a long black windbreaker. Except for wearing black kid gloves and leaning on a dark silver snake head walking stick, people can feel elegant and noble only from their standing posture.

Like the moonlight, the long white gold hair spreads smoothly, and the tail end is loosely tied with dark green hair band, and falls into a silver cloak.

The silver mask of the same color as the cloak covered half of his face, revealing only a pair of dark green and nearly black eyes. The eyes are as cold as ice and people don’t want to get close. Except for the swirling pattern of the mask, it seems to be flowing, giving people a strong sense of swallowing, as if the air around him has become thin.


A golden, frozen creature glanced lazily at them, like the sound of bubbles bulging from men’s shoulders. Wei Xun felt that shrem’s eyes seemed to fall on him, so he couldn’t help looking up for more.

It is pure gold, glittering with mysterious and bright brilliance like gold sand, like a river made of gold hidden in the body. It’s dazzling.

“Close your eyes.”

The dark orange cloak blocked Wei Xun’s sight, and the dream chasing Bruce Lee turned into a human shape. In front of Wei Xun, a black haired guide wearing a dark orange cloak and a red gold dragon mask, he is not very tall, but his momentum is not weak compared with the opposite.

This is the assessment of the devil merchant. The black widow can’t come forward, but the dreamer can stand in front of C250.

The golden slim flows for a while and looks like he has closed his eyes. The man looked at the dreamer faintly, and then his body disappeared. It was like a magic in the rain and fog.

“Call -”

The devil merchant breathed a sigh. From the man’s appearance to the present, he held his breath until the present. The thought of facing the man directly just now still haunted him and murmured:

“My examiner –”

“S1 guide, devourer.”

[the team leader assessment task is officially started, which is a strong and difficult situation for the team leader assessment!]

Just listen to the rumbling sound coming from the depths of the earth. The dreamer will be a little dragon again. Wei Xun takes a step back and the earth collapses before he meets, revealing an unpredictable underground cavity. Yin rot and cold wind are blowing, and there are some dilapidated and collapsed stairs and magnificent underground buildings.

The funeral palace in yangshou town on the ground is like the tip of an iceberg, and more unimaginable huge buildings are hidden underground.

This is an underground palace!

Purr – purr——

The sound of thousands of winged fans came from the depths of the cave, and nearly a hundred pairs of scarlet eyes were open, full of hostility and unkindness. Wei Xun looked at the cave, and the walls of the cave were hung with huge vampire bats. They were as thin as firewood, and their black skin was close to the body, just like a skeleton with upside down hanging!

A Cave Bat spirit!

Leaving the deer demon, he followed Wei Xun’s footsteps and glanced at the light snow probe behind him. He was infinitely surprised.

No wonder there are so many monsters lurking, and his new master dares to go to Xiaotang mountain.

He’s going back to his nest!


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