TTG Chapter 195

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 195: Supplement 1

There are a group of bat spirits in the cave in front of us, which obviously shows that the road is impassable. There must be a mechanism leading to the funeral palace in yangshou town in the upper part of the funeral palace. The passengers will discuss. Zhou Xiyang will take o’lain to the funeral palace in yangshou town to explore, while others will stay outside and find other ways to get down to the funeral palace.

When Zhou Xiyang told olaine to leave, there was something wrong with the atmosphere in the outside team. If people’s eyes seemed to be swept over the devil merchant, even Augustus’s eyes at him became wrong.

How can the examiner of the devil merchant be a S1 devourer?

Half life Taoist stared at the devil merchant, his fingers kept counting, and his words were in his mouth. Yun Lianghan and others are also suspicious.

There is a reason for those involved in C 250, whether they are an army or a life player. One side is the pro brigade captain and the other is the blood family. It’s normal to escort.

But what can devil businessman do?

Is he also a blood relative of the Devourer? No, the Devourer is not a ghost.

Although it is the assessment of the team leader, and in the extremely dangerous journey, it is too unwise for S1 to be the examiner. Unless the high-level officials in the Western District attach great importance to this matter, so that the Devourer goes out in person – there are few things that can make S1 tour guides pay attention to.

The half life Taoist’s eyes swept back and forth on the two devil merchants in C 250, and gradually became strange

“One east and one west are new star tour guides. Entering the same journey, two tour guides… Immeasurable Tianzun, No.”

He murmured.

“The examiner is S1, the guardian is S3, and we werewolves escort. The ghost boy is really a socialite.”

Augustus’s voice came from the side of the dog, and the half life Taoist covered his face in pain: “no, I’m as stupid as a dog.”

Just take a closer look at the two guides. They are full of doubts! What blinds everyone?

It’s a token of 30 degrees north latitude! The people who entered this journey almost came for the token of 30 degrees north latitude!

Moreover, when they finished their work, they did not think about it. The double tour guide was in charge of the assessment, Mr. Qianjia paper peeling, Nezha Lingxi bomb, C 250, the playful man, an Xuefeng’s relationship, and the gambling game of natural punishment – my God, who could have thought that this was a matter of life in three days, at most!

The high-intensity devastation confused the veteran passengers, not to mention

Seeing C 250, the devil merchant and the merchant came together to paste it again, half the Taoist priest sucked an air conditioner and grabbed his heart in pain.

Why do you two look so good!

If you don’t brag or black, you can see that the devil businessman’s initial posture towards C 250 is no different from pursuing!

“Hey, Mia, did you see it? It’s S1! The examiner of the ghost boy is S1!”

Augustus over there was surprised. He became serious and dignified. Mia thought he was expressing great ideas. Who knows——

“The boy is too wild.”

Augustus had fierce eyes and a low roar of discontent in his throat. The devil merchant has many backers. I don’t know he can’t join the werewolf alliance at ease. Thanks to them, the werewolf also spent a lot of energy to put in three people to escort him. Augustus was angry and got up. His wolf eyes became colder and colder.

“He’s playing with us werewolves. We should teach the boy a lesson.”

Augustus lowered his voice so that only the two of them could hear him. He opened his mouth like a deterrent, revealing a white wolf’s teeth.

If only the devil merchant makes him a werewolf, he can only join the werewolf alliance.


What are you thinking about now!

Mia took a deep breath, endured, and finally held back the word. She just said in a cold voice, “I’ll have something to tell you later.”

Not only she, but also others tacitly didn’t put forward the word. However, judging from the formation, the passengers in the Eastern District have different voices and colors, blocking the roads of the two people in the western district from all sides. Who put the coffin in the middle of the funeral team.

“A 1 what does a hippie look like?”

On the other side, the guides did not mind the passengers. The dark tide was surging. The devil merchant stood in front of the cave and looked at the big wings of those bat spirits. Xiao Cui chatted:

“Do you look like me?”

“Why, haven’t you seen it?”

“Of course.”

The devil merchant said frankly, “those big tour guides are high above the world. Even if they let you see a puppet, they will pay attention to you. But you must have seen a hippie.”


“Yes, curious. Who can not be curious about those big tour guides?”

The devil merchant urged: “grinding Ji, you have seen the devourer.”

The two little tour guides were bold enough to talk about the top tour guides, but the discussion was strange and normal.

“He has a scarlet cloak, doesn’t lean on a walking stick, doesn’t stay long, doesn’t dye, doesn’t like pets, and lives a regular life.”

Wei XunXin opened the river one by one according to the appearance of the Devourer.

“It’s also a mask that covers half of your face. Maybe it’s the pattern of the sun. One look will make you crazy.”

Wei Xun has not seen Wei Xuechen for many years, and he has never seen a life-threatening man when he entered the hotel. When he said this, the devil merchant listened carefully and nodded seriously: “so it is.”

“So, your examiner is not him?”

The devil merchant suddenly asked.

If Xiaocui’s examiner is a playful person, they will certainly meet at the second scenic spot. Xiaocui can just say ‘you’ll know then’ and pass it off.

It’s not a playful person. Is Xiaocui’s examiner an Xuefeng? Or someone else?

“Whoever it is, it has something to do with me anyway.”

Wei Xun admitted that he was a related household, and said with a smile, “I just don’t know, devourer, how is your relationship?”

The devil merchant was silent and understood Xiaocui’s meaning.

The veteran travelers are not fools. Even the dream chaser, the black widow, did not disclose the East-West confrontation mission to them, but I’m afraid I’ve heard it now.

If the devil merchant is not the Devourer’s own son, how can this S1 guide attach so much importance to him?

There is only one reason.

“I thought you would do it to me last night.”

The devil merchant sighed, “you missed a good opportunity.”

Last night, he was disturbed by the phantom of shadow play, and before he reached the third scenic spot, the examiner couldn’t do it. Even if the dreamer can’t do it, C250 can use Nezha spirit to temporarily resist the black widow and rob him of the pendant.

At the funeral Palace on the outskirts of Beijing, if Xiaocui wants to do something to him again, the examiner will only show a little face. After that, he can stop him by saying “don’t interfere with the team leader’s assessment”.

When it comes to year-end celebrations, there can be no face in the East and West.

“Good chance? Is it your good chance to use heaven’s punishment?”

Wei xunhun didn’t care: “besides, we are on the journey now.”

When will the hotel settle against the winner of the mission? Whether to win by taking the pendant, or to see who holds the complete Necklace before the end of the journey?

Wei Xun thought of this and was recognized by Yu Yuhui at the same time. The reason why most confrontation tasks end with the death of one participant is that even if you collect items and get them, there will be a time limit. Within this time limit, you can only win if you always hold this item.

This is also the purpose of the hotel to test the comprehensive strength of both sides. Otherwise, if a participant has the title of thief and steals the keepsake, the other party will have a chance to recover it with strength if he immediately returns.

So if he didn’t tell the devil merchant to kill, Wei Xun wouldn’t do such a stupid thing as seizing the pendant in advance. It’s better to wait for the most scenic spots, get out of the journey quickly, and then compete.

After all, for them, the confrontation task is only a small part, more to improve their strength. Instead of falling into internal friction.

“You’re right.”

I don’t know what the devil merchant’s brain is, but his voice is soft again. Even if there was a mask, he could feel it. His eyes at Xiaocui were calm and gentle, as if there was a smile.

“Be careful of yuntianhe.”

In this harmonious atmosphere, Wei Xun heard the devil businessman whisper to him: “it was abnormal that the shadow puppet attacked me last night.”

How come so many shadow puppets came to attack him before he reached the third scenic spot? This is not just the influence of Mr. Skinner!

“There is a passage to the funeral palace in yangshou town.”

Just then, Zhou Xiyang came back from olaine. The devil merchant Wei Xun naturally separated, as if he hadn’t said anything.

“How’s it going?”

Half life Taoist and others greeted him and saw that Zhou Xiyang and olaine were dignified.

“There are many monsters in the palace.”

Zhou Xiyang’s important way.

Just like the wild animals hiding in the desert to avoid dust storms, the monsters who may have hatred and competition with each other in the past, because Tianlei is hidden in the palace, waiting for the ginseng essence to be born.

“We can go in and stop mourning. They will give us the side hall of the palace, but we can’t do it.”

No wonder I didn’t meet goblins all the way to Xiaotang mountain.

The monsters in the palace obviously reached an agreement. If Zhou Xiyang and his team started to clear the monsters, they would be attacked by the crowd. After all, the monsters knew that they would leave the palace and go outside to send them, so the monsters joined hands.

It’s really troublesome. What’s more difficult is that today, they have been suspended for three days at the funeral palace in yangshou town. We left for Tianshou mountain on the 6th.

“Go down first.”

Zhou Xiyang said calmly, “at least take shelter from the rain.”

If you drench the paper again, people won’t be able to do it.

The funeral team began to move to the palace, but Wei Xun came to the side of the white deer.

As Zhou Xiyang said, all the goblins are hidden in the palace, so it’s even more strange for the White Deer demon to appear.

“Man, you are the nine color spirit deer under the mountain god seat here!”

Xiaoxue quickly reports to Wei Xun and informs him of the clues found in the interrogation:

“However, the mountain god of Xiaotang mountain disappeared hundreds of years ago. The nine color spirit deer could not leave here, and there were no believers to worship. The nine colors gradually faded and finally became the White Deer demon. But the ordinary spirits and monsters are still different.”

So I want to ride. This is the mount of the mountain god.

In fact, Xiaoxue still wants to have fun, but she can’t hide it at all.

“So you’re guarding the mountain?”

Wei Xun was surprised that he had touched the white deer. “It’s been so hard for you for so many years.”

White deer are spiritually docile, lower their heads, beautiful deer eyes are wet, long black eyelashes fall, and the falling raindrops are like tears. They look really pathetic and lovely.

“It’s too much for these guys to make trouble in Xiaotangshan.”

Wei Xunyi said the right words and comforted him: “let me help you.”

With that, he stuffed insect eggs into the soil again.

White Deer:???

“Don’t thank me.”

Bearing the unbelievable accusation eyes of the white deer, Wei Xun smiled calmly: “when I help you catch the bad ginseng spirit, these monsters will be scattered.”

Without ginseng essence, who will come to Xiaotangshan.

“Or, if you want to be more efficient, help me find ginseng essence.”

The whole funeral team was not slow, and moved to the “funeral Palace”, but Wei Xun didn’t like to take the ordinary road. He stood on the edge of the hole and looked down.

It’s not as deep as the cave where the evil spirits gathered in northern Tibet, but he doesn’t need a spider silk climbing rope this time.

The last second he was still talking to the white deer, but the next second Wei Xun jumped down, the light suddenly darkened, and the cloudy sky was farther and farther away from him. The rapid wind swept his eyes. Wei Xun enjoyed closing his eyes and suddenly opened the wings of the devil when his heart beat faster!

“Puff, puff -”

Countless disorderly wing fluttering sounds sounded, and the bat spirits hanging upside down on the whole cave wall were startled by Wei Xun!


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