TTG Chapter 196

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 196: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (33)

“Squeak -”

The high-frequency ultrasound emitted by bats cannot be detected by human ears, but there are no normal people in the brigade. Nearly a hundred bats screamed in unison, and the rocks around them could fall!

“What happened?!”

The half life Taoist who had just entered the side hall of the palace and had not been properly placed screamed. Zhou Xiyang had rushed out with an arrow. He was seeing a dark shadow whizzing past the palace. Behind his bask was a fishy black cloud – all the irritated bat spirits!

If ordinary people are in this situation, they will definitely fall into danger. If they are not careful, they will be sucked dry by the bat spirits and die without burial, but the person who is chased is laughing happily. Whenever the bats came close to him, he would soar and fly away.


But as soon as he was not careful, the man gathered his wings with the rain and fell rapidly. During the fall, the light blue cloak flew up like another pair of wings. A flash of fire flashed through his fingertips, and the Phoenix Fire made the photophobic bat spirits scream and retreat, so that the man could fly into the cave again and circle with the bat spirits again!

Very exciting and very rogue.

My heart beats seven to eight, but I’m in a panic. Zhou Xiyang, who just wanted to save people and kill bats:

When the bats scolded more and more angrily, the whole cave echoed with the curses of bats. Zhou Xiyang took a deep breath and didn’t know what to say.

“Xiao Cui, he learns to fly.”

The white fox jumped into the cave gently and skillfully, and turned into a human shape at the bask of Zhou Xiyang. Yu Hehui’s tone was very calm.

“Oh, so it is.”

Zhou Xiyang felt a little dry in his tone and added: “it’s learning to fly.”


Yu Hehui said briskly, “he’s flying well now.”

“Yes, very good.”

Together with Yu Hehui, Zhou Xiyang looked up at C 250 flying. Zhou Xiyang was calm somehow. He suddenly felt that there was no big difference.

Yes, it’s important for guide C to learn how to fly. What if he uses a group of bats to accompany him.

If you are on the way home, you can’t have an team and WAN Fuchun practice together. All the people on the way home shout refueling at the side of the can? This should be put into the butcher alliance. Can’t it be taught by the hippies themselves? Yin and Yang butterflies want to take off with one. They are not qualified.

Small scene, it’s a small scene.

“How? How? What happened?”

Half life Taoist hurried out after him, and his face was dignified: “58520

Before the situation was understood, he scolded first: “bah, I knew that those demon cubs were not kind!”

It’s impossible to live in peace! They are the camp hostile to the demons, and these demons are on the side of Meckel. Moreover, they are crafty one by one, and none of them is a fuel-efficient lamp.


“No, it is…”

It’s director Cui learning to fly.

Zhou Xiyang coughed softly. He just wanted to explain, but Yu Hehui robbed him of the topic.

“Guide Cui disturbed the bat spirit and tried to test the old demon spirits in the palace.”

Yu Hehui said calmly, “if they don’t come out to stop it, there must be a deeper plot.”

The bat spirits around the cave are disturbed like this, and the screams affect the whole palace. If the old demon spirits don’t come out to stop them, it means they don’t want to conflict with the brigade at all.

The white weasel willow tree in yangshou town dares to fight with C250 and Tianhu. How can these old demons advise?

“So it is.”

Half life Taoist suddenly realized: “what’s wrong? The old demons are too easy to talk.”

Say let the auxiliary hall out and let the auxiliary hall out immediately? Not even combat? Even if there is thunder deterrence, it is too much. Speaking of the words, the difficulty of the team leader’s assessment is increased, and the “Palace” appears. All passengers are ready for the fierce battle. But now it’s like a punch on cotton.

“Xiaocui is always considerate.”

The devil merchant also said that he took the guide flag and looked after the shadow flying in the rain.


Zhou Xiyang meditated and thought that this was indeed a good test method. It’s not a conflict, there’s no battle, and there’s no blood. At best, it’s just that the bat spirits are a little noisy. Moreover, the demon wing of C 250 can also be regarded as a bat spirit, so it can be regarded as a battle for power within the bat spirit


Zhou Xiyang reacted and couldn’t see Yu Hehui.

Didn’t he just say it was just director Cui learning to fly? Why are you talking about temptation now?

Yu Hehui’s face remained unchanged and his expression was in place. It looked like he was telling the truth.

Watching Wei Xun fly in the lightning and thunder, Yu Hehui is anxious to grow a wing to catch up!

What if it’s struck by thunder?!

Seeing that Wei Xunfei was higher, Yu Hehui couldn’t care to speak. His eyes only followed the dark shadow flying in the sky. Gradually, he felt a subtle difference.


Half life Taoist also stretched his neck and stared at the sky. Tut, full of interest and Bai Xiaotian said, “Xiaotian, do you think it’s a little leizhenzi?”

Indeed, rainstorm and lightning should have been the resistance to flying, but in the wind, rain and lightning, the silver lines on the devil’s wing shine brightly and reflect the electric light. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. When he is in the rainstorm and lightning, he seems to fly faster!

“Your wings should be split several times.”

High above the sky, the strange bird with Nezha’s changing spirit also flew beside Wei Xun’s Baskin. He observed his demon wing closely and put forward suggestions: “the patterns on your wings are a little interesting.”

“This is a magic pattern.”

Wei Xun said that he bathed in the rainstorm and shuttled between the thunder and lightning. This flight was not a whim, but the unparalleled attraction of lightning to him when he opened the wings of the devil.

When the devil is born, there will be natural magic marks on the Baskin, which is the power of his blood. From infancy to adulthood, the devil gradually absorbs the energy in these magic patterns to strengthen self-healing. When the natural magic patterns are absorbed, they will enter adulthood.

When Wei Xun first fused the abyss node, he used most of his energy to absorb the magic patterns on the devil’s wing, so that his Baskin was not yet mature, but the devil’s wing behind him was ripened in advance.

Later, he absorbed the spiritual pollution energy of “Tai” in the eight arm Nezha City, which made the wings of demons mature completely, so he can fly wantonly now. After the devil’s wing was completely mature, severely chopped seven times by heaven’s punishment, torn and healed seven times, Wei Xun found that a new silver magic pattern related to lightning was outlined on his devil’s wing.

Wei Xun has the knowledge of devil’s tattoo. Yu Hehui has limited knowledge. At present, Wei Xun feels for himself, that is, he flies faster in thunderstorm weather.

“That, brother…”

“Do you think the thunder and lightning in the sky are really made by thunder and electricity?”

In the strong wind and heavy rain, Wei Xun interrupted Nezha Ling’s words.

“Who knows, I haven’t been to heaven.”

Nezha Ling didn’t care and hesitated: “brother, what…”

“Are you and Lei Zhenzi friends?”

Wei Xun asked again. It would be helpful for him to know more mythological characters. After meeting the nine color deer, Wei Xun had this hunch. If you can get closer to the mythical character, he is likely to activate the title tasks related to myth!

“Lei Zhenzi? I don’t know him!”

Nezha Ling said discontentedly, “how can my brother think he is a friend? Who is qualified to be a friend with him?”

“Maybe it’s because you two have a good relationship in the cartoon.”

It seems that Nezha Ling really doesn’t know Lei Zhenzi.

Wei Xun was a little sorry and said, “the stone monkey you said before, isn’t it –”


Nezha’s spirit finally couldn’t bear it. He strongly interrupted Wei Xun’s words: “you melt it quickly!”

Wei Xun:

After being washed away by the storm for so long, Wei Xun completely became a soft mud man. Wei Xun regretted the moment he flew into the wind and rain, but before he fell down, Zhou Xiyang immediately called the police and stuck beside him to watch!

Why is Zhou Xiyang so fast!

The latter half life Taoist also came out and stood one by one, pointing like watching fireworks. Wei Xun couldn’t afford to lose this man. He blocked the live broadcast of “life”, flying higher and higher, trying to make the people around him completely invisible.

“I want to stimulate samadhi true fire in my body.”

When Nezha Ling pointed it out, Wei Xun said calmly, “brother, there is a trace of samadhi true fire of huntianling left in his forehead and heart blood, but he can’t stimulate it. He was thinking if the water vapor in his body passes through him, will he –”

“Of course you can’t inspire.”

Nezha Ling looked at him strangely and said, “that’s not your blood.”

Yes, that’s an Xuefeng’s blood.

But they signed the contract and still connected. Isn’t an Xuefeng’s blood his blood!

“Please teach me.”

Wei Xun has a correct attitude.

“That’s not easy?”

Although nezhaling was skeptical about Wei Xun’s words, seeing that Wei Xun’s whole clay figurine was soft and deformed, he was still worried and hurried to give up his dangerous idea of “using dampness to stimulate samadhi true fire”, so he casually said:


As a Taoist couple recognized by heaven and earth, blood is connected. If you want to be independent, it is naturally convenient to use fire.

“I have no idea of getting married.”

Wei Xun didn’t answer. Marriage is completely out of Wei Xun’s plan. Is the journey not fragrant or the monster not exciting enough?

“Then you can do spiritual communication. You can deceive the flame with enough breath.”

Nezha Ling continued to give some bad ideas blindly, and then said anxiously, “good brother, you can go quickly. Look, you can plant lotus roots!”

When Wei Xun was finally ready to go, he was wearing a light blue cloak behind his bassinet and a scarlet cloak over his head in front of him. His bassinet was wet and mud imprinted step by step.

Yu Hehui immediately understood what he looked like. The big sky fox changed his skin to block Wei Xun and went with him to the place where he had a rest in the palace.

The palace is like a mausoleum. The building area is not small. The inner corridor twists and turns like a cobweb. In addition, it is easy to get lost in the collapsed and blocked area. Xiaotangshan used to be the Imperial Palace, which was expanded in the Qing Dynasty. Wei Xun didn’t have the title of “archaeological expert” and the relics he excavated are not included here. Therefore, it’s difficult to see which dynasty the palace was built in.

“This is a building in the Ming Dynasty.”

Yu Hehui could recognize it: “it’s not a mausoleum.”

Xiaotang mountain is very close to the eight armed Nezha city. This palace was not built for the mausoleum. What’s more, no emperor would build the mausoleum and palace together.

“It’s warm.”

Wei Xun commented that the palace is not cold and humid. The temperature is even higher than that on the rainy palace. The clay figurine is very comfortable to bake.

“There may be hot springs.”

Yu Hehui frowned. Wei Xun felt uncomfortable in the mud. He was worried about Wei Xun’s discomfort: “it seems that the rain will not stop, but fortunately, he doesn’t have to go out of the palace for the time being.”

I will be in the palace today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

“The scenic spot mission should be announced after noon, but there are devil businessmen.”

Yu Hehui said, “team Zhou has their own discretion. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Mature tourists should make the tour guide worry free. Zhou Xiyang and they are not new. Although some tour guides like to transfer and teach new people, it has to be said that familiar veteran tourists are the most comfortable to use.

For example, now, no one bothers Wei Xun without winking.

“After zero, you won’t become a clay figurine again.”


Wei Xun shook his head: “this clay figurine still needs to be.”

Although it’s hard to overcome the obsession with cleanliness, it has to be said that clay figurines are unexpectedly useful in this scenic spot.

“Nezhaling borrowed a lotus seed.”

Wei Xun felt a lovely lotus seed on his Baskin and threw it to Yu Hehui.

“Planting on the bassinet can keep the bassinet in the state of clay figurine all the time.”

This is also Wei Xun’s sudden inspiration when nezhaling said, ‘your rare fruit can plant lotus roots’. Indeed, the lotus root grows in the soft mud of the pond. Nezhaling is the Baskin of the lotus root. He should be more familiar with this.

When Nezha Ling asked Wei Xun, he pulled out a lotus seed from his leg and lent it to Wei Xun.

“This lotus seed has strong vitality.”

Yu Hehui examined carefully and frowned: “if you plant it in your body, it will be difficult to get rid of it if it really grows into a lotus root.”

“It’s okay to plant it for three days,”

Wei Xun said that while the Baskin was still wet, he dug out a ball of mud from his left and right arms, pulled off his tail, rubbed the mud together, and then took out the worm eggs to make a gesture of being able to wrap the worm eggs.

“This scenic spot mainly looks for ginseng essence and explores mythological titles.”

Wei Xun commanded Yu Hehui to find a pottery pot at random. The East report in the Palace should be an antique of the Ming Dynasty, but Wei Xun used an antique pottery pot as a flower pot. The bottom can be padded with some damp palace soil, put in worm eggs, and then cover it with its own mud mass.

“You can move freely.”

Wei Xun knows exactly what he wants. After the third scenic spot, the final fourth scenic spot is his team leader’s assessment, which involves the imperial mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty and the transformation of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty into dragons. It is very likely to encounter heaven’s punishment, and it will also be the end point of the confrontation task in the East report area.

The difficult scenic spots are even more uncertain. In this regard, avant-garde Xun should try every means to improve his strength and focus on the big and let go of the small. Only for the most precious treasures.

Even though the task of the scenic spot may involve shadow puppets, as well as some special items and titles, with the devil businessman, these props are more likely to be destined for him, and others may have to work hard to grab them.

For Wei Xun, these East reports have no benefits related to a series of roles such as Shenjing, white deer and mountain ginseng.


Yu Hehui understood him and understood that Wei Xun’s choice was correct. However, Yu Hehui became serious at the thought that Wei Xun did not intend to make a move in this scenic spot.

He has to remind Zhou Xiyang that they should be more careful… Huh?

Yu Hehui was stunned.

Why does Wei Xun feel that Zhou Xiyang and his colleagues are dangerous?


Yu Hehui felt that his thoughts were PUA . He hesitated, then looked at Wei Xun, who was holding a clay pot to plant worm eggs, and lowered his voice: “are you really not going to participate?”

“There seems to be something wrong with yuntianhe,” he added

When the devil merchant reminded Wei Xun to pay attention to yuntianhe, Yu Hehui also noticed it. He paid a little attention and found out that there were some doubtful points.

“I’m busy.”

Wei Xun sighed.

If you want to plant worms, find ginseng essence and get mythological titles, you have to have spiritual communication with an Xuefeng when you have time. He is really busy.

Wei Xun couldn’t help smiling when he felt that the worm eggs buried in the soil were very happy and vigorous. After wiping the dirt on his fingertips, he dried his hands with Fengyu, and then he was a pair of pale hands without any defects.

From this point of view, clay figurines are quite convenient.

“He is a super class three-star passenger himself. Does he still need help to solve the problem?”

Wei Xun glanced at Yu Hehui and said with a smile, “or do you think it’s interesting to be a shepherd?”

“Yes, yes.”

Yu Hehui.

Indeed, yuntianhe looks like Wei Xun’s crazy powder, and his powder is only the shepherd in his heart, just like building a throne to push Wei Xun up high.

God’s seat has unlimited scenery, but it also has invisible chains. How could Wei Xun be bound by this kind of East report when he came to the country to practice?

If yuntianhe wants to join the mutual aid association and abide by his rules, Wei Xun is welcome. If yuntianhe wants Wei Xun to join a new shepherd organization, according to the rules of “shepherd”, Wei Xun will only treat him as a joke.

In the remaining time in the morning, other passengers are exploring the surrounding environment and collecting all kinds of information. Wei Xun rarely sees an old man in the palace, watching white deer, scattering insect eggs and raising worms, playing with feathers and engaging in spiritual communication in his spare time.

After lunch, the passengers gathered in the side hall of the coffin. Grandpa Zhi’s coffin is the most important item in the funeral. There are many monsters living in the palace. The passengers worked in pairs to guard the coffin in turn.

When Wei Xun appeared in the side hall holding the pottery pot, most of the passengers were relieved at the same time!

“Boundless Heavenly Master, my heart has been hanging all day.”

Half life Taoist complained to Zhou Xiyang: “even if the bat spirits don’t call them, they always think there’s something wrong.”

It’s really strange. I hope the tour guide doesn’t pay attention to the demons during the usual journey. As a result, the journey is good. C250 is quiet, but the passengers don’t adapt to it one by one.

“Prepare a scenic spot.”

Zhou Xiyang said, “it’s good to keep some strength in this scenic spot.”

He looked at the devil merchant’s bassinet. The devil merchant looked OK, but the illusion appeared next to his bassinet. The gray girl slept on the shoulders of the devil merchant, trembling like a muddy Baskin. I wonder if it is an illusion that the girl’s Baskin is glowing with an unknown red light.

“Roll call now.”

The devil merchant calmly called the roll and then announced the arrangements for these three days. In addition to daily wake, incense, crying and paper burning, there are special activities in these three days.

Tonight is an excerpt of the shadow play “Legend of the White Snake” performed by the intangible cultural heritage theater. Tomorrow is the intangible cultural heritage handicraft human shadow play. On the last day, the tourists will perform on the stage with their own shadow play.

After taking the tickets to the show, the passengers went to the stage together except for the two people who took care of the coffin. There is no light in this palace. It is frighteningly dark. Fortunately, the passengers are prepared. Some people wear searchlights, others look like bracelets on their wrists, and their eyes are miniature flashlights.

The stage is in a side hall on the east side of the palace. Several bright lights shine on it, which is as bright as day.

“The layout of this stage is very similar to that of Deqing class B & B.”

Mia said.

It’s as like as two peas. It’s just like a piece of Deqin’s homestay. This shadow play stage is different from other stages. In the past, the major actors in leather films were walking through the streets, from village to village, and they were now on the stage.

The stage doesn’t have to be big, and it’s not as broad and bright as the stage for singing. After all, the shadow puppets on the stage are not very big. A roll of gauze, cotton cloth and even white bed sheets can be used as a screen. Then two square tables, erect wooden sticks and tie them with fine hemp rope into a stand*

However, the shadow play stage in the east side hall is exquisitely built, and the carved wooden columns set up the stage, which is very spacious. The center was covered with two tall white cloth. Not to mention shadow puppets, even people hide behind white cloth and perform “high enough”.

However, the white cloth is already rotten and full of mildew. It seems that it can shake when the palace is opened. There are many wet mud blocks falling on the stage, and two pillars have collapsed. It takes a lot of effort to clean up.

“What the hell is that?”

Augustus suddenly roared, and the wolf’s ears stood alert. At the place where the hand was illuminated by the electric light, behind the white cloth breach full of mildew, there were a few children standing faintly!

At the moment of his voice, all the people present, whether flashlights or spotlights, suddenly went out! The whole space suddenly fell into darkness. It was quiet and terrible. There was no light. Naturally, I couldn’t see the shadow of those children, but it made people hair. But the veteran passengers did not panic at all. Soon the light shone again, but it was not a flashlight, but a slightly dim fire.

Half life Taoist holds a lighted oil lamp. I don’t know where the dark wind blows, and the lights flicker, but they don’t go out again.

Some relics can use electric lights, while others can only use fire lights such as oil lamps. Experienced passengers usually make preparations with both hands. Half life Taoist here even has a fire break. After all, the location of titles is limited. Even if there are titles such as “night vision”, there may not be empty seats.

What’s more, the title of the veteran passengers is a complete set, and there is no space to switch to “night vision”.

“Click click.”


Augustus repeatedly pressed the flashlight to turn it off, but it couldn’t turn it on again. Augustus simply snapped his flashlight, his eyes turned into wolf eyes, and he could see the surrounding scenery again.

Yes, after the torn mouth of the rotten white cloth, four gray faced children were watching them.

“The living? The dead? The phantom of the devil merchant?”

He muttered. Instead of rushing forward to explore, he paid attention to the people in the East.

From the half life Taoist who took out the oil lamp, he knew something.

“Shadow puppets were also called lamp shadow in old times. Lamp shadow and lamp shadow are very important. Shadow puppets and lamps are also important.”

The half life Taoist here is explaining to Bai Xiaotian. He didn’t hide it from the people in the district. He behaved magnanimously – anyway, he will know sooner or later.

“Now the big shadow play players use electric lights, but the old shadow play oil cleaning lights are the most authentic.”

The light of an electric lamp remains the same. Even if you can adjust the light and shade, it looks too “regular” and unnatural. In terms of the performance effect, we should also count the oil lamps.

During the performance of shadow play, old artists can gently blow the lights at the bottom of the lights, the fire shakes, and the shadow also vibrates. The shadow of the lights is even more original. The light and shade are also uncertain and easy to flutter and vibrate. Each shadow play is different, and the shadow play on the stage is as eye-catching as if it had life.

This is obviously an old-fashioned shadow play. The flashlight searchlight will go out. It is precisely because modern electric lights are not accepted here. We can only use old-fashioned lights.

“But those four children don’t look like shadow puppets.”

Half life Taoist carefully looked at the children behind the moldy white cloth. They were about five or six years old, two men and two women, dressed as children, and their faces were abnormally gray.

“Zombies? Not zombies.”

“If you can save it until now, fill it with silver.”

Yun Lianghan muttered, but his words were refuted by others as soon as they came out.

“No, there is no silver.”

From the day when he arrived at yangshou Town, he was very quiet at the mouth of yuntianhe, and firmly said, “they are meat puppets.”

Meat puppet?

The passengers frowned. Yuntianhe was once a member of the shepherd alliance, and the boss was a puppet master. The puppets he had been in should also be more accurate. There must be some basis for his certainty at the moment.


Augustus scolded that if puppets were added, the test involved in this scenic spot would be too difficult!

“Playing with children?”

Half life Taoist was the fastest to react. His eyes narrowed slightly and looked at the four children suspiciously.

“Meat puppets are a form of performance, which came from the Song Dynasty.”

Yuntianhe and half life Taoist priest seem to be playing charades. Fortunately, there is a white Xiaotian who is considerate enough to explain briefly.

Meat puppets are commonly known as “playing with children”, that is, children act as puppets. Children don’t say or sing. People who can face them command their movements. It’s not a puppet, it’s better than a puppet.

“Something’s wrong.”

Half life Taoist said, “meat puppet performances usually have three, and there is never the saying of four children.”

It is unlucky for children to play puppets. Therefore, the theater pays great attention to this. Every time a “meat puppet” is used, the number of children is usually a multiple of three.

Man three, ghost four, god five.

Multiple of three, which also adds popularity to the children playing puppets.

But there were four children on the stage, with gray faces and stiff expressions.

“It’s not like living people.”

The half life Taoist just said this sentence, but for a moment, the four children raised the corners of their mouths together and smiled brightly!

“Welcome… Guests.”

The first little boy has slender eyebrows and eyes. When he opens his mouth and speaks, his mouth is dark. He looks like he has no teeth, no tongue and so on. The hoarse child voice seemed to come from a cavity somewhere and echoed on the empty stage.

“Now… It’s less than… Performance time.”

The girl next to him smiled and said something, and her voice was also hoarse. At this point, the passengers’ faces changed slightly, and they withdrew from the east side hall without hesitation.

They retreated so fast that they all evacuated in a few seconds. You can hear a deafening roar in a moment, like a thunder, or a drum amplified countless times‘ After the drum sounded, the sound of other musical instruments joined in one after another, as if the stage inside was carefully rehearsing for the performance in the evening.

“Time, time, be careful.”

Half life Taoist patted Bai Xiaotian on the shoulder. He just thought that Bai Xiaotian looked at the stage, but half life Taoist dragged him out.

Before departure, the tour guide reminded them to observe the time several times. Veteran travelers have this sensitivity. After the girl said the word “time”, they immediately sounded an alarm in their minds.

You can’t be late, and naturally you can’t “arrive early”.

The most important thing for veteran travelers to live until now is not to die.


Half life Taoist’s eyes wandered. Speaking of death, he thought of Cui Dao for the first time.

“Is director Cui all right?”

He muttered, always feeling that something was wrong.

Can’t you even watch the excitement of the stage? Isn’t that right? It’s rare to have such a “peace”, but half life Taoist feels that it’s hard to scratch, and his heart is like a small flame.

Not only he, but also other passengers feel strange. It’s normal for the devil merchant not to participate in the passengers’ exploration, but it’s too strange that C250 doesn’t come in.

Abnormal must have demon!

“Director Cui is fine.”

Yuntianhe said briskly: “make an appointment with him. I’ll go to see him later.”

At this moment, Wei Xun, whom everyone cares about, is still in the room, holding a pottery pot and looking forward to it.

Mutant worms are breaking their shells!


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