TTG Chapter 197

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 197: Supplement 2

“Why is it hatching so soon?”

Wei Xun didn’t expect that the mutant worm hatched so quickly. He had just planted it in the soil in the morning, and the right one was about to hatch in the afternoon!

This made him temporarily take back his mind on the eggs of mutant evil spirits – he had planted all the first batch of 1000 eggs in the soil. Xiaocui was unwilling to be weak and riveted the second batch of 1000 eggs. After all, the devil bug is her own family. Compared with other devil bugs, it is square.

What’s more, Xiaocui also brought her own black fur human skin ration, which has been supplemented by magic honey and Jade Scorpion. The previous accumulation has ushered in the current outbreak. Xiaocui wants to get out of the insect group controlled by herself at one stroke!

There is a question – how can we bring back so many evil spirits at the end of the journey?

However, this is the problem later. At present, Wei Xun pays more attention to the mutant worms that are about to hatch.

“It should be relatively simple in terms of incubation.”

Xiaocui carefully sensed the state of the worm eggs. She was not sure and replied, “as long as the temperature and humidity are enough and in a suitable environment, it can hatch out quickly.”

If you hatch quickly, you will grow slowly.

“So small.”

Wei Xun frowned. When Jinquan gave a class to the bee Taoist priest, Wei Xun had two kinds of worms: abyss worm and giant bite worm. They are both terrible people with a length of more than 100 kilometers!

But the mutant worm just emerged from its egg and looked like a noodle. It’s very thin and soft, and it’s still golden. It’s more like corn noodles. There are golden capsule “cheek bags” on both sides of its “cheeks”, which are brought out of the egg and have not yet absorbed nutrients.

There are some pigmented bone spots in the back third of the body, and the retreating limb can be vaguely seen, but it does not affect its action.

It looks very harmful and stupid. Wei Xun couldn’t feel the emotional fluctuation of the worm at the slightest induction. Its emotional response was even slower than that of the three brothers of the mantis.

“The abyss worm is an ancient demon worm of primitive species. It is really indifferent emotionally.”

Xiaocui still knows something about her cubs and communicates a little more smoothly. There are many abyssal worms in her ‘seed’ gene pool. From the beginning, Xiaocui has been trying to analyze it until now.

The primitive demons are all living stones of the abyss. They are stronger and more indifferent, rough and brutal. The same surname eats each other, the son kills his parents, and the brother kills him.

They threw away their emotions in order to strengthen their strength. Ancient demons are almost all of this virtue, just like the king of inverted horses and scorpions. They actually have a trace of the blood of ancient demons.

Emotional demons are different from ancient demons. They take emotion as food and use emotion to infect prey and enemies. They are much more delicate emotionally.

The magic insects that can communicate smoothly, such as magic mosquito Xiaojin, queen bee magic bee and evil ghost insect, are even “modern” magic insects.

“How to control?”

Wei Xun looked at him as soon as he hatched and went back into the soil. After a while, he rubbed his right side and poked his head out. His head was covered with a pinch of soil. His upper body tilted towards him. He looked like a small worm of yellow Flammulina velutipes.

Even though so many adjectives were added to it in his mind, the slippery mucus on the surface of the worm still made Wei Xun look straight at it for a time.

“Master, you control me and the golden circle at the same time. As long as we don’t appear at the same time, you play a parental role in its eyes.”

Xiaocui sensed Wei Xun’s dislike of worms. Thinking of worm habits, her voice became smaller and smaller: “before it grows up completely, it will not leave you, obey your orders, and grow up rapidly.”

“Grow up and devour me?”

Wei Xun didn’t forget that the original kind of devil bug ate its parents. Each worm has a very vast territory and is very independent. After growing up, it either eats its parents and becomes the new king of the territory, or is killed or expelled.

Xiaocui smiled, but Wei Xun didn’t seem very angry. Instead, she teased the worm with the guide’s flagpole. He boldly suggested, “now as a parent, you can be a master, master!”

“When it grows to 25 meters long, it can carry its master! You can guide the shape of bone growth on its body, and it will be the bone seat of  at that time!”

“Let’s go then.”

Wei Xun was not interested in riding the worm. After giving the worm the name “corn shoot”, Wei Xun poked the corn shoot into the pottery pot with the guide flagpole, added a lot of soil and buried it firmly. Then it was ordered to stay here and not go out.

Then Wei Xun dried his whole body, returned to normal and prepared for the cloud river.

Since yunzhuhe took the initiative to find it, he wanted to know what the man wanted to do.

“Cui Dao.”

Yun Zhuo sat upright in front of Wei Xun at the end of the river and nodded to Yu Hehui beside Wei Xun. The deer and Jiao weasel Wei Xun are kept next door. He doesn’t let what he fully trusts stay in his resting place.


The moment yunzhuhe sat down, Wei Xun noticed that his posture was wrong. Yunzhuhe’s limbs are a little stiff. Look carefully, the light changes. Between his wrists and ankles, there is a silver flash, like transparent silk thread.

Hanging wire puppet.

After encountering Pinocchio, Wei Xun was very keen on puppet silk puppet lines.

“Don’t worry, guide Cui. I don’t hurt you. I’m not completely controlled.”

Yunzhuhe didn’t hide, even stretched his limbs to let Wei Xun see the puppet silk thread on his body. Wei Xun’s eyes and attention fell on him. This cognition made Yun Xiaohe’s eyes bright and his cheeks flushed.

But the next moment, he snorted, and his face turned miserable.

“It hurts?”

Wei Xun saw the thin thread on his wrist drilling deeper. He didn’t know whether it was in the muscle or bone.

His tone was not enthusiastic and worried. He didn’t ask where the puppet silk on yunzhuhe came from. He even had a cold ponder, but it fascinated yunzhuhe even more. He shook his head gently and said calmly, “it’s not pain, it’s just the training and test of my faith.”

“Come on, what’s up?”

“I hope to join your organization, fight for you and contribute more!”

Yunhe road. He said solemnly, “this year is my fourth year in the hotel, and I can fight for you for ten years.”


Wei Xun became interested. He blocked the live broadcast when he hatched the worms. Now he directly asked, “look.”

“The puppet master sneaked into the journey and she found me.”

Cloud  River opening  dropped a bomb: “no killing, just control. Because she doesn’t want to destroy the relationship with you.”

Yunhe licked Bing 250 so much. Who knows if Bing 250 has taken him as his confidant. The puppet master let this rebellious crazy sheep go because he attached importance to C 250!

“An Xuefeng, life players, puppet masters, dreamers, lizard dukes, black widows, weeping psychics, etc. they are all the strong men of the previous decade.”

Yunyu River: “after the celebration at the end of this year, it is a new decade. The old people will leave right and make room for the new people.”

“Why did you leave? Where did you go?”

“I don’t know.”

Yunhe shook his head: “this is not the information we can know.”

“The Devourer is not the strong one in the old ten years?”

Wei Xun had a keen sense of smell and found that there was no S1 devourer in the string of names in Yunhe just now.

“Yes, he is a strong tour guide who has risen to the top in recent years.”

Wei Xun is thoughtful, if it is really as the Cloud River says. After the celebration at the end of the year, when the old people leave, the class a tour guides in the East are all right, but the S1 in the west is still there. At that time, I’m afraid the power in the East and West will not be balanced.

The first passenger, an Xuefeng, left on the right.

Wei Xun ordered, “tell me everything you know.”

“The puppet teacher once intended to train me to be the deputy head of the shepherd alliance in the new decade, assist the new tour guide and help him become a class a tour guide, but I refused.”

Yunhe said calmly, “because I found that the shepherd alliance is not a real shepherd.”

The puppet master’s right choice of Yunhe must be to see his extraordinary piety. But this kind of crazy believer will bite back if he doesn’t master it well, just like now.

“She has a crush on you now.”

Yunhe smiled: “not only she, the butcher alliance, the dreamer, but even on the way home, all look after you very much.”

When the old man leaves, there will be a new leader in the East.

Who is the best choice?

“This is really a shortcut, but I hope you won’t be blinded by temporary interests.”

Yun Yuhe said sincerely, “those old alliances and organizations have maintained for several years, but they still haven’t broken the shackles of the ten-year round. This shows that they are on the wrong path!”

The cloud river is very extreme and brave. Wei Xun became more interested in him after he published this report. He asked with interest:

“So you think my way is right?”

“That’s right.”

Yunhe piously said to Wei Xun, “a new era is about to begin.”

“Please be our leader.”

* *

“Cui Dao…”

Yunhe river left. Yu Hehui, who had been silent all the time, asked Ai Ai to speak and stopped. He didn’t know where to start.

“Do you want to leave?”

Wei Xun asked.

“No,” Yu Hehui shook his head. “I’m a survivor. My life starts from the moment you save me.”



“Not necessarily.”

The dream chaser Bruce Lee emerged. Yu Hehui died too early. He didn’t know as much about this information as the dream chaser.

“We all have a go this time. The situation is not clear.”

The dreamer comforted C 250: “so don’t have too much pressure.”

It’s not a good thing to know more about some things. Because you have no ability to change, you can only increase the pressure.

“I have no pressure.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “and there’s a saying in yunzhuhe. It’s really interesting to break the shackles.”

But what Wei Xun thought was different from that of Yunhe river.

Why wait for these old people to break the shackles after ten years of dormant development?

It’s too long, too conservative, too interesting.

If there is a way to keep the old people and not let them  – isn’t it more interesting to break the shackles?

Wei Xun felt excited when he thought about it. What would happen to the right side of the hotel then? He’s really looking forward to it.

However, if you want to break the shackles, you must have absolutely strong strength, which may become the key to the final reversal of the situation. Wei Xun immediately became more enthusiastic and prepared. The specific performance is that Wei Xun began to improve himself more actively.

“Watch a shadow play at eight in the evening?”


It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and there are five hours left.

“Help me open the door.”

After receiving a positive reply, Wei Xun ordered Yu Hehui: “next, I will work with an team for five hours.”

After five hours of spiritual communication, Wei Xun is ready to win the samadhi true fire in the blood bead on his forehead!

There are insects in the mountain, thunder on the mountain, and deer are deer. He also has wood spirit to participate in the samadhi true fire that the old demons and monsters are most afraid of. They are not afraid of losing the essence!

When everything is ready, we’ll send An team.


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