TTG Chapter 198

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 198: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (34)

Five hours.

When doing five.

Dream chaser Meng, Yu Hehui is silent. Countless complex thoughts surged into his mind. Yu Hehui took a deep breath – most importantly, he had to watch the door.

For a moment, Yu Hehui felt like a eunuch of ancient materials.

“Hehui, hard work.”

But Yu Hehui was relieved when he heard Wei Xun’s sincere way: “I can’t rest assured until you help.”. That’s right. Who else can Wei Xun trust besides you.

“Don’t say that. You won’t do anything if the dreamer and Nezha spirit are here.”

Even afraid that Wei Xun’s words would annoy the dreamer and Nezha Ling, Yu Hehui helped him find a remedy.

“People can’t, at least not…”

The dreamer murmured and took a deep breath: “I’ll stare at the black widow and Puppet Master.”

After talking about chasing dreams, the Dragon disappeared in place. If you stay here again, I’m afraid you can’t help preaching.

Spiritual relief is spiritual relief. How can we use the word “do”!

Is this too much for five months??

i believe the safety team will be able to control itself and refuse the non requirements of C250 addiction. At least it will take a short time!

But subconsciously, dream chasers are afraid that team an can’t refuse. Seriously, who can refuse C250. Not to mention anything else or background, such a talented young tour guide is full of you in his eyes and heart. He is eager to make spiritual connection with you. Which passenger can control it.

In particular, you are still addicted to others. You can’t help but be responsible!

When you think about it in another position, people who pursue dreams feel they can’t help it. I can’t stay here any longer, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll take the security team to the legal cafe.

“My brother is old. It’s annoying for my brother not to stay here.”

Nezha Ling was rarely sensible. He smiled and winked at Wei Xun. He looked at the right side with deep meaning and said, “a good brother should know when to avoid.”

After that, Nezha’s spirit turned into a red light and disappeared. Yu Hehui noticed Nezha Ling’s eyes and looked over there, but he didn’t see anything. Wei Xun was taking off his mask.

Take off your mask and the whole world seems to light up. Although the tour guide’s mask doesn’t cover too much, and it looks like another layer of skin, Wei Xun doesn’t like Ren’s shackles. He always feels suffocated when wearing it.

“Hey, you!”

Yu Hehui was surprised when he saw this, and his consciousness was about to stop.

“Don’t worry, the live broadcast is blocked.”

Wei Xun took off his hood, shook the slightly longer silk, and tied his head together, which was more refreshing. Wearing a necklace and crown, the false king is the first layer of shielding. put on the invisibility cloak again, which is the second layer of shielding.

Yu Hehui was still in a hurry: “no, I mean -”

“I know.”

Wei Xun looked at his naked and exposed skin in the mirror, checked that there were no mottled mud spots, and baked it over fire. But you may sweat and cry later. Anyway, you don’t need water. Take a deep breath and just give up.

“Although it is, it must be covered up.”

Yu Hehui is painstaking. Although the security team probably knows that Wei Xun is C250, it doesn’t pretend that he hasn’t seen it yet. Now, let’s leave a way for Wei Xun.

You have to wear a layer of fig cloth!

“You’re right.”

Wei Xun thought about it, but he put on the scarlet cloak of life playing people outside. Although you trust Yu Hehui, in case of an accident that you can’t stop, you can always carry a fatal blow in your cloak.

Yu Hehui was speechless. That’s not what he meant!

However, seeing that Wei Xun didn’t care, Yu Hehui reluctantly forbear. He didn’t say any more. He just looked at Wei Xun wearing a hood like a red hat, revealing his face and wearing a tour guide cloak. He couldn’t help it again – in the public impression, tour guides are mysterious and strange and never reveal their true faces. At the moment, Wei Xun’s face is like wearing a naked cloak!

It’s still a hippie’s cloak!

“Isn’t that inappropriate?”

Finally, Yu Hehui gently advised him.

Although it’s just spiritual relief, being the brother of a life frolicker in his cloak… No, it’s spiritual communication. Yu and Hui both felt that they were withered – how could they concentrate? They should not be suspicious, for fear that they would be killed on the spot?

“Quite appropriate.”

Wei Xun didn’t waste time. He put the pottery pot with corn shoots in the dark corner of the room to let the worms grow freely. After checking the demons of their own bodies, they released the most hidden magic mosquito, Jin, to explore the news. More than ten magic bees were also released to fly and fall in the corridors outside the room.

Once the person comes or the magic bee loses contact, Wei Xun can be aware of it at the first time.

Not to mention that he planted the second batch of 1000 mutant ghost insects in the underground palace. You should know that ghost insects can not only eat soil, but also stones. At the moment, these evil spirits have already chewed and leaked the green bricks of the underground palace, and they are all lurking in the brick layer of the underground palace.

The hole was in the corner of Wei Xun’s room and was tightly blocked by pottery pots.

When everything was ready, Wei Xun sat in his sleeping bag and looked up at Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui held his breath and turned to the outside. During the action, the snow-white fox hair grew, he became a fox, and Wei Xun guarded the door.

After Yu Hehui went out, Wei Xun looked down into the mirror. ɫɫɫɫɫ. This time, I took off my mask. It’s because I better observed the changes of red dots on the forehead and heart. It’s best to have enough communication this time and put samadhi true fire into my bag.

“I’m sure you can hear me. I must accept this flame.”

Take out the flaming phoenix feather and lift his forehead and heart. Wei Xun said softly, “spiritual communication, let me dye your breath. I need this flame very much, otherwise it will be dangerous for a scenic spot.”


However, according to Wei Xun, the situation is different.

“Do you think five hours is too long?”

Wei Xun smiled low, closed his eyes, put the feather on his nose, and deeply smelled the hot and dry fire on his face.

“Then you have to work harder. Don’t leave it.”

When to catch the breath and when the spiritual exchange ends, Wei Xun means that!

Do you want to make a quick decision?

Then show your real skills.

After a short silence, a ray of fire was reflected outside his eyelids, hot and bright, and Wei Xun’s eyes were orange. He tried to open his eyes, but he felt that his eyelids were pressed by something and he couldn’t open his eyes. The other party seems to have some cold anger, the power to suppress him is greater than in the past, and his actions are rude.

Wei Xun felt the wet moisture. His eyelids were slippery and cold, but his heart separated the heat, so that Wei Xun’s eyes would not be burned.

It feels like the tentacle of * *. If usual, Wei Xun may comfort you by the way. But the drop of blood in front of his forehead belongs to an Xuefeng. What Wei Xun needs at the moment is Fengniao an Xuefeng. He doesn’t have time to pay attention at all.

Now I’m a clay figurine. What kind of tragedy will it cause when the * * wet tentacles are pasted in front of me, Wei Xun

Wei Xun doesn’t have the courage to move. It’s rare for him to lie quietly. Just cover his eyes with his tentacles and don’t move elsewhere. Her tentacles are in front of her eyes, but her mental perception is more acute.

Wei Xun seemed to “see” the golden red figure. The other party was high and close. Looking at him, he seemed to be making a difficult choice. He held out his hand to Wei Xun, but his action was rare and not so decisive. On the contrary, he hesitated.

But Wei Xun didn’t like this posture. In the spiritual world, he directly grabbed an Xuefeng’s hand and pulled hard at him – but without pulling, an Xuefeng stood very stable. seems to realize that Wei Xun doesn’t like being looked down, so he squats down and looks as flush as possible with.

“Make a quick decision.”

Seeing that an Xuefeng seemed to open his mouth and speak, Wei Xun directly covered his mouth and said with a low smile, “don’t you want mental relief?”

“It’s good for you and me to deepen spiritual connection.”

But it shouldn’t be!

An Xuefeng doesn’t like this pure transaction. He just takes what he needs. He frowned and held Wei Xun’s hand. Just when he said something, his eyes fell on Wei Xun’s face, but he was stunned by the smile in his eyes and turned his head.

The tour guides always cover their faces with masks. Tourists can’t and shouldn’t explore the real identity and appearance of the tour guides. Even if the tour guide tourists in the hotel get married, the tourists are likely to die and don’t know what the tour guide really looks like.

Tourists are most familiar with the various masks of the tour guide, not the real face of the other party. This is the rule and mutual respect.

However, Wei Xun felt that she was interested. She held an Xuefeng’s face and insisted on turning her head. Seeing that an Xuefeng didn’t turn, Wei Xun deliberately said, “why, don’t you dare to look at me?”

He was full of bad intentions and pretended to suddenly understand: “or does my cloak hinder your eyes?”

With this, Wei Xun seemed to get up if he was unhappy, but Wei Xun was stunned when he grabbed the scarlet cloak. I felt the cloak burning slightly! And the burning of fire. This dry and hot is more like the sun at noon. It is domineering to disperse light and heat, cracking the earth and drying up the river.

The cloak scald was more like some kind of induction. Wei Xun’s heart moved slightly, and his consciousness looked to his right.

But this time, he was blocked by an Xuefeng.

Wei Xun’s face became cold as soon as he got cold. He struggled without making a sound. An Xuefeng sighed: “ wolf cub, you turn your face so fast.”

“You can’t see, you know?”

Seeing that Wei Xun didn’t cooperate at all, he even began to attack his spiritual world without a teacher. An Xuefeng ‘tut’, twisted his eyebrows and turned his head and said, “hurry up, you make me crazy?”

“This axis hasn’t come out. Be safe. Don’t you –”

Wei Xun couldn’t hear the following words, as if someone had shielded his hearing. 60. pondered an Xuefeng’s words over and over again and couldn’t see it, crazy, that is to say, the people who play with life are not the axis, but the main human state similar to * *.

The axis hasn’t come out yet, and the hippies are still trapped in the Inca Sun Gate. However, in his mental state, Wei Xun can “see” the person in charge of the life playing person, that is, the other party is probably on a journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, just like * *.


Wei Xun understood everything.

At the same time, Yu Hehui, who was guarding the door, also encountered problems.

“Sir, you shouldn’t be here.”

Sanwei Tianhu stood up and stared at the man who suddenly appeared in front of him like an English aristocrat. He said calmly, “the devil merchant is not here. You must have gone wrong.”

Soon after Yu Hehui was guarding the door, the swallow came quietly.

“No mistake.”

Swallowing, he stood three meters away from Yu Hehui with a walking stick. The dark green eyes are still as indifferent as ice, and the swirling silver mask covers the face, which makes it impossible to figure out the intention of the watch.

“I’m waiting.”

wait forsomeone? Who are you waiting for?

Yu Hehui is more vigilant about swallowing the dog. Swallowing the dog at the time of death has not risen at all. Yu Hehui knows too much about the dog. All he knows is that the orange title of the dog seems to be related to the golden slim.

One who can beat the lizard Duke and the black widow, an old and powerful tour guide, and sit firmly in the S1 high position of the District, must not be underestimated.

“There’s no one here you have to wait for.”

Yu Hehui showed a completely unwelcome attitude, full of bad and vigilance. At the first time when engulf  appeared  informed the dreamer that if engulf  what vision, Yu Hehui would attack without hesitation.

But as the swallow said, it seems that she is really waiting for someone, just waiting quietly in place, not in front of her. Just as the dreamer arrived here, he swallowed it. Yu Hehui was about to do it, but he felt a hot wind blowing around him.

In a trance, Yu Hehui seemed to see a cold and thin figure, dressed in a black robe with star and moon patterns, cold as the lonely night sky, but hot as magma. The black robe is like solidified and cooled lava, and the dazzling spots forming the star moon pattern are not like starlight and moonlight, but more like flowing magma.

At one glance, Yu Hehui felt a tingling in his head and black in front of him. The other party seemed to glance at Yu Hehui, who could not see his face clearly, but Yu Hehui noticed the cold anger of the other party. It seemed that Yu Hehui was locked by the hunter, and his heart beat like a drum. He didn’t calm down until the man and devour him disappeared for a long time.


When Yu Hehui calmed down, the dreamer had already arrived at Xiao, the Dragon turned into a human, and the God was cold and solemn.


Yu Hehui’s face was ugly, even more confused and thoughtful.

He is the principal and the examiner of Wei Xun.

The slice avatar that hippies have been hiding.

But how could it be?

“Who is it?”

Yu Hehui doesn’t remember the principal in the black robe of stars and moon, that is to say, the other party was not active in the first ten years.

“Not sure.”

The dreamer obviously recognized it, but he still shook his head: “it’s too deliberate.”

Wearing a black robe of stars and moons with such obvious directivity is almost intentional. It would be foolish to easily confirm the identity of the leader of the life playing people.

“I’m leaving for a while.”

Dream chasing humanity.

To tell you the truth, the master of the hippie man sliced and swallowed up the ghost and left, which makes the dreamer care more than finally realizing who the hidden master identity of the hippie man is.

The hippie sliced and devoured the dog, and the dreamer left. Only Yu Hehui was left in front of Wei Xun’s door. Tianhu turned the circle, put the tip of his nose against the top door, and the fox ear was close to the door to listen to the movement in the room.

The Ximing man came out of the room, which made Yu Hehui very worried about Wei Xun’s safety. However, through careful perception of the human contract, Yu Hehui didn’t push the door to disturb Wei Xun after confirming that Wei Xun was all right.

The heavenly fox sits in front of the door, surrounded by three flawless lotus petals. Yu Hehui’s eyes closed slightly. While guarding the four directions, he ran the broken inner pill of Tianhu and absorbed the power from it.

Yu Hehui was alerted by this incident. She didn’t spend as much time as she did in her life. It’s ridiculous to say that she can be regarded as a super class four-star passenger now, and her strength is much better than Wei Xun, but Wei Xun is facing more dangers.

Yu Hehui’s current strength is unstoppable, such as swallowing people, or further leading people.

 the original strength must be restored as soon as possible.

“Do you want mental relief?”

Wei Xun could not perceive the conflict outside the door. Soon, his five senses recovered. But the scarlet cloak in his hand lost its temperature.

The clothes related to the scarlet cloak have left. Wei Xun tightened his hand holding the cloak and then released it. In the spiritual world, she opened her eyes, and her calm eyes were facing an Xuefeng’s eyes.

An Xuefeng’s eyes attracted by phoenix feathers are golden red, just like Wang magma pool. He didn’t avoid his eyes this time. He looked straight at Wei Xun’s face and collected all the thoughts in his eyes into his heart. There were many thoughts in his heart, but an Xuefeng’s eyes were very calm.

He released Wei Xun’s hand and stepped back. If Wei Xun wanted to disconnect his spiritual connection, he would not refuse. However, at the moment of releasing his hand, Wei Xun held his hand, and he approached with his half body and pressed an Xuefeng, looking like sitting on an Xuefeng’s leg.

“Do it.”

We must become strong enough. Wei Xun is extremely calm and intelligent.

However, when the spirits of the people began to entangle and their breath was permeated with each other, Wei Xun took advantage of an Xuefeng’s relaxation and bit his neck, listening to an Xuefeng’s stuffy hum.

Although he was calm… He was still very angry.

An Xuefeng didn’t let go, nor did he push away. He let Wei Xun vent his anger. She bit an Xuefeng’s neck. The trauma of her spirit was more painful than that of her body, but it also made her more closely connected.

The breath permeated each other through the close contact wounds, and the unbearable pain and pleasure ran through Wei Xun’s whole body, tears fell, he raised his neck, opened his mouth and screamed silently. Obviously, he wants to stay away, but he craves this intense pain and pleasure, but he is closer to an Xuefeng.

An Xuefeng stared at Wei Xun’s neck, and a hard line stretched out in his jaw. The fire color in his eyes became deeper and deeper, and finally almost dark red, like the embers after the fire burned out. The nature of human nature is hidden in the embers, which vaguely exposes the exclusive desire of animal nature hidden in the depths.

endured again and again, and finally bit Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple.

That’s where the * * demon species are.

The hot smell is branded there, like a mark. However, it aroused the cold dissatisfaction of the other party. Wei Xun was immersed in the spiritual world and suddenly felt that he was not breathing well. It was like being wrapped and bound by a python. That was the axis of the body wrapped by * * tentacles in the real world.

The body of the clay figurine becomes softer than usual when encountering moisture, and can easily make any movement. The tentacles are intertwined to make their own breath condense into droplets and blend into the body of the clay figurine.

The wet mud is full of liquid axis full of * * smell. It is dried by the hot phoenix feather again and again, and wetted by the tentacle again and again. After this, it finally makes its own smell spread all over Wei Xun’s body and remain in the depths of the axis.

——Wei Xun’s spirit is tinged with an Xuefeng’s breath, but the clay figure’s body is integrated with * * liquid axis.

This is more than the connection between a serious guide and tourists. But  it makes  it makes  dirtier,  it makes  out of control,  and  it makes  full of its own breath. With the deepening of the smell, the red blood droplets in front of Wei Xun’s forehead gradually faded and disappeared.

The materials, watches and blood drops are gradually controlled by Wei xunrong, which is no longer clear with Wei xunrong. But it is also vaguely like a palace keeper who supplies virginity. Because of the axis of the Lord, he loses his virginity and disappears into nothing.

No, men will not be excited when they see such a scene, and their tentacles are more intense around Wei Xun. The dark love and desire, like a beast hidden in the bottom of their heart, have removed their chains. This beast affected an Xuefeng – they were one person after all.

——Five hours is really a long time.

* *

“Why are you back now?”

Zhang xingzang, who was eating potato chips and watching the live broadcast, realized that the dreamer suddenly came back and hid the high calorie junk food behind him. But the dreamer didn’t have time. He just said briefly, “go to the home station and follow me.”

The dreamer, with his authority on the way home, successfully took Zhang xingzang to the reception hall on the way home. Wang pengpai has been waiting for you at the door.

“What happened?”

Dream chasers will suddenly bring Zhang xingzang to visit. It’s absolutely important.

“Is the safety team empty?”

“Ah, ha ha.”

Wang pengpai smiled awkwardly and coughed: “well, team an has just rested.”

“Is the safety team in such a bad state now?”

Zhang xingcangqi said strangely, “I remember that people were very energetic. They didn’t sleep all night. No one could survive it.”

“Are you there?”

The dreamer quietly stepped on Zhang xingzang to shut up and skip this embarrassing topic that made Wang surging.

“Well, I went back to reality with deer Book orange to see my parents.”

Wang pengpai was full of nonsense. He felt that the dreamer’s tone was wrong and got serious: “what’s the matter?”

“Tell me everything.”

“Are you still in touch with astrology?”

The dreamer asked directly.

The east side of the district is the wall, but astrology is the captain of the second brigade ‘occulti’. On the way home, I didn’t have a deep connection with the first white church brigade in the district. After all, the whole axis of the white church is too exclusive and has zero tolerance for ‘pollution’ and ‘demons’.

The relationship with the second mysticism is good. When an Xuefeng went to lalaiye, he was the great mage of the deputy team of mysticism. Astrology also predicted an Xuefeng that “only enough Maria butterfly fragments can alleviate an Xuefeng’s strange disease”.

Enough to see how close the relationship between the two sides is.

“Fortunately, astrology is still the same.”

The dreamer asked: “ still failed to reconcile with his principal?”

“Yes, still not.”

Wang pengpai shrugged: “ and  it’s not very conciliatory. After all  you don’t read .”

Mystics are all eccentric. It is said that astrology made a great prophecy about hotels ten years ago, but no one knows the content of the prophecy. Since then, astrology has been in seclusion and out of practice until it was sliced into a master. There was a big fuss – astrology had a fight with its own master!

It’s not a fake fight, it’s a real fight. It almost hurt everyone and fell down at the same time! At that time, it was so noisy that even an Xuefeng rushed to the area of astrology to help, and then separated the slices of astrology and astrology.

“You also know what astrology cuts.”

Wang pengpai sighed.

Normal passengers or tour guides are part of their own sense and soul. In essence, they are still an axis of each other.

If you die, it’s still alive. Although it will weaken, it’s not completely dead.

But astrology is unique.

Cut out the pessimistic attitude towards prophecy!

Predictions are obscure and difficult to understand. There are many ways to answer them. They are positive and clear. Naturally, they are also negative and pessimistic. Like a prophecy astrology, you can see ‘death’ and ‘hope’, depending on the answer.

“So we all guess that astrology made a very terrible prediction.”

Wang surging said, “it’s so terrible that you must cut yourself out of pessimism in order to keep your wisdom and not go crazy.”

Therefore, it is normal for astrologers to regard themselves as enemies and not integrate at all. What was it in that year??? The fierce battle of life and death with astrology is actually self destruction. But after being stopped by an Xuefeng,??? This is missing.

“???? Are you still alive?”

Asked the dreamer.

??? It’s the main material number of astrological slice. The material number will be???, Enough to see how pessimistic and confused the other party is about the future.

“Have you seen

Facing Wang pengpai’s question, the dreamer nodded: “yes, but not necessarily.”

The other party is wearing??? The principal of the is a robe, but the inner control is very likely to be a life playing man.

“I see.”

Wang pengpai’s mind turned quickly: “you mean that the examiner of C 250 is not the principal of the life playing person, isn’t it

“Maybe it was controlled by the hippies???”

The dreamer said in a deep voice, “those who are too pessimistic do not destroy themselves. They live to the present, and there is nothing wrong.”


Wang pengpai sighed and finally understood the purpose of the Dreamer: “it is said that when astrology made the prophecy of closing the hotel, the hippie was the only one present. Others said that the prophecy was not made for the hotel, but about the hippie.”

If the pessimism of astrology is really related to the hippies, what is it??? It’s also natural that you will go to find a life Joker after you fail to destroy yourself.

People who play with life have insight into fate, play with fate, and have nothing to do with that prophecy,??? Of course, I’ll find you.

Even with??? From the perspective of pessimism and self destruction tendency, it is also normal for you to give up yourself and become a puppet of life playing people.

“It’s hard for a hippie to slice the main person. If the ‘slice’ is???, it’s right.”

Wang pengpai said calmly: “more importantly, the butcher alliance is a large organization across the eastern district. With a playful character, we don’t believe that the scope of control over the butcher alliance is only in the eastern district. It must be arranged in the eastern district.”

??? It is appropriate to be a principal subordinate to the district.

“How’s the Inca sun gate?”

The dreamer came calmly and asked, “I’m in touch with the swallowing man. I suspect that the hippie man came out ahead of time.”

When it comes to this sentence, the dreamer has a good meal. I’ve become addicted to an Xuefeng, and my mouth is C250 of “doing five times”

The dreamer was silent. He suddenly felt that even if he ordered the dreamer to come out ahead of time, it was very suitable.

Moreover, C250 will also be the best successor of  the psychic media will work with the life playing people  the battlefield, the yin-yang butterfly is difficult to dominate the overall situation, and the character is inconsistent. But when C250 came in, everything was solved.

Hippies can’t stand the celebration day at the end of the year. They will definitely come out ahead of time and teach C250 in person.

The dreamer talked with Wang pengpai for a while, and Zhang xingzang also joined the topic. To tell you the truth, the dreamers have never rested with C 250 these days. Or say that the dreamer hasn’t had a good rest since Zhang xingzang was rescued——

There was almost no rest time before saving Zhang xingzang.

The tight spirit relaxed a little. The dreamer yawned and was very sleepy. His cloak began to fluctuate. Zhang xingzang and Wang pengpai lowered their voices and the dreamer fell into a shallow sleep.

Sleep is to accumulate strength and engulf people who pursue dreams??? And puppet masters have brought a sense of urgency and crisis to dreamers. After a deep sleep, he suddenly woke up after a long time.

“How long did I sleep?”

The dreamer asked consciously, but it was not Zhang xingzang who answered.

“You slept for three hours.”

“Safety team?”

The dreamer raised his eyes and saw an Xuefeng sitting opposite the. An Xuefeng short  the water vapor is not dry. It seems that he has just taken a bath and is covered with mint fragrance of shower gel. The most conspicuous thing is that there is a cross at the neck and a band aid attached to it.

“The solar explosion in the Inca solar gate is the tenth cycle.”

Noticing the dreamer’s eyes, an Xuefeng turned his head in consciousness and said seriously, “the playful people will come out before the year-end celebration. It’s estimated time…”

“Safety team!”

An Xuefeng’s words were interrupted by the dreamer. He only heard the dreamer say in surprise: “it’s not five o’clock yet, how can you –”

Why did you come out before five?

“What five hours?”

The dreamer thought it was wrong as soon as he spoke, and he kept silent. Zhang xingzang didn’t wink and asked curiously.

Ask, ask a fart!

Haven’t you seen that an Xuefeng’s face is black!

* *

“Five o’clock hasn’t arrived yet?”

When Wei Xun opened the door, Yu Hehui had the same doubts as the dreamer.

“It’s very intense. It’s done in three years.”

Wei Xun wrote lightly that Yu Hehui glanced at him, but he didn’t ask “how fierce it is”.

But seeing the wound of Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple and the rich, moist smell of another person, Yu Hehui stopped.


Wei Xun asked Yu Hehui to come in. Most of the items such as water were brought by Yu Hehui. After receiving the water, Yu Hehui saw Wei Xun take off his cloak and clothes, and then poured a whole bottle of water onto himself without hesitation.

“You’re –”

Yu Hehui was speechless. Seeing that Wei Xun easily smoothed the wound of his Adam’s apple, he dug out all the * * smelling soil and threw it into the pottery pot for raising corn shoots.

 there was so much mud that the pots were full and spilled out, and the mud fell around the pots and piled up in a pile. Wei Xun didn’t hurt. He bought some bottles of growth medicine from the hotel and brought back the missing mud.

After some cleaning, Wei Xun’s smell of * * had disappeared completely.

Wei Xun seemed angry.

Yu Hehui tried to stop talking. Finally, he couldn’t help it. He twisted his eyebrows in a low voice and asked, “did an team bully you?”

Wei Xun always likes to be cool. Yu Hehui saw Wei Xun like this for the first time! And it ended in three months. Did Ann team do anything too much?

“No, it’s cool.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “I feel very good now.”

“Really, you see.”

Wei Xun opened his hand, and a hot red flame was burning at his fingertips, which was the true fire of Samadhi. The purpose of this spiritual exchange has been achieved. An Xuefeng’s breath is imbued in the spirit of Wei Xun. That drop of blood is completely integrated into Wei Xun’s axis, and the samadhi true fire in the blood is used by Wei Xun.

“Team an is very good.”

Wei Xun did not mean to praise it. He succeeded in soaking up the flavor of “three times”, which saved Wei Xun a lot of things.

“Then you…”

Yu Hehui was still worried and glanced at the pile of mud piled in the corner of the wall.

Wei Xun sighed, “team an didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not strong enough.”


“It’s just some anger.”

Of course, if you understand, you still understand. However, this kind of feeling, including the bite of an Xuefeng, is actually nothing. After all, there is not much close relationship between them.

It is because of the connection between tour guides and tourists and the addiction relationship that more needs will be met.

Not only was an Xuefeng disturbed.

Is the relationship between you too deep?

During Xian’s time, Wei Xun deeply analyzed himself. This spiritual exchange almost did something beyond the relationship between normal tourists and tour guides. Fortunately, an Xuefeng was stable, but he crossed the boundary.

The tour guide and the tourists have a serious relationship. Do you agree with Wei Xun’s bed companion at first? Although he doesn’t care about these, it’s cool enough, but he will also be happy. The love and desire brought by adventure will dissipate when they die?

It seems that the effect of adventure is still affecting, but it seems that it has exceeded the influence of adventure long ago. The definition of the relationship between them seems to have been blurred.

Wei Xun didn’t move the connection with an Xuefeng, but cleaned up the traces and breath made by * *.

“It’s just too late. I’ll go and see the white deer.”

It’s just over six o’clock. It’s just the right time.

Knowing that Wei Xun had no big deal, Yu Hehui put his heart into it and walked next door with him. When the door was closed, darkness and silence returned to the room. Suddenly, there was a slight noise at the pottery pot in the corner.

“Rustle rustle -”

The soil accumulated in the pottery pot rotates slowly like a vortex, but it begins to fall like an hourglass in a few seconds! The soil rich in abyss energy is wildly sucked by corn shoots, and its axis expands like a balloon. In an instant, the soil in the whole pottery pot was swallowed up by it, and the corn shoots were still not satisfied!


It’s like countless bright yellow ribbons spraying out of the mouth of pottery cans, but it’s the tentacles of corn shoots! After swallowing the soil, it mutated again. The tentacles greedily explored the soil scattered around and frantically rolled them up and stuffed them into their mouth. However, it ate all the soil in a few seconds.

“Click -”

The earthenware can’t bear the corn shoots that expand and become larger, and countless fine cracks appear around them, but the corn shoots are stiff after hearing this sound.

Father said… Stay here

Stay in the container and can’t go out. This is the command of the powerful father.

But it has become too big now. It will definitely crack the jar. One of its tentacles is as thick as the original one.

What should I do?

The not so clever corn shoot made a mistake. Suddenly, it came up with a wonderful way.


The bottom of the pottery pot was bitten off and swallowed by it, and the whole worm of the corn shoot slipped into the hole bitten by the evil spirits. Of course, he listened to his father’s words, but most of his body leaned out, and the end was still against the pottery pot – but the pottery pot was too big to plug in the end.

The clever corn shoot put a tentacle into the pottery pot to disguise himself. It even cleverly swallowed a lot of soil, filled the earthenware pot, and restored the mound around the earthenware pot.

In this way… Father… Should not… 

The rich abyss breath contained in the soil made the corn shoot through the most difficult childhood. Now it urgently needs to devour a large amount of soil, rock and ore to grab the energy for growth.

Grow up and become stronger!

The corn shoots smell a strong smell of prey when passing the next field.


Next door is… Father’s prey… Can’t eat

The corn shoots turned around and went elsewhere to look for food. Although the end is against the flowerpot, making it less free. But corn shoots have countless tentacles. Those tentacles help it catch prey, scrape soil and rocks, eat these energy rich foods, and the corn shoots become longer and longer.

“Yo Yo!”

The White Deer demon jumped and jumped anxiously, and hit the floor tile with his head like crazy.

“Don’t hit it. It’s stupid.”

The ferret turned into a white boy scolded the snow.

The white deer has gone crazy several times, and it’s not the first time to hit the floor tile. When it first hit the snow, it was curious to dig up the floor tiles. As a result, it saw a newly hatched black scorpion like insect. The most terrible thing is that it’s even inside the floor tiles.


As soon as he was surrounded by insects, the snow shivered. But these insects are the breath of their owners. It is impossible to kill them, and it is impossible to kill them in this life. Out of sight, out of mind, Snow put the bricks back.

Seeing the White Deer crashing madly again, I’m not bored, and even have some pity.

“Take the master to find ginseng essence early.”

Snow advised the White Deer demon, but she also felt that she was doing a good job.

It’s too scary to show that “Tangshan” is full of insects.

It’s good for everyone to get ginseng essence early and let the owner stop planting insects.


Seeing that Wei Xun pushed the door in, Xiang Xue welcomed her positively, and her attitude changed a lot from the original one. This swarm of insects covered with floor tiles has made a great contribution.

“White deer – ah!”

“Yo Yo!”

The white deer, who was still hitting the ground just now, rushed over and knocked away the snow. Unexpectedly, his four hooves were soft and fell on his knees in front of Wei Xun! Yu Hehui frowned and wanted to stay between Wei Xun and the White Deer demon, but Wei Xun waved to stop it.

“You, you are the embodiment of the essence of the earth, and the essence of the essence is in your sanctuary, which will surely succeed.”

The White Deer actually spit out people’s words with a pitiful voice. And he was so clever that he gave a high hat to Wei Xun directly.

“Yes, I will protect it.”

Wei Xun said. 60977. If it’s the best, if not

wait and see.

Hearing Wei Xun’s sincerity, the trembling White Deer demon calmed down. It can hear the truth of people’s words and know that what the earth essence says is true.

Although the method is a little radical, this earth essence is really a protective spirit ginseng.

“It’s not that Lingshen doesn’t want to see you. He’s trapped and can’t leave the ginseng nest. Now the ginseng nest is completely hidden. Even I can’t find it.”

The White Deer demon’s tone also eased a little and said tentatively, “if you can save shanweng from old lady Bai, you may be able to communicate with Shenjing and let Shenwo appear.”


Wei Xun asked, but he didn’t see the White Deer demon. He looked at Yu Hehui. Just now, I felt the violent mood fluctuation of Yu Hehui.


Yu Hehui opened his mouth, but his voice was very hoarse and almost inaudible. Wei Xun was so excited when he saw him for the first time.

“Shanweng… Is another name for Polygonum multiflorum.”

Although he always had some hopes in his heart, Yu Hehui didn’t dare to say much. It’s just that it’s too early to say that Tong Hege is still young. It’s really not necessarily a matter.

After all, although Tong Hege’s ancestor is a ginseng collector, his orange title has nothing to do with ginseng. He is a “Mountain Ghost” and a mountain ghost in the nine songs of Chu Ci.

The most commonly used spirit objects are not Shenjing, but Shouwu and Taisui.

Taisui is a healing medicine for mental trauma.  Polygonum multiflorum… Cough. Tong Hege’s “Shouwu Zhituo” is really powerful. In those years, he was robbed every time he set up a hotel mall. On his way home, he could buy a decent hotel residence so soon. Tong Hege’s “Shouwu” is indispensable.

It’s just that the presence of Lingshen is nothing, but if Shouwu and Lingshen appear——

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow: “the drama.”


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