TTG Chapter 199

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 199: Supplement 3

Old lady Bai is entrenched on the third floor of the underground palace. Bai Lu tells Wei Xun about them.

“The pangolin sent me the information about the probe, but it revealed its whereabouts and was caught by the white old lady.”

The White Deer wept with sorrow, and its cry was like blood.

“They lured me with pangolins, caught me and searched the mountain.”

Pangolins only love this little soup mountain. They are kind monsters who favor the mountain. Unlike white deer who have followed the mountain for countless years, they have a deep understanding of the mountain. They can find out the mountain and underground with a stamp of their hooves.

“And wearing my skin can not be locked by thunder.”

White deer is a spirit in the mountain. Unlike demons, punishment won’t split it.

Monsters catch White Deer because of this truth.

“Now they should be very happy to see you cast a net.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and glanced at Xiaoxue. Light snow immediately a spirit, hurriedly reported: “report to the master, there is the smell of other demons around.

Whether there are or not, the old demons will not be indifferent when the white deer are here.

“The underground palace has three floors?”

“There are more than three layers.”

When he said more, the White Deer became bolder and no longer trembled. He replied, “the pangolin said that the underground palace has five floors in total, but the old demons dare not go down. It is said that there is a dragon under the underground palace.”

“Legend? You don’t know if there is a dragon in the underground palace.”

Wei Xun asked the white deer, but saw that the white deer had no choice but to shake his head: “here, I can’t come in.”

It sighed softly, “when the mountain man is still there, he won’t let us close here. This is the place where the dragon vein is located.”

Speaking of this, Bai Lu was a little sad: “hundreds of years ago, there was a great earthquake, the dragon vein was turbulent, the anger was scattered, and there were images of death and silence everywhere. Lord Shan ordered us to appease the mountains and forests. He has gone to the place of dragon vein, but he will never return. After the mountains and forests returned to life, white snake went to the place of dragon vein to look for adults, but he never came back.”

Over time, it became a forbidden area.

According to Bai Lu, the mountain is extremely powerful. The mountain is shrouded in the Yanshan Mountains and Taihang Mountains, and there are spirit animals everywhere. However, the mountain is backward, and the mountain is also decreasing year by year. Up to now, only Xiaotang mountain and Shoushan mountain still have the remnants of the mountain, which can be used for the survival of spirit animals.

Yu Hehui asked, “the old demons don’t know there is a dragon vein underneath?”

“Dare to come even if you know.”

This little snow of the white weasel has the same experience: “I have seen the figure of the dragon in the mountains and rivers for many years. The so-called place of the dragon vein is only some breath left.”

“Moreover, even if there is a real dragon, what can it do?”

The tone of his voice was a little sarcastic: “swallowing spirit ginseng, flying immortals in the daytime, saving energy, cultivating for decades, still wet egg generation, people wearing hair and horns… Cough, of course, the old demons hide in the mountains and underground for cultivation. They haven’t seen the sun and moon for many years. Although they are powerful, they are like frogs at the bottom of a well and still abide by the old rules. They are definitely not the opponent of their master.”

The real monsters who adapt to the times have long been mixed with human beings. Those who are still able to become fine by eating spirit ginseng, many old monsters who can’t put down their old glory and don’t want to put down their posture. Together with the small monsters in the family, they have been taken astray.

Ferret’s flattery is a little rusty. After all, it’s also the first experience. In the family, it’s the ancestor in yellow robe who was photographed.

But it soon became proficient and even offered to help spy.

Not only did you submit the name certificate to Wei Xun, but also what you want——

The ferret can’t stand being surrounded by insects!

White Deer obviously paid attention to Wei Xun. As soon as he came to the house, insects were drilled into every green brick… Xiaoxue felt itchy all over.

“The White Deer still needs your care.”

Wei Xun looked at Xiaoxue with a smile and said casually, “besides, I also have other arrangements.”

“What director Cui said about the arrangement? Me? Meow?”

Leaving the next room and returning to his room, Wei Xun looked at the corner of the wall at random. He looked at the pottery pot that was very safe and sound. Ben went to see the growth of corn shoots, but Meckel was already waiting in the room.

The six tailed civet cat was still in a cat like state and was bored licking his paws. Wei Xun noticed that he had many wounds, his hair fell off and his whole body was soaked with bloody demons. Obviously, he had gone through a lot of battles.

Compared with yangshou Town, it’s not easy for meike’er to establish power here. It’s said that Wei Xun and meike’er waited a few minutes before someone came at the door.

 the werewolf Augustus who came quietly with hidden whereabouts.

As part of the “monster” camp, their scenic spot tasks were assigned by C250, who was responsible for the tourists of the monster camp.

“Why is it so late?”

Augustus complained that although he followed the brigade to listen to the scenic spot tasks assigned by the devil merchant, he was in the “Taoist camp”. He had been waiting for the news of C 250, but he had been waiting until now.

It’s almost half past six!


Yu Hehui sneered.

It’s too early. It’s a blessing!

You know, Wei Xun originally planned to do eight things! Thanks to the awesome team.

With Yu Hehui’s voice, Augustus’s face changed, his eyes became more afraid, and he didn’t say much.

“Travel gives you more time for action and rich journey experience.”

Wei Xun didn’t care either. He said with a smile: “my friends must be curious about tonight’s trip. Let me tell you.”

“Before that, I’ll tell you a story.” it said that thousands of years ago, there was a white snake demon in Xiaotangshan who was refined and was about to turn into a form – ”

* *

“The biography of the white snake is not the version of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian.”

Bai Xiaoxiang and Yun Lianghan took turns to guard the coffin. Zhou Xiyang finally liberated him and discussed his performance with the half life Taoist.

Bai Xiao  has the same strength as Yun Lianghan. Zhou Xiyang is not so confident, but he has to look for many details with his own eyes. Zhou Xiyang decisively left a sunset stone and walked with half life Taoist to the West Hall of the underground palace.

There are many murals on the walls of the side hall, but most of them were destroyed by moisture. Most of the statues in the middle were also destroyed. You can only vaguely see the materials like white stone and white jade.

“This is not the destruction of people, but the loss of faith.”

The half life Taoist was red and stiff this time. He was holding a Sanmao token. He was clear and thin. The light was faintly shrouded in the light. When he came to the statue, a faint yellow light curtain appeared, vaguely showing a white jade deer with nine colors.

When the halo of the token dissipates, the shadow of the deer disappears, just like a dream.

“The White Deer beside Cuidao?”

Zhou Xiyang narrowed his eyes.


Half life Taoist was hard to ♪ his eyebrows were locked: “I said team Zhou, I’m afraid we’ll make a taboo when we stop here.”

“This is probably the former residence of the mountain.”

Mountains and lands all live in the place where the earth vein is located. In the mountain system where the dragon vein runs through, the dragon vein is more important than the earth vein. It is normal that the mountain once lived here.

“Most of them are buildings of the Ming Dynasty.”

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes are fierce. He holds a piece of equipment and props, which is “dripping” on the statue and the sacrificial jade around. The statue shows the age “unknown”, but the sacrificial jade is “Ming Dynasty”.

“Xu  someone found this underground palace in the Ming Dynasty and repaired it.”

Half life is humane. Xiaotang mountain is not far from the eight arm Nezha City, and there is an emperor’s Palace on this mountain. It must have been carefully checked everywhere.

“You’ve seen the funeral palace in yangshou town on the ground. It’s like a temple.”


Zhou Xiyang said.

After the underground palace appeared, the funeral palace in yangshou town collapsed on the surface. Only Zhou Xiyang and werewolf olaine had seen the true face of the funeral palace.

“It is very likely that the ‘mountain temple’ built in the Ming Dynasty was changed into a funeral Palace by later generations.”

Most of the mountain temples are small temples, built in the mountains and forests. Mountain temples are built in an improper place on the hillside of Xiaotang mountain, which is dedicated to offering sacrifices to the underground mountain underground palace.

“The mountain temple will not only offer mountain gods, but also offer some mountain spirits. For example, the four immortals of Hu Huang Bai Liu, the old demons and monsters hiding in the underground palace to avoid thunder, the leader is definitely one of them.”

Although the five immortals “Fox yellow, white and willow ash” are widely spread among the people, the “mouse” of the grey fairy is mainly used as the “storehouse” and the “wealth” are sacrificed, while the wild rat is the common prey of the other four “immortals” in the mountains and woodlands, which is lower.

“The possibility of yellow fairy and Hu Xian is very low.”

Zhou Xiyang knows.

Yu Hehui is a fox. If the old demon Hu Xian would definitely come to visit him. Besides, the folk Hu Xian, the third Lord Hu, and the third mistress Hu. But these two people haven’t been in the folk for a long time now. Little Hu San, the red fox, had a plan to visit Xiaotangshan before.

I don’t dare, but I’m also a backer of Xiaotangshan.

In the same way, the chance of yellow fairy is not big. Otherwise, the ferret, which can resist seven times of thunder and is far more powerful than willow essence and wild boar essence, also lingers in yangshou town and dare not come.

“You say there is a Liu Xian in the depths of the underground palace?”

Liu Xian, snake essence, shadow play in the evening, biography of white snake, there is a dragon vein in the underground of Xiaotang mountain. A series of clues are connected. It is highly possible that Liu Xian is hidden in the underground palace!


But at the next moment, the Taoist priest shook his head: “go to the East Hall and see that there are four ‘meat puppets’ in this performance.”

When they went to explore the East Hall, Zhou Xiyang, a filial son, was responsible for the wake worship and missed the key information.

“Making meat puppets is bad for Yang, so arranging the number will only be a multiple of three. According to people, three ghosts, four ghosts and five, but there are four meat puppets on the stage.”

Half life Taoist was clear: “I thought the children were not ghosts, but there was another possibility.”

“Then these children play the boy who serves the mountain.”

He can frighten everything. He plays the role of a mountain boy, but he doesn’t have to abide by the rules of quantity. Maoshan sect classifies the boy into four categories: the boy from the temple, the boy from the temple, the boy from the previous marriage and the boy with eight characters of birth*

The most common of these “temple boys” are “fire Temple boy”, “Yama Temple boy”, “mountain temple boy”, “earth Temple boy” and “Laojun Temple boy”.

It’s a common sense that there are boys around the mountain.

“If the four meat puppets play the” mountain “temple boy, it is impossible for the white snake to be a” monster “in the play tonight, and the spirit objects served by the” mountain “are at the same level as the white deer.”

“The demons respect their ancestors most. Where the white snake spirit suppresses them, the old snake demons dare not make a mistake. The young snake is not affected much.”

Half life Taoist said sadly, “this is what you see. The old demon hidden in the underground palace is very likely to be white immortal.”

Bai Daxian, old lady Bai, namely “hedgehog essence”.

Bai Xian is proficient in witchcraft and can cure diseases best. If all the five immortals devour ginseng essence, it can achieve the greatest benefits. However, while being the best at curing diseases, Bai Xian is also the best at hiding and dispersing diseases, which makes it impossible to prevent.

A funeral involves the mountain underground palace and demons. No wonder the team leader has the task of assessing the difficulty blessing!



At this time, Zhou Xiyang’s face suddenly changed and suddenly ran quickly: “white little  they were attacked!”

Half life Taoist priest’s face changed when he heard that he ran faster than Zhou Xiyang. Their speed was inhuman. They returned to the room in less than a few seconds. Zhou Xiyang was armed with a gun. Half life Taoist priest held a talisman in his left hand and a token in his right hand. However, when he rushed in with vigilance, he only saw Yun Lianghan lying on the ground with a frightened face and a calm boss The paper man turned into a wet little white man.

“Where is the enemy?”

Zhou Xiyang’s eagle Falcon like sharp eyes scanned around and was vigilant to move forward, but he was surprised. The coffin, Bai Xiao and Yun Lianghan were all involved. At best, he was frightened.

… it’s a great shock to scare Yun Lianghan and them like this.

“It’s underground!”

Yun Lianghan recovered quickly and was still in shock. He murmured, “I have a little breath, and it suddenly appears from the ground. His mouth is as big as a wheel, so he swallowed Bai Xiaoyan directly -”

Then he threw up.


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