TTG Chapter 2

Drunken Beauty Xiangxi (2)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 2: Drunken Beauty Xiangxi

“Hoo – his grandmother’s, startled me.”

Finally, the passenger on the bus was a fat man. He was also frightened by the blood fingerprints on the window and scolded. But he was in a good mood. When he took out his cigarette box and handed it to Wei Xun, he still smiled on his fat face.

“Excuse me, man, make room.”

Other positions in the car are full, leaving only Wei Xun.

Wei Xun didn’t pick up his cigarette. He picked up his things and went out. He let the fat man sit in – after all the passengers arrived, Wei Xun could move freely. While standing up, his eyes swept through the car.

At present, the atmosphere in the bus is extremely depressed. No one dares to approach the window and no one talks, like a group of fried hedgehogs. There is no lack of vigilant eyes passing over Wei Xun, but Wei Xun wears the clothes he wears when he is “basking in the sun”.

The collar of hat, sunglasses, mask and thin coat was up, and the button was tied to the top, completely covering the throat. Even his hands were wearing a pair of black half open fingered gloves, and almost no skin was exposed.

No one knows his details. This is Wei Xun’s only chance.

You must succeed at once.

When we are at a relative disadvantage and the enemy and ourselves are unknown, it is foolish to take the initiative and expose ourselves.

Wei Xun wants others to take the initiative. Therefore, he carefully selects the target – if he wants to make people emotionally collapse, the best target is naturally people with extremely unstable emotions.

The man sitting behind Wei Xun is pale and thin. His depressed eyes can’t hide his madness and fear. His body has been shaking nervously.

And somehow, as soon as he got on the bus, he showed strong malice to Wei Xun, and his straight and disgusting eyes stayed on Wei Xun’s face for at least three seconds.

It’s you.

So when the other party got on the bus and passed by, Wei Xun pulled off a corner of his mask and spoke contemptuously to him.

Sure enough, the man was provoked. Although he didn’t start immediately, he took the initiative to sit behind Wei Xun. Up to now, Wei Xun can feel the malicious and crazy eyes that seem to pierce the back of his head.

Bless me.

Wei Xun holds the necklace pendant in the palm of his hand, lowers his head and kisses. In the transparent crystal is a blue purple butterfly wing fragment the size of a fingernail. This is the only item left after his family disappeared. Wei Xun took it with him and didn’t disappear here.

Wei Xun has no faith, and prayer is just a habit.

Then Wei Xun pressed the adjustment button under his seat, and the seat back suddenly tilted back. The man behind him was immediately stimulated. His eyes staring at Wei Xun’s back seemed poisoned and ready to move.

As long as you get a little more stimulation, the other party will start.

“The little brother looks strange. Is he a new man?”

The fat man sitting next to Wei Xun suddenly started talking to him. He smiled and looked very kind with a round face:

“Hey, let me say that the tour guide Bingjiu likes to take care of the new people best.”

Almost when the fat man said “guide Bingjiu”, the man behind Wei Xun suddenly increased his breathing, just like a beast. Obviously, the word “tour guide Bingjiu” can stimulate him more.

Wei Xun was even more surprised why the fat man spoke at this time.

Was he aware of his intention?

Or just want to see a good play?

In any case, this is helpful to Wei Xun’s plan.

Wei Xun turned his head and looked at the fat man with an interested posture. As expected, the fat man was more happy. A smile known to all men appeared on his fat face and whispered:

“Bingjiu likes to take care of young people, but he only chooses the best. As for the others, hey hey. ”

“So, people like us who don’t eat by face still have to rely on their real skills.”

The fat man doesn’t know him.

Wei Xun confirmed that the fat man didn’t know why he covered his face. He took the initiative and didn’t have any good intentions. This is encouraging others to test Wei Xun’s details.

Sure enough, someone bit the hook immediately.

“Newcomer? Hey, hey, hahaha, fool, idiot, how can there be any new people in the dangerous journey! ”

Hoarse laughter came from behind Wei Xun. He was sharp and crazy. The man was actually handsome, but his face looked terrible because of distortion.

At the moment, he laughed wildly and wantonly vented his depression and fear: “where will there be any new people! We’re all going to die. We’re bedbugs thrown out by the hotel, okay? ”

The man’s voice caused an uproar in the bus. For a moment, a heat wave of angry abuse and dirty words quickly filled the whole car.

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Lin Xi, you’re crazy!”

In the boiling sound, Lin Xi stood up. Wei Xun felt his neurotic and malicious gaze condescending, and fell on him without concealment. His voice was harsh and sharp:

“No one can survive the Drunken Beauty Xiangxi series, no one! All the people who met this journey last time are dead! All dead! ”

“Bingjiu, he can kill the team. Ha ha, ha ha, he will kill everyone. You all have to die!!!”

When the name Bingjiu was shouted out by Lin Xi, the bus suddenly fell into a strange silence, and the passengers were like a group of geese who were suddenly strangled by their necks.

The dignified atmosphere lingered in the car, and even the fat man drooped his eyebrows, sighing and worried.

Everyone is deeply afraid of guide Bingjiu.

“Newcomer, huh? New? ”

The sharp blade cuts Wei Xun’s mask, revealing a touch of pale to translucent skin. Lin Xi’s hand holding the dagger is trembling. When he sees Wei Xun’s pale and flawless skin, his eyes are more malicious. His face was almost distorted.

“Brother nine likes little white face.”

Lin Xi suddenly lowered her voice:

“But I hate it!”

Lin Xi’s hands trembled, and the dagger swayed leisurely in front of Wei Xun’s face, with a tone of hate, fear and a trace of jealousy:

“For a dangerous journey, even brother nine can only protect one person. He will choose me, and he will choose me. As long as you destroy your face… I want to survive, I want to -”

The next moment, his knife couldn’t move.

Because Wei Xun held the blade.

The blade cut the glove, and the blood dripping down the pale fingertips, like a blooming rose, was shocking. Wei Xun was unusually calm without any emotional fluctuation. This calm is not disguised by pain, but really indifferent.

Looking at such Wei Xun, Lin Xi suddenly shuddered. He stared at Wei Xun’s bleeding fingers and couldn’t move. He didn’t respond even when Wei Xun easily grabbed the dagger. It was so easy that Wei Xun was surprised.

Is he really an old hand?

But it’s really a good dagger. It’s military goods. It has a blood tank. The blade is fierce and cold. The dagger turned skillfully between his fingers, and Wei Xun backhanded gently pasted the sharp blade to Lin Xi’s cervical artery. He has rich experience in pursuing stimulation and is familiar with all parts of the human body.

If you want to kill, this is the key.

The threat of death is the easiest to collapse.

When the dagger was pressed down, Wei Xun stared at Lin Xi’s eyes without making a sound.

No language is more oppressive than cold silence. Even if he didn’t intend to kill him, Wei Xun would intimidate him and deter him——

But unexpectedly, although Lin Xi was shaking into chaff and his eyes were straight, his attention was not on the dagger. He didn’t even care about the blood marks on his neck cut by the dagger!

Lin Xi’s frightened and frightened eyes stuck to Wei Xun’s bleeding hand. He trembled more and more, as if he tried his best to escape but didn’t dare to escape.

He’s afraid of blood?

No, no!

Not only Lin Xi, but also the nearest fat man’s eyes changed. Wei Xun felt the fat man’s stunned and frightened eyes, which also stuck to his bloody but still very stable hand.

What they fear and fear is what Wei Xun shows. There is no pain!

[task countdown 00:05:15]

I don’t know why, but——

Wei Xun’s thumb moved forward and rested on the bloody blade. Thumb down, push the dagger forward and stick it closer to Lin Xi’s neck. At the same time, Wei Xun’s thumb was deeply scarred by the dagger, and the blood flowed down and stained Lin Xi’s pale and blue skin, which was shocking.

Wei Xun didn’t feel any pain. He even smiled. The mask cut half by the dagger exposed the corner of his mouth.

This makes Lin Xi finally defeated by fear!

“Please, please don’t be angry. I have eyes and don’t know Mount Tai!”

Lin Xi fell down on her knees with tears all over her face. She cried like a wounded dog, kowtowed to Wei Xun desperately, and her mood collapsed completely.

“Please forgive me, please, please -”

【 Didi, novice tour guide task completed 】

[task reward payment -]

[you get 10 points]

[you have activated the special identity of class X Special passengers: tour guide reserve]

[congratulations, you have obtained the hidden special item: the mask of the tour guide (bronze)]

[guide’s mask (bronze): a guide is an elegant and mysterious gentleman hidden in the dark. Every guide should have his own mask. Unfortunately, the mask of the tour guide will only be owned by the strong.]

[wearing a mask, you will be able to hide your appearance and identity information and will not be detected by people below two levels higher than you]

When the hand was cold, the cold and heavy items fell on the palm. The metal chill cooled from the fingertips to the bottom of my heart. The task was completed. Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief. While extending the time of death with points, he looked curiously at Lin Xi, who was crying with snot and tears.

Lin Xi’s final fear of emotional collapse was not because of him, nor was the fat man’s consternation and fear.

They mistook Wei Xun for another person, who didn’t feel pain, and left a deep psychological shadow on them.

Who is he? Is he Bingjiu, the crazy guide of the slaughtering team?

Wei Xun is really curious about how crazy the tour guide Bingjiu is – huh?

Wei Xun suddenly frowned. His mood changed and Lin Xi, who was kneeling on the ground, trembled again. He sobbed and dared not cry loudly, but Wei Xun ignored him.

[di, the attack on the hotel has been lifted, and the novice customer service creepy serves you]

[to apologize, we will compensate you with a big gift bag -]

The hotel was attacked?

Wei Xun was surprised that a mysterious and powerful hotel that can control life wantonly will still be attacked?

Who would it be? This is really, really

It’s so exciting!

Wei Xun is also a little itchy. Unfortunately, he is still a novice and has to rely on the points obtained by the novice task to survive.

[bag, bag, bag -]

Why did creepy get stuck?

Wei Xun is worried that the hotel will not be attacked again. Exchange the time for him first!


Suddenly, Wei Xun was dizzy and almost unconscious. A series of scarlet messages came to his face, which made Wei Xun unable to control his body. He could only see the system messages jumping out in front of him!

[alarm! Alarm! The junior passenger Wei Xun’s error occurs on the dangerous journey. The journey has started, and the error will be eliminated. Countdown 5, 4, 3 -]

[di – the latest information is retrieved, the identity of junior passenger Wei Xun is changed: tour guide reserve, the alarm is removed]

[alarm! Alarm! The tour guide has been determined as Bingjiu. Two tour guides cannot coexist in this tour! Tour guide reserve Wei Xun is about to be eliminated, countdown 5, 4, 3 -]

[alarm! Alarm! It is found that the tour guide Bingjiu is missing unexpectedly, so it is searched again… 24%… 47%…]

The scarlet light reflected in Wei Xun’s eyes, and the feeling of sudden death came again. Wei Xun’s heart beat faster and faster, almost unable to breathe. The death countdown decreased rapidly, but Wei Xun couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t even exchange the points he just got!

Is he dying? Are all the efforts just now useless?!

No, he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t want to die!

Even if the body can’t move, Wei Xun’s consciousness is still struggling desperately, and he still refuses to give up in the end!

In the darkness of dying, the shrill alarm blurred into meaningless frenzied noise in his ears. His spirit condensed to the limit, and Wei Xun, who was almost fainted, vaguely saw a touch of blue and purple light.


Incomplete scales and wings of butterflies

[drop, we have detected the fragments of Maria butterfly (1 / 4), * * * for you]

The beating information suddenly turned green. Wei Xun seemed to wake up suddenly from a nightmare. He gasped and returned from the edge of death again. He was a little used to this feeling.

Wei Xun’s conditioned reflex first looked at the countdown to death.

[death countdown 00:02:01]

Hoo, luckily it didn’t return to zero.

But the sound that followed stunned him.

[Wei Xun, a tour guide reserve, is a special passenger of class X, with the green title of “painless”, and a special prop: the mask of the tour guide (bronze)]

It is not a child like mechanical sound, but a deeper, elegant, silky and mysterious male voice. If the creepy voice is like intelligent AI, the male voice now sounds more like a real existence.

Powerful, mysterious, dangerous, with a tone of natural indifference, like a natural controller.

[by comparison, Wei Xun is 51% similar to guide Bingjiu]

[the journey has started and cannot be stopped. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the journey, a special scheme will be implemented]

The graceful and smiling male voice, like the invitation of the devil, rang at the bottom of Wei Xun’s heart.

[tour guide Bingjiu, the ninth tour guide in the “C” brand, has the purple title of “cold-blooded”, and has a special prop: the mask of the tour guide (black iron)]

[under the iron black mask, no one knows the real appearance of Bingjiu, and no one knows the real name of Bingjiu. As a guide who gives passengers the fear of death, everyone hates and fears him. Countless tourists want to assassinate Bingjiu – and now Bingjiu has disappeared]

[the journey has begun, and the hotel does not allow the absence of tour guide Bingjiu]

[tour guide reserve Wei Xun, thriller global hotel has sent you a special invitation. Would you like to be a temporary tour guide for this trip?]

[you will become Bingjiu, enjoy the dignity of Bingjiu as a tour guide and bear all the dangers on him]

[yes / no]


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