TTG Chapter 20

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (20)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 20: Driving the corpse in western Hunan

The left commander of the corpse flying fox struck again, but this time it met Wei Xun’s sharp black finger claws. The hard and thick skin was no longer defensive under the claws. He only heard a scream, little calf. The big corpse flying fox was torn apart by the alienated Wei Xunsheng!


Wei Xun could only hear the sound of heavy breathing, his heart beating slower, but heavier, puffing and puffing, as if he was about to smash the ball through a hole. There was scarlet blood in front of him, his tyrannical intent was not dissipated, and his mind swept like a violent wind, trying to destroy everything.


A violent desire to kill from nowhere filled his body. Wei Xun was full of power. He couldn’t wait to fight and vent until everything was destroyed!


“Hey hey——!!!”

The sharp and piercing roars of the corpse flying foxes one after another made Wei Xun’s ears rumbling, and fierce blood flashed in his scarlet eyes. Raise your finger and press it lightly in front of your lips. The jet-black nails are more charming and dazzling against the pale lips.

“Shhh, will you be quiet?”

Wei Xun chuckled and asked, the fragments of the left commander of the torn corpse flying fox were violently thrown at the wild pepper tree!



In the pouring rain, the branches and leaves of the wild peppercorns danced wildly, messy, most of the branches were crushed and broken, and only the miserable half of the roots were still in the stone cracks, and countless chains broke with the clanging sound, and they fell down the mountain stream with their finger bones.

Dozens of pairs of scarlet blood eyes lit up from the remnant canopy, and the unbound corpse of flying foxes resembled a group of skinned babies, hiding among the branches, staring at Wei Xun.


More than a dozen corpse-shaped flying foxes attacked Wei Xun. When more of them remained at the incomplete canopy, they used bloody membrane wings to support the leader’s remnant body, and then the corpse-shaped flying fox bitterly. Remnant fragments.

They are not biting and devouring, their sharp teeth ‌‌ bite like a needle and thread to sew up pieces of meat, and their companions bit off their obstructive bodies, leaving only their heads.

When Wei Xun killed more than a dozen corpse flying foxes in front of him, the body of the left commander of the corpse flying fox was also’stitched’! It hung dozens of corpse flying fox heads with open membrane wings and flew again, swaying, losing the flexibility of its front, like a heavy rag soaked by rain, but not attacking Wei Xun, but Fly to the rugged mountain wall-it wants to escape!

“Would you like to go, too much.”

The claws and teeth of the corpse flying fox are equally sharp, and it pierces the rock as easily as tofu Was shrouded in a shadow.

In the darkness, only those ghostly scarlet blood eyes and the white mist exhaling in the cold rain can be seen.


“Stay with me, okay?”

Under the graceful and kind voice, the entire world led by the corpse flying fox left became dark, leaving only a scarlet.

* *

Tick, tick.

Wow! Wow!

The pouring rain poured on the Shibanshan Road, quickly diminishing the dripping blood. The corpse flying fox is no longer in command, only a lump of minced meat on the mountain road.

The blood bleeds out and is quickly washed away by the rainstorm. The entire mountain road was in a mess, the mountains, rocks, and trees were overturned, and there were dead bodies of flying foxes everywhere.

The cliff on the side of the mountain road, seven or eight meters upward, is printed with a series of blood-red claw marks deep into the stone wall-that is the corpse flying fox. The left commander is struggling on the verge of struggling. Provoked, left behind when it was torn down.

The body is full of strength, and the feeling of flying over the wall is very refreshing.

Of course, in just a few minutes, Wei Xun paid ten hours of’price’

【Countdown to death 05:24:36】

【 Countdown to death 03:56:28】

【‌Countdown to death——】


Wei Xun panted, and didn’t hesitate to change the points he had just arrived. He squinted his eyes with impatience, raised his head and opened his mouth to catch the rain from the sky, washing away the smell of blood in his throat.

【Countdown to death 27:39:31】

“Exchange the primary restorative.”

Wei Xun said again, the eyes that were dyed red by Mania and Wang were so calm and terrible, no one could see that he had violently tore the left commander of the corpse flying fox into fleshy flesh.

Tick, tick.

The clothes on Wei Xun’s upper body were completely shattered, revealing a pale, thin, unhealthy body. The dark red lines are like thorns and flower vines, encircling from the lower abdomen. The sticky and dirty blood dripped down from his natural arm, along the sharp and pitch-black nails of a beast.

Washed by the heavy rain, Wei Xun casually scrubbed his blood-stained body. His pale skin rose and fell with his rapid breathing. The sharp claws left red scars on the fragile skin, demonstrating his calm disguise, the mania that has not yet dissipated. .

Until now, that violent, bloodthirsty desire and hope is still clamoring him, driving him, and making him long to give up all control, comply with power, and kill.

But unfortunately, this powerful out of control and weak out of control are both out of control for Wei Xun. Wei Xun didn’t like it.

Fighting, destroying, destroying, and self-destructing, like magma flowing in the blood vessels in his body, Wei Xun was frantic and unable to vent, and eventually turned into a torrent, rushing toward him, causing him to lose control that he didn’t like.


Wei Xun stretched his face expressionlessly, without pain, and wilted before feeling out of control.

Losing control of the body is not enough. From the beginning to the end, Wei Xun was not controlled by the tyrannical madman’s emotions, and he was extremely calm.

He sucked the jelly-like primary restorer and fell into Wei Xun, and was drunk dry by him, and even the outer packaging was squeezed and thrown into Wei Xun.

“Repair the lungs.”

【‌Name: Primary Repair Agent】

[Function: Repair a designated part]

【Price: 150 points】

[Remarks: Don’t litter in the wild, the outer packaging is also edible! 】

With the 150-point repair agent, Wei Xun’s death countdown instantly drops back to normal, and the san value no longer drops. A total of 250 points were spent this time, and the san value dropped significantly, but compared with Wei Xun’s gain, these efforts are worth it!

[Drops, random tasks are completed! 】

【Task Reward Distribution——】

[Item you got: Pingping’s embroidered shoes with blood (scene)]

[You got the item: Pingping’s diary]

【You get 200 points】

[New scenic spot Feihu Mountain Forest, 80% of the development process]

[Dip, you killed the corpse flying fox left commander, the collection progress of the corpse flying fox illustration book 3/4]

[Left commander of the corpse flying fox, a high-level peak monster, the corpse flying fox who has eaten the corpse chaser Pingping, is Pingping’s favorite flying fox in his lifetime. One, the whole body contains fierce grievances]

[You kill the left commander of the corpse flying fox, get the hatred of the corpse flying fox king, be careful! The king’s revenge is endless! 】

【drop! You already have three Pingping items, collect progress 3/9, and step into the main line of the journey! The owner of the hostel was very happy to know about it and decided to reward you with 300 points. If you can collect all Pingping’s items, you will get a special title! 】

This is Wei Xun’s current information——

[Guide Information]

[Code Name: Bing Jiu (Only in this journey)]

[Order position: Silver five stars (Bing Jiu’s order position) 5th]

【Countdown to death 27:38:11】

【Points: 355】

【Mental pollution value (san): 55】

“There is still half of the san value, worthy of me, the control is good!”

Wei Xun was proud, the red light in his eyes faded. As the wounds healed and the countdown to death increases, his san value no longer decreases. With the stagnant water, Wei Xun took a closer look at his current appearance.

Except for the sharp claws and the long double horns of the middle knuckles of the forehead, and the pattern on the abdomen, there are not many other changes.

Of course, many Fangs changed silently. For example, in the dark, Wei Xun could still see everything clearly. In the gust of wind and rain, he did not feel cold, and his whole body was full of strength.

All these changes are like the most tempting poison bait, which makes people unable to help falling into the abyss of chasing power.

Wei Xun twisted his hair, barely covering the corners, and simply ignored the lines on his lower abdomen.

“The nails are so inconvenient.”

Wei Xun, who was thrown away after using up, shook his nails in disgust, first picked up the bloody resentment dagger that he had thrown into the stagnant water to wash away the blood. After putting it in his pocket, Wei Xun carefully twisted an embroidered shoe that was also dirty by him and soaked in a rain puddle with the tip of his sharp claws.

The small red embroidered shoes are only palm-sized, the satin surface is smooth and soft, embroidered with five poisons such as scorpion and centipede, they are extremely delicate, holding them like a cloud in the ‌.

【‌Name: Pingping’s Embroidered Shoes of Resentment】

[Quality: Scene (can only be used in ‌ journeys, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

【Function: unknown】

[Remarks: The embroidered shoes that Pingping embroidered secretly should be the embroidered shoes that she wore when she got married. It’s a pity that she couldn’t put it on in the end]

In addition to this embroidered shoe, there is a thin book in the belly of the left leader of the corpse flying fox, which seems to be made of certain leather, as thin as a cicada’s wings, not stained with blood and rain, and it is as clean as ever with a shake.

【Name: Pingping’s Diary (1/3)】

[Quality: Scene (can only be used in ‌ journeys, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[Function: Get some information]

[Note: Pingping’s diary records her past events in different periods]

The diary seemed to be torn apart, and only a small half remained. It was written in small traditional Chinese characters like mosquitoes and flies in special ink. Wei Xun swept his eyes, and said:

“no surprise.”

The diary is roughly the story behind Xiaolong Yizhuang. At that time, there were riots and frequent wars. After General Luo Rongguang led his army to defend Dagu and sacrificed for the country, the former Xiangxi Squim Lao Si came forward to prepare the heroes and righteous soldiers. Bring their heroic bodies back to their native land of Xiangxi, let them enter the land for safety.

It is a pity that Xiangxi is mountainous and the roads are rugged and steep. At that time, during the war, there were many bandits. The mountain roads used to drive corpses in the past were occupied by a group of gangsters. Maros couldn’t, so he could only find another path.



Wuluo Mountain is a forbidden mountain in western Hunan. The ancient chieftain kings set up checkpoints and traps to prevent others from watching the tomb of the chieftain king. Only the people in Qiebi Village who have guarded the tomb of the chieftain king know the safe route to the mountain.

At that time, Ping Ping, who was the mayor of Qibi Village, stood out against the crowd and contributed the newly built Xiaolong Yizhuang that year to the corpse squad. This move has caused even greater controversy in the old-fashioned Chebi Village.

Most of the diary is written in ink, but the last page is crazy and scribbled, written in a crimson, blood-like liquid, revealing bitter resentment and hatred.

[No one can leave Wuluo Mountain, no one can! ! ! 】

With this incomplete diary, Wei Xunnao, the old code character, made up for it. The corpse-moving technique was passed on to men but not to women. For some reason, the village chief of Qibi Village passed it on to the only daughter Pingping. , Aroused the conflicts in the village and the dissatisfaction of the villagers, and Pingping became the village head, and the decision on Xiaolong Yizhuang intensified the conflict.

On a dark night with a high black wind, the villagers killed Pingping, and Pingping had prepared for it, and was even more ruthless. Not only did he kill all the villagers, but he also set a curse so that the villagers’ corpses could not be used. Leaving Xiaolong Yizhuang——

Yes, Wei Xun suspects that the group of carrion corpses are villagers in Qibi Village.

Perhaps Pingping has calculated that a brigade will take the seniors of the Hunan Army to leave and return to their homeland in a hundred years, and the corpses will take the opportunity to keep up-but it is useless to keep up, because the curse on the pepper tree also keeps them for life Unable to leave Wuluo Mountain, the soul cannot rest in peace.

“This girl is pretty good.”

Wei Xun sighed and said, “It’s just that the little animals raised are too fierce.”

If it weren’t for the corpse flying fox to be too fierce, it would be impossible to kill the wild pepper tree and let the group of corpses go over. Going around, this pot still has to be memorized. Furthermore, this pepper tree is almost withered, and it is estimated that it will be finished tonight due to wind, rain and thunder and lightning. The only chance to leave in a hundred years, that large number of carrion groups could not be blocked by the pepper trees alone.

Wei Xun, who had no psychological obstacles, directly threw the pot, put the diary and the recovered embroidered shoes into his trouser pockets, and carried the flag of the guide on his shoulder to chase the brigade. From the beginning of the battle to the present, Wei Xun left the team for 13 minutes.

Fortunately, his body is alienated, and he can leap across the mountains like an antelope, otherwise he may not return to the brigade within a minute.

“The corpses are running fast too?”

Wei Xun didn’t vaguely see the shadow of the corpse group until he was about to catch up with the brigade. From Xiaolong Yizhuang until now, the corpse group has been closely following the brigade. The seal of the wild pepper tree was destroyed, and the corpse group had no final restraint. As the brigade got closer and closer, Wei Xun could vaguely hear the swish of arrows cutting through the rainy night and the slightly messy gongs. Obviously, the corpse chasing team has already been fighting with the corpse group!

* *

“Hold on for a while, we are almost on the path to the fierce bone plank!”

Miao Fangfei yelled, unable to conceal her nervousness and anxiety: “After passing the treacherous path, the mission will be completed!”

She was holding a small dark golden gong in her hands. The gong’s body was only the size of a palm. It looked a few years old, but it was still shiny and moist, and the sound was clear and loud when struck.

Unlike the inferior gongs provided by the hostel, which can only control one zombie at a time. A single tap on the small Yin gong in Miao Fangfei  can command the entire zombie team!

This is the reward item Miao Fangfei got when she knelt down and led the brigade to calm the grievances of the seniors.

【Name: Ma Miaoer’s Xiaoyin Gong】

【Quality: Unique】

[Function: can control the zombies under the high-level peak, and can control the head at most]

【Remarks: Use times 3/10】

The Xiaoyin Gong that can only be used ten times, Miao Fangfei has struck three times now. Thanks to Ma Miaoer’s Xiaoyin Gong, Zhao Hongtu and the others are free to come and deal with those who are behind. Carrion!

Less than ten minutes after Bing Jiu left the team, the group of corpses finally caught up. Dozens of carrion corpses were not easy to deal with, especially on the narrow and steep plank road. The brigade could not delay time here. It is now. At eleven thirty in the middle of the night, they had to drive the corpse over the path of fierce bones before one o’clock!



Before departure, the passengers gave most of the remaining cinnabar to Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu. The zombies were temporarily taken over by Miao Fangfei. The postponed boy gritted his teeth and showed a strange calmness.

Each arrow is either smeared with cinnabar or tied with a charm. Every time it shoots into the corpse group, it can effectively delay their speed. The mountain road is narrow, and the crowded corpse group was stopped by Zhao Hongtu alone, unable to continue. Forward pressure!

When Zhao Hongtu changed his arrow, Hou Feihu was on top. On his arm is a modified □□, its rate of fire is faster than that of a bow and arrow, and the sharp and silver □□ seems to be made of special materials. The carrion pierced by the □□ is broken and cannot rise again!



It is precisely because of his breakup that others can rush forward as quickly as possible. But when they walked to the path of the fierce bone plank, the corpses suddenly became violent.

When a carrion corpse climbs up a steep cliff, uses its limbs like a pale, rotting spider, crosses Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu from the cliff, and pounces on the brigade, everything is uncontrollable!

No matter how strong Zhao Hongtu’s arrow method is, he can only shoot three arrows at the same time. Hou Feihu is also limited. It is impossible to take care of the mountain road and guard against the mountain wall. If they continue to stay here, they will fall into a dangerous situation of being isolated by a group of corpses. ‌!

The situation was not good. People looked at each other and quickly covered the retreat, but after catching up with the brigade, they realized that the situation ahead was worse.

The carrion corpses that climbed over the cliff could not be stopped, and jumped into the crowd to separate the lives of all the people in this brigade. Everyone must fight while guarding the corpses behind them, and the sound of killing and the sound of gongs rang together. , Extremely chaotic!

Until now, no one left anymore, Miao Fangfei’s motley snake turned into a giant python, which could sweep three or four carrion corpses off the cliff with a sweep of its tail, and even protect Shi Tao.



Wang Pengpai seemed panicked, but his chubby body was unexpectedly agile. He jumped up and down on the plank road without being caught by a half-headed corpse. By the way, he also supported Lin Xi who almost fell off the plank road.

Lin Xi bit blood out of his lips, and his eyes were unexpectedly sharp. He touched his pocket and took out several flying knives. Without hesitation, he threw them at the corpse group. The flying knives were touched by him infinitely. Obviously, Lin Xi also has a special title.

It’s just that when he was fighting, he often looked anxiously behind him, absent-minded, and he was almost attacked by carrion.

Hou Feihu knew who Lin Xi was waiting for. He and Zhao Hongtu fought back to back against the carrion corpse that Fang hit. Zhao Hongtu’s arrow was all right, but Hou Feihu put it away and took out a handful of it!


The sound of gunshots reverberated in the vast mountains, the shells fell crisply, Hou Feihu’s eyes were still calm, and his heart was anxious, but there were not many bullets in the gun.

When will Bing Jiu come back!

He never thought he would look forward to the return of the tour guide so much. Not only him, but everyone in the brigade is the same. Now they are fighting separately, like a mess, lacking a backbone.

If this continues, an accident will happen sooner or later!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Brother save me!”

The panicked screams cut through the shadows. Originally, Yu Hehui, who was scared off the carrion by the flash of the psionic machine, did not pay attention to him. He was staggered by the corrosion from the stone wall, although he barely stood still. Down, the  ‌ in ‌ accidentally dropped!

Yu Hehui was so scared that his whole body was trembling. While protecting the corpse behind him, he wanted to pick up the fallen .

But the rotting corpses stumbled over him and pressed him to the bottom.

The strong smell of corpses is disgusting, and the water that slipped to the cheeks is not rain or corpse pulp. Yu Hehui panicked to protect the corpse behind, but strong forces from all directions were pulling him.

These carrion corpses want to climb on his back and let him take out Wuluo Mountain!


“Brother, brother—”

Yu Hehui was pressed underneath, and the carrion corpses were heavy as iron, rolling his eyes straight under the pressure. He tried his best to stretch out ‌, and ‌ fingers were almost convulsive. Finally, when he was almost suffocated by corrosion, a warm current with the smell of beasts dispelled the cold and heavy carrion behind him!

“Xiaohui come in!”

Yu He’an was pale with fright, and tried to protect Yu Hehui in his arms while holding on to Zhang animal skin. The skin was still attached to his head. The sharp bends were like jade growing on the side of the huge bull’s head. The bull’s head on the cowhide was actually With his eyes open, the bull’s eyes with the big copper bell were bloodshot, extremely fierce.


【‌Name: the cowhide of the old scalper】

【Quality: Special】

[Function: Put on the cowhide of an old scalper, they will recognize you as a cow]

[Note: You know who they are, right, this cowhide is useless to people]

Covering Yu and Hui under the cowhide, the corpses around him who were looking for him instantly lost their target, were at a loss, or rushed to others. Yu He An Gang was relieved, but the next moment Yu Hehui took advantage of the chaos and picked up the machine and rushed out of the cowhide like crazy, rushing towards the carrion group, anxiously Yu He An shouted:

“Come back, you don’t want to die!”

“My zombie was snatched by them!!”

Yu and Hui shouted in a hurry, and pressed the shutter at the swarming corpses. The bright white light tore through the night like lightning, and the carrion group suddenly roared and dispersed. I don’t know where the courage came from, Yu Hehui rushed into the carrion group, and grabbed the zombie that he had concocted. But he had just snatched the zombie back, but he was suddenly heavy behind him-the cold and slippery wet touch made him get goose bumps on his back, and his brain went blank for a moment.

“Be careful behind!”

Yu He’an shouted hoarse, regardless of the danger, he ran into the carrion behind Yu Hehui from the side with a bull’s head, and slammed it off the plank road. But since he used too much force, he also rolled down to the side of the narrow plank road, which has no guardrails.

In a blink of an eye, half of Yu and An’s body was hanging outside, shaky.

The slippery plank is very difficult to grasp, not to mention that he is still carrying a heavy zombie. Yu and Anbeule’s complexion is blue, his nails are upside down and bloodstained, but he still can’t control it, and his whole body slid into the canyon abyss!

“elder brother!”

Yu Hehui hurriedly wanted to pull, but as soon as he was about to squat down, there was a carrion leaping on his back. Anxiously, he shouted: “Throw down the zombies, drop the zombies!”

Yu Hean tried hard to climb up, but there was nowhere to focus on his feet! The heavy zombie fell straight down, and the cold as iron corpse pressed blood marks on his neck. The fear of death made Yu He’an tremble all over, but when he first thought about throwing away the zombies, deep resentment came from behind, and his blood was chilled from the cold.

At that moment, Yu Hean almost saw scarlet resentment entwining him and Yu Hehui. The ghost was unreasonable. He wanted to throw away the zombies. Both he and Huihui would be miserable!

“Can’t throw, no, can’t throw.”

Yu He’an panted, his pale face showed hopelessness, and his lips trembled: “Hui, Huihui, go, take, bring the cowhide, and go.”

If he wants to go alone, their brothers can’t all be folded here.


“elder brother!!!”

Yu Hehui was crying, but he still tried to support him and refused to leave. He even wanted to rush over to pull him. With eyes on his younger brother was at the end of the brigade, more and more carrion corpses surrounded him. Yu Hean After gritting his teeth, the face of the middle-aged man who had always been cowardly and timidly appeared decisively once at a time.

Full of cracks,   buckled the rough  fingers of the stone, trembling, and gradually loosened one by one. Yu Hean didn’t dare to look at the canyon under his feet. He didn’t want to , he didn’t want to , but if he wanted to make a decision, their brothers would all be here.

Eyes    closed tightly, Yu Hean gritted his teeth hard, and he was about to loosen . But at this moment, he felt the lead suddenly tighten.

Tian Xuan turned to Zhong Yu and could not distinguish between the sky and the sky. I thought I had fallen down. I was so frightened that my face was pale. When I fell to the sky, I hadn’t recovered yet, and my heart was beating fast. Wanting to be sudden, it’s almost like walking a circle in the Yan Luo Temple.

For a while, Yu He’an shivered and his legs were as soft as mud. Yu and Hui cried and shouted and helped him up without any response. With a dazed eye, he could only see the dazzling white and the bright red that was soaked in the dark night. Guide flag!

Yes Yes Yes,

The person who rescued him was–

“C, Director C.”

His teeth cracked his lips, his cavity was full of the smell of rust, Yu Hean’s eyes were straight as stone carvings, his voice seemed to come from a dream, and his whole body was trembling violently.

The person in front of me is like Bing Jiu, not like it, but more like a savior, like hope, like a hero!

Saved his hero!

“Director B is back!”

His voice was almost broken, his roar was not like a monster, but it seemed to be injected with strength, which made the whole brigade shake up. It was clearly still struggling in desperate situation, but it was shaken up, as if the ship had found it. lighthouse.

“Director B is back!”

“came back!”

For a while, everyone cheered up again, as if there was a wicked person like Bing Jiu, and the intractable carrion in front of them was not so difficult to deal with, but as they continued to fight like chicken blood, they yelled at the current passing through the tour guide Mai. The sound reached everyone’s ears.

“Run, stay here and fight, are you stupid?”

Wei Xun reprimanded mercilessly: “You still want to kill all the carrion? Look at the time!”

“There is only half an hour left!”

His voice made the hearts of the travelers stunned, yes, their task is to drive the corpse over the path of fierce bones, and they shouldn’t delay time here anymore! Miao Fangfei was ashamed. Although she was the strongest, she also took control of the brigade once and almost completely messed up.

The return of Bingjiu made the passengers seem to have the backbone. They were a group, one guarded behind, and the other guarded the stone wall. The old passengers were not bad personally, and they gradually recovered order and began to move on.



The plank road at the foot is said to be a road, it is more like a row of wet and slippery wood wedged horizontally into the stone wall. The gap between each wood can see the dark gorge. There is no fence outside, just standing here. It can scare people into flustered legs.

The travelers clung to the rock wall one by one, guarding the zombies behind them tightly, and moving forward slowly like a tortoise. They all took sticks such as branches or trekking poles. Once the carrion fell from the rock wall, The stick can sweep it down the plank road!

Seeing that the passengers can solve the problem by themselves, Wei Xun is happy to be the shopkeeper. At this moment, he is standing on the mountain wall coolly. The mountain wall of nearly forty-five degrees looks flat to his alienated body. , Wei Xun even feels that he can parkour in the mountains!

Just now, after bringing Yu and An back, Wei Xun received a message from the hotel at the same time.

[Warning: The tour guide Bing Jiu is on the path of the bones, assisting tourists to pass through the scenic spots, and violates the rules of the tour guide, hereby warn! Read ‌First offense, fined 100 points. Penalties for repeated offences will be doubled! 】

[You rescued a passenger from the brink of death, * * *I am very satisfied with you, I hope you will continue to work harder]

“This hostel has a split personality?”

Wei Xun did not have the slightest knowledge of being a hotel employee, and he spit out: “While deducting points, I hope that I will continue to work harder? The old boss is  .”

Facing the warning from the hostel, Wei Xun said-next time he would dare.

How easy it is to harm the passengers, it is more exciting to save them. Wei Xun is purely trying to add difficulty to himself. If he wants to play, he will have fun all the time!

“Quick, almost here!”

Walking in the forefront, Miao Fangfei, who was covered in muddy water, finally saw the end of the treacherous bone plank road, that was the dawn of hope! But before she laughed in surprise, her smile stiffened on her face and turned into panic.

“Hurry up–”

The voice seemed to be stuck in the throat, and it was squeezed out after a lot of effort was spent: “Run, run!”

Speaking of Miao Fangfei, she picked up the zombies and ran to the front in a panic! I don’t know what happened to the passengers in the back, but they were also taken in a daze and ran forward, ran straight to the front, and saw the scene in front of them, and their hearts instantly froze.

Those carrion corpses climbed to the front along the stone wall, pale and swollen like maggots and gathered together, gnawing the plank road like crazy! The wooden plank road shortens rapidly in their bite.

They were so violent that they would destroy the plank road, and they would never let travelers leave Wuluo Mountain with zombies!

“Run, run!”


Without urging, the passengers all speeded up and rushed to the end of the treacherous bone plank road. The slippery wooden strips under their feet were bitten by carrion, and the unstable plank road shook more and more.

Lin Xi stepped on the air, but before the weightlessness and despair came, his falling body stopped!

It was a zombie, the zombie he was carrying on his back, which happened to be supported on the rock wall, giving Lin Xi a buffer. I don’t know if it’s an illusion, the zombie’s hard arms seem to start to become soft, and the cold and dangerous aura gradually weakened, as if they also knew that these corpse chasers were sending them home.

Homecoming, homecoming!

Miao Fangfei jumped to the opposite side of the plank road, turned around and pulled Lin Xi over, followed by Wang Pengpai. He was heavier. With the zombies behind him, he stepped on a lot of wooden slats along the way. , It didn’t fall off as flexible as playing acrobatics.

“It’s time to let you go last!”

Zhao Hongtu, who followed Wang Pengpai’s back, said viciously, that he had eaten enough of Wang Pengpai’s bitterness, and he almost jumped all the way to the end. Looking back, Zhao Hongtu saw Hou Feihu stepped in the air and almost fell down. He didn’t even care to say that he was fat, and he hurriedly pulled Hou Feihu up with him.


Hou Feihu was undecided. He watched the plank road behind him screamed and screamed. When the carrion gnawed and they stepped on, all the knots near this side were broken, and the nearest stick was only half of it, and only one foot was left. Work hard, and there is a distance of nearly 1.5 meters between the mountain road to the end!

One meter and five meters, the standing long jump in school days, the distance that can easily be skipped. But now, the surface is not a playground, but a canyon hundreds of meters in the air. If you fall, you will die!



What’s more, the swollen and festering head of the carrion is still gnawing the plank road, and the swollen eye sockets are swollen and the eyeballs are muddy like monsters staring at the people on the plank road, scared Yu and Hui subconsciously stepped back, giving a glance I didn’t dare to look at my feet, and those who were afraid were about to cry.

“I, I don’t—ah!!!”


Pushed fiercely by the huge force behind him, Yu and Hui rushed forward waving their arms, Wang Pengpai and Hou Feihu, who had been prepared, grabbed him and pulled Yu and Hui up.

Now on the plank road, only Yu He’an is left, but the situation is even worse. He pushed Yu and Hui with all his strength, and the plank road under his feet collapsed again. If Yu He’an was not responsive, he might have fallen straight down. .

But now the situation is still not good, and the broken plank road makes Yu He’an only retreat again, and the distance between them is close to one meter!

A distance of meters, it’s not easy to skip on a flat level, not to mention carrying heavy zombies. In the steep and steep mountains, Yu and An’s legs are soft, the plank road underfoot is shaking, and the carrion is Still biting frantically, pulling him down the abyss.

“Jump, Lao Yu, please jump!”

Wang Peng burst into flames, most of his body leaned out of the mountain road, and howled: “Hurry up, we will catch you!”

“Jump, Yu Hean, jump!”

Everyone saw the danger of Yu He’an, and all anxious hearts became angry. Yu Hehui, who was slowing down, rushed forward. This time his eyes were red but he didn’t cry anymore. Knowing his brother’s fear of heights, he shouted:

“Brother don’t look down, look in my eyes! You can jump, jump, jump!”

Jump, jump.

But at this time, the teammates’   ran into a ball of meaningless notes in Yu He’an’s ears. He was soft and black in front of his eyes. The zombies behind him seemed to be getting heavier and heavier, and he couldn’t breathe.

‘Brother jump! Don’t look below–‘

Yes, it’s Hehui’s voice, but this is how people are. The more he says he won’t let him look at it, but the more Yu Hean can’t help it, he glances at his feet.

Seeing the swollen and terrifying face of the carrion leaning back!

Yu Hean shuddered, but the next moment he saw the carrion biting the plank road and nowhere to focus. After falling down, he was swallowed by darkness in a blink of an eye, without even making a sound.

Yu Hean knew that he should jump forward and jump vigorously, but it was the same as when he was hit by a car on the road, his consciousness and body separated, and the person stopped in place for an instant, completely unable to move.

He can’t move, his whole body is rusty, completely unable to move.

Yu Hean couldn’t help shaking his body, and almost fell like a carrion.

“Brother, brother–!”

Yu Hean shook his body and almost paralyzed Yu Hehui. His brain was blank, dumbfounded, his lips trembled, and his body was enveloped by great fear. He couldn’t tell for a while, like a lump of mud. .

Until someone walked past him and kicked him aside who was in the way. Yu Hehui rolled all over with muddy water, but suddenly came to his senses. Seeing the thin figure who was walking towards the break and carrying the flag of the tour guide, somehow Yu Hehui’s tears burst out.

At this time, he couldn’t say anything, he just kept kowtow, kowtow to Bing Jiu desperately.

Save brother, please, save brother!

“Yu Hean.”

Who is it, who is calling him.

“Why haven’t you come here yet?”

Bing Jiu tilted his head slightly, and the sound of questions pierced through the sound of rain and rotting corpses, screaming in everyone’s ears.

It seems that he is simply wondering why Yu Hean is left behind.

Yu He An Hunxun raised his eyes. When he saw the guide flag that was still bright red in the dark, his eyes burst out with a beast-like light, which was the light of eagerness to survive.

It’s Bing Jiu, it’s Bing Jiu calling him!

Bing Jiu is so powerful and omnipotent, he will save him, just like on the plank road just now, he will save him——

“Yu Hean, we are leaving.”

Bing Jiu’s voice is gentle at first, but there is a chill that makes my heart trembling inside.

“Time is coming.”


Yu Hean’s brain was in a mess. He opened his mouth and his throat trembled. He wanted to beg Bingjiu to save him, and begged him not to give up, but he couldn’t tell. For some reason, when Bingjiu’s eyes were right, those pleadings were so difficult to express, and only ashamed.

It was his own fault, he was too weak and dragged down the brigade.

Director Bing has rescued him once, how embarrassed he, how can he drive again.

“Is this still asking! He can’t jump!”

The impatient Zhao Hongtu couldn’t help but yelled, his anxious eyes seemed to be able to pop out sparks: “Fuck, jump quickly, Yu Hean, time is running out!”

“The distance is too far, Lao Yu can’t jump with a zombie on his back.”

Miao Fangfei suppressed the anxiety and looked at Bingjiu secretly: “If, if someone can help him on the mountain wall–”

There was an abnormal change in Bing Jiu. Miao Fangfei didn’t know it was, but Miao Fangfei saw the scene where he stood firmly on the sloping mountain wall just now. If, if Bing Jiu can be willing to help Yu Hean, he can give a lift midway, maybe he can—

“Do you want me to help you, Yu Hean.”

Wei Xun looked at the desperate Yu He’an from behind the bronze mask. His tone seemed to be concerned, but in reality he was so cold and cold. Like the whispers of the devil, people will only be deceived by the ambiguous and affectionate appearance, but will ignore the thin banter in ‌.

Wei Xun paused, and when everyone was hoping to look at him, he vomited a cruel :

“It’s a pity that the hostel does not allow tour guides to help travelers-I have been punished for saving you just now.”


“how so!”

Miao Fangfei and others lost their voices in shock, Zhao Hongtu looked at Bing Jiu in disbelief, and Yu Hean’s body trembled even more. No one thought that Bing Jiu would say this, but no one doubted the truthfulness of his words-Bing Jiu didn’t need to lie!

“No wonder, no wonder.”

Xu Chen muttered to herself, her face was ugly, Miao Fangfei opened her eyes, but couldn’t say to ask the Bing Nine Gang to help Yu He’an. Yu Hehui gritted his teeth and wiped away the tears, yelling from there: “Brother jump, come on!”

“It’s too late!”

“It’s twelve fifty, and you have ten minutes.”

Wei Xun said softly, seeming to sigh: “Yu Hean, you have to catch up with you.”

“If you want to survive the journey, you can’t be weak.”

Yeah, Bing Jiu is right. If you want to survive this fucking journey, you have to work hard to keep up!

After saying this, Yu Hean trembled all over on the plank road. He lowered his head. Wei Xun didn’t say more, he turned and walked back.

The change affected his personality. Just now, Wei Xun gave only hope and then despair, and transferred the contradiction to the hostel. ‌Cunning and wicked like a devil, unkind, playing with people’s hearts.

It’s a pity, if Yu Hean is , he will not be able to achieve all the members to survive.

Wei Xun thought indifferently, but if he moved again, I am afraid that he would receive more than the warning from the hotel.

Although it’s a pity, if Yu Hean can’t skip it by himself——

He can only die.

“Yu Hean——!”


Just as Wei Xun just turned around, one after another screams suddenly came from behind him.

“Yu Hean——!!!”

He looked back and saw that Yu He’an roared and jumped fiercely, with scarlet eyes, rushing towards this side desperately!

‘Don’t leave me, don’t leave me! ‘

When Bing Jiu turned around, the great fear overwhelmed the despair in Yu He An’s heart. He subconsciously wanted to chase after him, but he lowered his head to see the dizzy valley, and his legs and feet began to weaken again.

But at this moment, Yu He’an only had the back of Bing Jiu leaving. He didn’t blame Bing Jiu, his hero, his savior, and he was even punished by the hostel just now to save him——

There is such a good tour guide!

The heart numb from the dark journeys began to jump again, and strange impulses burst from the bottom of my heart. Unknown power surged from the bottom of Yu He An’s heart, quickly injecting new vitality into his limbs and body, even surpassing the fear of height.

Stay alive.

I want to live, I can live, live to repay my gratitude, live with Bing Jiu!

Yu He’an stepped back, gritted his teeth, and stamped his feet on the plank road anxiously, like a bull whose head is in desperation.

Leave this ghost party alive!

When the plank road under his feet became more and more unstable, Yu Hean roared like crazy, and jumped to the finish line with a run-up!


I want to live with Bing Jiu! !


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