TTG Chapter 200

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 200: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (35)

Zhou Xiyang carefully inspected every inch of the ground and found no trace of excavation.

“It’s said that on weekdays, I practice paper for a long time. I should speak well every time. As a result, I’m still a quadratic master paper!”

Half life over there is training in the white sky. According to Yun Lianghan, the monsters drilled from the ground swallowed Bai Xiaotian, and half his life was scared to three souls. He took good care of Bai Xiaotian from top to bottom. He was worried that he hated iron and didn’t make steel in the past.

What if it’s a white sky and a long dead day!

Although I have experienced the death of relatives and friends on the journey many times, I also have half my life. But half life can’t be so broad and can’t bear to die.

“Half life, come here.”

As soon as Bai Xiaotian survived the crisis of life and death, he was scolded disorderly. He was still wet and not dry. He looked pathetic. But Zhou Xiyang didn’t have time to think about it. He went to the position pointed out by Yun Lianghan and drew a circle with a baton on on the ground with a diameter of about meters.

“It takes seven seconds from the sunset stone reaction to our arrival here.”

In seven seconds, the monster drilled out of the ground to attack, swallowed Bai Xiaotian, spit him out, and then filled all the earth and green bricks when he slipped away.

This is a fast speed.

If it weren’t for Yun Lianghan’s correction, no one would have thought that a monster had drilled out under the flat green bricks and land.

Moreover, the monster’s drilling location is behind Bai Xiaotian, that is to say, it can detect the position of the monster on the ground when it is underground, but Yun Lianghan and Bai Xiaotian didn’t find it.

Thinking of this, Yun Lianghan was afraid of being long. He was standing where Bai Xiaotian had stood just now, and the one that was almost swallowed was him.

He may not have good luck!

“Xiao Tian, what does it look like?”

Although Zhou Xiyang has interrogated Yun Lianghan once, and Yun Lianghan also cooperates, he believes Bai Xiaotian’s statement more.

Bai Xiaotian, who had been trained for a long time by half life Gao, was a little numb. He looked at Zhou Xiyang and seemed to take a deep breath.


“What’s cold? Make it clear.”

Half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life. What is the cold length of this shot.

Bai Xiaotian’s body is slippery and mucus is very cold, as if he had been frozen in the freezer!


Zhou Xiyang wrung his eyebrows and pondered, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life, half life

The monster’s mouth is cold. It should be cold. Generally speaking, they are afraid of heat and fire. Swallow the long white sky and spit it out. The first reaction of half life is Zhou Xiyang’s sunset stone.

The alarm state of sunset stone will send out a lot of light and heat to form a protective cover. The monster was probably stimulated by the sunset stone and spit Bai Xiaotian out of his mouth.

Half life here is pressing Bai Xiaotian’s thanks, and the cloud Lianghan is stunned.


He remembered that when the monster appeared, the temperature of the whole space seemed to increase?

However, the situation was too chaotic at that time. Yun Lianghan was full of horror and panic at that time, but he didn’t pay attention to these. And Bai Xiaotian, who has entered the monster’s mouth, has more say – he can’t lie to Zhou Xiyang and them.

Zhou Xiyang asked him first and then Bai Xiaotian. Obviously, he didn’t trust him.

Yun Lianghan’s mouth was long and he didn’t speak. He was alert in his heart – this monster is likely to make him feel confused or have the ability to form an illusion.

Otherwise, it’s cold. How can he feel hot.

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes narrowed slightly. When he asked Bai Xiaotian, he didn’t forget to observe Yun Lianghan and noticed the subtle expression change of Yun Lianghan.

I’ll try him again later. The boy has absolutely nothing to say.

“Team Zhou, what monster does he say it will be?”

Just made the inference that “the monster in the underground palace is most likely the white old lady”. I’m not sure.

“No, there’s a snake, a dragon, a dragon. That monster is golden.”

The monster’s watch is golden yellow and long. It has a bone bulge like a horn. This is the clue provided by Yun Lianghan.

“The Dragon transformed from the dragon vein and the snake devouring the dragon vein are all golden dragons and golden snakes.”

It is the corresponding length that makes the half life so afraid. If there is a golden Python who betrays his ancestors and devours the dragon vein underground, the situation is tricky. The other party’s target is likely to be the ancestor of the White Snake and will definitely attack the performance of the legend of the white snake!

“Not necessarily.”

Zhou Xiyang pondered. He squatted down, pulled out his waist saber and knocked on the ground.

An iron like mud army knife can easily cut a crack in the nearby floor tile. In any case, it can’t leave any scars on the green brick in the circle with a diameter of two meters that the monster recovers.

High hardness and long length.

“Half life, remember the year-end celebration five years ago?”

“Does it mean that the operation site was in the abyss node of the Western District?”

“Half life” subconsciously made a tired expression: “God, that’s a disaster.”

The year-end celebration was a long one. It was clearly not the node of ten years. It was the same as the great clean-up. In the final analysis, people in the western district are playing tricks and are unable to compare their points. They simply lead to terrorist monsters in the abyss and want to hunt and kill high score passengers.

As a result, the game broke down, meaning that it led to the king of the monster, and the organizations that participated in the year-end celebration were seriously hit by it. Although he didn’t participate in the celebration at the end of that year, an Xuefeng and the way home were in the East. The west side is miserable.

He claimed that he would never get hurt or die, but was swallowed up by the king of monsters.

Although the celebration ended at the end of the year and the dispute between the lizard Duke and the black widow was in full swing, S1 unexpectedly intended to return. But at that time, he not only changed the color of his long cloak, but also became the “devourer”. Some people said that he fought with the powerful monster king at the abyss node, and finally swallowed up the other party.

But the Devourer has changed too much. The former extradition was ghost alienation, but the Devourer was not. The Devourer claims to have forgotten the long Xu thing. He was born from death, and everything is a new beginning. The hotel still admits that he is a tour guide, but the time of joining the hotel has been recalculated, just like the reborn.

Is it the resurrection of the Devourer or the monster wearing a long skin?

Not only did Pang Yu suspect that the organization “extradition of the dead”, which he had personally established before, also openly questioned. They firmly believed that it was not the former leader who returned, but the monster.

However, this eventually became an unsolved mystery. The Alliance for the extradition of the dead was dissolved, and a large number of people in it did not know where to go‘ Extradition has also become a secret name of the senior management of the hotel. All information about him has disappeared, and the rest have today’s “new” S1 Devourers.

“This kind will drill out from the ground, puddles and rocks, attack and devour prey silently, and then clean up the traces of  after drilling back. At first  it looks like  a strangely missing monster…”

Zhou Xiyang and banming looked at each other, and they both showed each other’s serious dignity.


In fact, abyssal worms also have the above characteristics. However, worms can drill sand, gravel and soil. Unlike slim, they can drill everything.

However, there are worms in the abyss. They are all primitive species. They have a strong sense of territory and can’t come out easily. Unless they are domesticated from childhood, they are difficult to be tamed by them.

For a moment, Zhou Xiyang thought about it very much. He even thought about whether it would be C250 to raise a long worm – impossible.

The abyss worm may exist in the abyss, and the worm eggs are all in the deepest worm nest of the territory. Even an team doesn’t have this thing!

Yes, even if there is C250, it is at least a long time after drunk in Western Hunan. It’s only about a month from now.

In a month, how can worms grow to swallow white Xiaole? It’s at least five or six meters long. It’s definitely not childhood.

The growth rate of worms is slower than that of other magic insects, especially in the infancy from shell breaking to rapid development, which is no smaller than that of earthworms.

In the original state, this period of infancy will last for several years, or even more than ten years. The worm’s infancy will be shortened, but it will last at least about a year.

No matter what they eat in their infancy, worms can’t grow big and long. After entering the rapid development period, the worm will grow rapidly. 61246. However, it takes countless years to build a giant as long as hundreds of meters or even nearly kilometers

Unless there are leaders of the abyss system who do not hesitate to feed with their own energy, it is impossible to shorten their infancy. And this guy has to be a big guy, at least at the * * level——

Zhou Xiyang thought suddenly and his expression was a little subtle.

** *, C250, irrigated at the source of energy.

The three are strange together, which makes Zhou Xiyang uneasy.

Can’t you?

“Hum, I’ll kill the Devourer.”

“Half life” sneered: “this is the best time for him to make a move. Isn’t it the best excuse to say ‘increasing the difficulty of scenic spots’?”

The examiner’s authority is here, and they have macro control over the whole assessment. Although the scenic spot task itself is more difficult because of the assessment of the tour guide leader, if the examiner decides that the strength of the tour guide and tourists still exceeds the scenic spot task and can not play the role of “assessment”, he can also increase the difficulty privately.

“Golden. The slim on his shoulder is golden. It’s blatant. I bah.”

Half life is a series of curses. The monster sneaks into Bai Xiaotian, and half life is a long fire.

Shrem can deform at will, and it’s no problem to pull the long strip in a ball shape. Half life is right. The Devourer is more likely to do it.

Zhou Xiyang pressed the uneasy speculation to the bottom of his heart. He gently looked at Bai Xiaotian and comforted him, but he looked at it in the depths of his eyes.

If the Devourer did it, why did he choose Bai Xiaotian first? What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you look half life.

Difficult to say——

In fact, he is a person who hides his strength and enters the brigade as Bai Xiaotian?

“Gather the passengers and tell them about it.”

Zhou Xiyang quietly took back his eyes and told him, “monsters will attack us and others. Be careful tonight.”

Be careful when you go to the performance, and be careful when you stay to guard the coffin.

The passengers soon gathered in the side hall where the coffin was stopped. Zhou Xiyang said this, and the faces of the people looked different. But the next moment, on October 10, she said coldly that she was almost swallowed.

Her words caused an uproar. October 10 is a super four-star, which is the strongest in the brigade. If she will also be swallowed, there are dangers in the brigade!

For a moment, all the people in the East looked at the people in the West.

October 10 and Bai Xiaotian, one strong and one weak, were attacked by long underground monsters. Their only feature is that they are all Eastern!

It’s just a monster sneak attack. Do you still stare at the sneak attack on the east side?

“Team Xie Zhou told us the news.”

Just then MIA stood out and said sincerely, “we also have equal news to return to you.”

“At the entrance from the first floor to the second floor of the underground palace, I met Changyi baotoad demon. The demon mistakenly thought I was a wolf demon. It happened that the toad had a good relationship with the wolf demon. I got Changyi information from it.”

In fact, it’s a task. It’s said that the “treasure toad” went to the third floor of the underground palace to attend the meeting of old lady Bai. Before leaving, he kept the children (tadpole demon) in a long cornucopia for the time being. But when he came back, he was surprised and angry to find that his cornucopia was still in place, but the children were all mysteriously missing!

Even the rootless water it contained in the basin was completely drunk!

What’s more irritating is that the attacker didn’t leave any information at all. Before leaving, Bao toad deliberately sealed the hole with mucus. At the moment, the mucus at the hole is still intact, and the children are not long!

Mia was also able to receive this task by coincidence. There was dragon breath interference in the underground palace. The treasure toad could not contact the child through normal channels, and even their life and death were uncertain. Bao toad promised that if she could find information about the attacker and find her children, she would introduce MIA to old lady Bai.

This is equivalent to choosing the camp. Of course, Mia didn’t say it all. It means the strange disappearance of the baby toad.

“The attackers are not only against us, but also unfriendly to the demons in the underground palace.”

Mia seems to be reporting important information, but she is actually explaining for the West. Of course, she doesn’t know what Zhou Xiyang and they are doubting at the moment. But – if he is the Devourer, he can’t send king shrem to steal the tadpole demon.

Is the cornucopia not like a toad, stealing tadpole demons and drinking rootless water?

This is also too obscene and long. It is by no means what the Devourer will do.

“Does anyone have any special hobbies? Playing life means that they may secretly learn hundreds of sun carols.”

Half life’s wife whispered in a strange voice, but both he and the rest kept Mia’s words in mind. If MIA hadn’t lied, stealing tadpoles and drinking water shouldn’t have been done by the Devourer.

It’s like C 250.

Don’t think about the Devourer. Zhou Xiyang is thinking about C250. Mingming Cuidao Ansheng is right to stay in the room. He always feels like Cuidao’s shadow in everything.

The truth is PTSD.

But if Cui leads, he shouldn’t start with Bai Xiaotian and October 10.

So it shouldn’t be him.

“It’s still an hour from eight o’clock. Let’s determine the person who will wake the coffin first.”

Zhou Xiyang waved away his thoughts and made a sound of silence.

The coffin needs 24-hour continuous vigil. There must be a sanitary performance this time. But guarding the coffin doesn’t mean it’s safe. The underground monster sounded an alarm for you.

“Who wants to -”

“I’ll come.”

The first one to speak was Augustus!

* *

“Ha, I’m afraid Augustus will be exposed this time.”

Meckel became a six tailed civet cat and walked briskly in the depths of the underground palace. The scenic spot tasks they received from Cuidao were different from those of tourists from another camp.

Half life, they were performing, and Meckel and Augustus were involved in the shadow play. They will appear in the second half of the performance at nine o’clock, hide behind white cloth, pretend to be shadow puppets and attack passengers.

Some monsters in the underground palace will fight with them. The goal is to catch white deer. It is said that the white snake in the legend of the white snake is the spirit snake under the mountain god hundreds of years ago. It died in the underground palace, and the spirit bones were stolen by the old demons who occupied the underground palace first.

The story of the white snake is directed and performed by the old demons. When they hear the news of the white snake spirit bone, the pure white deer will not sit idly by and let the white snake spirit bone be defiled by demons. .

“Catch white deer? You think so.”

Meckel is laughing. White deer is now taking refuge in changbing250. The old demons want to kill white deer. That’s pure beauty. When they come to Meckel, they may have to pay a long time, a scholar, a soldier and all the spirit bones of the white snake.

“Augustus should fight for the spiritual throne.”

Meckel said to himself, “in this way, he can separate from the passenger army.

However, the wake is at least a wake. Zhou Xiyang cannot send a wake in the western district. Augustus’s wake is most likely to be allocated to his partner on October 10. Therefore, if Augustus wants to leave, he will definitely be killed in October. He’ll be exposed tonight in the monster camp.

“This scenic spot will be completely divided into camps.”

Mei Ke’er sighed that the monster camp now has health, which is really too little. Yes, it’s really the best opportunity. To be fair, Meckel thinks that the three wolves in the West may be divided into the monster camp. At that time, he Meckel will be alone.

Fortunately, he was the first to be separated and had time to organize his own forces.

Meckel speeds up. He’s going to take Zhuyeqing with him tonight. After all, they are all snakes. When they meet their ancestors, Dai Qingqi may have unexpected effects——

“What is this?”

The civet cat suddenly stopped and was suspicious.

On the ground in front of him was a handful of tender yellow bananas.

The “cave house” under Meckel’s strength is on the second floor of the underground palace, which is closer to the entrance of the third floor. The more down, the stronger the monster is. In fact, Meckel can go further, but there are white old lady and great demons on the third floor. Meckel is afraid not to go.

The forces closest to the entrance of the third floor are cave spiders and monkey spirits. This kind of monkey is tall and thin, with slender limbs. When standing upright, it is very similar to a monkey. Some explorers took pictures of the back of “Lin Zhongye”, which was actually a spider monkey.

Cave spider monkey is not as timid and gentle as the brothers in the forest, but has a bad temper. When the forces of Meckel came in, the monkeys roared at them like dogs and threw feces at them very savagely.

it’s not Meckel who beat up the spiders and monkeys. I’m afraid their residence has long been flooded with feces. But Meckel left a long way to go. After all, behind these cave spider monkeys is the old lady white.

Spider monkey is just a knife of old lady Bai. It’s a long test. There’s no need to entangle with them.


It’s really strange that bananas appear in the underground palace. As soon as Meckel found out, he thought it was a trap set by the cave spider monkey and walked around directly. Sure enough, before Meckel returned to the house, the spider like black monkey spirits appeared.

“Roar -!”

The leader monkey barked at Meckel indiscriminately, and other monkey spirits were eager to try, like throwing feces. But they seem to have just returned from the white old lady on the third floor. They are all clean and have no dung with them. Meckel didn’t bother to pay attention to them, so she jumped onto a tall stone carving and lay there leisurely——

Because Meckel found something wrong. The banana didn’t seem to be set by the cave spider monkey spirits. This group of monkeys with low IQ did not hide their greed and ecstasy for bananas. After the leader threatened to roar at Meckel, he immediately sent his confidants to swagger to get bananas.

If that kind of impatient posture is disguised, they will not be so savage as to attack with feces. They are in the underground palace controlled by old lady Bai. They are backed by old lady Bai. It is impossible for him to do anything to them.

It’s not the trap set by the cave spider monkey. Who could it be?

Merkel had a foreboding feeling.

The bananas on the ground were too big. Seven or eight spiders and monkeys grabbed a handful of bananas and pulled them hard – but they couldn’t pull them up.

The spiders and monkeys used all kinds of methods to roar and force, but they couldn’t get the ‘Banana’ from the ground, roaring angrily. Other monkeys waiting to eat bananas couldn’t sit still. They rushed in a crowd. The spider monkey leader was grumpy and roared at the front, pushed away his confidants and pulled out the bananas by himself.

Suddenly, it seems to feel something wrong. Why can’t the banana be pulled out? But it’s too late now.

The earth suddenly sank without warning. Meckel suddenly stood up. His cat’s eyes widened and his hair exploded. He saw an extremely terrible scene – these tender yellow ‘bananas’ were actually the tentacles of terrible monsters. The sinking ground is its big mouth!

Spider monkeys have a characteristic, that is, they are not willing to put down what they catch, even when they are in danger. But they will never let go of those bananas. However, in seconds, more than ten spider monkey spirits were quietly swallowed up and disappeared. The most frightening thing is that the monster completely restored the ground when it left!

It’s like spiders and monkeys disappear out of thin air.


Meckel’s pupil shrinks into a vertical line, the whole cat is tightly attached to the wall behind her, and her heart is breaking open. 61??

What scares Meckel most is that he is completely unaware that there are monsters in the depths of the earth! Moreover, the monster obviously has a certain IQ, and the ‘Banana’ is its bait.

How dare it swallow the spider monkey essence under the white old lady!

What’s the origin of this monster? Meckel went to the mouth of its abyss. It is tender yellow and can use its tentacles to camouflage bananas to trap prey. Meckel first ruled out the long abyss worms – these big worms living underground are black, white and gray, and would never have such a beautiful yellow.

Moreover, there can be no abyss worms here!


Meckel murmured. He didn’t touch the ground all the way back to his power territory. He jumped back on all kinds of statues and sacrificial pots.

The whole underground palace is in chaos. There is a dragon breath under it and thunder rolling on it. The sense of monsters has been reduced to the lowest. On weekdays, the spiders and monkeys disappear out of thin air. The old demons in the underground palace will definitely die for the first time, but now they die quietly.

It’s like an alternative snowstorm villa.

Are there so few monsters disappearing quietly in this underground palace?

Meckel shuddered and worried in her eyes.

Not only because of the monsters hidden underground, but also because once the monsters are known by the old demons, if they don’t find the monsters, they are likely to conflict with the brigade!

Fortunately, I’m with director Cui.

Meckel comforted herself.

The more chaotic the situation is, the more safe it will be. This is the “reason” summarized by tourists through the first scenic spots.

“Team Zhou, they have bad luck.”

They will definitely be unlucky to follow the devil dealer or the tour guide who is undergoing the team leader assessment.

* *

The conflict happened faster than Meckel thought.

At 7:30 p.m., Zhou Xiyang and his party were about to go to the east side hall to perform, when he was blocked by a group of monsters.

“Cave spider monkey spirit missing? It has nothing to do with us.”

Zhou Xiyang calmed down: “our brigade has always stayed on the first floor of the underground palace and never went down. The cave spider monkey spirit is on the second floor.”

“Except for the long people, no one in the underground palace dares to touch the little animals raised by Grandma!”

His face was covered with long brown hair, and the monsters who could not show their original shape were grumpy and roaring.

Cave spider monkey spirits have low IQ. Although they call themselves demons, they are just animals in the eyes of serious demons. But that’s also the beast raised by old lady Bai!

“Yes! Return my children quickly!”

A big yellow toad was deafening and croaked, “children, my children!”

“And the badger leader’s family also disappeared!”

“There’s no sign of the white fairy! (pigeon spirit)”

“The young general in yellow robe is gone too! (roe deer spirit)”

As soon as the monsters yelled, the passengers with dignified faces could not cry or laugh when they realized that the matter was serious.

“Please, will we blink? Kill such a demon in an afternoon?”

Half life make complaints about the devil, and the devil’s heart is a little harsh. This afternoon, he lost consciousness for nearly an hour. After recovering, he found that he had a completely stripped spider monkey skin and a spider monkey who had died long ago. The fatal wound was in the throat. A knife cut the throat without hurting the skin.

The spider monkey comes from the back. It works like a cat. Tonight is a shadow play. Mr. Skinner can’t help it.

If you peel the spider monkey today, you may peel other monkeys tomorrow, but the devil merchant is very calm – because he can’t afford all the passengers in the brigade. Even if Mr. Skinner controls his body, his strength still cannot be crossed.

The only danger is Xiaocui, but Xiaocui has an imperial mask, and Mr. Skinner is most unlikely to hurt him.

Mr. Skinner will soon find that he can’t peel himself. Finally, he can peel the devil dealer’s own skin – but the devil dealer is ghost and has no skin.

To some extent, the team leader passed the assessment very well. “Devil’s business” leads tourists to live through scenic spots with increased difficulty, even if they are successful. As for the devil dealer, he can learn a few things from this scenic spot and Mr. Skinner, and whether he can understand the new title is that he is cruel to himself.

Killing the long cave spider monkey spirit may attract the hatred of the old lady white, but it happened that she killed the whole family of the long cave spider monkey spirit at this time, and obviously there was no clue, which made the devil merchant feel that she was lucky.

Especially when you are surrounded by monsters, the rescue will be long.

“Why is it blocked here?”

When Wei Xun arrived with Tianhu Yu Hehui, white deer demon and yellow robed ancestor Xiaoxue, he attracted the eyes of Changyou demon. They dare to block Zhou Xiyang’s road and Wei Xun, even if there is a white deer behind him.

Because the flame leaping from Wei Xun’s fingertips is the fire of samadhi!

Nezhaling didn’t like to stay underground and not in the underground palace, but this wisp of samadhi fire was enough to frighten the monsters. What’s more, it’s still in harmony with the underground dragon, and it’s more natural to punish lightning.

Even if he seems to be weak, the big demons dare not provoke him at all.

No, No.

“Grandma Bai arrives -”

Just when the situation was in an awkward situation, a clear and clear cry sounded, and I saw a white dove essence as white as jade flying and falling on the ground, turning into a white woman with a head and a beautiful smile.

But the arrival of the pigeon spirit embarrassed the goblins even more.

“White fairy, you’re all right.”

Some monster is embarrassed.

It turns out that the white fairy is not missing. She is guguchang.

It’s a long time now, and they have no reason to block these people – who knows if other missing monsters are also long?

“The children are naughty, which makes my husband laugh.”

Except for the white fairy bulletin, old lady Bai did not engage in any big battle. She looked at Wei Xun like a kind-hearted old man. Her eyes were full of kindness and joy: “the fire of samadhi of the third prince is still very powerful.”

“Brother, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear you praise him.”

Wei xunxiao. When he told Nezha Ling that he was his brother, old lady Bai smiled more kindly and sighed, “it’s all a misunderstanding, but it’s good for you. There are long and strange things in the underground palace. Many young people are really missing. Sir, you should pay attention to them.”

“Just call me Xiaocui.”

Wei Xun nodded and looked at the devil merchant. Xiao Cui, this is an easy-to-use devil merchant who is too lazy to greet. Wei Xun stepped forward to negotiate. Wei Xun stepped back and thought about his own affairs.

“Yo Yo.”

The white deer, who was a little anxious, did not dare to defend Xun, so he wore a long white weasel. The stoat impatiently pushed away his clothes and hesitated – he didn’t dare disturb Wei Xun, so he tiptoed and gently pulled the long sleeves of Yu Hehui.

Yu Hehui has a long history, but he doesn’t disturb Wei Xun now. But after the devil merchant had negotiated with the demons, they arrived at the east side hall together with the demons. After sitting in front of the stage, Yu hehuicai patted Chang on the back of Wei Xun’s hand.

“To location?”

Wei Xun, who had been thinking for a long time, came back and took out a handful of insect eggs and planted them under the East Hall.

“I think the white snake spirit can still be saved.”

Yu Hehui and Wei xunmi talked: “the east side hall has a strong aura.”

The aura is very strong and has not dispersed, indicating that the spirit has the opportunity to condense again. Although the old demons took away the long white snake spirit bone, they didn’t take it out of the mountain god underground palace. They should be afraid.

Dun Chang, dun, Yu Hehui: “Lingshen and Polygonum multiflorum are probably certain, but Taisui has not been found yet. Its favorite place for Reiki gathering may grow in or near the spirit bone of the white snake.”

The White Deer demon wants to find the spirit bone for the White Snake tonight. He doesn’t hesitate to use his antlers and the newly grown spirit antler as the price and begged Wei Xun to help him.

Although Wei Xun should come down for a long time, Yu Hehui felt that Wei Xun was rarely absent-minded. Ling antler and antler Wei xunquan gave Chang Yu Hehui to eat. He was thinking about something.

Just as old lady Bai appeared just now, Wei Xun could never have said a word and kept silent with a little deterrence.

“What are you thinking?”

The stage in the middle of the east side hall is not clear when it will be cleaned. The white cloth screen reflected by dozens of oil cleaning lamps is very bright and long, and the side of the 1m high cloth screen is covered with green pine and cypress mountain stones, as if it were.

The performance will begin soon. The first ten minutes were warm-up. There are shadow puppet pigs, cattle, sheep, deer, cranes and other animals reflected on the white cloth screen in turn. They are the same size as the animals. Their figures toss and jump on the cloth screen, sometimes turning into animals. The performance is wonderful, which aroused a burst of cheering in the hall. Even the old lady white is smiling and clapping.

Is it a shadow puppet or a monster?

The passengers stared at the screen and wrote down every animal that appeared on it.

On the first day, I watched the play, on the second day, I made a shadow play, and on the third day, I performed a shadow play. According to the Convention of the hotel, this performance is very likely to be “restoration”.

The monsters that appear on the screen of shadow play today may have to be skinned tomorrow to make shadow play.

This scenic spot will be completely divided into camps within the brigade. Everyone has this consensus.

“I was thinking… It was too late for me to find out something.”

“Besides, I don’t really want to stop it.”

Wei Xun sighed that the meaning revealed in the discourse was very contradictory. Before Yu Hehui could make a deep guess, he heard Wei xunmi say, “think of a way. Even if there are pieces of meat with long corn shoots, they can’t find me at all. Can you do it?”

“Well… Yes, I can.”

Yu Hehui: “find Lingshen and take a ginseng leaf. When the time comes, take the ginseng leaf with you. No one can find it in any way. ”

But the corn shoots are still small. What does Wei Xun want it to do?

“The abyss worm has a long childhood, at least one year…”

“Alas, it’s too long. It’s too late.”

Indeed, if Wei Xun wanted to use corn shoots for this year-end celebration, it would be too late – but Yu Hehui keenly felt that Wei Xun was not talking about a distant year-end celebration.

It’s something right in front of you.

Sure enough, I heard Wei Xun’s Melancholy: “it’s too late to save the spirit. Is there any way to work now… Right.”

Yu Hehui listened to Wei Xun suddenly lift his spirits and was in high spirits. “The smell of the * * abyss on the corn shoots is very heavy,” he said. Is there a way to hide my breath under the breath of the * * abyss? ”

Yu Hehui almost stopped beating.

Why does the corn shoot smell like an abyss? Listening to Wei Xun’s tone, the breath is still strong??

Wei Xun, what does he do?! No – wait!

Yu Hehui suddenly remembered the pile of * * smelling soil dug by Wei Xun and thrown by the corn shoot pottery pot!

No, no?!

** * is it to melt the long and little abyss breath into Wei Xun?? Can keep the abyss worm through its infancy?? It shouldn’t be! No, no, maybe Wei Xun’s own abyss breath works together. After all, the mud Wei Xun dug is actually his “flesh and blood”. If the two add up, that is to say——

“Corn shoots, spend a long time in infancy?”

Thinking of the “disappearance” of those monsters, Yu Hehui had an ominous premonition in his heart.

“That’s right.”

Wei Xun.

After all, Xiaocui started the long-term breeding mode and was full of life. She didn’t want to give Wei Xun thousands of mutant eggs for long-term food except for long-term food and eating. It was normal that she didn’t notice the situation of corn shoots.

Wei Xun was also true. Unexpectedly, it was too late to notice.

Who could have thought that one afternoon, the corn shoots would secretly climb Duang Lang (bigger) ♪?!

“Yes, I’ll just blend in the smell of * *.”

Wei Xun came up with a good idea. The spirit is integrated into an Xuefeng’s breath to indirectly master the fire of Samadhi. Wei Xun is also familiar with this aspect.

It happens that * * stays with him as a job, and he can melt another wave of * * breath into his body. Naturally, don’t worry. Even if you catch the long corn shoots, you can definitely find the smell of * *.

“Cultivate Xiaotang mountain for thousands of years and protect the holy mountain year after year. Today, the earth sinks into the Dragon pulse. Be careful to treat the teacher!”*

After ten minutes of warm-up, other monsters withdrew one after another, leaving the white deer and white snake still. Seeing the white cloth screen shaking, the lights shaking, and the urgent music, it suddenly deduces a scene of mountain shaking, earthquake, earth subsidence and sky collapse. The “teacher” in their mouth naturally refers to the mountain god.

The stones of the pine and cypress mountains were broken and rolled down. The white deer and white snake panicked in the chaos, kept calm and helped the mountain creatures. But I don’t know why the Mountain God hasn’t returned. This scene really worries me.



Half life, I don’t understand and mutter:

“This should be a white snake. Why is it yellow?”

When I saw the white screen picture, the “White Snake” was twisting vigorously, but it was a bright yellow color!


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