TTG Chapter 201

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 201: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (36)

“Yellow snake?”

Zhou Xiyang remained calm and glanced across the whole white screen.

Shadow puppets are not “shadow without color”, but they have a lot of rich colors. As long as the white screen is thin enough, the shadow puppets will show their body color when they are close to the screen, but most shadow puppets are also dyed with five solid and bright transparent pigments of red, yellow, cyan, green and black, with magnificent and moving colors*

If the White Snake and the white cloth screen are both white, there should be a circle of black or cyan hook edges to show the snake state, or “only make the shadow shadow of the snake outline, with the inside hollowed out. When the light shines on the past, only the edge will be displayed, and the hollowed out inside will show the color of the white cloth screen, so it is called” White Snake “.

The “White Deer” shadow puppet on the white cloth screen is like this.

… at least it should not be replaced by “yellow snake”.

Old lady Bai sat in the front seat. Zhou Xiyang couldn’t see her expression, but she was also keen that the monsters in the audience seemed to whisper.

Only a few of Mrs. White’s confidants knew that the performance was specially made for catching White Deer demons, but most of these demons were guarded behind the white screen. The monsters in the audience didn’t know about it, and they also felt that the snake demon on the white cloth screen was strange.

“No wonder the spirit snake serving the mountain god has a dragon snake.”

A little demon who looked knowledgeable showed off: “you see, the scales of the snake are golden and shining like gold. It must be quenched with the Qi of the Dragon pulse. Over time, it will be a real dragon…”

“So it is!”

A demon suddenly realized: “it seems that this play has a wrong start. It should be called the legend of the Golden Snake.”

“Hee hee.”

“Ha ha ha.”

The coquettish little demon choked, and the goblins laughed happily. The Golden Snake passed the White Snake, and the White Snake passed the white snake. Coupled with the more and more rapid music on the stage, the whole east side hall was lively, but the expressions of the passengers were more dignified.

At this moment, the plot on the stage has already started. Four meat puppets disguise themselves as mountain god children and tell white deer and white snake that mountain god has returned to the underground palace. Sure enough, not long after the “earthquake” ended, the broken pine and cypress rocks of the original mountain came out again, and the spirit beasts in the mountain forest were running and frolicking. The whole Xiaotang mountain seemed to restore the old harmony and beauty.

But the White Deer “White Snake” waiting outside the underground palace is becoming increasingly anxious because the mountain god has completely lost the news and never came out again.

“Deer boy, don’t persuade me.”

The white snake on the white cloth screen finally couldn’t help saying goodbye to the White Deer: “I’m going down to the underground palace to find my master!”

Come on, the key play will begin soon!

Even tourists who don’t know that the White Snake died in the underground palace clearly understand that there will be an accident after the White Snake goes to the underground palace, and then there will be an important play!


“This yellow warbler is a little fat.”

Half life Taoist whispered.

After saying goodbye to the white deer, there was a monologue. “There is fog and psychedelic whereabouts in the mountains and forests around the underground palace. The ‘White Snake’ made many complex movements, showing the difficulty of finding the way and its firm will to find the mountain god.

Just when the “White Snake” was burning with anxiety, the dilemma finally turned around. When it was hungry, it wanted to hunt a yellow warbler, but the yellow warbler was a “psychic bird”. Its strength was not weak, but it taught the weak white snake a lesson. But after the lesson, Huang Ying said that he had received the grace of the mountain god. Now that the mountain god is missing, he wants to return.

Yu Luohuang led the way for the “White Snake”. The two spirit demons had a few difficulties and finally found the place where the underground palace was located. When the underground palace came out, the fog dispersed, and the sound of drum music changed. The yellow warbler flew up and down happily, and intimately pasted with the white snake to express excitement.

But the yellow warbler is really fat. It looks more like a pigeon dyed yellow.

“Grandma, this…”

The white fairy frowned and looked uneasily at the old lady. The play should be arranged as “white dove sending a message”, not as a yellow warbler. Performer: “white fairy’s compatriots and sisters!

As like as two peas on the white screen, the Yellow Oriole is exactly the same as Bai Xianzi’s sister. The white fairy has an ominous sign in her heart, but she can’t smell anything wrong – the smell and voice of the Yellow pigeon are clearly “sister!

“No hurry.”

The white old lady said slowly. Her eyes were deep black. There was an indifferent and cold light on her eyes. She was not as kind and kind as before. The white fairy shivered.

“No one can disturb the play until it reaches the most wonderful place.”

“Do you understand?”


The white fairy trembled all over and answered in a low voice. Her heart was full of sadness – her sister might have had an accident, but old lady Bai had a clear meaning. Even if there is an accident, she will let the play continue!

Not only did she seduce white deer, but she also seduced the snake spirit by repeating the old story, which made her emotional agitation, unstable aura and broken the snake bone – although old lady Bai had the snake bone, the snake bone was firmly wrapped together and could not be broken.

The snake bone has a strong aura, which is no less terrible than the ginseng essence that is about to become a spirit. Either the ginseng nest is in the spirit snake bone, or there is a spirit object hidden in the snake bone!

Mrs. white is sure of the future!

But when I saw the “White Snake” on the stage ready to go down to the underground palace, I encountered the obstruction of the koi in the pool at the gate of the underground palace — “there was a red and white Koi demon, but now the koi demon also turned golden!


“Who did it?!

In the audience, Wei Xun is very low-key, and Yu Hehui is also very low-key.

“Yo Yo –”

The White Deer raised its head anxiously and stamped its hooves, but its legs were hugged by light snow. Once it moves, light snow will warn to bite it. “Bite gently, this deer is the owner’s. Xiaoxue doesn’t dare to eat even if she craves the meat and blood of the spirit deer.

What’s more, his attitude is countless times more positive than before – he can “see with his own eyes that his master gives all the precious spirit antlers and antlers to the sky fox!


The stoat knows why many demons like to follow humans, especially those with great luck. A little thing leaked from the fingers is worth decades of hard work!

This is its chance!

“I activated the magic seed of * *.”

Wei Xun talks to Yu Hehui in secret. Time is pressing. I don’t have time to make in-depth communication with * *. I can only use magic seeds first. He doesn’t worry about the corn shoots, because all the corn shoots’ on the stage ‘are his alienated tentacles, and his corn shoots are still cunning and hidden deep underground.

In case of danger, the corn shoots will “break their tentacles and escape”. Although there is no complete contract, the various smells and genes fused in the corn shoots, except for the worm, have a contractual relationship with Wei Xun. If something goes wrong, Wei Xun can also include it in the ball of demons.

Therefore, Wei Xun only had to worry that if the tentacles of the corn shoots fell into the hands of others, others would not find them.

“Wei Xun, you’d better contract it early.”

Yu He Hui Ning said, “the abyss worm in its fast-growing period is terrible.”

Yu Hehui has never used the word “terrible” even for Xiaocui, a female insect that produces thousands of eggs a day, but it is used for corn shoots.

Look, this afternoon it still has a small strip that doesn’t understand anything, but it has become a monster more than ten meters long. You can change the shape of tentacles and become superb bait.

Yu Hehui suspected all the golden monsters in the shadow play, including the change of corn shoots and tentacles. It is very likely that if it swallows any kind of monster, it can become the appearance of that monster, and even imitate each other’s breath and voice!

Just like the evolving terrible hunter, his huge body is hidden deep underground and can lure prey with only bait. Ordinary abyss worms rarely have this talent.

This bait change definitely comes from a gene fused in the corn shoot, or some treasures it devours – but Yu Hehui seriously suspects that it is definitely related to * *.

Otherwise, it could not have evolved so fast!

There are still defects in the bait of corn shoots, so it’s all golden. But if you give it time to continue to grow and evolve, no one can see how terrible the corn shoots will grow!

“It needs some lessons.”

Looking at the “Sahuan” corn shoots behind the white paper screen, Wei Xun smiled, but he was not as anxious as Yu Hehui.

“Only when you are beaten, hurt or hit a wall will you come back to find your father.”

“Ah, but…”

But it’s still a child!

Yu Hehui didn’t realize that Wei Xun would be so calm. The abyss worm, which has just passed its infancy, is still very fragile and far from invincible as in adulthood. Because the body has been growing rapidly, it will release a lot of heat around it. As long as it feels the temperature change, it is easy to judge the hidden position of the abyss worm.

Using quick-frozen guns, quick-frozen grenades, ice storms or absolute zero ice stones can cause serious damage to it and even kill abyss worms.

Even if the corn shoots were secretly rubbed in the underground palace before, the food was a small dish and a small demon. However, it is dangerous to be noticed by many strong people on the big screen.

What if the corn shoots are really killed? This is a precious abyss worm!

But Yu Hehui didn’t care much when he looked at Wei Xun’s expression. Obviously, Wei Xun has his own idea. I’m afraid he’ll let the corn shoots fall hard, and then come out for rescue.

Do not leave an absolutely strong and insurmountable deep impression on the consciousness of corn shoots. With the characteristics of the primitive abyss worm eating its father, it does not know when it will bite back.

Of course, the more seriously you are injured, the better. You’d better be beaten to death.

Yu Hehui took a deep breath and looked behind the white cloth screen to perform “golden monsters”. A touch of pity came into his heart. The original worry about Wei Xun was now transferred to the corn shoots.

What a pity.

The monsters in the underground palace are really pathetic.

He was not only stolen by the corn shoots, but also robbed by Wei Xun’s Da Guangming (snake bone ginseng essence Polygonum multiflorum), and Wei Xun also taught the shoots by using them as thugs.

“After all, this is the leader assessment of the devil merchant.”

Yu Hehui finally politely advised, “keep your chin down and don’t go too far.”

With the examiner’s devourer, Wei Xun “increases the difficulty” to the scenic spots on the journey, which may be convenient for the Devourer.

“Did I ask you to deliver the things sent on October 10?”

Wei Xun turns off the topic and asks Yu Hehui.

“Delivered to.”

Yu Hehui and Augustus will guard the coffin on October 10 tonight. Augustus and Meckel will perform in the second half of nine o’clock. Augustus will find an excuse to leave. If Wei Xun needs to work on October 10, this is the best opportunity.


“Are you going to use deer Book orange in this scenic spot?”

Yu Hehui wanted to stop talking. Although Lu shuorange and Luo’s return sent to protect C 250, they often did it, but Yu Hehui didn’t think it was the best time to go out at the moment.

Once the deer Book orange is unsealed, it will be sent by the hotel. During the team leader’s assessment, the examiner can use his authority to directly drive the illegal deer Book orange out of the journey.

It will be more advantageous for Wei Xun to wait until he orders someone to be the examiner.

“I won’t let her expose her strength.”

Wei Xun wrote lightly: “just help put something.”

“In addition, I think the chances of being divided into the monster camp on October 10 are very high.”

Zhou Xiyang, the filial son, Zhou Xiyang, Mr. Yin and Yang, Bai Xiaotian, the “monk” and Yun Lianghan, the “frail · eldest granddaughter-in-law”, are in the Taoist camp. The brigade has a total of 10 people, and the number of people in both camps is balanced, five to five.

It is impossible for the hotel to divide the small groups in the Central Plains of the brigade into the same camp, which will lose the significance of breaking up. So the three wolves in the West will not be in the monster camp at the same time. Augustus is there. Mia and olaine can do it again at most.

In other words, the monster camp has Meckel, two wolves and two people.

Then let’s talk about October 10 and Yun Lianghan.

“There may be a monster ‘conspiracy’ tonight. On October 10, she can go to the stage with Augustus, so that she won’t involve exposure and so on.”

Wei Xun’s analysis is very organized and everything is under his control. Yu Hehui finally couldn’t help asking, “what did you… Ask me to give it to October 10?”

What exactly does Wei Xun want to do on the stage on October 10?!


Wei Xun smiled subtly and looked at the devil merchant sitting beside him.

“It’s just a packet of jelly powder.”

Jelly powder?

“Cui, what’s the matter?”

With Xiaocui sitting next to her, Mr. Skinner didn’t dare to come out. It’s difficult for the devil businessman to enjoy the performance at leisure. At the moment, he smiled and applauded, noticed Wei Xun’s eyes, and the devil merchant looked at him.

“Does it look good?”

Wei Xun smiled.

“Good looking.”

The devil merchant sighed: “no less than the performance I have seen on Broadway, Oriental shadow puppets are so wonderful.”

You should try your best to trigger the title of “shadow puppet party”. Although this scenic spot involves many skills such as “peeling, making, dyeing and manipulating shadow puppets”, and the skinning butcher is also “Skinner party”, the devil businessman can keenly notice that when you get the skinning knife, the word “performance” noted by the travel agency to the scenic spot is related to “performance”.

That is, the most valuable and absolutely core part of this scenic spot, shadow play performance.

The devil merchant looked intently and carefully. The guide’s seat is far away from tourists and monsters, and the devil businessman doesn’t have much pressure. He points to the stage and smiles at Wei Xun:

“Look, Xiaocui, that’s a green snake.”

He joked that he felt very humorous.

“The bamboo leaves are green, not the green snake.”

Wei Xun smiled and looked at the stage. From the shadow play plot to the multi spirit beast, dissuade the White Snake and let it wait. Don’t go to the underground palace. But the white snake is concerned about the safety of the mountain god and insists on going down. Some spirit beasts exhort literary dramas, and others obstruct white snake’s martial arts. Both literary dramas and martial arts have them, with “wonderful”.

The last thing to stop the White Snake was the green snake, its brother. A green snake was shown on the white screen. The green snake tearfully advised the White Snake, “good sister, this underground mountain god residence, where the dragon vein is located, the white snake will be suppressed by the dragon vein. If the mountain god is really in danger, the white snake will only die.

But the white snake is loyal and has put life and death aside. The spirit beasts were moved by the great righteousness of the White Snake and decided to follow it

This green snake is the bamboo leaf green snake essence green seven accepted by Meckel.

Wei Xun’s eye time. Qing Qichu means that the shadow play will enter the second half soon. Meckel and Augustus are about to appear. The wonderful play will come soon. I’m afraid the spirit snake bone should also be out.

* *

Augustus ate a big hot dog in twos and glanced at October 10. She stood with her umbrella and stood by the coffin. A fire pot was lit in front of the coffin. Zhiluo, Lao Guan and Zhiluo’s eldest granddaughter, dressed in hemp and filial piety, knelt in front of the coffin and burned paper.

It takes 24 hours to burn paper. Before, Zhou Xiyang, a filial son, burned paper. He was guarded by two barbers. Of course, his granddaughter took over the burning of paper.

The eating in front of Augustus’ mourning hall aroused the dissatisfaction of Zhiluo Laoguan. Augustus, who was stared at by the old man, also stared at him. Before the old man could speak, he simply said:

“Hey, I’m not full. Go out first.”

The coffin is dead. This side hall is not close to the east side hall. There is no drum music at all. But just looking at the time, Augustus knew it was time for them to play soon.

It’s time.

He didn’t hide it and swaggered out. The Anti Japanese camp will be almost divided tonight. Augustus, a veteran traveler, also judged that there is a high probability of being in the monster camp on October 10.

Sure enough, on October 10, he did not stop Augustus, but let him leave the side hall.

“It’s too unruly to obey the rules.”

Zhiluo Laoguan whispered sadly, kowtowed to the coffin, and burst into tears: “Sir, sir – what are you doing

“Move the coffin.”

Zhiluo Laoguan was shocked and stared at October 10. She didn’t react for a moment. She went to the coffin without warning and picked it up!

“It’s dangerous tonight. It’s not safe here.”

“Bold, presumptuous! Don’t put it down -”

“Be quiet.”

Lao Guan, who was scolding and scolding angrily, was stiff, afraid to look at others, and his lips trembled: “little, little master -”

“Don’t make any noise before grandpa’s funeral.”

The granddaughter of the person who shouted to stop her, she stood up, nodded slightly at October 10 and said politely, “please.”


The coffin cover was left in place on October 10. It looked as if the coffin was still here. Lao Guan looked at his anxious anger and stopped talking. According to the rules, from the funeral to the burial, the coffin cover could not leave the coffin, which was unreasonable!

But Zhiluo’s granddaughter acquiesced, and Lao Guan couldn’t say anything. He just turned pale and looked sad to protect the coffin. He followed her to the door of C250 on October 10.

“I need you to avoid.”

On October 10, he refused Lao Guan Luo’s request that his granddaughter and Zhi Luo’s granddaughter continue to follow him. With only one sentence, “this is the shelter of Nezha with eight arms”, Lao Guan Luo was instantly relieved.

“Can you really stop grandpa here?”

My granddaughter asked anxiously.

“Tonight only.”

This was also explained to her by Yu Hehui.

Augustus left on October 10, and there was no wake. He might risk stealing the coffin again.

But when you put the coffin in Room C 250, there will be a natural “coffin protector.”.

On October 10, she carried the coffin into the house, closed the door and separated Lao Guan’s granddaughter from Zhi’s granddaughter. Her eyes fell directly on the pottery pot in the corner of the house.

In the process of placing the coffin safely, I stared at the pottery pot on October 10. My pupils narrowed and full of deterrence.

* *

“Remove the cover.”

In the audience of the east side hall, Wei Xun smiled. Looking at the “Golden Snake” trembling on the white cloth screen, I felt the panic from the corn shoots and smiled more.

With the deterrence of deer, book and orange, you will be able to make the corn shoots converge and be cautious. Save it from being too arrogant and greedy, and it will be dangerous for you to break your tentacles and escape.

The trembling Golden Snake didn’t make people aware of the difference, because the next moment its figure was swallowed by the darkness. The white cloth screen vibrated violently, the drum music roared sharply and hurriedly, and the clear oil lamps went out. The whole white cloth screen returned to darkness, indicating that the White Snake and those spirit beasts following it had entered the underground palace!

Everyone focused and focused on the stage. Even the White Deer demon craned his neck and stared at it – he also knew what happened to the white snake after entering the underground palace.

How did it die!

“Yo Yo –!”

Suddenly, the White Deer demon screamed. White deer has a wonderful character. Even Wei Xun buried thousands of insect eggs in the mountains, which didn’t make him really angry. But when it was on its nose, it was obvious that it was very angry!

“Hiss -”

The sound of inverted air-conditioning sounded in more than one place. When the oil cleaning lamp was on again, all the audience were shocked by the behemoths displayed on the white cloth screen!

It’s an incomparably huge skeleton, like a snake and a dragon. The white cloth screen two meters high and several meters long can’t completely reflect it. It only reflects the winding tail bones of the animal, but it’s also huge enough to be shocking!

This is the spirit snake bone!

I didn’t realize that old lady Bai really put out the spirit snake bone. Even the half life Taoist is excited. This is really a good thing. They haven’t seen it many times in the hotel for so many years!

But reason is far better than greed. Half life Taoist priest was surprised at the slightest moment and sucked the air conditioner: “hiss – immeasurable God, no!”

The white snake in the legend of the white snake is not dead yet. The spirit snake bone is put out to refer to the white snake in the shadow play.

Deep in the underground palace, there are huge bones like dragons and snakes——

In this shadow play, there is a keel deep in the underground palace!

“I hope to become an immortal and do good deeds to win the worship of all the people.”

Those spirit beasts who follow the white snake in the underground palace are missing. Only the white snake stands alone in front of the huge skeleton. She sings brilliantly, telling her life story. Mingming came down to look for the mountain god, but the white snake turned around the huge skeleton several times, and the tone gradually changed to greedy.

The Dragon pulse comes from the keel, and the White Snake insists on going down to the underground palace, not to mention looking for the mountain god.

It makes a real dragon with the help of keel!

“Yo Yo –!”

The White Deer demon is very sad and angry. It doesn’t allow those monsters to distort things and splash dirty water on the white snake! The White Deer demon raised its hooves angrily and rushed out directly.

The goblins were ready to do it, but there was a heavenly fox watching, and next to them was Nezha Ling’s brother. They had no chance to catch the White Deer – no!

The White Deer demon really rushed out! Yu Hehui didn’t stop it!

The moment White Deer rushed onto the stage, old lady Bai was stunned. What’s the plot on purpose? However, the white deer are still alive, and the demons who want to catch the white deer can’t help it.



Zhou Xiyang was the fastest responder! He shot a shuttle of bullets directly and shot the monster that attacked the white deer into a pool of rotten meat.

I’m going to get into trouble early.

Zhou Xiyang rushed to the stage and said coldly, “maintain the performance order, come with me!”


A red tongue darted out at such a fast speed that it almost rolled Zhou Xiyang into the mouth. Zhou Xiyang dodged slightly, but this hiding was blocked by the big brown demon. Not only did you, but the rest of the passengers were also watched by the goblins, and there were several demons around each of them.

“Don’t bother your guests.”

With the help of the white fairy, old lady Bai stood up, stabilized the situation, and whispered, “the stage is chaotic. I’ve sent someone to deal with it.”


Before Mrs. Bai’s voice fell, the stage burst into flames. Suddenly, the white cloth screen was engulfed by the flames, and the whole east side hall was golden and red. Several streams of water shot at the stage, but how can ordinary water extinguish the samadhi true fire!

Together with the fire, the whole east side hall was in complete chaos. I don’t know who shouted “catch the White Deer!” and someone shouted “the spirit snake bone is open, and the ginseng essence is hidden!” no, the intelligence is true or false. All the monsters were excited and rushed to the stage. Even the old lady Bai’s face showed some eagerness and rushed to the stage!

Half life Taoist also rushed, but was entangled by monsters. He scolded the street angrily and directly released his red stiffness. Zhou Xiyang could not bear to fall behind and rushed to the stage as the afterglow of the sunset. When Yun Lianghan came here, he turned into a shadow charge, but he was severely scratched by a cat demon who didn’t know where he came from. His body immediately fell into a group of demons and fought hard.

However, he disappeared after setting off a fire, and the extremely low-key Wei Xun used his wild mind. With light snow day and night, and the accumulation in northern Tibet, Wei Xun has become a ferret.

Yu Hehui attracted the attention of others, and the long white ferret in an invisible cloak slipped quietly to the back of the stage. On the other side of the stage, the fighting was more lively. From a nearby point of view, the spirit snake bone was even bigger. It was almost up to the roof. It was like a bone mountain. Between monsters and monsters on the bone mountain, and between monsters and tourists, the fighting momentum is overwhelming.

Even the old lady white has opponents – several big demons work together, and Augustus is also in the book. They are as good as the one played by old lady Bai. Everyone wants spirit snake bones!

Wei Xun didn’t gather around the spirit snake bone, and the monsters were lazy to look at it. The ferret slipped to the other side of the stage, straightened up and grabbed the stage. At a glance, he saw a “Golden Snake” shrinking quietly underground.

Sure enough, the original corn shoot was startled by the suddenly changing situation. After all, it had not experienced strong winds and waves, and was frightened by Lushu orange. Seeing that the situation was wrong, it retreated at the first time.

However, he suddenly felt something wrong, carefully turned back and looked at a pair of deep mink eyes.


Oh, my God, I’ve been sent by my father!

The tentacles of the corn shoots are stiff, and then please Chong Weixun to say hello, and shrink down faster. But the ferret who jumped onto the stage stepped on it.


The ferret looked sideways at the huge snake bone like a hill, and then motioned to look at the tentacles of corn shoots.


The evil sable father gives orders.

“Make up for your mistakes and swallow the snake bones.”


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