TTG Chapter 202

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 202: Nutrient solution 430000 Jiageng

Corn shoots may not understand people’s words, but they are not more than the system. They are the son of Wei Xun and can still understand what Wei Xun means.

[wrong, wrong!]

[terrible, terrible, terrible]

Wei Xun felt that while desperately apologizing, the corn shoots conveyed his feelings of anxiety and fear. The golden tentacle “turned its head” and looked at the snake bone mountain, shivering and trembling.

“Don’t worry.”

In the chaotic battlefield, the small round eyes of the ferret in an invisible cloak are full of fatherly encouraging and kind eyes: “you can do it.”

“Or I’ll eat you.”

The corn shoots were frozen and frightened. There was no doubt about Wei Xun’s words –  in its memory, it hunted in its father’s territory without permission, and ate all the hunted prey alone. It was a provocation to his father! What kind of bad worms will really be eaten cruelly!

Yes, it doesn’t want to. It is the intense hunger and unbearable emptiness that make the corn shoot extremely painful. It just wanted to eat the soil quietly. The energy of the soil is low. It doesn’t hunt.

“Goo Goo…”

The corn shoot tried to imitate the dove essence it swallowed, making a lovable voice and making a final effort. No one will pity a pigeon.

Wei Xun threatened him, and the corn shoots trembled. He decided to commit a crime and perform meritorious service, sneaked into the ground, and figured out how to swallow the snake bone and win his father’s trust again – of course, Wei Xun comforted him.

Just try your best.

Wei Xun has the final say.

It should be going well over there.

During the scuffle, Yu Hehui was still worried about the safety of Wei Xun. As a fox, Yu Hehui restrained five monsters — some monsters thought it was going to rescue the deer. Who knows that Yu Hehui’s real purpose is to contain a strong monster.

The number of strong monsters is still higher than expected, and there is more than one camp. There are even as powerful as her! The performance of “Legend of snake” attracted the attention of all monsters in the underground palace. Yu Hehui said that it was almost impossible to steal snake bones!

Originally, Wei Xun didn’t think about it, but he could perfectly hide it. The corn shoots hiding the smell of it gave him a kind of idea.

Ordering the corn shoots to steal snake bones is also Wei Xun’s test of the corn shoots – whether they are obedient or not.

Is it the sudden arrival of the rapid growth period that makes it hungry to poach in ‘Wei Xun’s territory’, or is it ready to disobey its father?

Yu Hehui didn’t stop it, although he felt that the emotion of corn shoots was richer than ordinary abyss worms, which may be due to the integration of the smell of responsible demons. The reverence and attachment to the “father” should be better than other abyss worms.

It’s good to try. At least I can feel at ease.

Yu Hehui sighed silently and used his acting skills and seven points of strength to deal with the big demons. While making the appearance of being shocked, angry and impatient to rush to the stage, he didn’t really rush out. It’s still difficult to grasp the degree.

After all, the big demons who stopped him were not in the same camp and had their own ghosts. If they saw that the stage 58406.


During the fierce battle, Yu Hehui always paid attention to the devil merchant. He was very clever. He caught many demons in the chaos, and even some corpses on the ground disappeared. He always wanders on the edge of the battlefield. He is cunning and sharp. If anyone wants to rob the demon corpse, he just let go and find another corpse.

Anyway, now the east side hall has completely become a battlefield, and there are still corpses and seriously injured monsters.

The devil merchant didn’t want to engage in snake bones at all. He collected the corpse skillfully. At first glance, he was a typical lone ranger. While self-protection, it can also search for many benefits. The most important thing is safety.

To be honest, this kind of water guide is actually very reassuring for tourists. In fact, what passengers fear most is that the tour guide gets involved in the battle. It’s bad if they hang up.

Yu Hehui, the devil merchant, mainly wanted to explore the movement of the Devourer. Unfortunately, he never found anything.


“Down, down!!”

The fierce roar came from the stage. The burning pillars could no longer support and collapsed. Together with the fierce burning cloth screen, the auditorium fell down, just like a huge net burning a terrible flame! The monster that touched the flame screamed miserably, but he couldn’t put out the flame anyway. Decisively and immediately cut off the limbs stained with fire, which can also save a life. Let the flame extend, but it will be burned into coke after a few interest.

For a time, the temperature of the whole east side hall rose sharply, and the heat transpiration was like hell on earth!

“How big the fire is!”

Zhou Xiyang escaped the flying Mars, his face was red and sweating, and the fire made no difference. Not only did he burn monsters, but also the stage, but even people! In the stage, the monsters who had been fighting fiercely were separated by the collapsed cloth screen burning with fire. For a time, the fighting spirit declined, and the weak monsters turned and fled.

It can’t be C250. It can only set fire, not put out the fire!

Zhou Xiyang threw out several sunset stones to suppress and devour the flame. Hot sweat came from behind and his face was dignified.

The situation is not good. The fire is really big. I’m afraid it will become the target of public criticism if we go to C250 again!

Those monsters are likely to join hands and kill him first!

“Come on, put out the fire!”

As Zhou Xiyang predicted, the demons of the fierce battle in snake bone mountain have all noticed the edge of the mountain, and must not let samadhi really burn the mountain. The mountain is the consensus in the hearts of every demon!


Otherwise they will be clamped down by him everywhere!

“Let me come!”

As soon as he and some demons killed Wei Xun, a clear reprimand sounded. I saw a scarlet oil paper umbrella flying from a distance. The oil paper umbrella opened and sprinkled blood rain. The rain is full of extremely thick bloody evil Qi. It opposes three real fires and consumes countless flames in an instant.

You can’t use water to extinguish the flame. Just use evil Qi to kill it!

“What beautiful Kung Fu!”

Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang, Rao Shixiang

“You don’t have to be polite.”

When the girl’s voice sounded, the scarlet oil paper umbrella sprinkled with blood suddenly flew up and was captured by one person. The crowd looked with the streamer, but they saw a woman wearing a hat standing high. The evil spirit was hidden and hidden, deterring the four sides.

“I’m Penglai umbrella spirit. I came to the underground palace from a thousand miles to catch a deformed monster entrusted by the master of the house.”

Umbrella Jing said coldly, “the monster is cunning and suspicious, good at change and understands people’s words. Don’t be deceived by it.”

As soon as she spoke, all monsters had a clear understanding. There are monsters in the underground palace!

“Alas, she was indeed assigned to the monster camp.”

Half life Taoist tut said, he fished in troubled waters and killed many monsters with red stiffness, which was a small gain. Originally, he sneaked into the burning cloth screen with his “little” and planned to make some samadhi real fire, but it was watered out by the blood rain.

Half life Taoist was also open-minded. Seeing that the flame could not be collected, he simply cheered and collected a gourd of blood rain.

“Evil spirit is a good thing. It’s good to raise a stiff body and refine a corpse. Xiao Xiao, you’ll pour a drop of that paper bully back. Even if it’s a second dimension, it’s a demon king, a vampire or something… Eh?”

Half life Taoist was suspicious. He smelled the gourd mouth and felt something wrong.

“The brake doesn’t seem to be very strong?”

At least it’s not the concentration that can quench samadhi’s true fire!

Of course, it’s “month” and “day”. From the fact that the fire of samadhi is burning more and more, it leads to the day of the month. When the bloody rain of the red paper umbrella comes, C250 gradually takes away the flame and completes the cooperation of the second time.

Only in this way can we get the maximum benefit.

The situation is critical. I only came to and command on month day and didn’t have much communication with C250. I didn’t expect that they were like interlinked thinking, and their cooperation was seamless.

I looked at the dark stage and looked for the shadow of C 250.

“Yo Yo!”

The battlefield was temporarily silent due to the extinction of the fire and the “umbrella spirit”, but it was soon broken by the flustered and anxious sound of deer and laughter.

“Ha ha ha, I caught the deer, I caught the deer!”

The six tailed civet cat demon rode the deer neck and bit the deer’s throat like a tiger hunting. A green snake was seen winding between the legs of the deer, and two lynxes were biting the back of the deer. The little demons have average strength, but with great luck, they approach the spirit deer in chaos and successfully control it!

Meckel had planned to take off the deer, but she happened to see the deer entangled by the monsters. At the moment, all the demons are looking at the fire, the umbrella spirit and the snake bone mountain. The demons entangled with the deer are not strong enough, so meikel picked up the leak.

Although you know that the deer is C250, you can take the opportunity to make friends and save the deer. Maybe you can inspire some special tasks. During the journey, you must be cruel and reckless enough to gain. If you really repay your kindness, he will never lose on this journey!

“Good job!”

Pig teammate!

Augustus, who originally wanted to slip away, shouted abuse in his heart, but he could only take this opportunity to take off. The drawback of the hidden brigade is that Augustus has no monster accomplices. Now he must hold his nose and be accomplices with Meckel.

The snake bone mountain was hurt. Augustus laughed rudely and said, “ugly, mother-in-law, we don’t want the spirit snake bone. Let’s have a taste of the spirit deer!”

Run, no more delay!

Otherwise, when the demons of the group react, they can’t run away. Anyway, they won’t lose any time.

Augustus turned into a giant red wolf, and the spirit light flickered between the wolf’s teeth. He was injured in the fierce battle of snake bone mountain. He took the opportunity to chew a bone piece as big as sesame seed. The wolf was good at gnawing bones.

During the journey, you have to be tough and reckless to gain. Who else in the brigade can have snake spirit bones? It’s a pity that the spirit snake bone pieces can’t be put into the storage props, and the spirit light can’t be hidden. Augustus now has to work with ramekel, otherwise he alone can’t protect the booty!

Pig teammate!

Meckel looked back at Augustus in fury, and wanted to get rid of it immediately. Originally, I probably didn’t intend to chase after it. After all, the damage was too large in this battle. When I saw that Augustus had stolen the snake bones, even if it was just fragments, I won’t let it go!


She was so angry that she would never allow anyone to steal snake bones from the bottom of her eyelids! Just listen to a loud noise, the evil spirit erupts and roars. Thousands of silver filaments grow from the back of her life. That’s her life spike. Instead of witchcraft spells, use the life spike directly.

there is a real fire! Also Liwei! Without Li Wei, the whole underground palace has become a pot of porridge!


Augustus suddenly felt like an awn back, and a great sense of crisis came. Merkel blew her hair and roared, feeling locked in a sense of death crisis! On the occasion of life and death, they had no reservation and took out the back hand to press the bottom of the box.

Augustus swallowed a silver fragment, and the whole wolf instantly changed from blood red to silver like the moon. His body loomed, between illusion and reality. While Meckel, who rode the deer back, simply took out the paint bucket and threw it at the deer back. The stone gray paint immediately dyed him, the deer and the little demons stone.

Not only is it dyed, but even the appearance looks like a real hard stone. They move very fast, but in a few seconds, their life spikes shoot at them like ten thousand arrows. Every minute is a death crisis——

Actually, the spikes of didn’t hit them, but missed.

Because at the moment of the release of the giant snake bone, the ground of the giant snake bone opened a big mouth silently.


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