TTG Chapter 203

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 203: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (37)

There was no sound and no breath fluctuation. After the samadhi fire, the temperature in the east side hall had risen less, so that no one found out when the huge mouth of the abyss appeared.

At the beginning, when it reached its maximum, it was still blocked by the huge spirit snake bone.

Swallow, swallow!

The snake bone is coiled, like an inverted funnel. The point in contact with the ground is the place with the largest diameter. If you want to steal bones quietly, you can only come from the ground. However, even if the mouth of the corn shoots is open, you can’t swallow the spirit snake bones completely.

But it’s my father’s order!

A circle of dense tentacles stretched out around the head of the corn shoot, like a blooming sunflower. There are tentacles connected to each other. It’s like expanding a larger abyss in front of your mouth!

Outsiders can only see that it seems to be tender yellow. Huge flowers bloom quietly from the ground, and then close as fast as lightning, covering half of the spirit snake bones!

Yes, only half. The “abyss mouth” of the new expansion is not so deep. It can only swallow half of the spirit snake bones from bottom to top. Corn shoots are cunning and clever, like natural hunters. If it swallows the snake bone of the east side hall, the strong will definitely try their best to chase it and kill it even if they dig three feet.

But if only half of the snake bones are swallowed, the remaining people will definitely compete for the remaining snake bones and quarrel with each other. When they have time to track it, it has sneaked underground and hid back to its father’s nest!

However, at the moment, the corn shoots that should have swallowed the snake bone and fled quickly stopped for two seconds – the spirit snake bone was too hard and it broke!

“Good monster, finally come!”

This two second is a fatal crisis. The old lady is angry, but it is Huo Ling’s lash to Mei Ke Er Augustus to go to the thorns in the air and turn to the corn shoots to kill the snake bones. The old demons of snake bone also did not hesitate to join hands with the outside world. This monster that can pass freely underground will be eliminated one day, and they will be at peace one day!


Yu Huihui’s pupils shrank suddenly, and the big demons had no time to stop him. Yu Yuhui rushed to the stage, but he was able to help the corn shoots with his hands. In Wei Xun’s plan, he has nothing to do with the corn shoots. He can only rely on the corn shoots alone!

However, the corn shoots could not bite off the snake bones, and the “pocket mouth” formed by tentacles was opened by the snake bones. It desperately secreted light yellow corrosive liquid, but it took time to corrode the snake bones, but now it’s too late!

Corn shoots and walnuts don’t give up the word in their brain. If they take the snake bone back, their father will definitely kill it!


In the deafening roar, the earth shook violently, and the corn shoots were fierce. They simply shrunk to the ground, trying to pull the spirit snake bone into the ground. It has boundless strength and is covered with muscles. When it shrinks suddenly, it is really a huge snake bone mountain with a flash, and it sinks half down!

But the corn shoots can’t continue to go down. Thousands of silver needle like original spikes firmly bind its tentacles, and the silver spikes are vicious enough to penetrate its body in an attempt to destroy the inner alchemy of the monster – but the corn shoots have no inner alchemy!

He doesn’t even feel pain. He is too big and sensitive to pain. The pain in his body will not be felt by the corn shoots for at least a few minutes. This also gives people the illusion that they are afraid of pain, which is even more frightening.

Even if the tentacles are full of spikes, the corn shoots still drag the snake bones and try to shrink down. The original spikes of the old lady white nailed its tentacles to the ground, but the earth around it is also sinking at the same time, just like a huge land vortex. The violent vibration makes people unable to stand firm, especially the demons of snake bone mountain can feel this horror from a close distance.

But those spikes slowed down the speed of the corn shoots after all, which also gave others an opportunity to take advantage of. However, before the government took his demon hand, a bloody long sword fell from the air in an instant, faster than others!

“Monster, take your life!”


On October 10, a startling sword fell out of thin air, which directly cut off a whole circle of tentacles of corn shoots. At the same time, the sword was castrated and cut in the spirit snake bone!


“Stop –”

With a crisp sound, someone’s breath stopped, and the white old lady was even more fierce. A huge hedgehog tried to protect the spirit snake bone, but she was a step late. At the same time, a raging fire fell from the sky!

Crackle, crackle!

The worm in the abyss eroded. On October 10, the sword split, and samadhi’s true fire burned. The spirit snake bone entrenched like a mountain was finally able to bear a heavy burden and broke from the middle! Corn shoots took the opportunity to escape into the ground with half of the snake bones. A large amount of soil surged like a wave, mixed with light yellow mucus, and filled the ground in an instant, but no one cared about it.


Suddenly, a huge snow-white three tailed sky fox now piled up the snake bones and swallowed the largest spirit snake skull!


Several old demons held hands at the same time, but they were stopped by a scarlet cloak. And the next moment, the man of Tianhu took back the burning samadhi true fire directly. Without the flame cover, the snow-white snake bone pile was exposed. It was a meal when there was a big demon.

“This snake bone is interesting. My brother must like it.”

Wearing a light blue cloak, Wei Xun smiled on the back of Tianhu. The cyan and gold mask was reflected into golden red by the burning flame: “the monster killed my white deer, and this snake bone is even compensation.”

After that, he left with a smile, but no one and no demon chased him. The snake bones like a hill were in front of him. These snake bones are still cracking, pure white as jade, broken and falling like a mountain avalanche, and the big demons’ eyes are straight——

Originally, the spirit snake bone could not be broken and disassembled. It was really difficult, so it was monopolized by old lady Bai.

But now, the fragment of the spirit snake bone is close at hand!

Is it to chase the monster who ran with half the snake bones, the brother Nezha Ling who swallowed the spirit snake skull, or to catch the fragments in front of him?

It’s like fishing for debris!

The white old lady’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot. She quickly gathered the white snake spirit bone with her men. She threw a satin wind bag, which grew without wind and sucked the fragments of snake bones into the government. But old lady Bai’s move completely made the big demons start looting.

The situation is under control!

“Sanmao Zhenjun is here and asked me to supervise the death of the mountain god spirit snake!”

The powerful divine light reflected and shone on the nearby demons. Their bodies were stiff and unreal, and they were about to show their original shape. While taking advantage of this Kung Fu, they jumped in like a sharp arrow, grabbed two bones and ran away. These big demons were furious and wanted to chase, but Zhou Xiyang stood in front of them with a cold look. The members of his brigade were also besieged, and all of them were eyeing.

Seeing the hard stubble here, Hongjiang has run away. The big demons gave up quickly and turned back to fight for his bones.

“Get out.”

Zhou Xiyang shouted, taking the passengers to evacuate low-key. Yun Lianghan followed the team closely. He was also one of the people who helped him just now. Yun Lianghan clearly knew that he could not grab the spirit snake bone alone with his own strength. At the moment, he was just sharing the stolen goods for a while. This is also the tacit understanding of veteran travelers.

I can’t see my share until I help. I’ll stay where it’s cool.

However, yuntianhe has no face. That’s all. The werewolf MIA is also ‘missing’. Yun Lianghan’s face was gloomy and he knew that Yun Tianhe was probably in the monster camp. At least they are also allied in this journey. Without yuntianhe, Yun Lianghan still has some adaptation, which is more a pity.

He also went to the monster camp and followed C 250!

“You go.”

“Go see the coffin.”

After leading the passengers to the gate of the east side hall and charging the half life Taoist alone, Zhou Xiyang asked them to go back with a name, but he stayed. Even if you worry about C 250 and Augustus on October 10, Zhou Xiyang has to stay.

The devil merchant is not only seen, but also likely to be the representative of the western region for the confrontation mission in the eastern and western regions. Whether he is the captain of the brigade or the head of the sunset brigade in the eastern region, Zhou Xiyang must confirm his life and death.

Although the chance of the devil merchant’s death is very low, what if.

Moreover, Zhou Xiyang noticed that she didn’t leave on October 10. She was still near the snake bone mountain, but didn’t rob the snake bone. Instead, she collected the monster’s stumps, which made Zhou Xiyang particularly concerned. There must be a key in the government.

A quarter of an hour later, the spirit snake bone was emptied, and the situation was finally controlled by old lady Bai again. She had a plan for a long time. None of the little demons who dared to steal snake bones could escape. They were caught and killed by the white old lady. Even if the weak have the luck to get the opportunity, they don’t have the strength to protect the opportunity.

Some of the big demons who were alone and failed to retreat in time could only bite their teeth and hand over snake bones to save their lives.

However, the snake bones that fell into the hands of the old demon were so easy to recapture. There were three monsters as powerful as the old lady white in the underground palace, one was a six eared owl Demon (OWL) and the other was a four winged red headed centipede. The two government officials are actually a little weak, but they are united. One is good at air combat and the other is good at hiding. It is very difficult to deal with them.

There is also an old Yinshan demon that old lady Bai is afraid of.

The snake bone was broken and the demons in the underground palace completely tore their faces. After the old demons finished communicating with old lady Bai, they left. Only old lady Bai’s face was blue. However, she was good at nourishing qi. She soon returned to her normal face and talked with October 10 with a smile.

“Thank you for your help this time.”

Old lady Bai also resented the umbrella spirit. If she hit the spirit snake bone with a sword, how could the snake bone be broken by the fire of samadhi?

But old lady Bai saw clearly that the umbrella spirit did not move half of the spirit snake bone in the confusion just now, but was collecting the fallen limbs of the monster. It seemed that she really just killed it, which made old lady Bai feel a little relieved and had the idea of attracting the umbrella spirit.

After the chaos, old lady Bai suffered heavy losses. Even her trusted pigeon white fairy lost her trace and was probably dead. Finally, after this chaos, old lady Bai’s control over the underground palace will become weaker.

If we can win over the umbrella spirit and help her to kill an old demon, the overall situation will be grasped by the white old lady again.

Although she didn’t feel how strong the umbrella essence was, old lady Bai only recognized that she was hiding her strength and introverted – how could a sword that could split the spirit snake bone be strong!

“It’s not to help you, it’s just to hunt down monsters.”

However, the umbrella essence did not appreciate it and refused coldly.

“I have a mission. I can’t go back and recover my life one day after the monster is removed. That’s right.”

On October 10, I spread my hand. In my hand, a golden translucent frozen child exudes a faint fragrance. It looks crystal clear. When I touch the air, it still vibrates slightly, as if I were alive.

“This is the remnant of the monster. I’ll leave you one. Be careful when you see me later.”

“The more demons it devours, the stronger it will become. I think you’d better evacuate the underground palace as soon as possible.”

“Thank you for reminding me.”

Old lady Bai smiled and took over the frozen son with her own hands, but she said nothing about evacuating the underground palace. Joke, Shenjing didn’t come. How could she leave.

“It’s strange. It’s tasteless and lifeless. You can feel any breath. It’s strange that it can be hidden underground without anyone noticing.”

Old lady Bai observed, and her doubts flashed in her heart. Is this really a remnant of a monster?

But the monster was really strange. She originally stabbed the monster. Unexpectedly, no key such as internal alchemy was found in the strange object. Moreover, the monster was extremely large. It seemed that she didn’t feel pain. There was no response when stabbed by the spike. Instead, she took more than a dozen spikes with her to escape, and old lady Bai even lost contact with these spikes!

It was the first time she had seen such a strange monster. Old lady Bai was half convinced and began to talk again on October 10.

“It looks like…”

Too far apart, it is difficult for ordinary people to see the ruins of the stage without binoculars. But Zhou Xiyang’s eyes were good. At a glance, he saw the things given to old lady Bai on October 10.

Is this monster’s stump so transparent?

There should be. It’s a shadow play. If it’s so transparent, it’s reflected on the white cloth screen. After it’s transparent, it’s a mass of black, and the company is bright golden.

Back to the scene of the monster opening from the ground and swallowing snake bones, Zhou Xiyang was deeply impressed by the short time in a few seconds. The open big mouth wrapped around the snake bone looks like an oval pumpkin. Only from the round shape, it really looks more like shrem than the abyss worm.

But Zhou Xiyang always felt something was wrong.

“Like jelly?”

“Cui Dao, how did you come back?”

The smiling male voice sounded around. Zhou Xiyang’s name was C 250 who looked around warily and looked back after confirming that there was no danger.

The tour guide in a light blue cloak was followed by Yu Huihui, which made Zhou Xiyang a little relieved, but he didn’t finish.

“The monster is very dangerous, you…”

“Don’t worry, it will hurt my life.”


The words of C 250 made Zhou Xiyang brainstorm in an instant. Will this monster hurt his life? Is this monster raised by C 250, or is this monster raised by the Devourer?

The phrase “C 250” seems to point to the former, but Zhou Xiyang keenly found that what he said was that “the monster will hurt my life”, that is, the monster will kill him, but it is very likely to hurt him.

If so, the latter is more likely.

The close relationship between the way home let Zhou Xiyang know a lot of high-level news, such as playful people, prophecies, astrologers, pessimistic principals and so on. The hippie’s tentacle extends to the west side. He is likely to have some connection with the Devourer.

If this is the case, C250 is the blood relative of the playful man. Even if there is a confrontation mission in the East and west areas, the Devourer will kill him –  however, if C250 is injured and unable to win the confrontation mission, the Devourer will still order the devil merchant to do it.

Is the snake swallowing shrem the Devourer?

Wei Xun’s company is in charge of what Zhou Xiyang is doing. He is here to confirm whether the move on October 10 is smooth. Once the situation is right, Wei Xun will immediately receive the corn shoots into the magic insect ball.

The biggest risk of turning the remnant of corn shoots into jelly by scattering jelly powder and pretending to be shrem is the Devourer himself.

However, Wei xunxi and an Xuefeng had to confirm that his brother (sliced) left, while Yu Xuhui told him that the Devourer would wait until the hippie sliced, and they would leave together.

This inspired Wei Xun.

If the Devourer is here, it’s easy to say. When Wei Xun was watching the play just now, he could feel the smell of * * behind him, but Wei Xun didn’t feel his brother when he took his scarlet cloak.

My brother is here. It’s very likely that he hasn’t finished talking about the Devourer, that is to say, the Devourer is here.

The planting should go smoothly. Wei Xun’s coming here is just that he is careful and leaves a trace.


Suddenly, Zhou Xiyang drank low and his face suddenly became dignified. Good news came from the half life Taoist.

The coffin is gone!

“Cui Dao, the coffin disappeared…”

Zhou Xiyang quickly calmed down. Yes, Augustus, on October 10, the two coffin keepers all left, and someone or demon would surely attack the coffin. However, Zhou Xiyang believed that on October 10, the company would never leave without making any preparations.

“Yes, I have the coffin.”

Sure enough, the coffin was properly placed before leaving on October 10!

“But… Is there anyone in your room?”

However, Zhou Xiyang did not relax. From beginning to end, Bing 250, Yu Hui and Hui were all in the east side hall, that is to say, there was no one in his room!

Zhou Xiyang knows that the room arranged for the tour guide is much more comfortable than that arranged for the passengers. The coffin was placed in the room of C 250, and the government was really not the same as the side hall where the spirits had been stopped.

“Are there any Tibetans in my house?”

Wei Xun smiled low and looked at Zhou Xiyang’s serious appearance. It was rare to have a big heart to play. He lowered his voice: “yes, I am Jinwu cangjiao. You an team is hidden in the house.”

Oh, so it is.

“Director Cui, don’t tease me.”

Zhou Xiyang had no choice but to smile bitterly. The most terrible thing was that he felt for a moment that what C 250 said was true! what the fuck.

But looking at the relaxed attitude of C 250, he must have other arrangements in the house.

If other tour guides say so, Zhou Xiyang only thinks that this person has a correct attitude, but he feels relieved to say so.

That’s strange.

“Xiao Cui, are you waiting for me!”

The devil businessman who came back with a full load knew where he came from. He slipped away in a low-key corner. When he saw Xiaocui waiting outside, he was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t hide his happy mood. He quickly walked closer and noticed Zhou Xiyang. His smile immediately converged and became reserved and indifferent: “team Zhou is also there.”

“Devil merchant, you’re fine.”

Zhou Xiyang also said faintly in a business tone: “then I’ll go back.”

“Cui Dao, my name is gone.”

It’s a pity that the devil merchant didn’t die.

Zhou Xiyang’s heart.

When he walked back, he could see the devil, and the merchant’s tone suddenly became enthusiastic. Xiaocui called Xiaocui to stop.

“Look, Xiaocui, what did you catch? A pigeon spirit!”

“It’s a pity that it’s dead. The pigeon is very beautiful. It says that you Oriental are good at making soup with pigeons. It’s very nourishing. This pigeon essence is for you…”

Hiss, stingy.

Zhou Xiyang’s company.

Catch so many monsters and get a pigeon spirit? How can you please C250? It’s crazy! It’s far worse than the safety team.

Although C250 was just a joke, it also shows that he attaches importance to the safety team in his heart. Even the “Golden House hidden Jiao” is an team.

I have to tell you what the monster was before him. In addition to the “C 250 worm” and “devourer’s shrem”, Zhou Xiyang is still in charge. It will be C 250’s shrem.

After all, the relationship between the playful people and the Devourer is really close, and the devil businessman has a normal good impression of C250, which makes Zhou Xiyang worried.

Now Zhou Xiyang is a little relieved.

C 250 left behind in the room, saying that the coffin is really related to the safety team or * *. In a word, the coffin should be safe.

It’s a thief who dares to move the coffin.

Time pulled back a quarter of an hour ago.

When the corn shoots escaped and the whole east side hall robbed the snake bones into a pot of porridge, two dark shadows quietly sneaked into Wei Xun’s room. One shadow in the government is like a black water mist, while the other is like a burning phosphorous fire.

It was in yangshou town that the second nigger fled to Xiaotang mountain in advance.

When other demons stared at Lingshen and Tianhu, they had already stared at the coffin! This coffin is made of rare Yang locust wood. The locust wood is ghost wood with great Yin Qi, but there are also different kinds in the government. If the tree species can be treated by secret method, and then soaked with a variety of precious spirits, the locust tree that grows in Yangyan but withers is yanglocust.

It is said that the coffin made of Yanghuai wood can revive the dead in the underworld.

Grandpa Zhi took the posture of being a paper man and specially got Yanghuai wood as a coffin. I didn’t get there, but I was watched by nigger two.

“If you dedicate this coffin to the ancestor of Yinshan, you will certainly get his attention.”

Heida circled the coffin and laughed.

“Sister, the smell of Tianhu in this room is very heavy. I’m afraid it’s its nest.”

Ghost 2 was more cautious and timid, and advised: “Tianhu may come back at any time. Let’s go quickly.”

“Don’t be afraid. Now the east side hall is busy. We’re just walking underground at the right time. I’m sure no one can see it.”

Heida is ambitious and courageous: “it’s just a three tailed Tianhu. It’s definitely the opponent of Lao Zu.”

The underground palace itself is underground and suitable for them to play. If you are lucky, you are likely to meet people when you go through the door, but it’s the same when you go underground.

They can slip away quietly with the coffin!

“Come on, don’t dally! Otherwise I’ll take you later.”

Hei shouted, turning into a handful of black water and falling on the coffin, but soaking the white paper that killed the adhesion of the coffin. This white paper has a spirit. It seems that someone has cursed it. But Blackwater is the condensation of Disha and is best at pollution spells. Although she is ambitious, she is also very cautious. When she wears away the white paper, the fox may find them again according to the curse that day.

“Good sister, don’t be angry. I’ll come as soon as I go.”

Ghost two flattered and hid underground. He went to open the way.

Ghost 2 is cautious and is best at exploring the way. Their sister and brother in the underworld have cooperated for a long time and never lost their hand.

But this time it’s not right.

The paper of Heida’s coffin has melted, but ghost two hasn’t come back yet.

“This ghost fire, where did you play?”

The black man was angry, but he had a detailed hunch in his heart. Ghost II is a ghost fire spirit inspired by the earth’s evil Qi. It can be regarded as her “son”. Even if there is dragon Qi in the earth that affects her perception, there is still an instinctive hunch with ghost II.

Ghost two seems to have disappeared.

Heida stared at the ground. Ghost 2 had just fled to the place, and his heart was creepy.

There are terrible monsters in the underground palace, who will quietly swallow the strange news of demons. She also said one or two. But the monster swallowing demons always has flesh and blood energy. They only have Yin Qi and evil Qi. They are afraid of this at all.

No demon dares to swallow them. This evil spirit is as disgusting as tarsal maggots. If you touch it, your strength will be greatly reduced and it is difficult to cultivate into essence. This is also the reason why the big nigger II has eaten the inner alchemy heart of countless demons for many years, but no demon family has really devoted their power to kill them.

“Ghost two, ghost two?”

Heida was never afraid, but now she is afraid.

Put down the coffin and the big black machine will run away. Ghost 2 is gone. Heida is worried. She plans to please the ancestors of Yinshan, and even plans to stay in Xiaotang mountain again, but to go directly back to her nest! Heida is the essence of the evil spirit in the tomb. It has a unique skill, that is, it can transfer its shape in the dark weapon and escape quickly!

But heidana was carrying the same concealed weapon, but she frowned secretly after trying. This place has too much dragon breath, and it is also a mountain god underground palace. Her own hidden weapon is old enough. Yin Qi is suppressed, and the transfer of body shape has failed!

I’m afraid only the hidden weapon in the underground palace can help her escape!

Looking around, Hei Da Guan immediately aimed at the pottery pot placed in the corner of the room. There is no way for people. She recognized that this is a sacrificial vessel. It has been buried in the underground palace for many years. It is also a hidden weapon, which can definitely help her escape!

It’s better to be late. The black big pot floats to the pottery pot and needs to be integrated into the government. But as soon as she touched the earthenware pot, it cracked like a heavy burden.


A handful of wet soil scattered from the broken pottery pot, revealing a particularly striking, tender yellow bud. This color is like a newly born chicken, especially weak and thin. It trembles in the soil, as if it would break when the wind blows.

what is it?

Heida’s eyes lit up and tried to touch the fine bud. The other party was unable to dodge, but Heida felt the strong and mellow dark power (the power of the abyss) from his face. This, what is this? Heida is infatuated. She has never felt such pure dark power. Even the strongest evil spirit she has seen in ordinary days is nothing compared with it!

If you can swallow the yellow bud, she, she said, the company will grow into a powerful role like the ancestors of Yinshan, and even become a essence with the things of yin and evil!

She has been pursuing hard for so many years to increase her strength. Is this what she is!

Greed made Heida ignore the danger. She was moved. The most important thing is that Heida didn’t feel the breath from the yellow bud. The spirit is self obscured, which is hiding itself. After the pottery pot was broken, it ran away, indicating that it was a spiritual thing that had not yet been born.

It is very likely that it was cultivated by the heavenly fox!

The machine can be lost, and then come again. Heida took the jade box with one arm long and put it on the side, ready to place the yellow bud later. Then she carefully grabbed the yellow bud and began to pull it out.

The more you pull out the black, the more you are pleasantly surprised. Originally, it looks like a thin yellow bud as long as a small nail cap, but when you pull it out, it gets longer and longer. After that, it is more than a black elephant. In the twinkling of an eye, she pulled out a yellow bud as long as her forearm. It is so long that it looks too much like the buds of some kind of plant, more like corn noodles.

At the moment, Heida also changed from surprise to surprise. It looked like a spirit. She had never seen such a strange spirit before.

But fortunately, it’s over. Ambassador black tugged hard and then tugged the new one. She thought that what was buried in the ground was the real body of the yellow bud, but Heida was afraid. She was greedy and had to cut the yellow bud short and take it away.

“It hurts.”

However, Heida was sweating more and more. When she cut the yellow buds, she found a teenager shouting pain. This seems to prove that Huang Ya is a spirit, but the sound of crying pain stops from underground.

Overhead, left and right, everywhere, underground, the sound sounded from countless places. It surrounded the darkness, making her tremble and unable to breathe, as if she knew when she was swallowed by the monster——

That’s true.

In front of him, Heida completely lost consciousness. The room returned to calm, as if the nigger two had never been in the future. The only thing that was the same was the broken pottery pot and the wilting “corn noodles” in the pottery pot.

* *

“It hurts, it hurts.”

As soon as Wei Xun and Yu Huihui came back to the house, they saw the corn shoots crying for pain. Before, Wei Xun was still conscious communication, but now he has learned to speak.

Obviously, some monsters it swallowed should be able to speak human words, so that corn shoots can also learn.

“It hurts, father. It hurts.”

The corn shoots trembled and stretched out the tentacles in the small broken pottery pot, sought comfort from Wei Xun, and cried that a bad man had cut it with a knife just now, which hurt it.

Wei Xun wore gloves and held this part of the tentacle in his hand. After repeated inspection, he could not find any scars.

“It should be the injury suffered in the east side hall before.”

Yu huidao.

The corn shoots were seriously injured in the east side hall. As a result, they were slow to respond. They felt pain when they came back. I’m afraid someone happened to cut the tentacles of corn shoots. As a result, the painful corn shoots mistook him for his hand, which caused the tragedy.

If you dare to fight the coffin, you deserve to be swallowed by corn shoots.

Wei Xun noticed that the white paper adhered to the coffin was gone, and there was a strong Yin Qi. This Yin Qi is rare in monsters, which makes Wei Xunsheng curious.

“Come on.”

He ordered.

Corn shoots digest very badly. Don’t find what they eat directly. But the “false mouth” of corn shoots glued with countless tentacles is a good burden for storing prey. For example, the giant spirit snake bone swallowed today, in its’ false mouth ‘, the real mouth is too small, so eat it.

It feels like a cormorant fishing with its throat tied.

“Still not as good as you.”

The tentacles on the other side lingered, and they wanted to get closer to Wei Xun again. When Wei Xun returned to Western Hunan and Northern Tibet, he could not help sighing to Yu Huihui.

Really, no one can use a baby fox when he was young. Let him eat whatever he wants. Even if he eats it, he will skillfully put it in. Moreover, it can steal food and take, and has a large capacity. It’s really easy to use.

“Ha ha.”

Yu Yuhui didn’t bother to pay attention to him. Yes, he has changed into a heavenly Fox and has more room in his stomach. This time, he swallowed the skull of a giant spirit snake.

But this is an urgent matter. On weekdays, he is used to Weixun.

“No, no, Wuwu bamboo shoots didn’t steal, bamboo shoots really didn’t steal.”

Seeing that the corn shoots didn’t come, the thief vomited. Wei Xun asked again. As a result, the guy cried directly. He knew which monster to learn from. He was really weak and pitiful. It was really unbearable for people to pity.

“Why didn’t you eat it?”

Wei Xun was used to this problem. He grabbed the tentacles of corn shoots with his fingers and twisted them left and right: “you look delicious.”

Woo woo woo woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo hoo!

The little fool corn shoots dared to cry again, and he dared to close his tentacles. He honestly told Wei Xun the whole story. It’s really wronged. Nigger two has no entity at all. The corn shoots are like swallowing fire and drinking water raw. There’s no feeling after eating.

What’s more, it didn’t open its mouth. Its mouth was blocked by the spirit snake bone. It’s these two hateful guys who sent them to the ‘false mouth’ wrapped with tentacles, but these two things really didn’t fall off by themselves!

“Is it nigger two?”

Yu Huihui still remembers what Hu San said that the two evil things become essence. The description of corn shoots corresponds to them.

“Why, what did you get?”

Wei Xun noticed that Yu Yuhui had been distracted from time to time since she came back. Now he said that the big nigger II disappeared after it sent him a false mouth. He even clenched his hand and looked a little anxious.

“Are you sure?”

“Very likely.”

Yu Huihui took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled: “Taisui is best at dissolving the Qi of yin and evil.”

Let the corn shoot swallow from bottom to top. First, it is convenient for it to move. Second, the spirit snake bone is like an inverted funnel. If there is a spirit object hidden in its bone, there are only two possible places.

The first is its head, and the second is its convoluted bone shelter.

Now look at Yu Huihui’s reaction, most of it is.

“But I’m worried that too old will melt away.”

Yu Yuhui paced back and forth. He had always been calm, but now he became the most calm person.

“It can still be preserved in the spirit bone of the White Snake, but now the spirit bone is broken and in the corn shoot.”

Yu Yuhui knew that this was the best rescue opportunity, but she was too worried that it would hold on.

“Corn shoots, you can suck secretly, okay?”

Wei Xun scolded. The corn shoots were a little confused and guilty. He said vaguely, “no, I didn’t smoke secretly.”

It’s just that it’s blocking your mouth. The corn shoots instinctively want to be swallowed. It should have taken two bites, did it? Father said it would be bang.

Woo woo, why did he make a mistake again? He’s really a bad worm.

“Father, bring me your clothes.”

The corn shoots whimpered and sadly admitted that they were useless: “shoot, bear it.”

Bring it? But this is another problem.

The first name snake bone is too big. Wei Xun is in charge of this company. Now he is getting rid of the relationship with the corn shoots. He has exposed the snake bones.

Moreover, the snake bone is in a broken state and can no longer restrain Taisui’s aura. This spirit can be put into the storage space.

It really makes Wei Xun’s life a little difficult.

“Knock knock.”

While Wei Xun was meditating, a knock on the door sounded. Wei Xun’s mind moved. The tentacles of the corn shoots immediately retracted into the earthenware jar, and the mucus secreted by him soon repaired the fragments of the earthenware jar, which looked like a regular earthenware jar.


After the corn shoots were hidden, Yu Yuhui went to open the door.

“It’s me, Bai Xiaotian.”

Yu Yuhui was stunned and quickly opened the door. He saw a well behaved young Taoist standing outside the door, holding a wooden box in his hand, and said with a low eyebrow: “the deputy regiment asked me to send the spirit snake bone.”

Half life Taoist Hongjiang robbed two spirit snake joints. Zhou Xiyang should have divided them. This kind of good thing of sharing stolen goods, however, has not forgotten C250. Even if C250 has a giant snake head, it is a guide biased towards the monster camp, but the mind must be obtained.

However, in the eyes of Wei Xun, the snake bone is important, and the person who sent the snake bone is more important.

And there’s definitely a way to stick to this point.


Yu Hui’s good way: “come and sit down.”

“It’s used.”

Bai Xiaotian handed the wooden box to Yu Yuhui and said solemnly: “the deputy regiment asked me to send the snake bones back.”

“Why, does he still trust me?”

Wei Xun smiled, leaned against the door and looked down at Bai Xiaotian: “he’s afraid I’ll kill you?”

“I believe in director Cui.”

Bai Xiaotian seemed to frown a little troubled: “what will Cui Dao do to me…”

“That’s it.”

When Wei Xun finished, he simply grabbed Bai Xiaotian’s wrist and pulled him into the house: “come on, you!”


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