TTG Chapter 204

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 204: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (38)

“Does Taoist priest Bai drink tea?”

Yu Xiaohui didn’t expect Wei Xun to directly drag Bai Xiaotian in. He was stunned, but Yu Xiaohui closed the door.

“No, you’re welcome.”

Wei Xun has been communicating with Bai Xiaotian over there. Even if Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast, they are still in the same book, which is like a greeting from a tour guide to a normal passenger.

If yu Yuhui had not known that Bai Xiaotian was Baixiao, there would be no clue from their conversation.

“Then drink some honey water.”

Wei Xun poured Bai Xiaotian a cup of purified magic honey water. Yu Xiaohui came to Bai Xiaotian and gradually calmed down the joy of Baixiao’s arrival. Yu Xiaohui worried again——

Baixiao is not good at showing any knowledge and information beyond the cognition of “Bai Xiaotian”.

The traveler absolutely pays great attention to this journey, not to mention that the examiner is a devourer now. If Bai Xiaotian is exposed, he may be expelled from the journey and put on the travel blacklist.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Baixiao song is a person on his way home. If he really participates in the song of saving Tong song, it is very likely that Tong song will not be saved! It’s like when Wang pengpai, who was drunk in the United States and Hunan, wanted to save Yu Yuhui, but he couldn’t get out. He finally wanted to collect the remnant soul of the heavenly fox, but he was cut off by C250.

Lu Zhuo stared. If Baixiao Zhuo really made a mistake, not only his identity would be exposed, but Tong Zhuge would probably not be saved.

What should I do?

Yu Yuhui was in a dilemma and fidgeted. While he wanted Baixiao to plan, he was also afraid that Baixiao’s participation would lead to bad consequences. He wanted to open his mouth for the last few times, but he wanted to stop talking.

“Brother Yu, help me water the flowers.”

Not because of Yu Yuhui’s nervousness, Wei Xun had a pleasant chat with Bai Xiaotian. Seeing Yu Yuhui walking around like this, Wei Xun smiled and looked at the direction of the pottery pot.

Yu Yuhui was surprised by his voice!

Brother Yu?

Wei Xun called him brother Yu for the first time! It used to be called Hui!

“Brother Yu?”

“Well, well, good.”

Yu Yuhui subconsciously responded and walked towards the pottery pot. Half way through, he regained his consciousness. He was neither laughing nor crying. What’s in this pottery pot? Wei Xun knows best. Where do corn shoots need watering. It was obvious that Wei Xun couldn’t calm down when he saw him shaking in front of him. He just found something to do for him.

Yu Yuhui also knew that she was upset. She didn’t say much. She simply went to the side of the pottery pot, took out the thermos cup and saw that there was still some magic honey water left by Wei Xun. Simply put some mineral water into it, while absentmindedly pouring it into the pottery pot, while listening to Wei Xun’s Baixiao’s words.

“Cui Dao, Yu Xian, Hui Xian have a good relationship.”

“Yes, after all, I saved the fox.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “I’m very kind to myself.”

“Indeed, director Cui is very responsible.”

Bai Xiaotian praised him and said, “the deputy regiment has said privately several times that it would be better to be in Cuidao’s regiment.”

“Aren’t you in my regiment now?”

Wei Xun chuckled: “no matter the camp, I am your guide.”

Yu Yuhui listened and thought carefully. Bai Xiaoyu’s sentence “Cui Dao, Yu Zhihui, good relationship” actually tested Wei Xun’s attitude towards the way home. Wei Xun’s answer to “the fox I saved” and “I’m good to myself” is to show his attitude.

Bai Xiao praised him later and said, “indeed, director Cui is very responsible.” in fact, he implied an Xuefeng. Then he asked a half life Taoist to say “in Cuidao’s group”, which was to invite bing250 to join the journey home.

But C 250 refused, but it didn’t refuse completely. He means that even if he doesn’t go home for the time being, he can cooperate with him. Moreover, the background of the butcher alliance and the hippies will not affect him.

It takes a lot of brains to listen to these two people.

Yu Hui took a deep breath and felt itchy at the edge of the skin. When he looked down, he saw that a small yellow bud was growing in the pottery pot, which was flattering him, and the soil in the pottery pot was extremely dry – the honey just poured by Yu Yuhui was sucked dry by tons of corn shoots.

More, more!

The corn shoots are expected to rub Yu Huihui’s feet with his tentacles. Yu Huihui doesn’t bother to think about it at all. He doesn’t waste Wei Xun’s honey and takes out a bottle of mineral water to water the corn shoots.

The little fool still drinks the corn shoots very happily. Sure enough, can the fool live happily.

After pouring this bottle of water, Yu Yuhui went back to listen to Wei Xun’s chat with Bai Xiao, but they were talking about Taoist allusions.

“The third prince is the Dharma protector of Taoism, the Grand Master of Tongtian, the Grand Marshal of Zhongtan, and the illustrious General of channeling.”*

What Bai Xiaotian said is Nezha’s title in Taoism. He has a high status and is classified as “loyal and martial god of war” in the immortal spectrum, belonging to the vein of martial god*

“My brother is really good.”

Wei Xun sighed, slightly distressed: “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn some skills from Nezha’s spirit. He promised to come and give me special training every night, but I don’t know where to get into it. The success rate is high.”

Wei Xun is talking about the success rate. There are too many people in the Nezha spirit club. The journey is only a few nights at best. There are few opportunities to learn from Nezha spirit.

And his divine orange Title task has not been landed yet.

“If director Cui doesn’t mind, the path knows a little about these.”

Listening to Bai Xiaotian’s answer, Wei Xun smiled and said, “I’d like to hear it in detail.”

“The third crown prince is famous for a variety of magic weapons, but unless Cui Dao can get these treasures, it will be a waste of time to put his heart on it.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “is the fire just displayed by Cui Dao in the east side hall the true fire of samadhi?”

“That’s right.”

Wei Xun responded.

“Cui daoda can get involved in samadhi true fire. It is feasible to integrate some props as a weapon or as a title task clue.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “samadhi true fire is actually the most useful. It’s also alchemy. It’s said that Taiyi immortal’s golden pill to protect Nezha’s soul is made from samadhi true fire.”


Wei Xun’s heart moved and his eyes narrowed slightly: “Nezha is the incarnation of lotus in the romance of gods. He used two lotus flowers, three lotus leaves and a gold pill containing Nezha’s spirit to reshape his body. But I think the bird transformed by Nezha’s spirit has lotus roots, which is more like that written in travel notes.”

Nezha was rescued by immortal Taiyi in the Fengshen romance. He was the incarnation of lotus. But in the travel notes, the Buddha saved it. It is the incarnation of lotus root with green lotus root as bone and lotus leaf as clothing.

“Don’t worry about where Nezha came from. After all, Nezha spirit is a collection of people’s understanding of Nezha.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “even if the lotus root is the bone, the lotus flower is the meat, the lotus leaf is the clothes, and the golden pill protects the soul, it is also possible.”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully and then asked, “but how can we tell whether this lotus leaf and lotus is meat or bone, or the golden elixir for protecting the soul?”

“Guide Cui, you can ask Nezha Ling for advice on the usage of samadhi true fire tonight.”

Bai Xiaotian was a little embarrassed: “I have little knowledge. I just think it’s not bad to burn it. It’s about a golden pill that can protect the soul. The deputy regiment should have a deeper understanding in this regard.”

“I will visit half life Taoist.”

Wei Xun smiled. They discussed for a while whether Nezha was a human or a lotus after his resurrection.

Bai Xiaotian said that in the romance of gods, it was written that although Nezha, who had recovered his human form, was still human in appearance, he was actually a lotus. The golden elixir sealed Nezha’s soul and completely isolated from the outside world. It was beyond the three realms and five elements. It was sealed in another space, which was no different from the body without soul.

Therefore, Nezha after restoration is an incarnation of plant, not a human.

Moreover, this kind of body has advantages. It is not invaded by magic, has no three souls and seven souls, will not be hurt by any soul seduction, can be immune to poison, and will no longer have the pain of pregnancy.

“That’s nice.”

Wei Xun sighed: “if it weren’t for the alienation of the tour guide, I would like to be a lotus root person.”

Can a tour guide count as a person? Or do you want to be like Nezha’s spirit? It’s still human in appearance, but it’s strange inside?

“Whether human or non-human, as long as there is a heart and do personnel, it is human.”

“Taoist priest is open-minded.”

Wei Xun smiled and stopped talking about these things. Bai Xiaotian discussed some things related to Nezha. Although Bai Xiaotian said it was better not to waste his time on Nezha’s weapons, he still introduced Wei Xun to a magic weapon of Nezha’s spirit.

This magic weapon is not as famous as huntian Ling and heaven and earth circle.

“The magic weapon of this life, hydrangea, is recorded in many ancient books, such as travel notes of Hydrangea, travel notes to the south, complete collection of three religions and God searching.”

Bai Xiaotian said: “it is said that the hydrangea has a huge internal space. There are six demon leaders and five thousand plague ghost soldiers. All kinds of demons, ghosts and even gods and beasts subdued by Nezha are sealed in the hydrangea. You can call them out to fight with the hydrangea.”*

Bai Xiaotian said briefly, “it’s hard to forge other magic weapons, but the original name of this Hydrangea is a fireball. Cuidao has samadhi true fire. Maybe there is some chance.”

“It’s late. Don’t disturb director Cui’s rest.”

“Go slowly. I’ll visit the half life deputy regiment.”

Wei Xun didn’t stay this time and sent Bai Xiaotian out.

Is this over?

Yu Yuhui didn’t disturb Wei Xun’s communication with Bai Xiaotian during the whole journey. Who would have thought that they had been discussing Nezha and didn’t mention Lingshen snake bone at all!

“If Tong’s song can recover the root of the root, it should be a ‘plant person’ synthesized by Lingshen, he Shouwu and Taisui.”

After Bai Xiaotian left, Yu Yuhui couldn’t help but speak.

“Like me.”

Yu Yuhui can’t be said to be a human being now. She doesn’t have the identity of a passenger. She is more like Wei Xun’s contractual pet. His identity in the brigade is also “Tianhu”, and his strength level is calculated according to Tianhu. He is no longer a person.

Tian Hu is smart, and Yu Yuhui understands that Wei Xun’s discussion of Bai Xiaotian actually uses Nezha’s spirit to compare the situation of Tong Yuge at the moment.

The lotus root, lotus flower and lotus leaf that make up Nezha’s spirit can correspond to Lingshen, Taisui and Polygonum multiflorum of Tong Yuge.

The key point is which is the most critical spirit that carries the soul of Tong song. This Baixiao also gave advice to burn samadhi real fire.

“But now we only get Taisui.”

Yu Yuhui worried and said, “you still need time to get Lingshen and Polygonum multiflorum.”

Isn’t this going back to the original problem.

“No, in my opinion, they should all have a part of the spirit of Tong’s song.”

Wei Xun denied. He went to the pottery pot and touched the tender yellow tentacles of the corn shoots. The corn shoots immediately beat the snake and wound around Wei Xun’s fingers with the stick. The tentacles opened like tender buds, revealing a drop of crystal pure honey——

It actually purified the honey poured into the soil by Yu Yuhui into honey, which is now offered to Wei Xun like a treasure.

“You eat.”

Wei Xun smiled and ordered some corn shoots. He fed the dead body of the pigeon essence to it. The corn shoots were a burst of unexpected ecstasy and twisted out the afterimage happily.

Baixiao means which one Wei Xun wants as the core of Tong’s Gefu, and where to burn with samadhi real fire.

Wei Xun understands.

This is the key to Yu huixun’s worry at first. Taisui’s aura is too strong. If you take it out, it will definitely be known by the whole underground palace demons. However, if you send samadhi true fire into the corn shoots and directly burn Taisui into a “golden pill” and take it out, it will be much simpler.

The golden elixir is introverted and completely isolated from the outside world, forming a space of its own. Taisui’s aura gathers there and will not leak out.

I don’t know if the corn shoots can be used as an “alchemy furnace”. I can withstand the burning of samadhi true fire. However, there is an incomplete spirit snake bone plate inside, which can resist part of the heat. It should be no problem.

“Yes, I’m not bold enough.”

Wei Xun sighed, “I didn’t think about this.”

He filled the corn shoots with a bottle of water along with his food. Drink more water. It will be burned later.

Who can think of burning Tai Sui with samadhi fire? Who dares!

“You’re bold enough.”

Yu Yuhui said silently. He took a deep breath: “Bai Xiaotian… He used to be very conservative and cautious.”

Burn Taisui with samadhi fire and burn a ‘golden pill’ for Tong Xiaoge. Even Wei Xun didn’t expect it!

He is calm and rational, but he is crazy in his calmness, which makes Yu Yuhui mixed in his heart.

There are too many facts about this issue, and there are too many that he failed to participate in. On the surface, everyone looks as usual on the way home, but in fact, they are no longer normal people.

“It’s good to have a way.”

Wei Xun said briskly that this communication with Baixiao made him very happy. Smart people say it’s simple.

Bai Xiao only talked about Nezha in the whole process, but in fact, he not only gave the treatment method of Lingzhi (burning with samadhi real fire), Tong Zhuge’s recovery plan (imitating Nezha), but also gave suggestions on Wei Xun’s props.

Wei Xunzheng was worried about how to carry the insects with him. Baixiao put forward Nezha’s magic weapon “Hydrangea”, which can accommodate a group of demons and has a great capacity

The most important thing is that his opinions are not empty, but really feasible around the point that “C250 has samadhi true fire”.

In addition, at first, Bai Xiao said “don’t waste your time on magic weapons”, which also pointed out why Wei Xun hasn’t been able to activate the divine Title task.

It is reasonable to say that he has seen huntianling and Huojian gun, and he was hard smoked by huntianling. How should he have it.

The difference lies in Wei Xun’s head. There is no magic weapon, let alone turning the magic weapon into urban architecture like Nezha Ling, which is impregnated by popularity. This road is doomed to be impassable.

It’s better to enter the fire from Samadhi.

“Bai Xiaotian is interesting.”

Wei Xun was very interested. This was the first time he had a confrontation with Baixiao. The previous reminder on the forum did not count. He was a guest on his way home as Wei Xun. Baixiao Wanchun was “chasing C250” outside, and the two had not met.

A communication can leave a good impression on Wei Xun, and none of them is imperative advice.

Did Baixiao ask Wei Xun what to do? No, He exchanged information about Nezha’s spirit like C250, and he provided the spirit. Wei Xun thought out all the ways to make Tong Fu sing.

In this way, even if Tong’s song really recovers, his benefactor is only bing2501.

Wei Xun clearly understands why Baixiao did so. It is precisely because Wei Xun told him at first: “after all, it’s the fox I saved.”

Wei Xun trusts Yu Xiaohui and treats him well on the premise that Yu Xiaohui was rescued by him. His body and soul belong to Wei Xun completely under the certification of the brigade and will never betray him.

If the relationship between Bai Xiao and Tong song is mixed in Tong song, so that the benefactor of Tong song can have an extra day, it is difficult to ensure whether Bing 250 will still make full efforts.

In order to ensure that Tong Xiaoge can be saved, Bai Xiaoge is willing to give way. This is Yang Mou. He knows that Bing 250 will think of this with his sensitivity, but it does not prevent Bing 250 from being good to him for such behavior.

In this case, people with too high IQ and too calm and rational will usually arouse people’s vigilance and even some negative emotions.

However, Baixiao’s communication not only showed high intelligence and calmness, but also showed great emotion and knew how to advance and retreat. The most important thing is that there is a little madness hidden in his calmness, which is more in line with Wei Xun’s appetite.

If he meets such a person in reality, Wei Xun will be interested.

“Go and see the half life Taoist and ask them to come and get the coffin.”

Wei Xun said. Half life Taoist priest sent Bai Xiaotian to deliver snake bones. He should also take the opportunity to let Bai Xiaotian see the current situation of the coffin.

It’s o’clock in the evening. It’s not too late to meet half the Taoist priest and train with Nezha spirit.

“I’ll go by myself. OK, you stay here. They may come to send the deer later.”

Mei Ke’er rode the White Deer away, but Wei Xun didn’t worry about it. They would definitely send it back later.

“Are you going to find the half life Taoist now?”

Yu Xiaohui was stunned. He thought Wei Xun was greeting Bai Xiaohui. Do you really want to find him?


There is definitely a reason why Bai Xiaoshu mentioned the “deputy regiment” just now. What kind of surprise will it bring to the half life Taoist priest?

Wei Xun is looking forward to it.

* *

“Here you are, director Cui.”

Half life Taoist was extremely attentive, and even personally poured Wei Xun a cup of tea. He coughed, slapped Bai Xiaotian on the shoulder and patted hard: “Bai Xiaotian is stupid. If he says something wrong, please forgive me, director Cui.”

“I had a good chat with Bai Xiaotian.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “I heard that you have some opinions on refining corpses?”

“Yes, I’m very good at training zombies. You know, Yu Xiangyang Cuidao of Laoshan brigade, who is the head of Laoshan brigade, is my own zombie.”

The half life Taoist boasted, “if I’m obedient, I say one, he doesn’t dare to say two, but listen. Why, director Cui also wants to train zombies.”

“Indeed, I don’t know whether this is a zombie or not.”

Wei Xun said: “half life, you know, I got a lot of spirit snake bones. Do you have any experience in manipulating bones, such as turning them into a snake bone puppet“

“This is an evil sect. It’s not popular!”

The half life Taoist blurted out and cried bitterly: “guide Cui, you’ve entered a misunderstanding! We Maoshan sect don’t engage in bone shelf. Only flesh and blood are zombies, and there are gods. That’s a stiff God like a drought.”

“Bone shelf? It’s just made by the necromancer of Nash district. It’s boring, especially boring, and ugly. You say that you’ve got a big bone lizard. It’s not as good as our zombies in the East.”

Half life Taoist said that the bone lizard should be a bone dragon.

Wei Xun just mentioned it casually. Unexpectedly, half life Taoist priest really understood it. He became interested. But he didn’t come to talk about it with half life Taoist priest this time.

You can ask the devil merchant later.

“Cough, Cui Dao, this is just my opinion. Of course, some people also think the bone shelf is very beautiful.”

Bai Xiaotian pulled his sleeve. Half life Taoist realized that his tone was too horizontal just now, and he was a little embarrassed. After all, he actually wanted something from director Cui this time, so he was attentive at the beginning.

Simply Bing 250 will feel good. Instead of tangled with him, he smiled and asked, “in your opinion, what is the best use of bones for?”

“Of course, it’s used to burn ashes and feed zombies!”

Half life Taoist blurted out!

Yes, he wants to ask for C 250. That’s it.

Half life Taoist priest enthusiastically counted the benefits of ashes: “ashes can be used in spells and grass people mixed with soybeans. It’s also good to feed paper people, right, Xiaotian.”


Bai Xiaotian replied, receiving the half life Taoist’s eyes, he opened his mouth: “but the spirit snake bone is very hard. It’s too troublesome and takes too long to burn.”

“So, Cui Dao, can you borrow a fire?”

Half life Taoist looked eagerly at C 250: “of course, I don’t borrow it for nothing. If director Cui has any requirements, tell me I can do it.”

Half life Taoist didn’t think about borrowing fire from Cuidao before. After all, who would borrow Donglian from the guide? The guide? The passenger room is still like a transparent wall. When the passengers encounter difficulties and dangers, they won’t go to the guide at all.

When Bai Xiaotian came back this time, he said that guide Cui was different from other guides, and he had to exercise samadhi true fire with Nezha spirit, which moved the half life Taoist.

“The snake bone is hard. Cuidao, you just brought it to burn. It’s best to see if the samadhi real fire has made progress.”

The half life Taoist vigorously promoted: “the spirit snake bone actually has many uses. It’s a pity that you don’t refine the body and burn it into ashes. Why don’t you come and burn me.”

Wei Xun looked at the low-key Bai Xiaotian with a smile while perfunctory Taoist priest.

Bai Xiaoxiang is so sweet. Before, Wei Xun was still wondering how long the spirit snake bone could be burned by samadhi real fire and whether it could last until Taisui was burned into a golden pill. The half life Taoist rushed to deliver it and said that he wanted to burn the snake bone to ashes.

In this way, no matter how Wei Xun burns or experiments, he won’t waste his snake bones.

Baixiao is really good.

Wei Xun thought with regret.

Why didn’t he die?

If you were like Yu Huitong’s song, you wouldn’t be his man if you died and came back.

Oh, what a pity.

Half life Taoist blabbed and promised a variety of benefits. He thought he was right and tried his best to persuade C250.

Thinking that Bing 250 looked at Bai Xiaotian with a smile just now, the half life Taoist was afraid of Bing 250. He was dissatisfied with Bai Xiaotian’s disclosure that he wanted to learn the samadhi true fire of Nezha’s spirituality. He patted Bai Xiaotian on the back and scolded him in front of Bing 250. At least he made Bing 250 smile.

“Oh, my God, don’t be a big mouth. The tour guide has a small mind. It’s bad for people to remember.”

When Bing 250 left, the half life Taoist warned.

“Deputy regiment, I only told you about it.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “you asked me to tell you all the communication of director Cui.”

If half life doesn’t talk about practicing samadhi true fire with Bing 250, how can bing 250 know that Bai Xiaotian told half life Taoist about it?

Who is the real big mouth?

“I don’t care about you.”

Half life Taoist had a hard mouth and patted Bai Xiaotian on the shoulder.

“All right, director Cui promised that it would be easy. In fact, I wanted to find Zhou Xiyang, but his sunset fire was too soft. If he wanted to burn it, he would have to burn it to the monkey’s moon. Maybe he would have to ridicule me for losing my family. Hum.”

The half life Taoist angrily said, “they don’t know how good the ashes are! Xiao Tian, after the spirit snake ashes are burned, I’ll feed you a spoonful of the paper man first. When you see the effect, you know how good the ashes are.”

“Deputy regiment, this is not good.”

Bai Xiaotian declined: “don’t you feed Hongjiang first?”

“Hey, how dare I feed red stiff first.”

The half life Taoist said, “you don’t know. If you know, I’ll feed other zombie ashes first, someone will have to be angry with me.”

Obviously, he looks like a sick, weak and handsome man, but half life Taoist likes to use an old tone. He is like an old man who watches around the chessboard on the street and wants to point out the rivers and mountains.

Now speaking of Yu Xiangyang, he is like an old man who complains about his wife: “last time I added salt and pepper to his ashes, he was angry with me for half a month. After a little understanding, I found out that this man thinks I don’t care about him. He doesn’t remember that he only adds sugar to his ashes.”

“Tell me if this man is here. Dare I feed Xiaohong’s ashes first. I -”

“Vice regiment.”

Bai Xiaotian gently reminded: “it’s live.”

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Half life Taoist directly coughed violently, and the whole person was not well. Just now Bing 250 came in. Wearing a small crown, half life Taoist thought that the live broadcast was blocked anyway. He was too happy to settle the samadhi true fire, and completely ignored the live broadcast.

“Why did you tell me now?”

Half life Taoist lowered his voice as if he would not be broadcast live.

“I’ll remind you earlier next time.”

Bai Xiaotian, as always, has a good temper and should come down. The good tempered Taoist priest felt a little guilty. He thought that he would have to feed more spoons to Bai xiaotianba’s paper man when he came back to feed his ashes.

* *

“Call me at 1:30.”

Back in the room, Wei Xun gave orders to Yu Yuhui after looking at the room. He just contacted Nezha Ling. Although Nezha Ling said he would be back soon, his close brother certainly wanted to give his brother enough air.

It’s almost half past ten, and there’s a small one.

Wei Xun sat in front of the pottery pot, and the White Deer demon walked uneasily around him. When Wei Xun went to see the half life Taoist, Meckel sure enough sent the White Deer back. Yu Yuhui tried Bai Lu first, and Bai Lu didn’t hide it, so he told him about the incident.

Meckel did not hurt the white deer, and even used medicine to heal it. The White Deer also exchanged sesame seed sized snake bones from Augustus at the cost of blood dripping.

As soon as he came back, he eagerly handed over the bone fragments to Yu Yuhui’s skin.


Wei Xun said.

In Wei Xun’s opinion, it’s too bad to exchange Ling deer blood for this small bone piece. However, the White Deer also had a flat attitude towards Augustus. Before leaving, it entrusted Meckel with a task, but it didn’t have Augustus’s share.

“Yo Yo.”

The White Deer flattered Wei Xun and entrusted Meckel with the task of disturbing the underground palace, especially the power of old lady Bai. I didn’t mention anything about Shenjing mountain Weng.

Who can be more reliable than Wei Xun? White deer is not stupid! No matter how anxious he was, he would not take the risk of making Wei Xun angry and tell the monsters he didn’t trust very much about finding his company.

Wei Xun said, “give me a drop of your blood.”

Without hesitation, the White Deer kowtowed to the ground, and the newly grown antler scratched and bled. It tilted its head and gave Wei Xun a drop of precious antler blood, and then the wound was cured by Yu Hui.

Wei Xun asked for this blood not for Augustus’ comparison, but for his own use. He took the deer antler blood essence and closed his eyes. The deer blood contained a lot of Yang Qi. After swallowing it, it was as hot as a small sun. The surging heat was concentrated and pressed into one drop of blood by Wei Xun, and then fed it to another drop of blood.

An Xuefeng’s blood.

There was too little samadhi fire from huntian Ling that day, only a trace. Even if there was a big fire in the east side hall, the original flame was still only a little.

However, this is much more than the original fire. It is not an illusion. Wei Xun used samadhi true fire in the east side hall. He did notice that it was slightly stronger. Careful examination of guard Xun found that this is the blood of an Xuefeng.

Perhaps because of the existence of Phoenix Fire, samadhi true fire energy source continues to draw fire Qi, Yang Qi, from this drop of blood, so as to strengthen oneself. But after all, this is only a drop of blood. Yang Qi is always exhausted. Wei Xun wants this pilose antler blood to replenish Yang for an Xuefeng’s blood, so that Samadhi true fire can continue to grow.


Yang Qi fills the body and naturally causes some physiological reactions. Wei Xun is sweating a little on his forehead. Xiaocui is in the ball of magic insects now. The characteristics of reproduction and the spirit of integrating an Xuefeng’s breath make Wei Xun feel a little uncomfortable.

“Isn’t an Xuefeng Yang enough?”

With a long breath, Wei Xun was still in the mood to tease Yu Yuhui: “I think he can bear it. I think there is something wrong with him.”

“Team an, this is a good concentration.”

“Concentration is too good. It’s a disease.”

Wei Xun sneered and fiddled with the tentacles of corn shoots: “seven emotions and six desires are human nature. An Xuefeng can bear it. There must be a problem.”


Yu Yuhui was silent for a moment and sighed, “although I’m not sure, there must be some abnormalities in normal people.”

From several contacts, Wei Xun also realized that he had a strong desire for predatory monopoly, but he never really had the intention to do anything, as if he couldn’t do it. An Xuefeng can endure, has strong concentration, but has normal male function.

Although this function has not been experienced by Wei Xun at present.

“Do you know what’s wrong with a hippie?”

Let’s try again. Fortunately, it’s covered by a cloak so that we won’t make a fool of ourselves. Wei Xun can only be a patient person at the moment. He locks yang to prevent Yang from leaking out. He diverts his attention and politely says, “is he in love?”

I won’t be a tolerant person, too.

Yu Yuhui couldn’t cry or laugh: “there’s no such rumor. Anyway, I don’t know. Why don’t you ask the dreamer.”


He has been closely following the Devourer, astrologer slice (playful man) to talk about it. He took time to watch the performance tonight. It’s all right. He continues to get out and deal with other things. After rescuing Zhang xingzang, there are still a lot of troubles. The most important thing is how he went on these unprecedented journeys.

Dream chasers are thinking about whether they want to slice and get a job. After all, slicing is still very simple. But now listen to C 250, Yu Hui and discuss whether an Xuefeng’s life playing people can’t be humane

Dreamers think it’s good to be like this now.

“There are not many people in the butcher alliance.”

Wei Xun thought: “I don’t think he has such a hobby.”

The only comparable person in the butcher alliance is the psychic medium of Yin-Yang butterfly.

“He never had a child?”

The dream chaser is unimaginable: “no, how can a playful man possibly have children?”

“Does he like people or people outside?”

“I don’t know.”

“Does he like yin-yang butterfly or psychic medium?”

“Ignorance, knowledge and Tao.”

“He ♂ “Is it working properly?”

“I really don’t know, know and say!”

“Then why did he come in?”

“I don’t know.”

The dreamer sighed: “if you don’t know, I don’t know.”

Wei Xun tutted. He didn’t remember what incurable disease Wei Xuechen had. It seems that he has a little stomach disease, but almost all presidents have stomach diseases. How can he develop to a terminal disease quickly.

Gastric cancer? Or something else?

Now the slice has become a matter of people. What are the other problems?

“I’m all right.”

At the end of tonifying yang, samadhi’s true fire seemed to grow a little, and Wei Xun stood up. He suddenly stretched out his hand, and a red strange bird fell on Wei Xun’s fingertip.

“The underground palace is really oppressive, brother. Let’s go up.”

Nezha’s spirit allowed him to arrive, and Wei Xun put him on the ground. It’s dark outside and it’s still raining. However, the rain is not heavy, just drizzle, and the air is cold and fresh. I don’t feel it after staying in the underground palace for a long time, but there will be openness and freshness on the ground.

“Brother, what do you want to learn?”

This special training Yu Xun, Hui Hui and dreamers didn’t follow. Nezhaling’s special training was only for Wei Xun and would not be easily spread to outsiders. Nezha spirits around the underground palace have been cleared, and no one will disturb them.

“I think your alienation is strong, but you haven’t fully controlled its power.”


Nezha Ling was talking about Wei Xun’s demonic alienation, and Wei Xun also knew his problem. □ □ being strong doesn’t mean that you need exercise in terms of strength, combat experience, reaction and power utilization.

“There’s no lightning tonight, but you can fly on the clouds. Although it’s not a punishment, ordinary lightning can also harden your wings.”


After Nezha Ling made some suggestions about special training, Wei Xun said, “brother, I want to practice samadhi true fire.”

“I want to practice its heat to the extent that I can refine the golden elixir. I hope my brother can teach me.”

Refining the soul locking golden pill absolutely requires pure samadhi true fire. Wei Xun was worried that his fire was weak and not enough. In fact, it’s best to have Nezha spirit to help, but every help is actually a kind of killing of human feelings.

Wei Xun is considering whether it is appropriate to ask nezhaling for help this time. But Nezha’s spirit was full of deep meaning: “Oh -” he said.

“It’s refining that pill, brother. I see.”

Wei Xun:??

What kind of pill? What does Nezha Ling understand?

“Don’t worry, brother, help you.”

Nezha Ling patted Wei Xun on the waist. Seeing that he was silent, he seemed to be shy. Nezha Ling comforted: “it’s okay, don’t be embarrassed, neither can my brother.”


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