TTG Chapter 205

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 205: 440000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

Wei Xun:

He didn’t care whether Nezha’s spirit could work or not. After all, many people know that Nezha is a child even if he has lived thousands of years. But nezhaling offered to help him, and the result was good.

“If you want to practice samadhi true fire, the summary is not a good opportunity.”

After the joke, Nezha Ling was printing his books. He really looked like a serious and responsible master.

“Now, the whole Tangshan mountain is soaked in rain, so it’s difficult to burn it.”

How to make samadhi true fire stronger?

Nezhaling’s suggestion is to burn!

“Fire always burns stronger and stronger. It can draw fire and heat from combustion.”

“That is to say, whether it gets stronger is related to the burning thing?”

Wei Xun asked keenly.

“After all, samadhi fire is a gift.”

Nezha Ling said frankly, “you have this talent. In fact, your brother also has it.”

In fact, the “samadhi true fire” in huntianling is not a step-by-step communication, but thousands of people come to eight arms Nezha city and its surrounding every flame to burn and absorb the fire gas. After accumulating countless people, it became such a powerful flame.

“So it is.”

Wei Xun suddenly realized that although Nezha Ling was as powerful as a character, he was not really a character after all. He is the spirit of Nezha city with eight arms, and all his “weapons” and “talents” come from this city.

This is actually more helpful to Wei Xun. After all, he is just an ordinary person. The hotel doesn’t sell “Nezha blood” or “red child blood”. Compared with the “talent step-by-step” accumulated through other ways, it is obvious that the latter has a greater chance of success.

“Thank you for your teaching!”

“In fact, if you have a room, you can go around the world. You can go to some relics that have been burned by fire, and some places that are very easy to burn. Even if some flames seem to be extinguished, there may still be ‘Yin Fire’ still burning.”

Nezhaling was very happy and confessed to Wei Xun that he had talent. This made nezhaling a little nervous. But seeing that Wei Xun still respected him as always, Nezha Ling held back his smile and nagged more.

“The ‘old fire’ in history has more energy than the new fire. The more flames you accumulate, the more you will have your own ‘samadhi true fire’. But you must carefully choose the flame as the ‘core’.”

“Just say what you mean, let’s have a look at the actual combat.”

Nezhaling is not a theorist. He seems to be more efficient in actual combat.


Almost at the moment Wei Xun answered, without warning, Nezha spirit killed him! His speed was frightening, like a red lightning. Wei Xun made a blocking action, and his chest had been hit hard. But Wei Xun threw out the stone brick of Linsi temple when he fell back!

Although the stone brick only sealed Nezha’s spirit for a few seconds. But this instant Kung Fu Wei Xun became alienated – or Nezha Ling’s punch directly killed him and became alienated!

“Slow, slow!”

But even if he becomes alienated, Wei Xun is only like a more beaten target. Nezha’s agility made him unable to lock. Even if his eyes caught the figure of Nezha’s spirit, his body couldn’t keep up with his movements!

“Don’t stand like a big fool and look at me!”

In the misty rain and fog, Nezha Ling’s scolding seemed to come from all directions: “use your body, don’t just focus on hands and feet!”

The devil’s body is full of weapons! But it is very difficult for people to use their tails and bone wings instead of hands and feet. He got another punch on his shoulder, but Wei Xun grabbed it, but it was a beat slower. His eyes were full of rage and killing intention, and the blood color floated up his eyes, but the next moment Wei Xun closed his eyes.

If your eyes can’t keep up with you, you don’t need your eyes. Use the devil’s sharp eyes to know! When vision is lost, other knowledge becomes more acute. Energy, the vision in the devil’s knowledge is different from that of human beings. Nezha’s voice sounds on the left, but Wei Xun’s voice sounds like a ball of energy coming from the bottom right!


The devil’s long tail swept like a whip, and it was strong and pulled on Nezha’s spirit! This is also the first time Wei Xun touched the body of Nezha spirit in this special training!

“Oh, good.”

Nezha Ling praised, but then he accelerated, and he soon found out the secret that Wei Xun could lock him!


Several fire masses hit, all containing powerful energy. The method of identifying Nezha spirit by energy failed, and Wei Xun was beaten again!

“Intuition, intuition, instinct! You still fight with your eyes!”

Indeed, even if he closed his eyes and used the devil’s alienated knowledge, Wei Xun still used his “eyes” to fight. His intuitive instinct was that he seemed to be an ethereal thing. Only what he observed was absolutely sure that he could attack him.

Nezhaling made Wei Xun think and fight instinctively, but it was really difficult for Wei Xun!

A quarter of an hour later, after the first round of special training, Wei Xun sat down and gasped on the ground. He was hurt and embarrassed. Nezha’s Spirit fell down. He paced in front of him, but his expression was very dignified.

“Brother, do you feel any pain?”

“That’s right.”

Wei Xun counted down many deaths, and his breathing gradually returned to normal.

“No wonder.”

Nezha spirit murmured, “your body should have been good at close combat. In the real battlefield, there is no time to use your brain. The instinct between life and death will tell you how to fight.”

Just now he didn’t keep his hand, just to simulate the crisis between life and death. But the problem is that Wei Xun can’t stop the pain!

Severe pain can bring fear as well as calmness. Pain is an important indicator of “I’m dying, I have to fight”.

There will be no pain. It is true that you will not be affected by pain in battle and will be calmer, but the problem is that this calmness is contrary to Wei Xun’s alienation to some extent.

“Irritability, destruction, madness, they can make you strong.”

Nezha Ling wondered, “why should we bind them and not release them?”

“One more time, brother.”

After a short silence, Wei Xun answered with a user name, but stood up and continued to fight. This time he not only fought with his body, but also used a variety of props and his current title. He ventured to make Nezha spirit sprout. The harassment of demon bees and evil insects slowed Nezha spirit’s attack. The wild soul surprised Wei Xun into a snow leopard and attacked again.

But this time he was beaten to the ground by Nezha spirit faster.

What did Nezha Ling say this time? He saw that Wei Xun was a summary.

Select which props and titles are more suitable for his battle after alienation.

“Come again.”

After a short adjustment, Wei Xun will come again. This time he released three kinds of flames – the three color magic fire from northern Tibet, the samadhi true fire drawn from huntianling, and the Phoenix Fire from Wei Xun, who was aware of his serious injury and spontaneously burned.

Not only that, Wei Xun also held a stone brick in his hand – the stone brick of Yulin Temple burned up by the magic fire, a flame in the past history.

He’s trying to fuse the fire.

“My brother is worried!”

Nezhaling saw this and was willing to help Wei Xun. Before the words came, Nezha Ling punched Wei Xun’s devil sharp corner without any effort, but his attack was resisted this time!

Not Wei Xun, but the Phoenix fire that automatically protects the Lord! The fire roared and lit up the dark night sky. The fire reflected the rain silk like golden red thin lines, shining in Wei Xun’s eyes.


The devil’s bones and wings spread out in an instant, and the silver magic patterns were shining. In an instant, thunder and lightning fell, splitting Nezha’s spirit surrounded by fire. This time, Wei Xun took the opportunity to attack forward, but flapped his wings and retreated dozens of meters – flying a kite!

“Good fire!”

Nezha spirit angrily scolded and dispersed the Phoenix Fire with one punch. But in a flash, the Phoenix Fire was generated around Wei Xun – the greatest feature of Phoenix Fire is Nirvana! In order to protect Wei Xun, Fenghuo nirvana for the first time. There seemed to be a tiny Phoenix in the flame. It wanted to rush out to block Wei Xun again, but the short period of weakness after Nirvana almost dissipated like a candle in the wind.

“唳 -!”

In the sound of the song, both the three color magic fire and the real fire of samadhi were mobilized. With the tacit consent of Wei Xun, Feng fire swallowed the three color magic fire and grew stronger in an instant. Come and stop Nezha spirit again!

“I want to see how many times you can Nirvana!”

Nezha spirit angrily said. Wei Xun still retreated and circled around the hole in the ground, while Nezha Ling chased after him like flying a kite. Phoenix Fire was once again annihilated by him and reborn around Wei Xun. This time Wei Xun tried his best to urge samadhi true fire to be swallowed by Feng fire.

Different from the more docile three color devil flame, the Phoenix Fire just swallowed the samadhi real fire and burst into flames. In the light of the fire, the Phoenix seemed to roll in pain, with a faint sign of cracking. But Nezha spirit attacked faster and smashed the flame directly!

Broken again and again, Nirvana reorganization again and again, which is a critical moment when the master is facing life danger. Finally, I don’t know how many times after breaking and reorganization, samadhi true fire, Phoenix Fire and three color magic flame have been integrated for one time!

[drop -]

The prompt sound of the hotel was in Wei Xun’s mind, but Wei Xun couldn’t listen. Nezha Ling just smashed the flame dozens of times. In fact, he was helping Wei Xun reorganize. Now the flame is almost gone, and Nezha’s spirit has no reservation. He suddenly accelerated, but in an instant he bypassed the reorganized flame and rushed in front of Wei Xun.

Yes, flying kites is really a good way, but if the enemy is too strong and will close you, how do you deal with it?

Nezha Ling just wanted Wei Xun to understand this!


Before the fist arrived, the fear of boxing forced Wei Xun. The mask on his face had made an overburdened click sound, and there were many cracks. But Wei Xun dodged. At this moment, his brain was blank, and he seemed to think about everything, but it was like printing all the actions of Nezha spirit in his mind.

Everything seemed to move slowly. When Nezha’s fist was hit by Wei Xun’s head, the dark light flashed in Wei Xun’s hand, and Wei Xun suddenly gave out his knife!

Maniac’s knife!

Gamblers are good at calculation, and zealots pay more attention to intuition. The black blade stabbed Nezha’s heart like a ghost of death, and the reorganized Phoenix Fire was called by Wei Xun, blocking Nezha’s retreat path.


Finally, the devil’s bones and wings closed and struck out of thin air with thunder and lightning!

Crackle -!!



After lightning and thunder, the night gradually returned to silence. With a soft clang, the black maniac’s knife fell to the ground and was picked up by Nezha spirit.

“Your knife is a little interesting.”

Nezha’s spirit watched the meeting with great interest and tried the blade with his fingertips: “it can hurt me.”

He had a hole in his chest, which was obviously in a spiritual state, but the knife still left scars on him.

“This is a knife for slaughtering the strong.”

Nezha’s spirit was sharp and saw the essence of the madman’s sword at a glance. This Sabre is strong when it is strong. It has its own rage. Nezha Ling likes it very much.

“It can be regarded as a magic weapon. Killing the strong may make it advanced.”


After a long time, Wei Xun’s hoarse and low voice rang again. He slowed down for almost a quarter of an hour. Not only the injuries on his body need to be dealt with, after all, Wei Xun’s summary is a clay figurine state. Serious injuries are nothing.

The most important thing is that he just forcibly used the passenger title. Although it was only a few seconds, it was still extremely dangerous. Wei Xun’s alienation almost collapsed!

The dissimilation state of the tour guide is incompatible with that of the passengers, but it takes a few seconds.

After this attempt, Wei Xun said, “dare again next time.”.

“Bother your brother.”

Wei Xun stood up and took the maniac’s knife from Nezha spirit and took it back.

“Hum, indeed, you are really hard to train.”

Nezha Ling deliberately turned his face and said, “it’s strange. You obviously have such weapons, but why can’t you let go?”

Although Wei Xun’s kite flying tactics are good, the lightning magic pattern makes him fast, and nirvana Phoenix Fire can torture and hinder the enemy again and again. Even if there is a surprise attack by the maniac’s knife in close proximity, plus the bone wing lightning, it can be regarded as a self-made routine.

But Nezha Ling still resented it.

“Maybe it’s because I always need some control.”

No matter what you do, don’t let yourself fall into an absolutely out of control state. It’s like Wei Xun’s heaven, which can’t be changed.

But Wei Xun suddenly thought that an Xuefeng would come and release the pain for the first time.

It’s wonderful. This time he completely let go, but it’s also very natural.

Wei Xun said casually, “or someone who can limit me, don’t summarize here.”

“Why, can’t I?”

Nezha Ling was unhappy and said, “of course, my brother is the best.”

“My brother is really good.”

Wei Xun spread out his hand. His hand was a stone brick. The stone bricks of Lin Temple turned red at the moment, and there was a faint, reddish flame floating on them.

It was Nezha Ling who did not spare any effort to crush Phoenix Fire, samadhi true fire and three color magic flame dozens of times. Thanks to their incomplete and weak flames, Phoenix Fire has the characteristic of Nirvana, so that they can be so perfectly integrated!

[di, you have integrated the steps of multiple civilizations! The flame has inspired the orange title mission!]

[task name: fire in world civilization!]


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