TTG Chapter 206

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 206: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (39)

“How’s it going?”

Yu Hehui looked forward to Wei Xun in the underground palace until midnight.

“Zhou Xiyang’s children came. I asked them to go back.”

Let’s first look at Wei Xun and Yu Hehui’s brief report. The special training of Wei Xun and nezhaling is not strong. The monsters didn’t dare to come out, but the passengers were worried about accidents.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Wei Xun handed Yu Hehui a box full of mud: “go back and say.”

From this half box of mud Yu and Hui, we can know how heavy Wei Xun was injured tonight. Fortunately, he can still avoid serious injuries in the form of clay figurines. On his return to Wu Weixun, he saw the tentacles of corn shoots sticking out of the pottery pot in the corner of the house and waving at the people happily. It was almost like a dog wagging its tail. It was obviously smelling the mud smell full of the power of the abyss.

The snake bone is blocking his mouth. In addition, the old demons have searched the whole underground palace. The corn shoots didn’t go out tonight. I’m not hungry.

But Yu Hehui didn’t care about the corn shoots. He focused all his attention on Wei Xun. When the dreamer saw that C 250 was all right, he said to go back to make up his sleep. He really avoided it. After all, it involves the results of the solo practice with Nezha Ling,

“Very good. The harvest is more than expected.”

Wei Xun took off the tool and examined the crack on the upper part. These cracks are not deep, but more like a special pattern. The guide’s fake props didn’t show signs of ‘damage’, which seems to be no problem.

“This tool is quite hard.”

Wei Xun sighed, “you can’t break a punch by Nezha spirit.”

Maybe you can be a shield in a critical moment.

“I inspired the orange title mission.”

After drying, smoothing and restoring the body, Wei Xun showed Yu Hehui the latest flame.

“It’s a myth.”

Yu Hehui held his breath and stared at the light red flame burning in Wei Xun’s palm. If you look carefully, you can see a variety of colors from the flame. The most vibrant golden red in the core, the fiery red in the flame, and the outer flame of three colors intertwined and illusory demons.


This flame is too long. At most, it’s only a long index finger. As if the wind would extinguish, Wei Xun took out a crow shaped badge, which was the “ancient witness of destruction (badge)” in northern Tibet. As soon as the badge was taken out by Wei Xun, the crow opened its mouth as if it were alive and spit on the fire with a “wow”, as if it was going to extinguish the fire!


Seeing this scene, Yu Hehui immediately took a breath of air-conditioning and looked at Wei Xun strangely: “is this the fire of ancient China, the fire of civilization?”

The flame is absolutely extraordinary to cause the crow badge to react like this!

“Sort of.”

Wei Xun put away his badge: “this flame combines samadhi true fire, Phoenix Fire and three color magic flame. However, the hotel prompted me to stimulate the orange Title task.”

Wei Xun has no reservations about Yu Hehui. He also wants to hear Yu Hehui’s views.

“The mythical flame that integrates multiple civilizations… The mythical flame of world civilization.”

Yu Hehui thought, “You Phoenix Fire comes from an team, so it comes from the Gaomiao site.”

“Gaomiao ruins?”

“It’s a long time ago. It’s also a trip to Western Hunan. Jing  is mainly ancient civilization and sacrifice. An team excavated the branch Jing  and found the most primitive Phoenix totem.”

In 1991, the phoenix pattern on the white pottery pot with high straight collar unearthed at Gaomiao cultural site in Hunan Province, which is the oldest Phoenix * so far.

An Xuefeng’s orange title at that time was the great Druid of the wild soul. In the piece of jade Jue of the original Phoenix, an Xuefeng finally understood the deformation of the Phoenix.

“So it is.”

Wei xunruo thought that he had been strange before. It is reasonable to say that if the wild mind wants to become an animal, it needs close contact, imitation and long-term coexistence. An Xuefeng became normal. All animals were normal, but the Phoenix made Wei Xun puzzled.

Before, I always thought there was a real Phoenix in the world. An Xuefeng had been with Phoenix. Now it’s clear after listening to Yu Hehui.

“Therefore, Phoenix Fire represents the Gaomiao culture 7800  ago, that is, human civilization in ancient times.”

Yu Hehui briefly mentioned: “Gaomiao culture may be the origin of Chinese civilization, that is, Sumerian civilization actually originates from Gaomiao culture, but I don’t know much about it.”


“Related to Taoism, that is the Chinese civilization. But at the same time, samadhi is also a Buddhist term, translated as samadhi, which means eliminating miscellaneous thoughts and collecting the spirit of Samadhi. It has been widely used in India as early as the rise of Buddhism, so it may also be related to Indian civilization?”

Yu Hehui was not sure.

“As for your three color flame…”

“The ancient Xiangxiong civilization is also an ancient civilization.”

Wei Xun said again about the badge: “it seems that the ancient witness of destruction should be the witness of the destruction of civilization.”

Don’t let crows not spray water on the fire as soon as they come out.

“Not only civilization, but also myth.”

Yu Hehui said, “if only the mythical flame of civilization.”

Previously, Wei Xun fused the flame and activated the orange Title task, which is also a series of Title tasks, but it is essentially different from the treasure hunter Series Title tasks.

[mission  called: the mythical fire of world civilization!]

[mission profile: world civilization is like a star fire, and the new life is extinguished, running through the past, present and future. You integrate the flame related to myth of three civilizations! It seems that you really have the talent to find civilized fire! What future will you go to, fire finder, fire thief and fire extinguisher?]

[task tip: you get the myth flame of integrating civilization. Please integrate more flames related to civilization myth!]

Wei Xun is really interested in the three branches of “fire seeking”, “fire stealing” and “fire extinguishing” without the degree of “task” and the title of “reward”.

“The one with the ‘winner’ must be orange.”

Yu Hehui said firmly, “the two ways of searching for fire and extinguishing fire should be more suitable for you.”

“Hey, it also takes time.”

Wei Xun had some regrets and said softly, “maybe the explorers are faster than this.”

After all, Wei Xun has almost completed most of the treasure hunter series tasks. Previously, he won the title of adventurer, and the task is 40%. It takes 100 adventures to continue to grow, which is a piece of cake for Wei Xun.

Even if he can only take one adventure to life and ten adventures to non life every 24 hours, Wei Xun has reached the standard from northern Tibet.

After completing one hundred adventures, the degree of adventure began to rise. Whether it is discovering new relics or adventure, it can increase the degree of task completion, but the speed is slow.

However, Wei Xun has completed the most difficult “opening up a 30 degree north latitude” ahead of time. As long as he gets the purple title of treasure hunter, he can directly get the orange title of “Explorer”.

Wei Xun doesn’t expect the explorer. After all, the whole hotel has only six people (seven, and an Xuefeng has two). Therefore, the orange title of “Explorer” will only be won by six people in the East and west areas of the hotel at most, and they don’t necessarily activate this series of Title tasks.

Wei Xun estimated that after this journey, one or two trips, you can get the ‘Explorer’.

The title task of dominating the series is really slow, and this journey involves the team leader assessment. Many ghosts full of resentment and spiritual pollution will not increase the task completion even if they encounter it. Wei Xun read it several times and didn’t want to. I just think if I want to take a journey related to the dead or the abyss, it should rise quickly.

Yu Hehui said that searching for fire is suitable for people, but it is matched with “explorers”. Putting out the fire means Wei Xun’s badge. It combines the water vapor of an Xuefeng’s Keepsake in Western Europe. In addition, it is an auxiliary for building a mutual aid association. This badge can grow to a very strong level in the future.

“Search for fire, steal fire, put out fire.”

That night, Wei Xun didn’t sleep. He sat in front of the pottery jar of corn shoots, meditating, and played with the fusion flame with his fingertips. It is sometimes separated and sometimes integrated. Although it has been integrated, Wei Xun can still be used separately.

The mission of the mythical kindling of world civilization is the orange title mission as soon as it appears. And  the treasure hunter series with different titles at different stages and levels are different. Although there is no reward in the previous period, when activating this title task, the flames obtained by Wei Xun will be given the three characteristics of “fire seeking”, “fire stealing” and “fire extinguishing”.

However, the characteristics of bias are different according to the origin of flame.

Wei Xun played with the flame for a long time. Here, the bias of the three color magic flame is the best judgment, that is’ fire fighting ‘.

As the source, the flame of ancient Xiangxiong civilization has been destroyed. The three color devil flame has more silent and dark power. The flame is like countless demons unwilling to whisper, cry and roar. It envies the civilization that can continue, and the flames that are still burning.

Unless the civilization flame is extinguished, the three color demon flame will never be extinguished.

Fire fighting is biased, the most aggressive, the most oppressive and the most lethal.

It is reasonable to say that the flame that is inclined to extinguish the fire should be better matched with the badge. But who let this badge be the badge to witness the destruction of Zhang Xiong.

As soon as Wei Xun took out his badge, the black crow provoked and spit water at the three-color devil flame, and the three-color devil flame was furious and wanted to burn it up. There was no possibility of cooperation at all.


The tentacles of the corn shoot make all kinds of wild animal calls, trying to attract Wei Xun’s attention. The whole tentacle of the worm was bent to the skin, making it look as if it was dying. The tentacle was shrunk and looked like a dry banana peel – the abyss worm liked damp and dark, but hated dry and hot.

My father is baking in front of it. It’s almost hot!

Wei Xun didn’t lift his head and threw a piece of mud to it. The corn shoot tentacles immediately raised their spirits. They must catch the tentacles and sink directly into the ground with the mud. After a few seconds, they came up again. It was a water and smooth tentacle!

If you eat the mud, it can support — support… Sobbing.

Wei Xun threw a fire at the corn shoots, and the tender yellow tentacles tightened immediately. He didn’t dare to hide. He didn’t dare to hide all his life. He could only be roasted by fire. Fortunately, he was eaten by the baked mud. He loved his father’s whine.

Wei Xun didn’t start burning Taisui now. First, he was familiar with the flame of fusion, and second, he made the corn shoots adapt.

“I think samadhi’s true fire is like putting out fire?”

Yu Hehui didn’t sleep either. While he was practicing, he watched Wei Xun play with fire.

Wei Xun said, “samadhi true fire is the purest ‘fire’ here.”

The essence of flame is combustion, emitting light and heat. Phoenix and fire lead to Nirvana and rebirth, with sufficient Yang Qi. The three color magic fire has its own uses, but they are all related to the devil. Only samadhi true fire is pure flame.

“It is a flame of fire.”

Wei Xun found that the three biases of samadhi true fire are very balanced, and there is no particular one. What kind of bias will samadhi true fire show if Wei Xun uses it to do more.

This pure fire is also in line with Wei Xun’s expectations. After all, he also wants to build a hydrangea that can accommodate countless creatures with samadhi true fire as the core. It’s a good thing not to be biased.

“Pure fire is also very good.”

Yu Hehui comforted, “actually, this shows that Samadhi’s true fire’s’ civilized ‘characteristics are not high, so it can’t fit well with the title.

Like Phoenix Fire and three color magic flame, the tendency is very obvious, and Wei Xun will be more consistent with the title in the future.

“Phoenix Fire should be a kind of fire seeking?”

Yu and Hui Guai said, “when Wutong became Phoenix bird, they began to fly outside, blocking everything.” when he planted a phoenix tree on his way home, he finally cured the problem.

Yu Hehui said phoenix tree Wutong.

Moreover, an Xuefeng became Fengniao, especially good at finding things and catching thrown items. Yu Hehui thought it could also be related to the fire search.


Unexpectedly, Wei Xun shook his head. The flame at his fingertips turns into a delicate Phoenix, which makes his fingers linger.

“The core of my Phoenix Fire lies in Nirvana.”

Wei Xun’s Fenghuo re integrated with an Xuefeng’s Fenghuo is essentially different from an Xuefeng’s Fenghuo. Being smashed and reorganized by Nezha spirit again and again, the most reserved and strengthened square is its characteristic of nirvana.

Nirvana Phoenix Fire does not favor fire seeking or fire extinguishing, but it is not as balanced as samadhi real fire. Wei Xun is also thinking about it.

However, when burning Taisui and burning Jindan, using samadhi true fire and Phoenix Fire together should produce good results.

“I’ll find half my life.”

At four o’clock in the morning, the corn shoots ate half a box of mud. The adaptability of the fast-growing worm is good. It can almost endure the burning sensation of hot and dry flames. Wei Xun took advantage of the situation and put the fusion flame in the stone bricks of the temple. Go to find half life Taoist priest to burn snake bones.

“Eight people began to burn too old.”

“… OK.”

As soon as these words came out, Yu Hehui’s conditioned reflex was tense and relaxed for a long time.

The timing of Wei Xun’s election is just right. Today, the new landscape project will begin. The passengers are busy. It’s OK to burn Taisui quietly.

* *

Have you ever seen the underground palace at four o’clock in the morning?

Half life Taoist has seen it.

When he was picked up by Bai Tiantian from his bed, he was still at a loss. I heard that it was C 250, and the half life Taoist was stunned.

No, are the guides so energetic?

I just robbed the snake bone and practiced alone with Nezha Ling in the evening. Now I’m looking for him to burn the snake bone at four o’clock in the morning?

Zombies don’t work and rest in the underworld!

But the half life Taoist priest was very happy to think about burning snake bones so soon.  open the door and bring C250 to meet you. Touch out half of the snake knuckles.

The skeleton joints of the spirit snake are huge. Half life Taoist priest takes red stiff and snatches back two skeleton joints. There are three people in total (including zombies, and there are the most points). Give it to Zhou Xiyang, Yun Lianghan and C 250, and half life Taoist priest has a whole piece left.

“I split the spirit snake bone joint.”

Half life Taoist smiled and handed Wei Xun a bottle: “keep this bottle of marrow liquid Cui. The spirit beast will eat it.”

Half life Taoist has a good method. The spirit snake bone joints can be split and the marrow fluid can be extracted from the bones.

“Burn this?”

“Yes, you look at it.”

Half life Taoist waved his big hand: “burn as much as you want.”

I wanted to say how much I can burn. After all, although samadhi’s real fire is good, Cuidao’s fire is too weak. But how can a man say if he can? It’s like looking down on Cuidao.

Simply say how much you want to burn, and it looks bright.

“Really burned?”

Wei Xun praised Xu for looking at the half life Taoist, but didn’t look at Bai xiangtian: “then I’ll start.”


As soon as samadhi’s true fire came out, half life Taoist priest realized that something was wrong. Bai xiangtian looked up, his eyes moved, and then he lowered his head with a low profile – just now half life Taoist priest said that the tour guide was worried, and I don’t know if director C still remembers Bai xiangtian’s disclosure of the news.

Anyway, Bai Tiantian had better bow his head all the way and don’t let C250 pay attention.

“Cui Dao, there are a lot of fire essence.”

Half life Taoist smacked his tongue. His voice was very low. He didn’t disturb the C 250 who burned the ashes. He spoke to Bai xiangtian on his side: “I think the fire is not big, but it’s much stronger. It’s also a special strength.”

“Vice regiment, peeping at other people’s unique skills is blind.”

Bai tianmune said, “and you said the tour guide has a good mind -”

“I didn’t say it. Director Cui is very generous.”

Half life Taoist priest was wary of covering Bai xiangtian’s mouth and wanted to see bing250 burn snake bones, but he was afraid of what Bai xiangtian said. He was afraid that bing250 really cared about it.

One thing is common here. Maybe people don’t want to see it. However, once it is marked “can’t see”, that person will be excited.

Half life Taoist is now scratching his ears and cheeks curiously.

“Half life, come and see how the fire burns?”

At this time, C 250 casually said, “you Taoists should all be able to refine pills. You must have a lot of experience in burning fire.”

“Since director Cui said, I’ll have a look.”

The half life Taoist’s eyes were bright. He pretended to be reserved and didn’t forget to pull up the white sky before he left. He wanted to give him a good impression: “the best alchemy in our regiment is the big grass turtle. He often shows the stove to the grass turtle. It’s also OK.”


Wei Xun was noncommittal: “that’s trouble.”

Next, in the process of burning snake bones, I mainly listen to the advice of half life Taoist Baba, and occasionally listen to the advice of Bai xiangtian. This half of snake bones will be completely burned after burning for three hours, and it is only completely burned, very hard and not ash, so it needs to be polished.

But the scene of the snake bone burning was very satisfactory.

When half a snake bone can burn three pieces, it should be no problem when the half coiled snake skeleton supports nine pieces. Nine is the pole number. The time for refining pills and herbs is usually a multiple of nine.

Wei Xun asked nezhaling to roughly estimate that he had a high probability of success when refining nine pieces of medicine.

However, Wei Xun asked half life Taoist priest about fire control. Half life Taoist priest didn’t hesitate and generously told him.

“Half life, this fire control trick won’t be your unique skill, will you tell me?”

“It’s just a trick I figured out. It’s easy to burn ashes.”

The half life Taoist said happily and patted Bai xiangtian on the shoulder. Bai xiangtian knew each other and handed out a symbol box.

“Keep these green guides. They are the symbols I drew in my spare time. They can be regarded as” for use. ”

“Hey, director C is too polite.”

After sending C 250 away, the half life Taoist also sighed: “it’s rare to see tour guides like you. The tour guides I saw before burn all, kill all and rob all, which will help passengers burn ashes.”

“You say this C 250 is really a blood relative of life playing people? It’s really the sun coming out in the West.”

Half life Taoist tut said, “if you want a tour guide, you’ll be just like director C. It’s quite good to be a tour guide. Hey, how about pulling director Cui to Laoshan? I think he likes to burn fire to refine pills, and he has a good impression of our Taoists. Let the big grass turtle take him with you when he wants to ensure that he can refine pills every day.”

“Deputy regiment, you will be beaten together with the butcher Alliance on your way home.”

Bai xiangtian sighed.

“I blocked the live broadcast this time!”

Half life Taoist smiled proudly and said, “ha, I didn’t forget this time!”

“The examiner of C 250 is a hippie.”

Bai xiangtian whispered: “I can patrol the journey. Maybe I’m next to you. Listen to you.”

“God, what do you mean? It’s dawn. Can you stop talking to the underworld?”

Half life Taoist rubbed his arm and complained, “I have goose bumps!”

“People said that people would come as soon as they sliced. Anyway, I’m basking in the sun in Inca.”

The half life Taoist smiled and said, “when I go back to the station, can the butcher alliance fight for this? It’s the way home and the sunset. Don’t listen to me. I tell you, the people on the way home really have black hands and bad water in their stomach. Especially, it’s bad.”

“If I get sacked later, I’ll definitely do it!”

White sky:.

* *

“Now the third floor of the underground palace is under martial law.”

When Wei Xun went back, he saw that Meckel had come to the next room in advance and waited.

Now the brigade is completely divided into camps. At 8 a.m., they announced today’s mission, and meikel came to Wei Xun. The gathering place is next to Wei Xun’s room.

After all, now there are corn shoots in the house, and the old tourists have sharp eyes. It’s not good to be found.

“Old lady Bai gathered a group of gophers to thoroughly investigate and hunt down underground monsters. Among the old monsters, only the ancestor of Yinshan came, saying that two of his men were mysteriously missing.”


It seems that old lady Bai didn’t tell the old demon that the spirit snake bones are hidden, otherwise they couldn’t be so Buddhist. Old lady Bai may still have a dream of secretly recovering the snake bones and spirit objects, but Wei Xun should seize this opportunity.

“Old lady Bai has begun to sweep the underground palace.”

The second one is yuntianhe. She looks much better, but she has more silver threads wrapped around her. I don’t know whether she is playing puppet spirit or spider spirit.

“It seems to hunt down underground monsters, but it’s actually a sweeping force.”

The monsters in the underground palace are too complicated, which can be seen from the keel grabbing in the east side hall. Before, old lady Bai could beat the old monsters in the underground palace and take charge of the underground palace. She should also be close to her initial relaxed and tolerant attitude, and won the support of the monsters in the underground palace.

But now it is getting closer and closer to the birth time of Lingshen. Old lady Bai simply tore off her hypocritical tools and began to collect them to sweep the underground palace.

Either obey her, or be expelled, or .

The evil spirits and insects are hidden in the underground palace floor tiles, and they are also the bonus of the hidden ones. Wei Xun is not very worried about them.

Corn shoots are huge and hard to hide, but it’s good to collect the ball of magic insects. As long as Taisui is refined into a golden pill, snake bones can be swallowed by Yu Hehui first.

The underground palace is turbulent and surrounded by underground monsters, and the spirit of the passengers temporarily living in the underground palace is gradually strained.

“In October, is there any movement from old lady Bai?”

The third one came on October 10. It’s very low-key. But “Penglai umbrella spirit” should be the best one in the monster camp of the brigade at present.


On October 10, Chong Weixun was silent. He nodded and stood with an umbrella, not saying much.

“Good morning, everyone.”

Mia and the werewolf Augustus came the latest, almost stepping on the .

“We were attacked by some monsters on our way here.”

Mia apologized, and Augustus looked straight. No one could tell whether it was a real attack or just didn’t want to have too much contact with the people on October 10.

Halfway through the journey, everyone’s hidden thoughts should be revealed.


Wei Xun took the passenger’s list, did business, and told them about today’s scenery project.

“Today’s scenery project is the intangible cultural heritage handicraft production – human shadow puppet.”

The underground palace is dark and humid. Even if the lamp is on, it still can’t dispel the depression buried deep underground. Especially the C250 is full of cobweb cracks, as if the upper half of the face is broken, adding to the gloom.

“Human shadow puppets. As we all know, they are made of human skin.”

Wei Xun said with a smile: “starting from this scenic project, the hotel will score for everyone.”

“One score for success and zero for failure.”

On the other hand, the devil merchant is also reading out today’s project arrangement:

“Shadow play is a kind of puppet play. Most of the actors used in the performance are made of donkey skin, cowhide or sheep skin through a variety of processes, and perform on the stage under the control of the shadow puppet master.”

“But on this trip, we must also find that our companions are gradually decreasing. Yes, they are confused by monsters and put on demon skin.”

The devil merchant’s voice was very low. It seemed that he didn’t have a good rest all night. He was a little hoarse. What’s more, he was strange: “peel off your demon skin, and your companions will come back to us. The shadow puppet made of demon skin is the best shadow puppet.”

“Please remember, you will take the shadow puppets made today and participate in tomorrow’s performance… Hiss.”

The devil merchant murmured nervously: “let me think, let me think, yes, yes, it’s normal that you can’t make shadow puppets in a day. Are your friends travelers worried about this?”

“But don’t worry. The omnipotent hotel has already considered everything and will certainly satisfy the visitors.”

The devil merchant raised his mouth, showed a strange smile, and said enthusiastically, “now, let me introduce a new shadow puppet making method –”

“Soul shadow!”

“If the soul can be sealed in the peeled skin and made into a shadow play, it can not only make the shadow play spiritual, but also make it take shape rapidly.”

On the other side, Wei Xun also smiled: “of course, soul shadow play can bring extra points to your camp.”

At the end of the journey, the two camps will calculate a total score. Which camp finally gets a high score will get full or even excess travel rewards.

The defeated camp will reduce the reward or even deprive the punishment of the reward.

I risked my life to pass the customs, but I didn’t get half a reward. No one can stand it.

The hotel is so bad that it urges the two camps to fight against each other like raising insects. Wei Xun couldn’t help sighing when he saw it, but Mei Ke’er’s faces were very calm.

Veteran travelers have long been used to and adapted to this confrontation. It is a compulsory course for every passenger to rely on their abilities, fight until the end, and preserve their own best interests.

“There will be a dress rehearsal tonight. Please bring your shadow puppets to the east side hall on time.”

Wei Xun told him, “it’s not too late.”

At eight in the morning, eight in the evening and twelve in the evening, they made shadow puppets from their captured prey, skinned and skinned. Time was extremely urgent. Even Meckel became serious. When he took the “soul peeling knife” issued by C250, the passengers left one by one, and no one stayed much.

“Hehui, did you say there was a fight between tour guides?”

On the way back to his room, Wei Xun asked curiously.

Tourists are like the poisonous insects in hotels. They choose the most powerful one from the confrontation and struggle again and again. The tour guide claims to be a hotel employee. Except for the countdown and San value, he is basically not forced to work hard like passengers.

Except for those who are naturally ambitious, know how to invest and diligent.

But Wei Xun doesn’t believe that the hotel is really a guide’s nest.

“It will.”

Yu Hehui said firmly, “although I can’t remember clearly, I vaguely remember that the struggle of top-level tour guides is more fierce than that of tourists.”

“In fact, you are not a serious double guide.”

The dragon, who came back to pursue his dream, squatted on Wei Xun’s shoulder and said seriously, “the vast majority of double tour guides are not only to lead the group to the higher echelon, but also to fight for the team leaders.”

“The first scene of Italian tourism is the Colosseum in Rome. Whichever team kills the other party’s guide first wins.”

“Fiji’s uninhabited island, water bar, jungle sliding rope, Tiffany’s deep dive and escape. The two teams exchange passengers. The tour guide of which team will destroy the passengers of the other team first will win.”

These sounds very cruel things, but they are understated in the pursuit of dreams.

“So many butchers are killed like this. There are too many tourists in this hotel.”

“Of course, not everyone is qualified to participate in this escape.”

The dreamer added, “you know the scenery of 30 degrees north latitude.”

“Each 30 degree north latitude scenic spot involves many scenic spots. If you want to fully explore it, you may have to open it more than ten times. Each time you open the 30 degree north latitude scenic spot, you need to consume a lot of resources.”

“In addition to the pioneers leading the team, if the brigade wants to enter the scene of 30 degrees north latitude, it must report to the team, but it has passed the confrontation selection.”

“Didn’t the brigade complete customs clearance at 30 degrees north latitude?”

Wei Xun asked.

“The pyramid of Andui should be the one with the highest degree of completion. The pyramid will be opened twice every week. Of course, the pyramid has not been opened yet.”

The dreamer shook his head: “at present, the journey of 30 degrees north latitude has not been completely cleared, so it has been said that after the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, you can get rid of the hotel.”

But in the hotel, I’m used to all kinds of titles and props, and I’m used to sleeping in heavy rain, snow, wind and waves. Can people really return to reality?

“Thank you for telling me this.”

Wei Xun said with a smile that each conversation can get more information related to the hotel. Even if this information is temporarily unavailable, but accumulated in series, it will be used one day.

“You’re welcome. You can ask the hippies about this information.”

Follow, then, ask, ask, play, life, people.


I’m afraid the whole hotel can be so casual. The dreamer took it for granted, even flattered by the thanks for C 250: “thank you with me, there’s no need for us to be so polite -”


When the dreamer was shut out of the door, he couldn’t understand why C250 was so clever and polite just now.

“Throw it away after use. Really, tut.”

Thanks to the dreamer’s good temper, he smiled and didn’t mind. He wandered around and simply stole to find a place to sleep.

* *

“Corn shoots, open your mouth.”

There’s really no way to shut the dreamer out of the door. After all, with the shape of corn shoots, it opens its mouth. Wei Xun’s whole room is estimated to be its mouth.

Fortunately, the abyss worm is best at drilling silently, otherwise the mouth of the corn shoot may be another big earthquake.

“Father, father!”

The corn shoots were so happy that my father was finally going to take the snake bone and give it back! The green gray floor tiles are replaced by light yellow tentacles, and the floor of the whole room is filled with dense tentacles! These countless tentacles are like chrysanthemums in bud. The flower bud hides the incomplete half spirit snake bone and Taisui.

No, the spirit snake bone is too big. The false mouth made of corn shoots with the tentacles of the spirit snake bone is too big. The whole room is only enough for a “quarter” of its mouth.

This is exactly what Wei Xun meant. After all, the spirit snake bone is incomplete and can’t hide the Taisui aura. If the corn shoot opens its mouth completely, it will be completely exposed.

“Father, father?”

When Wei Xun called out the fire, the corn shoots shrank and the barbecued hair curled. But the previous adaptation made it emotionally stable.

“Corn shoots, do you think this is a ”

Wei Xun smiled and took out a big mud ball. It was the mud he had cleaned up with Nezha Ling’s special training last night!

Of course, normally there is not so much mud. Wei Xun mixed real mud in again. Anyway, he can’t find the corn shoots.

Baby corn:!!

It’s a mud ball!

“Come on, corn shoots, open your mouth, ah -”


Layers of tender yellow tentacles tremble, and joy is like flowers blooming, revealing a white snake bone in the. The corn shoots just made a noise, and mizuzi was ready to meet the delicious earth ball, but ——

Wei Xun aimed at the position and threw the fireball.

Baby corn:?!?!

The acutely stimulated tentacles trembled, and the conditioned reflex was about to “vomit”, but then Wei Xun threw a mud ball.


When the food came, the corn shoots forgot the pain, and the tentacles were connected very standard.

It just blocked the hole burned by the fireball in close contact just now.


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