TTG Chapter 207

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 207: Nutrient solution 450000 Jiageng

Wei Xun threw samadhi fire into the mouth of corn shoots. Yu Hehui watched nervously and prepared to fight with him. But fortunately, everything went well. The temperature in the house did not rise, which proved that the heat was locked in the mouth of corn shoots.

There are mud balls and corn shoot tentacles. Now the spirit snake bone is like a giant alchemy furnace.

Yu Hehui clenched his hands and made a smooth start. His biggest worry now is whether he can refine his age like alchemy.

You won’t burn it to ashes as soon as you burn it!

Looking at the big mouth pulled out by the corn shoot, Yu Hehui couldn’t see anything. Yu Hehui simply looked at Wei Xun’s expression. But Wei Xun’s expression has always been very calm. After he threw himself into samadhi true fire, he pinched the fire control hand learned from semi life Taoist.

Wei Xun’s calmness made Yu Hehui relax. It should be all right.

No, in fact, the situation is completely opposite to what Yu Hehui expected. The current situation at the age of  is very dangerous. Today, he went to half life Taoist priest to burn snake bones. Wei Xun not only collected a lot of data about samadhi true fire, but also collected information about spirit snake bones.

Serious alchemy pills need a variety of heavenly and earthly treasures, and it is the aura that they want. However, Wei Xun doesn’t have to worry about it, because the spirit snake bone burned by samadhi true fire will release a lot of pure Reiki, which can be supplied to him.

With external aura supply, you can support it as long as you don’t burn into coke at the beginning. When the external aura is poured in, the internal aura flows, just like a “aura pole”. Over time, when the aura forms a cycle in its body, the “aura” thing becomes.

But accidents always happen. The corn shoots can resist samadhi’s true fire and stay in place as an alchemy furnace. This is the result of Wei Xun’s training before. But the spirit snake bone began to release aura, but the accident happened.

Under the influence of aura, corn shoots spontaneously release the Qi of the abyss to resist it!

“Call the White Deer in.”

Wei Xun took a minute out of the fire control and ordered Yu Hehui to put his hand on the corn shoots.

“Father, father!”

The father of the corn shoots came to help. He was happy and had to rub, but the next moment he was stiff.

Wei Xun is guiding the abyss gas released from his body, trying to make him turn around and then return to the corn shoots!

Most of the power of the abyss in the corn shoot comes from * * and Wei Xun. Wei Xun doesn’t have much effort to guide now. The problem is the power of the abyss. Once the snake bone comes out, the aura will be lost. A little loss is not fatal. The fatal thing is the aura fluctuation, which may make you unable to build a good aura cycle!

Fortunately, Yu Hehui quickly brought in the White Deer spirit. It’s said that he was saving his life (although it looks like evil alchemy), the White Deer spirit still did not hesitate to contribute half of the antler.

With the addition of deer antler full of aura and Wei Xun controlling the fire, the aura in the snake’s bones was finally stabilized after half an hour.

“How do you say the storage space is refined?”

“Neither will I.”

Yu Hehui said, “Wang Yushu will be on his way home now, but I don’t know him yet.”

After all, he is not an old returnee. Yu Hehui and the people who joined the returnee in are not very familiar with each other.

“Can Zhou Xiyang practice storage space?”

“Why, isn’t it enough to store things with me? Do you want Tong and Ge together?”

Listening to Wei Xun’s obsession with the storage space, Yu Hehui felt a little itchy and wanted to throw the snake skull directly into his face.

“There’s no such thing.”

Wei Xunyi said, “although Nezha Spirit said that Samadhi true fire can refine the golden elixir, I’m not sure what kind of elixir can be refined in the end. Therefore, the elixir must be refined in the direction of Nezha’s golden elixir, right?”

Yu Hehui raised his eyebrows.

“‘The golden elixir sealed Nezha’s soul, beyond the three realms and five elements, and sealed it in another space ‘, right?”

Wei Xun had a showdown: “ isn’t it just a storage space?”

“According to the way of refining storage space, there will be no mistake.”

What Wei Xun said seems quite reasonable.

Yu Hehui thought uncertainly. Indeed, it is safest to refine with reference to Nezha golden pill.

“I really haven’t refined storage space.”

Yu Hehui tangled and said, “but at the beginning, an Dui thought the storage props bought by the hotel mall were expensive, so he bought ten props and gave them to me for disassembly to see if he could make them by himself after studying the internal structure.”

Although he can’t imitate it, he has studied the internal structure almost.

“Very few storage props have a transmission array. In fact, the income items will be stored in a large space specially opened up by the hotel. Of course, it is a high-capacity storage props.”

“Small and medium-sized storage props are not related to the hotel. They are extremely stable materials outside and…”

Wei Xun listened carefully to Yu Hehui and said, “don’t mention it.”. Finally, he asked how Yu Hehui could swallow things and how big his abdominal capacity was.

“Can I swallow? I can’t!”

Yu Hehui became angry with shame.

“Well, I roughly understand.”

Wei Xun said, turning twice around the big mouth of the corn shoot, he turned his hand to pick up the mud ball, and then threw a flame inside.

Corn shoots: ah?!?!

But Wei Xun was worried that the corn shoots would be badly roasted and hurt, so he fed it a bottle of diluted honey water.

Corn shoots: ah~

Seeing that the corn shoots were happy again, Wei Xun focused on controlling the two fires burning in the spirit snake’s bones, and sweat gradually seeped from his forehead.

After another half an hour, Wei Xun finally breathed a sigh of relief and said happily, “it’s stable.”

“You just threw the Phoenix Fire in?”

Beside him, he held his breath and didn’t dare to disturb Wei Xun’s Yu Hehui’s mouth. He wondered, “isn’t the alchemy pill only using samadhi real fire?”

“Samadhi’s true fire burns the exterior and Phoenix’s fire burns the interior. It’s likely that the refined golden elixir will have a storage effect.”

Wei Xun said.

In fact, different flames are exclusive. The two flames are legendary flames burning in nothingness. They are mutually exclusive, so it is logical that they can support the inside of the golden pill. The best thing is that the two flames belong to Wei Xun and can be integrated together. Although they are exclusive, at least they won’t hit you together. I live and explode directly.

“Let’s talk about Phoenix Fire, sexual nirvana. If something goes wrong in the process of refining gold elixir, it can be insured.”

“You are thoughtful.”

Yu Hehui sighed and patted the corn shoots. “It’s just that I’m afraid the pain he has to endure at the age of five has to be doubled.”

But I can’t help it. Who makes Wei Xun’s choice the safest.

Yu hehuile thought: “fortunately, samadhi’s true fire is not biased, otherwise it’s afraid to compete with Phoenix Fire. By the way, you Phoenix Fire should not be ‘fire extinguishing’?”

Before, Yu Hehui suggested that Phoenix Fire was a fire hunt, which was rejected by Wei Xun. It is not biased towards fire seeking, not neutral, so it is only possible to steal fire and extinguish fire.

But… Both sounds dangerous.

“Will the golden elixir burned by the flame have the characteristics of the flame?”

“It’s possible.”

Wei Xun said, “it’s not fire fighting. The spirit snake bones are actually legendary things with the brand of civilization on them.”

If the Phoenix Fire is to put out the fire, there will be a fierce spirit. It will definitely seriously hurt the age and spirit snake bone, and will not burn step by step as it is now.

“Stealing fire?”

Yu Hehui frowned and murmured, “team an didn’t steal anything.”

It’s not looking for fire, it’s not putting out fire, it’s unbalanced, it’s only partial to stealing fire. Phoenix Fire has a deep brand of civilization, and there will definitely be bias.

But Yu Hehui couldn’t figure out why Fengniao was connected with theft.

“If thieves and flames are put together, they have other meanings besides stealing.”

Wei Xun has deep meaning: “that is to spread civilization.”

“Prometheus stole fire from Apollo, the Yang God, and gave it to mankind, so that human civilization could be born, developed and continued.”

“The core of Phoenix Fire is nirvana, and it is the core of fusion fire.”

Civilization will fall again and again, but it will never disappear completely. Over and over again, Nirvana is implied.

Nirvana of civilization.

“However, it is uncertain what the specific bias of stealing fire is, whether it is the birth of civilization or the continuation of civilization.”

Wei Xun sighed, “we have to find a way to go to Europe.”

It is said that Prometheus, who stole fire, was locked on the cliff of the Caucasus. Wei Xun wanted to go to the great Caucasus Mountains in Europe to see if he could find the source of “stealing fire”.

“It’s hard for a tour guide to cross the district.”

Yu Hehui thought carefully and felt that what Wei Xun said was reasonable.

“It’s more convenient for you to go with the group as a passenger. If you want to travel abroad, it’s most convenient to join the return journey.”


“Because you have visas from countries all over the world on your way home.”

Yu Hehui said, “although it is more convenient for tourists to travel abroad, they also need a visa.”

Wei Xun became interested and inquired carefully. He found that Yu Hehui’s “visa” was actually like the title of “new arrival in Western Hunan” when he went to Western Hunan for the first time. Wang pengpai’s second entry into Western Hunan has the blue title of “Western Hunan · repeat customer”.

If you go more often, you can organize groups by yourself and go to “free travel” in the scenic spots. You don’t have to follow the group. It will be much less restricted by hotels and the scenic spots will be more free. Although the conditions for group free travel are actually more stringent, it is still more respected by high-level passengers.

Traveling abroad is also the same. If the team goes to a country enough times and completes enough trips, it can obtain a visa from that country.

“It’s very difficult. According to the difficulty of the journey, you have to go to one country at least three times. You can get a ‘visa’.”

Yu Hehui said, “but the way home is the first brigade, which has the right to travel.”

You can go to any country you want. It’s very convenient.

“It turned out to be a sample.”

That’s really convenient. Wei Xun must travel abroad to collect the flames of various civilizations. Even if you are a tourist, it is really unstable to rely on hotels to make random trips abroad.

With visas from various countries, it will be much more convenient to travel freely.

“Well, he’s burning steadily now.”

Near 11 a.m., the age of the soul snake, which was burning smaller and smaller in its bones, finally stabilized, showing a round ball and the rudiment of the golden elixir. Next, as long as a small fire burns slowly, let it form a large enough space in its body to carry the spirit.

“I don’t know if the spirit snake bone can withstand the burning of two kinds of flames.”

Yu Hehui is a little worried. If it goes well, he will burn nine small ones, that is, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Can you bear the burning of” Nine “and” small “at the age of?”

“His spirit has awakened.”

Wei Xun was slightly satisfied: “it’s all the credit of Phoenix Fire.”

The nirvana of the Phoenix Fire and perhaps the breath of an Xuefeng on the Phoenix Fire are the key to the recovery of the divine soul.

Now the problem is that Tong Hege’s situation is different from Yu Hehui’s. He looks amnesiac in three places. Or is it just a memory of the age of?

“He should be able to talk.”

Wei Xun pondered, and Yu Hehui really thought about the problem. Tong Hege’s reply is related to the following layout.

Listening to Wei Xun’s saying that the old spirit can speak, Yu Hehui was so surprised that he held his breath. He held his breath and watched Wei Xun tear open a piece of corn shoot tentacles and poke the guide flagpole inside.

The fire flickered, and the things surrounded by fire in the snake bones seemed to be hiding, but the hiding place was limited. Wei Xun stabbed them for a long time, and finally couldn’t bear it.

“Little fool!”

“It’s him!”

Yu Hehui was ecstatic and incoherent: “he likes to curse, little fool!”


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