TTG Chapter 208

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 208: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (40)

“Cough, of course, he didn’t scold you!”

Yu Hehui was so happy that he immediately came together and wanted to go inside. But when he leaned over, he first went to the corner of his mouth raised by Wei Xun. This smiling expression made Yu Hehui’s heart Click.

“The spirit is too unstable. He is unconscious.”

“Is it the right one?”

Wei Xun gives way to Yu Hehui and asks with a smile.

“Yes, yes, that’s right. Tong Hege attaches great importance to righteousness and kindness, and he reacts slowly. He blushes and only scolds this sentence after thinking for a long time.”

Yu Hehui looked inside and saw the burning fire. However, he was still full of ideas and sensible suggestions: “well, isn’t there a little Phoenix Fire? Don’t you want to add more?”

“More? Aren’t you afraid of his pain?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and asked, “what’s more, the proportion of the flame is almost stable now. With the Phoenix Fire entering, it just makes the space in his golden pill bigger.”

“Isn’t there much space?”

Yu Hehui blinked innocently: “at most, you can only swallow the spirit snake bone and snake bone. Tong Hege can help you swallow it, such as heaven, Tianshou mountain, coffin keel mausoleum and so on.”

Before he came out, he cursed. Wei Xun was a careful man. Yu Hehui secretly sweated for Tong Hege.

“Didn’t you say ‘storage space is enough with you’?”

Wei Xun joked and urged the Phoenix Fire to increase its firepower. However, he closed the tentacles of corn shoots and continued to smolder the Taisui golden pill.

When it comes to the resurrection of old teammates, Yu Hehui is a little worried about gain and loss, and has a more positive attitude towards Wei Xun. But he adjusted quickly. If he didn’t, he would be normal. He also joked: “after all, he is still an assassin. In fact, he doesn’t show up much. But Tong Hege is not like him.”

Tong Hege’s auxiliary medical treatment is basically accompanied by the team, which is the most suitable storage space for Wei Xun.

Yu Hehui is serious and responsible. First, he tries to find the right position for Tong Hege. At least then, he will be a useful person for Wei Xun.

You can take your time.

“Now the fire is about the same. Just stare.”

After controlling the fire for such a long time, Wei Xun came up with “fire control” early.

“What’s your personal problem?”

On the contrary, Yu Hehui frowned first. He was embarrassed to look at Yu Weixun. He also looked at the corn shoots and made up his mind: “let’s talk to you. The corn shoots are fine here.”

“Do you let a silly worm swallow Tong he Ge?”

Wei Xun lost his smile, patted the big mouth of the corn shoots, and rubbed the tentacles with a mud ball. When the corn shoots were elated and opened their tentacles again, he took out a half man high portable alchemy stove – which was the reward given by half life people.

Wei Xun commanded Yu Hehui to mix the mud ball with honey, then he brushed the mud onto the alchemy furnace and brushed a thin layer. The tentacles of the corn shoots here are getting sour. They are eager to wrap their tentacles around Wei Xun’s arm and want to try.

Wei Xun trained the obedience of corn shoots like a dog. He counted hundreds before feeding it the alchemy furnace wrapped in mud.

Corn shoots can’t wait to eat, eat, and eat——

Baby corn:??

Ah, there seems to be something wrong.

The taste of corn shoots is not quite right. Yu and Huiguang can feel the loss of corn shoots when they stop swinging. It feels like taking a sugar coated pill.

“Corn shoots, the tentacles left on the ground become what you just ate.”

Wei Xun ordered that this is the purpose of his alchemy furnace to collect half life people.

The tentacles of corn shoots can be deformed to mimic what it eats. At present, the “false mouth” wrapped in spirit snake bones is composed of countless corn shoot tentacles.

Now the ground is full of corn shoots. The tentacles are too conspicuous, but it is completely hidden underground and can’t observe the refining of Jindan in time. Simply let the corn shoot tentacles become an alchemy furnace, even if outsiders come in, they are not afraid at all.

“Can it even change this?”

Yu Hehui was surprised that the tentacles of the corn shoots exposed in the house actually obeyed Wei Xun’s orders and turned into the alchemy furnace he had just swallowed.

Originally, I thought it could only imitate living creatures. If even non living bodies can imitate, there are too many places to use!

“Cut off the worm. Can it grow into two?”

The golden “alchemy furnace” stood in the middle of the room, with a subtle light shining in Wei Xun’s eyes.

“No, worms are not earthworms.”

“What a pity… Can it integrate the base of magic earthworm?”

Wei Xun patted the alchemy furnace, took out the spare mountaineering knife from the storage space and stabbed it into the furnace. Corn shoots don’t like metal, but they still try to swallow it.

Wei Xun ordered his tentacles on the edge to become a long knife that he had just swallowed, but Wei Xun cut the ‘long knife’ and cut it tentatively. Worms have strong vitality, and their isolated tentacles are not completely dead, but after all, they leave their bodies and have no brains. Wei Xun threw out the “long sword”, and it could no longer listen to Wei Xun’s orders, change back to tentacles and entangle the enemy.

It took half an hour for the ‘long knife’ to finally turn into a tentacle.

“Unfortunately, the corn shoots grow too fast.”

Wei Xun regretted that he threw the dead tentacles to the corn shoots. He refused to come and ate them happily. He also shouted “it’s delicious!”

The fusion of corn shoots * * and Wei Xun Ji is a matter of childhood. Now it has entered a rapid growth period. It is difficult to add some characteristics of other abyssal creatures to the Ji, but Wei Xun did not give up.

Xiaocui may have a way. I’ll talk about it later.

“Gee, it’s almost two o’clock.”

Liu Yu and Hui are holding the alchemy stove. Wei Xun gives out the alchemy stove to let out the wind. He first strolls to meikel. In the morning, their shadow play should take shape.

However, a strange thing happened this afternoon.

The old housekeeper of Zhi family is mysteriously missing.

* *

“Everyone is too special.”

When this incident came out, Wei Xun was staying in Meckel’s “territory”. His “carving shadow” is carving shadow.

When selecting and processing leather, tracing the pattern on the leather with a steel needle and pen is called a drawing. After the manuscript, you can carve shadow puppets. Mei Ke’er’s works are light. First, he carves the skull, chest and abdomen of the heaviest figure. When carving the shadow puppet’s hands, he can skillfully carve the figure and chat with Wei Xun.

“No one wants to cooperate. Everyone has his own careful thinking.”

Meckel said that on the day of yuntianhe and August, he went to Mia and Augustus to pick up leather carving shadow puppets and wanted to have a companion, but the three people in the east of the monster camp felt that they were fighting on their own.

“Don’t worry, your majesty. You still have friends.”

Qingqi eagerly handed Meike the newly carved shadow puppet leg with both hands: “please have a look.”

This is a complete shadow figure. There are pieces of shadow figures from the head to the feet, including the head, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, elbows and hands *. These parts are cut and engraved respectively, and finally painted and ironed to form a complete shadow figure.

Meckel did it quickly. He not only did it himself, but also asked the clever Qing Qi to help.

“Well, ancestor, can you give me some advice?”

Mei Ke’er checks the finished products of Qing Qi over there, and there is also Yao Qi AI looking for Wei Xun.

Xiao Hu San’s journey was an eye opener. He saw countless scenes like legends that he had only heard from the elders. Before, he was also regarded as a grandfather in the family. He regarded himself as extraordinary and felt that the new generation of Uncle Hu was definitely his own. When I came out of this trip, I knew what is “there are people outside people and there are days outside the world”.

He is unwilling to maintain the status quo and wants to improve himself! However, the ancestor of Tianhu basically ignored him. Xiao Hu San was very intelligent. On weekdays, he asked for peace every day, but he never forgot to observe carefully – it observed not only Yu Hehui, but also the character of C 250.

The ancestor of Tianhu even recognized him as a “Fox”. He is absolutely extraordinary!

Xiao Hu San observed silently and finally found the opportunity today. Wei Xun was carving a shadow puppet at Meckel’s side. When he was feeling itchy, Xiao Hu San came together to play a shadow puppet.

He put on a look that he didn’t know anything at all, took out a piece of green leather and asked C250 for help. In fact, it’s similar to asking C 250 to do shadow puppets in person. It can make him addicted to making shadow puppets by himself.

Sure enough, Wei Xun was very interested, and the “guidance” was very pleasant. Instead of being a shadow puppet, he used this cowhide to cut a Firebird, which was divided into five parts: body, wings, body and legs.

If you want to do it yourself, you can do it yourself. If you are too lazy to do it, you have Xiao Hu to do it for you. Wei Xun had a pleasant half afternoon.

“Didn’t you meet them when you stole the paper man this morning?”

Give the Firebird wings to Xiao Hu San and let him continue to do it. Wei Xun looked at meike’er and saw that he had carved his hands and had begun to carve his arms. However, the “shadow puppet” in his hand is not a normal color, but a pale paper color.

Yes, the “shadow puppet” carved by Meckel is not a cowhide donkey skin, but a paper man!

For the project of making shadow puppets by yourself, it is really difficult for the monster camp in the brigade. The difficulty lies in the human shadow puppets.

Normally, shadow puppets refer to “donkey shadow puppets” or “cow shadow puppets”, while human shadow puppets can be understood as both human shadow puppets and human Shadow Puppets – but when C 250 read out the scenic spots, he said, “it is well known that human shadow puppets are shadow puppets made of human skin.”

Obviously, what the hotel asked them to do was to be a tourist. Kill the passengers of the opposing camp and peel their skin to make shadow puppets.

The problem is that it’s really difficult to choose. Indeed, the white werewolf olaine and Yun Lianghan on the other side of the scholars camp can be killed (Yun Lianghan:??), but olaine is a werewolf. Is skinning human skin or wolf skin?

And Yun Lianghan at least hates the western district and can never cooperate with the western district. If you kill him, the monster camp will have an advantage. When it is suspected that the confrontation mission exists, Meckel basically won’t kill the people in the East.

Except for the brigade, there are no ‘people’ in the underground palace.

The quality of shadow play will affect the score of your camp. Meckel LINGJI  directly chose to use paper people as shadow puppets.

The paper man also carries personal characters and is human without cutting. Just take out the bamboo strips that serve as the skeleton inside it, flatten the paper man, and cut off all parts. It is a natural “shadow puppet”.

It’s only so fast with Meckel.

The best thing is that the paper man also has a soul, and it is a natural soul shadow puppet. Making it into a “shadow puppet” can directly bring extra points to the camp.

“I didn’t see them, maybe it’s early – a sneeze!”

Just as he was talking, Meckel suddenly sneezed. He wrinkled his nose. His expression was subtle and fell into a moment of thinking.

“Gee, I don’t think it’s very good – director C, let’s go first!”

Meckel was in a hurry. He quickly put away his shadow play, said hello, and immediately took Qingqi with him to escape. From sneezing to cat building, it takes only five seconds. But just two seconds after Meckel left, his door was violently kicked open.

“Escape, five seconds.”

It was Zhou Xiyang who broke into the room! He nodded to Wei Xun, but he seriously put on a pair of explosion-proof glasses, swept down the ground with him, and then he reported the exact time.

“Not far, chase.”


Wei Xun answered him in a disorderly and shrill voice. Wei Xun listened a little and found that Zhou Xiyang was standing on paper people. These paper men have deep eyes and are not good at staring at him. It seemed as if he flew over without paying attention.

It was Zhou Xiyang’s order that the paper people continued to track Meckel before they left.

“Director Cui, go back to your room first. It’s not safe here.”

“What happened?”

Wei Xun asked.

“The old housekeeper of Zhi’s family is missing, and the funeral paper people are shocked and angry. Zhi Kui finds that the only person who steals the paper today is Meike er.”

Zhou Xiyang is brief. Zhi Kui is Zhi’s granddaughter.


Wei Xun picked his eyebrow. He didn’t receive the prompt from the hotel. Obviously, Grandpa Zhi’s disappearance should be a sudden task for tourists. It doesn’t involve the tour guide or affect the scenic spot project.

But the suspect is only Meckel, which shows an unusual feeling.

“Search the whole underground palace?”

Wei Xun seems to have found several bat demons in the paper man team.


Zhou Xiyang calmed down: “old lady Bai took the opportunity to search the temporary rooms of the passengers on the pretext of helping the paper man find the missing person.”

The white old lady took the demon to dig the ground for three feet and couldn’t find the monster who stole half of the spirit snake bone. Now only the rooms of passengers and tour guides have not been checked. It’s normal for her to think about this. After all, it’s normal that the brigade didn’t come. When the brigade came, her white old lady was unlucky.

How? How important is it to the brigade!

When Zhou Xiyang spoke, his professional habit focused on the expression of C 250. Even though all the evidence seemed to point to that monster as shrem the Devourer, somehow, he still suspected that the monster had something to do with C 250.

“They haven’t been against the devourer for so long?”

But Wei Xun’s expression was nothing different, and his tone was a little regretful: “it’s really useless.”

It’s useless. I can’t even find a corn shoot.

Of course, the corn shoots several meters long can’t only be hidden in Wei Xun’s house. Its huge body extends from the underground palace to Xiaotangshan outside the underground palace. But the abyss worm is a natural master of hiding, and can sense even weak earthquakes falling like snowflakes through the rock and soil.

There are not many demons under old lady Bai, who can carpet search the whole Xiaotangshan, and can’t explore the tourist guide’s room. Unexpectedly, she let the corn shoots hide.

However, Wei Xun still felt that old lady Bai’s reaction was a little strange – she just said last night that she would track down the monster and no one should interfere with her. Mrs. Bai is happy to see its success and expresses a close attitude towards “month” and “day”, so at least she should be patient and wait. Is “month” and “day” fruitful or not.

You shouldn’t be in such a hurry. I’d rather offend the whole brigade this afternoon than risk exploring someone’s room.

There’s definitely something he doesn’t know.

“When did the old housekeeper of Zhi family disappear? There was no clue at the scene?”

“It was Bai Xiaotian’s first discovery that he disappeared during the shift change wake at noon today.”

Zhou Xiyang was so keen that he was surprised that he didn’t ask the key points directly.

Now we are completely divided into two camps, but we can’t stop waiting for the coffin. Zhou Xiyang rearranged the combination. The wake staff were divided into three groups by their five passengers and the old housekeeper of Zhi family.

The old housekeeper of Hezhi’s family, Bai Xiaotian, was the one who kept the spirit.

In fact, this coordination is a little heavy and light. Zhou Xiyang and olaine’s group, half life group and Yun Lianghan’s group are both strong and weak. Only Bai Xiaotian and the old housekeeper of Zhi’s family are not strong, which can be regarded as the weak group.

But before that, the underground monster attacked Bai Xiaotian first, which made Zhou Xiyang suspect that Bai Xiaotian was the one who hid his strength. For the time being, he couldn’t tell which side he was. But in any case, Bai Xiaotian’s strength should not be poor.

This time, when the shift was changed at noon, Bai Xiaotian found that the old housekeeper of Zhi family didn’t arrive on time, so he found that he was missing.

“There is a clue, but it was put away by Zhikui.”

Zhou Xiyang frowned: “Bai Xiaotian said that it was the index finger of the old housekeeper of the root Zhi family.”

“It’s covered with black thread like a cobweb.”

* *

“There’s a mess outside?”

When Wei Xun returned to the house, Yu Hehui greeted him and gently described him: “several little demons wanted to break into the house and were eaten by him.”

I’m afraid these little demons are here to test the attitude of Tianhu. If he shows a little softhearted, I’m afraid he won’t come again. ”

“The old housekeeper of Zhi family is missing. Old lady Bai takes the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the whole underground palace.”

Wei Xun briefly told Yu Hehui about it and went to the “alchemy furnace” to observe it. Under the disguise of Yu Hehui’s efforts, the original golden yellow alchemy furnace has become a low-key and simple “bronze” alchemy furnace. Now when Wei Xun came back, the whole “alchemy furnace” almost rose up happily, and a golden edge that has not been dyed is exposed where it contacts the ground.


Wei Xun pushed the corn shoots back to the ground.

“Now it’s half past four, and the golden pill will come out in half an hour.”

Yu Hehui was full of expectation: “then you can receive the corn shoots into the magic insect ball.”

Such a large-scale search is the safest way to hide the corn shoots in the magic insect ball.

“Is old lady Bai really looking for corn shoots?”

But if Wei Xun thought: “I don’t think so.”

As he had speculated before, if it was just looking for corn shoots, the white old lady would be in a hurry.

“Maybe Zhikui and old lady Bai reached some agreement?”

Yu Hehui thought carefully. As an old traveler, he habitually dug deep from the journey itself and the important NPC.

“The old housekeeper of Zhi’s family is serving Zhi Kui except for his wake. But Bai Xiaole found out about his disappearance first, which is very abnormal.”

In particular, Zhikui put away the broken finger of the old housekeeper of Zhijia. Only Bai Xiaotian had seen it at the scene.

“The old housekeeper of the Zhi family has no guard against Zhi Kui. If it’s Zhi Kui’s hand, it makes sense.”

Yu Hehui whispered, “and do you remember that the puppet master is likely to sneak into this journey.”

Yuntianhe was suddenly controlled. The puppet line on him, although it may have been buried in his body secretly by the puppet master long ago. But if you want to activate and manipulate them, the puppet master or her puppet line is definitely hidden in this journey.

“You said that the black thread could be a puppet thread?”


Yu Hehui said the black silk thread wrapped around the broken finger.

“Zhikui may be parasitized by the puppet line of the puppet master, and it is she who makes the old housekeeper of Zhijia disappear. The purpose is to make the whole journey chaotic. Cooperating with old lady Bai is definitely aimed at greater interests -”

Yu Hehui murmured and suddenly frowned: “you said that she disturbed this scenic spot. Did she want to design to weaken the devil merchant?”

A thorough investigation of the rooms with guides and passengers may not be aimed at C250, but at the devil businessman. In the chaos last night, the devil merchant took advantage of the chaos to collect the bodies of many monsters and even live monsters, including many of the white old lady’s men. The influence of Mr. Skinner will make him peel all these monsters.

If the peeling scene is found by the white old lady, it will definitely cause the disgust and enemies of these old demons.

“Maybe she also wants a share…”

Whether it is to enhance the influence of the shepherd alliance and strengthen its influence in the East, the puppet master must be in a hurry at the moment. The new tour guide star is from the butcher alliance, and her “ally” dream chaser is very close to the little tour guide. The puppet master will do something when he sees this scene.

Yuntianhe is her first step of temptation, and now may be her second step of temptation.

“After all, she is also the guide of this annual cycle, and the year-end celebration has to go to the battlefield.”

Yu Hehui thinks this makes sense.

“Maybe there’s a puppet teacher here.”

Wei Xun was noncommittal. If he had any thoughts, he stood by the alchemy furnace: “did the White Deer say before that if he found the mountain Weng, he could communicate with the ginseng essence and let the ginseng nest appear?”


“In other words, the participation of spirits in Polygonum multiflorum is related to each other – that is, the three spirits scattered by Tong Hege can communicate with each other?”

“It should be.”

Yu Hehui was more optimistic: “refining Taisui golden elixir, we can find Shenjing and shanweng through the elixir.”

Wei Xun’s expression was a little subtle. He bent his index finger, tapped on the alchemy furnace and listened. The corn shoots immediately recognized each other’s tentacles. When Wei Xun heard that the burned Taisui was still grumbling, “little shriveled calf”, “little fool”, “Hey, if you can’t burn, you can’t burn. Cattle don’t cattle?”.

“I talk a lot, my IQ is not high, and I may be divided into two groups.”

Wei Xun was mean and raised his eyebrows: “did you say that when he was just burned, he would scream and shout ‘burn to death!!’ but then he would say some last words to other brothers, such as’ burn to 250! ‘? Then he would ask his brothers to avenge him?”

“Ha ha, I don’t think so.”

Yu Hehui smiled a little embarrassed.

“You say Tong Hege is the most loyal. Lingshen and he Shouwu must also be loyal. They will definitely come to save their brothers.”

Wei Xun smiled slowly, but Yu Hehui thought his smile was full of evil spirit. Even the corn shoots trembled, and the whole alchemy furnace shrank underground and squatted in good order.

“Is the black thread wrapped around the broken finger of the old housekeeper of Zhi family really a puppet silk?”

Wei Xun said with deep concern, “do you think it’s a hair?”

* *

The Polygonum multiflorum essence she imprisoned escaped and took an old paper man as a hostage!!

The white old lady was almost mad with anger. She took all the little demons through the underground palace with half of the black brown human tuber in her hand. The broken part of the tuber was dripping with black liquid like blood – shanweng broke his original body in order to escape!

The reason why old lady Bai caught the mountain Weng was to use the induction between it and Lingshen to find Lingshen. She even cut down the guard to let the mountain Weng escape, so as to follow it to find the place where Lingshen was – but the mountain Weng was extremely cunning and had no peace at all.

Today, when he ran away, he broke his original body ruthlessly, and the part secretly marked by old lady Bai was still kept. He only ran half of the other part, which made old lady Bai not find it when she ran!

And the missing paper man’s broken finger is wrapped with shanweng’s hair! This is a bright sign!

A thorough investigation of the underground palace is not only to find the monster, to catch Mei Ke’er, who once stole the paper man, but also to recover shanweng. It’s a pity that the civet cat demon Meckel escaped too fast, and the white old lady didn’t catch any clues. At the moment, she was anxious and angry. She was not only anxious to escape from Polygonum multiflorum, but also thought that this move of Polygonum multiflorum was absolutely abnormal.

Shanweng and Lingshen are sensing each other. It is very likely that he escaped because Lingshen was in danger!

What’s really the spirit ginseng hidden in the spirit snake bone? Although the possibility is very low, but now the white old lady is not ready to let go of any possibility!

“Why is the blood gas so heavy here? Search it!”

If you can’t find Meckel, you can find the monster! Last night, the monster was injured. Even if it didn’t have any blood, she was very angry. Old lady Bai didn’t let go of any clues. She was so angry that she couldn’t listen at all. She didn’t give up. She even threatened Zhou Xiyang and didn’t listen to his dissuasion.

The white old lady followed her blood and opened the door of a side hall.

The devil merchant who is secretly skinning the monster:?


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