TTG Chapter 209

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 209: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (41)

“If you want to talk about the most wonderful event of this afternoon, the old lady personally took the original shape to catch the bloody ghost in blue robe who was bloodthirsty and fond of peeling. Just listening to the roar, the whole palace was shocked three times, and the falling gravel directly killed a bat watching spirit. Guess what?”

“Hey! The ghost escaped from the old lady! The old lady still wanted to chase, but she said that it was too late. I saw a blood red light falling suddenly, just like a sunset falling into the sky. The reflected palace was bright and blocked the old lady’s way!”

Xiao Hu San has a talent for telling stories. The exaggerated tone is quite accurate. Wei Xun listened with interest and asked some details about the old lady’s unique skills and how the devil merchant escaped.

However, when it comes to details, Xiao Hu San is scratched. After all, he is of average strength. He only dares to peep at the battlefield with round light from a distance – this is because there is the smell of Xiao Hu San in Meckel’s room, which makes Xiao Hu San also hunted down! After he fled to a place, he secretly observed the trend of the pursuers. As a result, he happened to see the “lively” scene.

Of course, little Hu San didn’t dare to reflect close, for fear of being caught by the old lady. His own strength is also limited, and the picture reflected is actually very vague. The cadence he said just now is particularly wonderful. It’s only good to make it up by himself.

Taking advantage of the chaos in the palace, Xiao Hu San managed to escape back to his ancestors and skillfully reported all the war information from the palace.

“The devil merchant really has a lot of backhands.”

Seeing that little Hu San was squeaking and whining, Wei Xun really couldn’t say anything. Wei Xun also made it difficult for him. He asked him to live next door with deer and weasel, and then he went back to the room with Yu Huihui.

“Zhou Xiyang shot. The devil merchant can’t die this time.”

Yu Xianghui said calmly, “he doesn’t let the old lady kill the devil merchant like this.”

Zhou Xiyang stopped several times, but the old lady still opened the door of the devil merchant. If she really kills the devil merchant, the whole position of the palace brigade will be impacted.

They won’t go to Tianshou mountain until the day after tomorrow. Even today, they have to stay in the palace for two days. These two days, we still focus on stability, and never let the old demons and big demons have the upper hand. Moreover, the passengers should make shadow puppets before 8 o’clock tonight. If the old lady really makes trouble, it is very likely that some passengers will be able to complete the task according to the rules.

Zhou Xiyang must do it.

“I think it’s him. The old lady can’t kill the devil merchant. She just stops it.”

Wei Xun chuckled: “the devil merchant is good at escaping.”

When he was on his way home, he fled under the butcher alliance and some other small tour guide alliances, and he was definitely able to escape the tracking of the old lady.

Perhaps Zhou Xiyang was worried that the devil businessman would run to C 250, and the old lady took the opportunity to search the house of C 250 and even hurt him.

“But it’s good for us to make trouble in the palace.”

Wei Xun went to the “alchemy furnace” simulated by the corn shoot tentacles and patted the furnace wall: “the earthquake just now was not caused by the old lady’s threat.”

The big vibration is a strange phenomenon caused by the refining of gold elixir in the furnace! Wei Xun has also read many mythological and supernatural novels. He has written that after the golden elixir is refined, there may be auspicious clouds and strange fragrance.

However, in the sky, it is shrouded in thick clouds full of thunder and lightning, with continuous heavy rain, and there is dragon pulse gas in the palace. The sky should change. Spirit snake bone, Taisui golden elixir are all in the corn shoots. Even if the elixir really emits strange fragrance after it is completed, it will be absorbed by the corn shoots.

The only thing that is difficult to deal with is the movement. Wei Xun intended to receive the corn shoots into the magic insect ball immediately after refining the golden elixir. Fortunately, the old lady was just in time to do it. The old demons in the palace were all focused on Zhou Xiyang’s devil merchant. Wei Xun still left corn shoots here and asked Jindan to take advantage of the remaining temperature to have a good care.

“Wei Xun, you said Polygonum multiflorum. Will he really find it from his family?”

Yu Xianghui was worried and went outside again to make sure that the storm outside would not affect empress Wei Xun. He just remembered what Wei Xun said just now. The black line wrapped around the broken finger of the old housekeeper of the Zhi family is very likely to be a silk.

“It depends on his IQ.”

Wei Xun smiled: “if it’s similar to Taisui, you’ll come.”

Yu Xianghui choked and wanted to say something, but he thought what Wei Xun said was quite reasonable. Finally, he coughed and tried to show respect to Tong Xianghui: “in fact, brother Tong is very careful and smart, but it’s because his IQ is divided into three parts. It looks a little like that.”

“But could it really be him?”

The more she expected, the more worried Yu Huihui was, for fear that she would be happy.

“Old lady, it’s strange to make a big fuss.”

Wei Xun followed him and said, “Taisui aura has always been hidden in the spirit snake bone. She only guessed that there were spirit objects in the spirit snake bone, but she didn’t know that Taisui was in it, right?”


If there were too many years old in the Taoist spirit snake bones, the corn shoots swallowed half of the snake bones and escaped, the old lady should have caught up directly. You can’t continue to stay in the original Snake bones and rob the remaining snake bones.

Taisui is much more precious and important than spirit snake bone.

“She’s not too old. Shenjing is still born. It’s very likely that she made the old lady angry. It’s the mountain Weng in her hand.”

Before, Lu also said that shanweng was in the hands of the old lady. Although Polygonum multiflorum has strong effects of tonifying liver and kidney, benefiting essence and blood and nourishing head. But first, the old lady doesn’t need to tonify her kidney. Second, she doesn’t need to turn her hair black (the big monster’s hair is the right way!)

Wei Xun guessed that she held the essence of Polygonum multiflorum and released the news. In fact, she used the essence of Polygonum multiflorum as bait to catch deer and ginseng. Otherwise, the deer demon can’t tell the news clearly.

Only when the ginseng essence deer was caught, the spirit snake bone and Polygonum multiflorum essence were lost first, which made the old lady completely angry.

“That’s right.”

Yu Yuhui sighed: “when he Shouwu Ling is a more aggressive singer in Tong Yuhui.”

Even medical doctors have to hide their unique skill to protect themselves. It seems to outsiders that the Polygonum multiflorum essence of Tong’s song is just a cash crop on the way home and is used to make money. No one knows. Polygonum multiflorum essence is also the most aggressive. The dark brown slender root whiskers are still silky, and they quietly pierce the enemy’s heart and inject deadly toxins.

Moreover, Polygonum multiflorum is hidden in the dark. If you don’t take the initiative, it’s like disappearing. Wei Xun’s ghost insects almost spread all over most of the bricks in the palace, even the holes outside, and even most of the small Tangshan.

However, there is still a trace of shanweng.

“Raw Polygonum multiflorum is poisonous, and Polygonum multiflorum essence toxin is stronger.”

Yu Huihui said, “when Mao Xiaole helped Tong song refine Polygonum multiflorum, it would kill people if he pricked it.”

“Although Tong song is dead, the toxin of Polygonum multiflorum essence may still be there.”

Yu Xianghui couldn’t help but suggested, “Wei Xun, wake up Taisui Jindan and I’ll talk to him. It’s very easy for him to call the ginseng essence of Polygonum multiflorum with his help.”

Yu Xianghui is really afraid that he Shouwu Jing will attack Wei Xun and stab him! Taisui is doomed to a miserable future because of swearing. Yu Qunhui tries his best to make money from the special money described by he Shouwu in order to give Tong Quge a chip in Wei Xun’s heart.

Taisui is falling into a deep sleep and can’t get in touch. The spirit of the king is hidden in the golden elixir. They can’t even feel the spirit of Taisui. Plus the hidden smell of snake bones and corn shoots——

I’m afraid Polygonum multiflorum really feels too old to die! I will definitely come to avenge my brother and assassinate Wei Xun!

If you really prick it, it’ll be a bad thing!

“Too old is too stupid.”

Wei Xun said perfunctorily, “fools will only help.”

A fool also has a recipe for a fool to use, but instead of asking Taisui to call he Shouwu, Wei Xun wanted to meet him for a while. The character of Tong’s songs and the manner of Tong’s songs. Although Yu’s description gives Wei Xun a general image, Wei Xun should evaluate and examine what kind of person Tong’s songs are.

And there is one doubt.

“Why did shanweng kidnap the old housekeeper of Zhi family?”

Wei Xun thought about several possible ways. First of all, the black line wrapped around the old housekeeper’s finger of Zhi family is puppet silk. Only the black line wrapped around the broken finger of Zhi family is really the black line of Polygonum multiflorum. There are two possible ways.

First, it was shanweng who took away the old housekeeper of Zhi family. The silk wrapped around his broken finger was exactly the attack method of Polygonum multiflorum as Yu Xianghui said.

Second, another person took away the old housekeeper of Zhi’s family. The other party was very likely to catch shanweng and wrap Heiyu around his broken finger to deliberately induce outsiders’ judgment.

In terms of what kind of housekeeper is, they all have one thing in common, that is, the old housekeeper of Zhi family is really missing.

“Who will deal with him?”

“It’s through the old housekeeper of Zhi family to deal with others.”

Yu Huihui frowned: “maybe it’s to lead out Xiaotian.”

Xiao Tian is on duty with the old housekeeper of Zhi family. The old housekeeper is missing. Xiao Tian will definitely be the first one. Maybe the people behind him are aware of the abnormality of Xiaotian, deliberately layout, and even use Polygonum multiflorum black as bait to lure him into action?


However, Yu Huizi first rejected his view.

“If they really doubt that he Xiaotian is, they can’t use the black grass of Polygonum multiflorum as bait. As long as it is related to Tong’s song, they will never participate in it.”

If the returnees really get involved, Tong’s song is very promising, so he can’t come back.

Polygonum multiflorum Thunb’s “Silk out” will make it more hidden.

“Maybe that’s what the other party thinks. She’s going to make a big move. This is to avoid being disturbed by them.”

Yu Xianghui still feels that this is definitely related to the puppet master.

“Old housekeeper of Zhi family…”

Wei Xun was thoughtful. He tapped on the red stove with his fingers and said slowly, “there is another kind of happiness.”

“The first old housekeeper of the Zhi family to go missing is Zhi Kui, who doesn’t leave for a day, but normally, from the perspective of others, Zhi Kui should be the first to go missing.”

The old housekeeper of the Zhi family is the only Zhi family in this funeral team, and their relationship should be very close. The old housekeeper of Zhi family is missing. Zhi Kui will definitely show up.

“Don’t you think Zhikui is more secret than Xiaotian?”

Mingming is the backhand of Zhi family, but Zhi Kui has always been very low-key. Whether it’s out of the eight arm Nezha City, the funeral palace in yangshou Town, or in the funeral palace, she almost plays any role in protecting and guarding the coffin, which has always been done by passengers.

Zhikui is like a transparent person.

“Someone wants to lead Zhi Kui?”

Yu Hui frowned and thought deeply, muttering, “but what’s the meaning of this?”

What’s the use of leading out Zhi Kui? The disappearance of the old housekeeper of Zhi’s family really made the paper people angry and asked Zhi Kui to do it, but it has always been the passengers who are doing it for the coffin. Even if the paper people die, the coffin won’t have a big deal.

In addition, who will specifically target Zhikui when everyone’s eyes are on the journey scenic spot project, the birth of ginseng essence, and the team leader assessment task of the devil businessman, the confrontation between the East and the west.

“The dream chaser said that the puppet master sneaked in. What identity did she sneak in?”

“Do you suspect Zhi Kui is a puppet master?”

Yu Xianghui’s eyes moved slightly, but he shook his head: “but the sex is not high. The travel hotel of funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing will definitely pay great attention. It’s difficult to get in, and Zhi Kui is also a key figure.”

“Even if the puppet master really gets involved, he will definitely get involved in the most insignificant marginal role. It’s more than a paper man or even a piece of paper money. Zhikui, she’s too conspicuous.”

However, according to Wei Xun, Zhikui has always been very low-key. She has completely shot once, which also attracted Yu Xianghui’s attention.

“If it’s really her words, the one wrapped around the broken finger of the old housekeeper of the Zhi family may be a puppet silk.”

Yu Hui sighed.

Zhi Kui put away the broken finger of Zhi’s old housekeeper and handed it over to anyone. Maybe I’m afraid of self exposure. According to this calculation, it should be her who gets rid of the old housekeeper of Zhi family. The old housekeeper is absolutely familiar with Zhi Kui itself. Maybe he has made some differences in Zhi Kui and wants to report to the passengers.

So the puppet master simply got rid of him.

But if the puppet master did all this, the disappearance of the old housekeeper of the Zhi family and the escape of he Shouwu Jing may have anything to do with it, but they happened to be together.

“Not necessarily.”

Wei Xun has different ideas.

“These points are consistent with the principle of law.”

He Shouwujing runs away, kidnaps the old housekeeper of Zhi family, and leaves the broken finger of black dog as a sign threat. The puppet master sneaks into the journey to replace Zhi Kui. She found out the disappearance of the old housekeeper of the Zhi family, but put away the broken finger wrapped around the Black family and didn’t hand it in.

These eight points are established in the same way.

“You say the puppet master is the tour guide of this” big “cycle, so she should know Tong song.”


“Maybe she guessed Tong’s song from the combination of he Shouwu essence and Lingshen, or she confirmed that he Shouwu essence was the thing of Tong’s song from the black on the broken finger.”

“Yes, you mean…”

“Think about it from another angle.”

Wei Xun is meaningful: “the puppet master may also want to revive Tong’s song.”

“How can this be?”

Yu Xianghui’s first reaction was ridiculous. When he thought about it again, he flew into a rage. His face became gloomy and clenched his teeth: “she dares!”

The reborn will be loyal to the conditions of the rescuers and will never betray them. The song of Guotong is really reborn by the puppet master, that’s right——

I will definitely cooperate with the shepherd Alliance on my way home.

The puppet master sneaked into the journey, perhaps to win the token of three degrees of north latitude at the beginning. However, she did not want to do anything in this regard, but she did not want to leave in despair.

If you have the song of rebirth and Tong’s song in your hand, she will not be included in this journey. So the puppet master who has been dormant will choose to do it.

“I’ll go out and have a look!”

Yu Yuhui was restless, walked quickly to the door, stopped and turned back, and lingered impatiently at the door.

“What’s urgent? What I said is just one of them. It’s not necessarily true.”

Wei Xun was very calm.

“But -”

But Wei Xun’s analysis is really reasonable!

“Moreover, the Taisui golden elixir is already in our hands. Even if they really win the essence of Polygonum multiflorum, don’t be afraid.”

Wei Xun said faintly, “Tong’s song can’t be resurrected in them.”

Three are short of one, and Tong Xiang’s song and Dharma are resurrected. Wei Xun even felt that it was better for him to fall into the puppet master’s hands than to stay with the old lady.

After all, the puppet master wants something, but will protect the safety of Polygonum multiflorum essence. The old lady is an old hedgehog essence. Polygonum multiflorum essence is a dish in her eyes. She can’t tell when to eat it.

“What’s more, if it’s true, I care more about the person who sends a message to shanweng.”

Guo Weixun’s conjecture is true, and other people’s choices can be explained. The only thing he didn’t understand was why shanweng kidnapped the old housekeeper of Zhi family.

If you hear Taisui asking for help, you should come straight to Taisui with his IQ. Before shanweng escaped, it should be that the old lady gave him some restrictions. Perhaps he escaped at a high price, or even seriously injured.

Shan Weng, who was seriously injured, thought that he could save Tai Sui by strength, so he took the old housekeeper of Zhi family as a hostage? So who told him about the relationship between the paper man funeral team and C250? He thought that the old housekeeper of the Zhi family was very important?

Wei Xun intuitively thought that there was still a man behind the turmoil in the palace.

Who is the other party and what is the purpose?

It’s easy to get in touch with Polygonum multiflorum essence. Just wake up Taisui Jindan. However, Wei Xun suspects that he Shouwu Jing has contact with the person behind the scenes. The worst thing is that he Shouwu Jing has been controlled by the other party.

If they expose the situation of too old again, they will fall into passivity.

“You’re right.”

Yu Huihui’s face changed and finally returned to calm.

“No data is moving.”

There has been chaos outside. If someone wants to make trouble through chaos, they don’t mess with themselves at the moment.

“Fools are blessed with fools.”

After making the decision, the tight heart was relieved. Yu Huihui relaxed and even joked, “Polygonum multiflorum essence will definitely do something.”

If he heard Taisui’s scream, he immediately rushed out to save people, believed someone’s words, and thought that kidnapping the old housekeeper of Zhi family threatened Wei Xunfang, then he Shouwujing’s IQ should not be high.

“Don’t you think I’m cold-blooded?”

Wei Xun looked at Yu Huihui with great interest and said in a soft voice: “data fruit awakens Taisui golden elixir and finds shanweng faster through him.”

One minute late, maybe one minute in danger. In particular, the old lady’s palm definitely paid a high price when shanweng escaped. She is likely to be injured.

Although Taisui golden elixir is in their hands, outsiders must not be the first to revive Tong song. However, if Polygonum multiflorum essence is seriously injured or even destroyed, it will be even more difficult for them to revive Tong Xiang song.

“Is our speed slow?”

Yu Yuhui asked in reply.

It’s only the second day to Xiaotangshan. Yesterday, I just judged that Tong’s song is very promising. It’s here and divided into three parts. He has found Taisui in and successfully refined Taisui into a core elixir. Then I got the specific news of Polygonum multiflorum essence.

Is this slow? It’s not slow!

This is so fast!

Who saves people? Is there such efficiency as Wei Xun? Anyway, Yu Yuhui can’t think of a second person.

“Besides, I believe you.”

Yu Huihui smiled. He chose to trust Wei Xun, follow him, trust him, and save his old teammates, taking into account Wei Xun’s character.

People are perfect. Everyone has his own way. Wei Xun is suspicious. Even if the reborn is absolutely loyal to the rescuers, it is difficult for him to believe Tong Cong’s song.

Before the rescue of Yu Xianghui, Yu Xianghui was in a desperate situation, and Wei Xun was the only straw. The song of Tong Xiang, who is in the third place of identity, is far from being in a desperate situation.

Under this premise, the situation of saving him is essentially different.

Maybe it’s not as much as Wei Xun’s analysis. Maybe Wei Xun just wants to wait for Tong Xiangge to fall into a desperate situation and then go to the rescue?

Yu Huiming’s song is so funny, but strangely, although he is worried about Tong’s song, he is also not very worried. It was Wei Xun who reassured him.

He trusted Tong Quge to get through the difficulties, and also believed that with Wei Xun, Tong Quge would eventually succeed. This kind of trust was a little blind, as if he had trusted an Xuefeng at the beginning.

But this is also gradually cultivated through crisis and danger again and again.

Moreover, where is the resurrection so simple? The danger Tong Xiang Ge Xiang is facing is the difficulty he wants to survive. If someone else comes to rescue, such as the puppet master, even if the rescue speed is fast, Tong Xiangge will definitely fall into a painful dilemma in the future.

An Xuefeng will never sit idly by and save people first. However, an Xuefeng, as the captain of the return journey, was # unable to save the dead on the return journey.

Wei Xun is definitely their best choice.

Moreover, Yu Xianghui felt that Wei Xun was also gradually changing.

This time, he will analyze so much, explain, and even ask “don’t you think I’m cold-blooded?”, In fact, they are all evaluating and judging. If this is his inherent character and he doesn’t feel any problem, he won’t ask this sentence.

Therefore, Yu Xianghui once again expressed his absolute trust.

Absolute loyalty and trust may make Wei Xun gradually different. People with a strong sense of vigilance and suspicion do live well in hotels, but the strings that have been tight are easy to break, especially for high-risk groups.

Yu Xianghui still sincerely hopes that Wei Xunhui has someone he trusts completely and will completely relax around that person.

“Don’t worry.”

Yu Xianghui said this, but let Wei Xun swallow other words. He looked at Yu Huihui deeply and slowly burst into a smile: “it’s about Tong’s song meeting.”

“It’s almost six o’clock. I’ll go out and have a look.”

There will be a shadow play rehearsal at 8 o’clock, which is also the end of today’s scenic spot project. Passengers must make a shadow play before they can play. The turmoil in the palace must also subside slightly for a while.

When Wei Xun went out this time, he didn’t want to see the tourists do shadow puppets again, but wanted to see the devil merchant.

Since arriving at Xiaotangshan, no, starting from yangshou Town, the tour guides live in separate rooms, and the communication between Wei Xun and devil businessmen has been greatly reduced. Besides skinning, the devil merchant seems very quiet. It’s quiet. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Someone is quiet and absolutely wants to be a demon. Wei Xun doesn’t believe the devil businessman. This team leader assessment meeting will be quiet. He has a little other pursuit.

He is really alert and will not let go of anything different. Moreover, by acting alone, Wei Xun is also “creating opportunities” for Polygonum multiflorum essence.

“Take a bottle of honey water.”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and said with a smile, “let me care about Xiaocui’s princess.”

“That’s right.”

Before leaving, avant-garde Xun turned around again. He thought for a moment, then pulled off his cloak and circled a range in front of his chest. Then his hand turned into a devil’s claw, tore his clothes and dug out a large piece of flesh and blood – mud in his chest.

“Try to make me look really hurt here.”

Wei Xun threw the mud at the cheering corn shoots and winked at Yu Huihui:

“I was seriously injured.”

* *

Xiaocui’s princess is very bad.

The devil merchant’s door was opened and he was happily peeling a golden ape. Even if he caught some living demons, even powerful demons, Mr. Skinner was most interested in human beings, followed by demons similar to human beings. Than the cave spider monkey before, and this golden ape.

If the devil businessman is proficient in Chinese culture, he is doing the same thing. Every time he peels, Mr. Skinner will give out a question. The shadow of his terror became more solid and gave the devil merchant more power.

Devil merchants call it sacrifice.

What Mr. Skinner wants most is to skin people. The stronger he is, it is actually a danger to passengers. The devil merchant is too weak. The former Skinner can’t beat the passengers even if he is attached behind him. But it’s hard to say in the future if you let it get stronger like this.

After all, the skin and soul of monsters contain a lot of skin and soul.

Therefore, the devil merchant has been hiding it.

But once the old lady blew the door, he was exposed. But for Mr. Skinner, it would be difficult for him to escape from the old lady. After all, the old hedgehog is proficient in witchcraft and has a lot of research on the soul. The ghost state of the devil merchant is easy to be restrained, even if the undead monarch is released, it will not be good.

“I will provide you with more skin. Of course, you have to give me more power.”

The devil businessman who is best at escaping hid himself and calmly negotiated with the Skinner who roared in his mind again: “you can see that our enemy is very strong. Because I skinned and sacrificed to you and annoyed her, she will always come to us for trouble.”

“In this way, I can peel the skin.”

“Roar – peel, peel!”

Mr. Skinner roared and roared, and the San value of the shaking devil merchant instantly fell to a few. Fortunately, he was ready. He took a precious San medicine and rose back to a stable value.

“You can’t peel the skin. If you have the skin of the axis, you can’t see the emperor.”

He made a compromise with Mr. Skinner, but his tone was even tougher, and even some ridiculed: “do you want to win the emperor’s appreciation just because you’re skinning?”

“Roar –”

Mr. Skinner was still roaring, but his voice was much weaker. He is cruel and ruthless. He hesitates to peel human skin and animal skin alive, but when he meets people who are tougher and have more background than himself, he is as soft as a puddle of mud. The Skinner with only obsessive existence has even better control. The devil businessman has already grasped the weakness of his character.

Starting from yangshou Town, she was far away from Xiaocui. Although she couldn’t suppress Mr. Skinner, she was in a more dangerous situation. But it is also the psychological control of Mr. Skinner.

Too easy to approach, people do not cherish enough.

In order to meet the emperor and officials in his heart again, Mr. skinning will also strive to improve the strength of the devil merchant and let him peel off better skin.

But it’s like trying to hide from a tiger. It’s like walking a tightrope. No one knows what to say, and the weather will get out of control.

“Let’s get into a deal.”

The devil merchant lowered his voice. There was a purple six pointed star pattern floating in his pink left eye. He was using the purple title of “devil merchant”.

“I will fulfill your dream and take you to complete a grand performance in front of the emperor, and you will give me all your strength and your soul…”

“Show, show…”

Mr. Skinner murmured. He gasped, making the devil merchant’s mind seem to be pulling the wind towards him. But Mr. Skinner’s tone became more and more anxious and crazy, and even more vigilant: “no, I, I won’t teach you. You can’t learn from me…”

“No, no, I don’t want to steal your craft. You also said that I didn’t do it.”

This is not the first time that the devil businessman failed. He wondered how Mr. Skinner was extra vigilant in this regard. Like a completely old-fashioned, I would rather lose my skills than let my skills flow out. On the devil merchant’s data, he pretends to be sincere and works hard, and the other party also means a little loose.

This made the devil businessman give up this road. When he mentioned this, he didn’t want to learn from Mr. Skinner, but to further stimulate him. It is the usual cunning of businessmen to put forward a condition that the other party will never accept, and then step back and continue to talk.

“But you always have to give me some assurance. After all, it takes a lot of risk to recommend you to that official.”

Sure enough, Mr. Skinner was silent, leaving only the sound of heavy breathing.

“If you don’t even agree with this, then we need to continue talking.”

The devil merchant pretended to be impatient and said, “I don’t even know your name.”

This is the real purpose of the devil merchant!

As long as he says Mr. Skinner’s name, he is sure to sign a contract for the other party! After all, the devil businessman still has Mr. Skinner’s spiritual pollution pus and blood in his hand. Blood, name and spirit are enough to represent a person.


“You, what do you promise…”

The Skinner hesitated. In other respects, he seems crazy and mentally retarded, but when it comes to meeting senior officials and the emperor, he is very keen.


It’s hard.

The devil merchant has tried several times before, and the Skinner often asks this question. He answered “I am a friend”, “I am a colleague” and “I am also a senior official”. As a result, they all failed and were completely distrusted by Mr. Skinner.

The most sure time was when he said, “I’m a friend. But Mr. Skinner didn’t believe it. He stuttered and mocked that you are a smelly foreigner. How can you be a friend? It made the devil businessman very depressed.

The tourist guide in the west side of the east side is going to be more difficult. He has made psychological preparations.

“I am…”

What did you say this time?

The devil merchant’s brain rotates rapidly. It’s urgent. The official performance will be tomorrow night. This opportunity must be used once less. We must make the most of it, Mr. Skinner, and improve our strength. Or tomorrow night will be hard

Think about it. What identity does Mr. Skinner recognize? This kind of monster usually has a keen sense and can tell whether people speak true or false. The devil businessman has lied several times before, but I’m afraid it’s not enough just to tell the truth. His identity as a foreigner makes Mr. Skinner distrust him.

Just because Xiaocui is a friend and a colleague, it’s not enough for Mr. Skinner to take the bait, so

“I’m Xiaocui’s princess.”

The devil merchant said calmly, “princess, do you know what a princess is?”

“No, I’m the wife of a senior official.”

Mr. Skinner:?!

“Really? That’s what you always think of the devil businessman?”

Devil merchant:?!

The smiling man’s voice sounded. The devil merchant was so frightened that he was on alert immediately. After a long time, he relaxed a little: “Oh, Xiaocui, you almost scared me to death.”

He complained that it was not surprising that Xiaocui found her own. In fact, there are confrontational tasks. The princess and the king always inform each other of their positions.

“How did you think of hiding here?”

Wei Xun twisted his eyebrows and covered his nose: “it’s too dirty.”

&# 58425; No, the devil merchant hid in the palace, but in the deep pit outside the palace, deep in the nest of bat spirits. There are nearly a hundred bat spirits here. They are like silly spider monkeys. Although they are monsters, they still maintain the original habits of bats. The smell of night bright sand (BAT dung) is really pungent.

“Some monsters have a keen sense of smell.”

The devil merchant said happily, “I can’t be found here.”

Here comes Xiaocui. It’s also a good opportunity.

“Why, am I not your princess?”

The devil merchant seemed to joke with him. He glanced at Xiaocui from the corner of his eye. As soon as she came, she immediately hid her body. Only he saw Mr. Skinner. After so much skinning, Mr. skinning obviously recovered his mind. Every time he saw Xiaocui, he would be invisible. He was terrified and muttered that some cheap body had not polluted the eyes of adults.

Just said it was Princess Xiaocui. The effect is really good. If it goes well this time, it’s no longer difficult to win Mr. Skinner.

“Are you my princess… Well, let’s play a question and answer game.”

Wei Xun was thoughtful and suddenly smiled. The devil merchant also raised the corner of his mouth. He asked. The smart Xiaocui must have guessed something and wouldn’t give him this cheap.

“You ask and I answer.”

The devil merchant said frankly that he thought Xiaocui wanted to find out his bottom again. Almost every time Xiaocui was alone, she had to go to the bottom. This kind of attention made the devil businessman a little happy and a little sad.

Although he has a backhand, he really has as many secrets as Xiaocui imagined.

“What I want to ask is –”

Wei Xun lengthened his voice, carefully noticed the joy of the devil merchant and his sense of responsibility, and suddenly said, “have you joined hands with the puppet masters?”

The shorter the affirmative question, the more likely it is to reveal real information.

The devil merchant’s reaction is very real.


“Who? I joined hands with the puppet master? God, if I remember wrong, the puppet master is your guide in the East.”

The devil merchant thought it was ridiculous: “besides, she doesn’t have a good relationship with the black widow. How can I join hands with the puppet master? I don’t even know where she is!”


Wei Xun was skeptical and sneered: “if you didn’t expose my position… How could she hurt me!”

Ah? The puppet master did it? Xiaocui was seriously injured?

The devil merchant was stunned. He didn’t know what to say. Listen to Xiaocui’s meaning, he could hide in a secret place, or there was a dreamer, Yu Huihui, who helped hide, but was hurt by the puppet master? So the suspicion is on him?

This, this

The devil merchant didn’t know where to go. He only saw that Xiaocui seemed very excited. He approached for two steps. If he wanted to ask, his cloak fluctuated between his actions. The devil merchant vaguely saw a terrible blood hole in his chest


The devil merchant calmed down. As soon as he saw the blood hole, he knew that there was something strange about it. Guo Xiaocui was seriously injured by a sneak attack. How could such a cunning and cautious man rush to confront him like a fool?

He also pretended to be a husband betrayed by his wife. His tone was full of injury and disbelief, so he left his reason.

“No, no, I have puppet masters working together. Really, honey, you believe me.”

The devil merchant cooperated with the acting and worried about whether it was true or false. He held Xiaocui’s hand and said anxiously, “Xiaocui, your injury is too serious. Please treat it quickly!”

Who does Xiaocui show this wave of “serious injuries”?

But there are only two of them here… Is there anyone watching in the dark?

The devil merchant’s heart was tight, but he felt abnormal. Xiaocui’s chest is really hurt. It’s worth Xiaocui’s great acting. It must be someone he attaches great importance to. However, these people should not be stupid. Who would be caught so easily——

“Today, you and I are seriously injured, and I don’t take advantage of others.”

Just here, a husky and melancholy male voice came from the rock wall. It was vicissitudes and tired, like a swordsman who had to fight to the death with the enemy after years of wind and rain. But there are dangers and awe inspiring killing intentions that can not be ignored.

But now the devil merchant has only one thought in his mind.

fool! Caught!


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