TTG Chapter 21

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (21)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 21: Driving corpses in Xiangxi

No, there’s not enough distance!

Jumping together, Yu he’an screamed in his heart. His clothes were soaked in rain, and the travel bag and zombies on his back were particularly heavy. Even though Yu he’an ran up and tried his best, he still fell down.

He can’t jump!

The cold rain slapped on his face, and the pressure was out of breath. Yu Hean tried his best, but his heart was shrouded in despair. There are many things. He is not determined to succeed.

Are you dying? Are you dying?

Yu he’an’s brain was blank, but at this time, his body suddenly tightened, and the whole person hung on the mountain wall for a moment!

No, it’s not him. It’s the zombie stuck in the stone crack of the mountain wall. It’s the zombie that Yu he’an has never given up and has been carrying on his back. All this is like an accident, but it seems that zombies also have spirituality. We should help Yu Hean!

Yu he’an didn’t miss the opportunity. He took the opportunity to step on the mountain wall and jump to him again. This time, he tried to stretch out his arms, and his teammates tried to reach out and prepare to pull him!

At this moment, he was so close to life that everyone was looking at him, especially Bingjiu. He couldn’t release the strong thread in his chest, and the roaring wind passed by. At this moment, Yu Hean felt that he had wings!

When he arrives, he will arrive, and he will come to the end——

The heavy object fell on his back, and Yu he’an suddenly sank down. The wet and greasy touch came from his back. It was gloomy and cold. He saw that the gods of his teammates suddenly became frightened and dull, and looked at his brother’s smile of joy and tears frozen on his face.

“Be careful -”

“Body -”

What’s the matter with your body?

Yu he’an turned his head hard, but he looked at his pale, swollen, rotten and blue incomplete face.

For a moment his blood froze.

It’s a rotten corpse. There’s a swollen and pale rotten corpse lying on his back! It jumped from the stone wall and onto Yu he’an’s back.

The strength of the body disappeared in the gloomy cold, the body became heavier, and the depression and anxiety fell uncontrollably down. The decaying corpse, like a beast, stood up on Yu he’an’s back.

The strange, fleshy head looked at the end. Without lips and teeth, it looked like laughing. It wants Yu he’an as the springboard. It also wants to leave Wuluo mountain and leap over the fierce bone plank road!

As long as the rotten corpse steps down again, Yu he’an is bound to fall down. Yu he’an tries his best to stretch out his hand, his fingertips are tight to white, but he can’t touch the hands of his teammates after all. It’s less than half an arm’s distance, but it’s the gap between death and death.

At this very critical moment——

“Woo woo -”

In a trance, Yu he’an seemed to hear the bleak horn, crossing the years and the dust. The sound of fighting and gunfire rumbled, as if countless noisy roars came from all directions. At first, they were not clear, but they became bigger and louder, and finally gathered into a tidal torrent!

[people in… Dagu in…]

[land lost… Blood sacrifice -!]

The coldness of the body was dispelled by another force. Yu Hean shivered, but it was not frozen, but shocked by the sound of shouting and killing that rushed straight to the heart, full of tragedy and determination.

The voice became louder and louder. It sounded through the mountains and valleys and pierced Yu Hean’s eardrums. It seemed that thousands of soldiers were brave enough to face dozens of times the enemy, but they didn’t retreat. They fought back, and their blood stained Dagukou Fort!

With a sudden light on his back, the rotten corpse rolled down silently, and Yu he AnBen had also fallen down, but a force came from his body, like being pushed by a pair of hard arms like steel.

It was this push that made Yu he’an’s body shrug upward and was caught by Wang pengpai who poked out most of his body!

Yu he’an was dragged up by his hands and feet, covered with mud and weeds. Yu Hehui rushed over crying and incoherent: “brother, brother, great, great!”

“Grass! That rotten corpse jumped down and scared everyone to death. Fortunately, you’re lucky! ”

Wang pengpai patted Yu he’an on the shoulder with his big hand like a PU fan, which made his brain buzzing: “stupid rotten corpse just fell off the knife. Hey, it was pierced like a rolling gourd!”

Knife, knife?

Yu he’an was all wooden. He was stiff like a robot. He turned his head and looked at the zombie on his back. His black and hard face had no change, but his dry right arm was abnormally twisted and bent towards him. The rusty knife in his hand broke from it.

The knife pierced the rotten corpse, and the tip of the knife fell into the canyon with it.

Yu Hean’s brain was blank, his lips trembled, and his teammates’ voices were close to his ears, but they seemed to be far away.

“Lao Yu, you’re lucky!”

“The zombie hit the stone wall… His hand broke… Just stabbed the rotten corpse…”

Is that right?


Zombies can’t speak. The dark sunken eyes are gloomy. Snow and lightning cut through the night sky and brightened the Zombie’s watery eyes. The silver light was flowing, and the zombies seemed to come alive.

“Come on, come on, it’s time!”

Yu he’an was pulled up, stunned and pushed by seven or eight hands, staggered a few steps towards him, and rushed straight to Bingjiu. But his ears still seemed to echo the roar of the soldiers who fought hard.

[people in Dagu are on the ground, blood sacrifice!]

[people in Dagu, blood sacrifice on the ground!!]

As far away as the depths of the mountains, there seemed to be a chicken crow.

The solemn and stirring roar stopped suddenly.

The first chicken crow, one in the morning.

The war is over.

They finished the task, everyone finished it!

As if all his strength had been taken away, Yu he’an could no longer stand and knelt down. Others were not much better than him. The brigade was covered with mud and water, and some even sat on the ground to breathe.

But when the buzzer of tour guide Mai sounded, everyone looked at Bingjiu.

“Luo Rongguang, a native of Yaxi in Qiancheng county (Jishou) of Hunan Province, came to Dagukou in the 26th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. The foreign enemy gathered more than 20000 troops to try to use this as a beachhead, so as to occupy Tianjin and approach Beijing.”

The voice of Bingjiu echoed among the mountains:

“When people were in Dagu, they lost blood sacrifice on the ground. There was no reinforcements. Luo Rongguang, 67, resolutely led 3000 soldiers to defend Dagu mouth. He fought until all the soldiers of the battalion died bravely and bravely. More than 1000 soldiers and soldiers of the garrison died bravely.”

“Mr. Ma, the most famous corpse chaser in five Dong and six villages in Western Hunan, is brave and loyal. He led his disciples out of Hunan and sent the martyrs home. There are many mountains in Western Hunan, and the night road is dangerous. In qiebai village, Pingping took the initiative to give up Xiaolong Yizhuang in Wuluo mountain for the corpse driving team to rest. The corpse driving team came and went between the two places, but they never wanted to take the most important journey. Unfortunately, Mr. Ma was bitten by black stiff, and his body poison entered his heart and died. ”

“Ma Miao, his eldest disciple, honored his will and sent the eight soldiers home bravely. But I never thought that when I rested in Xiaolong Yizhuang, I met with a sudden change in qiepi village. Pingping died in the village, and none of the villagers survived. The ferocious curse envelops the whole Wuluo mountain. Ma Miao and others are trapped here. The zombies are also trapped in Xiaolong Yizhuang. No one can get out of this mountain. ”

“Until one hundred years later, when the curse weakened, a tourist team entered Wuluo mountain and experienced danger. By chance, they drove the body across the fierce bone plank road and freed themselves from the seal of Wuluo mountain.”

“Now, the martyrs who have been away from their hometown for a hundred years can finally return home.”

Bingjiu’s voice stopped, but his words still echoed in the hearts of every passenger. The zombies they carried gradually became lighter, and the most zombies turned into a curl of smoke and disappeared into the rain.

[home -]

[home -]

There seems to be a voice echoing in the boundless mountains and forests, full of joy and implied sadness.

[we finally came back -]

Until the sound disappeared, everyone was complex and silent.

Like a moment of silence.

Miao Fangfei wiped the water on her face and let the cold rain fall on her face with a sigh of relief. She heard a hint from the hotel.

[first scene project completed!]

[intangible cultural heritage experience – the project of personally processing corpses, 90% completed]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 1000 points]

[you get a small bag of cinnabar]

[Name: cinnabar]

[quality: unique]

[function: ward off evil spirits, draw amulets, draw and take]

[Note: cinnabar is the best cinnabar. The cinnabar you get is a good product for Mr. Ma. It is produced by zuimi Xiangxi and must be a high-quality product!]

[Xiangxi corpse removal experience project, 85% completed]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 2500 points]

[you get a high-level zombie tooth (canine tooth)]

[you get an eye of a high-level zombie (left eye)]

[Name: teeth of high-level Zombies (canine teeth)]

[quality: special]

[function: gather two canine teeth and make them into dentures. Put them on, you will temporarily become a member of high-level zombies and have the power of zombies!]

[Note: ? You say zombies don’t brush their teeth for a hundred years, and their teeth stink? No way, zombies are always sloppy in terms of health.]

[Name: eye of high-level zombie (left eye)]

[quality: special]

[function: the eyes of high-level zombies can see supernatural things]

[Note: you can embed it in the camera, magnifying glass, glasses and other places you can think of. Zombie eyes can give full play to their power!]

[you are a well deserved team of this brigade, recognized by the tour guide, and the reward points are increased by 30%]

Rao is Miao Fangfei also trembled for the rich reward!

For a normal dangerous journey, you can only get 1500 points at most when you complete a scene. Zui meixiangxi directly doubled this time, and gave her one unique item, two special items, and all of them are supernatural items!

Miao Fangfei is a novice Gu woman with weak close combat effectiveness. She is even more worried when she meets a corpse flying fox who is not afraid of poison and Gu. But if we can gather two canine teeth to make false teeth and have the defense and power of zombie copper head and iron arm, her biggest weakness can be filled.

The reward items obtained during the journey can be brought back directly to the present, but if they are discovered by yourself, you have to pay corresponding points to bring them back.

From low to high, items are divided into seven levels: ragged, ordinary, unique, special, amazing, legendary and peak. The more advanced items are, the rarer they are, and the higher the points they cost.

If Miao Fangfei secretly broke off this zombie canine tooth and brought it back to the present, special level items will cost 2000 points.

It can be seen that the title of Yu he’an old cattle can produce a small bottle of special grade cattle tears every week. It’s like holding a cornucopia.

But what moves Miao Fangfei most is the most important sentence.

[you are a worthy team of this brigade and have been recognized by the tour guide]

Miao Fangfei couldn’t help looking at Bingjiu. God is a complex and moving face she didn’t find. On the plank road, she was not satisfied with her performance. She waited until Bingjiu returned to lift the crisis. She did not expect that she could get the approval of Bingjiu.

Bingjiu, does Bingjiu agree with her and think she is the leader of this brigade.

Miao Fangfei subconsciously clenched her hand and lowered her head. Her chest was full of mixed emotions. For a moment, she didn’t know how to speak.

A bang interrupted Miao Fangfei’s thoughts. Everyone’s conditioned reflex looked at C 9.

The rusted handle fell to the ground and splashed a handful of water. Yu he’an, who collapsed to the ground, was shocked. He was trembling all over and his face was wet. I don’t know whether it was rain or tears.

His face was black hiking shoes of Bingjiu. Yu he’an slowly, slowly bent down, trembled, put his forehead against his shoes and cried silently.

Cry for the zombie who helped him, cry for yourself.

Mixed with countless tears.

Survived, you survived.

He was like a wounded old cow, from silent crying to wailing, wantonly venting his fear and pain. Yu Hean’s crying made several people in the brigade red in their eyes, with a sense of common disappointment, but more of them didn’t believe it.

Yes, they survived. They all survived through the first scene!

When I heard the sound of the hotel’s reward, I didn’t feel like I was still in the middle of it. When I saw C 9, I finally fell into the middle of it.

They survived!

Wang pengpai took out his trouser pocket to take the cigarette, but he found that the cigarette was soaked by the rain. He took a painful breath, held the wet cigarette in his mouth, half helped and half supported the mop, and Yu he’an pulled up and advised: “well, brother Yu, Xiaohui is watching. We should go to the next scene, too. ”

The fat man made a look at Yu he’an vaguely. Yu he’an suddenly stiffened and shivered with tears.

Oh, he cried on Bingjiu’s shoes just now!

How dare he be so bold!

Yu he’an, who was already timid, was so frightened that he shrank into a quail that he didn’t dare to cry any more and didn’t dare to see Bingjiu. After those dangerous situations just now, he was afraid of Bingjiu and had an unspeakable feeling in his heart.

Most passengers are like this. Although they are curious about the changes in Bingjiu, they dare not disturb Bingjiu. They will stand up with a sense of management.

Wei Xun waited for half an hour to confirm that he took the passengers through the scenic area. There was no extra reward. The whole person was lost.

Like a worker who has been whored for nothing.

Sure enough, are these things included in the guide’s salary.

Alas, garbage hotel!

Wei Xun scolded the hotel again. When he came back, he found that all the passengers had lined up. Shi Tao stood beside him and waited quietly for his orders.


Wei Xun took the clean clothes from Lin Xi, put them on Shi Tao’s back. The bright red guide flag was raised and showed an orange red warm light in the night rain.

“Go to the next scene.”

After the fierce bone plank road, even if it crosses Wuluo mountain, the downhill road is not as easy as the uphill road, not to mention the rainy road is slippery and the mountain road is narrow, so you should be more careful when walking at night.

But Wei Xun was carried by someone. He could stay comfortably on Shi Tao’s back. After a while, he relaxed and continued to think about what had just happened.

How are the passengers.

Wei Xun didn’t know how many times he sighed.

Sometimes Wei Xun wants to kick off the passengers. If he has a chance, he also wants to be a passenger!

I don’t know what’s next.

Wei Xun was in high spirits and made up his mind. He suddenly became depressed and sighed melancholy.

Alas, no matter what Jinggu is, he must still be killing corpses and turning flying foxes. The old man said that the corpse flying fox was not attractive to him.

Come on, fresh and exciting!

Wei Xun prayed piously. One scene is more fierce than another. Let him kill a little ghost, a grass ghost woman (Gu woman). This is sustainable development.

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao shivered. As the two closest to Bingjiu, they clearly heard Bingjiu’s sigh.

For a moment they were tense.

What’s going on?

Is there any danger / C Jiu thinks he’s walking slowly!

For a time, Shi Tao quickened his pace, and Miao Fangfei looked around vigilantly, as if there were thousands of rotten corpses hidden in the mountains and forests. The whole brigade they led became nervous and the whole team began to accelerate.

Wei Xun who suddenly ate a mouthful of wind:???

With the tacit understanding and acceleration of the whole brigade, they went down Wuluo mountain in an hour and a half. The sound of water rushing sounded. The streams flowing down the mountain converged into a wide and fast stream here. The tall trees became less and replaced by lush bamboo forests. The dark green old bamboo was thick at the mouth of a bowl and dense on both sides of the stream.

On both sides are steep and secluded cliffs. There is only one line at the narrowest place on the top of the head, which is the line. All kinds of lush plants are beside the mountain and stone roads. The dark blue fog fills the whole canyon with a blurred and dreamy feeling. It is also like the legendary miasma.

“This is inhabited.”

Xu Chen whispered. He saw the squeaking and rotating bobbins by the water of Fangxi river. It was obvious that they were not created by nature.

“It doesn’t have to be people.”

Miao Fangfei said on alert. She had already let speckles out to explore the way. Her face was not good-looking.

Walking among the rocks by the canyon stream is better than climbing in the rain, but everyone in the brigade subconsciously slowed down and was wary of the surroundings. Finally, they came to the bobbin truck Xu Chen saw, but the sight made everyone stop

The dilapidated trolley has long been out of operation. Half of it has fallen into the water. The wood is dark and dark. The side near the mountain wall is covered with moss and climbing vines. The feeling of dilapidation and desolation has disappointed the tourists who expected to meet the mountain people’s residence.

“Hey, there’s nothing to be disappointed with.”

The fat man, who seemed to be optimistic all the time, patted his belly and said happily, “it’s more terrible to meet people in this wild mountain.”

“Stay away from the stream.”

Just then, Bingjiu suddenly made a noise. The heads of the brigade didn’t turn back. They took three steps back, like a group of fried cats. Lin Xi took out all his knives. Listening to Bingjiu seems to have become an instinct. Only after retreating can bold people carefully look at the stream, especially the direction of the rotten roller coaster.

“Hiss -”

Xu Chen takes a breath of cold air and his pupils shrink suddenly.

“That, that’s –”

The others beat him slowly, but they all saw it. In the shadow of the stream under the mountain wall of the roller coaster, there was a thing with a big head floating. I can’t see clearly at first glance, but I can vaguely see a touch of scarlet.

Like blood, like the bride’s red cap. As the water waves floated, the scarlet seemed to faint on the stream, revealing a very strange color!

“Xiaolongxi often floats dolls down.”

A gloomy and hoarse old man’s voice like an old owl sounded from one side, startling the passengers to take weapons and align the direction of the words for the first time.

I saw an old man dressed as a Tujia nationality, who didn’t know when to appear, holding a cigarette bag and staring at them darkly. He didn’t know how old he was, his face was wrinkled, and his eyes were deeply sunken, like a dead man. I can’t tell whether the spots on his face are old people’s spots or corpse spots.

“This is Wu Laoliu, the host of our next B & B.”

Wei Xun came down from Shi Tao’s back and entered the canyon. His chest badge was always hot. The heat was the same as when he met the corpse flying fox. It was the same until now.

In other words, on the way to the second accommodation, the supernatural risk can be comparable to that at the most dangerous time of Wuluo mountain.

The old man ignored them. He took a three meter bamboo pole and stood trembling on the stone by the stream. He used the bamboo pole to hook up the things floating under the broken trolley. When they reached the shore, the passengers found that it was a small bamboo back basket, which was narrower than the normal back basket. It was about a year old, and the man’s wrist was thick.

But that piece of scarlet is a red swaddle soaked in water, which is stuffed into a bamboo basket. The swaddling clothes were faded by blisters. When Wu Laoliu took it out, there were spots on the basket. It was dark red, like mottled blood.

Obviously it was an empty swaddle, but Wu Laoliu carefully held it in his arms. His face as black and blue as a zombie showed a seeping “kindness”. He opened his mouth, revealed his mouth with all his teeth lost, and hummed a song that no one could understand. Wu Laoliu took the swaddle and walked deep into the bamboo forest.

Strange and gloomy songs echoed in the bamboo forest, and the bamboo leaves rustled by the cold wind.

The passengers did not move until Wei Xun raised the guide flag and walked towards the bamboo forest. They followed him with dignified faces and walked towards the bamboo forest.

[di, all staff arrive at Yingzhu Miao Village home stay. Next, please ask tour guide Bingjiu to check in.]

Bamboo forest is an old stilted building with national characteristics. It has three floors and looks quite elegant. The light is very dim. You can only see that there is a circle under the stilted building, raising livestock in captivity, white, crowded and wriggling. You can’t see whether it is an animal.

[Yingzhu Miao village, drunk in the west of Hunan, designated five-star VIP hell home stay, equipped with baby room, gives your family the best accommodation experience!]

“Wow, Wow -”

“Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu -”

It seems that a stranger is coming! The livestock suddenly gave a short cry, and the howl was creepy, like crying or laughing.


Wu Laoliu scolded a local dialect and threw the empty swaddling clothes he cherished in his arms all the way to the circle. Suddenly, it caused the fierce looting of livestock. The scarlet swaddling clothes were torn into several pieces. The greedy sound of snoring like pigs swallowing sounded. The group of white animals robbed and swallowed the swaddling clothes like eating delicious food. Lin Xi’s face turned white.

“Guide, come.”

* *

Like staying in Xiaolong Yizhuang, passengers have to wait outside now. Wei Xun has to get his room card back first.

But this time it’s different from Xiaolong Yizhuang.

With Wu Laoliu, he climbed to the stilted building and got the room card. Wei Xun was very interested and looked at the room full of dust and bottles. It is reasonable that he should go at this time, but the door of the stilted building closed automatically when Wei Xun entered the building, and it has not been opened yet.

Wei Xun is locked up in the house. The stilted building is now like a secret room.

The wrinkles on Wu Laoliu’s face became deeper and deeper. He stood on Wei Xun’s face and stared at him with deep eyes. His eyes were cold and fierce. They were not like people, but more like a beast.

What, is this a fight?

Wei Xun seems distracted, but he always pays attention to the movement of Wu Laoliu.

When the old man opened his toothless mouth and punched him fiercely, Wei Xun, who had been on guard for a long time, started with him first and cut off Wu Laoliu’s head directly with his alienated black claw.

“Evil -”

Wei Xun couldn’t control it and made a disgusting sound. He took a step back from the car.

It’s disgusting to see that the fracture of Wu Laoliu’s neck is full of crawling maggots! The rice like white maggots in India are dense, tumbling in the black, purulent and smelly flesh and blood, which is as terrible as a muddy swamp.

Wei Xun was afraid that the old man’s head would explode and spray a pool of maggots all over him. Fortunately, he didn’t.

Wu Laoliu’s headless body stumbled like a zombie, groped, picked up the fallen head and put it on his neck. Obviously, he was not human for a long time. I don’t know if he was a monster.

Wu Laoliu looked at Wei Xun with more and more resentment. He stared at Wei Xun’s left hand. There seemed to be maggots crawling in the depths of Wu Laoliu’s pupils, but when he looked at the maggots, he was a little scared.

I don’t know how long it took. Finally, the old man trembled and stretched out his hand again.

This time Wei Xun didn’t hurry to make him turn around. He also found that the old man had just made a move and didn’t seem to want to attack him.

Wei Xun shot too fast.

This is the speed a man should have!

The black old six clenched up the thin old hand with only one layer of skin. He just bent his index finger and pointed at him. His fingers trembled like Parkinson’s. His face was vicious and his eyes were full of threats.

What, is this what you want to do?

Still not satisfied?

Wei Xun didn’t understand. He opened his five fingers like a deterrent and moved his sharp nails wantonly. The bronze mask covered his watch. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, revealing an unfathomable smile.

Wu Laoliu stared at his hand, his pupils shrank suddenly, and the next moment his eyes burst, and the creeping maggots fell outward. There were two pale eyes in the deeper part of the maggots, which seemed to have a resentful face!

The temperature in the stilted building dropped suddenly, and the Yin was so heavy that it even had a layer of frost on the wet bamboo floor! The surrounding walls were trembling slightly, the stacked pots in the house collided and made a “click” sound, and the baby’s sharp howling and crying sounded from the pots, disturbing people’s mind, like a pair of sharp little hands clutching people’s heart.


Wei Xun sneezed coldly and sprayed the old man’s face. He didn’t have the habit of apologizing to the ghost. He touched his forehead as if there were no one else.

There is an itch in the corner. Just now, the San value directly dropped by 2. Although Wei Xun didn’t feel it except cold and hearing the child cry, he estimated that the old man had just launched a wave of attack quietly.

Wei Xun is not only not surprised, but also happy.

Because his horn reacts again!

Skillfully moved the grievances collected by Jiao to the center of his eyebrows. Wei Xun stared at Wu Laoliu fiercely, just like a starving man seeing braised meat. His hot eyes could burn the old man through.

[you have observed Wu Laoliu’s resentment. Resentment level: Level B]

[task progress: 2.25%]

Class B grievances, not bad!

Wei Xun didn’t know that his pupils stood in a line like a cat during the observation just now. They were cold, and his eyes were red, as if they were covered with a layer of blood light.

The sense of terror and pressure from the depths of hell, and the top power’s threat to the lower level, scared the maggots with black eyes back.

When Wei Xun took back his eyes, the whole stilted building was dead silent. The walls stopped shaking, the pots stopped crying, and the frost melted. The black old six eyes returned to their original state. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. There seems to be a trace of sadness in the deeply sunken eye sockets of the black old six.

He is not only shaking his hands, but also his whole body. If he meets such a shaking old man, it is estimated that everyone around him will be scared and hit 120 immediately

Only Wei Xun stared at him with great interest and tried to dig out his grievances from Wu Laoliu. Under his gaze, the old man trembled more and more. Finally, he trembled and stretched out his hand again. His thumb and index finger opened, other fingers curled up, and his index finger pointed to Wei Xun.

Is this a gun? A gun?

Wei Xun was still interested for a second. The next second he almost suffocated. The “shooting” Wu Laoliu had no sign, and his body suddenly broke into eight pieces! Maggots and black blood surged out like a tide, so that Wei Xun jumped directly onto the jar, and his pale face was almost pale.

What’s the old man doing?!

Wu Laoliu is not dead. His shriveled head is still bleeding. He just doesn’t look at Wei Xun. He has a feeling that the ghost is dead and don’t burn paper if he has something to do.

Dirty, dirty!

Wei Xun, who was surrounded by blood maggots, was going crazy. Such a dirty old ghost should be shot directly. He was angry and compared with a “gun”. He tried to tear him up with his claws, but the old man was too dirty, and Wei Xun couldn’t get off his claws!


Fortunately, in the next moment, the gushing dirty blood and maggots returned to Wu Laoliu’s body like a retrogression, and Wu Laoliu stood up again.

When the dry and dirty old man threw Wei Xun out with his face on his shoulder, he was cruel and angry, and the monk Wei Xun couldn’t find his head.

Did you send it just now?

Obviously, I feel like I’m going to fight. How did I get to the end? Just, it feels like a dance?

At the thought of those dirty blood rolling with maggots, Wei Xun’s face was livid. Looking at the room card in his hand, he felt the smell of excrement like blood.

He threw his room card to the passengers like a plague. Then he hurried back to his house and prepared to take a three-hour bath to thoroughly wash himself.

The passengers stayed where they were and watched him leave in a hurry.

The “guest house” where the passengers live is in this stilted building. It is a row of half old but not new two-story stilted buildings built next to the stream. There are no livestock downstairs. It is too close to the stream, and the sound is very loud, like a rainstorm.

Simply put the backpacks in their rooms, and the passengers will naturally gather in the mud brick house at the east end. This is a “restaurant”. There are bamboo tables, chairs and benches. Although it is a little old, it can barely be regarded as “bright and clean”

Before dinner, it was regarded as a ‘meeting room’. With the help of the corpse chaser, the passengers handed in more deeply and exchanged clues and gains in a low voice.

But after all, the spirit was tense all night, the corpse was driven and the plank road was taken to escape. This relaxed, and everyone was exhausted. After a brief talk, the conversation gradually decreased.

The passengers were wide eyed and tired, as if they were going to stick it up in the next second. But Leng was that no one left and went back to the stilted building to sleep.

After a while, Xu chenyouyou said, “director C’s face is terrible.”

His remark immediately attracted approval.



Wang pengpai even trembled with exaggeration: “it’s like being watched by the old wolf in the deep mountain. It’s terrible. It’s terrible.”

Alas, I dare not go back to sleep. When I think of the terrible guide C living next door, the passengers wilt into dehydrated cabbages. It’s like a useless husband who is driven out of the room by his angry wife and dare not go back. He can only sleep on the sofa.

So terrible.

Only Lin Xi didn’t respond and seemed to be distracted. Seeing his free eyes and red cheeks, he knew he was thinking. The passengers are too lazy to talk to him.

There was a sigh. Shi Tao sighed and said with some worry:

“It seems that the price negotiation of brother nine is not smooth.”


Miao Fangfei should be in harmony with the way. She also has some worries in her eyes: “it’s possible that she will be anti raised.”

“Shit, the price should be too high. What should I do next?”

Zhao Hongtu slapped the table heavily and gritted his teeth. Hou Feihu held the teacup that was knocked off the table and sighed. For a moment, everyone was sad.

Dangerous journeys include shopping. Usually the second or third scene, in short, in the middle. When Wu Laoliu, a “local,” appeared, the tourists knew that this Yingzhu Miao village was probably the shopping store on the trip to Western Hunan.

Shopping stores sell a variety of specialties, most of which are helpful for the next trip. For example, if you encounter poisonous insects and miasma next, shopping stores may sell pesticides and special masks. If you encounter fierce ghosts and ghosts next, you may sell Buddhist mahogany.

In addition, there will be many seemingly useful items in shopping malls, such as defective or useless items. Whether you can buy the correct key items depends on the eyesight of passengers.

“I heard about the regiment on the extremely dangerous level, so there is no hint.”

Miao Fangfei said heavily, “we’re fine. We have to buy either bamboo baskets or swaddling clothes.”

For the purpose of “serving passengers”, hotels rarely let passengers spend too much “wronged money”. When they travel under the extremely dangerous level, they will usually be prompted when they are close to “shopping”. Whether you can find it or not depends on the passengers themselves.

Just like the bamboo baskets and swaddling clothes floating on the stream this time, especially they were picked up and taken back by Wu Laoliu. This is a very obvious hint, which can be found by anyone with eyes.

“I just don’t know how expensive it is.”

With a bitter face, Wang pengpai said, “all the points saved by him have gone to buy props and rent props. Who knows that the drunken beauty of this shit in Xiangxi will weaken the effect of props. Except for special level props, everything else is basically useless, “fuck.”


Most of them were deeply touched and looked at it. When the rank cannot be promoted temporarily, the middle-level passengers can only carry three titles at most. In this case, if they want to have greater insurance, they naturally buy or rent other passengers’ props to equip themselves.

However, the characteristic of drunk beautiful Xiangxi blinds everyone. The reason is that there is too little news about drunk beautiful Xiangxi, and Shi Tao’s brother Shi Xiao knows more. None of the people here are backed by big brigades. They fight alone, and naturally have few channels to obtain information.

“I don’t know. Director C has negotiated a price for me.”

Xu Chen sighed: “58850

“More than that.”

Shi Tao said weakly, “brother, don’t think about negotiating the price when shopping in drunk Xiangxi, but prepare three times the points first.”

“Even the golden tour guide may not be able to talk about it. The strength of the ‘aborigines’ is one or two levels higher than the difficulty of the journey, let alone drunk in Western Hunan.”

Visitors cannot buy goods directly from Aboriginal people, but must go through a guide. During the check-in shopping, the tour guide will have the opportunity to negotiate with the aborigines. How much the price can be negotiated depends on the strength of the tour guide.

A powerful tour guide can talk about the price of 20% and 10% off. In this way, he can buy goods at the price of 20% and 10% off from the aborigines, and then set his own discount, such as 95% off, to sell them to tourists to earn the difference.

However, poor tour guides can not hold down the aborigines, and even be raised in prices. Hold your nose and buy from the aborigines at twice or three times the price.

When it is sold to passengers, the price will rise again, and the price will rise layer by layer. Passengers will earn points all the way, and they will have to be exploited in shopping.

But I have to buy it, because I don’t buy things for shopping. Without key props, it will be much more difficult to complete the next journey!

Generally speaking, there are two shopping trips, and the risk is not too high, because key items can reduce the difficulty of the trip. Therefore, the group under the dangerous level is usually jokingly called shopping group by passengers.

For the group on the dangerous level, such as drunk in Western Hunan, or the extremely dangerous level on a higher level, there is at most one shopping in the most difficult scene during the journey. The higher level is the “pure play group” of the tour guide. It depends on the conscience of the tour guide and the hard work of the tourists.

“Brother nine… Tried his best.”

Yes, although brother nine is strong, he is only a silver five-star tour guide after all. Don’t talk about bargaining with Wu Laoliu. Looking at his face, it is estimated that he has been increased a lot.

The hotel claims to serve passengers wholeheartedly. The tour guide can’t increase the price by more than three times when selling goods. If Aboriginal people sell things to tour guides at three or even four times the price, the tour guides not only can’t earn points, but also may paste them upside down.

No wonder Bing Jiu was so angry just now!

“This is not a thing!”

Zhao Hongtu patted the table to vent his anger and scolded directly.

Zhao Hongtu didn’t realize that he always scolded the tour guide for being black hearted and useless when he met this kind of situation.

But this time he didn’t even think about scolding Bingjiu. Subconsciously, he began to scold Wu Laoliu.

“Yes, it’s too dark. It’s black.”

No one expected that the first person to agree with Zhao Hongtu was Yu Hean, who had always been timid. The middle-aged man looked angry and spitted:

“Guide C has worked hard to bring us down this journey. It’s hard to earn even hard money. It’s black to pick the skin, bah!”


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