TTG Chapter 210

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 210: 460000 Jiageng of nutrient solution


Although the heart was shocked, the devil quotient still reacted very quickly. He disappeared like a wandering ghost and suddenly appeared on the other side. This change of position should also be on guard against the enemy’s action at the moment of opening.

At the same time, the devil merchant was ready to escape. After all, he didn’t feel that there was a devil hidden in the rock! Normally, this strength should be better than him.

From hiding at this time, the devil merchant had planned his escape route ahead of time, but he raised his eyes and found that Xiaocui was still standing where she was.


There was a dull sound of the exchange of weapons, and a black line was fast, which became a virtual shadow. The naked eye could not capture the speed of . When the devil merchant heard the sound, the first battle between the two sides was over.

The instant that the hoarse male voice sounded, Wei Xun was ready. I talked with Yu Hehui before. He said that there was a weakness in the attack of Polygonum multiflorum, which could only drill out of the ground or walls and attack quietly.

This is similar to corn shoots. If Wei Xun flies in the sky, he can certainly observe each other’s movements at the first time.

Unable to sneak attack, the attack power of he shouwuling was greatly reduced – but Wei Xun didn’t fly.

There are also a large number of bat spirits around the cave. If they fly out, they will be too loud to attract attention. It is very likely that the Polygonum multiflorum spirit caught with difficulty will escape again!

Lightning, stone and fire  he made a decision. It was like he had to obey the rules and face the decision. He still stood in his place, holding a mountaineering knife in his hand, and took the first sneak attack.

The other side is strong!

Xiaocui is in danger!

“This is a fair duel.”

When the devil merchant was ready to take action, he heard Xiaocui speak – what was he distracted to say at this time? Aren’t you afraid of the enemy’s sneak attack?

Hey, they really didn’t sneak. Seems to agree with Xiaocui’s words. The devil merchant felt a sight falling on him – the sight came from all over the rock strata in all directions, and he couldn’t lock the other party’s position.

This hand is very beautiful to play in concealment. Even the devil dealer may be vigilant just now. But now——

“Xiaocui, I believe you can come back safely.”

The devil merchant was concerned and worried. He hid his face (in fact, he couldn’t bear to laugh) and retreated to the cave entrance. He expected AI to look at Wei Xun: “I won’t disturb your fight – you must end the fight quickly. Your wound really can’t hold!”

Such a collusion, the other party hasn’t sneaked in yet?

Good. Don’t worry, the devil merchant is busy. With Xiaocui’s insidious strength, she has set a trap for her upright character.

At the same time, the devil merchant is also very curious. Who is the one Xiaocui wants to catch?

The devil merchant didn’t leave completely, and Wei Xun was lazy to talk to him. He glanced at the knife in his hand and saw that the blade was completely black and a big hole was broken in the middle. At first there was only a small black spot, but it was corroded into what it is now.

Even if Wei Xun took an ordinary mountaineering knife, the toxicity of the mountain Weng was terrible.

Without too much emotional fluctuation, Wei Xun threw down the knife and took out a tender yellow knife – a knife turned from corn shoot tentacles.

Although it will be damaged in half an hour, it is at least as hard and tough as an ordinary mountaineering knife, which is comparable to a disposable prop.

When he grasped the knife, Wei Xun’s heart moved and stepped back. This time, his awe inspiring killing intention came from the ground – no, not the ground, but the top of his head! Wei Xun leaned back and raised the cape with his actions, but the guide’s cloak, which can resist most attacks, was pierced by the sharp black line!

The power of Polygonum multiflorum essence is really not weak, even if it is seriously injured. Wei Xun did not hesitate to cut with his knife. The knife Qi crossed the rock top. The hard and sharp blade split the rock layer above his head, but he didn’t find any shadow of Polygonum multiflorum essence! As soon as the knife cleaved the rock stratum, a black line quietly protruded from the ground and stabbed Wei Xun’s ankle.

surprise attacks!

The night training with nezhaling last night made Wei Xun’s intuition more sharp. He escaped several attacks unharmed. He fought with Shan Weng many times in more than ten seconds. However, from the perspective of devil quotient’s watching the war, Xiao Cui was like he was being beaten.

Those haunted tentacles that can protrude from all rock formations and the means of terrible hidden breath still can not perceive each other’s existence, and even remind the devil merchant of the terrible monster that swallowed the snake bone last night. His expression became more serious and dignified.

Does Xiaocui want to catch a monster? But he clearly remembers “monsters” and “golden” – but it’s also possible! Last night, the monster exposed only the tip of the iceberg. Maybe his mouth is yellow, but other places are very dark?

 when the devil dealer was distracted to think of monsters, the battle situation on the field changed dramatically. I saw that Xiaocui could still avoid every attack, but his movements were slightly deformed. In particular, his body would pause every time he resisted the attack, as if he wanted to protect the fatal wound on his chest.

Obviously, the fatal injury in front of him made Xiaocui slow down. No, not only his “serious injury”, but also the slightly bitter aroma that filled the air at some time!

The faint fragrance filled the whole space. When the devil merchant felt something wrong, he immediately held his breath, but he still shook in front of him. His limbs are numb. The aroma is also poisonous!

No, we can’t stay any longer. Although the devil merchant is still sure that Xiaocui can win the final victory, he also wants to know who he wants to catch. However, for the sake of its own safety, the devil business finally withdrew from the battlefield.

The one in the way finally left.

Wei Xun noticed the strange aroma in the air. It was not like the processed spices, but like the fresh and bitter juice after the plant was broken. Maybe the smell of Polygonum multiflorum after the injury is also poisonous, but it also proves that the injury is very serious.


Almost all kinds of attack methods, character and IQ of shanweng have been found out. The devil quotient has also left. Wei xunzhu’s time is just right.

It’s time to end the battle.

Once again, Wei Xun avoided the other party’s attack, but he was much slower this time. He even fell to the ground because he couldn’t recover his strength. The blood bag on his chest burst and “blood” flowed across him. Wei Xun struggled to stand up, but his twitching limbs couldn’t exert force. After trying again and again, he could only fall down.

“Who the hell are you?”

Unwilling to hiss, he asked, “why… Kill me?”

“Kill and pay for your life, heaven and earth.”

The vicissitudes of men’s voice sounded from the rock wall, a little more sad. After a few weak coughs, the other party’s tone was still calm: “ class, you are very strong, but I am stronger than you.”

Wei Xun was too weak to move, but he insisted on standing up again and again. The other party seemed to appreciate his tenacious and unyielding spirit and said:

“Don’t worry, your unfaithful wife, I will send her to be buried with you.”

“No, no, I’ll ask her myself. I’ll do it myself.”

Hearing what the other party said, Wei Xun grabbed the last straw, tightened his mind a little slowly, and didn’t want to give up: “anyway, I’m dying, you, you give me this chance, I –”

Before his voice fell, hundreds of black lines burst out from all directions of the rock stratum, and suddenly stabbed into his body at the same time! Countless black lines are airtight and occupy all the air. Can no one escape from this special encirclement and suppression?

“When delayed?”

On his deathbed, Wei Xun seemed to hear the other party sneer.

Do you think I’m stupid.

“This is also the opportunity I’m waiting for.”

The other party is very cautious. The so-called “fair competition” in the previous sales is the illusion made by the other party and the other party’s careful temptation. Because he is even seriously injured and his strength is declining. If he wants to kill the enemy, he must win with one blow!

It was the “justice” and “not taking advantage of the danger” he had made before that made the promise that he would help kill his unfaithful wife convincing. It also made the enemy seem to seize a glimmer of vitality – the most terrible thing in the desperate situation. However, if there is a glimmer of vitality, it is difficult for the other party to gather the spirit of Jedi counterattack.

Shanweng caught the enemy and launched a kill in a relaxed moment! In the first sentence, you and I were seriously injured. In order to hide our strength, we finally went all out to fight the enemy, so that we were unprepared!

“Third brother, I avenged you…”

However, after this unique skill was issued, the smell of the mountain Weng began to decay, and there was a pungent smell of death in the plant aroma in the air. He was really at the end of a powerful crossbow and tried his best just to avenge his brother.

Like magic, I stumbled out of the rock wall. He has only the left side of his body, which is terrible. His black hair is close to the ground and roughly combed into a horsetail. His feet turned into dark brown roots and were stabbing the black line into the enemy’s body from all directions.

“Brother, go to see you.”

He looked at the body that was no longer moving and had no vitality. He slowly breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes were closing bit by bit——

“You finally came out.”

Almost closed one eye suddenly opened, I can’t believe staring at the heavy standing in front of me! In any case, shanweng can’t imagine why he can recover so quickly without any vitality and all dead spirit?!

Wei Xun, who just reduced the death countdown to more than ten minutes and then raised it back with points, said that this is very useful.

He was indeed dying and practical, which deceived many people.

“Why -”

Shanweng still wondered why there was no sign of poisoning at all? But he was speechless and could only close his eyes reluctantly with hatred and wait for the destruction and collapse of his body

Ah, here.

The feeling of being bitten came from all over his body. The dying shanweng didn’t feel pain, but he could feel something gnawing at his body. He tried his best to open his eyes for the last time, but he saw the most terrible scene in his dark life.

Countless, hundreds of black insects are gnawing at his body!

“The collapse is so fast that conventional means can’t take it back…”

He seemed to hear the other party muttering in frustration. Indeed, Wei Xun really didn’t expect shanweng to be so strong. It was useless for Wei Xun to inject poison into the mud, but shanweng almost drove himself out of his wits.

There’s no way. Shanweng can’t put it into the empty storage. Yu Hehui is not around. Fortunately, Wei Xun’s handy storage can attract hundreds of evil spirits.

When the evil ghost insect eats, it can eat the soul together. As long as you eat fast enough, the soul of shanweng will be completely stored in the broken residue of Polygonum multiflorum.

When he noticed that shanweng was dying and opened his eyes again, Wei Xun was embarrassed to show him a soothing smile. But in shanweng’s eyes, the smile was as cruel as a devil.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to reunite with your brother.”

* *

“I said, this is the Polygonum multiflorum essence you brought back?”

Yu Hehui was silent for a long time, took a deep breath and stared at the dark brown residue piled into a small hill just vomited by hundreds of mutated evil spirits.

“There was a little accident.”

Wei Xun said tactfully, “shanweng is really strong.”


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